Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2000

Declaration of the Return of the Cosmos to God

Sun Myung Moon
June 29, 2000

At 8:40 a.m. on June 29, 2000, at the Hannam International Training Center, Rev. Sun Myung Moon declared the Return of the Cosmos to God.


We have passed the era of offering reduced sacrifices, which represented what was lost to the satanic world. Now, we can dedicate to God our right of possession representing the universe. That is why we must offer a living condition to God, through True Parents. Until now we have tried to do so.

Under the circumstances, how can you even think of making bank accounts in your name and thinking about your children and a more secure future? The future can be lost in a second. You are denying that. It is an absolute denial. You must offer sacrifice in order to pass through the realm of denial. That is why the history of indemnity is one of offering sacrifices. If you cut something alive in half, it dies. That is why the spirit world and the physical world, hell and heaven are divided into two. Everything is divided into two, and to make it into one, we need to offer sacrifices that are alive and whole. They must be alive. The Old Testament Age was alive, the New Testament Age was alive, and the Completed Testament Age is also alive. Since everything is alive, we must give offerings of sacrifices that are alive and whole.

It is not the same in the satanic world. There are no living sacrifices, only dead ones. That is not an offering. Since the destination is hell, everything must be cut in two. People are trying to do something for themselves centering on their ownership in the realm of hell! They don't own anything. What you have is for you to offer to God. You were preparing things to offer to God, and now we are in the era of dedication, in which we will finally offer all of our possessions along with True Parents.

The division is between the dead and the living, and the realm of death, must be destroyed by becoming one with the realm of life. The offering of sacrifices that are alive and whole must be carried out to bring this about. Offer what? Sacrifices, something that is material! The very word sacrifice sets the condition to decide the ownership. You are offering a sacrifice on the altar. It is the offering of sacrifices that are alive and whole. Sacrifices that are alive! That is why I myself can be alive, as well as all other things in the garden of Eden before the fall. They all belong to God. Since they were turned over to the realm of death, they must be turned upside down once again in the opposite direction. In order to offer sacrifices, you must throw away even your names. You must give up your own countries. You must offer everything to God, so that everything will belong to God. Since there is no heir to all the standards of Adam and Eve, desired by God, we must offer our sacrifice and effort in the presence of True Parents.

An offering is not dead. You must engraft a living being to your family, so that it can be connected to the whole family of the tribe, race, and world, and clear up everything else there. Only then can the world belong to God. It will be in the possession of God. Then there will be no era of offering sacrifices. That is the meaning of the offering of sacrifices that are alive and whole. It also goes according to the number 16. What Satan has invaded until now is the number 16; four times four makes 16. Didn't UN troops from 16 member nations come to Korea? The total number of organizations in Japan is also 16. Wasn't it 16 for Korea as well? That is because this is the era of the total settlement of accounts. You must know this.

You must think that always when you look at your faces. Consider the eyes; do you see one eye, or two eyes? You see two eyes. That is why they need a screen. The eyes acted by themselves in the world. You yourselves have two eyes in the world of the mind and two eyes in the world of the body. These four eyes must unite into one. They must be on a level. When they are on a level they represent Cain and Abel. What do you think was created first, which of the two eyes? Do you think they both came to be at the very same moment? Or do you think they were created one after the other? Is it possible for two eyes to be created at the same time? Even something as small as eyes were created successively.

Even when you're breathing, if you breathe out, you must breathe in. You cannot do both at the same time. It is the same for the eyes. One of the eyes was created before the other, so we could say that one is the elder and the other is the younger. You surely don't think they are zapped into existence, do you? They were created one by one. When you look at your eyes, you can see that they are separated into two. They are the plus and the minus, the subject and the object. Can the eyes speak for themselves? Can the left eye say something like, "Oh, I don't like the right eye! You close, I'll open!" Does it work like that? They must always work together, united as one. Centering on the eye's lens, the eyes form a round shape.

To have a center, they must be level, and be the subject and the object. When God created the universe, He first made the environment. There must be a subject and an object for everything that exists in the universe. Do you think they were created at the same time? Was the subject created before the object, or would it be vice versa? What do you think was created first? It is the same. You must always think of this point. When the eyes blink, what would happen if one blinks but the other does not? Do they work as one entity, or not? You must always keep this in mind. There is no better education than what you learn from this. Your bodies are the symbols of the harmony of the five senses as well as the harmony of heaven and earth.

