Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2000

Day of Victory of Love

Sun Myung Moon
January 3, 2000

In what position is Heung Jin now in the spiritual world? Heung Jin was sent to the spirit world as flesh and blood of the True Parents. He then became that realm's supreme representative who opens the door to the completion of the blessing ideal in the spirit world. He has the mission of commander-in-chief.

The name 'commander-in-chief' is derived from the fact that Heung Jin became the representative of all blessed couples in both the spiritual and physical worlds. He is therefore in a position to take responsibility to unravel and eliminate all the deep-rooted sorrows of both worlds. Only Heung Jin has walked the way of setting the condition for unification on the basis of the Unification Ceremony held by True Parents. He established the tradition of the elder brother. For this reason, you must remember the fact that Heung Jin went to the spiritual world in place of True Father. We Unificationists must think of Heung Jin even more than Jesus. Heung Jin is at the apex of the world of love.

Now is the time to fill both the physical and spiritual worlds with blessed couples. Then, what has originated out of this renewed world is the "era of registering in the family register" centered upon the tribe and nation. The 40-day workshops currently held in Jardim constitute the preparatory stage for the era of registering in the family register. After his death, True Father will become the first generation. From the 1st generation through the 2nd, 3rd, 4th generations and so on, the needs that were not completely fulfilled for each generation of ancestors should now be so.

Heung Jin has been doing everything possible in the spiritual world, including the work of resolving the problems of our ancestors and of the spirit world in general. The work of Chung Pyung is thus the work of Heung Jin. It is not the work of Dae Mo Nim. Elder Hyo Nam Kim (Dae Mo Nim's medium) must understand this well. Chung Pyung does not come first. You must assist in and cooperate with the road Heung Jin is walking, following the path of True Parents, and with all that Heung Jin wants to accomplish. Chung Pyung is not the primary thing.

Some time ago, Heung Jin said that he could not equal the value of all the blessings given by True Parents even if he died ten million times. If I had not intervened, he would have gone to the spirit world according to his own level. He would have gone to place of some difficulty and had to walk the path of indemnity. Knowing that he can hold such a position in the spiritual world only due to True Parents, Heung Jin earnestly asked his older brother for help while he is investing so much effort. Brothers should be united as one body.

Because he is the representative elder brother who has gone to the spiritual world, everyone should attend and work to help him. Everyone should bow their head before Heung Jin, the sacrificial offering, because he went as a sacrificial offering in place of the Parents of Heaven and Earth. Though it is not a natural custom for elder brothers to bow to a younger brother, they do so before Heung Jin Nim. Heung Jin died in place of Father-which had such providential significance-and came to the earth to do the work of a second-self of Father. This is why all siblings respect Heung Jin Nim and offer a bow to him. Everyone, even Sung Jin, will have their way blocked in the spiritual world unless they resolve everything on earth.

You must know that anyone from the 36 Couples could lose their position. A complete overhaul is needed. You must establish standards for daily life by which you can check your own life. Thus, you can examine yourselves and see whether each one of you-among the 36 Couples-has perfected yourself based upon the Principle, living up to those standards. In case your life falls short of the criteria of a principled life, you must be ready to make your voluntary withdrawal. Otherwise you will inevitably be blocked in the spirit world because your unprincipled life will contradict the conditions required there. I am warning the 36 Couples! Would you say you joined the Unification Church? It has no meaning-because you have not entered your name in the family register. You must register! To enter Heaven you must fulfill the proper conditions on earth. If you do not enter your name in the family register, your relationship with me will be cut off. Thus, after Father's 80th Birthday, you will not be permitted to come and see Father just as you please. You will be able to stand in a liberated position leading to Heaven only if you have been trained by Father's teaching and become a mature person, so that you can receive approval from True Parents.

The essence of the Completed Testament Age is characterized by the incorrupt original world. The Old Testament was an era of promise lost and the New Testament one of promise left unfulfilled. The Completed Testament era embodies the realization of the First Family so that God's blood lineage can be firmly rooted on the earth, centered upon God's love. The Completed Testament is the inheritance of the model of the First Family.

No blessed couple, including the 36 Couples, will be admitted to Heaven if, after receiving the blessing, they fail to form a 90-degree angle in love while on earth . To create the 90-degree angle of love, everything in the realm of the corrupted world should be restored. This is why both blessed couples on earth, and those couples in hell, who are not blessed, have their unfinished roads of indemnity. Do you understand? In fact, all people blessed by Father have been unqualified. Father has carried the responsibility on their behalf, as they have not completed the road of indemnity on earth. Can you conceive of giving the blessing to people even in a washroom, or walking down the street? To do that is the privilege of the heavenly world. It will be possible to give the blessing to even unqualified people on the condition that the entire heavenly providence of redemption reaches its conclusion before the 80th birthday of True Father.

