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Sun Myung Moon's Insights On The Heart Of God (Part 3 of 3)

Compiled December 13, 2004

Translated from Chapter 4 of Holy Scripture, the thought of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Numbers in parentheses refer to volume and page number of the set of collected speeches of Rev. Moon in Korean.

Why God blessed America

God has been giving blessings to America for 200 years, but Americans think these are just for them, for Christianity, and for their country. They have forgotten their responsibility to liberate all mankind and promote their well-being by sacrificing America and Christianity. l Instead they only think of America's supremacy.

God's will is for America to build a worldwide foundation, even by sacrificing itself and Christianity. But it is not doing this. This is why America is declining. Families are being broken; churches are being destroyed; and the nation is being dismantled.

We must penetrate hell in order to liberate God and True Parents and save the world. After passing the bottom of hell, we shall get to the Kingdom of Heaven. The shortest path is to go through the bottom of hell. This is why we are told to sacrifice and serve. If you say, "I want to gain my salvation," you get an F. You will never be able to reach the world level. You should rather say, "I go forward in order to liberate God, liberate True Parents, and save the world."

Because I know this, I've been doing this all my life. I carry this burden even though I received persecution and was sent to prison. Do I go to prison because I enjoy it? It is for the sake of God and God's liberation. I go for the sake of the liberation of mankind and the world. I go the way of restoration through indemnity because liberation does not come without walking this path, and Satan cannot be overcome in peace and comfort.

The liberation realm of responsibility is the liberation realm of heart. God must be liberated, and so must parents. How painful it must be for God to be in the position of relating to evil parents, ever since the Fall. So we must liberate True Parents and God. We must be such children of filial piety. Are you trying to live the good life, leaving the heavenly Parent to suffer in misery? After bringing anguish to the heavenly Parents, how can we seek a comfortable life? Can we think of such a. thing?

In our daily life for the sake of God's liberation, we should know that we cannot call upon God without a heart steeped in tears. This is why John the Baptist said, "Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is near." We should repent. You should understand how insolent, undignified, and shameless we have been. Even if we fail to liberate the world, we have to liberate God from pain.

How can the world be unified, and how can liberation be achieved? Only when someone who can dominate Satan appears will the spiritual world be liberated and the physical world as well.

Does God need liberation? God in Himself is of course already a liberated being. God can not experience the condition of liberation only because people are not liberated, and He has to liberate them. And God is not someone who can simply liberate Himself. It is up to people.

Christianity has the ideology of the Second Advent. What will Jesus do when he returns? Do today's Christians want to rise to the air on the clouds and have a party? This belief is an absurdity. What will Jesus do when he comes? What can Jesus boast about when he comes? What is it that the Lord of the Second Advent is supposed to do on earth? He does not come to bring a comfortable life to Christians. We must liberate God. The one who follows the way of righteousness and fulfils the main responsibility to liberate God should be the returning Lord.

Liberate God first and then the world

In saving the world, we should liberate God first. The world can be liberated only after God is. Isn't it so? I am proposing that we liberate the world after we have liberated God. So let us melt the world with love by malting heart connections. This is our battle.

With an understanding that we must go all the way to the point of liberating God, we should gather the people around like clouds to follow the parents to the final destination. This way, individuals will lead to families, and families will lead to tribes.

The value established through tribal, racial, and national sacrifices will be reciprocated, thereby restoring through indemnity all the saints who have sacrificed themselves in history for the realm of resurrection. It is our destiny to be unable to leave this land without doing this, so we must do this even if we die. This is the fate that nobody can avoid.

We must liberate God. God should be able to visit any corner of this land and sing a song of praise: "My ideal of creation is entirely realized through your work of day and night. I am grateful and amazed." At the same time, God should be able to love the world, universe, spiritual world, and physical world. However, this has not been realized. Satan's occupation of darkness reaches all the way to God's throne. Hence, to liberate God, we must liberate the spiritual world.

I like liberation much more seriously than you do. I also like unification. How much do I like it? So much that I will die for it. The gate of unification and the gate of liberation do not lie in me; I have found out that they lie in God, the great master of the universe.

I asked God, "What is it that You like most?" Then He said, "It is liberation." The answer was simple: "What I like most is liberation." So I asked, "Why can't You gain liberation?" And He said, "I cannot do it alone." This is the problem. God cannot do it alone.

