Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2000

Declaration of the Return of the Realm of Heart of the Fourth Adam to God

Sun Myung Moon
July 1, 2000

On July 1st, 2000, during the 10th anniversary ceremony of the Declaration Day of God's Eternal Blessing at the Hannam-dong International Training Center in Seoul, Rev. Sun Myung Moon proclaimed the Return of the Realm of Heart of the Fourth Adam to God.


Dearest beloved Father: Today is July 1, 2000, the 10th commemoration of the Declaration Day of God's Eternal Blessing. It has been already the tenth year since You designated this day to commemorate the day of Your eternal blessing centering on the peace and ideal of the cosmos. Throughout history, the Parents of Heaven and Earth had overcome many situations in order to straighten out heaven and earth. They have become one body for the sake of establishing this title that we see today. Today on the first day of July, we are grateful to You, Father, to be able to enter the age where we can return the realm of heart of the fourth Adam centering on the oceans, land, heaven and earth and all the matters of heart that were returned to You through the declaration of settlement on this earth through one mind and one body, in ideal unity in front of this victorious title.

The standard of the family You desired from us, the family where top and bottom are united with heaven, has been established. With this Your victorious dominion could be established centering on the standard of the tribe, people and nation. The authority of the satanic world has already been brought from the heavenly world centering on Lucifer under the unified grace of heaven and now the remnants of that world has all been restored which made it possible for the unity of all religious realms that were separated until now.

The new paradise in spirit world, the structural form that was not included in God's ideal of creation, had come into being because of all the standards that remained unfinished which should have been restored through the tradition of the parent centering on Jesus Christ. But now with the concept of the total blessing, all these things are denied, saints and evil men receive the blessing together, and all the historical hills of resentment from the downfall of Adam's family, in which the relationship of the brothers was separated, to the instances when people drove nail into their parents' hearts or into the Parents of Heaven and Earth, are now cleared away. We will arm ourselves with the privileges of the soldiers of liberation, and as the task of liberating the fatherland lies before us, You will make that goal our standard and we pray that You may allow us to make daily progress in everything that we do with the support of the will of the unification family. That is all-transcendent, all-pervading, all-powerful and carries total authority to clear up the earthly world, the heavenly world and spirit world.

The division of North and South Korea was brought about by the fall of the first human ancestors and is a result of the ancestors of good and evil which originates from the separation of the mind and body. The world and cosmos has now been united in that country, the grace of the family has embraced the world which can truly bring together the problems of the youth and the problems of family breakdown to create a unified sphere where the individual, family, tribe, people, nation and cosmos can become one. We pray that Your base for the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, Your ideal of creation can be created so that it can easily circulate through 360 degrees centering on love, centering on the parallel lines that are aligned with the historical parallels of love that attend the Parents of Heaven and Earth, the vertical standard, and the spiritual and physical Parents of Heaven and Earth.

By acquiring the realm of liberation that can connect to the vertical world in heaven and shining out like the rays of daylight, the dark world has passed and it has become the age where the bright heavens and earth can return. In the wake of this age of supreme authority and omnipotence that can unilaterally bring everything together centering on the governance of heaven's love, we will all become one and thank You to celebrate the Day of God's Eternal Blessing in front of Heaven with gratitude.

Centering on this day, in this year where the 6500 couples have reached the number 7, gone beyond the numbers 8 and 9 and finally to the 10th year, we pray that all the remaining historical promises can be fulfilled. We pray that all the things planned centering on the rallies in China, Russia, and Korea can be unified and completed within Your presence. In this age of the fourth Adam, the liberated cosmos, we thank You for bestowing Your grace of liberation to all of heaven and earth so that we can enter Your victorious realm of dominion, the age of Your governance and actual realm of the fourth Adam where we must build the new tradition in this world and in this universe by raising and bringing together the intellectuals and youth who stand as delegates in front of the heaven and earth.

