Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2000

Transition of the Three Ages Four Position Foundation Registration Unification Blessing Ceremony

Sun Myung Moon
September 29, 2000

On September 26, 2000, the first "Transition of the Three Ages Four Position Foundation Registration Unification Blessing Ceremony" was held in Cheonseong Wanglim Palace at Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center in Korea. The blessed families who participated in the blessing ceremony were all families that had completed the 21-day special registration workshop for blessed wives. The grace of the Four Position Foundation Registration Unification Blessing Ceremony was given to all blessed families in order, beginning from the 36 couples.


What is the title of today's speech? What is it about? The Transition of the Three Ages Four Position Foundation Registration Unification Blessing Ceremony. It is the unity between mind and body, husband and wife, parent and child, family and tribe, tribe and state/province, state/province and nation, nation and the world, the world and the universe, and the universe and God. What that means is that there are no more national boundaries.

Have you all achieved mind and body unity within yourself? You don't have unity, do you? The individual has not been removed. God did not make these boundary lines. Satan made them. These boundary lines exist because of Satan. Therefore unless we abolish these boundary lines Satan will not disappear.

There are many barriers between your mind and body, between husband and wife, aren't there? And the mother, father, son and daughter all ask for love for themselves. It is reversed. So if two people only live for themselves, these boundary lines are created. When you live for yourself, these boundary lines are created and the owner of these boundary lines is Satan.

Therefore where there are boundary lines, Satan exists and where Satan exists, God cannot stay. When did the boundary lines first emerge? I'm asking you were there ever a time when God could live in love when there were no boundary lines? Who was the person that God could love? It was Adam and Eve and they were the only son and daughter of God. But was God able to embrace and love his only son and daughter? He never had the chance.

Who was the owner of the marriage ceremony between Adam and Eve? If they hadn't fallen, it would have been God. Then who is the owner of love when Adam and Eve make love for the first time on the evening of their marriage? It is God. Then what would have become of the ancestors of mankind if they hadn't fallen? Wouldn't they have become the owner?

You must clearly know this. God is the vertical owner. The ancestors of humankind are the horizontal owner. The love absolutely necessary for man and the love absolutely necessary for God are one and the same, but in order to own that love, there can be no absolute love without God.

God's attributes are absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. Thus, if God is a being of such character how do you think he would live? He would live in the absolute; he would live a unique, eternal and unchanging life.

Therefore, the object of his love is Adam and Eve. What were the things Adam and Eve had to do? You must know this. If a parent does not have children, then they will not be able to find for eternity the position of the owner who can love his children as a parent. Then who is the person that can make God the father and owner? It was not God, but Adam and Eve. It is the children.

The person who can make the absolute God the owner, and who can make that kind of love is not God himself. Who is it? The person who makes the mother and father the owner is not the mother and father themselves, but their children. No matter how much you want to become a parent and feel parental love, there is no way you will ever be able to feel that love unless you have children.

What are the three ages? The three ages are the Old Testament Age, New Testament Age and Completed Testament Age. Were those three ages a failure or a success? Already 4,000 years have passed since the Old Testament Age when the Israel nation began its life of faith centering on the Old Testament. What God promised to the Jewish people through those 4,000 years was that he would send the Messiah.

I need to reach the conclusion of my speech. It is the Transition of the Three Ages Four Position Foundation Registration Unification Blessing Ceremony. You can do the Unified Blessing Ceremony. What does that mean? The three ages mean the Old Testament Age, New Testament Age and Completed Testament Age. These ages came about because the four position foundation was not formed. In the age of the Old Testament before the emergence of religion, in that age where man only knew God, the human ancestors should have became a couple and become the True Parents. God created humankind for this purpose.

Then did or did not Adam become the True Parent? Since the parent did not emerge from the family of the True Parents, the clan and tribe that could inherit the nation and build God's nation was lost. Since the clan was lost, the tribe, people and nation were lost. Since this was not what God desired, this result came about because Adam and Eve had played with fire when they should not have. You know what playing with fire means, don't you? What do you call men and women who play with fire? Is love more dangerous than fire or not? If you make a mistake with love, your relatives connected by blood will all go astray. They will all be shattered. Then the greatness of a nation would not matter. The traditions of that nation would all crumble away. The tradition set by God, the tradition of the True Family and true blood lineage had fallen apart.

