Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2000

True Day of All Things 2000

Sun Myung Moon
June 2, 2000

This speech was given on June 2, 2000 at the New Yorker Hotel. The translation was by Mrs. Hee Hun Standard, and this us from unofficial notes taken by Dr. Tyler Hendricks.

We have to think about true love. When we have true love, we can follow the path of True Parents. We can liberate God in that way. The only thing that will remain will be God, based upon true love. It can come from true lineage. That way we can establish a family, tribe, society, nation and world and bring unity of physical world and spirit world. That is God's goal for the providence of restoration.

What is today? [Cham man mul eui nal.] What shall I talk about? You? God? All things? Love? If all creation, people and God had been perfect, then we would have loved everyone and everything. So beyond time and space, past, present or future, whether day or night, we should continuously live for the sake of the providence of restoration. If we can have all those, then we can possess everything in the world. If we have everything, then we can melt everyone's heart.

Shall I talk about good first, then bad? Or bad first, then good? People are using the translation system by radio. Should we use those radios? You western members need to be serious not to use this crutch. If you do not know Korean, then when you go to spirit world you will have some problems there. Here we should speak in Korean. We should feel sympathy for those who cannot speak Korean. Shall I talk about something good first, or the other way around? You make the choice? Why? Why is it such a good day? You want everything to be good, right?

Which of your fingers is the longest? [Holds up his middle finger.] You have two hands and you want to match those fingers with each other. When men and women are together, who is taller? Centered on love, they are the same. In terms of physical height they may be different, but in terms of love their height is the same. Which finger is this? The third, counting from either end of the hand. When they come together, they touch each other (all fingertips on one hand touching). These are father, mother and children. Which is the easier finger to touch the thumb? We can see the four-position foundation. When you look at the fingers, everything is good. Whether good or bad words, everything is good. Whether you are complimented or chastised, everything is good for you.

The middle finger is the center. The middle finger is like the number three and eight. The DMZ is on the 38th parallel. When we can eliminate that 38th parallel, we can bring the liberation. When the fetus is in the womb, the baby clenches its fist tightly, so the fingernails do not scratch its body.

The 4 seasons and 12 months come from the four position foundation. We should keep a protocol in our life based on the number 24. This can represent God. Basically, when we move our body, our eyes are also moving. The universe turns around because of God. In our faith, the center is the nose. Do you eat with your nose, or breathe with it? When you breathe you take in invisible air, and eat visible elements with your mouth. If you do not eat physical food, you will die. Which is the more important, between breathing and eating? Communists say we live to eat. But is air or food more important? Actually, air is more crucial to the sustenance of life. People can forego food for 40 days, but without air you will die in minutes. So our life depends not upon visible food but invisible air. For the spirit we need invisible things, but for the body we need something visible.

What is most important to God? Not food, power, intellect, but God absolutely needs love. Do you agree with that? [Yes!] How do you know love is the most important thing to God? Those who do not love do not know the meaning of love. Those who know it prefer to eat love, not food. Have you ever eaten love? Why were men and women born? What is the purpose of their birth? For the sake of love. Through what can you eat love? What is the container for the eating of love? Is it the sexual organ? So, saeng shik gi can be interpreted "container that can hold love and life." When you become a man and woman, although you cannot see love, you understand what love is like. Rev. Kwak, Dr. Yang, do you know what love tastes like? [Understand!] Once you taste it, even if husband and wife fight, they will smile and fall asleep and enjoy. Some might say, how can the founder of a religion say something like that? What I am teaching you is a different taste from others. You love me, that is why you are all following me. Do you like me? [Yes, applause.]

When a husband and wife are together, do they like each other or me better? [You!] People like me better because I taught what love is like. When people experience love from parents, they can appreciate them very much. For example, when the baby is in the mother's womb, will the baby be waiting for the father to come back, or want to be with the mother more? When the baby is on the mother's bosom, the baby will be happy. The son should be nursed and usually the son will be nursed at the left breast. In that case, the son would like his father to come and suck the left breast to be in unity with him. Do we have that kind of family in America?

Let me ask if there is a daddy. I need to nurse the baby. Then the daddy would show how the baby should be nursed. That way, the mom and dad are holding the baby together and in the meantime the baby is being nursed. Such a family will be happy or unhappy? What am I talking about today? It is the True Day of All Things. Should I finish my speech or continue?

