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Sun Myung Moon's Insights On The Heart Of God (Part 2 of 2)

Compiled December 13, 2004

Translated from Chapter 4 of Holy Scripture, the thought of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Numbers in parentheses refer to volume and page number of the set of collected speeches of Rev. Moon in Korean.

God has been miserable throughout history

How sad God is when He looks down us on earth! All human beings should have had His blood lineage, but Satan pushed them into a miserable state and laughs at God and human condition.

When Satan asks God, "Why canít you in all your omniscience and omnipotence save this difficult situation?" God has to be silent. He has to pretend to be deaf though He can hear, pretend not to smell though He can smell, and pretend not to feel though He can feel. Have you ever thought of this historical misery of God? (183-19)

Even if God may sit on a glorious throne, as Christians believe, He cannot remain there and say, "Come up here, because I cannot leave my seat," when He sees His children dying. He will throw away His crown and leave His throne, however glorious they are, and come down to us. (123-159)

We should know how long God has cried out for us, calling out: "My son and my daughter!" Have you ever called out to God, "Father!!" until your throat is hoarse, your tongue is tied, and your breath smothered? How earnestly have you valued life? Your character is measured in proportion to your efforts to do this. (184-219)

In your life of faith, you should distinguish yourselves from the secular realm through the philosophy of love. If you do so, you will automatically become the people God needs as time goes by. (149-37)

What made God pass through the way of suffering during thousands of years? How can God continue His restoration providence without becoming exhausted? Because He is omniscient and omnipotent? No! Because He has been walking the way of love for His beloved sons and daughters.

Therefore, it is love that enabled God to go the suffering course for thousands of years and feel as if a thousand years were but one day. (109-281)

Is God pitiable or not? Many people doubt that God is pitiable. However omniscient and omnipotent He may be, nothing relieves the loss of His beloved children. If He could relieve Himself from that shock, He would not have had to suffer the 6,000 years of restoration. (35-88)

God does not just blame people for their sin, saying, "Hey, guys! Why did you commit sins?" He knows the state of people who sin. He cares not about Himself but about humanity. He came in sorrow to sorrowful humanity, in suffering to suffering humanity, and in grief to grieving humanity.

How much do you communicate with God? He came to us with a sympathetic heart. With a father's heart, He has searched for us for 6,000 years, although we betrayed Him. (9-231)

What is the Unification Church and what is it doing? It teaches God's heart. It seeks to liberate God. Even a great president of a nation will shed tears and wail for his lost children. Maintaining his dignity as president is of no importance in front of his children's life. Being a loving father takes priority over his authority as a president. It is natural that any president should shed tears and weep loudly when his child dies. (196-18)

How sorrowful God is to see His children lose their original value and fall into the pit! How dumbfounded He is to see people groaning in lamentation, suffering and despair instead of inheriting God's life, love and blood lineage! Nobody knew God was so sorrowful. That's why I cried out for many days. We should know that the Unification Church started in God's sorrow and grief. (211-207)

Nobody has known about the suffering in Godís heart. I revealed Godís secret. (215-171)

God has been unable carry out His role

My grief cannot be compared with Godís grief. God has been able to play the role of God. Godís tears and blood are scattered throughout the providence of restoration. I had undertaken this historical task because I have the mission to relieve Godís sorrowful heart. (137-175)

God should be liberated. God is constrained by love. He may as well be ill prison, since He has not been free. He was deprived of the ideal world of love owing to the human Fall, and His heart is not free.

