Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2000

True Parents' Instructions for Registered Blessed Families

Sun Myung Moon
September 26, 2000

On September 26, 2000, the first "Transition of the Three Ages Four Position Foundation Registration Unification Blessing Ceremony" was held in Cheonseong Wanglim Palace at Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center in Korea. The blessed families who participated in the blessing ceremony were all families that had completed the 21-day special registration workshop for blessed wives. The grace of the Four Position Foundation Registration Unification Blessing Ceremony was given to all blessed families in order, beginning from the 36 couples.

The first instruction is to protect and preserve the pure bloodline, the pure lineage eternally. You must protect and preserve the pure bloodline. You can say it in any way, such as "Defend the pure bloodline" or "Absolute Protection," because people know what the pure bloodline means without any explanation. You can use any modifiers to explain it, if you like.

The second instruction is effect the establishment of one mind [intention, desire, perception]. Even God is of one mind. The mind and the body must become one in mind. Centering on such a mind in the Father, both men and women's minds must also lack contradiction. Although the mind and the body have been in conflict until now, they must become one in mind and the whole family must be united as one in mind.

The father and mother, sons and daughters--even the grandchildren--should become one in mind, and this unified mind should completely settle in. Settlement of the one mind! Do you understand it? Il Shim, [Korean for] the one mind, the mind! "Shim" means "the mind." Complete Settlement! God wanted to settle in a family where the minds of his sons and daughters were united as one. The whole universe must settle in a unified mind. The wife, husband, sons and daughters should be one in mind. What was it I said yesterday? Didn't I speak to you about the settlement of noon? When one mind stands in the center vertically, it will cast no shadow. That is what I mean. Every family must follow this instruction from now on.

The third instruction relates to educate children by practicing true love. The parents must educate them. The parents must teach the children how to put true love into practice, by practicing it themselves. This is all about the family. The parents must be morally pure in thought and conduct, their unified mind must settle in, and then they must educate their children by practicing true love. What I'm saying here is not lies. Shouldn't you put into practice what you want your children to learn? Do you think the children will listen to their father if he comes home drunk and beats their mother? Would they obey their mother if she deceives their father all the time? That is why I am emphasizing the parents' educating the children by practicing true love. Not just education, but education through exemplary action. You must teach them what you practice yourselves. You should have someone write these words in bold letters and hang it in your houses as your family motto. If you think you can do it well, do it yourselves. I wish I could write this motto down for you, so that you could hang it in your houses, but I cannot do so because you have not worked hard enough for it. You must put some effort into it by writing it down yourselves.

What do you think comes next? Listen to what I say carefully. If you pray with all your heart to understand, you'll know it before I tell you. You shouldn't ask me what comes next. What's my fourth instruction? Break down national boundaries and intermarry. Due to false love, intra-marriages became inter-marriages [These prefixes can be read in too many possible ways for this to be a useful sentence. It's pithy, but just doesn't work to convey meaning]. So now, everything can be straightened out only by marrying someone from an opposite camp. People who are opposites of some sort must detach themselves and become a displaced person. That is why there should be no national boundaries. You must love you enemy and serve him even more than you would your mother or your father. It will be impossible if you don't love your enemy more than your ancestors did theirs. You must have the heart of God.

My fourth instruction relates to the breakdown of national boundaries and intermarriage. That is why I have matched those of you on earth and in the spirit world with people from enemy groups, the enemies of your ancestors, or the people from nations that were enemies to yours in the past. Did you know Yoo Kwan-soon [a young woman patriot who was tortured and killed during Japan's occupation of Korea] is married to someone Japanese? Why do you think I married her to a Japanese man, knowing she had been cut into six pieces and killed by the Japanese people? This is what I'm trying to emphasize here. You must love your enemies.

Were two sets of parents who had been enemies to learn of a marriage between their respective children, they would say, "We hated our enemies, and we hated each other as enemies. A major reason for our hatred was the fact that we were born in nations that regarded each other as enemies. But in your time, the national boundaries are being broken down. If we harbor hatred of our enemies in our minds, and if we desire to wreak revenge on our enemies, the Kingdom of Heaven cannot be established. We cannot become the foundation for peace in our nations." That is why we need marriage across the boundaries of nationality, race and culture. At least three generations must marry cross-culturally.

