Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2000

True God's Day 2000 Leaders Conference

Sun Myung Moon
New York, New York
January 3, 2000
Translation by Hee Hun Standard, Kayo Pederson and Jeong Phyo Hong
Unofficial notes by Tyler Hendricks

The 2000 Motto (Rev. Peter Kim's translation):

The Cosmic Expansion of True Love is
The Perfection of the New Millennial Kingdom

True Father:

How many leaders are here? (Rev. Hwang: the total is 800 leaders, including western, Korean and Japanese.) All sisters, raise your hands. (Not many.)

How many Japanese leaders are here? How many Korean? How many western? We can see mostly Japanese leaders here. (Father has a Korean leader sing a song, with a light-hearted spirit.) Does any Japanese leader want to sing a song? (One does so, which everyone enjoys.) How about a western member? (Father walks in the crowd to pick one. He picks Michael Jenkins. Mike sings "Battle Hymn of the Republic" in Korean.)

(True Father asks Mrs. Hyun Shil Kang to give a testimony. Mrs. Kang is the first member to join in South Korea. She joined when the church was a mud hut. She was an evangelist for a local Presbyterian Church in Pusan. While she spoke, I was running around and I missed some of her testimony.)

Mrs. Kang:

God has worked so hard to bring so many couples to the matching throughout the world. It is not just a human work.

Dr. Young Oon Kim suffered from cancer. I visited her one day and had a conversation. At that time I realized that she was not an ordinary person.

The relationship between True Parents and us is as parent and child.

True Father:

I am also resembling God more and more. Why don't you talk about it more? Those who are blessed, raise your hands. I know what I am doing. I know how to match the right people together. We have to bring people together.

Mrs. Kang:

For 45 years I lived alone. Many people asked me why I lived alone. Sometimes it was not so easy for me. I once had a chance to have a personal talk with True Parents. At that time, Father asked me about my situation and suggested a spirit world blessing. I said it would be all right. I kept in my mind that I should have absolute faith all the time.

True Father:

You are not telling the story about the problems you got into because of a lack of absolute faith.

Mrs. Kang:

My faith was cultivated in a Christian church and it was a different situation when I got here.

True Father:

When you joined the Unification Church, it was so new so you got into difficulties.

Mrs. Kang:

Christians must go over many hills to get to this point, so we have to have absolute faith.

When Father said that I was to have a spirit world blessing, I realized that I have to obey True Father's words. Rev. Kwak motioned me to accept whatever True Father wants. So I said that I will follow Father's direction. And when I went home, I could not remember the name of my husband. I was wondering, what is the name of my husband? Was it Sundar Singh? I was confused. It was not Sundar Singh. Rev. Hwang helped me remember my husband's name. He did a lot of research about St. Augustine at UTS. With his help, I came to remember my husband's name. I remembered St. Augustine's Confessions. Even after reading that book, I had forgotten his name, and I thought it was a ...

I overcame obstacles in my heart more quickly and on February 7 I was blessed to him.

We went through a certain process and I went through whatever ceremonies we had to go through. What was amazing is that I could really feel something in my heart, my mind, body and life became much more vitalized. So my life changed. When people saw me, people asked me, "Oh, what happened to you? You look much younger!" I could definitely feel a change in my life.

Now I can feel the presence of God more vividly. My minister said to me that I should prepare a present. After 40-days training, some people are given an award. About 30 members received it; it was a watch. I need to drink some water; I am thirsty. (Father gave her True Mother's water.)

True Father:

When you get old, you get thirsty more quickly.

Mrs. Kang:

Mother wanted to give me a blessing, but I didn't receive it yet.

True Father:

Why don't you ask for it today?

Mrs. Kang:

So I said to my husband that True Mother will give me a present and whatever it is, I will offer it to you. Some Catholics found out I was blessed to St. Augustine and they thought it was very good for me. Through the blessing, I pray that I can bring all the Catholics and Protestants together.

Now I am over 70. Although I am quite old, I want to bring all the Christians together. If I could open a way for the Christians to come together, to be a bridge between Christianity and our church, that would be nice. I said that to Mother and she was very pleased. For this purpose, I am praying everyday. I truly wish that all Christians will come to recognize True Parents and be reborn and come to God.

True Father:

Anyone who knows True Parents is happy. Those who do not know True Parents cannot really know God.

Mrs. Kang:

Now Father is asking me to reveal all the secrets. You know we have to go through the 3-day ceremony and the 40-day period. During the 3-day ceremony, I could vividly feel he was with me and that Father was not lying. Father has been telling us the truth. At that time, I again realized that Father emphasized how real it is for us to have relationship with a spirit person. That kind of phenomena took place, and in the morning when I was praying, I prayed for the unification of Christianity, all the Christians coming together with the Unification Church members.

True Father:

Actually, in the new millennium True Parents should be the center of people's lives.

Mrs. Kang:

I could see clearly some signs from spirit world. Again, unless we experience it ourselves, we cannot understand what True Father is saying, but it is true and if we believe it we will know Father is speaking the truth. It is amazing. From this experience, I realize that if I believe 50% then the result is 50%, and if I believe 100%, then 100% result comes. Through my life of faith, I came to realize how much God loves me. I realized how much True Father loves me. He is concerned about everything. Without my realizing it, Father was concerned. When I needed things, someone brought me those things: money, clothes, food. I realized that God can provide me everything I need. Based upon these experiences, God, who created this world and universe, is not a helpless God but is my God.