Have you loved your nation? Have you loved your children? Have you loved your race after having opened the way for your children? Have you loved the world after having opened the way for the world? Have you opened the way to heaven? Only then will complete liberation dawn. At dawn, the rays of the sun permeate every valley and completely liberate all people who have been held hostage in death. You have to sing freedom and peace and declare the advent of the unified world with liberation to be able to bypass the history of thousands of years and become a prince of liberation. You must be a standard-bearer of unification to receive God's praise and enjoy eternal happiness in God's bosom of love. This is how things are. Are you confident to do this?

We need human liberation, but we need to liberate God before that. Only then will human liberation follow, and nobody thinks about this. Christian ministers understand God as God of judgment surrounded by glory. But this is a mistake. The God I know is not like that. We must liberate God from the realm of death.

Complete liberation is based on love

Complete liberation means the liberation of parents, liberation of children, and liberation of God. All these must be accomplished at once. People went to hell through their fallen parents all at once, and so the restoration of heaven and earth is realized all at once.

If a person or organization comes forward who represents the race, who would it be? It must be an organization or person who carries the tradition, represents the age, and is able to reach the world level, connecting the mission of the age to the mission of the future. The truth of the Unification church has no aggression. On the contrary, it seeks to save people and raise them to a higher level. We must liberate all people. We are raising the issue of liberation. We are trying to unite the spiritual and physical worlds to liberate God.

I don't even dream of getting praise and welcome for myself. The ideal of the Unification Church is to sacrifice itself to save the race, to save humankind, to liberate heaven and earth, and finally to liberate God. God will reinvest everything He retrieves, hoping for a special world without the fall and for a great migration toward heaven.

It is said that human history is 1.5 million years old. When parents have lost all their dignity and authority in the long struggle of history to find their lost children, to whose sympathy will they appeal? The sorrow in their heart cannot be resolved, nor can the nail in their heart be pulled out, without their children coming forward. Who will liberate God's bitter heart, which must be soothed by tears of love and with flesh and blood? We should know that God's liberation precedes our own liberation. We should know that this is the path to ultimate liberation sought by the people of faith.

Finding the seeds of happiness

We should know where the seeds of happiness are. We must find them because we lost them through the Fall. This is why we need to find the true God.

So far, God has been the God of restoration, not the original God. He is filled with sorrow and is to be pitied. He is not the God of joy but of despair. So in order to return to the original state, we must liberate the God of restoration not with money, nor with power; not with any person, but with true love.

We have begun with suffering and so we want to head for the final destination with suffering. My name has been miserable. I do not need money or honor. The hope to find the new homeland lies only in liberating God, liberating humankind, and liberating even Satan, thereby building an eternal base of peace and love.

With such an understanding, you should struggle hard to follow the path, forgetting breakfast, lunch, and dinner, forgetting day and night, no matter how steep and rough the mountains are that stand in the way. The heavenly principle is that the longer you lead such a life, the more God's ideal love will be with you, your family, your clan, and your nation. I would like to ask you to understand this and live accordingly.

Achieving greatness does not refer to a great face or great body but to great thinking. People with a great spirit say that even God will have to move and follow them. I insist that we liberate God with love. To say that the sorrowful God with the unfulfilled goal of love is liberated today is not a daydream. We will liberate God. This is all, isn't it? With the advent of the age when the omniscient and omnipotent God can exercise His full authority and full power, the. kingdom of great peace will surely be realized. You should know this. Only then will we say "Amen.''

The way of the filial son

I fully understand what it is like to have the determination to fulfill God's will. I know what God's love is like, and I know that I must bend my knees in thanks and walk the path to offer forgiveness. No one has known that God is filled with pain, compelled to go the path of liberation, even shedding blood.

I did not pray to God even when I collapsed under torture. Even though I was chased around, I did not pray to God asking Him to protect me or save me. As a man, I have my own reserve of strength. I have a good spirit, and I have the inner strength to fight. I know that God is waiting, preparing things in advance before I go. (138-358)

Is there any place of rest for me? My path is a busy one. I am going this path of resolving the entire history of thousands of years. I had to walk on the path of tears for forty years of my life, and the path continues even now. North Korea should have welcomed the new garden of God's love where young people praising God can emerge. Yet seeing humankind tainted by those who betrayed Him, God had to turn away His face. We have to make God turn His face back.

Since I attended and lived with God and brought this system of thought that restores us to our original state, communism should thank me, and the democratic world should be even more grateful to me. Let us march forward to this place!

