Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2000

Declaration of the Return of the Land to God

Sun Myung Moon
July 24, 2000

On the morning of July 24, 2000, at the Hannam International Training Center in Seoul, Rev. Sun Myung Moon declared the Return of the Land to God.


The successors to the national messiahs must graduate from a theological seminary and be resolute in their commitment. You must all make plans. You must think that the most capable people should dedicate themselves to Heaven. Many worldly things just flow away like foam. The most important thing is how much a family educates the people of Heaven and establishes them as pillars of the nation. Their contribution will be great. The world is the way it is because it doesn't know the truth about the spiritual world.

Are you all going to go back to your hometowns? What will happen? We'll have to create teams of four. They can educate the people in each town. Then you have to go back to your towns and unite with the regional and district leaders. Four of you must create one team. You should work on those teams and then split up into four teams again. Centering on the junior church leaders, you should do that and go down to the community and neighborhood levels. When they gain ability, outstanding families throughout the nation will be sent out to other countries. Do you understand what I'm saying?

If we look at the 16 locations now, we will have more than 11 people go to each place. If 180 people are to go, how many would be in each province? Even if someone is sick, he should try to continue. Otherwise, his wife or children will be assigned. If you cannot make it, we may have to find someone to replace you.

You blessed 180 families, but they are at the standard of Cain. They are not related to you by blood. You have to arrange your families as those of the direct lineage and establish sisterhood ties within your family, with your kin, and bless them all together. In Adam's family, the siblings married each other, didn't they? Yet, Cain and Abel became enemies. We can abolish national boundaries by creating marriages like that.

You are not to leave alone those 180 families that you've blessed. If you are from the Kim family, you are of the Kim clan. If you are from the Yoo family, you are of the Yoo clan. You have to bring together your close relatives, even the third cousin of one of your in-laws is okay. You need to bring 180 families from your mother's side and combine them to make 360 families. You have to work with the same intensity as when we did Home Church activity. In this way, the 360 families must help the national messiahs. They have to go to foreign countries for missionary work. Only then can you connect the path of your tribe to that of the world. Don't you have to show the way?

That is why parents of gifted people, those who have children with talent or special qualities, should now offer them to Heaven, rather than leaving them to this disorderly world. In the future, we must not just study theology. You must study the world and then go to theological school. Now you must have at least two university degrees.

Therefore, centering on the theological seminary which marks the spiritual standard, we have to create the educational system of the future, in the same way the mind is to dominate the body. Even if you engage in external activities, society will be purified only when you live a social life and economic life at a level of being educated based on a standard of faith. In the future, the paths people take will be like that. We need to have talented people go that way.

When you look at this world, you see unqualified people go to theological school, don't you? We have to fundamentally change the way we think. We'll have people take their exams, evaluate the results and the country will choose people that excel and send them to theological college. You will not be able to go as you please. That is because if there are 12 tribes, an organization of 12 families will come about. What does 12 months mean? There are different seasons all year round, but the 12 months each represent the characteristics of their seasons.

That is why we have to decide which college to send someone to by taking an unbiased view. You won't be able to freely send your children to college just because you have money. Even if you have a lot of money, if you don't study, you can't go.

This time is now. You must engage in activities that promote the reunification of North and South Korea by taking a proactive position towards reunification. If North-South unification is not realized quickly, the purpose of the providence cannot be prolonged forever. We need to finish this within three to four years.

What do we need to do to accomplish that? The unification of North and South Korea is not the only the problem. When we look at this from Korea's point of view, South Korea must establish sisterhood ties with any nation that is to the south. You have to choose those which can bring the continents together as one, across national borders.

In that respect we have, for the past 18 or 20 years, been preparing things in Uruguay, which is a southern nation diametrically opposite to Korea.

Within a country, you need to bind the educational institutions and schools centering on the newspaper companies. The news agencies must be tied together with the newspaper companies from each nation around the world. After that, you have to bind religions and nations to the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace. It will become a coalition of colleges and newspaper companies. For this, we will need networking. Centering on scholars based on the campuses, which the newspaper companies of one nation and the newspaper companies of the world need, we need to make a coalition and connect national education to world level education. They must not be separated.

This is not working right now. The news agencies of the world are quite formidable. They are all doing well, but we need them to be connected. Then we can connect them with IIFWP.

That leaves the financial institutions. Financial institutions connect politics to economic problems. The future political world will be a management system, not a leadership system. Policies will not need to be planned. People will live for the sake of peace from a principled perspective. It will become a management system that exists for the sake of the nation, to become a model for all people; it is not to be a leadership system.

