Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2000

The Year 2000 Chusok Ceremony for the Complete Liquidation of Resentment

Sun Myung Moon
September 12, 2000

(Translatorís Note: The Korean name for this ceremony is "I-cheon Nyeon Chíong Haewon Chusok Kinyeomshik". Chíong Haewon means literally total or complete release of won, a form of pain and anguish generated through love unrequited or a sense of injustice. Usually, the most common was to translate this as Ďresentmentí. However, it should be understood that this is referring to those heart blockages that prevent the free flow of love. In this sense, in the context of the ceremony, "Chíong Haewon" also means the total elimination of the barriers and blockages that prevent free-flowing relationship within Godís creation.)

On the 12th of September, 2000, from 7 am to 8 am, Rev. and Mrs. Moon conducted a ceremony commemorating the Year 2000 Chusok Ceremony for the Complete Liquidation of Resentment.


What does this mean? "The Year 2000 Chusok Ceremony for the Complete Liquidation of Resentment"? Up until this time, Chusok has been celebrated in Korea by worshipping oneís ancestors. This is what the Ideal of Creation originally is; worshipping your ancestors, thereby receiving their good fortune and destiny, and then expanding that on the horizontal level. But this was all turned upside-down by the Fall, with the result that we came to have graves. Thatís one thing that resulted from this. Graves, in the form of mounds rising from the flat and level earth. (* Translatorís Note: Korean graves are all raised above the earth, about 1 to 1.5 meters tall.) If you look in the Bible, you can find the part where is says that..."in the last days, the graves will open and all shall be taken up to the Lord". What that means is that they need to be liberated. Thatís what this is, the same kind of ceremony ...

The spirit world is divided up into many different levels, with higher realms, middle realms and lower realms, and the same is true even for the world of hell. Everything is divided horizontally, and walls have arisen everywhere because of the Fall. I have to get rid of all these walls. Thatís why, on the occasion of the first Chusok celebration I arrive at the age of eighty, I have to liberate everything, including all ancestors.

Looking at things from the Satanic world, the Lord of the Second Advent is the last person sent by God. He is the final person, the final Abel, the one who comes with the elder sonís birthright, the parentís right, the kingís right. Because he is the fulfillment of the entire providence, he has to eliminate all those dead things--all those graves--starting from the spirit world and all the way down to the physical world.

What he has to do is completely open up everything that have been blocked, removing the barriers centering on the Píal Chong Shik, the Eight Stages of Settlement, thus resolving both the eight vertical levels and the eight horizontal levels. For that reason, I am connecting all these areas centering on the families who have received the Blessing, by focusing on one single cut-off line that can represent all the problems and barriers, now at the time of Chusok in August, the eight month of my eightieth year.

All those things that were blocked as a consequence of false or fallen marriage have to be released and cleared. By perfecting the unified realm of the Blessing, we have created a realm of liberation. To do this, we passed through the era of the individual, family, tribe (clan), race (ethnic group), and nation, and also through the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament eras, centering on the realm of grace inherited by receiving True Parents Blessing. Therefore, we now have to release and clear all the blockages that resulted from false marriages, so that the heartistic world of the Fourth Adam can start beginning from True Parents, centering on the families of the Blessing, as it originally should have.

You pray in the name of Mr. or Mrs. So and so who has inherited the victorious realm of True Parents, donít you? This is why. You pray like that because you have received the Blessing. And what will such prayers be like in the future? The era of the Fourth Adam is not an era of prayer! It is the era of reporting! Reporting! And when you report, you should focus more on tomorrow than today, more on today than yesterdayÖ. You have to report to God about everything from your private individual life up to your eternal life. After all, life is something we experience by first living for a short time here on earth and then passing to the eternal world and living there. But if even if you arrive in that eternal world, if you havenít accomplished perfection in the life you lived on earth, you have to work on developing, even if when you pass to the next world.

