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Reverend Moon on the Importance of Studying Divine Principle

Compiled by Tom Bowers

The numbers following the excerpts indicate the date of the speech the excerpt was taken from. There are two digit each for the year, month and day. November 21, 1987 is represented as 871121

I've taught you wonderful words, haven't I? I have taught you the Divine Principle. It is not some ordinary principle but the Divine Principle that I am teaching you. Yes, this is The Principle, which is overriding, all-law. If we study the Divine Principle, we can solve everything. Nothing is too complicated to be solved by the Divine Principle. Looking through the glass of the Divine Principle, all the complicated situations of the satanic world will become simple and clear. The same is true for all the problems within the heavenly world. Through the Divine Principle, we can solve everything. 871121

Once someone studies the Divine Principle they can turn completely around in only three days. Its power is much stronger than economic power. But you foolish people don't know what a strong armament you have. 910728

What is the tradition of Unification Church? The tradition of Unification Church is Divine Principle. Of course, the Divine principle book itself is not our tradition, the tradition is represented by Divine Principle that is everything that is behind the Divine Principle book, which is heart. 911229

Father doubts how many times you have read the Divine Principle book. We must read Divine Principle like we eat food. That often, that much. The average member joined the Unification Church and went through two, seven, twenty-one day, and forty day training one time in his church life, and never heard lectures, other than that. That's not it. That's not good at all. You must study much more frequently than that. Father is asking how many times you have read the Divine Principle book. No wonder you are not powerful. Mr. Kamiyama is a good example. He almost memorized the book. He can almost recite it by heart. Father asked him how many times he had read Divine Principle. "Over one hundred times," was his answer. It should become a part of yourself. Unless you become like that, you are a phony. In other words, you think you are something, but you are not. 921206

How should we study Divine Principle? Self-study is the only way to study. Don't expect anybody to teach you. Learn by yourself. You have to learn yourself before you can answer either the difficult or easy questions other people are going to ask you. If you don't study, learn and memorize, you won't be able to answer. Until now, you studied without any effort. So we don't get any results whatsoever from witnessing. Why mention this now? Until now, we didn't really have to work so hard. We had to, but we didn't, but we got by. How? Because Father took the burden. But now, Father is saying we are pretty much on our own. We don't know what it is going to be like, but we will find out. Basically, we have to equip ourselves to be able to teach others. We have to learn ourselves. The only way is through studying the book. 921206

Read Divine Principle one hundred or one thousand times. Spirit world is watching you. If you stand still, you will see the phenomena resulting from that. If Midori-san here reads the Divine Principle 1,000 times, her spiritual level will shoot up like a rocket and she will experience many different levels of spiritual life and she will stay up there. Her personality will develop greatly. That is possible. This is no ordinary power. For that reason, Father is telling you to keep reading the Divine Principle, even memorize it. Do you understand? Then you can utilize it in any way. 940212

As members of the Family Federation, you have a firm responsibility to educate people. Don't give your own speech. Read the Divine Principle book and the books of Father's words. Teach your relatives what True Parents have done. That is the formula course. We have many materials. Show the videotapes of the ceremonies; show the videotapes of what True Parents have done. Each Blessed family should have the books of my sermons and all current materials. 950207

How many times have you read the Divine Principle book? You have to constantly study and read this book every single day. You cannot imagine how much sweat and blood True Father poured out in order to discover the truth of the Divine Principle. The late President Eu put so much sweat and effort into the structure of the Divine Principle book. When President Eu was formulating the structure, chapter by chapter, he had to receive Father's approval for each and every paragraph during that process. 960503

If you happen to receive a spiritual revelation through reading a translated version of the Divine Principle book, it is far below the level of experience of those who are able to read the original text. In the future there will probably be thousands of different translations of the Divine Principle book. However, the original Korean language book is the root. This means that all of these various branches can be cut off someday and everyone must return to the original Divine Principle book in order to truly understand. 960503

What is the Unification Church? It means the place of unification of the mind and body and the place of study of the Divine Principle. This teaching instructs clearly how to unify the mind and body, man and woman, parents and children centered upon True Love, True Life and True Lineage. 960505

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