Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2000

Prayer for the Dedication of all the Ceremonies for Return

Sun Myung Moon
August 3, 2000 or August 3, 2002
(The year of this prayer is uncertain, either 2000 or 2002.)

Through his prayer on August 3, 2000, on Ji-kui Island off Cheju Island, Rev. Sun Myung Moon offered, all together, to Heavenly Father the ceremonies for returning the oceans, the land, the cosmos, and the realm of heart of the fourth Adam to God.


Loving Father, today, at 25 minutes past twelve, on the 3rd of August, 2002, we are visiting the island of Ji-kui Do.

With the whole length of the Korean Peninsula behind us, here, today, at the Southern tip of Cheju-Do Province, I have carried out a history to establish Your blessings and consummate them here on earth. By connecting the six continents and the five great oceans of the world, centering on Mount Halla here in Cheju, Mount Paekdu and Mount CheonSeong, the Himalayan range, as well as Mont Blanc in Europe and the Rocky Mountains in America, and on the basis of the return of the oceans, the return of the land, the return of the cosmos, and the return of the realm of heart of the fourth Adam to God, I have done this in order to resolve and wipe away all the painful contents of history.

Father, I ask You to wipe away all that painful history, and now, reorganize, and consolidate everything centering on the blessed families from the 36 couples up to the 400 million couples who are all promising to fulfill the total living offering and training here for that goal. Father, please connect them to all these historical conditions. My purpose in visiting this area has been part of a pilgrimage course to return all families to the unfallen standard of original Adam and Eve, centering on this standard of returning to the origin, and centering on their preparations, together with the declarations of return. I have done this in order to bring to completion and fulfillment the history of the providence and the unification of North and South Korea.

Please help us to recollect and reflect on the deeply painful course You have walked in order to put together and resolve all the tragic chaos of the fallen world, centering on Your desire and Your ideal of creation. Throughout the course of history, You had to raise representatives and place them on the altar of sacrifice. Father, this has taken place from the individual level up through the levels of the family, clan and race, until the cosmic level? Until finally now True Parents have arrived centering on this land of the Korean peninsula. Centering on that providential center, we have to create unity here, on the Korean peninsula: unity between the Catholic and Protestant faiths, unity between East and West, unity between even the rich and the poor living in South and North Korea. We have to completely resolve the fact that there have been endless walls and barriers between the physical world and the spiritual world, that the heart of the cosmos has been fragmented from the individual to the level of Your own heart.

In order to declare the liberated realm of Adam on this earth, as the original standard of heart, I have stood up with the qualification of a true owner, and established here, in the physical world, the foundation of the owner of the return of the oceans, the owner of the return of the land, the owner of the return of the cosmos, and the owner of the realm of heart of the fourth Adam. Therefore, I come before You today, here, at 12 midday, on the third day of August, third day for a new start, report to You this victorious and decisive return of the entire cosmos. I have done this by newly declaring the realm of the fourth Adam, thus resolving the bitter pain of True Parents and that of humankind, and by preparing everything required to reorganize and put all things in order, starting with Hell and Paradise in the spiritual world. I have now brought to this place that standard of returning everything to You.

Centering on God, as the center of all restoration, the eternal True Parents and all the blessed families connected with them, have, as one tribe, one blood lineage embracing both the earthly world and the heavenly world, become as one tree, and as one leaf, one cell, representing the entire body, the entire organism, centering on the love of God. This is the age in which we have now arrived. Father, it is thus my desire to have this time declaring all things and returning all things to You as Your own, so that You can liberate all these families, with all their sorrows and all their difficulties, through Your love, and embrace them completely as Your own pure objects, so that they are not separated but rather are one within the realm of Your ownership.

Please embrace once again all these things. Like the heart of creation, please expand Your great heart, and, centering on the ideal of reciprocation, from the smallest to the largest, hold once again the heart of love to connect all this, and all these things, with the path of true love.

Dear Father, it is my deep desire that You can, together with the True Parents, love all these things in the universe. Father, together with the complete settlement of the family, I am reforming all the families presently existing in the fallen realm of the universe so that they can stand as the substantial offering of the completion of liberation in Your presence, and as the object of love and of joy through returning. Therefore, Father, please receive my offering of these to You, so that You, as the true subject, can now become one with Your sons and daughters, and in that place of unity, husband and wife can become one, and children can become one.

Father, in order that this can come about, please grant that I may fulfill to the utmost the path of the filial son, the loyal patriot, so that north and south become one, east and west become one, so that the chasm of poverty separating the northern and southern hemispheres can be bridged and eliminated, and the realm of unity between the physical world and the spiritual world can come about. Let me fulfill that path together with the spirit and realm in which both the heavenly world and the earthly world are one body and one mind.

Let all things and all families be governed in the liberation of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in the spirit world, within the eternal and autonomous realm of the dominion of love, the key to Your liberation and joy. May the families become its citizens, become the direct lineage inheriting that dominion, and as the lineage centering on God's sovereignty, take up and fulfill the subject role here on earth. Then, together with all the created world and all living things, together with all the spiritual universe, may they all receive Your love, and still be able to receive more, thus to become the objects of Your beloved blessing. Father, grant this, I humbly pray and request.

Father, now, at this time, here, before You, I bring all these things together and offer them to You. As True Parents we offer them and return them to You. May they fill Your heart with joy. I sincerely pray that You will manifest the actions and ideal of autonomous control. From the individual to the whole, from the very edge of all created things to the pinnacle of the cosmos, please exercise Your true and actual authority.

I joyfully declare all these things. Father, please receive them. In the name of True Parents, I dedicate to You all the Ceremonies of Return. Amen. [Amen.] Amen. [Amen.] Amen. [Amen.]

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