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Quotes From Sun Myung Moon About True God's Day

Compiled by Mary Jane Despres
December 26, 2007

First declared on January 1, 1968

True God's Day


At three o'clock in the morning of January 1, 1968, at the old Headquarters Church, Reverend Moon established God's Day, declaring that it was created to allow God to work freely. "January 1 of 1968 was a day of joy unprecedented in history. It was the day when Adam and Eve were united into one centered on God's love, as God had longed to see on earth. We have to know that this day is God's Day. No matter how much the world, members of established churches, ministers, the Pope, or whoever, may rise against it, this day was the first day of glory and joy for God in history since the creation of the world. God's Day means that people are in the sphere of God's direct dominion. Parents' day signifies fallen parents rising up to the position before the fall. We have established not only God's Day and Parents' Day, but also Children's Day and the Day of All Things."

From Chapter 14 of The Tradition, Book One
by Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak pages 99-101

God's Day

Because of the fall, human beings could not realize God's three blessings. Humankind also could not realize the perfection and ideal of the individual, couple, parents, children, and ownership; True Parents restored all this. On the foundation of Parents Day, Children's Day, and The Day of All Things, True Parents established God's Day on January 1, 1968.

If Adam and Eve had achieved perfection, they would have received God's Blessing. That day would have been a joyful day for God; it would have been God's Day. God had been longing for His own sons and daughters, and God's Day became a day of exultation, because He could rejoice at having found His son and daughter.

If they had achieved the position of perfected true parents, Adam and Eve would have established Parents Day. That day would also have been the first Children's Day. Perfected Adam and Eve would have been true owners, as well, and could have proclaimed The Day of All Things.

In this sense, their Blessing day would have been a combination of God's Day, Parents' Day, Children's Day, and The Day of All Things. In restoration, however, the four days had to be established one by one, ending with God's Day.

Each country has its own holidays. For example, in the West many days such as Father's Day and Mother's Day are celebrated. Yet no one had ever proclaimed or celebrated a day for God. Religious leaders have made many proclamations, but none mentioned this obvious omission, which should be the most important holiday -- God's Day.

In the God's Day 1980 Midnight Speech, "Home Church Is the Base of the Kingdom of Heaven," Father spoke about the significance of God's Day.

As you know, the human fall came in the perfection level of the growth stage. Therefore the seven years Mother and I went through together was the period to cross the growth stage to the perfection stage, the period in which I would restore and install Parents' Day, Children's Day, and the Day of All Things.

Father is quoted below on the subject of God's Day from his untitled God's Day morning speech given January 1, 1984.

The citizenship of this new nation will come from the youth of the whole world. True Father has called young people from all over the world and blessed them as the new breed, so that they can inherit a new blood lineage, the lineage of Heaven. They will become new men and women, new couples and then citizens of this new nation.
So far we have God on the level of the individual, family, and tribe. Thus we can celebrate God's Day on the individual, family, and tribal level. But we must be able to celebrate a national and worldwide God's Day! That is the goal we are marching toward. Amen!

In the untitled God's Day morning speech given January 1, 1983, Father expressed more thoughts about God's Day.

