Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2000

Declaration of the Return of the Oceans to God

Sun Myung Moon
June 17, 2000

On June 17, 2000, at North Garden residence in Kodiak, Alaska, Rev. Sun Myung Moon declared the Return of the Oceans to God.


Beloved Father, now is the time when the oceanic industry can have a secure foundation. Now that we have accomplished everything, we can reflect deeply upon the past days. Since commencing our ocean business in 1963, we have now come close to claiming the top position in the oceanic business on a worldwide level. As we look back upon the past days, when there were no children to comfort the heart of God, to embrace the sea and to protect the natural items of the sea as their owners in this country, the True Parents came forward and undertook this task, traveling around the five oceans. We have been living until now to see the day when God can string together all the gifts of the grace of blessing, which God wants to give to all people, together with the hope of humankind and of the True Parents, and offer them as the master of the heaven, earth, and all things. With all this, we have now come to Kodiak.

This is a historic place, where the Unification Church proclaimed the unforgettable Ceremony of Eight Stages and where the proclamation of the Parents of Heaven and Earth, True Parents, and the Doctrine of the Heavenly Parents brought about a great transformation of the world. From this historic origin, we are seeking to bring order to all the chaos and bring together the realm of the oceans and realm of dry land, thereby being acknowledged as the masters of heaven and the sea and finally as the masters of the land, and offering to heaven the sea and the land in a reciprocal relationship as plus and minus. Now with all the contents of the providential proclamations and teachings, we are taking the path back to Korea in four days. Our rallies in Korea for the unification of the South and North Koreas showed our members as a whole to be strong enough even to claim national sovereignty.

Please grant a blessing to our Unification people, who have been single-mindedly struggling and working hard to establish the standard of a country that can be home for the hope of Godís heart, stepping over the crying hopes and aspirations of the ruling and opposition parties of the Satanic world and of the rulers of the South and North Koreas.

The national messiahs of the Unification faith have been placed in Korea for four years to connect America, which is the elder son country, with the Northern and Southern Americas, thereby liberating the fatherland and establishing the global realm of reciprocation. The wives and sons and daughters of the national messiahs, on the other hand, have all been newly assigned to missions so as to keep the standard of the national messiah for the world. All such appointments are a strategy to tear down the final wall in order to accomplish and conclude Your will, which longs for the ideal realm of creation. Through this placement, they are to become one in heart and attain Adamís family without the fall, which can find a home in Your heart in the original Garden of Eden. And through this, as representatives of the family, tribe, nation, country, world and cosmos, they are to connect the foundation of the true love of liberation, meaning the original palaces of love, life, and lineage, to the infinite world.

I will visit Korea with the desire to receive Your permission to usher in the age of the unification of the South and North, in which we can announce a total settlement of our fatherland, the entire world, and heaven and earth in the realm of the True Parentsí heart.

As for the agreement proclaimed by the heads of the South and North, which has now emerged as a focus of the worldís attention, we Unification people should strive to make it bear fruit under Godís victorious authority, and seriously and truly seeing it as the final pinnacle of our course, we would like to plant Godís heart here with all our mind and body. Hence, please grant eternal victory, peace, glory, and honor to the will of the True Parents and the Parents of Heaven and Earth, who are going forward to find the day of the liberation of our fatherland.

From this time, when we have announced the day of the liberation of our fatherland and the day of the liberated Heavenly Kingdom on earth in Korea by means of new greetings, please remove the obstacles in the way of the heaven of the realm of the fourth Adam, demolish all the walls blocking the heavenly world and earthly world, and establish the realm of the liberation of hell, thereby liberating our fatherland, where we can settle down in the center of the earth, and complete the liberated Heavenly Kingdom and the heavenly world. We ardently plead with You for this.

Please accept this time, when we connect all the oceanic businesses of north and south Kodiak, and offer them to You. Please embrace the efforts of Korea, which desires to see the day of being able to connect the ocean and the land.

With the sources of life such as water, air and sunlight, with love of liberation, on the foundation of the family, which represents the whole, where You can find home, and on the foundation of the liberation of our fatherland, which represents the realm of the parents, all countries are trying to establish a respectable sovereign nation in the style of the United Nations by overcoming the sorrow of parents, True Parents, and the Parents of Heaven and Earthís nation where we can express gratitude for liberation. All people should actively support this cause, become a member of a tribe of the Heavenly Kingdom on earth and the Heavenly Kingdom in heaven, and offer, to Your victorious authority of love, the sovereignty, people, and all things that have no shame before the heavenly sovereignty, thereby becoming the model for the whole, for eternity, and building a foundation for attaining the result aimed for. We sincerely pray that You will bless us to achieve this.

