Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2000

The Mind-Body Problem

Sun Myung Moon
November 26, 2000

This is an excerpt from the Sunday Morning Message given at East Garden, Irvington, NY on November 26, 2000. Translation by Rev. Peter Kim; unofficial notes by Tyler Hendricks.

The original ideal of creation was the inseparable oneness of husband and wife, and parents and children. But division took place because of the false, satanic lineage. Without love and life, you cannot connect to Godís lineage. Love and life connect in the blood lineage. Most important is the blood lineage. How does the blood lineage connect the upper, middle and lower, the three positions? All things have the three vertical positions, such as God, parents and children, or grandfather, parents and children. The blood lineage connects them. An absolute blood lineage can create absolute three stage couples. Without that kind of couplesí connection, the absolute blood lineage can never come about.

In the fallen world, all these are separated because the mind and body are fighting. Everything is separated and becomes complicated, originating in the mind and body fighting. How can we make a new mind and body? That is most important. The most famous of people have Satan in the flesh, Satanís blood lineage. The body is on Satanís side. Without unifying the mind and body, you cannot stand as an object to God or create a peaceful world.

Where can we find the righteous way? Without the mind and body being unified, we cannot find it. All human beings have their mind and body fighting. It always continues. Who can stop it? No religions or governments can stop it, no matter how great their power. What is the purpose of religion? It is to stop the mind and body fighting. You did not resolve that problem. What caused that fighting? It was caused by the fall. What was the fall? The blood lineage changed. The original contents of the blood were exchanged with Satanís contents. The ideal growing way was with God, in Godís blood lineage, and bearing children and connecting them to that lineage.

Jesus Overcoming Satan

Do Godís mind and body fight? No. Why does the body have Satanís blood lineage? The original mind is growing to fulfill the purpose of creation. The question was the relative strength between the original mindís power and Satanís love power. Whichever was stronger would determine the blood lineage. Manís love power connected with Satanís love power and that controlled the blood lineage. This led to all aspects of fallen nature, of denying others, of individualism.

What shall individualistic beings do? They only drop down, denying everything. Where is my enemy? Where is Godís enemy? What is Satan? Satan is the one who connected to the fatherís position with his blood lineage, completely denying others. The most fearful enemy is Satan. Godís most fearful enemy is Satan, and it is the same for mankind. Everyone repeat, "Satan"!

The archangel became parents instead of God, connecting to the wrong blood lineage. Without changing the blood lineage, no matter how difficult it might be, we cannot be saved. The saving point is my flesh, which Satan controls. How can we rearrange and connect to the highest level of Godís love? God is the king of the absolute blood lineage to which we want to connect. How can we receive that absolute kingís blood lineage? For the sake of every Ö The fallen concept is that which centers on myself. Instead of God, I want to become the center. How can we remove that from ourselves? It takes absolute faith, love and living for the sake of others. High religions need to teach this, sacrificing, Ö the blood. [Fatherís English was unclear, but I recall the sense was that all religions involved some sort of blood sacrifice.] This is the providential mainstream, from the Old Testament Age sacrificing the creation, to Jesusí sacrificing the children, to the Completed Testament Age sacrificing the parents on the earth for the sake of the children.

Protestantism and Roman Catholicism are fighting. How can they become one? They can do so only by centering on parents. They are the elder brother and younger brother in Adamís family. They need to connect with the mother. The younger brother becomes the center, naturally wins the heart of the elder brother, then the mother win the objectivity of the father, making the foundation for the Messiah who is the true father. The Messiah brings the true love, life and lineage, the seed, the pure blood lineage centering on God. That completes Adamís foundation, Godís true love set in lineage.

Jesus Christ was the first completion of Adamís position. He was the bridegroom, but he did not have a woman in Eveís position. She was not recreated. Jesus is the recreation of Adam, but there was no recreation of Eve. Eve came from Adamís bone. God took the core system and based upon it created Eve. Jesusí family should have prepared his marriage. Then his couple making love would have created Godís lineage. God would have created that unity.

The Family is the Seed

Without that messianic foundation, Adam and Eve cannot make a family. They can never attain a straight horizontal line connected with the vertical. There will never be the three positions set up vertically. The third position is children, the result. The family formula is three generations connected after Godís pattern. The problem is that the second position as an individual cannot make a pair. God needs a son and daughter to make a pair. This is origin-division-union action [as explained in the Principle of Creation]. The origin is God, the division is the couple, the child is the union. Without that, there is no connection to the blood lineage. This is the family formula, in perfection.