What will we do with that management system? It will deal with economic problems. It must be able to automatically address all aspects of life since it is important for people to eat and live. There are three income levels upper, middle and lower. The standard of living for the wealthy class is so much, and for the middle income class so much. Centering on the middle level we should create equalization. For this to occur, the world must become one with the UN. It all needs to be thoroughly consolidated and managed. If you set up the wrong policy the economic management system will fail.

Therefore, you need to set up a plan like that of a single household. You need to come up with how much one uses in a year, how much the budget will be for the entire world, how much the upper level has, and how much the middle level has. And the upper level should go down while raising the lower level, centering on the middle level, thereby equalizing the classes. We need to create such a system.

That is why if the direction of the policy is totally changed the direction of the economy will splinter in a million directions. Problems will arise. A world of peace will never be realized. That is why the political system must become a management system.

The biggest problem is the political problem. Politicians must not commit fraud. You need to go the path which is guaranteed by law. The problem is handling money; in other words, who will be eating good food, who will get good things. This is the issue. You cannot both say that you will have what is good. You must give good things for the sake of the whole and if I wish for things below the middle level then equalization will be automatically realized. Thus the greatest problem in the future is the use of public money. This is the greatest problem. After that is the reshuffling of personnel: two problems. Democracy was divided into the ruling and opposition party. Thus how great is the pain of a nation? Those used to the way they had been until now will be crushed and pass away. If not they will be defeated in the middle and not be able to go any higher. They will rotate in that position going down but not being able to go up. Therefore politics will disappear. It will become a management system. It will manage everything. It will distribute money and monitor whether people do well or not.

That is why we even need to institutionalize clothes. In the beginning and in the future I will discuss right from wrong by color. Isn't there a rainbow of colors? People must find the right color. You may buy and wear high-class clothes just because you have money, but if the colors aren't right it will be a mess. In that respect, we need to grow sufficiently. We need to have that kind of training from now on.

You should not establish the standard based on your family. You need to live in accordance with the upper, middle and lower income levels of your village. Then once a month, based on how much the average expenses of people in the upper, middle and lower income brackets are, we need to calculate how much our living expenses are, how much we've consumed, and based on that standard you should think of where to go and what to do. When, according to the monthly result, it is automatically decided what to do; you need to live according to that standard.

It is the law that has always guaranteed our way of life. How much you get as a salary those who get so much this month must pay a certain percentage as tax. The proportional rate will differ according to whether on is in the upper, middle or lower income level. This will be abided by as an iron rule. If this goes wrong, your life in the spiritual world will be violated. That is how it is in spiritual world.

You cannot amass money and live as if you were in a capitalistic society. I do not store up money. If there are 100 households, those 100 households will divide up the work necessary to help a family with small children. You need to see the children as your nieces and nephews, since the parents are your brothers and sisters. So in the future, those children will marry within the town. They will connect to the families that helped them or bonded with them, and through this, the foundation for peace will gradually expand.

If you national messiahs have blessed 180 families each, where did you leave them all? Are they still here or not? Have them report to you when they move. You need to take care of where they live. In this way, centering on your relatives, you should convene and have them listen to you and gather those outside people who helped with the 180 families. If you are from a Yoo family you need to tie together 180 families from the Yoo clan. You need to tie them together, make them one and marry them off. Aren't there dividing lines within a village between the Lees, Kims and Paks? In this way the boundary lines will all disappear.

In the future, you have to conduct international marriages. Among your descendants, you will have people from different nations living together. So in a town you will have people from each nation of the world, 180 nations living together. We are in Abel-type international marriages and they would be in Cain-type international marriages. People in international marriages are lonely. Wherever they go, they live together in groups. In this way, they are protected; and if the club consisting of internationally married people becomes larger than the clubs to for people of those nations, there won't be any problem winning over the world.

Even in my family, the grandchildren must marry someone from another nation. The third generation will marry internationally. They are the ancestors who will reorganize the nations of the world. If you do not have that concept, there is no way for mankind to become one. You need to have the heart of an ancestor. The second generation of my direct lineage could not be marry internationally. If they were to do that, it would become a problem.

One more thing I would like to mention is that problems will arise if you do not accomplish the unification of the Koreas within four years. There will be problems. You must know that you are in a position to break through in this.

What will happen if this is not accomplished? That is why I am making these preparations. There is an east and west side. The standard of the tribe is to become one horizontally, but North and South must become one based on the vertical standard. Nations in a dual relationship. Korea and Uruguay are such nations.

Uruguay is a country that is at the far end of the world from Korea. It is at the opposite pole. Our movement is working to build a newspaper company, a hotel, and even a school there. It would have been good to have done it all. If a hundred ordinary people were asked, all would assume I would retreat and give up, but I did not give up. We are doing this although money is being spent. This will become a tradition that anybody in that country can put their trust in.