At the Seodaemoon Prison, one lady evangelist who persevered in the Unification Church yet left after things didn't turn out the way she wanted; said to me, "Look at you. And you call yourself the Son of God?" I answered, "Yes, I am not someone who would disappear in prison. I will make great leaps toward the world of liberation." I will never forget her face. I was sad to hear that she recently died miserably.

When I came to this earth what position was I in? I stood in a position to indemnify and release God's anguish by giving perfected love as the son bearing God's pain; then to restore the failure to give perfected love as a sibling; the failure to give perfected love as a couple; and the failure to giving perfected love as a parent. (234-140)

You have to live for the sake of others. Based on his ideal of creation for His partner; God invested, invested, and invested Himself to multiply true love. In this way, we have to spread this through the universe and return to the original homeland, when we return we should not kick others away as our enemies. We have to have them naturally submit to us through love. Without this natural submission, God cannot find His position. If I think of using trickery I can beat anyone. Yet since I know this truth I have suppressed myself. How difficult has it been to suppress my fiery character for forty years? How much more would it be with God who is more intense than me? (219-93)

God embraced me

Once I turned around and God embraced me in tears. When I turned around, saying, "You are the center of my love. I submit to You. I will absolutely follow You." God embraced me again. How great is this!

Just as God gave one His position, I must also give God's position to all of you. (2I 5-341)

Looking back in history, forty years ago I was hunted by the nation and hunted by established churches like an orphan expelled to the wilderness. How appalling it was to be in this position! To fulfill God's will involved restoring the historical standard and creating a global domain. (135-187)

I have done these things oblivious to rain and snow. I went through nights as if they were the morning or dawn, and even forgot to eat. This task I could not take lightly because I knew God. More than anybody else I knew how sorrowful God was. Thus, even if my body were to be tom apart -- even if it were to become dust and blown away and if all those cells were to fly away -- I can still cry out as God's cell. I will grapple with this path of death, accepting it as worthy. Grappling with this, I thought I would perish; I thought I would disappear. But I am still here. (137-178)

God would offer a thousand thanks to that brave man who can humbly confess the struggles to come, concerned that the Father would shed tears if He sees him in sorrow, worried that God would be in a miserable position. (153-269)

Walking a lonely path

To this day; I have walked a lonely path. Though there were many people who were in a lonely position in history, who cursed their position and asked for blessings, I did not think like them. Rather, I said, "God, do not worry." That is what made me different. I am not one who would retreat because of personal ordeals.

A person who pledged to overcome the ordeals of the world and die liberating God cannot write a letter of surrender in his individual course. He cannot be cowardly. Even if his wife opposes him he must cut her away. Even if his children oppose him he must cut them away. Even if his parents oppose he must cut them away. He must go the path where even the nation, 40 million or 60 million people oppose him. (175-257)

Time is short. There is not enough time to rectify this and compensate for this during a lifetime. That has been my life course. People in the secular world pity my life. Try asking God, "That kind of person is Rev. Moon?" I am going through such sorrow that compels me to lament. I am experiencing such bitter pain that it feels like my heart is cut out.

Not all of you know of my bitter past in Hungnam Prison. Leaving your hometown is not the problem. Your wife and children are not: the problem. It seems like yesterday that I cried for those who had welcomed me and then disappeared into the clouds and hell, into the world of darkness, still crying out to meet again. It seems like yesterday that I proclaimed, "Though you have disappeared, I will go on my path and bring the bright morning sun to find and liberate you again!" I cannot forget the sound of saying this in chains. I cannot forget that sight of praying as a child. (220-205)

When I said to God, "God, I know You!" God would take my hand and cry, "How did you find that out, My son!" Thus He wipes away His tears, stops His weeping, and says, "My son!" You must understand God's position in which He needs such a son or daughter. (176-263)

"I will become God's true soldier. No matter how terrible the battlefield may be for this God, I will join the front line." That is my determination. I never once complained to God even when the persecution of the world came to me, even in a position of lonely persecution and suffering. This is what I can be proud of. (193-73)

Have absolute faith in God! If you have absolute faith in God even in a situation where you could not find faith to the left or the right, to the north, south; east or west, to the front or back, you will find yourself at the central line. With absolute faith you will find one position. You will find the absolute position where God resides. From there everything will begin to be resolved. (188-225)

Think about it. I spent a lot of time in prison. I spent more than five years in prison. Yet when we think about how the drops of rain that fall from the gutter will someday make a hole in a rock, all of you would know my heart of sorrow as I gazed upon water drops thinking, "How I wish that the teardrops of my love can bore a hole through the rock of anguish entangled in God's heart!" Gazing upon the flowing current, I thought, "How wonderful would it be if this water current can invite God, and be pristine water so that He can come and bathe! How wonderful would it be to become such a child that can prepare a home or resting place for God!" (185-45)

