Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2000

Declaration of the Pan-Pacific Age

Sun Myung Moon
November 30, 2000
Pantanal, Brazil

True Parents, at 7 pm on November 30, 2000 at the Original Holy Land, Root Holy Land, Victory Holy Land in Patanal, Brazil with the participation of 18 leaders from five countries, prayed a prayer declaring the victory of the South America Providence and the beginning of the Age of the Pan-Pacific Providence. He then he spoke at the Americano Hotel regarding the significance of this announcement.


Loving Father. Today is November 30, 2000. We are at a point where we have one month remaining in the century mark of the year 2000, and in this time when there are 31 days remaining in 2000 we have come here to the Original, Root, Victory Holy Ground.

Starting in 1998, all declarations and Holy Ground declarations were made on this foundation, but all that is now in the past. Centering on those events, saints and murderers were given the bond of the Blessing in the heavenly world and the earthly world in the position of siblings, so as to bring harmony between good and evil, which have been struggling. Revolutionary proclamations were made for the purpose of liberating hell on earth and hell in the spirit world. As we look upon Your original garden of love, we ask that You permit us to take pride that the Unification Church possesses what is required to designate and commemorate this place as the Original, Root, Victory Holy Land.

This is the Pantanal region, which all persons have excluded from the regions of hope. We give thanks that, because this was a place where You could manage and take pride in all creatures, in all these things that still exist in forms which are the targets of victory in their original, fundamental standard before heaven and earth, and because it was a symbolic place that could be linked to You as the Original, Root, Victorious Holy Ground where we can accomplish the purpose together with the water, together with all creation, together with the Beginning that started with Your hand, You, Father, so loved the Unification Church that You established the True Parents, and permitted them to be brought to this land so that they could work hard for some years and create a relationship with this land; and You gave this land a name as a Holy Ground so that this can remain as a base that is commemorated in a way that it will be cherished by all people.

As we think of this place both night and day, deeply cherish the animals and minute forms of life that live here, and experience the sensation on our left and the right Your hands of Creation so as to connect with this place with a heart of love, we need to feel a sense of unity with every minute life form, every animal, and even with God in the heavenly world.

I also conveyed the Word that if God is our Father, then as His children, we should be able to share in and make ourselves one with all of our Father's internal and external experiences, and be men and women who represent the cherished desire of the Father and of the son, and are beings of joyous love as subject and object partners giving joy. We should know the kind of Father who is able to gather up again all that made this place the original genesis of such a lineage and bring it to a conclusion in this period of the Last Days to have the realm of the original heart, root heart, and victorious heart; we need to know how this Father lives and what He seeks to leave on this earth. And we need to become such human beings.

This is the final word between human beings and our Creator. Everything that came from the procedural and original start is to bring victory so that everything is offered to the Father. Then, all the standards settled on earth come to be on a horizontal plane, and, in the presence of the vertical standard that is heaven, horizontal and vertical come together in a 90-degree angle, where the will of the Father hopes to have one eternal and unchanging settlement family. In the presence of this Will, centering on a theme of completion, all children who have received the Blessing from the True Parents, together with all people and in unison with the people and ancestors of the past, present, and future who are in the spirit world, can establish one united realm of heart through God's love so that the lineage is linked. This is what it means to live below, and to live below represents the life above, and we give thanks that You have established this as a settlement base where such a realm of life in unity could be established.

You know everything that the True Parent has done until now - how he enjoyed the water from his boyhood days, how he began with the water and went to the land, and how centering on the 1970s he initiated the ocean standard and has pursued maritime industries until the present, and how he went to all the five oceans in order to connect these to Your love, centering on all the victories that were accomplished in the maritime sphere. All hope was that all the bonds established in he past would remain as a base for Your joy and hope. We see today that You have worked together with us and connected the base of victory. For this, we are sincerely, sincerely, sincerely grateful.

Coming here on this occasion, in order to connect the maritime nations, the Blessed families that are the basis for all families to be established for all countries must establish a realm of unity with everything that is here so that at least 60 island nations must be connected, centering on the United Nations, maritime nations, and the Pacific Ocean. Already, centering on this hopeful responsibility, maritime nations have been connected through a federation that began with Hawaii, and it is our desire that all those activities will progress steadily as time passes.

Now we understand where the core of all this content must go, and we give sincere thanks that you have permitted us to some to this place so that the declared content can be connected to the Original Holy Ground, Root Holy Ground, Victorious Holy Ground.