Even when you go to the next world, you still have to deal with all those things you did wrong during your life.... You also have to supplement or add more to the life you are living now, moving towards the goals you have not yet accomplished in your path towards God--the path you are walking from the formation stage, through the growth and completion stages, towards God. One problem or task each day, one problem or task each have to enact goodness in what you do, to make up for what you hadnít accomplished. Otherwise, you cannot arrive at the position where God resides.

Thatís why no one can afford to have blockages, and why this path must be made flat and straight, like a freeway. If you look at the history of restoration through indemnity, the Old Testament era is the world of the form spirit level, the New Testament era is the world of the life spirit level. And that is how the spirit world is. Next, we have the world of the divine spirit level. However, we need to remove all these things, all which has developed limited to the form of these kinds of stages.

Nowadays, Lucifer, of course, has capitulated. Nevertheless, his group is still holding on to the foundation they have held through out history, and are making every effort not to lose it. They donít want to lose their position. By opening up this present doorway, good spirits can now begin to clean things up wherever they go, things that Satan has defiled up until the present day. This marks the time such things can begin. The time for huge changes to take place has come.

Recently I made a declaration at the United Nations calling for the abolition of national borders. The idea is to create peace zones at the borders of nations in order to promote unity. All national border regions should belong to Godís nation. Centering on national borders, there is a demarcation line between Cain and Abel, who are diametrically opposed to each other. The national borders have been the site of so much fighting. National borders need to be removed, and opposing nations need to become one. In order to create that unity, Cain and Abel have to be blessed together after the national borders have been removed.

From now on, after having arrived in the era of the 4th Adam, Koreans shouldnít be married with Koreans. They should be married with people living on our national borders, with Japanese, for example. They need to create unity by resolving those things that could not be communicated or shared because of the obstacles created by national borders. Cain and Abel need to become one.

Because we are entering the era of the realm of the fourth Adam--the era of brotherhood--North, South, East and West, need to be connected. Only by uniting North and South, East and West, starting from the most distant places, can a central position be established. And if there is a cut-off point here, a border, then the central position cannot be set up. For that reason, True parents had to come and restore, through indemnify, the Satanic world, to return and enter and stand right in the center, in a position where there are no borders and lines of demarcation. In this way, they need have to open up the way for the center, and for the completion of the individual, the completion of the family, clan, ethnic group, indeed the realm of completion and perfection for the entire world of North, South, East and West, a world that can stand in the subject position to history.

All the people in the spirit world are smothered by their own limitations like people under a grave mound, and for this reason, they cannot move about simply as they wish. And that is the reason for this particular ceremony we are conducting today: to eliminate all those limitations placed upon them.

Therefore, I have been preparing for the era of the realm of the fourth Adam, and now the time is arriving, so I am conducting this ceremony here and now, as the time of Chusok has arrived during my eightieth year. Because I have been resolving the history of restoration through indemnity up until the current moment, I have had to put my ancestors behind me, to put them aside. My ancestors who have gone to the spirit world stood on the side of Satan and opposed my work, rather than standing in a position to support and cooperate with me. But this is no longer the era of opposition. Rather, it is the era of cooperation. And so, from the position of their parent, I am obliged to fling open the Ďlidí which sits upon them like a grave. The time is now here when I must lift up the Blessed Families and lead them to accomplish the tribal, ethnic and national mission.

So letís talk about the United Nations. The UN doesnít have a country. But establishing that nation is directly related to the Unification of North and South Korea. ....

If we have a national foundation that belongs to the UN, then with the Blessed Families as the citizens, it could form a national standard that could stand in place of the sovereignty of God. So we need to establish this kind of national foundation that resembles the UN. So what is it I have been preparing until now? An interfaith network, and international network, and young peopleís network, a student network and a womenís network. If we take this kind of foundation and connect it all together, we have a good basis for a nation right there...

What will be the result of this work? Consider humanity. Humanity doesnít have homeland, a land of origin that exists centering on God. By establishing a God-centered homeland, by welcoming the dawn of our own God centered homeland here, in this physical world, on this planet, humanity will enter the era when all nations can come together and move towards the form of one unified nation.