Adamís grandson is the fourth level. This is the completion of the family seed. The seed is the expansion. No matter how famous the family, they cannot stand without this pattern, this formula. So Jesus came as a perfect man. How could he get into heaven? He absolutely needed a true woman. The reality of a true woman and man with a true connection as one, centering on true love, is marriage. They combine in their first love, connecting concave and convex. They create absolute children. Blessed couples have to achieve True Parentsí position, and Adam and Eve have to connect with the conjugal love center, the convex and concave, centering on the position of absolute unification. Did you accomplish that?

Then comes the unified atmosphere, called the family. The family seed, the absolute seed, contains Godís life, love and lineage. God is the center of that kind of love. The harvest of the seedís fruit is the family. Expansion comes from Adamís childís son, the fourth generation from God. There is the complete seed. Godís complete love is the unification of parentsí love, conjugal love and brother-sister love. Where they unite together is the Kingdom of Heaven. This is the formula. Your mind and body cannot separate. No matter how famous, your mind and body must be filled with Godís true love, life and lineage. Are you confident you have done this? Godís wants families that fulfill that formula. The people of Israel could not understand this.

Now the fourth Adamís generation is coming. What shall we do? You have to Ö yourself, centering on the family. The family base is Godís completed love. This is the center, with God in the center connecting and unifying all the six positions. The children, husband and wife all become absolute. These positions cannot change. Who is doing this? Everyone has to do it. The family is prior to the high level thinking about the ideal world. Begin with the family, with grandparents. Spend your time making this perfect, and youíll do fine. This is the formula.

Be A Magnetic Family

Yesterday morning, I gave an important teaching, in particular for the sisters who came from the Chung Pyung Lake blessing who were there at Hoon Dok Hae. In summary, God created the universe and human beings, through His word. What we have to do is not just receive the words through Hoon Dok Hae, and not just follow them or be pulled by them and carried around, but we should be able to go around and plant the words, i.e. plant ourselves, which means to be the substantiation of Godís words. Wherever we go, we should plant ourselves as the word of God.

God, prior to creation, had His ideal or complete blueprint. Then out of that He created the universe. When I teach you, I practice and experiment with it. I teach based upon the successful result in my life. That is the way to substantiate. But the basis is love. Through love, this substantiation of the word will take place. Love is the base, then go through the course for substantiation. Wherever we go, we should be able to plant ourselves. We should become the manifestation of Godís word. If you talk true love, but donít practice it, it doesnít work. No matter how beautiful the packaging, without feeling the vibration of true love from you, it will not work. What I hate most is the people who say one thing and then do something else.

Through Hoon Dok Hae, the word, the seed, is being given us. Now we have to germinate the seed and bear the fruit. That is our life, that substantiation that creates the new seed. That is the life of true love. The words we receive through Hoon Dok Hae are not ours. If those words are our own, no matter how much we try, people are not inspired. We have to embody the words through true love. Then when you plant those seeds that stem from the original seed, people will be inspired and moved.

We struggle between mind and body. When we watch nature, particularly the light, wind and air, we see that they can infiltrate wherever there is a crack. They always get in. More than that, true love is waiting to get in. So we have to prepare the crack for it to come through. Then true love comes and Satan runs away. So in the fourth Adam era, the purpose of Hoon Dok Hae is not just to give the words but to guide our practice for the sake of other people. So the best way we can plant the seeds of the words for others is through our family. People will watch our family, and if they feel we are a true seed, they will follow us and we will multiply.

That means, within our family members, every member should be satisfied. When the grandchildren watch the grandfather, they should feel he is a model that should be planted. This applies to every relationship. Each feels the other is the model person in their position. Then your family is a model family. Such a family becomes a magnet. Through 360 degrees, all others are attracted by the magnet. If your family fits the right formula, it will move to the center and cover 360 degrees.

Do you, as Unification Church members, like me? [YES.] All 360 degrees? [YES.] If it is not 360 degrees, then your angle is not exact and you have a crack through which Satan will come in and out. If you want to secure your 360 degrees, you have to restore 180 families each for husband and wife, which means 360 families. That represents 360 degrees. That is big enough to embrace the universe. When the 360 is formed, the family at the center revolves and the entirety will revolve.