God is in the position of being bound in chains. How can His mind and heart be at rest when His children have died? (138-26I)

We should liberate God. He is not free. He lost his beloved sons and daughters. Even with ten times as much filial love as that of the lost filial son, it is not easy to free God from this broken heart. Yet I am going to liberate this God. (134-283)

God is full of grief and distress. Why? Those who work hard in their youth are assured of a hopeful future. Although God has invested painstaking efforts since the beginning of history, is there a guarantee that His bright hope will be realized? Are you sure that God's hope will be realized? Is God young or old? How old do you think God is? Because God is beyond the universe, He has no age. Does God go around the sun one time every year? We do not need to calculate this because He is outside the solar system. (105-184)

How can any parent be comfortable while his children are uneasy? This explains why we should liberate God from His sorrow and distress. God is constrained from loving all people fully; we should help God love them freely. God's fetters were forged by humanityís Fall, and His liberation was also realized by our victory over the Fall. (65-100)

What happened to God because of the human Fall? First God became shackled and restrained, followed by the progenitors of human race, the realm of angels, religious people, and finally all human beings. (79-26)

The Unification Church has the mission to liberate the physical world, the spiritual world, and a last God's broken heart. So far we have looked to God to liberate us, but in fact, we have to liberate God. We must not falter in our efforts to that end. (85-270)

Adam and Eve were to be God's most beloved children and the ideal couple, but they failed and lost everything due to the Fall. Thus, the loving God became tormented in mind and heart. (210-308)

Embraced in Godís love

Even manacles in prison could not restrain me because I had Godís love. In the darkness, my handcuffed hands shone when I could not sleep, cramped in the tiny jail cell. Why was there light? Godís love and embrace caused my hands to emit light. Godís love caused the light.

I was awed by God's love, even while being tortured in the basement of the prison. The following day a packet of rice powder was given to me by another prisoner who had heard in his heart, "If you don't give this food to this particular prisoner, all the prisoners and even your family will be uncomfortable." This is my God! We should be grateful to the God of love and treat Him warmly. (137-202)

We should know the following facts: God is in shackles on account of human beings and me; God was shamed because of me; Jesus died on the cross for me; the Holy Spirit works in the world for me. Let us pray for God to give us power to enable us to liberate Jesus and the Holy Spirit as well as God. God has sought faithful people in hope and love for 6,000 years. (7-162)

There has been no foundation for God to set up the Heavenly Kingdom of love. God has been incarcerated, and the heavenly world became an empty, ruined castle. (302-226)

By whom and what method can God's grief be dissolved? Who can unbind God? Nothing can do it except by returning God's essential love. (209-106)

God can do anything at His will, but He cannot interact with unprincipled love. So He is frustrated and broken-hearted. Nobody knows God's painful condition but God Himself. (197¨-327)

Christians pray for blessings from God because we see Him as holy, glorious, omniscient and omnipotent. But God is not in that kind of situation. On the contrary, He is fettered in misery. He should be liberated by true children: This is the natural law. If the providence of restoration does not follow this law, the ideal world of re-creation cannot be established on earth. It is the mission and history of the Unification Church to teach this historical secret and to liberate God through the love of true children. (22-151)

The human Fall brought God only bitter grief on a worldwide scale. Thus Paul said that all creation waits with eager longing for God's true sons and daughters. (65-100)

Satan needs to yield voluntarily to God

It is a matter of theological dispute whether Satan existed from the beginning. If so, it is a big problem. If Satan existed originally, standing in the way of God's providence of restoration for 6,000 years, who can subjugate and eliminate him? (54-56)

Where did Satan come from? Some say that Satan has existed from the first. If he is an original existence who obstructed God and caused human beings to fall, then we cannot expect complete salvation. This theory gives rise to dualism and the conclusion that the world with two opposite purposes will last forever. (53-328)

The ideal world of God's creation was disrupted by the Fall, but because God is absolute, He can never change His first intention. Even though He was deprived of Adam, Eve and all creation by evil, God must subjugate Satan naturally rather than by force.

Although God has almighty power. He has to reestablish His authority as if He had no power. God cannot open the first attack on Satan. The good God cannot stripe the evil Satan. (210-340)

Why is the omniscient and omnipotent God unable to wipe out Satan at a stroke? If He did so it would also extinguish both Adam and the ideal sphere of love as well. The absolute Lord is bound by His promises. That is why He endures Satan and his fickleness, severe attacks, and tenacious persecution. In order to recover His proper principle, God forgives Satan and loves him. (208-256)

Why did God let Satan infringe upon human beings? This caused many people to deny the existence of God and is one of the seemingly insoluble problems of theology and the Bible. The answer is that God has no nation, no people, no tribe, no family, and no individual whose qualification He can officially recognize.