We now know what we need to know, we have what we need to have, and we understand what it is we should take pride in. It is God's love, God's life, and God's lineage. It is God, our Father; it is the True Parents; and it is the Blessed families, who are our kinfolk. You have permitted us to understand that the entire world that forms the genesis of the formation of our compatriots and of our people and nation is a kinfolk composing one family and that we must determine ourselves to march forward, forward, forward into the Kingdom of God on Earth and in Heaven, where there is liberated love.

May all that You have concluded come to know You, know the Kingdom of Heaven, and establish a victorious and true lineage of love so that all the world can become as one body with everything that is rooted in these elements of life be nurtured and become a genesis of blessing capable of opening up the earthly and heavenly foundation on which all things can go well according to Your cherished desire .

The day when the oceanic realm is linked and we enter into the oceanic age will begin with the new year, 2001. We declare to you that these will be linked as days of liberation and days of joy, so we ask that You accept this living offering made on the loyalty and filial piety of all things and carry out Your victorious fight against the world of the enemy.

Beginning with the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, and the whole whose standard is the peaceful horizontal line, and the Creator Lord, who is the central existence of Your love will be on that horizontal line, flowing to the individual, family, tribe, people and the entire eight-stage liberation so that the liberated realm of Your love in the earthly and heavenly worlds can be accomplished in this world. We pray sincerely, Father, that this seed of the ideal Kingdom of Heaven can be planted here and be transplanted in an environment where it can grow large.

Please remember Your children who are gathered here, and ask that You give Your blessing so that in this place that is watched with interest from all countries centering on Korea, Japan, and the United States, all that is desired by the Parents, all that is Your cherished desire will settle and be liberated centering on the eternal family, and that Your kinfolk will become pride owners of everything from the nation to the cosmos.

Please receive with joy the memorable hour of this visit today, and establish new content of declaration for all the world's nations. We pray and declare all this sincerely in the name of the True Parents, Amen! [Participants: "Amen!"], Amen! ["Amen!"] Amen! ["Amen.]


I must create the national standard within the next four years. When this is created as the standard for all nations, then that which is the nations will center on the Father. All the nations stood in opposition. All the nations fell away. Starting with the nations of the oceanic world, I am going ton sew them all together and make them one. If Japan, which is of the oceanic realm, had been linked this way, then it would not have opposed Father and the Unification Church and it would not have to be pouring everything into Hawaii.

When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, it was trying to create a wall around the oceanic world. Knowing that America did not want to fight a war, Japan did not think that the United States would enter the Second World War. The United States did not take Japan seriously, because, although Japan had won the Great East Asian War, it was still just a small island country. Japan thought that the United States would not not participate in World War II. Japan thought that if the United States were to retreat after only suffering the loss of Pearly Harbor in Hawaii, then the oceanic realm would all become Eve's world. Eve is a woman, so she must possess that. Women must embrace the Pacific Ocean in the satanic world. That ocean is like the womb.

The ocean is in the position of the cosmic womb, and there are the Suez Canal between the continents of Asia and Africa and the Panama Canal between the continents of South and North America. These are the same. These pairs of continents are like twins. They are like twins of the sea. Eve must give birth to these. The mother must give birth to them. The islands of Hawaii are what opens the gate so that the mother can give birth.

In terms of the Hawaiian Islands, they are a part of America, but 80 percent of the people living there are East Asian, centering on Japanese. In the government, the wives of many executive branch leaders are Japanese. Eighty percent are Japanese women. Hawaii is like Japan. The men, the archangels, need to be made into new grooms. It is just like when the women in the Unification Church return home after participating in our activities to eliminate boundaries and unify North and South Korea. The husbands, who are in the archangel position, need to understand what the wives are doing. It's the same thing. When the women stand on the frontline of world unification, centering on the Hawaiian Islands, the husbands will need to support there work. The American men and the executive branch leaders will need to support them. When they do that, they will be restored through indemnity. It's the same thing. You need to understand this very clearly.

In that meaning, I have asked you to commit yourselves to the work in Hawaii until the end of November. The 40-day workshop will end by December 15, and I have asked the church leaders to carry out a change of leadership positions after that workshop. This should be done during the Christmas season and before the end of the year so that people can assume their new positions. That way, the entire Japanese organization will be planted in Hawaii. There are 52 regions in Japan. Now, we are going to create 72 regions here. Japan has four islands. Centering on Hokkaido, there is Kauai; next, centering on Honshu, there is Oahu; next centering on Shikoku, there is Maui; and finally, centering on Kyushu, there is the Big Island. The mother is taking responsibility.