True Father:

Of course.

Mrs. Kang:

A long time ago, Father asked me to proclaim the word. I responded, "How can I?" Father said, "Wherever you go, you must tell people that a new age has dawned and the Lord has come." Whenever I went out witnessing, no matter what time period, I had no money and no place to go. I had to beg for food and shelter, so wherever I went I prayed for God to be with me. I told God that the place to which I am going is not for my own sake, but to witness to True Father, therefore, please be with me. Amazingly, wherever I went, God was with me and He provided me food, shelter and clothes as I needed.

Still I often complained in my heart that it was so hard. I cried out, "How long must I go on?" When I did so, there would be no one to help me, and Christian ministers and elders would persecute me wherever I went. On the other hand, when my faith was fired up, everyone was on my side and helped me. Through this experience, I realized how truthful my way of life was.

True Father:

God gives whatever we expect. If we make small conditions, God gives us small things. If we do our best, He gives us what we need. You should not be in the midway position. Don't be on Satan's side. Totally invest yourself for God. If you have the right attitude, God will give you more than you expect. Your children and future descendents will be blessed. Why did you come so far (to attend this event in New York)? Soon won't you be leaving? You should be grateful for what you have been given. Do you understand?

You should say clearly that you understand. You really don't need all the explanations. The truth is always simple. You should not run away. Be honest, conscientious and tell the truth. Do not beat around the bush.

Mrs. Kang:

I went to Cholla province and Kyungsang province and at that time we had no members. I was beaten by ministers. I went to Chungsang province with not a penny in my pocket.

True Father:

You should say that you had some money but you didn't want to use it.

Mrs. Kang:

God wanted to give me a hard time and I had not a penny. Whenever we went for pioneering, all we received was transportation expense. In Kyungjoo, a woman appeared to me and I told her I needed a room for a week. She asked me why. I told her because I need to witness. "If I witness to people in Kyungjoo for a week," I said, "this city will change." She took me with her. Her husband was a medical doctor and she was a church elder. I spoke to her about the principle. As I was explaining, she said, "Your words are too precious for me to listen to alone. I need to bring more people." She took me to a man who had been praying for over a month. He had not shaved or washed and he looked unkempt. He said, "I have been praying so hard, but I can see that your spiritual level is higher than mine." The lady was very impressed.

I witnessed to others and whomever I spoke to was impressed with my words. Wherever I went I was well-treated and they treated me better and better as time went by. They gave me better and better food, even though they had very little money and at that time food was very poor for everyone. They brought me meat and fish. They showed me the highest respect.

After a few weeks there, I wanted to leave. The doctor's home was not so nice, even though he was a doctor, but as I was about to leave, he asked me to wait for a moment. He brought me some money. He said it was his tithing money, and for two months he had saved it for his minister, but he wanted to give it to me. I said, no, it is supposed to go to God. He said, I am not giving it to you, but to God through you. It was two month's tithing money and was a substantial amount.

From this experience I again realized how much God loves me. When I work for God, testifying and witnessing to Father, then God is always with me, wherever I go and whatever I do. I cried out, "He is truly the God of Kang Hyun Shil." Three times I shouted it.

True Father:

Why don't you shout it out now?

Mrs. Kang:

I really strongly realized God was the God of Kang Hyun Shil. God created the whole universe.

True Father:

I told you to shout it out to this audience.

Mrs. Kang:

He is not your God, but the God of Kang Hyun Shil! If you work harder than me, then I will let you have God, the God that belongs to me, on that condition.

True Father:

That's enough. Now, about your relationship with your husband, everyone should know. Please give her a hand. Okay, Rev. Kwak will report about the Hoon Dok seminars. How many did you have? Everyone here should have one in their own area. It will take a long time to report; I want to finish everything by tomorrow. You should indicate if you received a blessing from God this God's Day. [All applaud.]

Rev. Kwak:

Last year, February 6, True Parents established the IIFWP. Through that new organization, Father gave us a message of the ideal that God originally wanted to achieve. As we were holding an international Hoon Dok Hae conference, Father attended the conference and said I am not going to attend it personally anymore, and told the participants that the purpose of this organization is to bring God's Fatherland on earth. I want to remind you again of that original theme of the Hoon Dok Hae conferences.

True Father established the FFWPU, an organization that goes beyond the level of the church, but he is trying to bring something higher through the IIFWP. Externally he wants to bring those who are working in the various fields of public service, business, finance, culture and media. True Father wants to bring them all together with religious people. For this purpose, True Father wants to bring the external leaders to Hoon Dok Hae conferences. We held many conferences in the past, but this is the first one that teaches Father's words directly. Therefore the significance is enormous.

This means that the time that we witness about Father indirectly is over, and now we have to testify to Father directly, based upon Father's own words. We have to realize that the time has changed. Amazingly, so many people around the world came to the conference and did not oppose us. Some people might not have been so happy with the message, but basically they could not openly complain about it, because we told them from the beginning what we were going to do.