Changing bloodlines require a long time. When a wild olive tree is engrafted to a true olive tree, it takes at least three years for the fruits born on this tree to seed as true olive trees. These seeds can then be planted and they will sprout as true olive trees. Do you realize how difficult it is? The task that lies before us, to straighten out the wrongs and to find our path to our homeland centering on such strict standards, is truly a serious one.

I don't need to go on about how serious this is, do I? What kind of enemies were there? Satan took the three generations of the royal family and killed all the kings. Centering on the three generations vertically and three generations horizontally, in other words, centering on the nine generations both vertically and horizontally, twelve* women were raped and killed in front of their husbands. That is what the enemies did. [*Is this about a specific event?]

As He looked on, God could not even open his mouth to speak; He could only weep. Who could know God's heart, who could only weep because He couldn't speak or try to stop it in any way? Who can know the situation of the ruined nation's royal family? Can women who know this defile their clan's bloodline? In the end all the men were killed. Men over 35[*em] 36, 40 years of age were killed, and only young children and wives were kept alive as slaves. You should know that what I've related is the history that has been passed down of the satanic world.

I know that the history of blood relationships centered on Satan has also been entangled. I, who have to unravel it, can weep at a word. The whole world can fall to pieces because of this. Are you confident that you can be devoted sons and daughters in front of True Parents with such a heart? Well, are you? I don't think so. You must first fulfill the duties of saints and sages. Since I believe that none of you are yet confident enough to be devoted sons and daughters, I will not ask it of you. Risking my life, I have climbed over hills and crossed valleys in search of my death place, and I have come here. I still have a long way to go.

Do you think a prince who has lost his parents, his sovereignty and his nation will be untroubled? At the time of his death, he should be buried upside down. What is my wish? What do I have to lose? I don't have anything. I have worked hard to save even a cent, skipping lunch and eating meager dinners in order to acquire larger pieces of land. That is why I do not feel guilty.

I am making a UN nation for the restoration of independence in our fatherland. I will reorganize everything and make an undefiled land, in order to serve God, build the temple of God, liberate heaven and earth, bow before God and go to the spirit world. What would that land be like? It would be holy ground as from the beginning of the world, the original holy ground, and the holy ground of victory. Have you ever heard that before? If the North and South do not obey, they will be cut off, and the land of the nation will be acquired. Now we are in the process of doing this. We need to become devoted sons and daughters. Why should we measure it this way and that if we are sure of what we need to do? It would all be the same in front of Father. Image that a person you met had gotten into an accident when he was young, or there was a war and he had needed to flee; so he escaped and went some other place. He was adopted there, but he is of the same bloodline as you. You must think of others as your brothers and sisters. Their faces are the same, and their lives are the same. Seeing this, and knowing this, I should teach you about it all through the night.

The breakdown of national boundaries and international marriage is important! What do I mean by international marriage? From next year, a Japanese person should not be matched to another Japanese person for the blessing ceremony. They must get married to people from nations with which Japan has been enemies the U.S., China and Russia. They must do this. Japanese men and women have not yet paid for the Second World War. As a defeated nation, by rights, they should sell their land and so forth. Their nation should have been divided, but I guarded Japan against it. I told Chiang Kai-shek to help Japan. Did you know that? After his death, I'd bet he really appreciated what I did.

I told them not to divide Japan. Why? I had the responsibility of guarding it. If I had not done so, Japan would have been divided and given to the four nations, and the men and women of Japan would have been taken to foreign lands, the men as slaves. They would have had to work hard, shedding sweat and blood, to reconstruct what they had destroyed in the war. The women would have gazed at the Milky Way. They would have looked upon the moon in a foreign land, and their sons and daughters would have lived harboring enmity toward their enemies, but I guarded them against it. Since Japan has not yet paid for what they have done in the war, I will ask them to pay in compensation, and with what they have paid I will make a Peace Fund through the UN.