If you cannot hear in both ears, there will not be a resonance. Will there be a difference? Do the right ear and the left ear say to each other, "Let's go our separate ways"? They work with each other. The left ear wishes to become one with the right year. If it doesn't there will be a lot of trouble. Same is true for the right ear. In order for them to work together, they must serve each other. There can only be destruction if one asks another to serve him, without doing anything in return. It creates problems.

What good will saying "me, me, me" do? You must keep the balance. If you don't you'll only come to ruin. Where is the harmony of heaven and earth? What will you do if your hand refuses to listen to you? Can you grab something with the back of your hand? You must use your palm and fingers. Try holding your hands together. Which hand is on top, the left or the right? Everyone will be different. Some may have the left hand on top while others have the right hand on top. It is different. But no matter how different you all are, if you stretch your arms out and make it level, you will see that you all do it in the same way. If all of you hold your hands that way and make it level, you can be united into one. That is why you must know where you are, whether you are at the top or at the bottom. That is why all of you are Cain and Abel, and those who keep the balance can be the owners.

What is the Yu Kwan Sun Association for? It is for the Korean people, both men and women, to become exemplary in their families, like Yu Kwan Sun. To her, Japan was an archenemy that caused her death. She could not love her enemy. Why should she even care about her enemies? You must not have any enemies. Those with enemies cannot go to heaven. Anybody who wishes for someone he or she hates to disappear is on the side of Satan. Only those who say, "If they lack anything I'll help them, before any of the others" will go to heaven. You shouldn't wish for them to be destroyed.

Look at me, for example. I went to America, but I found that country to be the worst enemy among all enemies. As a leading nation of Christianity, their missionaries almost destroyed the Unification Church, centering on three prominent women in society. They almost destroyed us! But in my case, when I see an enemy, I do not just pass by. I try to save them. Kim Il Sung was an enemy of mine, but I must bless him. The leaders of religious denominations like Buddha... Until now Christians have also opposed me, but we must bless them.

Do I have any enemies? Well, do I? I don't have any. I do not wish for anyone to come to ruin. If I had enemies, I wouldn't' be able to bring about the Kingdom of Heaven. Before I can take what I like on the foundation of my liking, I must forget any enemies I have. That is why I blessed saints with murderers. I blessed the children of saints with the children of murderers. Now we are entering an era in which such things will come to pass, and so all of the Japanese people will be blessed internationally. All of them will receive the blessing with Koreans, who were their enemies. Then they can become one. All members of the churches and religious organizations in the US will intermarry. The physical world and the spirit world will intermarry 100 percent.

In order to turn hell and heaven upside down, the elder brothers must set the youngest brother as their leader and honor him ... In this environment, there must be a subject and an object. They are trying to find their positions as the subject and the object without fulfilling their duties, and going so far as to ignore the environment and make chaos out of it. I will take care of you, all of you who are like that! You just sit and watch.

Would I be the right eye or the left? If I stand in the position of the owner, I am the right eye. Being the right eye, I always work together with the other. In terms of the nose, I would be the right side of the nose. That is the principle. The left nostril must cooperate with the right nostril. If they act on their own without caring about each other, they will both suffer, and in the end they will die.

It is the same for the lips. Don't the upper lip and the lower lip work together when a person speaks? They must keep pace with each other. Do they keep pace with each other when speaking, or not? Isn't it amazing? Learn from the mouth teacher. Learn from the nose teacher, the eye teacher, the ear teacher, and the hand teacher. Because of your present states, clumsy and awkward because you have not become one, the positions of subject and the object were switched, and the order of heaven and earth in the natural environment are in confusion.

I don't have any enemies. The principle I've taught teaches that you must love your enemies. Since I lived for the sake of America with my life, sparing nothing in my possession for her, I can finally return. I wasted 33 years, the best years of my life in America. Nobody can deny that. Satan knows that, God knows that, and the land of America knows that as well. Since I have done that, America must center on that foundation and give to heaven the offering of sacrifices that are alive and whole.