One of the topics of the conference was spirit world, because Father wants people to understand this. We read Dr. Lee's messages as well as True Father's words about true love, true parents, true family and true children. We covered True Father's message directly. We also included True Father's prayers. If you hold this kind of conference, you'll be amazed at the result. As a person who held so many conferences, I am touched by the result of this one more than by any other. Religious leaders do not know spirit world so well. This is a fact. Based upon that experience, I came to appreciate Father's idea of teaching them spirit world. In order to resolve all the human problems that exist today, this Hoon Dok Hae conference is really helpful.

The conference takes three days. All the participants are so grateful. Initially, we planned only three seminars, then Father told us to hold seven. The next one is January 20-23. Through the conference, we want to raise the standard of leadership in America, the elder son nation. For this purpose we are trying to invite political leaders and ambassadors. We are going to have all these conferences and after this, we are going to have Hoon Dok Hae seminars on the continental level and then each nation will hold Hoon Dok Hae conferences. Already this is taking place. We are inviting leaders from various fields and when we witness to all those people on high levels, that is not so easy. By bringing them together and educating them in Father's words directly, throughout the world, their attitude changes. They do not speak a lot but are humble and appreciative.

In the beginning we chose 40 nations, and the Continental Directors made the choices. We cannot bring all the people of the world at once, so we need to go through several steps. Initially we started with 40 nations, and now we have had Hoon Dok Hae conferences in 65 nations. Each nation has a different situation and some nations are more prepared and others are not, but I hope that through these conferences the world can be restored as quickly as possible.

Those participants are bringing their friends and so it is becoming easier to bring guests and the preparation period can be shortened. We are touched by what is happening. I often saw people shedding tears, even up to one-third or half of the audience. They are touched by Father's words. For example, when I was choosing Father's prayers, I chose some prayers from the early 50s. They were very touched by them and they asked me if Father still prays like that. Now we are adding more recent and representative prayers.

We are studying speeches picked out of 300 volumes, such a small portion, and the speeches were given extemporaneously by inspiration in prayer. There are common themes no matter what the topic. People are amazed by the consistency over the decades.

As these expand, great results will come. Last night I reported to True Father . . . is a small nation. During the third Hoon Dok Hae, four congressmen attended from there, even though their election was only six weeks away. Their leader told them to come. And all of them won their election. There are 33 congressmen in that nation and 6 of them have come to Hoon Dok Hae conferences. One of the 6 is the speaker of the congress and was going to run for the country's presidency. I was so moved by his coming during the campaign period, and communicated my gratitude and respect to him. He was planning to come to the United States, but I wanted to visit him in his country and he changed his schedule to accommodate me. I visited him there.

I told him that by uniting with Father's will, he will be blessed. I asked him to promote the PLA actively. I gave him a message from Father, to love God and love people. He was very happy to receive what I gave him and he invited all the religious and political leaders to welcome me. As I gave my speech, as he was a presidential candidate, he stood next to me listening. He was so humble. His ankle was sprained and he was uncomfortable, but in spite of that he did all he could to serve me. I spent as much time as I could with him because I wanted to give him Father's words. He was a democrat, and the current president had not done a good job.

The congress elects the president in this country, and this man was elected president. It is such good news, we just heard yesterday. Now I can feel the time has changed.

True Father:

We should not be surprised that such things happen, but we should make them happen.

Rev. Kwak:

True Parents went through an incredible path of sacrifice, so based on that foundation we can bring many fruits. Another example is . . . A new president was elected a while ago. He is a well-known religious leader in the country. The population is very large. This president's family, from his grandfathers' generation, has emphasized the importance of religion-based education for the children. His denomination has 7,000 schools. He believes that he won the presidency by God's grace, not by his own effort or merit. He was blessed and in 1997 he attended the RFK blessing. He has incredible depth and breadth in his understanding of religion in general. I do not recall it was 1995, but his wife had an auto accident and has been paralyzed from the waist down. He could take another wife, but he said that I do not need a woman, I have a wife. He helps her in her wheel chair always, and he made her the first lady.

True Father:

Please bring them to the blessing in Korea. That is enough about that. (To everyone.) What did you do so far? [Rev. Hwang gives Father a paper.] This is the new millennium yute game result. There should be ten continents. Bless you all. Oceania was the first prize, 2nd Northeast, 3rd Korea, 4th Africa, 5th Europe, 6th South America, 7th Asia, 8th Middle East, 9th Japan, 10th North America. (Ed: I'm not sure I got those in the correct order, but 1st, 2nd and 10th places are definitely correct. As a result of the game, each continental church is assigned to take care of a number of cattle. I believe that the cattle are in South America.)

You have to have good ranches to take care of cattle. Are you going to increase your herds? Later we will find out. Numbers one, two and three belong to God. Each person has to own a cow, including calves. We have to multiply them. If you buy cattle, most of them will have offspring. The number will grow rapidly. If each person buys one cow, so many members will own cattle. Even our relatives should be able to have cattle. If we include our relatives, we can easily include millions of people and those people should be able to take care of some cattle soon. Those who are interested, raise your hands. (Everyone does.) Okay, then I will join you.