It would be the same for both the victorious and the defeated nations. Fighting between brothers and sisters is retribution for the fall. Since both nations are considered the same, True Parents would contribute toward establishing a new nation and a new culture of heart, so that they can teach people about world peace. If that proved inadequate, we would have to go through a second or even a third war, sacrificing lives and material in it. People need to learn to praise God's victory, become brothers and sisters with their enemies, and make their nations a house of God. Only when everything is offered to God can True Parents' God-given mission be accomplished. It is serious.

So what is my fifth instruction? What do you think will come after the breakdown of national boundaries and cross-cultural marriages? Restoring sovereignty to God's fatherland. What then? Building the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Not building, actually, but founding the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. When you build something, you use materials that already exist. When you are founding something, you must start from scratch and make everything yourselves. What? Restoring sovereignty to God's fatherland to God's fatherland and founding the Kingdom of Heaven on earth is important! If we do not have a fatherland, we cannot found the Kingdom of Heaven. It is our calling and responsibility and it requires our desperate effort. Only when we have a nation can we be registered in it. For us to be registered, the king must stamp our registration forms and store them in the national archive. Without a nation, it would be impossible. That is the big obstacle standing in our way. This obstacle is just like the one that stood in the way of the Israelites at the time of the Exodus. That is why we must sacrifice our birthright of the firstborn. In order to shed the blood of the firstborn, somebody must endure difficulty. It was a lamb at the time of the Exodus, but at this time, it is not the lamb, but the Unification church which must symbolically represent the sacrifice of the first-born.

The first-born is representative of the satanic world, and the second is that of marriage, isn't it? It is the son who must suffer. The blood that is shed must be pure. Only then can the mother be forgiven and seen as though undefiled. The undefiled sons and daughters, Cain-type and Abel-type, must become one as they sacrifice themselves. They must sacrifice for the defiled mothers, fathers, sons and daughters. They must put everything of themselves into that. That is the only wish you should have. Neither person nor thing should hinder you, not even your fathers and mothers, who have had to be left behind in your homeland. You are like soldiers going to battle.

The order for families to be mobilized, which had been desired and cherished for a long time by God, was finally issued. You should know that the founding of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth marks the final go-ahead from God to resolve the failures to fulfill what had been predestined as necessary by God, who has been having to restore families ever since the fatherland was first turned upside down in families and the go-ahead by God to resolve the failures in what had been predestined as necessary by True Parents, who have to come to earth to restore the fallen world and everything that was lost in it. We cannot do this without a fatherland. Shouldn't we found the Kingdom of Heaven in our fatherland? Am I right, or am I wrong? This is our lives' work, the God-given mission we have staked our lives on. It would not matter even if your clan came to its end, your wife lost her life or you had to give up your own life. Others should come first in your hearts. That is why it was said, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind," and, "Love your neighbors as yourself."

Who are our neighbors? They are the communists around us, Cain! The restoration of our fatherland's independence cannot be achieved if we do not love our neighbors as much as we love God. There would be no nation in which God could be liberated through the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven. It is the responsibilities of the people in the nation to connect their nation to God's will, restore their race, traditions and culture, and finally, found the Kingdom of Heaven in their nation. The nation of Japan cannot be given the mission of founding the Kingdom of Heaven. Japan is not on the side of heaven.

That is why we must first restore our fatherland's independence before we can found the Kingdom of Heaven. What does the restoration of our fatherland's independence mean? The people in the whole world must join in activities to foster the unification of North and South Korea. Once the two nations are unified, the era of founding the Kingdom of Heaven will automatically come, through the UN. We are all making preparations for it right now. When the period of education is finished, and everyone knows, the Cain nation and the Abel nation can become one. I will educate them in the name of the UN.