From now on, Your hope shall be fulfilled and things will proceed for the liberation of the fatherland. As we march through the United States, Russia, China, Pyongyang, and Korea with conventions, please take all our steps under Your responsibility and let the hopes of the True Parents be realized through these conventions we organize in the future. Allow them to be monumental events that open the door of the victorious Heavenly Kingdom. We sincerely plead with You for this.

In this age, when earth and heaven can become one, and hell and the Heavenly Kingdom can be one, the conscientious people whose original minds are alive should be united and establish the mainstream of the liberation of our fatherland, establish heavenly blood relationships, and harmonize all things of heaven and earth through the law of the cycle. They should thereby proceed for hundreds of millions of generations into the future world under the rule of love, which perfects freedom and liberation and the ideal of the Heavenly Kingdom on earth. We sincerely plead with You for this.

This morning, as we notify You of this, Father, at the point that commands the attention of the True Parents, Parents of Heaven and Earth, and all the created world, we earnestly hope that Your will triumphs to reveal the dignity and glory of heaven, and earnestly ask You to allow us to establish the sovereignty of love of the liberated Heavenly Kingdom in heaven.

I inform You, Father, of all this. I notify You that I have appointed the blessed people in heaven and the thirty-three people liberated from hell as the heads of their respective realms, and through this we have completed the system whereby we can bring into line the spiritual world all the way down to the intermediate level through Jesus, four great saints, and monarchs. Since everything starts from the spiritual world and is concluded on earth as the final place of settlement, please allow all the blessed people on earth and in heaven to unite as one mind and body and march forward toward the goal, and realize the realm of the liberation of the universe, thereby leading us to the world where the victory and glory of the Heavenly Kingdoms on earth and in heaven eternally overflow on the basis of the heavenly sovereignty of true love and the heavenly authority of ten thousand generations. We earnestly ask You for this.

This morning, please remember what we notify You of, and allow us the grace to march on and on into the world of Your all-transcendence, all-immanence, omnipotence and all-capability, where all the blessed people of conscience, the blessed ancestors in the heavenly world and the blessed families on earth can unite and freely move around with the sovereignty and authority of God. As I ask You for this, I proclaim this on this morning in the name of the True Parents. Amen! Amen! Amen!


This morning we are holding the ceremony to declare the return of the oceans to God based on the content of todayís prayer. I am declaring the return to God of the oceanic world. In doing so, all the evil spirits in the sea that have been roaming about and doing wicked things as they please will all be purged away. Since this has been done in the sea, it must be connected to the land.

The IAEWP (International Association of Educators for World Peace) decided to give True Parents an award. It is very meaningful at this time when the UN is celebrating the 55th anniversary of its founding, with the Childrenís World Peace Painting Exhibition and the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Korean War, that we received an award in the name of the United Nations. Based on this and centered on Mother, we are giving away 400 thousand notebooks.

This time there was an art exhibition. If parents and children together receive a commemorative commendation, then 400,000 people become related to the art world and we can make one good organization and make a good relationship with parents in the art world. I hope all of you will remember that this is leading to an important turning point.

Starting from now we must raise fish at home and then set them free. As it is the same as farming chickens: through breeding we have to send out all kinds of fish. After doing so, we have to love them then catch them. In order for the things of creation to compensate their owner for the love they have received, they make a living offering. So the creation provides food for people to eat. Now, instead of just catching fish, we must also farm them.

In the 1960s we hunted pigs and whatever we caught was made into an offering. Next, we went out to the ocean and caught big fish and now we have reached the top in the ocean industry sphere. For the sake of the ocean and for the sake of mankind, we have reached the peak.

Now the fishing boat Top Ocean is going to go down to the South Pole to catch krill (shrimp). Since krill is high in protein it is a good resource to help the things in creation grow. It can be food for small animals and for all the animals of creation. That foodstuff exists for the sake of humanity. As it is a foodstuff for the things of creation, we must supply it to them. As we continue in this, we will be able to solve the food problems of the world. There is no other way to solve the food problem except by going this path.

Therefore we must lay a water pipeline all the way to the desert to create places for farming fish. Do you understand what I am saying? In the same way petroleum is brought to the American mainland from Alaska, it should be possible to pipe sea water and fresh water anywhere. If you want to do that with fresh water it can probably only be done with the Amazon River. It must be piped all the way to the desert zones to develop fish farming. We must breed, grow and eat the fish with a loving heart.

