Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2000

True Father's Words on 13th Foundation Day for the Nation of the United World

Sun Myung Moon
October 3, 2000
(Unofficial translation from Japanese publication)

What day is today? Foundation Day for the Nation of the United World. The Nation of the United World opened. At the closing ceremony of the Sydney Olympics, we saw that participants entered together freely beyond country borders. How can we make unity between mountains and valleys? It needs peace to make unity of the world. Every country has to attain equalization. And after equalization we have to make a peaceful world. The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification has to settle down. The meaning of unification is to lead and unify.

What rules a horizontal world? A vertical axis. There is no vertical thought in America. It needs the center in a twin system to make unity. The Senate and the House of Representatives discord with each other, and Parties discord with each other. It shows that there are borders. It happens because mind and body do not make unity The pair system is necessary for existence. Without the pair system everything cannot exist. Every creature has to make relationship between subject and object. If there are no subject and no object, relationship cannot be formed. There should be the content (subject and object ) to make a give-and-take action like husband and wife, and so on. The borders should be abolished. Did God make visa?

We know that if there is no blood circulation, we die. What is eternal relationship between subject and object. The earth has existed for 4.6 billion years. Can it exist by itself? It also exists making relationships with Sun and Moon. The end of the cosmos is said to be 21 billion light years away from here. How vast it is! The cosmos exists making relationships with one another. We cannot exists without relationships. We need to make give-and-take action. If one is night, the other is day.

Clothes are the border line of the fall. Do we make love wearing clothes? There was no clothes in the Garden of Eden. Did you see that animals took off their clothes and make love? Don't you have borders absolutely? True love does not need borders absolutely. It is not true love to love with borders. You can know whether it is true love or not, when you touch it.

The axis of generator in a power plant is made of steel, but soft oil supports it. If the steel rotates without oil, a fire breaks out soon. What happens, if both bone and flesh are hard? Man (bone) and woman (flesh) make unity when there are no borders centering on true love. They completely unite into one by the power of love. A Korean song said, "I got the bone from my father, and the flesh from my mother..." Only love can make bone and flesh unite into one. You may worry about your face thinking of the flesh, but the bone makes your shape of face. When you look for something delicious, you look for minus (food and drink) for plus (your body).

All people want to become subject, don't they? Everyone wants to make his (her) mind and body be united into one centering on him (her). And in the relationship between husband and wife, everyone wants to be a center. Everyone attains half sphere to make a sphere together Convex and concave exist for this, so do not laugh hearing my speech As Mr. San Hon Lee in the spiritual world talked, husband and wife make love in front of God. There are infinite pleasure and impulse.

What wants love best? The ancestors of the human beings know fallen love, and do not know true love.

What is the present for the man who is born first in the history? It is a true woman. When man sees the woman, man wants to touch the woman. After touching, what does he do? Does he do nothing? He must be comfortable. Sisters, are you interested in men? When you see men for the first time in thousands of years, you must burn with passionate love. When woman bring man's hand to her breast, how do the man feel? Woman is the best present God gave to man. It is better than gold and diamond. Why? It is because woman can make man have son and daughter. She can connect blood lineage. Though woman, man can love his wife, and children, and he can have grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

No matter how great man is, without woman he cannot get wife, children, and grandchildren. Without woman man cannot exist. Without children man and woman cannot become parents. Children can have man and woman become parents. Without children husband and wife cannot know true love, even if they live for long time. We have to appreciate the pleasure to love grandchildren. It is an unhappy grandchild who cannot live with grandparents. Even if grandmother suffers from senile dementia, she does not forget her grandchild she loves.

Land can produce everything, but land has nothing itself. In the same way, woman has only bone, flesh and blood, and these are not hers. These are for her children and husband.

Man cannot open heaven by himself, and neither can Woman. Husband and wife also cannot open it. What can open it? Family So, there is FFWPI. Family can open the gate of heaven. When you have God's original love, everything opens for you. Sparrows marry without thinking about nationality. Only human beings have national borders. Who made them? Satan lives in borders, and keeps borders. How many borders do you have in your mind? In Chung Pyung what did we do? The Four Position Foundation Blessing for registration by converting and uniting 3 Era.