What kind of day is God's Day? For God, it is a joyful day and a good day. He wants to encounter good people on this day. He wants to bless you and celebrate this day with you, but actually, He has no one qualified to receive that blessing. All around the world people are celebrating this first day of the year, but only members of the Unification Church celebrate it as God's Day.
Therefore, God wants to be with you this day. We must celebrate God's Day with a solid content. Never before has God had the chance to fully manifest His love throughout history. God's Day gives Him the opportunity to show His love to His children. God has been suffering for so long, awaiting this opportunity.
Love, which was supposed to be God's property, was stained and stolen by Satan; ever since, it has been misused and perverted by Satan for his own purposes. God has been desperately seeking the day when that love would be purified and returned to Him. Finally, that moment of restoration has come.
In order to make an offering, you need an altar. People frequently fluctuate in spirit, sometimes up, sometimes down. But once an offering is placed upon the altar, it remains there forever. So you must have some offering in order to be really acceptable to God. The offering will have value according to the depth of heart and soul you invest in it; only in that way can God acknowledge your sincerity and integrity, and accept your offering.
Long in advance, you must begin to prepare for each new God's Day, planning what to offer from the depths of your heart. In this Completed Testament era, you make offerings which combine all three levels. Your material gift is offered as the fulfillment of the Old Testament era; your spiritual children consummate the New Testament era; and when you offer yourselves in the parental position, representing the Completed Testament era, your offering becomes complete.
Your children make a better offering than things; but you yourselves are the best offering. An offering is not limited to the time in which it is made. It becomes the gift of all things of creation, the gift of the children, and the gift of one's self.
Before you come to God's Day, repent of all your ungodliness and sweep it away. If you have had quarrels in your family, cleanse them and create harmony, before attending the celebration. You should be able to offer your children; if they are not worthy, they cannot come to celebrate God's Day. The Bible teaches that before a person makes an offering before God, he or she must first go and settle differences with others; otherwise he or she is unworthy of making an offering.

Father spoke about what the original God's Day could have been like in his speech, "Concerning the Significance of Four Major Ceremonies," given on January 1, 1973.

But for the human fall, if Adam and Eve had been perfected without having anything to do with the fall or sin, the day they reached their maturity would have been the day of utmost joy, both for God and men. On that happiest day of their lives, God could have blessed them in matrimony. That day could have been the commencement of a beautiful family life.
In that case, their family would have represented all future families of the earth, as a triumphant one composed of two opposite sexes, matured to perfection. So that day could have been the day of joy for God and for all the creation. This could have been God's Day. God would have been overjoyed at the matrimony, and all together, the archangels could have been joyful too.
All creatures, centered on God, could have enjoyed all the happiness there. This could have been God's Day, on which God would have been delightfully happy. It is because on the day they would have been blessed in holy matrimony, our first human ancestors could have played the role of True Parents to later humankind.
God could have been proud of His children in that position; and the whole creation could have accepted and welcomed the men and women of perfection to take dominion over it. According to the Principle of Creation, that day could have simultaneously become God's Day, Children's Day, and the Day of All Things.

The Way of the Spiritual Leader by Rev. Sun Myung Moon


Section 2: The Significance of Today and the Major Church Holidays [Part 3] 2. The Establishment, Ritual, and Proclamation of Holidays

20) The Proclamation of God's Day

January 1, 1968.

Main points:

1. The victorious foundation has been prepared, on which God can freely work centering on the tribe or family.

2. Now, we can achieve the standard that God wished for in the Garden of Eden centering on Adam and Eve.

3. As this day is being instituted, the march toward the developmental stage on a new dimension has become more feasible. Moreover, because the history until now has been the history of indemnity, all the efforts, sweat and tears, and all our accomplishments were solely for the sake of indemnity, and it could not produce results that God could really be happy about.

4. However, from now on, all the achievements that we make through our blood, sweat, and tears will no longer vanish as conditions of indemnity in the satanic world.

5. Our toil from now on will be connected to your own, and you will be able to reap them as your own accomplishments. We have entered such an era. In other words, the time has come when all of our efforts will be consolidated as God's victory. This is a glorious time, a time when God can be happy:

a. Era when God can intervene
b. It has become an era when God can coordinate directly centering on the family of heaven

6. The realm of time has been established when your hard work can bear fruit.

7. This has become the unlimited source of pride before God. Before Satan, it constitutes a cause of limitless grief.

8. Due to the institution of God's Day, the time has become ripe for countless spirits of the spirit world to come down to the earth and revolving around the wishes of God launch a full-scale attack.