Then you have to go to college. You have to arm all those people walking around the campus with our ideology, just as people in the army are trained. Then who would oppose us? Now no one could oppose us even if I told them to. Nothing good will come out of opposing me. They look at our strengths and see that we have a global foundation. Now the State Department in America is learning from us.

Now you all must stand on the international stage and prepare a foundation. You are beginning the model course of going beyond countries; check to see whether you've completed your responsibility to connect to the world. You have to do this officially. This is the quickest way.

What will happen is that you will become confused. You have to simplify it. That is why I am reformulating the Divine Principle lectures. It has to be simple. It is better that way, even if only ten or a hundred people join. If you don't follow this formula, all kinds of talented people will join Unification Church, but they'll drive it to ruin. What shall we do? Now I'll have to pray. Will you take responsibility for the unification of North and South Korea in this four-year period? You have to take responsibility. If you fail, I will have to abandon the nation.

I have already given the benediction for the return of the sea to God. Now I have to give the benediction for the return of the land to Heaven. I have to go to Cheju and pray in a way that will tie the sea and the land together. When this happens, my responsibility will be finished. I'm entrusting this to you; If you can do it, do it; if you can't, don't. Can I entrust this to you? No problem?

The same goes for Japan. Japan will be matched to the Philippines and Korea will be paired up with Uruguay. We need to make two poles. The Philippines was once occupied by Japan. It was also American territory. In order to move America, the Philippines must come to the forefront. It's great to have Japanese women go to America with Filipino women to work as interpreters. We can treat them like our younger sisters.

Japan must help unify North and South Korea. If the Japanese people were to sell off all they have and use a third of that money to feed and sustain the North Korean people, unification would not be a problem. What shall we do? If you're just going to push the responsibility of North and South Korean unification to other people, who are coming to Korea for a four-year mission, you don't need to pray in that way. What shall we do? That is what has to be decided.

Are you totally prepared? Total unification is perfection. What else is there? Will the second proposal be any better? Grabbing a Korean, crying with him; there are both vertical and horizontal environments where blood vessels move, bones cry and are melded together.

We need to decide about whether or not you are really going to take responsibility for your country. If we fail, all your relatives will pack up and leave. But that doesn't mean it will become bad. North and South Korea will connect and become one. Uniting horizontally means uniting vertically. Vertical means that there is only one position, not two. Horizontally we are all in the same position, aren't we?

Standing in the vertical position, you need to focus on your tribe and on the horizontal side. You need connect horizontally centering on the truce village of Panmunjom. Then you can digest the entire horizontal standard.... Hurry up and make your decision. How shall we do it? Will you complete your responsibility for sure? What that means is if you don't fulfill your responsibility I will abandon you all and accomplish this only with my family. I will go to a country and enlighten them. Centering on Catholicism and Protestantism, I will make North and South create an Asian continental ideal. There will be resources and it will have a cultural foundation that can be moved. In the same manner that Jesus, who was killed in Asia, moved further to the west. If North and South Korea listen to what I say, it will move you to the global level. I have prepared the way to rise to the world level.

National messiahs will have to wait in Paradise with Jesus Christ until the day God's providence is accomplished. If you fail, it will take thousands of years to reach the age where we can restore the world again. Those children born in Korea are being born as a result of Father's spiritual fortune. South Korea is the leader of the world in electronics because of this heavenly fortune. Whenever I think about how Koreans opposed me, how the Korean churches opposed me, I feel ill.

In the past, I had a very vivid view of my hometown in Korea and its mountains and streams, but now the memory is gradually becoming dim. How many times did I undertake a local community level campaign against communism? I did it three times.

People in Uruguay do not marry people from Brazil, and they look down on people from Argentina. This is because of an improper education. There is no tradition of faith. If I employ them, won't the young people follow me as their grandfather? I still have the strength to do that. Whether it's tilling the fields, riding a boat or digging a hole, I can do it faster than anyone. I dug a mountain of fertilizers for three years in a fertilizer factory. I was good with a hoe and a shovel. I still am. I don't worry about food, clothes or shelter. Wherever I go, whatever I do, I excel; I do not lag behind. That is why wherever I go, there is nothing I am afraid of. Even if I were to go to the Pantanal in South America and live in on a hill with anacondas I am sure I would survive.

I have to feel the sadness God felt in losing Israel. It would be painful to abandon Korea, but because my love for God's will is greater than that, I must forget the pain, turn around and go away.

Japan must become one with the Philippines. Even if Korea doesn't unite, Japan must do so. Japan did not fulfill its mission. In order to move America you cannot do anything with Japanese people only. You need to embrace the Filipino people and do so through love. Don't you all know English? Do the Japanese know English? It's difficult. Like brothers, these two countries must cooperate in the position of Cain and Abel. Thus, you must keep America and the Philippines near and also embrace North Korea.

