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Talk to East Garden Security Guards

Sun Myung Moon
Unknown date
Unofficial notes by T. Ushiroda, March 26, 2002

Ok just so you know where I got this from. These are unofficial pointers given to security guards for East Garden a few decades ago. These are notes. I tried to make this look like the copy I got.

The three major aspects of our lives

1: Attitude towards God: vertical/first blessing/foundation of faith (internal)

a: Prayer (internal) through sincere personal prayer life, earnest sharing/talking with God -- Spiritual aspect

b: God's words (external) always study God's words and check own motivations- Intellectual aspect

2: Physical power: Unity between mind and body - horizontal/foundation of substance (external)

There are two types of physical power-Internal power and external power. Eventually this horizontal relation can extend more substantial human relationships; such as brothers and sister relationships and conjugal relationship and complete in the parents-children relationships. However, as True Father says, "Whatever mission we may do or talk about, the prerequisite is the unity of mind and body. That comes first, even for climbing the ladder, first on the individual level."

3: Sensitivity toward the mission: Substantial application of both internal as well as external ways in the unified fashion.

4: (also a sub-group of point #3): Sensitivity toward your present mission: develop the highest professional skill in your present mission -- do your best to perfect your skill whatever you do -- external and temporal but in terms of focus, this comes first. Just like body, you cannot realize your vision without your body or you cannot grow your personality without going through your physical self.

5: (also a sub group of point #3): Sensitivity toward your overall, whole mission: Fulfillment of the three blessings: establishment of Kingdom of heaven on earth.

Cultivation sensitivity toward God's love

Cultivating your heart into one with God's heart

Absolute oneness with god in heart - Divine spirit

Perfection of love = relationships - perfect personality - Matthew 5:48

Personality of absolutely living for the sake of others

We always need to reflect upon that all these five aspects are taken cared of in a well balanced way.

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