9. Until now, the fortune of the world was invisible. Now we have entered the era when you can reap the blessings. Points to remember at the time of the proclamation of God's Day:

1. You have to understand the profound significance and value of this day.
2. You have to pioneer your lifestyle and attitude with this date as a guiding index, and going one step further, you must seek to fulfill your responsibility as the unified tribe to complete the responsibility on the tribal level.
3. You have to do things that I wanted to do.
4. You have to equip yourself with all the necessary qualities as a true patriot.
5. You have the responsibility to teach your descendants about the significance of God's day and leave it behind for them to hold it up as your will.
6. You have to be dignified filial sons and daughters, and be able to boast before Satan your imposing and intrepid appearance, and complete your responsibility as the embodiment of goodness.

From Rev. Hyo Won Eu's notes

By proclaiming God's Day on January first of 1968, I restored the position of parents who have not fallen. Through this, Satan will be completely decimated and man will be restored fully. (21-23)

January 1, 1968 is the first joyous day in history. God has been longing for the realization of the ideals of creation when He can finally become one body with Adam and Eve centering on His love and settle down. You have to understand that such a day is God's Day. (Applause) No matter how much the world opposes, and heaven and earth all put up opposition, this date, to God, will still be a happy and fulfilling day, for the first time in history, since the creation of the world. (161-46)

The significance of God's Day is that it is the day when we have entered the direct dominion of God. Moreover, Parents' Day is the day that symbolizes the restoration by the fallen parents of their position before the fall. Furthermore, we have instituted not only God's Day and Parents' Day, but also Children's Day and the Day of All Things. (34-103)

Only on the first day of January 1968 were we able to establish God's Day. Isn't this so? [Yes] Why so? We had to cross over the seven-year course. So, after entering the realm of the direct dominion of God, we can establish God's Day. Through the institution of God's Day, all the sorrowful days lost in history as well as Parents' Day, Children's Day, and the Day of All Things were indemnified, and we have launched a full-fledged departure on the world level. Do you understand? So, Mother had to go through the seven-year course. It was Adam who was supposed to protect her through all that. (122-105)

Although you have been ignorant -- like an immature child, being carried around on the back while crying and doing all sorts of childish things -- the mission of parents is enormous. They have to decide upon the road that they would take, climb over the mountains that they must climb over, and cross the oceans that they have to cross; this is how they have come so far. So, the fact that through such a course, passing the year 1967 and greeting God's Day centering on 1968 is... From there, light finally began to be shed upon the earth.

Next, we have to usher in the era of living a symbiotic life of common fate. 1977 is the physical symbiotic life. From this moment we are to cross over to the era of spiritual symbiotic life. Therefore, the Unification Church is making progress. The holy matrimony conducted in Korea is the basis through which we were able to stand in the position of accomplishing things that Jesus could not accomplish in his lifetime. Even if Jesus were to have gone through the ceremony of holy matrimony, the seven-year course would have still remained. That is the seven years of great calamities. Because we have paid indemnity for it and instituted God's Day in 1968, after that great changes were made possible. (122-107)

God's Will and the World, pp. 123 - 124 Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Sermon for God's Day 1973 January 1, 1973 Tarrytown, New York


As you know, today is the sixth God's Day. Five years have passed since we first set up this historically unprecedented day. It is quite a historical event.

In this world, we have many memorable days, such as our birthdays, the birthdays of our parents, or the national birthday, such as the day of independence. There are many nations and peoples living on this earth; they have ceremonies and festivities celebrating their own national days. If a nation had suffered foreign domination, then the day of independence or the day of liberation would be the happiest of all. Suppose someone here had lost his children but found them today. Wouldn't that make today the happiest day of his life? The second happiest day in our lives must be the day of our blessing or marriage.

But in all of these special occasions, there has never been a God's Day set up. When we look back on human history in light of divine providence, we can see that God's Day can only be established when other days are brought to God's side. We have many important or meaningful days to celebrate in our lives, but never have we set up a day just to celebrate God.

