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Reverend Moon's Words on the Blessing

This is taken from Blessing and Ideal Family, chapter three.

The Blessing is the hope of God and the hope of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. The new history begins when this hope is realized. The Blessing is the work of fulfilling the hope of the whole. Because Jesus could not realize this hope, he must realize it by coming again. The Unification Church must be responsible to realize the hope which Jesus could not realize.

When do you think is the time for realizing the Blessing? Now is the ultimate time for God's hope to be realized. It is the time to stop God's agony experienced through the six thousand years of hard work and through God's only son, who came to the earth and worked hard. In other words, it is the time for Jesus' hope to be realized. Moreover, centering on the family of that son, it is the time for starting love, it is the time for all creation to receive delight, value and glory. How much would God like this day? Sin will all disappear and the brightness of the sun will rise and receive the merry universe. All of nature will be harmonized and all animals will dance in the beautiful morning; it is the day of welcoming the victorious morning. The Blessing is the place where all the sorrow in the course of history, from the past until now, will be terminated. It is the new starting point of the hope of God which never was realized in the past. It is the starting point of the new era, the new future.

Until now, what has been the cause of human suffering? It is because we have fallen ancestors who could not get to the place of the Blessing. Because of that unfortunate history, even now their descendants are continuously suffering. Then what is the hope of all human beings of the universe before God? That is the day of Blessing. This is an absolute historical fact.

God's hope is that through creating mankind, rearing them, and giving them the Blessing, they would multiply by having many children. Jesus' hope also was to receive a bride when he came to the earth. Christianity has been shedding blood for two thousand years, waiting to become the bride. Likewise, God has worked through the way of the providence in order to find one man and woman to give them the Blessing. When God looks at you, you should be a true man and woman; in other words, true sons and daughters. You must know you were to be the sons and daughters of God.

The Blessing is the opening of Heaven's door. You are entering with your children.

In this world, there are countless people, but we can divide them into two categories, men and women. Our core purpose is to seek the way to unite them. Until now, there was not a unified family origin, so we are searching it out. If an origin is found and spreads seeds, they will become the new trees. This is the meaning of today's Unification Church's Blessing.

In our Unification Church, we express marriage as the Blessing.

What is the Unification Church's Blessing? It is not like a man and woman meeting each other and getting married, but centering on God and the Father, they meet and receive the Blessing. Because man and woman met wrongly and were chased out, man and woman must be well and must work to restore everything. The Unification Church Blessing is making the foundation for this.

The perfection of a man and woman's love is the perfecting of the universe. The day this love is broken, the universal order is destroyed and the vertical world is broken. Therefore, from the providential viewpoint, you must know how important marriage is. Receiving the Blessing centering on God is the place of meeting the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and Kingdom of Heaven in Heaven. Horizontally, it is the place of meeting between the eternal and temporal world. Through the true love of man and woman, they gradually get closer to the center of the eternal world. Man and woman who are centering on God will unite into one in the center. Man and woman centering on God, giving and receiving love, will become one and will give birth to sons and daughters. Sons and daughters who are born from the fruit of love, centering on Parents who are one with God through that give and take action, will produce the four position foundation.

All the religions which have been leading the human race do not know about the Blessing. A majority of religions are prepared to be the bride, and they emphasize the ascetic life. The difference between the Unification Church and the other religions is that the Unification Church has the Blessing in the name of the True Parents. From God's providential point of view, this is a surprising fact. Also it is surprising that the blessing candidates include representatives of all humanity on the earth. That is possible with true love. The Blessing is the beginning of the new world.

What is Jesus' wish after two thousand years of effort? It is the marriage of the lamb, and what is the marriage of the lamb? That is the Blessing! Jesus' wish for two thousand years is the Blessing, that is, the marriage of the lamb. In order to have the marriage feast, the bride must come in front of the groom. That is the consummation of Christianity.