That is the reason why I proposed the creation of these zones of peace. Because Satan is without a doubt the origin of national borders, they need to be brought over to God and come under his control. Without exception, Satan forces have located themselves at the borders between nations. Those devils, those satanic forces are enemies on the racial or ethnic level. All the enmity that has arisen around national borders have been subject to Satanís influence. In fact, this is the substantial body of Satan. You can find such evidence in scripture and holy words. By abolishing and removing the boundaries between nations where such evil forces have taken up residence, and by thus creating a foundation of unity and harmony, all Heaven and Earth can be brought into peace, into equality--horizontally one--and a path will be connected by which humanity can advance directly to the promised land, to Heavenís Kingdom.

In order to give such a course universal validity, True Parents have to declare these things upon the foundation of victory. That is the nature of todayís ceremony, today, on the Chusok celebration. This Chusok celebration takes place in the eight month, when I am eighty years old.

The Lord of the Second Advent, then, comes as the starting point for Godís side, and at the same time, as the final point for the satanic world. Likewise, who is the one who must take responsibility for all aspects of the Cain world, all ancestors who have lived and died up until the current time? The parents. The parents. The false parents cannot take responsibility for that. All the things that belonged to the false parents came under the umbrella of the Satanís sphere of control. Therefore, all humanity has to be victorious and inherit the parents foundation, and after the parents who have achieved this pass on, there must be no division or demarcation borders here.

From the Old Testament Age, the New Testament Age, the Completed Testament Age, in the grave-like places where people have been living their individual lives, in all of these places there are boundaries, and all of these boundaries have to be opened up, completely. This is something only the parents can do; not even God can do this directly. It is an area that only the victorious parents can take responsibility for.

By True Parents fulfilling that responsibility, we are now moving into the era where there will be a fusion and assimilation between the spiritual world and the material world. In the future, evil people, people who contravene or abuse the will of Heaven, will find slowly themselves subject to Ďreorganizationí by Heavenly powers. It will be an era of direct indemnification. There will be no restoration through indemnity as there was in the past. Because we are entering this era when spiritual judgement will come almost immediately, anyone who commits a wrong-doing will receive the direct result, centering on that wrong-doing and the cost that must be paid for it. They will become stuck in the range of limitation they have created for themselves. They will find themselves in a spiritual prison.

When such people find themselves landed in spiritual prison, they will have to liquidate all the things left over within that limited sphere. I have to open the doorway for them. By my carrying out this ceremony today, from now on, the doors are open even in the spiritual dimensions people must go to after their deaths. For that reason, we (people) need to have absolute faith, and in addition to that, absolute love, absolute obedience.

When God created the universe, he adopted absolute faith in the things he himself created, in his word. "The things I have spoken will come into being, absolutely!" Kind of like that. The result was all the elements required for an object who can receive love. Because he now has the elements required to create his object of love, because the existence he created through absolute faith was an absolute object of love, in order to raise up that existence he loved absolutely, and to create it like God himself, God had to invest himself focusing on the stages of formation, growth and perfection.

When one invests and forgets, invests and forgets, and this action continues on to the very limit, to the top, and one still intends to invest to the very end, then a change occurs. When you go Ďhaaaa ...í and exhale all the way, then even if you donít want to breathe back in, you breathe back in automatically, right? At the very end of exhaling, an inhaling process kicks in from the opposite side.

When a high pressure region develops, it moves Ďzooooooooomí into the weakest part of a low pressure region, so that the weak place instead becomes Ďa plusí. When it becomes such a plus, and moves up above the minus position, and then pushes down, the earth is then the plus, and so it pushes down even harder, and this eventually becomes a form of motion that can increase more and more in size.

There is such a thing as an absolute temperature. This temperature is about minus 273 degrees Celsius or so. If you try to go beyond that temperature, it just comes back. In the same way, if one invests everything and forgets, that motion continues for eternity and continually increases. Because God wants to stand in that position, to invest and forget, invest and forget, based on that principle, God cannot have any concept of centering on himself. He invests, and forgets, until the object of his love has reached perfection and is complete.