We pray that we can complete the total living offering, offering everything to heaven to clear away all the environmental factors that have been following this procession for liberation. We truly pray that You may bless the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven which has received the resurrected entity upon which only Heaven can be seated, so that it can be returned to the world of governance of the unified happiness of the free heaven and earth of love.

We thank You for allowing us to have this day where we can proclaim the settlement of heaven centering on the base of love, substantial entity, and humanistic symbolic entity by offering again the symbolic entity that was lost due to the human fall in the past. We pray that this day, July 1st, can be the day of the settlement of the grace of heaven, the settlement of the victorious base of the great moral principle of heaven by standing at the horizontal center of earth centering on God and representing humankind and all creation.

We fervently pray that this can become the new settlement base centering on the new age and this day of eternal, everlasting blessing. We earnestly pray that You may allow us to realize this day of settlement here at headquarters where we can return all the resentful things centering on love back to You. Father, we pray that You will accept all that was given to us today, all the ceremonies observed today so that this day may be favorable to You to praise Your victories as the way of peace in heaven and on earth, the way of harmony and the way of grace for unification. We fervently pray that You may bless this day, and bring together the True Parents of Heaven and Earth, as we offer everything we accumulated in our lives as a condition to You. We pray You can use this as a foothold to praise the victory for all nations, throughout the entire universe for all eternity. This I proclaim in the name of the True Parents, Amen. Amen. Amen.


Now the task of the unification of South and North Korea remains. Therefore, I am getting ready. We are connecting Korea to this work again on the level that restores through indemnity centering on the United States, and is in harmony with the national level. So, the standard from the United States must connect to Korea horizontally. This is the regaining of the fatherland's independent sovereignty. Korea has to be the center of the world and establish God's nation. That is why we have to unify South and North Korea.

I have even created the right circumstances. I have created the complete external environment. There, subject and object partners must surely become one. On this global foundation I established the complete environment centered on Unification ideology. The problems of young people and the family can therefore not be solved without the Unification Church. The circumstances exist wherein not only the intellectual world, but also the ordinary people of the world can accept this. Here, there must be a national level subject and object. Subject and object must certainly exist in an environment. God created a pair system. Everything exists in pairs: sun and moon, water and air, heaven and earth. Plants and insects, the animals, are in pairs. In our environment, there are subjects and objects. A nation must have that kind of environment. Centering on heaven and earth, we have to make the environment of the blessing, and, centering on the nation, everything is to become one when the realms of subject and object align. This is the snag. Centered on false parents and false love, Satan made history into a dirty history on the level of the nation. Now on the national level we will reverse this and clean it away. We are entering the era when the environment of this universe is the realm of subject and the environment (the realm of the object) completely becomes one, and on that basis, the Parents of Heaven and Earth who have been cut off, the family that has been cut off, the mind and body that have been cut off from each other, and everything that has been divided, can become one.

What is needed in order to achieve that? Breaking through in activities on the local community and neighborhood level. Centering on the individual, the couple, the family, the neighborhood, and the local community--this is the issue. This must be accomplished based on three generations. God is the first generation, Adam and Eve are the second generation and the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve are the third generation. The course of the restoration of the tribe is to be accomplished centering on three generations.

The present time is the era of the Second Advent. The era of the individual, the era of Jacob, centered on the 12 tribal branches, in the era of Moses centering on 72 tribal leaders, the era of Jesus and 120 disciples, the era of the Unification Church is centering on 180 disciples...Not disciples; it is the era of chief priests [sadu]. 180 sadu. The age of the "head" has come. Do you understand the meaning of sadu? A central person among believers is called a disciple. Disciples are like the apostles of Jesus. A sadu is someone who can become the head of the disciples. In the era of Jesus, they could not establish 120 families. In the era of the Second Advent, 180 families, going beyond 160 families, integrated, and national-level messiahs appeared.I set up the circumstances that cannot be rejected even if we march to Rome going beyond the national level, having accomplished the tribal messiahship that Jesus was unable to and brought together the clans and peoples. So you have to do this centering on 180 families. Those are Cain families. By Cain families I mean that through building relationships centering on your own family members, your own clans, 360 families become one as the ideal of home church.