True Parents gave the blessing to the evil murderers of hell as well as to the saints of heaven. That was the Blessing Ceremony of June 13, 1998, which was a tremendous event. Then, if Japan had known God's will and had given permission to hold the following Blessing [February 1999] in Japan, and furthermore if that Blessing Ceremony had been organized mainly by the Christian sphere, the 360 Million Couples Blessing would have been carried out with the supreme leaders of the spiritual world and earthly world in attendance.

Regrettably, the Japanese government was unable to recognize Japan's responsibility to hold the Blessing Ceremony. Then in January it was necessary to decide on the next-best choice, Korea. Since then, Japan has been kept in the hands of Satan due to failing in its responsibility. In light of this, Korea was placed in the position of Father's shadow [in that the country must follow and become one with Father], and this year Korea and Japan were tied together as one "father and mother" country. In addition, America was made the elder son nation. In this way, everything was reorganized. In October 1999, I made a proclamation the central significance of which was establishing the standard of heart that the three nations of Korea, Japan and America be united as one. It was also determined which course each of these countries should take. In conclusion, we should not follow America. We should not follow Japan. We must follow Korea. As far as depth of emotion is concerned, there is no race of people that can compare with the Korean race.

How long has it been since Heung Jin went to the spiritual world? It has been 16 years. The number 16 has been fulfilled in 16 years. At last, the mysteries of the spiritual world are beginning to be revealed. True Parents have continued to teach you the key truths of the spiritual world so that you can remember them and will feel no boundary between the spiritual and physical worlds. You must take these truths and make them an ongoing part of your daily life.

True Parents will no longer pay attention to you. From now on, you must do everything yourself. Whose help is needed in the age when you pray in your own name? Do not be indebted to the Unification Church. Such a time has passed. Now is the age of equalization. So, anyone praying in their own name must be able to connect all his tribe to his country so that they can take joint responsibility for building a peaceful world. The time is coming when you will not be able to just ask for help from God or True Parents. Do you understand?

From now you must donate money for the sake of the education of the children of future generations, and for the sake of the future world. It is time that you should establish the condition of utmost sincerity that can be eternally imprinted. In this time, you should take the opportunity to add something, even saving one penny, for the benefit of the country, the world, and humankind. You must know that if you have not lived for the sake of others, you will be left out of the genealogy of Heaven.

You may feel disappointed, but Father will cut off his relationship with everyone, even 36 couples, after Father's 80th Birthday. The blessings of 36 Couples, 72 Couples, 124 Couples, 430 Couples, 777 Couples, 1800 Couples, 6000 Couples, 6500 Couples, 30 Thousand Couples, 360 Thousand Couples, 3.6 Million Couples, 36 million Couples, 360 Million Couples have all been completed. Then what else is needed? There was one unsolved condition that was hindering us, and that has at last been liberated. This final liberation has brought you the possibility of standing face to face with God and praying in your own names. You must realize how truly great this is.

Praying means reporting one's achievements. Based upon today's work you must add something every day. Everyone must lead a busier life than Father. When you reach the age of 60, not much of your life will remain. It is clear that you must not just think according to your own viewpoint. Think in terms of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience! You may also follow Father in the spiritual world on condition that you have desperately followed True Parents on the earth to the last hour of your life. If you do not do this, fortune will go against you. I have taught you everything clearly.

There must be an unbroken blood lineage where True Parents' tradition, the painful history of tears, sweat, and blood, is bequeathed to the descendants as their tradition and pride. You must take pride in the authentic, pure blood lineage. You must know that this is the era of the realm of the fourth Adam, when you can be proud of your family and the blood lineage of your tribe.

You are the ones who are connected to the blood lineage of thousands of generations. Therefore, you must know that you are related by blood to Adam and millions of ancestors. That blood is still flowing inside you. To purify your blood, good blood must be injected. To do this, a filter apparatus is required. Do you understand? What God regards as the ultimate report is for someone to stand before God at the last moment and report that his or her blood has been completely purified, and that no drop of satanic blood remains.

If you clearly understand this, make a vow with both hands raised high. Wave your hands in tune with the spiritual world, with a heart of welcome. Now, think that your waving hands are Heung Jin's hands and the hands of the entire spiritual world, and commit yourself to inheriting the tradition of Heung Jin, Jesus and True Parents. Let us rush forward to enter the age of the liberated original world of the realm of the fourth Adam, through the Unification Church that is unified in heaven and earth! [Amen.] That is where we are to go! [Amen!] The spiritual world will answer together with you. I am thankful that you have made a unified commitment.

[Originally published in Today's World, January 2000]

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