Today is the True Day of All Things. We should say that we understood truthfulness. Korean language is amazing. I learned this from mother. Cham arasumnida - Mother, thank you. Cham, truly, arasumnida, I understood. If we understood truthfulness, then we understand love truly. All of you come to learn what true love is. Is free sex true love? My voice is kind of hoarse. I'm also tired. I'm 80 years old. As a man of 80, do you think I would like to give you a long or short speech? I have given a speech for 10 hours 45 minutes straight. If you understand the meaning of shimjung arasumnida, that is the most important thing for us to understand. But sometimes, Koreans will say, "Oh, I'm so happy to see you that I feel as if I'm dying!" They use that kind of expression. Korean language is unique and unusual in a special way. God must be dwelling in those people. Amen or no men?

Rev. Kwak and your wife, you should be able to kiss in front of God, True Parents, children, anyone. In the future, can you live naked? When you make love, are you naked or clothed? When you make love, do you wear a lot of clothes, or are you naked? When you have your first night, are you naked, or with many clothes? Don't laugh! Between husband and wife, we should be liberated. By being united, centering upon the sexual organ, we can be liberated. You American women, you have to understand this better than other people. When you expose your breasts, are you ashamed? Should those breasts be crying or dancing? Before your husband, they should be dancing. Look at the breasts and hips. Both should be dancing. Then we can be liberated. That is the natural law; I'm not talking about something special.

Those who are blessed, please raise your hands. Okay, great. So you should live like that. Do you understand? You women, when you walk a lot, you will call "appa," which sounds similar to "appoyo" which means I'm in pain. So she will ask her husband for a massage because her legs are tired. Even if she's smelly from perspiration and her feet, will he still give a massage? If he truly loves her, he will do whatever his wife wants him to do. From now on, you need to be able even to clean each other's nostrils. If I ask American women to kiss smelly feet, can you do it? American women like red; Oriental women like white. Western women who like red, do you want to like red or white? When seven colors are combined, they become white. Is there color in white? Is there a color in true love? What is the color? It is white.

When the wife has an itch on her back, then her husband will scratch her back. What do women like most? It is the very thing of men. Nothing strange, women were born for that. When God loves men and women, what He loves the most in them is that very part. That's how He can visit men and women. That is the way you should live. When I go to the Pantanal, I see many kinds of birds. Some sleep late. The male works very hard to feed the female. After working hard, the male dozes. In that case, should he be kicked out or loved more? We should be prepared to receive the hopeful, brand new day. We should live for each other.

Water is always flat. Water can take any shape. It can be flexible, making any shape. 70% of the human body consists of water. We should be flexible, like water. We should flow like water. Love has no particular shape. When we are flexible, we can have a happy family. Please say, cham arasumnida. What did you know? Is it God, or true love? Which? Is it better to know God well or true love well? Which? Let's say there are many masterpieces. You may not know who the artist is. If you like those masterpieces so much, would the artist like to give them to you? If there is someone who loves the world so much, would God like to give the world to that person, or not? The same applies to God. If you appreciate the creation more than God, He would like to give it to you. It is okay not to know God, but you have to know true love. We have to know true love. We have to create seeds of true love.

That way we can bring forth sons and daughters. If we love the most, we can inherit everything. How much would God like love? If God loves the five senses, then would God like to love 100%, or just partially? Certainly He would like to love with everything that He has. Let's say He doesn't have eyes. Then basically 20% of His five senses are gone. Even if He is missing one organ, would He like to love with all His heart, or only 80%? Even if He lost everything, He would invest everything when He loves. Suppose that someone lost all five senses. Nevertheless, if he invested everything into love, then God would create the five organs again so that the person could fully invest himself.

God lost everything. He has been alone for a long time. We need to love our enemy. God created all things in the world. But due to the fall, He lost the most important thing. Would God give up because of that, or invest even more? Dr. Seuk, answer that question. You have been living in Russia for so long you can't pronounce Korean? You need to invest even more. We should bear fruit. What kind of being is Satan? He is the enemy of love. Of what love? God created everything for love, but Satan stole everything and ruined everything. After the fall, everything turned into darkness. So when that happened, would God think, "Okay, now you are the enemy." Would He think that way? Or that you became the enemy of love so I am going to love you more so that everything can be restored. That is how He would think. Would Satan like this attitude or not? If God hates His enemies, then everything will be lost. God thinks, rather, "It is all ruined, but still I can love. The time will come for me to fully love everything and everyone." Satan might have thought that God would not have a chance to love any more. But God did not think that way. He is waiting for the right time to love. Even though, due to the fall everything is lost and all things have been taken for granted and taken advantage of, because God's love has never changed, God has been waiting to wash away the darkness and bring the original masters back to this world.