We will create 52 regions, and send out leaders from Korea. When there are at least 400 members in Hawaii, then 4,000 missionaries will be mobilized from Japan. Then the 400 will be expanded so that there are 3,000 just in Hawaii. If the 3,000 are mobilized together with the 4,000 from Japan, this will make 7,000, a crowd of 7,000. This is like the 7,000 who are mentioned in the Old Testament. When Elijah fought against Baal and Ashra, there were 7,000 Israelites who did not bowed to Baal, and in the same way as that, we will become one with 7,000 and turn everything upside down. We will preach the Word in every neighborhood through our tradition of Hoon-Dok Hae, and work day and night to change out the influence of Satan.

In this way, everything in history will be set in order. When will this happen? We need to do this during the next four years. In the past, I began in the mountains and the land, and then went to all the five oceans to carry out God's Providence. In every instance, the Christian culture is the culture of the bride. The oceanic culture is the same as the bridal culture. When this is digested and we leave the age of the land and enter the age of the ocean, we come to the age of return. Everything will be linked south and north, and we will pass through the oceanic age and enter the age of return so that everything is linked to Korea. Everything will be indemnified during this year, 2000.

All this needs to be concluded during my lifetime. Everything that Adam could have done during his lifetime, needs to be completed during my life. To do this, 6,000 years of history needs to be indemnified. It needs to be completed within one lifetime. We are making a start now, just as when Moses started to lead the Israelites out of Israel when he was 80 years old. After they started, there was the possibility for them to complete the journey in 21 days. At the most, they could have made the journey in a monthj or 40 days. In the same way, we have now dome to the Original Holy Ground, Root Holy Ground, Victorious Holy Ground, and bound everything together before we leave. After we leave, we will greet the new year, and we will do this in Korea. We will greet the new year and make a new start.

In this situation, I expect that there will be problems in the future involving Kim Dae Jung and Kim Jong Il of North and South Korea. They think they can become one centering on themselves, but this will not be so easy for them. What will be the problem here? One issue is how the U.S. President will resolve the issue of Communism in terms of the relationship between North and South Korea. America cannot stop Communism. The base for solving this issue is South Korea, so, unless North and South are unified, there will be no way to set straight Communist and liberal thought. That is why the presidents of nations need to know the Principle, receive the Holy Blessing, and then put the breaks on labor unions and stand in opposition to gays and lesbians. They need in our place to oppose those things I and the Unification Church oppose. If they do this, we will be able to cross over easily.

I am also the one who must deal with the issue of the relationship between politics and religion. In the many countries, the upper and lower house are divided. When there is this division centering on the nation, it blocks the work to bring about the Kingdom of God on Earth and in Heaven. Centering on the realm of the heavenly world, there must be a strong effort to escape from the realm of the Fall. Democracy is not a parent-child relationship. Instead, it is a fight among brothers. As long as Cain and Abel fight, they cannot rise to the level of parents. At the same time that democracy is falling, communist ideology is also breaking apart as a result of the Word that I preach.

The most serious issue is the defiling of the lineage. This has been done through "sexual liberation" and the gay and lesbian movement. These go against God's Providence. These do not exist even in the animal world. They are worse than Satan. Their actions are worse than Satan's becoming the ancestor of humanity. Such bad things in the environment must be set right. Labor unions are the next authority dividing authority between good and evil. Labor unions are a struggle against the bourgeoisie. Heaven blessed certain people so that they could take things away from the satanic world and be established in the position of king. Labor unions are an effort by those in the position of servant to plunder and take those things back. They want to turn things upside down.

Is it all right for them to take away what has been given through Heaven's blessing? All this is against heavenly law. America needs to take a knife to labor unions, if necessary, in order to liberate them. It may be necessary to mobilize the military in the case of some countries. There is a need for some serious thought here. Who is going to do that? America needs to take that role. If it does not want to do that, then they must completely support us in our effort to realize God's Will. That is the reason we need to love our enemies. If you do not want to see blood, then you must love your enemy.