So, if a tribal messiah cannot gather 360 families in the form of home church, registration is impossible. Therefore, centered on the followers of Jesus, then centered on his disciples, all of history is marching toward the era of sadu, the head disciples. Do you understand the word sadu? Going beyond a unified national standard, the era of sadu is coming.

The tribal messiah foundation was accomplished on earth and the era of 180 sadu has come. Going beyond the time of the blessing of 120 disciples, beyond the 430 couples of the liberation of a people and the 777 couples, are the 1800 couples. The 1800 couples is the number 7, the 6000 couples and the 6500 couples are the number 9, and the 30,000 couples goes beyond the number 10, in the era of returning; this is transcending the era of the globalization of the blessing. Therefore, the completion of the sadu era, centering on the 180 families, is connecting with the tribe and people, and connecting the head that can go out to the world. Do you understand the meaning of the sadu era?

Thus, from now on you must determine to do this. We are arranging 12 tribal branches in the sadu era centering on representative families of the world who have been registered and who can give the blessing aligned with the heavenly constitution, centering on loyal subjects, and centering on the people who can receive awards. Those representative families who can register 180 families in heaven will be organized as ancestors in front of the Parents of Heaven and Earth. First, second, third and fourth generation....this is how it will be organized.

Now, when that age comes, there will be no nations. In the realm of freedom under God everything can be brought into alignment. Everything can be organized at once. The family, people, nation and world that have been lost for many thousands of years--and everything that has been destroyed--can be found at the same time. True Parents have to organize everything in their generation. Similar to Adam having to complete everything in one generation, in the era of the Second Advent it is possible to build the nation and organize the world at the same time centering on the family ideal. So, the liberated Kingdom of Heaven on earth and God's independent love ideal will be connected to the kingdom of God on earth and in heaven, which must transcend the era of sovereignty.

To enter Heaven, therefore, you should create wholesome unity in your family together with your sons and daughters. We should go beyond the family level blessing age into the national level blessing age, and eventually to the worldwide blessing age. Since we still have such a task before us, I can still forgive those unification families with problems. I must liberate them on the national level. I must liberate them so that they can go beyond the national level. We are still in a special period in which saints and evil murderers can stand side by side in the same blessing. That is why I can forgive all your wrongdoing since you received the blessing. When this period is over, I will not be able to. When we have our own nation and have set up the national constitution, if you do wrong, you will have no choice but to go to the realm of division. We will go into the divided world, to the North Pole or the South Pole. Would those who have received the blessing, crossing the boundary lines between people, and who are sent somewhere to live with animals, be able to survive or not? What should we say? It is the era of a great reorganization.

The descendants of fallen Adam created hell, and until now I have been giving the blessing centering on Paradise. The fact that you are blessed from Paradise does not guarantee all of you will go to heaven. In the same way that the dawn sunlight shines through the shadow of darkness and gradually makes things visible, we should be able to see things gradually and take dominion over all things in the daylight, eventually going beyond the national level. Since we still have such a task to fulfill and we still have to grow in the spirit world, God still has to work hard to shorten the time period needed to complete this revolutionary task with True Parents' authority. How complicated that is! That is why you should know what to do on the national level on earth. We should set up constitutional law for the heavenly world on earth. In that way we must establish the condition to perfect ourselves and be liberated on earth. Therefore, we have to have a substantial system. Laws that protect the family system, tribal system, national system in the substantial realm must come into being.

It is the same as something substantial being established through the Word of God. The Word is the center. The law is the center. We have to go beyond the world that absolutely obeys the law. We have to deny the dirty laws that Satan left for us throughout history both on earth and in the spirit world and align ourselves with the reorganized heavenly kingdom.