Everything was stolen by Satan. All women were taken by Satan. He has been violating women. Men did all kinds of things to cause grievance and suffering to women. There have been many men like that. What should women do about that? Should they think all men are enemies, to be cut off? If so, can women go to heaven? If they think men are thieves to be despised and ignored? Can they go to heaven then? If so, then like at the time of Moses, no one would go to heaven.

Instead of thinking like that, women should think, "I will meet the worst man in the world and love him." Then she will go to heaven. It will be based on the condition she made. For instance, having married a divorced man. Without that love, you cannot go to heaven. Do you all want to be number one in heaven? It seems as if everyone does. How about True Mother, you have to raise you hands too. You want to be number one in the Kingdom of Heaven, right? Then you will receive the first award, the number one award. Will God grant that to you, or not? If everyone receives the number one award, then basically they are in the same position. If a woman is in that position, will men be happy?

To grab God's attention, love the worst person in the world, the worst woman for men, and vice versa. Would you like the "last" person? If our partner is the last in love, we should be willing to be the number one in love. When we love the worst person in the world, based upon that condition, God will welcome us to His kingdom. Who is going to love all creation the most? Have you ever loved the creation? When I went to the Pantanal, I loved nature and all things. I wanted to love the entire creation, whether insects or larger animals. In South America there are all kinds of animals. It is the Kingdom of Heaven for animals because they can hide so easily, in dirty water. People cannot find them. But God created them with love, so they should live in a clean environment. I asked them why they live in the dirty environment, and they said because they are afraid of humans who want to kill them. So we should liberate those animals. I would like to do that.

I want to purify the Amazon River, all the dirty rivers and waters, so that all living things can be liberated. All human beings should be mobilized for that task. That is why I tell you to go to the ocean. Would you perish or not? Will you follow what I am doing, or let them live in the dirty water? If that is the case, you Americans should be willing to drink the dirty water. After a flood, the water gets dirty and impure. All kinds of things are mixed up. When you drink it, you may die. But you should be willing to live for the sake of all creation, even if you have to drink the polluted water. If you love them more than your own life, God will love you even more.

We should want to purify the entire environment, and be number one at that. If you want to, please raise your hands. Look at your palms. [Father leads us in waving our hands around, quickly, in and out.] If I say this, will all things welcome me and say, mansei? Mr. Yoo, he is swift, he moved around very fast. Let us love the ocean. Love does not just like pure water. If the Unification Church loves only pure water, something is wrong with that. We should love both pure and dirty, then purify the dirty and preserve the pure. Eternally we should love everything. We should make everything better if it is not good.

All Unification Church members, especially Unification Church women, some people have flat feet. Those people would not be accepted by the army, because if they are standing they will slid or slip. I asked you to catch 120 fish, and you said you couldn't but you should be able to accept anything. Those who do not like water, raise your hands. Those who like water, raise your hands. [Everyone.] You know what is right [because all people raised their hands correctly]. How much do you like it? Do you like pure water or dirty water? We should like everything, 360 degrees. The question is our direction. We should follow the right direction.

I do not take you to good places always. I give you a hard time in the Pantanal, and people do not like it. I did a lot of research in the Hudson River. I wanted to find out what kind of fish I can catch here. I want to be the prince of the ocean industry. When I go to the ocean at 4 a.m., it requires that I get up at 3 a.m., because I need to do some exercise and pray, even 1.5 hours before departure I arise. Some people would think that one gets sick if one lives that kind of life. I'm doing that because I want everyone to know that we should teach all things how to live. We need to love everything, every creation, on behalf of Adam and Eve. Whether it is dirty water or not, it doesn't matter. We should be able to embrace it.

How much do you love water? Do you love water? If you do not, then you should be determined to do so 100%. Our eyes need water. Even our nose needs humidity. The same with our ears. If there is no humidity in the ears, one cannot hear. All our senses are related to water in the form of humidity. 3/4 of our body is water. Even oil is based on water. Water is pronounced "mool" in Korean. When you are thirsty or hungry, which one do you like more, food or water? Many times you will say, "I'm dying of thirst." Without water, we cannot survive. Without humidity, our flesh will dry up. Our internal organs have a lot of water. We are born from water. The question is whether we can provide ourselves pure water, as God originally intended.