There were no True Parents in the Old Testament Age. There were no True Parents in the New Testament Age. There were no True Parents in the Completed Testament Age. We are mending together all these failures and converting, reversing these three ages. The Transition of the Four Position Foundation Registration Unification Blessing Ceremony. Unification. It is the unity between heaven and earth, husband and wife, mind and body; it is the national unification, and the unity between God and True Parents. These will be the final things.

The blessing is not the problem. When Adam and Eve were registered, they were registered as one family. But now we are restoring at once all the things lost in heaven that were entangled for thousands and tens of thousands of years throughout the historical ages. We are restoring all that was vertically lost from the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd ancestors and horizontally fixing it.

The Transition of the Three Ages Four Position Foundation Registration Unification Blessing Ceremony. You probably don't know what kind of blessing ceremony this is. You probably don't know what this is since you don't know spirit world; you don't know the traditions of spirit world; you don't know God and you don't know what it is like in heaven. You need to invest a lot of devotion in order to understand this. You must know the amount of devotion God has invested for this day to come about.

To whom did the couple, Adam and Eve belong? You must clearly understand this. You know God created the heavens, the earth and all of creation because he wanted a family. God is invisible even in spirit world. When you go to spirit world, if you remember the messages Dr. Sang Hun Lee sent, you will not be able to see God. If you check my speeches in Earthly Life and Spirit World, volumes 11 and 12, you will see that I said that God could not be seen in spirit world.

People would live on earth and go to the spirit world without knowing all the things I said in that speech. They go without fully believing in the things I taught. Even Dr. Lee did not believe 100 percent. I said, 'To grasp the spirit world with your right hand and the physical world with your left and turn it around 180 degrees.' Yet who would believe those words. Yet, how taken aback would they be when they see that the things they didn't believe in were actually the truth in spirit world.

I went through a lot of trouble to solve the theory of spirit world. As the chairman for the 8th subcommittee of ICUS, Dr. Lee was in the position to answer all the questions of the philosophers and religious leaders. For him the most difficult questions to answer were questions dealing with the spirit world. He didn't know, so he couldn't answer and this troubled him greatly.

So he thought he had to do research on spirit world while he was on earth; go to spirit world to verify if it was correct and leave behind his research. That was his life's goal; it was the starting point, process and purpose of his research. But how vexed he was since he couldn't clarify these things. He couldn't clarify these things because they were unclear. But then after going to spirit world, how busy he must have been after comparing the things that I said about spirit world and seeing that they were accurate to the last detail.

So for 40 days ... It is the same for all of you. After you die, you cannot find your place in spirit world for 40 days. You go back and forth between the physical world and spirit world with your ancestors or mentor--if you were a religious person, then the founder of your religion--as a guide and go around a couple of places to see whether you fit on the earth or in the heavenly world. As there is a top, middle and bottom if you end up in the middle you must know about the upper and lower levels.

Between heaven, earth and man, man is in the middle and therefore he must know heaven and earth. When you die, you return to your hometown, to your homeland. When returning to your homeland, if you wish to enter into a relationship with the heavenly world, the present and future world, then you must adjust your position in spirit world and the position you held on earth to go to the position that is right for you. That is why these 40 days are absolutely necessary.

Therefore, in the providence of salvation and the providence of restoration, the number 40 has always been the issue. Jesus was also resurrected and ascended to heaven after 40 days. Everybody must go through a 40-day period in spirit world in order to settle down in the eternal world. During these 40 days they can freely travel between spirit world and physical world before they settle down. After 40 days they decide where they're going to stay and if it's the spirit world then they can no longer return to the earth. Thus, how busy must Dr. Lee have been trying to convey the essentials of his research on spiritual phenomena and to introduce his theory of spirit world, which he could not do on earth, in the shortest amount of time.