In the Garden of Eden, if a woman was not created, what would have happened? The fact is that the existence of women is the cosmic magic. It is the truth. The magic among the magical event is the existence of man and woman. If just one side existed, human history would have ended. You must understand about the value of Unification Blessing from this angle. Once you meet your spouse, that is the connection to eternity. You must be thankful and be strong and bold that you cannot exchange the original husband or wife's love for the cosmos or God. Without loving humanity and the cosmos centering on true love, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. That is why the keys to the Kingdom of heaven were given to Peter.

Heaven is entered after fulfilling the family. That's why in the Unification Church, we do the mass wedding. What is that mass wedding? Those who come to see the mass wedding say, "I thought the mass wedding is not a big deal, but wow!" and are surprised. It is true. It is a beautiful and great thing.

The fall is marriage not centering on God. Because marriage happened centered on Satan, now it must be done with the name of God alone. That marriage is the world-historical marriage. It is not the marriage in one nation but it is the marriage beyond nation and the satanic world. It is the ground of surpassing the satanic world.

The mass wedding centering on our Unification Church is not just limited to the Unification Church's marriage ceremony. It is the formula for the whole of humankind to pass through. Then, where is the fundamental reason for getting the Blessing? It is because our ancestors were fallen. If the human ancestors were not fallen, this work of receiving the Blessing in today's world would not be happening. But because of the fall, there is the course of the restoration remaining in order to go back to God's sovereignty, and we must climb this way. Religions were made for this purpose, and the goal of history is for this purpose.

Ultimately, what is the final purpose? It is to have the true family. This is the ultimate purpose for fallen mankind to search out. In order to establish the true family, true people must come. Among the true people, true man must come out first. By doing that, the true man finds the true woman and they have the holy wedding centering on God, finally the true family is started.

The ideal of Heaven cannot be established without marriage and the family. In the Unification Church, the purpose for all the good men and good women receiving the Blessing is to build the ideal of the Kingdom of Heaven. Besides unmarried people, even those already- married people who have the correct standard must receive the Blessing.

The mass wedding is for establishing God's new family. More than anything, God leads to love.

The mass wedding ceremony is the pride of the Unification Church. Moreover, our ceremony is not just among people of the same race, but with Westerners and Orientals together. This is the source of pride. This kind work cannot be done except in the Unification Church. Even the president cannot do it. It is not because I was born good that I could do it, but because the face of God is working.

Don't you want to know why we do the mass wedding? In the Garden of Eden, if the Blessing event had happened, that would have been the biggest cosmic event. However, due to the human ancestors' fall, in order to indemnify the heavenly standard, which was left unaccomplished in the Garden of Eden, we are doing the mass wedding ceremony. Jesus should have had the marriage ceremony in the middle of all of the Israelites at the very least. However, no one was ever concerned about Jesus' marriage. Even for the sake of liberating Jesus grief, we must offer ourselves at the mass wedding in front of all of the citizens. Last year, the 430 Couples mass wedding ceremony became a topic of world interest. God's marriage must be a worldwide event like that level.

Unification Church's mass wedding is not just solving one individual's marriage problem but all the marriage difficulties from the beginning of history to now, involving countless ancestors tribes, nations, and all those who were in conflict with God, in order to open the door.

Centering on God, for the entire human race, we do the mass wedding ceremony in the Unification Church.

Because we are related as one big family even without having the marriage ceremony, we must have the mass wedding.

What is the purpose of the mass wedding? It is for saving the world. This marriage ceremony transcends national boundaries, race, language, culture and customs. It is the international mass wedding ceremony. It is the appearance of new people of God. Accordingly, this marriage ceremony the basis for public interest.

Originally in the Garden of Eden , there should have been the marriage of one man and one woman. By doing so, they were to represent the whole world of man and woman and heaven and earth. This Blessing is the mass wedding ceremony. Maybe the couples are small in number but this is the foundation of the Blessing. It will get larger each year and more will come each year. 

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