We should produce water with which we can attend God. Water should be purified through a water purifier. We went fishing yesterday, about 200 people. Actually the Hudson River water is very dirty. If you drink that water, what will happen? Before all the soil gets into the water it should be sterilized. But the river water is used when we go to the bathroom. Before reaching the river, the water and soil was purified, that's why living things can live in it. It has oxygen in it. We can never think we are living alone. To do so is very sinful.

Who is a good person? It is the one who loves everyone, even though some are hostile, from an enemy nation. Then God will love those people. Air is taken by everyone, good or bad. That's how people survive. The question is how much we can purify ourselves. If there is no process to purify water, then people will not like it. But once we are purified, people will like us, like the purified water. Religion is the institution that sterilizes all impurities in human beings. When we go to the Kingdom of Heaven, first we have to purify ourselves, make everything clean and clear, because we come from a fallen lineage. We have to purify lineage first. To purify the dirty lineage first, then we can purify ourselves. Did you go through that purification process? Did you finish it, or are you in process, or are you just beginning? You have to complete it before going to spirit world. True love can purify anything, any impurities. If you go through the door of true love, all humankind can be purified.

Does anyone here have true love? [No one raises their hand.] There is not even one here. If a flood comes, there will be impurities in the water. Germs will spread. Are you purified 20%? We need a sterilization process. If we have that system, we can go back to the original status. As of now, did God create that purification system? God created it. Would He have placed it higher than Mt. Everest or Paektu Mountain? You should become the kind of people who search for that purification system, no matter how high it is. Would God know about that? Would Satan know about it? Satan cannot use that purification system, because he is self-centered. Only those who are pure-hearted can use the system.

Let's say we purified ourselves 99.9%. Still we are not perfectly purified and need to go through the system. I love Rev. Kwak. He's not really handsome, but still, I mean it. Sometimes, some of the leaders do not give a full or clear report, when I ask certain things, even if they know something they do not tell me clearly. You should be able to capture my heart. Some American members, although they say they love me very much, when I say some bad things, they write them down in their notebooks, but do not write or share the good things I say. We should take responsibility for our own words. The more difficult things they may be, the more willing we must be to resolve them quickly.

Our hearts should be unchanging, no matter what kind of difficulties we are going through. We should always be trying to go through the purification system. Are you going to become a machine that purifies something? We should like the purification system. Then we can purify things. Cham arasumnida. The world is symbolized as water, impure water. We need to purify it, into pure water. Because of the impurity, the 38th parallel came into being. I have been going through a path of tribulation, making it straight, removing the obstacles. I did it all by myself.

When you think of it, I am a pitiful person. Why would God give me such hardship? Sometimes, God gives us a flood, and we wonder why we have a flood. If we have a small amount of rain, it would be better, we think, but through a flood, everything can be wiped out and things can start again. In order for America to conquer the world, Americans should be serving the most, especially the countries with most difficulties. That is the way Americans can be purified.

The one who makes water pure is the messiah. In order to save the world, we need to save parents. In order to save parents, we need to save children. In order to save children, we need to save the creation. True Father and True Mother must raise up true children, they can be the cornerstone to save the world. Are you going to be a water purifier and sterilizing equipment, or water itself. Am I water? Am I a purifier? What about you? You can be compared to water with so many impurities in it. Many people who just joined the church want to meet me, but you should be prepared to meet me. Even today, a person wanted to see me, but I did not accept that. Until people are prepared, I cannot accept it. We need to prepare the right environment to attend the person we have been waiting for.

Love makes people go through the purifier. Those who do it are considered good. Are you going to do as I have asked you? It is your destiny to follow me, because you and I are connected as father and children. That is an unavoidable relationship. I know that sometimes people might think I am thinking only of how many hills to cross. How many hills are you willing to cross? Are you ready to die? Be ready to die 10,000 times, to have absolute faith, love and obedience. My words are guiding you in that direction, so you should be willing to follow that way, through the worst.

Many politicians and American leaders agree with me now. Unless they are willing to change themselves, they will fail. They may be high externally, in terms of position, but later they have to take a test again. Mr. Yoo, you did not get training from me. Do you understand the difficulties of those who fundraised in the past? We should never be indebted to those people. We should be able to go through what they went through. We should not be indebted. I give you a hard time as Americans because I want to save America, and a hard time to Japanese because I want to save Japan. Korea also has gone through so many difficulties, not just to save themselves. Now you should say, cham arasumnida, which means I truly understood. Let's come to the conclusion.