Spirit world is not like this small land of Korea or even this earth. It is an infinite world a thousand times greater than the earth. It is an enormous world. The places where people live are connected from hell to the top of the throne in heaven. Dr. Lee had to check all the necessary levels of spirit world. How busy he must have been! He reported to me, even though he was busy, because the results he compared and reviewed were correct. I also had directed him to do just that. I directed him to give a report about his general survey of spirit world and physical world during those 40 days as soon as he went to spirit world.

After receiving the report, it had to be approved by God. Just because he reported it didn't mean he could do whatever he wanted with it. You must know that The Reality of Spirit World and Earthly Life was recorded and sent after notifying God and True Parents about all the facts he saw in spirit world.

Thus this is the greatest scripture of them all. There are many scriptures in the world, but this is the greatest. Throughout history, since that fateful day when man fell, no one has ever received the truth about spirit world until now. No religion has been taught this truth. And in order to teach this you need to have a victorious foundation on the earth and centering on that victorious foundation you must rectify the insufficient portions of heaven . But without a victorious foundation there is no way to right the wrong [wrongs] even if you see the imperfectness of heaven. True Parents came to this earth and put all these imperfect things in order through indemnity. That is why you can point out and correct the spirit world centering on this foundation.

When you look at spirit world, there is nothing there about the ideal Kingdom of Heaven that I have been teaching you about. There are no blessed families in heaven. There are no families who attend God up close. Even Jesus remains in paradise. Paradise is like a waiting room to enter heaven. When a male enters paradise, he goes and lives with the men. There are no couples in paradise.

Why? If we had given birth to children through the relationship between husband and wife centering on God, centering on His blood lineage they would have become God's family by blood. Then heaven would be occupied by all the ancestors of humankind who were born through the countless numbers of people, starting from the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generations from Adam's family. But because of the fall this was put into reverse and that is why heaven is completely empty.

All things were put on hold in paradise, but through the foundation of True Parents, who put everything in order on earth, spirit world can be perfected only when the earth is perfected. The ideal kingdom of God in heaven can be realized only when the perfected foundation of the individual, family, tribe, state, nation, world, and cosmos is realized on earth.

Due to the fall, everything fell under the family of Satan, from the individual to the family, from the family to the tribe and nation. The blood lineage was changed. For example, let's say I'm planning to get married this evening. I prepared the environment to hold the wedding. I had everything in order for the feast and marriage life but then my wife-to-be went to another man and fell.

God who wished for absolute love and absolute purity would say, "Oh my gosh!" Think about it. Due to the fall with the archangel, today we see the Korean people becoming whores and the nobility selling their bodies. Man fell with the archangel who isn't even human; he is a being with only a spiritual side. What can we say to this? We received the blood lineage from some being who isn't even a match for us. Would God approach such a person and say, "My love, remember our promise?" No. He would spit on her. He would cast her down to hell upside down. That is why God cannot love the people of this fallen world.

Such people should not even dream of talking about the ideal or heaven. How can we rectify what was reversed and broken? It was turned inside out and hammered into the ground 360 degrees; all the directions, north, south, east, and west, were changed. Who will correct the four directions and rectify this 360 degrees change? Only God knows. Even Satan doesn't know. So there is no way to make Satan submit before we understand the secrets of God.

Then what kind of person is this Rev. Moon? I am the great king who will knock out Satan with God's secret. Really, is a person who calls himself the great king for real or a fake? Since I accomplished all these things, even if I were a fake I end up becoming the real thing. Do you understand what I am saying? Even if the world says otherwise or says this and that about me, calling me fake, if everybody makes this imposter their ideal then he becomes the genuine center.

Has Rev. Moon ever been praised for creating the Unification Church, yes or no? I was opposed. If I hadn't made the Unification Church, I would not have done those things that put me into jail. ! How many times have I been in prison? Six times. My gosh! Then how many previous convictions do I have? I have no fewer then six previous convictions. I've been in and out of jail hundreds of times. (Note: Rev. Moon was incarcerated in a North Korean labor camp for his religious activities, and in South Korea on suspicion of draft-evasion--on which charge he was found innocent; he was also imprisoned by the Japanese colonial regime--who occupied Korea in the first half of the twentieth century-on suspicion of working for the resistance.)