How about it? Will you take charge of the unification of North and South Korea or should we have other countries join in this effort? You must take the leading role. Then what is the central task? It is to unify North and South Korea. Isn't that why you are educating people? If you educate them, it is possible. It is possible for sure. More than 80 percent so. You must invest everything and do your best.

For thirty-three years, I have been struggling against the difficult environment in America in order to restore it through indemnity and restore the thirty-three years of Jesus' life. It is not a personal rebirth but a religious rebirth.

Did you ever take responsibility at least once in your life? All you have been doing is riding on a train on top of the rail which I laid down, over the bridges that I prepared. The tribe becomes an enclosure for the family; the nation becomes an enclosure for the tribe. But there is no tribe and the family is not enclosed like that either.

Those newly appointed leaders must finish educating all the leaders of the community and neighborhoods from the top. In that way the entire nation and people will be understand our ideology.


Beloved Father! Today, on the 24th of June in the year 2000, we have come here to Korea. After having established the standard we know as the return of the oceans to God, now, here on the Korean Peninsula at the southern tip of this continent, we center on the return of the land to God, a standard which can be connected to all six continents of the world through the central continent of Asia. Father, on this day, grant that the oceans and the land, including all the things in the original garden that You made as Your ideal of creation, can be connected with the name of the Parents of Heaven and Earth centering on the return of the oceans and the land to God. I declare these things before the entire cosmos in the name of True Parents.

Therefore, grant that all the families that have received the blessing in the spirit world and all the families that have received the blessing on earth establish a unified family sphere on the earth through the bonds of blood lineage and centering on the new true love of God. Also, grant that the complete unification of North and South Korea is also connected centering on the blood lineage of this one unified family.

With unrestricted authority, and by standing on the principle standard that says that a qualified true subject can digest and perfect a sphere that is in the position of a true object, Father, make all the standards of the absolute ruling and opposition parties in South Korea into one so that, with a heart of love of parents, they can embrace the country of North Korea. Father, please resolve the deep-felt pain that surrounds Your desire for the restoration of the homeland, which can become the foundation for the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in the spiritual world, existing for thousands and millions of years on this eternal earth as God's fatherland. Then, together with the liberation of all things in the cosmos, establish the human race?hich You created as the center and whom You have liberated after opening the gates of hell, both in the spirit world and on earth. Establish them as the lineage of the Parents of Heaven and Earth, with one eternal, free and unified realm of heart, as a single people with one unified blood lineage, as the one blessed family of Heaven on earth and in the spirit world, and as the one victorious family chosen by God. Father, as we advance on the path towards the unified world that can reign over the entire cosmos, allow the entire world to choose the unified tradition that transcends the divisions between mind and body, that transcends the relationship between the couple in the family, between the parents and children in the family, between siblings in the family, and that transcends the clan traditions and the national traditions. Father, complete the liberated nation of true love dominion that You can freely handle and work with, as the entire body of cosmic history starting from the individual.

Father, along with the liberation of the entire cosmos, enjoy the victorious glory of ten thousand years with all things in the universe. Father, I entreat You, bless us to pioneer the glorious lifestyle of Heaven.

Now, centering on this hour on this day, True Parents return to You the lands of the earth along with the oceans, and declare the original return of the lineage of the one clan created through the heart of love of the ideal of creation. Prepare these things from a position of complete freedom, centering on the suffering You have endured for thousands and millions of years, and grant that all nations in the dominion of love may become the world of humans and all creation protected by the Master of Love, through Your all-transcendent, all-immanent, omnipotent, all-capable activities.

On this day, the 24th of June, I offer to You the return of all things; please receive them on the behalf of True Parents, as the Creator who resides in the Heavenly Realm. In a one-way flow that has been defined as the eternal standard of victory, take the universe in equilibrium, and bless us to advance towards the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven; with this in my heart, and in the name of True Parents, I pronounce the completion of the Return. Amen! Amen! Amen!

Final Word

You must know that now the nation is restored. Push forward with the belief that anything that goes against this will not stand in your way.

If Roman Catholicism and Protestantism had become one when the Lord of the Second Advent came to this earth, right after the Second World War, those who'd received the blessing would have become the ancestors. Now we are returning to that age. That is why through the international blessing, people from nations that had been enemies are getting married to each other. Even at the time of the 36 couples I matched people who didn't like each other.

When you return to your province this time, hold Hoon Dok Hae [gathering to read Rev. Moon's speeches or other religious texts] in the provincial government hall. Even if you do this, nobody will oppose you. Ask if there is any way other than this for the unification of North and South Korea. Go into the hall and say this. Go to the Christian churches and hold Hoon Dok Hae to find support. Then you will gain a lot of support. If you place your life on the front line there is nothing you cannot do. A person can grow only when he takes a risk.

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