If we cultivate the desert to create fish farms, then there will be no problem in growing water plants or grass there. At present, some land is turning into desert, isnít it? Through human ingenuity, fish farms based on which water plants and trees for the land can be grown will be established, and you will see how much nutritional food can be produced.

With farming, we are not just looking at one narrow aspect of this. A great desert can be cultivated. An infinite supply of food is possible.

Making the Kodiak ocean industry successful seemed like a dreams it was a dream to think that we could connect Kodiak and the South Pole. However, it is coming true.

On the world wide level we have to be able to let go and move forward. From now on, I will not eat the fish I catch -- I did not eat before I came. The first one that you catch should be given as a living offering. It is not a dead offering. Now we have to offer living offerings. In the sixties we caught fish to offer them as offerings, and up till now, in order to catch them, we made offerings. Now, however, we must let them live. Starting from the ocean we have to breed them and set them free.

We cannot exterminate animals either. We must help nurture them and set them free. We should set up a kind of zoo. We need to make a zoo both for breeding and exhibiting animals at the same time.

Was it in South American as a whole or in the Pantanal region, it is said that there are as many as 36 million species of insect. We also have to protect the insects. Plants are food for animals. We have to protect them and nurture them to grow. We have to protect the seeds of the world so that they do not all disappear.

In the Pantanal there are 3,600 species of fish. Just imagine finding fishing grounds for all these 3,600 kinds of fish! In order to make things develop, you have to build a building and maintain it. You cannot take care of everything just on one level. When you build a building and maintain it, you have to be able to adjust the temperature for heating and cooling.

Donít do this somewhere else. You have to do this kind of work based in the region of Paraguay. You have to protect the seeds of the plants and animals so they do not disappear. You have to also protect the water plants. We have to make the region into a nature park.

There is no better kind of animal food than krill. Do you know how many insects live in the Amazon River? They grow in salt water and in fresh water. Letís also grow beetles in large quantities as well! They will all become food. They are food for fish. Instead of feeding the fish grass and other fishes, feed them insects instead.

Atheists and communists who deny the existence of God cannot continue forever. The Principle that there is a God can continue forever. The theory that there is no God cannot.

Even in the scientific world, the theory of the dialectic and the theory of evolution have become obsolete. Since the time has come when we can prove that God exists through science, if belief in God can build up to become a global reality, then a world of peace will come about.

There cannot be two roads to peace. Peace can only come if there is one road. Since the only movement that can make them into one is the Unification Church, the Unification Church is now on that one road both in name and reality. Since the realm of the liberation of the spirit world now exists, the path to liberate God is also open. Now the time has come when we can show everyone through the record, where everyone will have to acknowledge that the time has come when the world will move into our era.

We are going the way of industry reconstruction and supporting food production, and the fact that we are making a start is good. I am talking about focusing on krill. How good is krill for animal food? It is really good. You donít need to sell it. I am saying letís farm more fish and invigorate the food supply.

So what is my thinking? Whether it is the Gobi Desert, or the deserts on the vast American continent, my idea is to cultivate the deserts. Whether seawater or fresh water, my idea is to pipe it in and raise fish. You can cultivate anything with seawater. When you think about it, you can cultivate so many things. Do you think that the waters of the oceans will disappear? My thought is to change the desert into farmland.

That is why we must embrace the South Pole and the North Pole. If we move towards an age of world level public administration then how will the poles be managed properly? There are no people that can protect and administer the North and South Poles. Because they will only work for the sake of their own nationsí interests, then the North Pole and South Poleís raw materials will all just disappear. People do not think that raw materials are to be kept for the sake of the whole world. We must manage it and use the raw materials for the new age.I have explained to you what we will do in the north: We have to make a harbor. We have to make a harbor where boats can dock. And I am saying, a shipping company could be started. Because America is a leading nation there will be no problem for her to do this.

Centering on the four oceans, True Parents have explored the seas. Even if we have invested a lot, we have taken on this task to create the foundation for the happiness of humankind

I must be the first person to say, Letís make fish farms in the desert. The revenue or income will be higher if you make fish farms on land. Food for the fish can be krill and seaweed from the ocean, with a mix of plants from the land. This can be made into powder. Then you can make industrial foods for fish and animals. You can make as much food for animals as you want. There are some that have plants mixed into them. You can make them all into food for animals.

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