The same is true with me. Normally, I would have to see blood. If it comes to the point where there is blood, then you need first to sacrifice your own sons and daughters and your own kinfolk. Among brothers, isn't Cain the enemy of Abel? So in the case of Korea, it happened that they brothers shed each other's blood. Blood was shed in the parent-child relationship. Everything has been restored through indemnity. So if Korea is unified, then we will have passed beyond the point where brothers shed blood. Until Korea is unified, Communism cannot be liberated and democracy cannot be liberated. They will shed blood. That is why America must do this. America must take the lead. America is responsible for leading the country to ruin. It is Christianity's responsibility. Christianity was the central nation, but the missionaries committed errors, and that is why America must be responsible for Korea.

Blood will not be shed if the people involved choose not to do so. If they don't want to shed blood, then America itself must shed blood. It must sacrifice itself. The time has come when I need to declare True Parent-ism as a national form, centering on the structure of the United Nations. Because such a time has come, everything must be set in order. I am telling you this so that you will be able to make the right decisions. You need to understand God, and how He appears in the earthly world; and you must understand about nations. It is the lineage that connects all these things from top to bottom. Lineage. The one cherished desire that remains to be fulfilled is "to receive God's lineage. Receiving God's lineage. It is the ideal of our kinfolk to receive the lineage of True Parents." Everything depends on that. If you cannot be totally unsoiled in this aspect, you cannot love with true love.

That is the reason that I stopped giving "comfort blessings" as we entered the Fourth Adamic Realm. We live in a different age. The time has come when each person must maintain their lineage, and set the lineage in order. What would happen if I were to give the comfort blessing in this situation? If I give the comfort blessing and children are born, who should be responsible for those children? The parents cannot take responsibility themselves. Because I have the authority to liberate the hell and spirit world of the world of death, I can give the comfort blessing and arrange everything as much I need to, but the parents do not have that authority. That is why I no longer give the comfort blessing.

If a man wants to receive the comfort blessing, he must first receive permission from his wife who is spirit world. Do you think she will allow it? A woman is much more likely to oppose it with such fervor that her eyes turn red. So you need to know that this is a time when I cannot give the comfort blessing. You may think that I am changing my mind, but this is a matter of basic principle. You have enough to do just getting the children you have into heaven. What would you do with the children who are born from a comfort blessing? How will you handle that? Once a person goes to the spirit world, he or she cannot receive the Blessing without first resolving the problem on earth. If two people are separated and Blessed again in the spirit world, then they will not be able to enter the new Kingdom of God in their separated state. So do you think that in this age it would be right for me to give the comfort blessing, or not? I should not? That is right. I should not. I was giving it until just the other day, and now I will not. How incredible.

You need to understand how important it is that everything is being brought to a conclusion in conjunction with the oceanic providence. If a mosquito comes and bites you while you are praying, and you let that distract you, that is a problem. Are mosquito's supposed to refrain from attacking when you pray? Even if the content of your prayer is confused, record it and read it back later on. Most people have no idea what they have prayed about.

Your mind is about to pass over an important mountain on the path to the Kingdom of Heaven, so you can imagine how serious that is. When I flew here this time, I came by a route that I had not traveled before, and that airplane also had a difficult time. The pilot needed to land on the water. The plane was traveling at a high speed, there was water everywhere, and when we finally landed the plane became covered with water. In this way, I indemnified everything and even let the mosquitoes bite as much as they pleased. I prayed that this would help everything to be liberated.

So should I have come here, or not? People say that the amount of land purchased in Paraguay is greater than what was purchased in Uruguay. In that situation, you can imagine how much the Catholic Church opposed me here. In the past, we always used a five-passenger propeller airplane, but this time they opposed our use of that plane. They do not know what they are doing. Now that I have come in spite of all that and prayed, my heart is more at ease. We can leave tomorrow at dawn. I do not need to come here anymore. Why would I come? We need to build the best underwater palace in the world here. That is why we are creating a stone-works factory. To do that, we need many stones. Korea has a stone mountain range, too, doesn't it? All the schools were built with stone. Sun Moon University was built as the largest stone building in the country.

What is so special about stone? Doesn't it say that the rock symbolized Jesus? Granite lasts for thousands and tens of thousands of years. We will create a 10-meter wall here, make the land flat, and build a palace underwater. In the same way, we will create a new unified nation in the Pacific Ocean. It will be built at the deepest point of the Pacific. The Marshall Islands is right on the Equator and the International Dateline. It is right in the middle. This is all providential.