Unification Church members should have the largest ranch in the world. In South America, if we have more cattle than anyone else, we can be proud. So far our result has not been good. But if we have the largest ranch, it will be great. Would you prefer to have a cow or a calf? A calf is cheaper. How many would you like to buy? If each member buys one, it is not enough. Each should buy two or three; the more, the better. Even buy ten. You should have at least two, so that you can have offspring. We will buy a lot of land in South America. The media will make noise, but later we will give it away to many people for their benefit. And we are working to take care of the environment.

I have an appointment with Mother. You must be tired of seeing me so much over the last three days. Do you want me to stay? (Yes.) Then I have to break my appointment with Mother and spirit world will accuse me. This is serious. So I will speak briefly and you should pay attention.

The world has changed. What is the meaning of this? That people have changed? That houses have changed? Has God changed? What is the meaning of the world changing? It means that the content has changed.

It means that in the past 2,000 years, many things happened. Now, one year is like a thousand years or three thousand years. It is a different level. It is so different. From the providential viewpoint, from God's viewpoint, we talk about 6,000 years of history. Now is different from the past 2,000 years. Let's talk about 4,000 years. (Father is drawing on the board.) This is the providence to restore the failure of the past, centered on Israel. The difference in terms of content is that the providence of salvation, of restoration, is over. The providence of indemnity is gone. From now, there will be no concept of indemnity. So if we can restore one nation, we can automatically restore the world. If we can restore the world, the world will become as one nation. So our task is to find one nation. From 1997, we started to clean up the spirit world and we gave a lot of blessings. We liberated people in hell and brought the good and evil spirit worlds together though the blessing.

We know that many of our ancestors in spirit world are related to each other. If we make special conditions for them, they will grow. Children who went to spirit world will grow quickly through our special conditions. Forty billion people from Adam's era have been blessed. In the New Testament Age, Jesus came to earth to be blessed, but he could not be. Christians have been waiting for Jesus to come back to be married. But what happened? Christianity is the religion of the bride. Jesus was the bridegroom and we people were in the bride's position. Jesus could save us spiritually, but Satan was not eliminated so we could not build an ideal family. We had to go through three stages, like Abraham's offering, and at the time of Jacob the providence advanced a little more. Jacob's age served to indemnify what failed in the past and to set the foundation to receive the Messiah in the future.

We have three stages, Adam's time, Jesus' time and based on the foundation of Jacob, all this could be restored only through indemnity, vertically and horizontally. It all started from Adam's time and could be restored through the blessing. The Lord of the Second Advent could bring everyone together through indemnity conditions, to the world level. We have been waiting to settle at one point. Korea, in the Northern Hemisphere, and South America in the Southern Hemisphere should be able to unite through the messiah in God's providence. Then the headquarters for education and bringing world peace will be built.

We are blessing those who are not married and who are married, even in spirit world. So, 400 million couples have been in the position of younger brother and those in spirit world have been elder brothers, and there has been a circular movement. They have gone through a workshop in spirit world. The physical world and spirit world can be united thereby. Now everyone born since the fall should be restored through indemnity. This means that now the age of indemnity is over and people on earth are in the elder brothers' position and the spirit world people are in younger brothers' position and they should have unity through the blessing.

This is what we have to finish by the end of 2003. It should not extend beyond that. Would you be happy to complete the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth within three years or thirty? [The Americans respond late because of translation lag.] Language is a problem. How can we unify? We need one nation. Western members are under heavenly fate to learn Korean. In three years, Father memorized English. It should be no problem, no matter what your situation.

The providence of restoration is over. So where will we go? After the fall, we entered the period in which God was kicked out of the Garden of Eden. God Himself was evicted. All women had to wait for the coming of the Lord. Because Cain and Abel had to be restored, those children had to be educated. Who educated them? Their mother did. The time has changed. If you know the answer, you know what to do for restoration. Eve was supposed to be the mother. After Eve fell, who fell next? Here (on the board) are Cain and Abel. Cain killed Abel. First there was the fall because of Eve's failure. Then Cain and Abel failed because their mother could not bring unity between them. Now the mother should educate the children. When we speak of the Cain and Abel problem, it includes women as well, in this way. Is it only men? One aspect has to do only with men, but the other includes women. There is a Cain and Abel problem between women. In the Bible you can see the separation between brothers. Their disunity took them to hell.

So at this time, women should restore Cain and Abel. Originally, Christianity should have fulfilled this mission. If Christianity had been united with me, everything would have been finished within 7 years. But the established churches rejected me and it took 40 years to reach this point. Now the children must be united with the mother. This is an absolute condition that must be fulfilled on earth. The mother nation should have been England, but England failed and opposed me. They fell to the realm of the fall. So, the democratic world and communist world, the atheist nations, all opposed and tried to destroy me. Who is Rev. Moon? It is Father. So they united to kick me out. But I had to come back in order to restore them. I did it by practicing absolute faith, love and obedience. When you do these things, you should be absolute. All people should be standing on the foundation of absolute faith, love and obedience.

God wants us to be better than Him. One is for wife and one is for husband, and next children come. God wishes to have an object of love in the positions of wife and children. There are two different objects. You know that love cannot come about without an object. So, now, when everyone else fell into hell, there should be restoration through the father. The mother should be restored first, then the mother should restore the children. When all become one, then the world will be united. How long did I speak? When did we start? Okay, we can take a ten-minute break for the bathroom. (Father returned after about 5 minutes and started again.)