Did I do these things because I was great or because I was a good-for-nothing person? I did what I did because I was great. How great? Greater than God . Why? Because God cannot find His place. No matter how much the mother and father would like to receive filial piety from their child there is no way they would go the way of a filial son. The parents can become the mother and father of a filial son, but it is impossible for them to acquire the qualifications to become the owner of a filial son. Do you understand what this means?

Registration means that God has to become our real father and mother. Do you see God as your real parent? I mean do you know how God lives? You are the deaf and the blind. I took great pains teaching the deaf and blind to resemble me. I thought that their ears and eyes would open and they would learn to hear and see.

When Unification Church members look at my face, do they laugh or cry? When they meet me on the streets, do they say, "Oh my!" and cry or smile with joy? [Smile with joy]. They may smile with joy, but after meeting me will they fight and cry our keep on smiling? [cry out while continuing to smile?] You must know that God has to depart when you cry. When you cry, God has to depart and that is the same thing as divorcing me. It is the same as being separated forever.

But when you smile God comes to you and it becomes spring again and we can meet again. When the husband and wife reconcile after a fight, they feel great in the morning and even greater in the evening. Since you are all blessed, you understand what I'm saying, don't you? Why do you feel good in the evening? Because you greet each other as a bride and bridegroom. That's why when you meet a second time you are happy and although the pale shadow may disappear, your emotions deepen even further the next morning.

Does God have a wife, yes or no? God is invisible in the other world so how can we know whether he has one or not? We need a go-between who can break down and rearrange these things that we don't know about ourselves. Then although we wouldn't know whether it is the truth, soon we will come to see all our secrets as we live our lives. What name did I give Mrs. Hyonam the other day? I gave her the name Hoonmo. Hoonmo means a mother who teaches. Teaches what? She is teaching you the things of spirit world since you don't know them, although you may know the things of earth. Then there is no other way to convey the tidings of the heavenly world but through Dae Mo Nim, Choon Mo Nim standing in the middle. Even if others would wish to convey the information of the spirit world, it is not possible in the physical world since it flows only in the world of the mind. They can see, hear and touch the world of the mind but since the world of the body has fallen to a different world, there is nobody who can communicate between the two worlds.

By making conditions and attaining spiritual enlightenment, one can hear, see, feel and know the spiritual world because you are in the position of spiritual enlightenment. Since your five senses are open, through your sense of smell you can tell if it is an offensive odor or a fragrant one; through your sense of touch you can tell if it's thorny or soft. You can feel the touch of your five senses. Then you can rectify the right and wrong and teach them what is right.

To teach means 'to flow' centering on the 'word.' Once you find your destination you just flow towards it. The Chinese character for the letter Hoon consists of the letters 'word' and 'river' that is why it flows. The word flows. Hoondok! When you do Hoon Dok Hae you are selling the word. Hoon Dok Hae, the word must flow and it must be sold. When you sell the word, you must not sell somebody else's. If you sell somebody else's word, then you are a thief.

Even if it belongs to your father, if you sell the word without his permission then you become a thief. Once you have your father's approval then you will not become a thief no matter where you go and sell the word. But if you sell the word without approval then it becomes stolen goods and you must go to jail. You all know about these things, right?

The word hoondok means the 'word flowing.' But you must not stop the word at yourself. It must be able to flow in all four directions, just as water flows. The Chinese character 'dok' means selling the word. This letter means 'to sell'. It means selling the word. But when you're selling, don't sell something you stole. You have to sell it only after you practice and make it your own.

Hoon Dok Hae! Only the Unification Church has this meeting called Hoon Dok Hae. But what are we teaching? We are teaching the true truth which holds all the secrets of the heavenly laws. We are teaching the truth, but the truth must be something that can permeate the universe starting from the top of heaven. Water can flow down to any place.