That is how near we are now to the time. So act with boldness and courage. In the future, whatever problems that come up will only serve to shorten the time it takes to achieve unification. I am on top now. I will create problems for the world, and for the United Nations, for the United States, the Soviet Union and China. When China says it can do no more, then Kim Jung Il will have to do whatever I say, and pack his bags whenever I tell him. The same will be true for the Soviet Union and the United States. If I tell them to pack their bags, they won't be able to refuse. If they don't, they will be cast out without a sound.

We need to mobilize the media companies to make a declaration of war. We need to mobilize UPI for this. People should ask, "What is so wrong about Rev. Moon? Why did South Korea oppose him? Why did America oppose him? What is it about him that is so bad that they had to do this?" When the answer to those questions is clear, the next step will be to understand the real reason for their opposition. For whose sake did they oppose? They did not oppose me for God's sake, but for the sake of certain denominations. For the sake of their own Anglo-Saxon people. It had nothing to do with God. That's how people will come to see it. It was not even for the sake of religion that they opposed me, but for the sake of their own country and their own people. I worked for the sake of the world and for the sake of heaven and earth, but they tried to block my way and oppose my work. To oppose Rev. Moon is to oppose God, to oppose humanity, and to oppose a person's own nation and people. Then they tried to take over the world, but now they are falling away.

Now, the best way to become famous will be to write articles about Rev. Moon. The media organization that employs the reporters who write such articles and publishes them will be respected around the world. UPI was purchased just as it was about to collapse, and it is being supported now. UPI can write such articles. In a few years, if they keep this up until 2003, then everything will be finished.

Because I teach people to love their enemies, I have always loved those who have been expelled. It's very interesting. Many of the ancestors of people in South America came here after being expelled from someplace else. You can only love your enemy if you are prepared to lead such people. If you can't do anything for people who were expelled, how can you love your enemy? Have loved people who have been expelled, or not? I loved them more than anyone else did, and I am still giving them love. Don't feel bad that I am speaking this way. I am speaking very candidly. That is the kind of people that have gathered here. Now they are planning to accomplish the biggest task. Isn't that right? They are the most precious. Then when these expelled people open their mouths and begin speaking about me day-in and day out, what will they say? Will they curse me, or praise me? They will hide their faces and bow as they speak in praise of me. Even if people do not accept what they say, they will have to continue praising me. That is how it is. That's why it makes sense to love your enemies.

Why are we catching krill shrimp when things are moving so quickly? I am not doing this for money. I am not doing it for the Unification Church. I am doing it for humankind. At a time when the situation is most difficult, I am working for the sake of humanity. We can live only if we receive the sympathy of humankind. That is what it means to love your enemy. It becomes a base on which we can love our enemies.

You should stand at the forefront of those who love their enemies. Do not think, "I'm going to make money while I'm here and take it home." You must be determined to use the land purchased in the Pantanal region for the sake of South and North America. That is how the Christian cultural sphere of the two continents can be unified. If that is not accomplished, influence cannot be exerted on Asia. There are many countries in Asia, but they are all divided from each other by the boundaries of different religions.

All the four major religions originated in Asia. I have said that these need to be unified, and that has brought me a lot of criticism from the religious realm. How much have I been attacked for advocating Godism? Within that realm, sects have split with each other and many denominations have been formed. So I have given money to Islam and all other religions in order to form a unified strategy with them.

I have doing this for decades, and now if people say, "Let's have the religions united and become one," they recognize that the only person who can do this is Rev. Moon. I have made it so that if I say, "I'm going to visit," then even the proudest religious leaders will come to me, even if they don't to. The time has come for them to take off their external facades and greet me directly. This happens when the Unification Church has a large feast, and they are able to come, take their hats off and give a congratulatory address. I create the appropriate environment for that. If the environment is prepared and the subject-object partner relationship is established, the purpose of creation is accomplished.

Now we will carry out an oceanic providence through Japan and centering on Hawaii. Japan is an enemy country. For America, too, Japan was where Christian missionaries received some of their greatest persecution, and Germany tried to destroy everything. Still, God has been working until now so that these nations can be saved. In one way of thinking, this may seem like a spineless thing to do. It is like an insect that has no bones. I may appear like an insect with no bones, but in the end I capture and eat everything. What strength does a bug have? Even a bird can catch and eat a bug, and animals eat them, too. They thought that I would disappear as if I were that type of existence. But God is not dead.

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