Think about it. One woman, Eve, was loved by God so much and taken by Satan. Now God has to bring her back. There is no other way to restore this world without doing that. Rev. Kwak, tell me if there is some other way. We did not know, but we need to know cham arasumnida. When people do not follow us, we should love them more than anyone else so that they can follow us. We should have supreme love, higher than anyone else's. We can be healed by taking medicine. On behalf of True Mother, women should have the heart to love and embrace anyone. But Satan violated all women through seven generations, in front of God. All loyal people were violated. When that happened, how could God love all these people?

To understand the meaning of love, you should follow me. We need to go through many stages, not just formation, growth and perfection. When you establish the tradition of loving the enemy, you need to be able to love the daughter of the enemy. When Satan violated Eve, he mistreated everyone. It is hard to love them, but still we should love them so that we can restore them. If we love the enemy, there is no barrier before us. In order to do that, you need to follow my direction. Satan surrendered. We need to subjugate Satan and have him surrender voluntarily, at least up to three generations. Then evil things will be washed away.

Mr. Yoo, are you willing to live with an older lady, a grandma. [If you ask me to, I will.] It should not just be based on my direction. Of course it will be difficult. Tamar had a relationship with her father-in-law. It was a difficult course for her. Do you understand? How many times did God try to marry? Adam's time, Jesus' time, and the age of the Lord of the Second Advent and also the fourth Adam's age. God brought together all His enemies and embraced them all. Once we love, there is nothing impure. Satan was not impure from the beginning. He was the being living close to God. So we should not have the concept of enemy, but restore them to the original place. So many people have been sacrificed throughout human history.

From now, you understand indeed. I went to visit an Indian reservation recently. There were 62 men and only 2 women there. Continuing that way, the tribe will be extinguished. Think about it. If someone from the Unification Church goes there and multiplies that tribe ... We need to think that way. What would you think if your wife or daughter were to go there, Rev. Yang?

Within 10 to 20 years, China will be in trouble, because they prefer boys and the girls are killed. They will have the problem of no women to marry. Then Korean women should be sent all over the world to bring equalization. When men and women reach the age of 60 or 70, then their desire to have a relationship will diminish. Rev. Kwak, how about you? You don't feel the same as before, right? So you should be willing to have the desire to become true father and true mother for those enemy people and enemy nations. That's what God wants us to do. For that, there is nothing we should allow to block it. Don't think of saving yourself, for your tribe or nation. You should be able to say, cham arasumnida, we understand clearly.

Unification Church women should become royal families by sacrificing themselves. Do you understand what I am saying? This is very important. If you have to go to the enemy's family, and even be the wife of an enemy, we should be willing to accept it. We should be willing to give our daughter to our enemy and become related by lineage.

Okay is like kitchen. Thieves try to break in to the kitchen. Say ojee instead, which is like "a gate into the kingdom." Now, are you willing to follow any directions I give, even marrying an enemy? If you don't understand what I'm saying and my heart behind it, you'd better pray, because you are not able to liberate me and bring me to Sabbath rest. I am responsible to save everyone, including enemies. The way to save them is to love them, even giving our own children and own wife. Don't think of taking revenge on enemies. From now, understand this very clearly. So, we have sent missionaries to 185 nations. People there should be able to become royalty by saving the people of that nation. If you do that, you don't need to say okay, but you can say, ojee.

In America, people say okay a lot, but that is not right and we have to change our mentality from now. To bring oneness to the world, we should be willing to do anything. To save others, we live for the sake of others. If we live for the sake of others, on behalf of my parents or spouse, then we can become royal families of God, because we can be under God directly. For this we need to purify all the impure water. For this, we need to live for others. If we live that way, then everyone will attend us. Heavenly fortune will follow us. We should not have partisanship. A partisan will cause problems. Anyone with that idea will perish. We bring the base of peace through that, and bring liberation to God and True Parents and all humankind.

We need to understand the meaning of the fall. Through the fall we lost everything, the parents, family, heaven and earth. We need to be victorious; we need the indemnity condition. That way we can restore, we can be the liberator and bring the unification of Korea. This is the time to resolve everything, in heaven and on earth. The nations should be united, with unification brought to the world. We need to start a unification movement throughout the world. Today you need to be determined to do this. Bring liberation to all things; it can be done only by true love: love for God, humankind and all things. If we do that, then we can march forward. Are you going to take the leap? We need to take an elevator, to go up. We need to lay the foundation for the family and nation. We need to take a leap.

In the jungle, Tarzan can climb trees and freely swing everywhere. He lives with animals and communicates with them. We should be that Tarzan. Be the king of Tarzans as you march forward, and be able to say Amen for a thousand years and ten thousand years.

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