If I had been accepted, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth would have come in 7 years through indemnity. This (referring to the drawing) is the mother on the tribal, national and world level, and the mother could have restored everything through uniting Cain and Abel. Cain and Abel should have united with mother. Then, here, they would have established the elder son position and there would have been the restoration of elder sonship. Three nations then, the elder son nation, mother nation and father nation, would have united together. Then the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth would have been built. But this was all lost.

So the elder son nation had to be restored through indemnity conditions. Through the cooperation between mother and son, these two nations should have been restored. I'm talking about Japan and America. Then they should be united with the fatherland, Korea. Then the elder son nation could be perfected, then the mother nation perfected, then the Kingdom of Heaven built. This should come through the blessing. Then the physical world and spirit world should be united. Then the term indemnity will be gone and, centered on God, we all can go back to the original land, the ideal of creation. That is our homeland. There we can enjoy an eternal relationship with God. So far, we have been under Satan's realm and influence, but we now should register ourselves into the Heavenly Kingdom. And we should bring our lineage back to God.

So now we should enter the age in which we belong to God. Adam was originally the elder son, then parent, then king, but because of the fall he lost those positions and all those should be restored. Ever since the creation, the ideal family that God desires should be fulfilled. Although it was lost because of false parents, now we have to liberate God from His grief. We have to clean up everything. We should build a new world. Amen.

Now recite the Family Pledge number 8. (We do so.) That is the conclusion; that is what we are aiming for. We are in the Completed Testament Age. So now we should build the ideal world. Satan's realm and influence and power should disappear. We should build the ideal family and ideal world. For this, we should be blessed families who can enter the Kingdom of Heaven. For this, all the women should be active throughout the world. In our Unification church, all women should be united. Amen?

Because we should follow the principle, when all the women throughout the world are united, then they go back to the original position as God's daughters. The greatest wish of women should be to become God's daughters. What about the men next to you? What are you, next to women? What do you want to be? Through the True Parents, you should become children of God. That is what Adam and Eve should have been. But after them, who came? Cain and Abel. Who is going to guide Cain and Abel to God? Well, the mother fell and the mother should lead them. The mother's love is such that she will sacrifice herself. Even if she dies, she will feed the children. Even at the moment of death, she wants to protect the children. Even if the mother is bleeding to death, still she would nourish the children. That is a mother's love and spirit. Is it true? Then if the mother wants to give everything until the moment of death, can we say Japan has done that? You didn't even want me to come to your country.

This is a result of the fallen nature, that world in which we live. What is this year's motto? I am talking about this year's motto. Therefore, from now, you should forget everything in the past, including your own name. We are living in such a time. Everyone in the world should be re-blessed and we should go back to the original land. We are living in the realm of the 4th Adam. The universe is the place in which every being created by God should live together. How about the eyes? What is their purpose? They also need to unite and fulfill their purpose. The nose is the same, it has a purpose. Also the mouth. These are all God's creation, each with its own purpose. Centering on God's love, we have to create the house in which all things have the same value in that each is the substantial creation of God. Gold and many precious gems and treasures are layered in mountains, centered on love and heart as the motivation, and the relationship between plus and minus. They must have the purpose to create give and take action. They must create a plus.

In the Unification Church, since you joined the family, if you are following Father, are you looking miserable? As central figures you receive my direction and you may have resentment, but you know it will be a positive result, not a negative one. So you know all this sacrifice and work will be a great blessing and bring a powerful result. If you thought all of Father's directions lead to a negative result, you would not come and follow. By following you will gain more plusses as you always have, and you will be eternally plus.

A meeting with Father is not a normal meeting. Many religions have been persecuted and we have restored much of Christian history through our sacrifice. Because the indemnity has been paid for all the Christian history, we can meet here. Your own God is yours. I want you to understand God and God's value. I'd like to transfer my heart of relationship with God to you, with the heart of parents in the age of the Second Coming. Between the point of view of the fallen world and the standard of the heart of parents and of the true God, there is an incredible difference. In the era of the fourth Adam, how can we bring victory? Throughout the world, all women must unite, centered on the heavenly direction.

Are you listening to me? When I speak Japanese, the Koreans are not learning. Did you hear? All the women in the world should be one within the loving guidance of True Parents. Many people can say you should unite with your husband, or your parents, or your president, or with Rev. Moon. Then which would you choose? You should be united with me first. Now is the women's age. Now we are living in the world in which men can no longer control everything. Women now even deny men. Everyone is denying each other. When you deny the other, parents say the daughter is not worthwhile. It is the time to deny everything. Where is the ideal? In America? Is America the Kingdom of Heaven? Does the family have a true master? Does the nation? Everyone is stealing from each other. They are lost. Women stand naked, alone. Can you imagine that? People now are not ashamed of being naked. When men and women are naked, what do they like the most? The sexual organ. It is for love.

Actually, that is true. When people are naked, they want to have a relationship, to touch each other. When you are in puberty, in adolescence, if men and women touch, they feel electricity right there. Sometimes you don't even want to eat. People really enjoy it. When men and women are naked, what can cause them to fall? Would you like to touch the love organ, or touch the breast? Very interestingly, women have breasts to be touched, and men like to touch them. This is a normal thing to do. Do you understand that? It is something instinctive and natural, nothing to laugh about. They like to touch each other when the women become more mature and the body changes. Do not laugh. When men think of a woman's breast, men have hair and women have hair. When they contact each other, do you feel some electricity there? Have you felt that? It's natural.