That is why the mind and the body must become one. The government and religion are enemies. In the United States, that is what is going on at present. Centering on Christianity, we are trying to unite the divided nation of America into one. Under the support of the government, it is Cain. Now we have started a movement to create 140,000 churches. It was said that at the time of Jesus' second coming, 144,000 people will be resurrected first. But in my time it will not be such a small number. The era of Jesus was the era of nations, but now it is the era of the world in which we must establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven. That is why we must realize a resurrected nation centering on 140,000 churches. It is different. If you think only of your own interests in this era, you will be lost. You must invest everything you have. Only then can Korea claim to be the host nation. Can people with burdens of their own and their children in their minds do such work? They will end up worse than the stray dogs on the streets.

If the right eye is the leader, can the left eye criticize it? What do we say? We say absolute obedience, and it is the absolute principle. If they are not level, and other things come between them, problems arise. They must suit each other, even if they are 100 years old. God is right now trying to align with me. Isn't that so? God cannot do as he likes with my restoration through indemnity. He must align Himself with me. Of course, if I go too much out of the way He will lend a guiding hand. Since I know this principle and God's true and essential nature, I have lived my life like this, climbing over hill after hill, trying to finish my work.

I have already begun to lay hands on the spirit world. The unification of religion! The Messiah, Jesus, as the parent. The parent has continued the tradition. Since Jesus, in the position of the parent in the growth stage, could not do it until now, all of his responsibilities were... I attended to Jesus as my elder brother. Only when siblings unite can the Cosmic Parent become one, with heaven as the husband and earth as the wife.

Thus religion becomes one. Who will create that unity? God cannot do it. I am privileged with that mission. That is why I am creating a revolution. I tell you "Do this!" Until now, the spirit world, and everything between husband and wife have been separated. It has been the same in hell and anywhere else you go. That is why I am changing things.

What are you looking for as you walk around with that valuable thing attached to your body? It is the thing, the key, that can possess the universe. It is a husband and wife who can open the universe. They are the key. The women's key, man's key, who will open it for them? The keys are different. The man holds the key to open the woman's lock and the woman holds the key to open the man's lock. The keys are exchanged. That is why if you don't have it you cannot open anything; thus you cannot interfere nor possess this. This is the most valuable thing. Love is the most precious thing.

Does the man torment the women or the women torment the man? A man will touch a woman every 51 seconds. Isn't that something you have to give? What happens if you don't give it? Then you will perish. When you give you want to give it until the end without any limits. That is desire. You want to endlessly give it to someone, but don't give it to just anybody. The key does not fit any lock.

If there is a lock which can be opened with two keys then that becomes a disaster. Anybody in the Unification Church who says that he will live as a lock with two keys is a crazy person. He belongs in the bottom of hell. He should grovel in dung. In the dung of the world of love! That's how it is. Women like to have that kind of man hold them until they crumble. Men will embrace women until they crumble. That is why men are bigger. Is it better to have the women be bigger or the man? Man is bigger; that is why big organs like big organs.

When we think about this, somebody said that "Rev. Moon says that the two stone tablets of the ark refer to Adam and Eve!" but it is the sexual organs that they symbolize. That is the "holy of holies." Nobody can touch it. Didn't they all die when they did? That place is the "holy of holies." Then we have Aaron's rod that budded. What did the rod symbolize? It meant that it will never die in all eternity. Since buds sprouted from a dead rod, it will never die. Centering on what? Original love! It will die without love. That is why buds sprouted on Aaron's rod. It was placed in the temple and revered because of this meaning. Therefore the tabernacle symbolizes the body of God. The body is the holy place and the holy of holies is the sexual organ. Let's say you really need to go to the bathroom but your wife really wants you so you forget about going and embrace her. What happens if your urine comes out with your sperm as you make love to your wife? Will you be judged? Should you be judged or what? The woman will think, "How much my husband loves me, such that he sacrifices even that time for me!" There is no greater happiness than that.

What are you trying to protect? These days they say "protect your vital energy!" but what does that mean? It is the vital energy of love. What kind of vitality? Ki [the Chinese character for vitality] means "igor" but Ki can also mean "foundation." So it means the foundation of love. It cannot do anything on its own. The energy of heavenly fortune can begin to move only when you yearn and long for this more than your life. Only love can tap into that transcendental energy. Everything is my teacher. My body is my teacher. When I am angry and look into the mirror my eyes say "Be like me! Be horizontal like me." It becomes a problem when your right eye and left eye don't think of moving at the same time. It is the same with husband and wife. Learn from your eyes. If the husband is the right eye, you are the left eye. Can the left eye blink first? You must do it together for eternity.