How great are the difficulties as we live in this world of anguish! Who knows what will befall us today? Those who cannot free themselves from this environment of fear lead wretched lives. Who will be my teacher? Who can mentor me amidst this environment of fear and chaos? There is no teacher. I had to weep bitterly and struggle because of these problems. If there is a God, why could He not be the teacher? Actually God is a teacher whose principle is based on love. Not knowing this, we felt resentment toward God. He is a teacher centered on love. (203-228)

Once I came back tired in the evening, slept for awhile and woke up, washed my face and shaved. Mother looked at me and said, laughing, "What's the matter? Washing and shaving you do in the morning!" That is how we live.

The mind is one. Devotion is one. Try praying, asking God what kind of person I am. God would wail in sorrow. He would weep bitterly to the extent that His tongue would protrude and not go back in. You have to know that these are the circumstances of my life. (221-163)

From God's point of view, I am the true son and true parent who will fulfill the ideal of creation of true love that was lost in the beginning. The Savior is one who pioneers the path of sacrifice, offering his life to release God's anguish that began with the human fall. The Savior is not only in glory. He weeps together with God's heart and constantly concerns himself with bringing Satan to his knees. (232-225)

Surpass me in comforting God

Whose God will you make? Will you make America’s God? Will you make God your own? Which one is it? If you want to make God your own, you have to work for God more than for your race. If God loves me, then if you can make more effort than I do, God would surely love you more than He loves me. Isn’t that an infallible formula? There are no objections to this. I want people who can comfort God more than I do, people who can render more distinguished service to God. If I wish for someone lesser than me, I would be a dictator. (I84-224)

If a marathon runner takes the lead by I00 or I, 000 meters, what happens? If he falls down at some point, that's the end of it. When a marathon champion runs, does the audience shout, "Hey, go slow?" They would say, "Run quickly!" until he drops. Likewise, you have to set a record. Only when I have the highest record can I receive God’s greatest gift with a clear conscience. I have to push myself until then. (230-I36)

The Unificationist concept of husband and wife means the son and daughter born from God's lineage who attends the parents for eternity. Only by going through this position can you heal the hurt that remains in God's heart because of the human Fall.

Only when you grasp God and say, "Father, how much You suffered!" can God weep on your shoulder. He would explode into tears, saying, "Thank you, I've been doing this for thousands of years in history." Human history has spanned millions of years. It is not sip thousand years. This number pertains to the cultural history of the Bible. Actually it took millions of years. (232-I38)

You should not sweep away the pain of historical teachers and God's historical pain. You should gently pour love in the deepest part of your heart. When you meet God in the other world you should grasp His neck and weep in tears, saying, "I knew of Your grief and I tried to live adjusting to Your sorrow, but I was lacking. Please forgive me.'' If that kind of heart precedes you, then even when you weep on God's shoulder He would weep together with you and embrace you. (184-246)

Until we meet again; you must think of me day and night. Think of me when you get hungry. If you don't eat, do the things I do for God's will. When you get drowsy, persevere for God's will, thinking about me as I go on without sleep. You have to think about the teacher who endures without vindicating himself in the face of slander. With an even greater heart, you should be thirsty for tomorrow’s victory and go forth with the intent of gaining results. Only with these efforts can you and this race find the path of life. (82-48)

Once I received a call telling me that I was given the death sentence. How could I spend the night without tears after hearing this? It was tragic. Do you know how it feels to be unable to hold on and save those people who had followed me beyond national barriers yet never met me, as they walk the final path with their hands clasped together and yet saying their farewells towards Korea? Even as I knew the heart of heaven that pitied those who were captive, in pain, and suffering under the tribulations of the devil, day and night I had to drive them to go forward. (201-152)

I never dreamed of becoming the founder of the Unification Church. Even now it is the same. I do not have the concept as the founder of a religion. I am just a commoner. Even today I do not like to wear a suit or necktie. I am comfortable in a lesser set of clothes. Why? It is because I know that even at this moment Unificationists who are spread across the world are bowing in prayer for my health, longing for me even as they are drenched in rain. You should not trample on those who ask for blessings.

Thus when I open my eyes, I cannot find sleep. As a founder of a religion I live feeling like a sinner. That is why the Unificationists cannot ignore me. (197-162)

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