Women like to be touched on their breasts. Don't you think Adam and Eve enjoyed that, even though they didn't know what love was about, when they slept together they could have felt something. Do you know that? You husbands, when you go to bed tonight, try to touch your wife's breast. Even if your wife refuses, she will be happy if you do that. Try it. Even women can try too. Sometimes you put your leg on your spouse. Don't move it. It is strange that the founder of the Unification Church is talking like this. I am teaching you something very holy. Those who appreciate this, say thank you. (Everyone does.)

I have no more to give you. I gave you everything I have, even my money. Since I gave you everything, what are you going to do? I have my own wife and children to take care of. Should I take care of my family or continue to talk to you? Should I have my own home or not? I don't need my own home, but if I can find a nation, I'd do anything for that. I'd like to build God's Kingdom. Should it be centered on earth or include heaven and earth? It should be both. That is our fatherland and our earth is our hometown.

When you look at your hand, the earth is like the back of your hand. Your hand has five fingers. You have to make a fist. That is like your hometown. You should hold God's love in your palm. Each finger has three stages, so when you make a fist there are twelve becoming one. They all are connected. When you make a fist, connected, God can be there. God is wherever there is oneness. Eventually, everything will be gone and we will have a God-centered family. Then people inevitably will join the Unification Church. They will make a choice to join or not to join. You cannot force them to make the right choice. We need the truth, God's words, for that. We need to spread God's message to everyone. Are you confident in doing that, Americans? [Yes.]

There are many media outlets opposing the Unification Church. There is no grassroots in America, either Republican or Democrat. They have no substance; they are like wind. There is no master, no owner. Who is the owner of America? Many people say they are proud of America, but who is its owner? What is so good about America? Free sex? Lesbianism? Family breakdown?

All women of the world belong to the True Adam. Where is your wife? They are willing to be faithful to me; that's why I gave them to you men. They are originally loyal to me, not to you. Adam did not take responsibility for fallen Eve, so I took care of them. That is indemnity. Women should love men. That is the principle. The reason you cannot object when I say this because it is the principle. Even if you want to have 100 relationships with your wife, there is nothing wrong with that. You can eat one spoonful of food, then have sex, then one spoonful, then sex, over and over, there is nothing wrong with that. Between husband and wife, if they die of exhaustion because of having so much sex, there is nothing wrong with that. What kind of religious founder is this? Worldly people may think it strange, but when you go to spirit world you will see I am not wrong. Dr. Sang Hun Lee saw this in spirit world. Light came into his body and he felt love. Do you understand what this means? When Dr. Lee greeted God, God's very acceptance of the greeting was the most profound experience of love for Dr. Lee. Do you think this is true? Do you want it to be true? That is the way both men and women can be happy. Even if you are ugly you want that experience. You meet in blood. When you kiss, do you form a blood relationship? When you have a relationship, it is where you can meet God.

So a wife is like a bird. The bird flies to her husband and as a couple they want to make babies and want to make love. Is there anything wrong with that? Or if the wife is like a rabbit and jumping all over making love; is there anything wrong? I'm asking because I do not know. When you touch the right place, you feel electricity. Where would men and women meet? At home, when they meet in love, God will rejoice. So do not look down upon that small place. It is the place all the cells can meet and be stimulated and vibrate. That's the house of love.

A small entity should go into a big house. When you place a bowl, do you start with a small bowl to receive the bigger one, or the other way around? The bigger goes first. That way, you can embrace everything. The love organ is the house of love. All the cells can dance centering there. No matter how small they may be, they are all alive, because that's the place God can love. So, it is the principle to have the big ones eat the small ones. The small ones exist for the greater purpose. By doing that, we become the creation's true owner. So we have to offer our lives for the sake of God. The weak are eaten by the strong. It is only for the sake of God. It is perfectly principled. When a knife is placed on the lamb, the lamb is willing to die. The lamb is not rebellious.

How is your relationship with your wife? (Well, fine.) You don't seem so sensitive about your wife. You have to be good to your wife. That is the most important thing in the universe. This is not a physical body. Do you beautiful wives here understand? You can show your most precious part only to your husband and God. Your husband is the owner of love and your husband can bring your true love to you. Your husband is the owner of your true love. If you allow anyone to invade this principle, you destroy the relationships of the universe. This is the most fearful thing; do you understand?

From now, I want to activate all the women of the world. How can I do it? To do so, I need a nation. It is the third day of the new year. To get the nation, we need the women. The women destroy the nation, through the fallen action. So we need to straighten out the nation. We have to follow the principle of restoration through indemnity. Because of the fall, women lost their ideal husband and children. So there are no ideal husbands, wives or children. All exist as enemies to each other. So we need True Parents. True Parents need to restore all the relationships. Husband and wife should be united and children should be united with their parents, all relationships should be united. Based upon this we can restore the nation. We have to re-organize all the families for the restoration of the nation. We have to bring all the people who are working in the different fields, religious, cultural, academic, whatever, we have to restore a nation. If Korea does not fulfill that, then another country has to be found, wherever it may be. In any event, land has been purchased on which a nation can be built.