Leave The Fallen World Behind

You say you like me and I am the center. Then when I tell you to go to Korea, you tell me your mom is in the hospital and your daughter is sick. What if they die? If you stop revolving all 360 degrees, what will happen? The machine will stop, the system will break down. Through you, one individual, your ancestry of hundreds of thousands are affected. If you stop revolving, everyone connected to you will stop and be destroyed. That person who stopped deserves to go to hell.

When Israel left Egypt, the ones who stayed behind were forgotten in the history of Israel. If Father says go, we all have to do it. The invisible God is turning the cosmos. If I do not revolve around Him, the entire world will be destroyed. Because of the fall, the hands of the clock reversed the direction of their rotation for 6,000 years. Now we have to turn them in the opposite way. Someone who does not want to change direction will go to the bottom of hell. In that sense, there is no concept of your children, family and nation. You have to seek true love first. Our final task is engrafting our lineage into True Parentsí lineage, to receive the true lineage.

Do you want to remain behind in Egypt? [NO.] What about your children who do not want to come with you? What of your business or your beautiful house? Can you leave them behind? What if I order you to secure your own boat and sail it to San Francisco on a certain date? Would you go? What if I even give you the boat? Donít think that I donít have so many boats; this is a figurative speech. Because of the fall, the entire world started spinning backwards. To save it, we need the true model family, the true parents and true family. The mind that doesnít want to do it comes from Satanís side.

How do you know if I am not the worst father? Your original mind knows. Your five senses know, and your body knows and it will pull you. If there is any Unification Church member who believes that America will become the Kingdom of God on Earth if he keeps living the way he is living, he is crazy. Without my teaching, America is lost. I went to the UN building and declared to the world that we should tear down the borders, with absolute authority. Can anyone else make such a declaration to the world? [NO.]

If America were to give authority to me, I would clean up America in three years. How? Remember, we did ALCs in fifty states in two months. We educated legislators and local leaders. No one opposed it. Even our FFWPU flag campaign was resisted by a few churches, but we persisted and finally they all accepted the flag and hoisted it. They realize that what I have said for thirty years has come true and is good for America. But some of them said, "I am a WASP [white Anglo Saxon Protestant], so I donít want to talk to you, but I will accept the flag because I know it is right." They accepted the flag with their face turned away.

The next stage is to distribute the True Parentsí portrait. Soon those who did not receive one will complain. When the autumn comes, the leaves show beautiful colors and then fall to the ground. They cannot resist. They do not choose to fall; it is natural law. When the leaves fall to the earth, they become fertilizer. The established churches will be the fertilizer for the future.

Father-Son Cooperation

What if I tell you to go to Moscow? Or to twelve different countries? Moscow sounds like "must go." When a sock fits the foot, you neednít keep pulling it, and you can see the shape of the toes. So when I pull you, your shape will appear. There should not be any holes to show the skin. If you go to a hot place, you should keep your socks with no holes. I have been raising you for years; will I abandon you now? No.

We have to know what time it is when we wake up. The providential time always moves on. On November 11, I gave a special dispensational proclamation about the providential time we are in. It was after Hoon Dok Hae, on the island of Kaui. We are in the fourth Adamís era. Because of the fall, in the family of Adam and Eve, God lost three generations, the grandparents, parents and children. Through the perfection of these three generations, the seed of life and love would have been ripe, perfect and never subject to change. Satan would never have been able to invade. Because this seed was lost, to this day Ö

So, the meaning of restoration is to secure the true seed. As long as you have it, you can multiply true children of God infinitely. To restore the true seed there have been providential periods of mother-son cooperation. Husbands have been in the archangel position, with a condition to belong to Satan. Because God lost the true seed of life and love, He lost sovereignty. So the mother-son cooperation strategy was given. So blessed wives had to go out to restore the children, including their own children, and with them be engrafted to True Father, then through that they could receive the new lineage, with the new seed, and after that they could bring their archangel husband with them, and with their children, to True Father, to receive the blessing.

This mother-son cooperation era has passed. Thatís why the husbands came to Chung Pyung Lake for three days for the new blessing. Now we have the father-son providence, not mother-son anymore. The mother received the seed, grew it, and gave birth. The seed doesnít remain with the woman. The father has the seed and it goes [through the mother] to the son, and the motherís role [in this respect] is eliminated. So now is the father-son providence era. The mother-son providence is over. Through the Chung Pyung Lake workshop, the mother-son was completed and the father-son started.

