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Drinking Alcohol – Selected Quotes from True Father’s Words

Jim Stephens
Compiled January 2006


The following quotes were gathered from a search of the online texts of the speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon (True Father) using the search word "drinking". These quotes give a representative sample of his guidance on the subject, but should not in any way be considered his complete words on the topic or his complete opinion. Vast numbers of his speeches are not on the Internet. Most of the texts were simultaneous translations which have very obvious issues of accuracy. There is no particular order, merely the way the search engine pulled them up on the search.

God does not even want to look at Satan's world; Christianity, however, without knowing God's strict standard of love, is for the most part permitting itself to degenerate into social functions for dancing, drinking and easily accepts the rapidly declining standards of love. A true God could not condone such churches, but would feel like throwing them into the ocean.

HAPPY UNIFICATION CHURCH MEMBERS, May 22, 1977, Belvedere, Translator - Bo Hi Pak

When mind and body are born again through true love, the person is free. This is not rhetorical or abstract; this is reality. Here is a man who used to love drinking very much, but now his mind and body became one, through true love. So he's well connected to Father. Then all of a sudden he realizes he really hates to drink wine. That kind of phenomenon always happens. Cigarettes, homosexuality, all these lose their allure. For instance, what happens if our brother or sister who joined the Unification Church continued to have homosexual experiences on and on. They would go directly to hell; there is no way they would return to heaven. We must understand this clearly. Then how can he be saved? When he becomes moved by the Holy Spirit, then somehow he will not desire to do that anymore. Re-birth through true love occurs. No matter how much he liked smoking, drinking or even homosexual activities, the mind now says, "No this is no good." Then that's it. It's the end of the dispute. He simply doesn't like it. He hates it. You will become like that. You must become like that.

What if you tried and tried to make that happen? Then you have to try harder. You have to cry and cling to God to make it happen. This is up to you. You have to pray. You have to deny your body, even to extremes, and you have to ask God to make your mind and body become one. Prayer is essential. Don't underestimate the power of prayer. Pray. Ask God, ask God. Beg God. Forget other things. All you want to do is experience Parents' love, inherit Parents' love. That's all you should want to do. Forget everything else. Seek Parents' love, Parents' life, Parents' lineage.

SUNDAY SERMON & CONFERENCE MEMOS, September 8, 1991, East Garden, Translator - Col.Sang Kil Han

True Parents' influence is spreading out to the world. America is so ashamed that it can't even look at me after having persecuted me in the past. Until now the Western world was leading the Eastern world; but from now, centering on Father, the Eastern world will lead the retiring Western world. This is a realistic viewpoint! Western young people are searching for answers in the Asian world. They have already tried every kind of destructive fad: Hippies, streaking, free sex, drugs, drinking. Satan controlled everything and corrupted them, creating hell on the earth. How can Christian Americans follow such a way? They don't know how shameful this satanic way of life is.

Since my arrival here 18 years ago, I have been trying to correct this situation. I helped bring many youths to the Unification Church, turning them from Satan to God. They had so many problems by centering on a false concept of freedom-doing whatever they wanted. The national Christian foundation had broken down, taking with it the personal dignity of families and young people. America is completely controlled by Satan; centering on America, this is also the world's situation. Who can digest this satanic dirty lifestyle? American political leaders cannot do it. Only the Unification Church remains. Now many professors and students are uniting with me, centering on the campus ministries. Our campus ministers are talking about God's correct way, bringing denominational unity and reviving hope in Christianity.

THE RESPONSIBILITY OF TRIBAL MESSIAHSHIP, May 12, 1991, East Garden, Translator - Sang Kil Han

When that award comes from God and then, everybody realizes, that Reverend Moon never smoked a cigarette in his entire life; he never smoked pot; he never drank alcohol; he never disco danced, they will say why don't we let him do those things one time? If I were to drink alcohol at that time, the first time ever in my life, would anybody blame me for doing that? Maybe if I did drink, it would be through a pipe, not from a bottle. Maybe I would have a pipe connected to the other end, as well, and I would just drink and pass water, drink and pass water, all through the day. Maybe people would persecute me for that. But the Moonies, knowing me, would say, "Oh, finally Father has fallen into sin. Now he is becoming an alcoholic." Would you say that, or would say, "Father, no matter what you may do, we understand. We forgive." Why? What reason could I possibly have? Maybe I feel that the only way I can truly forgive drunkards, alcoholics, rather than trying to punish them and make them work extra hard within the Unification Church, is to drink myself. How about that? Then all these smoking people and drinking people, when they end up in that part of hell in spirit world, if I drink and I smoke, do you think they would shout out "mansei," or would they say, "Oh, Father, you became one of us." Which one? Make up your mind.

God, too, would laugh at this because it's something He never thought about. Do you think God would say, "Well, so far you have been good, but now I am disappointed in you." Or would so many Unification Church members say, "God, please forgive our Father," that God would say, "OK, you are right. No problem." So it's up to you! If you forgive, then God would forgive. So even though you may see a crazy act such as drinking or smoking, still that saving work needs to be done.