The husband always strives for vertical things while the wife longs for horizontal things. They long for realistic things. Reality is transient. Women search for daily satisfaction in their life. Man searches for the eternal happiness in the future. Therefore the women must align themselves to the standard of future happiness. If you open your eyes and fool around you will be a lonely person and disappear.

Even with your nostrils, who does the right nostril represent? It symbolizes the husband and what about the left nostril? It symbolizes the wife. The husband's nostrils are the plus and if the wife's nostrils become the minus can you say "Breathe separately!" Trying to breathe separately is for crazy people who have lost their mind. You will not be able to enter into that position in that world. You will not be able to find your place of settlement. Contradictions will arise. You have to think about these things.

It is the same with the mouth. The upper lip? The husband. The lower lip? The wife. Which is thicker, the lower lip or upper lip of a woman? The lower lip of a woman is thinner. That is why it vibrates at the smallest thing. The upper lip of man is thick.

A person with a thick lower lip stutters when she speaks. I can tell when I look at you women. If your lower and upper lips are both thin then it is a problem. She will always be talking. She will get sick if she can't talk. She would go anywhere and whisper. Should the lower lip move on its own or move together with the upper lip? They must move together.

If you sacrifice your body your spirit will grow. If you go in search for the pleasures of the body your spirit will go down and fall into a pit. Later on the two will be separated and die. They will go to ruin. That is the way of heaven and earth. Your legs always go the opposite way don't they? If one goes forth the other stands in the back. So when the left leg thinks about the right, the right leg always goes first. If the left leg goes first then it must go towards the destination in place of the right leg. They keep in step with each other.

That means keeping harmony with each other. There the center is created. How can you deny this? What I say is right. Can you fight? They are all Cain-Abel problems. The Cain-Abel problem is the root of this universe. It has expanded from the position of the owner, from God and from the source of love. It is making plusses in all directions. Then the conditions for survival will automatically be made.

Who was created first, Adam or Eve? Adam was created first. Then should Adam dominate Eve or should Eve dominate Adam? Adam must dominate Eve. That is the way of heaven and earth. Should women follow men or men follow women? Women must follow men. But in the fallen world this has been reversed.

The history of Cain and Abel has been in reverse until now. Cain must love Abel. Since love was lost you must give love. You can enter heaven only when you give more love than Satan, and receive more love. Hasn't my life been that way? You can return to your hometown only after you love your enemy. I loved the people of this world, of many nations, more than I loved my older brother and my mother. Why? I should have spoken these words first to my mother, to my older brother, to my family. But I did not say a word.

I gave my things away. I harvest the seeds and offer them as a living offering to my parents and God. I have been doing these things to offer a living offering, God's creation, to Him, but nobody else was doing this.

Now I am thinking of having Mother come out and pray. Tomorrow, the 30th will be the day. I have to report that the sea and land have been returned as one. The other day I reported the return of the land to God. I declared the return of the oceans and land to God. I went to Cheju and gazed at Mt. Halla, and did this at sea to connect it to Mt. Paekdu. It was to connect all the oceans and land in this world. I gave instructions to purchase land on the plains. Land was acquired in South America. This was to connect it to the mountains.

That's why I went to Ji-kui Island near Cheju Island and gazed at Mt. Halla from a boat, in order to connect this to Mt Paekdu. I had to pray for the return of the land from the plains to the mountains with the authority of the sea and land. Isn't today the 29th? I came to Korea to restore everything I set out to settle by June. Originally I was planning to go to Cheju Island and pray but I have to return everything from Mt. Halla, Mt. Paekdu, from the sea to the plains in South America, the continents connected from the plains to the mountains back to God. I must offer the prayer of returning all these things to heaven.


Beloved Father! The Great Principle Path of the ideal of the true love of both heaven and earth was to have covered this universe in shining light, together with Your glorious love. The failure of the human ancestors of the original world of heart left behind a high hill of grievous pain, the high pass of historical anguish. With great sacrifice, many tens of thousands built a wall around this high pass of universal grief. We humbly recognize the historical fact that Heaven initiated the benevolent path of restoration, in the place of humankind, in order to break through this. The True Parents and the children of the Unification faith know very well how much trouble and suffering was inflicted upon You, our Father, by the false and disloyal actions of the created world.