At this year's UN General Assembly, they say that now is a time to establish the sense of values. They know Rev. Moon's proposal. Even if people want to give a good proposal, when he comes to the Unification Church, he knows that he is late. In America people are eager to raise the Family Flag of FFWPI and to hang TP's photo and to unite churches. In one family each one goes to another church. It is a problem that there are many churches. They have to unite into one. Abolish the discord within denominations. Abolish the discord within races. When they live for the purpose of God, they do not fight against one another. Amen. When they know God, discords within cultures and nations will vanish.

Deeply thinking, woman is a lord in a house. Woman has many ornaments, clothes and shoes for every season. Man is miserable. How luxurious woman is! For man, is God precious before woman? Or not? God is a father of man and God is a father of woman. After Father, son will come, so man has to go to God before woman. After that, man and woman can naturally unite into one.

What is God's hope? It is the emergence of the parents of parents, the teacher of teachers and the lord of lords. How did God want to live? God would have wanted to be parents of parents, the teacher of teachers and the king of kings. God can create everything He needs, but there is one thing that God cannot do. That is love. Love cannot be done without a partner. No one's hope is that their love partner is worse than themselves. Everyone wants their love partner to be a billion times better than himself.

Can God see love? Or not? When God can see His son, He can find the son's love, and when God can see His daughter, He can find the daughter's love. Before a king and queen love each other, they have to love God, because God should be the root of their love. Can a servant change his blood lineage, even if he changes all of his blood? Parents of your body have the blood lineage of a servant. Religions in the past were ordered to renounce the world. We have to know that religions emphasized celibacy in order to cut the false lineage and to go to God's side, which is 180 degree different direction, and finally to cut the blood lineage. Until when do we have to cut it? Until True Parents bring the true religion. True parents brought the blood license of the Heavenly Emperor.

Only the family can go into the Heavenly Kingdom. Jesus is now in paradise, which is a waiting room. All denominations, which are enemies with one another, help to develop in the world and hold Million Family March. There were no religions to liberate God. We have to do our best in order that we change 3 eras and are helped by ancestors.

Changes from the time when Adam's world (on earth) were influenced by the spiritual world (angel world) to the time when Adam's world taught and helped the spiritual world. We entered into the time of the realm of 4th Adam, so Satan can no longer obstruct us. You registered, so your ancestors came down to the earth to help you, because True Parents have kingship of kingdom in heaven and earth, going the way of 40-years sufferings of the family. I am worrying about you, because if Japan is hooked by Satan, you are also hooked.

Spread TF's words over the radio. I will give a test of TF's words and when you get a good grade, I will give you a prize. How many volumes did you learn by heart? Everyone should learn "Restoration of homeland of True God" by heart. You should learn no less than 3 volumes by heart. Now one third of the spirits in the spiritual world were blessed, so they can come down and help us. If we make up our minds, the circumstances are changed. You have to believe and practice. You have to push yourselves to that situation.

As Eva nation children, even if you have to birth take from your own bones, you have to feed your children. God is Father and True Parents are also Father. When you unite into one by true love, you can become big (because of pleasure) or sometimes you can become small (because of sadness) through TF's words. God is our True Parents and True Teacher. It is mother's responsibility to give birth to children and let them marry. If God and True Parents had taught children the responsibility of Parents, Teacher and King, and showed them the way of Parents, Teacher and King, the descendants would have attained the family, nation and heavenly world. But because of the fall, everything disappeared, and Rev. Moon came and established the family and restored the elder sonship, parentsship and kingship after thousands of years. Rev. Moon had to restore not only the Adam's failure but also the failure in Old Testament Age and also New Testament Age. God is inter-religious and inter-national. If Korea does not take responsibilities, I will use UN. I prepared for this 12 years ago. "I have to become True Parents. I have to become True Teacher. I have to become True King." Say like this!

If you, for example Mr. Kim, bring the youth under 50 years old and educate for 3 days, they will receive the blessing of their own will. And all people will be saved. Hold the Olympics for 4 years, and choose the champion. From now on many geniuses who can lead the ideal world will appear. So, devote yourselves to live for the sake of others to give birth to that kind of children. Stand up. Say 3 times "I swear!" Prayer for blessing.

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