By blessing Adam and Eve, and raising them to the position where they can become completely one within the sphere of his ideal object, all that value God automatically invested is re-stored and returns to him. But when it comes back, that reciprocal value stands in the plus position, and is therefor greater or bigger than what was given, by giving and receiving that value, eternal motion Ė movement that can be maintained eternally Ė is begun. That is the movement, the motion that we are beginning right now.

OK. So in that sense, this is a very important ceremony. Not just anyone is qualified to be here or to participate. Representatives of all the core branches of Godís nation, all those people who live for the sake of God, should be here. Likewise, the leaders of all the religious groups of the world, representing the entire earth. You must understand and be aware of the fact that you are sitting here today representing those people. Originally, there should be more than seven hundred here, more than eight hundred. The eighth number is important...the number eight.

(Pointing to the place on the offering table where the holy wine is placed) These need to be one representing north, south, east and west. Unity centering on the number four. How many of those (items) are there? Four times four equals sixteen, plus four more for north, south, east and west equals twenty (items). If you count together the digits on hands and feet you also get the number twenty. When people move around or perform different activities, it is the hands and feet that do most of the work. Of course, the head and the trunk also move, but it is the hands and feet which do most of the moving, right?

If you look at the numbers involved in the cosmos, you have (counting one by one on the fingers of his right hand) the age of minerals, then next the age of vegetables, then next the age of animals, then the age of humans, and then you have God. That makes the number five. Five and four together give twenty, the number twenty, representing humans. If you put man and woman together, then you get forty. Centering on the number forty, we can fix our position.

Thatís what Sang Hun Lee said, isnít it? Oneís position in the spiritual world is settled through the forty days centering on the spirit and material worlds. Men and women are each the number twenty.

If the four directions, north, south, east and west are blocked, they need to be opened up. They must be opened up without any blockages in any of the five stages. If God and True Parents stand in that central position, the five stages represent all of the universe, and the path to connect the entire world unfolds.

If we look at things centering on humans, we have above and below, in front and in back, at left and at right. If we put this center in terms of electricity, if electricity passes through just one of these, then everything gets one hundred volts. There is no resistance or load. With True Love, no matter how large the structure, there is no waste, no loss or exhaustion.

In light of all this, we have arrived at an era when all the graves, all that realm of death can be dissolved and disbanded, and that is why we can announce this Chusok Ceremony for the Complete Liquidation of Resentment, in 2000. The Chusok Ceremony for the Complete Liquidation of Resentment! Chusok!

Chusok is a traditional Korean holiday, but in most countries it is a day for worshipping God through an offering, for worshipping oneís ancestors. Descendants need to worship (honor) their ancestors if the ancestors are to do well. No matter how difficult a position Korea stands in, it has never been oppressed or trampled as a nation for a duration longer than 40 years. This is thanks to the long standing tradition of attending and respecting oneís ancestors in Korea. That is another reason this is an important ceremony.

So when you make your Kyung Bae (Korean style full bows) here today, you should all make three bows to True Parents, the one bow each to each direction: north, south, east and west. What does offering bows to each of the four directions mean? You have to connect all of humanity and all the spirit people residing in the material and spiritual worlds to each of these four directions. You have to connect them to each direction, and then I have to give the blessing.

Understand, then, that this ceremony is declared representing the whole, with both Heaven and Earth focused on this one place, and that because you are the ones here participating, you have a large responsibility. You have to live your lives in a manner appropriate to taking and living up to that responsibility. Thatís how Unificationists need to live their lives. In the position that liberates the spiritual world, you have to establish families that can live up to and maintain the dignity of Godís sons and daughters.


Loving Father! Today is the day Korea celebrates Chusok after having passed through so many years of history. It is a special day, where we attend our ancestors, and offer all the fruits and grains of this years harvest, and at the same time, we offer our respect to our ancestors, thinking of the support and blessings they have given us, and thinking of the support and blessings we have receive from You, Father, over the past year.