Going to the spirit world, we can make a different world, a different heavenly kingdom, because there are no limits. If perfected Adam so desires, the hell that was made because of fallen Adam can be made into an eternal heaven and a new heaven and earth. Thereafter, we can meet our tribes. Beforehand, we cannot see them or meet them. If the tribe has something special, we can move them to their right position, to be recorded in the Kingdom of Heaven through the registration process. God does not want to see slow development.

You should fulfill your responsibility while you are on earth. You rascals! You are concerned about your own property and nation. They will all be gone. If you do not unite, you will fall away. It works the same way with nations.

The North and South Korean governments must not do as they wish. It cannot work that way. If they discuss and decide this in the backroom, the Unification Church... If they have difficulties, they should ask for our help. We can help North or South Korea if they need our help. This recent meeting was made possible through our efforts behind the scenes. Through the Little Angels, we brought the Pyongyang Children and Students Performing Arts Troupe within ten days. The decision was made in ten days. Nowhere in the world has such a feat been accomplished before.

Therefore, this must be cleansed swiftly through following my words. Breaking through the grassroots level must be done in four years. June is now gone. Today is the first day of July, the Day of God's Eternal Blessing. It a day to celebrate a great victory in heaven and earth. We had a ceremony of return yesterday. You do not fully understand the meaning of that. We should see the return of the sea, the land, the universe, and finally of the realm of the fourth Adam. For the sake of the return of the realm of the fourth Adam, you should have set up a victorious condition. It is an unbelievable story, like a dream. We had the ceremony of return yesterday. We had to have the ceremony of return by reviving man and woman's sexual organs that had fallen into the soil symbolizing the bottom of hell. This is deeply connected to the era of the fourth Adam. In the future, you will not be able to love freely. You cannot love centered on yourselves. You should change fundamentally. There cannot be love when you think of your own selves rather than of others. There cannot be individualism. There can only be "heaven-ism." Not totalitarianism but "heaven-ism." Heaven-ism connects individuals and families vertically from the smallest to the biggest.

Because love fell apart due to a mistake, the anguish of Heaven, humankind and all things came about. What is the central tool with which True Parents can liberate and return all things, humankind and even God from the bondage of grief? It is the sexual organ. Therefore, you cannot just live your lives recklessly. God's love is absolute, unique, unchanging, and eternal, and that your own sexual organs therefore have absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal value. A woman's organ does not belong to the woman, a man's not to the man himself. The real owners of men's and women's sexual organs are not themselves, but God.

The sexual organs do not belong to you. The fall came about because Adam and Eve thought they owned theirs. The Archangel thought he owned his. Eve thought she owned hers and Adam thought he owned his. They denied their value. Because it is now the time when True Parents can settle their ideal of love, representing the absolute, unique and unchanging realm of love in this world, after restoring all the upside-down situations, we can now see the liberation of all things, the liberation of humankind, and the liberation of Heaven. On that foundation, we can set up the position of the lord of love and build the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

You must all remember this. You should think of this six, eight, or ten times a day. You must always remember that Adam and Eve's fall created this hellish world and they became the essence of anguish. All men and women are destined to reverse this situation in their own lives. To fulfill that task, they must meet spouses with absolute value who can connect them to God's absolute love. The center of God's love is where a man and a woman are united into one on the horizontal level. You have to understand that your sexual organ has such value. When you know this clearly, you will want to clean out all the traces of your tainted past and even your perceptions. Those who are unable to clean up their own perceptions of such things cannot follow me.