The original God's Day

In the Garden of Eden, if Adam and Eve had grown to perfection without falling, the day they reached their maturity would have been the day of utmost joy for both God and humans. On that happiest day of their lives, God could have blessed them in matrimony. That day would have also been the day when True Parents of all mankind could be installed, signaling the commencement of a beautiful family life.

This triumphant family would have represented all the future families of the earth, so that day would have been a day of joy for God and for all the creation including the archangels. This would have truly been God's Day. He could have been proud of His children in this situation, and the whole creation could have accepted or welcomed the men of perfection as their lords. According to the Principle of Creation, this day could have become God's Day, Children's Day and World Day, or the Day of All Things.

But because of the human fall, those days were nullified. According to the Principle, things must be restored in the reverse order in which they were lost. In order to restore God's Day, we first had to restore the day of parents, children and things. In 1960, on the 16th day of April [later shifted to March 1 on the lunar calendar], we set up Parents' Day for the first time. From that point, we began to restore, on a solid foundation, things on the individual level, family level, national level, and worldwide level. Centered on Parents' Day, we could set up Children's Day a short time later.

In human society, there has not been any family who could really be recognized by God. There have been no true parents, no true children, from the standpoint of complete sinlessness. In order for the children of the world to be reborn as brothers and sisters, they must have common parents to give them rebirth. We now have Children's Day; signifying the day we become the true children of our True Parents by being reborn. Then, based on the foundation of Parents' Day and Children's Day, we then could set up the Day of All Things, or World Day.

God's Day Reverend Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 1987 World Mission Center Grand Ballroom, New York City


What would make God happy? Only one thing: the emergence of true sons and daughters in whom He can freely dwell - people who can become God's temples and with whom He can rejoice. Before that time, God could have no settlement anywhere on the face of the earth.

In 1968, for the first time in human history, God found the base on which He could settle -- the base of true love. That was when God's Day could be established. True Parents could be installed upon the earth, representing God's true love. Before this time, mankind only knew the parents of satanic lineage. I want you to understand that January 1, 1968, was the first day that God could begin His settlement upon the earth within the True Parents.

Home Church Is The Base Of The Kingdom Of Heaven Reverend Sun Myung Moon,
January 1, 1980, Midnight World Mission Center


Because Korean Christianity failed to accept me in 1945, I went on with the arduous task of winning our own foundation after fourteen long years of struggle. At that time I erected the foundation upon which Mother and I could be installed as the first True Parents in the history of man. In other words, by then I had established a bulwark strong enough that the opposition of the entire nation and of all Christianity could not break it down; no matter what, our movement would have enough strength to sustain itself and still go on.

Even though Mother was installed as True Mother, we could not live as a happy family right away. A three-year period of purification and separation was necessary, a period which was very important prior to moving on to the next stage of the dispensation. In order to go into a second seven-year course, all conceivable indemnity must be paid on a family level. This first seven-year course was the period of erecting the foundation upon Mother's installation, and the period in which Mother was to be perfected as the True Mother. It was the period of growth for Mother herself.

As you know, the human fall came in the perfection level of the growth stage. Therefore, the seven year course Mother and I went through together was the period to cross through the growth stage to perfection stage, the period in which I would restore and install Parents Day, Children's Day, and Day of All Things. The most important condition Mother and I made during the seven-year course was that no matter what difficulties or obstacles and hardships came upon us, we would not complain.

We would not even feel discouraged inside, or anguished or rebellious in any way. As you can see, it was God's method to utilize Satan to give Father and Mother the worst kind of test and tribulation. This is the way I had to be hardened and proven to be the True Parent. For Mother too, Satan created incredible instances in the first seven years, one after another, in which Mother could easily have given up and said, "Father, you are too great a husband and I simply cannot follow you. I'm not worthy of you, so let me pack and go." She could very well have done that many times during those seven years.

To make things worse, when Mother was already so heavily burdened I was not a comforting husband. I started out as the worst kind of cruel husband. That was the standard I set at the beginning because that's the way I also tested Mother, even harder than Satan.