I offer thanks to you, Father, from the deepest part of my heart, knowing that you have come through many millennia, many tens and hundreds of millennia of history paying indemnity, eventually to establish the Korean people as your central chosen people, eventually to establish Korea as a core nation which worships and attends its ancestors more than any other, based all upon the traditional philosophy and thought you planted here. I thank you, too, Father, that you have worked to establish True Parents and the realm of liberation that all the universe and cosmos can partake of, centering on this nation, which offers to the world a model standard for overcoming the history of indemnity.

Thanks to the grace of so many of our (Korean) predecessors worshipping and attending their ancestors throughout history, the ancestors have been able to grow and advance in the spiritual world, and Korea was able to develop here on Earth a representative foundation as one nation that loves and attends You, our Father in Heaven. Through this grace of yours, this same foundation was also connected in the spiritual realms, and on that foundation of merit and blessing and grace, you sent the True Parents to the earth.

In order to prepare this history of tradition, which can connect with Heavenís liberated realm of ownership, North and South were divided in the midst of a truly miserable political situation worldwide. Despite the terrible circumstances of the division of the Korean homeland, we are moving ahead to deal with and resolve all that, and transcending that, focusing on a new ideal of national creation, centering on the United Nations, we have come to require a sovereignty, a people, and a land.

Going beyond the hoped-for national paradigm that centered on a re-united North and South Korea, all of this has now become a second Israel, inheriting and connecting the chosen mission of the first Israel, in the United States, a nation that has received the blessing of Heaven, and which represents the entire world, a nation where we are bridging the gap between Christianity and politics, where we are bridging the gaps between different religious groups and traditions, between different denominations, between families and between the minds and bodies in individuals, and their consciences.

While this forms the sphere of the Second Israel, at the same time, it is connected with the Third Israel, Korea. Father, you have wanted to see a total and unified Ďlanding padí created at the United Nations, uniting that organ with the ideal of the establishment of Godís nation. Already, from many many years ago, you have prepared the structure of the United Nations. Because your will is so pressing, Father, I have proposed clearly to the United Nations the path it must go in order to head in your direction, to move towards your will.

To make zones of peace by abolishing national boundaries--this is the mission of the Unification Church, the absolute duty of the Unification Church, and to fulfill that responsibility, we have made a new determination. Now, in our daily lives, centering on the philosophy of life that seeks to eliminate national boundaries and establish equality by means of love, by bridging the distance and opposition that stood between God and Satan, and centering on one realm of being a family through love, we have come to a new era. We have come to this new era, when we can remove all the barriers that blocked the path of death and the grave due to the failure of Adam. by the angelic world taking up its position under the original standard, to live for Adam, and thereby establishing the realm of Adamís liberation, and by establishing the sphere of liberation from the position of True Parents.

In order to greet the world of heart embodying the fourth realm of liberation, all peoples should be brothers, all nations should be brothers, and all within the scope of Heaven and Earth should become a family inheriting Godís lineage, and make a determination to advance towards the world that can embody the unity of the material and the spiritual worlds, upholding the name of one body, one family. Now is the time I declare this framework of liberation, one which can wipe away all the history of pain and anguish you have had to walk within the historical course of the providence, one which brings together the courage and heart of this chosen people.

Therefore, God, our Father, please remember this day. Please become one heart, one body now with True Parents, and with a new mind, a victorious heart of liberation, take complete and unfettered dominion, everywhere within the substantial world--above, below, in front, in back, at left, at right. It is now such a time, to return to that resurrected position, having abolished the grave-like positions of death under Satanís control.

Now, at this place, let God and True Parents join together as one body and in accordance with you desire, bring perfection, victory and accomplishment of all preparations. Father, I sincerely ask that you grant the appearance now of a world in both spirit and matter than embodies an extension of the family ideal, one that stands in your stead, representing you, even reaching up to the Heavenly nation.

I conduct this ceremony now, today, so that as a result, You, Father, hitherto unable to stand in your original position of autonomous control, may freely traverse all the boundaries in the spiritual world, and all the boundaries in the physical world. I conduct and offer this ceremony with the desire that we move into the era of complete cooperation, co-support and mobilization, an era when the children who live absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience for the sake of Heaven can swiftly complete their duty and responsibility to expand the realm of dominion under your love, by becoming one with the created world. I offer it to you, Father, this "The Year 2000 Chusok Ceremony for Complete Elimination of Resentment". Please receive it with joy.