Building World Peace

Jesus Christ wanted to establish Godís sovereignty first and declare these things. He could not because of failure of Israelites. But I have a grip on the UN, and through the UN in 191 nations the Hoon Dok Hae education is taking place. The world is being covered with True Parentsí teachings. The UN is in my right hand, and the left hand is Korea. Even though there is no formal unification of Korea, it has taken place spiritually. On that foundation condition, I could give the Chung Pyung Lake blessing. Thus the father-son providence has come.

You can look at it as a single nation. It is a nation that has no territory, land or people. It has no sovereignty. For the UN, I prepared 1.2 million hectares in South America. I am educating all people to become true citizens of the UN. I am uniting the island nations, starting with 14 island nations in the Pacific and expanding to 52 [other?] island nations. This will become the foundation for the UN. Because of this world level dispensation, we can go on to the world level without the substantial unification of South Korea and North Korea. I worked behind the scenes for the South Korea-North Korea summit. In the past, China, Russia, America and Japan were enemies, but I brought young elite from each nation through the Hoon Dok Hae seminar and they became friends.

In my life, I have done so much. I was the arch-enemy of the Soviet Union, but at the right time I opened my arms and embraced Gorbachev. Therefore Russia opened its doors to world religious teaching. What of North Korea? In 1987, they sent someone from the Japanese Red Army to assassinate me. But I went to Pyongyang, embraced Kim Il Sung and made a 10 point agreement with him. The points are identical to the 10 point agreement from the recent South Korea-North Korea summit. That is the groundwork I have done, risking my life.

A Life of Forgiving

Also, I have educated tens of thousands of young elite in Russia and especially China. And who brought Hon. Minister Farrakhan out to be closer to the people of America? I did it. What about the relationship between God and Satan historically? Who worked to give forgiveness to Satan? I did. Who blessed the saints and criminals of the spirit world? I did. My life has been one of forgiving and embracing others. Thatís how I eliminated hell in the spirit world. Thatís why I directed Dae Mo Nim to give the blessing to 21 generations of your ancestors.

If you look at spirit world, it is almost full of blessed couples. The earth is as well. Therefore I am mobilizing all the blessed couples in the spirit world, your ancestors, to play the role of good archangels to assist, support and help you bring this world into the Kingdom of God on Earth. Until now, because of Satanís influence, efforts for good deviated and ended up in hell. Satan cannot do that anymore. Our ancestors will come, but if we resist, they will punish us. If we follow, they will give medicine. When they see us being stubborn and sinful, deviating from the way of Principle, they will say that this descendent is not beneficial to our lineage. It is a fearful time. If you are not sure about this, pray hard. Absolute faith, love and obedience will come into your heart. You will see. No one likes the word absolute obedience, although we like absolute faith and love.

Think of the debt humanity owes to God, for tens of thousands of years. No matter how much we sacrifice to pay off this debt, it is not enough. On our own, it would take tens of thousands of years, but because of True Parentsí foundation, if we offer absolute faith, love and obedience in this short time period, we can indemnify this debt, because True Parents are giving this abundant blessing to us. [As Paul said] even if we give our body to be burned as indemnity, it is not enough. But because of True Parentsí foundation, we can indemnify the debt and be forgiven. Even if we pluck all the hairs from our head, we cannot pay it off. Only through True Parents. Instead of sacrificing millions of lives, if you have the determination of absolute faith, love and obedience, you can do it.

Our own individual body is a small condition. Some say that the Unification Church teaches absolute faith, love and obedience and that sounds like dictatorship. People like absolute faith and love, but not absolute obedience. But the offering condition is only 1 millionth of what comes back. When God created us, He infused absolute faith, love and obedience into His creation. So our return of the same is like one pinpoint compared to the enormity of this world.

Created As A New Being

Even when we make our offering, it is so dirty that God does not want to accept it, but He will accept it through True Parents. We can boil and recreate you, and so God says, okay. When I have to put you in the melting pot, do you want to just melt one hair, or your whole body? Sin has accumulated like Mt. Everest through human history. Therefore, I have to throw you into the melting pot and boil you until every trace disappears and you are recreated as a new being.

The way we are now does not work, so we have to go through this melting pot. What if I say that your husband cannot deal with the national level, but we have to indemnify the failure on the national level? I am working on the world level at the UN, but you wives have to set the condition to go beyond the national level to the world level, because I am the only one who has received world level persecution.