You should not take your clothes off unless you have the qualification of ownership over your sexual parts. Through training yourself, you should be able to safe keep your sexual organ even in your dreams. I think you need such training. I might ask you to live celibate for four years from now. How about that? Would you do that if I said so? It is a fearful time. You have the most fearful and precious thing within you. People are spiritual beings and their value is different from that of the animals. Parents' Day, Children's Day, The Day of All Things, from 1960 until January 1, 1968.... I started with Parents' Day. From then we started the age of absolute love. It is the realm of absolute love. What do men and women long for? Where do a man and a woman meet when they are in love? At the sexual part of the body. This is common for both men and women. People sing songs of love when they miss the fact that they cannot be peacefully together in oneness. That is what love songs are all about. What are the sexual organs? The harmonious embodiment of happiness, peace and unification. What did I just say? The harmonious embodiment of happiness, peace and unification. There is magic there. But it is no good if there is no unity there; no good if there is no happiness there; no good if there is no peace there. Do you think I'm right or wrong? It is eternally and unmistakably true. You should set up a memorial stone to the fidelity and purity of husband and wife. In this way, man and woman can have absolute faith in one another. This must become a horizontal line. An eternal horizontal line. Then you can be happy. Why? Your greatest treasure is when you conquered a man and became whole. Not only did you conquer your husband, but heaven and earth became whole at the same time. With God above you, and under you, children were born. The vertical relationship is created there. Then comes the relationship between husband and wife. This is then expanded in all directions. Centering on a front-to-back relationship, a family is settled. The front-to-back relationship is that of brothers and sisters. There have to be siblings. There must be vertical, horizontal and front-to-back relationships.

For a man, there is only one wife. Even if he has to throw away all of his property, he cannot exchange his wife for anything. She is his only treasure. Don't you think so? You have to train yourselves so that you are not stimulated even if the most beautiful woman comes up to you and touches your sexual organ. Otherwise, I cannot entrust you with God's beloved sons and daughters. Imagine that thousands of beautiful women appear naked. Even in such circumstances you should not be stimulated. You have to pass through such a process of self-denial. To understand the heart of God who had to turn over His most beloved to His enemy and bless His enemy, should you be stimulated or not? No. Can you bless your enemies? You should understand God's agony at having to deal with His enemy in such a way. That is the highest point of the Tao. You must train yourselves to be able to climax as husband and wife and then to come back to the zero-point of no desire. If you put something cold into hot water, it explodes, right? It is the same as that. You must go to such a realm in order that you do not fall.

Once you are in spirit world, it could take thousands or tens of thousands of years for you to improve yourself. There are problems between couples. Therefore, a family paradise was created in spirit world for Unification Church families. How will this be handled? Since you are connected in blood, you have to go in and out of the bottom of hell upside down. You have to be placed in and taken out of the melting furnace. Unclean parts of you should be burned away. All the unclean parts should be burned away until you become pure gold. What is so wonderful about Mother is that she trusts everything I say. She has absolutely obeyed what I have said, and therein lies her greatness. She has been put into situations in which a lot of women would have opposed me. But she overcame all this and became the kind of a daughter whom Father can trust. Even if a father is flawed, his daughter should think that she will take responsibility for her father's flaws. When a woman has that kind of attitude, she can extract the root of Eve's sin from herself.

God created all of creation, but a perfected person re-made the earth with joy, in place of Adam, who destroyed everything in the creation. I am going to a southern nation. Because I love water, I've ridden in boats for twenty years. On the land, I've also hunted for over ten years. I've come back and expanded the foundation for the fishing industry all across the world. Now we have to do a ceremony for the return for these things. I'm going to America to perform these ceremonies for the return. A long time ago we started out centered on the Long Island Sound, Hudson Bay, New York Bay, and Manhattan Bay. How long has it been since then? It's been thirty years. Take a moment to reminisce on those times, and then with the thought of your position in relation to the ceremony for the return in mind, let's move on to Alaska. From Alaska, we can connect to the South Pole for the first time. This represents the planet Earth.

What has been going on in the fishing industry in the north (in Kodiak, Alaska) will now also be begun in the southern seas. A boat called Top Ocean is being prepared. It will go to the South Pole. We are connecting the north and south in this way. As I imagined the ideal world of our dreams, we performed a ceremony for returning to God. While I spoke at the ceremony, I wished the content of the directions I gave... We held a ceremony to return everything in the ocean to God, and then a ceremony to return all the land. We are connecting these things. On the earth--centering on the earthly plane--we should connect to spirit world and have a ceremony for the return. When we hold this ceremony for the return, together with all the other ceremonies for the return, we can restore the realm of heart.