Please establish this day, and make it one from which all the creation can be able to advance towards a new world. I report all this to you in the name of the True Parents. Amen. Amen. Amen.

Benediction following the sanctification of the universe

Loving Father! Today is the 15th of August, 2000, according to the lunar calendar, a day when the Korean people look to their ancestors on the celebration of Chusok. Today is the celebration of that festive day, which by tradition was the day to gather the first fruits of the newly arrived harvest season, and attend the ancestors, centering on Hananim, our Heavenly Father.

By the solar calendar, today is the 12th of September. Let this day, celebrated on both the lunar and solar calendars, be a day that both East and West come together to celebrate, a day that both Heaven and Earth come together to celebrate, a day that both ancestors and descendants come together to celebrate and as one body, attend our Heavenly Parent. This is how this day must be celebrated.

When I think of how the blessed families, representing the tradition of the great way of the Heavenly Principle and the great path walked by Heaven, represent and taking responsibility in place of the Parents of Heaven and Earth, in place of both spiritual and material realms, in place of north, south, east and west, that is, all forms of existence and all humanity, I thank you.

I thank you also, and feel proud that through our families, all beings throughout the universe, all created beings, all beings within the material and spiritual realms, can inherit the foundation for the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, that this foundation will be a source of pride for all our descendants in the eternal world. Father, once again, I thank you.

All the saints who lived and passed on to the spiritual realms, or those holy men and women who lived, up until this time, through the history of han, the history of anguish and pain for the sake of love, how much did they long to see the True Parents arrive and take up their rightful position? Right now, Father, there are millions, even billions of blessed families in the spiritual and material worlds combined, who know that our Heavenly Father is alive, who know that he directed the True Parents to walk the path of pioneering, who know that that path was necessary to allow the family foundation established by True Parents, declared in broad daylight before all of heaven and earth, to finally be met not with opposition, but with welcome and appreciation. Father, there are so many of such blessed families now.

Now, these millions and billions of people are advancing in order to achieve and accomplish one goal, centering on the Will of Heaven, advancing like an iron-clad bodyguard protecting the way. Now, all those barriers and dams blocking the material and spiritual worlds must be broken, all the boundaries lying between the world of mind and the world of the body, between the spiritual senses and the physical senses, all those boundaries and borders should be eliminated.

Father, I know that without your establishing and leaving behind on the earth one family that could practice and substantially manifest the Fatherís love, it would not be possible to open the gates of hell, break open the world of death and connect it to the realm of life. To unify all those boundaries, that family must manifest the love of God, which seeks to save his enemies even at the sacrifice of his own sons and daughters.

The blessed members of the Unification Church know this, and together with the blessed family under True Parents in the spiritual world, are through action, developing and advancing the era where all that they have fought and persevered through can be declared and substantialized before the entire world. Thus, today, at this time, we are removing all the boundaries and borders, all the walls blocking the vertical eight stages and the horizontal eight stages, centered on a sovereignty of love that stands in the subject position, for the sake of the establishment of a global homeland, the founding of a homeland for humanity in the original sense.

Today, on this day, we have been able to celebrate the "Year 2000 Chusok Ceremony for the Complete Liquidation of Resentment", representing the entire Unification Church, and representing all the Blessed Families in the spiritual realms, with True parents also representing the Parents of Heaven and Earth. We also commemorate the fact that we are moving towards a unified Kingdom of Love, one that can guide and direct all things in total freedom of movement, overcoming all obstacles, in every place in the material world, in every dimension in the spiritual world, that we are moving in one single direction and towards a single goal wherein all things have the same vital force of life, in order to open up the path wherein filial piety and loyalty can be truly manifest.

Father, I humbly and earnestly ask that you shake up the spiritual realms and mobilize the spiritual realms from this day forth, such that all things can be embraced within the bosom of the unified realm of liberation, in front of the Fatherís love that seeks even to include those evil forces and demons within the Heavenly family, that seeks to embrace all the children of God and all created things.