If God finds and sets up an individual, family, tribe, people and a sovereign nation, He can gain real authority for the first time. (56-247)

God became powerless because Satan deprived Him of His love. Satan trampled on God's love, life and blood lineage. We should know this truth. (206-236)

Satan was an archangel originally. He says to God, "Even though I became Satan due to the Fall, you should settle the problems according the principle you set up because you are the absolute God. Although I violated the law and became Satan, you should follow the Law you laid down. (39-88)

I am going to explain why we cannot proceed on the way of restoration without loving our enemy. It is very important for you to know this truth. Although the archangel violated the principle of creation, God Himself must still observe it because He is absolute. He rules over even the fallen archangel according to the principle He laid down. God should always relate with the archangel in the same way, whether before or after the Fall. That is why Satan said to God, "You are supposed to love me into the perfection period and even after that." (52-87)

Adam was supposed to command the three archangels, and they were to obey and love him unconditionally. But one archangel did not show absolute obedience and love, and he knows he cannot always get his way. He knows that eventually he has to follow the same principle that even the omniscient and omnipotent God must follow. It is like a constitution that even a powerful president must follow. (172-66)

Throughout my life, I have always dealt seriously with issues of life and death, such as God's existence, why the almighty God did not remove Satan at once, and why God was powerless to help Job. With great seriousness, I determined to reveal all the difficult secrets of history! I have searched for the truth and the purpose of life at the risk of my physical life. (187-122)

In the book of Job, God gave Satan all he asked. Why? God cannot respond to Satan with evil because God is the substance of love. So God is the essence of truth. (144-161)

God subjugated Satan with His mysterious power of creation, making Satan yield voluntarily. (207-315)

Who is God? God is like the mind of the universe, and Satan is ruling its body. How can God solve this problem? God cannot strike Satan with force. God always keeps His original principle, even toward violators of that principle. The essence of creation is love, and restoration is possible with love. Therefore God cannot recover His authority without the original true love with which He created this universe. (210-229)

Satan is the enemy of love. He fractured God's vision of love. The servant forcibly took away the nobleman's daughter and violated her. Thus, she lost the qualification to be the lord's daughter. The Fall is mistaken and unprincipled love. (218-230)

God cannot achieve His original ideal unless He loves the children of evil much more than His beloved children. (208-291)

Satan defies God, saying, "You are the permanent and immortal subject of love. You are the supervisor over heaven and earth, the substance of truth, love, and principle. So you always observe the principle and law absolutely. Even though I fell, you have to practice the law. Therefore, you cannot bring your sons and daughters to the perfect world without loving the fallen angels according to your law of restoration. You set up the law that you cannot let your children enter the Heavenly Kingdom unless your son and daughter and even you yourself love me. You cannot be the true God and your son and daughter cannot be true children without loving me truly." (129-215)

If we commit any sin or crime, Satan charges us before God and says, "Because of his sin, this guy must be sent to hell." Satan has not been accused in front of God for his sin, although he has surely committed various sins and is always ready to blame humanity for any sin.

How to overcome Satan

It is possible to overcome Satan by saying to God, "Hello, absolute God! Satan committed such and such unpardonable sins in front of You. Please punish him." If God cannot get rid of Satan, God would not be omniscient and omnipotent; He would be the side of Satan, not humankind. (54-134)

Satan can go to heaven with Adam and Eve when they reach perfect love, because he is the archangel. It is the principle of creation that the archangel enters heaven with Adam and Eve after receiving love from God and then from Adam and Eve. In this sense, we can understand why Jesus said to the people, "Love your enemy!" (219-36)

When we come to have a father-child relationship with God, crying out with our Heavenly Father, knowing God's suffering and grief, then Satan will be frightened out of his senses and run away. He can no longer stay there. (228-217)

This world cannot be brought' back to the heavenly side unless a man who can reclaim the original authority of creation appears and restores the original position over Satan. He must bring Satan to the omnipotent and omniscient God and accuse Him saying, "God! Please judge Satan for this enormous sin." (53-327)