Now all the secrets of both heaven and earth have been revealed, and we know God's situation, we know God's heart. Today, the standard of passionate intention to establish God's desire centers on our family, as the fruition of the substantial manifestation of the ideal. In front of Your heart, which seeks for the establishment of a family of liberated nations, True Parents, on this earth, have known that heart, and, up to the present day, have walked a forty-year circular course in order to develop a unified direction centering on Christianity.

Centering on the time of the return of the True Parent, which has been the hope of Christianity since the Second World War, and centering on the love that God has for the sake of establishing the new family, Protestantism and Catholicism, the new religion and the old religion could not become one during the cosmically historical and revolutionary time period for reconnecting the original root of God's lineage, the root that can be connected centering on the sphere of God's life. They could not attend, horizontally, the True Parents, who can attend God's heart vertically. As a result, passing along the reverse course, You, Heavenly Father have gone through the family level forty-year wilderness course to restore all the work and effort up to this time, traversing the path that the first and second Adams failed to complete, and from the beginning again, have been able to liberate the world of spirit and the world of material, to expand the blessing to a new, global level. Now, the struggle that must establish the final victorious authority lies ahead of us, the struggle for the final authority that can connect the final standard of settlement with the unification of North and South here in Korea.

The True Parent, who now stands in this position, has visited Korea together with Mother, in order to declare the final ceremony of return that can connect the oceans and the lands, as well as the return of the realm of the ocean and the return of the realm of land. Centering on Cheju Island, to fulfill all these declarations, we looked out over Mount Halla, gazed out over Mount Paekdu, then going over the Himalayas in their entirety, over Mount Everest, connected with the tranquility of the world, then again traversing rivers and centering on the responsibility to return the original world of the oceans, came back to Korea.

All the connections and bonds we have forged, all our prayers and declarations up until the present time, Father, we should have fulfilled centering on Cheju Island, but have instead come to this place and declare all this before You, Father, and before the entire universe. Therefore, Father, please remember this day.

Now, we are at the end of June; although I could not prepare all that I had planned for the end of June, I have established a conditional standard of more than eighty percent. As a result, with no connection with Satan whatsoever, You can take the fervent wish to accomplish Your desire and exert Your authority to move all situations and events to the definitive place of victory, of complete supremacy. True Parents receive this here, with the reciprocating standard, and declare, in the place of the ceremony for the return of everything, the entire universe, that this foundation will transform into the world of liberation that has been achieved.

Therefore, in the center of this cosmos, as the True Parents, and in unity with the Parents of Heaven and Earth, I declare, before the whole universe, the blessing of the return that can settle and establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven, by which the blessed families of the earth, together with the entire universe, together with the entire spirit world, can become one mind, one body, one unity within the sphere of God's love. I fervently desire that by accomplishing this, the link of the supreme authority of victory can continue, so that all situations and events in the future path of the Unification family can be resolved and met with complete success.

Father, I declare all these things, centering on this day, the 29th of June, at forty minutes past eight in the morning, and humbly, fervently ask You to establish this as a targeted mark in the world of spirit, and centering on this standard, to select and define all the crossroads of the cosmos. Father, in declaring all this in the place of the ceremony of the return of the cosmos to God, and in the name of True Parents, I ask You to bless us so that the Parents of Heaven and Earth and the entire universe can be embraced within, and digest, this content. In doing so, I declare the ceremony of the return of the cosmos to God in the name of True Parents. Amen! Amen! Amen!

Final Word

I have faith in you. You should have conviction that all things lost have been returned to their origin, God who is to be the Master of oceans, rivers, land and mountains. If you have confidence in yourselves, that you can make your way through single-handedly, all the work that will be ahead of you, I know, you can hasten the establishment of God's will and fervent longing. So, I hope that you will act with that understanding in mind. If you know that God's will is accomplished more swiftly when you have confidence I hope you will support this. I made a declaration centering at 8:40. Remember this.

Now we are going to the original world. Centering on the family, centering on the tribe, centering on a people, we are going beyond the national level so it is time that the national level of Satan's world goes down to the basement. So as we proclaimed the unification of South and North, the responsibility that still remains to be accomplished is to influence the South and North in order to achieve something substantial. Perfect plus can recreate perfect minus. That's why we are serious.

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