North and South Korea will be united into one by me. Since we believe in Godism and Headwing thought, the two nations will become one through True Parents. That is why I say that if we have a nation, we will not encounter any problem in founding the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, because we can bring the people to oneness in the international and interreligious realms through true love that is horizontal, peaceful and ideal, centered on the true love of God, who is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. Now, the restoration of our fatherland's independence and the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven are imperative! Wherever you are, whenever it is, whether you are eating or sleeping or in the bathroom, you must never forget that you are on the soil of your fatherland. If there is any energy left in you, you must devote it to the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Our greatest grievance is the fact that we have lost our fatherland and have not yet found our parents. You must know how grievous it is to have lost the original land, the original parents and the original blood relations. You must know it very clearly. You women! It is the mother nation! The blood and flesh extracted from the mother nation should be fed to the young people in the world. You should be ready to grind the bones and scatter them where the young people are growing, so that the ground bones can work as a fertilizer for the young people.

It was the woman who fell first. Tokyo has come to ruin, and nothing is left in the nation except the wilderness and rock-strewn ground. Have the Japanese people ever put in the necessary effort? They've known for a very long time that I chose Japan as the national representative of Eve. You knew about that, didn't you? Well, did you, or not? If you know, show it in the way you act. I'm not sucking the blood out of you. The world is clinging to your bosom as the mother. I have told you all I had to tell you. Be loyal to heaven and earth, if you want to fulfill your condition. If you have nothing to live on, and you're on the verge of starving to death, come to the land we have in South America. What isn't there? Isn't there land, fields, fruit, grain or rice there? Aren't there cows, lambs or pigs there? What isn't there? The land in South America is twelve times larger than Jeju Island, and twenty times larger than Seoul.

Learn the Hoon Dok Hae scripture by heart. You must learn the book by heart. Memorize them. I call it scripture! It is a book of scripture, just like the Bible and the Buddhist sutra. I gave every family this book as a gift, and you must learn it by heart. You must learn the Korean in the book by heart, and use the words in the book in your daily lives[*em]when you are eating, attending services or going to school. If you know all the words in this book, you'll learn how to speak Korean automatically, so read it at least for an hour a day. If you don't have an hour in the morning, you can read and memorize it in the evening when you return from work or school. You will be struck by lightening if you complain that you have no time to do Hoon Dok Hae. Savoring the words in your mouth should taste better than food. The sons and daughters who have passed away will rise again, if the mothers and fathers eat up those words more than they eat real food. You must teach them. Because the stories of history are embedded in this book, the walls that stand between the husband and the wife, and the parents and the children will break down. If you don't want that happening in your family, you're asking for its ruin.

That is why I am emphasizing the memorization of the principles in the Hoon Dok Hae scriptures. Learn it by heart, and recite it. Don't you usually memorize something to recite it? You can't recite something without memorizing it first, can you? If you memorize it, you can recite it by yourself without the book. The book that your families must read is based on the speeches I've given in the eighty years of my life. This book, which includes the speech I gave on my eightieth birthday, which was about the restoration of the fatherland's sovereignty, and the speech given in the UN, is the final gift I can give to our blessed families. That is why I'm telling you to memorize the principles in the Hoon Dok Hae scriptures completely. You don't have to read about the eighty years of my life if you don't want to. Included in this book are speeches on the restoration of sovereignty to the fatherland in the new millennium. For the restoration of the fatherland's sovereignty, a national rally commemorating my birthday was conducted soon after this millennium began. If you know this book by heart, you will know all about the eighty years of my life.

What comes next? What is the next instruction? Substantiate the Family Pledge! The Family Pledge covers everything. You know the whole of the Family Pledge by heart, don't you? What does Pledge Number one say? We pledge to establish the homeland. Number two is about fulfilling the duties of devoted sons and daughters, patriots, saints and divine sons and daughters. Number three is about perfecting the Four Great Realms of Heart, the Three Great Kingships and the Realm of the Royal Family. Since there are no laws in the royal palace of heaven, we must start making traditions for it. That is what number three about; number four relates to building the universal family, encompassing heaven and earth, which is God's ideal of creation, and perfecting a world of freedom, peace, unity and happiness. Number six is about perfecting a family that induces heavenly fortune as the embodiment of True Parents and conveys Heaven's blessing to our community. Now that this has been fulfilled, we must pray for God's blessing. We must pray for God's blessing, and bless our children, so that our sons and daughters can follow the laws of heaven, and we can be examples to them.