Knowing that Satan was going to test her, I tested her myself first. That was my purpose. Even though I tested her worse than Satan, still some hint of purpose behind it could be understood by her. That made it easier to bear than Satan's tests. In this way we became closer and closer for 3 1/2 years, then another 3 1/2 years.

After those seven years, our victorious foundation proved in front of God and in front of Satan that I was an invincible husband and that Mother was an invincible wife. No matter how difficult Satan's standard was, God was justified in saying that we had passed the test. The many other blessed couples who came knew that the True Parents had set the true standard, and they followed that standard by uniting with them and serving them without a word of complaint. By doing so, they could obtain the same degree of perfection.

During the seven-year period I had blessed many couples, and they could easily have exclaimed to me, particularly the women, "I just don't understand you. What kind of husband are you? How can you treat your wife like that?" But these blessed couples who passed the test know one thing: no matter how many things I did that they didn't understand, they were at least sure that I was absolutely God-centered, and whatever I did was for God. The 36 couples, 72, 120, and 430 couples were blessed within that seven-year period and they knew one way or another, what a difficult path Mother and I trod. Since they knew what kind of difficulties we had to overcome, they could not complain.

After that seven-year dispensation the time finally came to set up God's Day. Only after the seven-year course was completely secured did I declare God's Day. From the original point of view God's Day should actually have come first, then Parents Day and Children's Day and Day of All Things. But because of restoration, all other conditions had to be ready before God's Day could be set up.

That was finally done on January 1, 1968. Since God's Day was declared victoriously in 1968, everything is restored and celebration begins with God's Day. The first seven-year course was the time in which the True Parents were concretely established and upon which God's Day, Parents Day, Children's Day and Day of All Things could be restored to God. In the meantime, the national level of opposition and persecution against our movement was gradually decreasing.

Upon the victorious foundation of the first seven-year course our movement transcended persecution, and whether it came from the government or the Christian community, it didn't hinder us at all. This is because I and my family took all the indemnity for the sake of our movement.

Adam should be the one who stands like a tower to receive the persecution coming from the entire nation. That is the Adam role and I never hesitated to take it. The first seven-year course was for restoration of Adam and Eve, and it has been completed. The True Parents were installed and the True Family has been declared in heaven and earth.

True Mother's Life - Wife of the Messiah - By Linna Rapkins


On December 31, 1967, True Mother's first seven-year course came to an end. Father had treated her like a servant. He had treated her like a child. He had treated her like a younger sister. Through all these trials, she had totally sacrificed herself. She had given her total obedience; she had given her total love to him.

She didn't let herself get discouraged and give up. She was completely obedient. And above all, she had never complained! She had grown to the point where she could be True Mother. One day, Father prayed in front of everyone, "Dear Heavenly Father, please look at your beautiful daughter. She has succeeded. She suffered for seven years, but she is victorious. Please bless her now."

Tears streamed down his face as he prayed, for it had hurt him terribly to make her suffer for seven years in order to properly raise her up. He'd had to be like the strictest of teachers, the strictest of fathers in order to make sure that this very young and inexperienced woman grew properly in her training, step by step. No one had realized how much pain he had felt in his own heart during that time.

The very next day, January 1, 1968, Father announced the first God's Day. Not many people had understood the importance of True Mother's role in the creation of God's Day.

God's Will and the World pp. 556-558 The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity Rev. Sun Myung Moon
May 1, 1981
Seoul, Korea


Then the time came for Mother's seven-year course. Every woman has to go this path. Women of the early Unification Church wanted to love me at the risk of their lives, coming to see me even late at night. So people gossiped about us. These women didn't even know why they made such visits to a man who they knew remained centered on God.

And when the Holy Wedding came, every woman, even the elderly widows, wanted to be able to stand in the position of Mother. Some women even claimed to be the True Mother, their eyes shining with confidence. An old lady of 70 years said she would become my wife and bear 10 children! Of course, she didn't know why she was saying such things. Women with daughters prayed to God with deep sincerity and said they received revelations that their daughters would become the True Mother. They were excited, as if it were a matter of life and death.