I believe that the secular world represents the first level religion, like Judaism and all different religions, and Christianity represents the second level religion, the second Israel, but I have to unite them and guide them. Therefore I am doing the campaign to unify denominations. America does not know how to reach out to the world, nor does the UN. Only I know, and many American leaders agree when I say this in public. Did the speeches you heard this morning come from nowhere? I spend tens of millions of dollars on these international conferences at which I gave these public speeches. Sometimes only one is three or four million dollars; three of them cost maybe $10 million. That sacrifice was there for me to give this message to the world. But you sit here and relax and distance yourself from it.

Each message is a proclamation, eliminating Satanís power, cleaning the world. When they respond, you will not be able to come to East Garden anymore, because there will be no room. Donít take me lightly. I look the same, maybe a bit older. But my authority and power are there. Even my public speeches have come true; I have accomplished, step by step. When I hear them, I am gratified that I spoke those words when I did.

Media Fears the Truth

It is like a time of final judgment in a court. Do you think I have the power to do this providential work? You wait and see. Things will appear, step by step, more and more. The Korean media organizations are competing to promote me, to introduce me to the people. President [Sun Jo] Hwang in Korea has become famous and busy because the media is always contacting him. The major America media soon will not be able to say whatever they want about me. My worldwide foundation will be so strong that they will have to conform with it.

I prepared never to be defeated in a fight. Arenít America, Japan and Germany afraid of me? Is it that I have a dagger or bomb? What are they afraid of? They are afraid of the truth. There are many nationalities here today. As long as you sit here, I can direct you to go anywhere in the world. But will you say yes? It is easy to say yes, but will you show it with your action? Show your hands if you are ready to go. [everyone does] That is why the American society is afraid of me. I asked the Japanese members the same thing, and they said yes. That is why the Japanese government is afraid of me.

If you follow me, when you go to spirit world, you will go on a superhighway to the Kingdom of Heaven. You will have a visa. If you follow America, you donít know where you will go. If you are confident to attend me in your house for one month, raise your hands. Instead, contribute the money you would have spent on me. If you do that, I will put you on the list of those who helped me buy 200 million hectares of land in South America. In this sense, I am the richest man in the world.

I am preparing this land for the UN. It will be the worldwide level ancestral land. Then all the land our ancestors owned will have to be connected to it. That means the entire planet will be connected to this land, and that will become the Kingdom of God on Earth. That is Godís ideal of creation.

When Will You Change the Nation?

I am hungry. Are you hungry too? Many Christians believe that when the Lord of the Second Advent comes, he will always fly and disappear and appear without explanation, with no need to eat or sleep. But the Lord of the Second Advent is here and claims to be the father of Jesus Christ, but he is hungry. When Jesus Christ gave his testimony from spirit world in Dr. Leeís book, he called me "father." So I am his father. He confessed that because of his mistakes, Christians have been misled. Is it a lie? If you think so, you will go to hell. If you believe it is true, you will go the other way, to heaven. Do you understand me? Say, thank you!

From next year, I may not be able to meet you. I may not stay in America. America doesnít like me, so why should I bother staying here? Only Unification Church members like me. If you say others love me, it is like dust in the wind. When are you going to change this nation? In twenty years you havenít done it.

I have nothing to do now. I already unified the spirit world, and the UN is in my hands. There is nothing to lead, nothing to fight. Nothing makes me excited. What shall I do? Dancing? The Little Angels and Universal Ballet are top in Korea and the world. They call me king of the art world. What of my substantial being? If the name is famous and elevated, the entity has to be elevated too. Do you see that possibility in me?

I do not have a nation, but I have the power of the truth, of organizations and of activities. We can do many things. Two years ago, the Washington Times Foundation held 113 conferences. When the US government has a conference, they take two years to plan one. But we did conferences twice a week. It cost a lot; did you contribute? Americans are stingy. You count your donation with the pinky and start with the left hand. If I took such an attitude, how could I accomplish my goals? In four years I indemnify tens of millions of years, single handedly, with no time to eat or sleep. What about you? Have you done it? Those who have been in the movement more than twenty years, raise your hands. [almost everyone] I am helping America; what about you? Please remember what Iíve taught you this morning. Have absolute confidence in God and True Parents, and be bold.

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