May all the contents delivered through the explanation of todayís ceremony conform to your loving direction and heart. Let the children of God who are determined to live in the spirit of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, while becoming one with True Parents, be embraced, for they are determined to walk the path of filial piety and loyal devotion, centered on the autonomous realm of liberation, thus pulling down all the barriers and screen-like blockages which have covered the entire cosmos like a plague of death.

Although we are only a few here celebrating this time, it is also a time in which this content can be expanded in all four directions, in which the blessed realm of grace of True Parents, and the lineal connection centering on True Parents can be expanded to ever place and every living thing, to all humanity, to the entire spiritual and material worlds. Therefor, please command that this content can be applied everywhere, regardless of any circumstance or situation, for all future ages to come, with God and True Parents together in one equal unified level. Please grant that we might walk a path whereby everything under your command can head towards that goal, where there are no obstacles whatsoever, where even the devils can comply and cooperate with your will.

Please send all those citizens of spiritual realms who are blessed and come from the religious sphere to come to earth, please direct them, please separate and sanctify the areas under the control of Satan, and while placing them in a position even beneath the fallen realms, raise the Blessed Families to the world above the fallen realm, where they can advance, advance, advance towards the liberated Kingdom of Heaven, and be connected to that Kingdoms glorious love.

I report and declare all these things in the names of the True Parents. Please let all be carried out in accordance with your will. I report and declare in the name of True Parents! Amen. Amen. Amen.

Final Words

From this time on, on the day of Chusok in August (lunar calendar), the members of the Unification Church should attend all their good ancestors, all their relatives, as well as (the names) of the saints and of the many patriots of the past, and should also connect that kind of tradition to all the people of the nation.

Up until the present, Christianity has labeled this kind of thing as idol worship and so forth, but this was done out of ignorance. If you look at things in the spiritual realms, the descendants have to invest their sincere and heartfelt efforts, if the ancestors are to develop and move ahead. That is the reality of the spiritual world. It isnít new content, of course, and you should all know this already. That is why this kind of tradition (Chusok) has been enacted up until the present.

Up until the present, the ancestors have not really been helping their descendents, but rather have been using them. Now, however, because the True Parents have arrived and cleared the path towards the future, the ancestors, centering on that realm of grace, can and will come to their descendants on earth who dwell within that realm, and help them.

Now we have arrived at an era when those on earth can receive the help of the spiritual realms, rather than be subject to the harmful influences or exploitation of the spiritual realms. All the realm of Abel and Cain, the realm of Adam and the Archangel, all the ancestors in the Archangel realm on earth, all can advance thanks to this grace, regardless of whether they are blessed or not blessed. For that reason, you should not just focus on earthly life. You should really live the life of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience, confidently, with confidence. Everyone needs to put aside the lifestyle that focuses only on oneís own benefit.

From this time forth, people who live only for themselves are the ones who will say to simply leave the national boundaries where they are. Our job is to get rid of that kind of approach. So be aware that this ceremony can and has liberated the shadows, the grave-like situation that covered everything, and declare this fact proudly wherever you go. You have to be proud of the Unification Church. You have to take pride in True Parents, in how the Unification Church is calling for the abolition of national boundaries, and move ahead, living for the sake of the establishment of one unified world nation. It is for that purpose that I am educating you in all this content.

National borders? What are they? Up until now, the boundary between the religious realm and the political realm has been a Ďnational borderí. Between religions, between denominations and groups--these have been those boundaries. And also between families. These are the embodiment of such national borders. If there is anyone who will simply live for others, and forge ahead in that spirit, then they will all break down and collapse. By that kind of lifestyle, the Kingdom of Heaven can be expanded on the earth. How much has your life been contributing to that cause, to the expansion of the Heavenly kingdom on earth? This is what will determine your position in the spiritual realms, just how you will be embraced within the realm of Heavenly love, after you leave your physical life and move on. You really need to understand this point very, very clearly.

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