That was also the content of my prayer today. Centered on true love, we are liberating everything in this era of the fourth Adam. In order to restore everything, the original male sexual organ and the original female sexual organ also have to be established. This has already been done, so now we can even hold a ceremony for the return of the sexual organs. This was the content of my prayer.

So now, is there something that still needs to be restored? Now we must offer a nation. The nation is the foundation of the fallen world and the foundation of the people living in this world. The era of the family has passed. We must offer nations. If we can offer the nation before the family, the nation can be restored in one day. The nation is being restored.

Because True Parents tore down all the false claims of Satan through the course of indemnity, there are no problems. I'm telling you that the time has come when the people of an entire nation can enter heaven all together. We tried to completely liberate nations during the horizontal era, but we still need to fulfill the foundation for that nation: the restoration of independence in God's Fatherland. If this doesn't happen, I will do it, even if I have to make a nation myself. Centered on North and South America, the Catholics and the Protestants must unite, centered on the Cain and Abel positions. On this foundation, if they serve and attend God, everything will work out. If True Parents go there and connect to a foundation that can serve and attend God, then even if True Parents give up on Asia, everything will work out well.

You are here today for the Declaration Day of Day of God's Eternal Blessing. You've come by following my directions to breakthrough on the grassroots level and to restore the independence of the homeland, no matter what other things you are doing. I would've already been gone by now, but due to some circumstances I'm still here.

Because today is a commemoration holy day I am very busy, but there is something you must know. What is it you have to do now? You have to conquer the grass roots level. You have to make your whole family united in this cause. I have left the blessed families do want they want to until now. I did not leave you alone so that the blessing would drift the way it has. If you had each blessed 180 families, then you could gather those families. Centering on your family, you could develop sisterhood relationships with those families. Then you have to marry members of those families to members of your family. This is how world unification comes about. In Satan's world, the unity of Cain and Abel and the unity of saints and murderers also follows this same law.

The blessed families did not receive a practice blessing. Centered on the families that you've blessed, you must gather your tribe together and become one based on subject and object. Based on this, you must be reborn as national messiahs. When you become reborn as a national messiah, that is the time when you must go out and find a nation. Then you must register that nation as a family. Have I not let you do what you want? If I leave you alone, will you do God's will? You must restore everything and tie up all lose ends. You have to restore this by conquering the grass roots level. This must be done by each of you, the citizens of Korea, the citizens of Korea who are here and have been blessed. I have conquered that and transcended it. I even overcame the opposition of America. That is a more global purpose than Korea.

This has to be done on an international scale. Heung Jin also has to play this game. What is the meaning of splitting the special team into so many sections? It means the completion of the realm of the fourth Adam will take place from elementary school and continue until a person reaches the age of 24. Being involved with the Purity Movement from age 12 until you're 24 (a college student) is being involved with the Youth Movement of the realm of the fourth Adam. Because of this, there is a difference between the old era and the new. Now, centered on the youth movement, these young people have to become the owners of the conquering of the grass roots level.

Today is the first day of July. This July represents God finding the month of the number 7. As the July of the new millennium of liberation, this July becomes the subject month.

We have performed the ceremonies for the return of the oceans, the land, the cosmos, and centering on the realm of the fourth Adam, we have held a ceremony for the rededication of the sexual organs to God. This symbolizes that we are able to overcome all the conditions of resentment.

When you attend love even more than you attend God, you can make a foundation for Him to settle within you. This is something that is more precious than life, and you cannot exchange this even for the world, the cosmos, or for God Himself. You must love this ideal, and realize the value and worth of this ideal. Only then can God set foot in your home.

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