Water can flow from the top down thousands and tens of thousands of kilometers to the deep, deep bottom of hell, fill it up and climb up once more! You must know the greatness of this occupation. Even if there is no air once you fill up the vacuum, fill it up till it is full, you can breathe. Air travels around the world. It is the same with water. After water is filled, it becomes vapor, then a cloud and travels on an excursion to see the world.

It is the same with sunlight. It fills in the deep places and then says, "There is no place in this world and universe where I do not reign!" Air and water all say the same thing. 'There is no place in this world and universe that I do not possess! I have conquered everything! Amen! After they say 'Amen!' the say 'God, please come down to the field of my mind!'

God must do that. God prays for the earth. God praying for the earth and searching for a filial son is the same thing as the sons and daughters of man going the path of a loyal servant and filial child. In order to become the true parent, you need to beg for the earth in the position of the true husband and wife. 'Truly, truly I pray for the emergence of the family of the filial son and daughter on this earth and in heaven.' [...of the family with filial sons and daughters] Isn't that what heavenly father is praying for? In those times you have to say 'Yes!'

God says, 'Great, all right! Wonderful! Do you have anything to eat in your pockets? Open wide!' and pours infinitely. No matter how weary and empty his heart may become, God will say 'Open up!' and fills us up with love which overflows and covers the entire world, burying everything including Mt. Baekdu and Mt. Everest of the Himalayan Mountains.

That is why the clouds and rain come from the sky. Since the high atmospheric pressure flows down from the top to the bottom it is evenly distributed without missing the deepest valley. It is the same with sunlight. It flows at the fastest speed, what can we say? Compared to water, which is rough, how slippery is oil? Love flows like water and is the absolute number when it comes to slipperiness.

When we say number one, it should not be single. When our family is number one, we say the woman is number one on the right side and the man? Shouldn't he be her match? If the man takes the left, the woman must take the right; if the woman takes the right, the man takes the left. If the man is the right foot, then the woman is the left foot. But what happens if the woman sticks out her right foot saying, 'I'll go like the man. She will not go beyond 10 kilometers before she breaks her legs and dies. She will die from foot troubles. Everything must be matched.

Wretched are those who do not fit each other. Do you or do you not fit in the axis? Do you know how pitiful you are if you don't fit in the axis? Dynamically this is even but how difficult it is to make it this way? How great is the loss? No matter how much you would like to climb up, if you don't have the center there is no way to climb up. You can find your place only when the center is fixed right at the center. What happens if there is no center? There is no way to correct it forever. The law of this world is that you may circulate or go to and fro the four directions around the center but if there is no center you are traveling in vain. Even if you walk a thousand or tens of thousands of kilometers, if there is no center, you have no way to determine whether you went that far.

Does the Unification Church need a center, yes or no? It needs a center. Who is the center? It is Father but who is my center? It is God. What is the center of God? It is true love.

It is the directive for the registered family of True Parents. Instructions are needed in schools and classrooms where they teach people. The word is the directive. It must be abided by for eternity. The title is 'the directive for the registered family of True Parents.' It is about the instructions and directives.

What will be its first clause? Since the fall, God's resentment has been about his blood lineage being contaminated. His first concern was how to leave behind the pure blood lineage for eternity through thousands and tens of thousands of generations. Never again should the fall take place in the triangle area of the woman and man. God does not even want to see the shadow of it. That place is the spring of love. It is the main palace. It is the spring and palace of life. It is the palace of the blood lineage. The palace of the conscience. The palace of the country and world. The palace that can liberate heaven and earth, and God! But this was contaminated. You should be ashamed of yourself for this.

I did everything I could to drag up everything that was hammered into the bottom of hell in reverse. You must know the toils Heung Jin went through to draw these things up.

What was the first clause? It is to protect the pure blood lineage with your life. You must know to be thorough in educating your children. Its better to have them starve then to see them separated from God. Your legs, eyes and five senses are dangling in this wicked world. With great difficulty I was able to sever these things to establish the liberated family, but there are still thousands and thousands of layers of the satanic world surrounding it. Even with the slightest crevice the satanic love, satanic air and satanic light can enter this family. The love from the satanic world will penetrate the family.