What comes next? It is, "Our family pledges to perfect a world based n the culture of heart, which is rooted in the original lineage, through living for the sake of others by centering on true love." The lineage mentioned is the pure bloodline. That was number seven. The original lineage is the pure bloodline of God that was not defiled by the fall. You must protect and preserve this pure bloodline, and live for the sake of this bloodline. You must not live for yourselves alone.

That is because men were born for women, and women were born for men. Parents were born for children, and children were born for parents. Older siblings were born for younger siblings, and younger siblings were born for the older ones. Nations were born for the families and the families were born for the nations. It is the same. Since we were all born for others, if we do not live for the sake of others, we cannot unite the whole universe. Only the people who forget what they give to others, who forget how much they have given to others and keep on giving them more and more, and work hard to become one with others can go towards God. The focus of today's speech is on the settlement of noon, which means living without casting a shadow, and becoming the second creators of love. That is why the settlement of noon and becoming the second creators of true love, in place of God, is important.

That is the last instruction, the eighth instruction that I will give today, is to live lives of the settlement of noon on the cosmic level, which means living without casting a shadow, and becoming the second creators of love as representatives of God. Now that we have inherited everything, we must also follow these instructions, so that we can become people who fulfill love and offer this fulfilled love to the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven. Only then will we be able to prove ourselves to be citizens of heaven, the heirs of the heavenly nation. Amen! We should fulfill the cosmic settlement of noon and the responsibilities of true love as the second creators. We were not able to give love before, were we? Until now we have destroyed everything given us by God, and we have created pollution problems, because we have destroyed the environment. In other words, we have done what we wanted to do until now without caring for others. We have killed many animals as well. We have killed or destroyed everything bestowed on us from God as his best gifts, everything that were to be a part of our everyday lives. That is why we should now become the second creators and love everything given us by God as gifts until the day we pass on to the spirit world.

We didn't give love to others, did we? We didn't even love the magpies in our towns. I heard that nowadays people in Korea kill magpies, because of the damage they cause. Well, couldn't the nation prepare grain for the magpies and breed them? In the neighborhood I live in in Seoul, we have prepared bird feed and pigeon feed, so that we can feed the birds whenever they come. So whenever birds pass by our place, the magpies, the pigeons and sparrows all chirp and greet us; they are content, with full stomachs. They actually greet us. When they feel like they belong to us, they do not just pass by, but greet us as they pass. They are grateful for our feeding them every day. So if you want to see magpies, come early in the morning and you can see them. When pigeons are hungry, they go to the bean fields. All the birds are interested in our house because we give them food. That is how you tame animals as well. Don't you think that is how we can tame people? When you feed a baby, the baby will call you "mommy." Isn't that so? The babies know only their mothers, don't they? It is the same.

Now I am done with what I had to say, and what I have told you should be written down and the notes considered an heirloom in your houses. A pure bloodline, settlement of one mind, educating children by practicing true love, the breakdown of national boundaries and intermarriages those are all very important. From now on, you cannot get married to whomever you like. Our Unification Church is very interesting in that respect. People who hated each other became in-laws. Look around you and see if it's true or not. When a family said, "We'll never marry our children into that family," they were sure to become in-laws to that family. Look around you, and see for yourselves, whether what I'm saying if true or not. What was the last point? To substantiate the Family Pledge. Amen! Now, let us say "mansei." "Mansei!" Mansei! "Mansei!" Mansei even when you're dead! "Mansei!" Mansei even when you're alive! "Mansei!" Mansei even when you're dead! "Mansei!" Mansei even when you're alive! "Mansei" Mansei whether you're dead or alive, and thankful! "Mansei!" Unification Mansei! "Mansei!" (Applause)

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