We can start doing something about that. So, what is the woman's responsibility? Women should find the new nation. We should build a new world in this new millennium. We should educate people to find a new home. What is this? (Father draws Chinese characters on the board.) This is brothers and sisters. This means house. (Chinese characters.) We should find a house in which everyone is happy and peaceful. We should build a new world in this new millennium. We should establish the house for women. This is the Chinese character that means house.

This is a different tongue, which belongs to Satan, because there are a lot of divisions there, but we should transform this divided house into a peaceful and harmonious house. The house is the training place to go to heaven. You people want to build the house not for fighting but for harmony. In the new millennium we should build a new house in which we can harmonize, be happy and love each other. A small home belongs to the larger home, and God has the largest home, and we altogether belong to God's home. Now we know what is the right thing to do, and God is the perfect plus and we as minus should be totally united with God. When you go to Japan, are there not multiple political parties? We should not belong to this house with lots of divisions, but should build a harmonious house.

Yok is a Chinese character, in Korean kaesho. This is a new era. This Chinese character has all the meanings of restoration. Kayando is north pole and hyeyon is south. So if Christians had originally united with us, we could have established Father's land in Korea, but because of the failure we had to go through indemnity. Haewa is peace, the Chinese character. This is the meaning of peace.

Despite that, Adam and Eve fell. This is very mysterious. Behind Korean history are mysteries. Formation, growth and perfection. Even if it requires that you deny absolutely your family, wife and children, you must go back to True Parents. You Japanese are completely united with Father. What you received from me was to become a complete woman, a true mother. How? You husbands are the archangel position. Before, you were the heavenly archangel position. Two-thirds must be cut off, to deny the position of the fallen archangel. So you have to destroy and kick out the man who focuses on himself instead of living for a higher purpose. So we must restore women to become heavenly wives. I am speaking to the men. If we don't guide them with determination, our children will go in the wrong direction. I am talking of the principle of restoration. Is it wrong? It is absolutely, eternally, never wrong.

The heart of the mother is to fulfill a woman's responsibility. Living for the world, we must provide education. From now, the Unification Church is of young people under 24. We must unite women and children. Then we can bring heaven and earth victory. Your husbands are not important relative to this. Women in Japan must unite their children, then the father and whole family. Children and men all unite with the mother. Children unite with mother to bring them to God. The mother fell first, then the children, Cain and Abel. So we must unite the children, the mother must embrace the children and go back to the father to bring the restored position before the fall. Restore the children and the husband is the archangel. Then the eternal tribe must be subjugated. When we go to heaven, we must bring the archangel with us.

The wife is to the left of the husband. All women in Japan must unite together. We will at first educate the mothers. In one week, let's educate all the women, through a 3-day then 4-day workshop. We must have the perfect education to bring all the women together. The Sekei Nippo is a righteous newspaper. Where are its leaders? You must publicly announce these things. The mother should educate the children. Based upon the unity between mother and children, you should be united with the father.

Now the time has changed. It is time to be restored. All the children should be restored. They should be willing to be totally united with the mother, with total unity and offering the result to the father. Then the father will give the eternal blessing. This is the principle of restoration. These are not my words; it should be done at some point in time. It cannot be denied. When you know what is right, can anyone oppose that? God is eternal, unique, absolute and unchanging. So we should be totally united with that, through absolute faith, love and obedience. How can we digest this?

It is simple. There are opposing political parties. Women should go to each party and educate all those leaders about how not to fight with each other at whatever level they may be. The mothers become mediators between the parties. Each party contains many people, so the mothers should educate everyone. We should bring them to unity and harmony. In order to bring unity to those people, how many people do we need? If they fight, will they win or lose? Both will lose. But if we teach them to be united, then everyone wins.

The restoration of the Kingdom of Heaven: when can it be done? Rev. Kwak? So we are responsible to educate all those leaders. In Korea, we have 40 million people. Half of them are men and half are women. To educate them all, we need a lot of resources. But we need to educate them. We have to make an announcement about this. We should save America and the world. Every four years there is an election. At that time, rather than seeing them fighting, if we teach them to unite, then the world will be united.

We should announce this campaign through the media. We have to publicly announce the plan to save the world. Everyone has to know how to get the blessing. Should Americans say no, or amen? If you say no, you will fall. We should not be arrogant. The arrogant will perish. What do you think? Will this be successful? Absolutely successful. You do not need money. The most powerful women are American women. They are the queens. You need to take this personally as your own responsibility. Everyone has to be united. In the beginning, laborers belonged to the communist party. But in the Unification Church, all women should join True Parents' party. Then the world can be restored.

These are not just my words; heaven revealed these things and I was instructed to give the message to you. It is not just a human idea. All this should be written down and publicly announced. It is a matter of importance to heaven and earth. So, we have to restore a nation. I blessed many people and they are sensitive to my ideas and plans. Recently I gave a speech with the title, "The Cosmos is My Hometown and Fatherland." Based on that foundation, I created the new model. The new millennium can be a new world. That is how we can build the Kingdom of Heaven, based on that speech. The mother and elder son nation should be united. We should educate all the individuals, all the people and nations. Then when all these people can be united with the mother and children, their unity will come about and they will come together before the father. Then we can bring God's kingdom and transcend the need for salvation through religion and build an ideal family and ideal nation. That is the end of everything. Do you understand how concrete it can be? It is a new millennium, new age, new home and new women's party or home. We can educate everyone. Educate women to be true brides and mothers and men to be true men starting with the education of our children. Then the Heavenly Kingdom will come and everything will be done.