So far we have been ruled over by Satan. Now we should reverse it, capture Satan and bring him to God. Until now, some people have known about Satan's existence, but they did not know what sin he committed. Until now, nobody has accused Satan before God, saying, "Oh God! Please punish this sinful Satan with your almighty authority." (51-88)

Then why can the omnipotent God not strike the fallen archangel? Why can He not remove him? It is because God also must love him. Although the archangel that God created had fallen and become the devil, God should always keep the same standard of the principle even after the fall. That is why He should love the archangel. Adam and Eve created by God are the body of God. Therefore, not only God but also Adam and Eve must love Satan. (175-9)

The reason why God cannot penalize Satan for killing His beloved sons and daughters over the past 6,000 years is because God feels responsible for not having loved him completely in the standpoint of the archangel. For this reason, whenever someone does wrong, there has been a continuous trail of Satan's accusations: "God, so and so is doing this and that." This has been known by the Unification Church alone, which survived from the harsh environment. Otherwise, no one could have known this. (35-95)

God has no interest in fighting, because there is no concept of war and fight in the ideal world of God's creation. If there were fighting there, the world would fall into dualism of good and evil. There is only absolute peace in the ideal world. (224-194)

Why did Satan fall and separate himself from God? Satan has made divisions, conflicts, and fights everywhere. Satan always wants to take, not giving to others. But God combines small and worthless separate bits into a large and worthwhile whole. God's way is contrary to Satan's. God's principle is that of the creation of universe. (179-33)

God avenges Himself on His enemy not by omnipotent force but by subjugating him voluntarily with love. Though he is judged and punished, he appreciates the punishment because with sincere repentance for his sin and even thankfulness for the punishment, his sin can be redeemed completely. God desires to bring him to such a. position. (42-275)

Let us liberate God

Who will be able to end the battle between the good God and evil god? It's neither God nor Satan. Then who can do it? Without a master of love who starts with true love and carries true love with him and whom all humanity can follow, the war between God and Satan cannot end. Unless we are freed from this war, peace is but a dream in human history.

Ideal is but an abstract and sentimental word. So God sends a representative of true love: the Messiah or the Savior. The Savior does not just save people but also God. He punishes evil. The savior is the general commander in liberating God and terminating evil.

The responsibility of the Savoir is to liberate God and punish Satan. Who will exterminate this despicable offender? God cannot do it; only the Messiah, the Savior can.

What is it that we want? We want to find the religion of the parents, not just sweet life. Centering on the True Parents, we want to find the way of true love, thereby liberating God. There is no liberation without connecting to the standard of love.

Have you thought about the sovereign nation that you love and want to attain? When one is willing to go to prison for crimes he did not commit, a way of liberation can be opened. Nobody knew that pioneering a path of life and death means finding the path of hope beyond an abyss of darkness. Nobody knows where I have toiled in order to drill a tunnel to liberate the people of the world.

In walking the path of loyalty to God, I have attended God as the center and understand Him as someone I should serve while cherishing love. This is the only path that does not change for tens of thousands of years even when times change. This is how I see things.

We must liberate God. I must liberate God. Instead of trying to be saved, we must liberate God. This is the consummation of the providence of salvation.

The Unification Church is the liberation army for God. Liberating the world is easy. The world will be liberated when people unite, but God's liberation requires the unity of the realm of heart. We must have the system of thought that can unite the realm of love, mobilize the spiritual world, and lay the bridge of heart on earth. This is more frightening and more difficult than any other revolution.

Liberating humanity is easy, but liberating God is hard. It is an amazing fact that Rev. Moon has come forward to tackle this difficult and unprecedented job, with a goal to settle all of providential history.

I have never prayed to receive blessing. Instead I prayed, "Let me be a sacrificial offering for the sake of Your liberation."

The Old Testament Age is an age for restoring God's people by sacrificing the things of creation; the New Testament Age is an age for restoring parents by sacrificing children; and the Completed Testament Age is an age for liberating God by sacrificing the family of the parents.

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