But the woman who would become True Mother appeared unexpectedly. She was a person whom few of them had met. Probably no more than a third of the members even knew her. Yet this unforeseen person was chosen.

I was 40 and about to marry a 17-year-old girl. If this were not God's will, who could be crazier than I? Just imagine, from that time on Mother's great responsibility was to carry all the burdens of the Unification Church. Many wonderful college educated women were lining up and listing their qualifications, but I shook off all of them and chose an innocent, 17 year old girl as Mother. What a surprise it was! Old ladies and mothers exclaimed and rolled their eyes.

I had no choice but to live separately from her for three years. The task of restoration proceeds from outside to inside. Many female members of the church, even old ladies, were jealous of Mother in the beginning, but when they saw her situation they thought, "Isn't Father being too severe? He should live with Mother since he married her, but what is he doing?"

Because I put Mother away from me, living a separated life, old ladies sympathized with Mother and restored the things they had complained about. Women of all ages sided with her. Then Mother could take her position. This is an example of Mother's course of restoration by indemnity. During this period, how anguished Mother's heart was!

One woman received a revelation from the spirit world telling her she should be the Mother. She wanted me to give up Mother and take her instead. There were many other incidents. Spirit world taught strange things, and Mother had to undergo all sorts of trials like this. Mother is very patient, and all this was merely training for her to become much stronger and greater.

It continued for seven years. But the most admirable point about Mother was that she believed in me more than in her own father, grandfather or elder brother. She believed in me 100 percent. Thus she overcame all the obstacles and established a firm position.

Since a man got the victory, a woman also had to gain the victory. Mother confronted the society and nation which opposed her and overcame everything during that seven-year period. During this period I set up Parents' Day, Children's Day, World Day and God's Day. What does God's Day mean in reference to Mother's course?

Mother's mission was to have unshakable confidence in her husband, regardless of the circumstance and in spite of all opposition. Whatever happened, even if she should die, she had to keep an unchangeable attitude toward her husband. That must be her commitment even if the nation opposes her. Eve fell into a position Heaven could not trust, and because Eve made Adam fall, Adam could not believe 100 percent in a woman. Therefore, Mother had to maintain a firm position in which heaven, God and her husband could have 100 percent confidence.

For the first time in history, when God and man could believe in a woman 100 percent, God's Day could be established. Do you understand? That was Jan. 1, 1968. In order to restore the standard of restoration by indemnity for both men and women, Eve had to go through the completion stage from the top of the growth stage. Upon entering the eighth year, after completing her seven-year course, Mother and I could obtain God's seal as a true, perfected family, and we could take our position on the earth. Then we could set forth to the world, leading our family and nation.

The Book of Genesis Chapter One - Creation - All Things Depend on Us
January 8, 1978


When Adam and Eve were created; they were surrounded by the utmost hope and joy. All the things of creation gave their entire attention to them, including God, looking forward to the day of their accomplishment.

God is infinite in ideal and capacity, and the more broadly God thinks, the more hope He bestows upon His son and daughter. If a parent's vision is big, then certainly his expectation of his child is also big. God's hope in Adam was certainly infinite. Such hope is not fleeting; the expectation grows larger with time.

When God created Adam and Eve, this universe was filled with hope and all things of creation were celebrating in joy, knowing that their master was finally born. Adam and Eve were the focal point of hope for heaven and God and all things of creation, the very personification of hope.

After truly becoming the masters of the creation and fulfilling that goal and expectation as true children of God, what would they do? The day of their accomplishment would be the first time God could really have joy. That would be the first time He could say He was happy.

When God can announce that He is happy, it will not mark just His happiness but human happiness and the elation of all things of creation. If you had joy would you like to keep it just to yourself or would you like to share it with friends and relatives? Joy wants to he celebrated because joy belongs to all.

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