Those who do not understand, raise your hands. If you know, raise your hands. I wish you God's blessing. (Applause.)

I tried to organize the Federation to Save the New Nation centered upon the National Messiahs. I instructed you to find 780 families in preparation for this time. Based on the foundation that has been laid we need to move on to the new age. The responsibility of the mother and children is enormous and can be fulfilled only by obedience. We need to bring the age of liberation and you are responsible to educate all the people. It is up to you. Think of nothing other than bringing the unity of the mother and children. If it does not work we may need to establish a new organization for education. We need to educate people to practice filial piety and make women true women, to attend Father. Women as mothers should bring unity to the world. Do you understand? You know well. There is nothing more to seek other than the nation of the elder son and the world of True Parents.

I said everything in detail, so based on my words you have to study. Do you know what to do when you return? You have to make a public announcement about an educational organization. If each person donates $50, that should be enough.

(Father pulls out his black book and reads. The following outline structure is the result of nothing other than the note-taker's intuition.)

The New Fourth Adam's Age.

As we are receiving a new millennium, the new world's blessing will be with you. It is a new year, 2000, a new speech, a new year's motto, you should remember it, and based upon it, enjoy eternal prosperity. I wish for you eternal prosperity.

I. The world leaders' instructions are based upon the new year's motto.

A. The cosmos is the house of True Love.

Everything should exist for the sake of the house of True Love. That is the place God can live. We should love everyone just as parents love their children. The cosmos is the house of love and the house of all creation is the house where God can dwell. That is what God, children and husband and wife need. It is what we all need. We should live for the sake of others and when we do, then the top and bottom and left and right and front and rear will be settled. This will be the house of the human-hearted world is where husband and wife and children live together. In the relationship of subject and object between God and us, this is where we all can live together.

B. The house of spirit world.

Parents, husband and wife and children in spirit world live together. (Father repeats the new year's motto.)

C. The true love home is the core of the cosmos. The true family home is the core of the cosmos. The true love home is the core of the cosmos.

1. First, the husband is the house of the wife's love and the wife is the home of the husband's love. Parents are the home of the children's love. So the house of true love of Rev. Yang is his wife. You should not disregard your wife.

2. Second, the wife is the house of the husband and the husband is the one who is the house of the wife. Therefore, you should serve and love and sacrifice for each other and not disregard each other. You must not misunderstand this. The husband is the wife's True Love home and the wife is the husband's True Love home.

3. Third, when True Love comes, then peace settles. A family is not enough; you need some surrounding wall that can protect you. The nation is like that wall. The top and bottom, the vertical relationship, is like a father-child relationship, and right and left is husband and wife, and front and rear is the brother-sister relationship.

4. Fourth, the True Love kingdom is the house in which you can live eternally. The father-son relationship brings unity between the whole family.

5. Fifth, by the completion of the new couples' unity, we should prepare a new structure, one organization, one new nation, the purpose of the new nation is ... The new nation starts from the women's home.

D. The main title is "education of true women." We should educate women to be true women. First, raise women to have true filial piety. Next, perfect a true mother and then a true man and then true children. Then we can finally inherit everything.

Did you write all of that? Next topic:

II. The establishment of the true nation.

There should be a dual structure, a two-stage structure. Now the nations are in a mess, so they should re-organize and restructure. They need to resolve the problem of factionalism. If each party is existing for its own sake, then the nation will decline.

III. Number three, it is time to encourage more women to run for office.

That is, the number of male candidates should be balanced by the number of female candidates. So far, there has been an imbalance here, and we should have balance from now. Many countries have two legislative houses, but giving more equal voice to both men and women will create a unification house. Through the unification house we can build the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

IV. So the conclusion is that as we are starting a new millennium, we need a new start for the world. I wish for blessing to be upon everyone. Amen. When you say Amen, you should stretch out the word. The True Parents wish for the unification of the cosmos and we want the unity house and I desire a blessing upon everyone, and Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaameeeeeeen.

(End of Instructions.)

This is the formula to bring peace and unity. I have taught you and you should be serious about the hoon dok hae conferences. We have to liberate all people from the bondage of evil, and to that I say Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaameeeeeeen.

Do not ask any more questions. I already taught you. Do not ask where I am or what I am doing. Just focus on your work. You know exactly what you are supposed to do. If you fulfill your mission to find one nation, then everything will be over. Everything is in subject-object relationships and the lower level will be absorbed by the higher.

All the women of the church should be active and women should bring unity between the children and that way they can bring unity with the father. In the future we need congresswomen, eventually even a woman president. Everyone should be willing to work hard for the liberation of the world and cosmos.

Where are the presents that need to be given everyone? It is a new millennium so I cannot let you go without giving you something. First, National Messiahs. I did not know what you would like, but I am giving them out one by one. (One tie is given to each person. Father began the process then left with three Manseis.)

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