We absolutely need to defend against this despicable thing. The way to defend against this is through love that lives for the sake of others. Those who only think about themselves will surely be invaded. Absolute love that lives for the sake of others! Man was not born for the sake of himself. He was born for the sake of the woman. Man is only half by himself. Woman is only half by herself. When these two become one, concave and convex come together to become a completed pair. Man is incomplete in himself. Woman is incomplete in herself. Man exists for the sake of woman not for his own sake. Why? Because love does not begin for its own sake.

The partner makes you the owner of love. What does the wife give to the husband? The wife teaches him how to become a man and love a woman. She is the owner, the owner. She is the owner who gave love. It is the same with women. The reason they can get love, the reason they can stand in the position of the owner where they can love man as a woman, is because of their husband. He is the owner who lets her discover love. It is the husband.

You are a thief if you use other people's things without permission. You are a thief. You will be banished from your town, wherever it is. The reason you have your five senses is not for the senses own sake. The eye did not come about for its own sake. It was created for the greater good, to be able to see your partner. The nose does not exist for the sake of smelling itself. It exists to protect you from the environmental conditions and surroundings. The mouth does not speak for itself. You must not say things for the sake of your own good. This goes against the principles of heaven and earth.

When you speak, you need to speak words of comfort, teaching, [guidance?] caution and advice. Words of deceit, erosion [ill-will] and stress spoken for one's own benefit belong to the side of Satan. If you know the principle, this is evident, is it not?

What will happen to those people who say they cannot do that? Just look at how miserable God has been. Eve should have been the wife of God if she had been connected spiritually, physically, vertically and horizontally. Eve should have become the wife of God who is the father of the mind. She is also the wife of the father of the body. [Will sound very strange to non church members. Eve was to be the wife of God.] That is why she had a mind and body. The mind is vertical, the body horizontal. They are made in two-folds.

The principle behind the creation of heaven and earth is two fold. It is inevitable. The world is created in doubles and all beings that yearn for love are created in twos. It is like that in the mineral world. Molecules are paired as plus and minus. Plants are created in pairs as pistil and stamen; animals are created in pairs as male and female; man was created in pairs as man and woman; heaven and earth are in pairs.

All five senses are also created in pairs. We have two hands. They are in pairs complementing each other. In this way there is harmony in heaven and earth. What happens if a man brings down his left foot here? His right hand moves in line, does it not? They cross each other and are one. Inside and outside, top and bottom all must conform to each other.

If you don't have a partner, the fruit of your actions will not appear. It is useless. That is the principle of the heavenly law. It is not something I say without reason. I have studied math. I studied science. I am a genius when it comes to numbers. I am not stupid. I'm so smart that it scares me.

I have swallowed suffering with relish in order to achieve the desire of the providence. You need to starve yourself in order to have dominion over yourself. Then sleep. What is next? Sexual desire! If beautiful women come and tempt you, you must chase them away. I will not be led away by any other women besides the one woman I propose in my life. Eve fell because she led man away. Thus if man just chases after women like a hound dog then it is easy for them to betray their country. But that doesn't work on Rev. Moon.

When I was in Japan, there were many incidents. If I talk about them, you will be ashamed at how much the Japanese people think nothing of maintaining one's integrity. Many women tempted me in many cunning ways, but I never fell for them. Here I am, a single, handsome-looking guy sleeping in bed when suddenly this woman comes in naked saying, 'I'm dead.' She says, 'You can save a dying woman by just talking to her for five minutes. What kind of man are you if you can't even do that?' Sounds right, doesn't it? What would you do if you were told this? You're the champion leading the underground movement for the liberation of your country in the midst of the enemy nation, the Eve nation of Japan. You don't know how many times I've been in the sewer. I just never talked about it.

What will you do about that? I'm serious! I'm asking you, what would God have done if he were in that position? In the last days of the world of heaven, you have to go through the final battle of sexual love. What happens if a woman places her sexual organ on the man's sexual organ. What will you do about that? Your male sexual organ must not be aroused. You must control it. If not, you cannot become God's son. You do not have the qualifications to be engrafted to heaven if you can't overcome that type of temptation.

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