BEARING FRUITS OF THE WORLD OF FAITH AND STRENGTH, April 7, 1991, Belvedere, Translator – Col. Sang Kil Han

We have to turn around their thinking. They couldn't accomplish anything, but we can. We have to change the taste of American young people. We have to change their habits. They need healthy habits instead of habits which lead to decay. Now they have a free sex habit, drug habit and drinking habit. They try everything to excite themselves but all they find is zero. What America needs is more exciting stimulation, something stronger than drugs and alcohol. Something which would satisfy them and never disappoint them. What is it? The True Love habit. All you have to do is just get a hold of a part of it and hold tightly and you will feel the whole world become yours. You will feel all the world will come to belong to you. If I get a hold of that something and I can't move it alone, someone will come and help me. So I am excited, I am stimulated all the time. That kind of something is what we need to get a hold of. Father will forgive you so therefore raise your hand, who drank after they came into the Unification Church? You were seeking something, so you drank. Do you think that was something nice you've done or something you shouldn't have done? [Shouldn't have done.] Why? It makes you feel good. You can smoke and do whatever you want to do that helps make you happy. Why do we say we shouldn't do that? Because those are the very weapons of Satan. By giving into them, drawing from that and making it a habit, they are the very weapons to kill your own mother and father and brother and sister. Like a spy's weapon, that kind of thing destroys your most beloved family. Drugs, alcohol and tobacco are those kinds of weapons. How can we understand God's plan and heart? Free sex is Satan's real secret weapon. Through free sex Satan can bring the end of all nations and all humanity. We inherited dirty blood lineage from our ancestors. How can we relax? Those who took a glass or two of alcohol or even tobacco, are you going to continue that or never even think about that? When you are going up there to the peak do you think you can have a half a pack of cigarettes or a small bottle of wine in your pocket? You need every ounce of energy. Even our ordinary clothing, if it is not holy salted and consecrated, we will not put it on, so how can we carry tobacco or alcohol? Would it become a hindrance at the peak or not? With that kind of mentality you cannot even reach here.

THE DIVIDING PEAK OF THE DISPENSATION OF HISTORY, March 1, 1991 Belvedere Translator - Sang Kil Han

Do you all have absolute sexual organs? Do you American women have absolute sexual organs or free sex sexual organs? (Absolute sexual organ.) Because of the Fall this unique, unchanging and absolute sexual organ has become the worst and most dirty place. Heavenly humankind hates that. Especially the religious world has denounced immoral sexual behavior. God doesn't want to see this breakdown of the sexual organ. Sodom and Gomorrah was full of immoral action which eventually led to its destruction. Now America is full of this immoral action which will lead to its destruction. Do you think that God welcomes free sexual behavior? (No.) In America the establishment of homosexual and lesbian couples is now beginning. Drinking alcohol, smoking, taking drugs are all Satan's weapons. The power of true love is a thousand times more powerful than all of these things. Because humanity lost true love, now they are seeking after artificial stimulation.


So, since you know the truth, do you think you have a right to go after smoking and drinking, drugs and free sex? Now we know the identity of Satan. Satan has used smoking, drinking, drugs and free sex to destroy all of humanity. These things are Satan’s armament! Once they are used or practiced, everything breaks apart, creating Satan’s dungeon of hell on this earth.

DECLARATION DAY OF HEAVENLY PARENTISM, September 1, 1997 Belvedere, Translator - Peter Kim

More than anyone or anything, you must love God. Do you understand? This is the fallen world. The love in this secular world is connected to the fall. The love in the original, unfallen world is much more valuable than the love in the fallen world. The love in the original world gradually increases but the love in the satanic world gradually declines and ends up in hell.

The world where we are living is the kingdom of hell on earth. You must know this. You must stamp out this world. You have to reverse the course 180 degrees. After listening to my speech, can you reverse your life course 180 degrees? What if I say not to drink anymore? Why do you think I will say not to drink? Satan has used alcohol as a weapon to control humanity and destroy human beings. Smoking also. Of course, give up drug abuse and free sex, for these are clearly Satans weapons. You have to understand why you should not touch those things.

THE WAY OF THE MARTIAL ARTS FEDERATION FOR WORLD PEACE, March 26th, 1997, Washington Hilton Hotel, Translator - Peter Kim

There are patriots, sons of filial piety, and saints. All these have one thing in common: unchangeableness. Look at the patriot. The patriot does not just love the country for a short time and then change his mind. He loves his country steadfastly all throughout his life. Then later on when he dies, he is recognized as a patriot. Likewise, the sons and daughters of filial piety love their parents all throughout their lives, no matter what happens. Even when the parents are in a difficult position and are distressed and unhappy, their love toward their parents never changes. Likewise, the saint suffers all throughout his life, yet never changes even for one moment. Later on, people will recognize that he truly was a saint and holy man. We can see unchangeableness as the common quality among these three. Is that true? [Yes.]

One might say, "Oh, then I cannot be a patriot. I cannot be a filial son or daughter. How can they live like that? I have a lot of things to achieve; I have a lot of ambitions. In order to get what I want, I have to change according to the situation. I want to go to the theatre, I want to go to the show and go out once in a while and enjoy myself-how can I be unchanging and steadfast?"

Do you want to drink alcohol? Changeable people usually like alcohol. Changeable people actually long to be unchangeable. They think they can achieve that by drinking.

FATHER'S NATION IS MY NATION, September 2, 1990, Belvedere, Translated by Col. Sang Kil Han

When you fund raise, if there is a battle between your mind and body, you feel fatigued and powerless. But once your mind and body are united, God can dwell in you and you feel abundant energy and vitality. In that case, an individual is like a factory with all the machines running- all the organs are doing their best-and you don't have to worry about them going on strike!

Some members wonder what is wrong with drinking a little alcohol, smoking or taking drugs. Liquor, for example, will only play an invading role and upset your balance, making you commit some mistake. Of course, after you achieve perfect harmony between plus and minus, liquor, cigarettes and marijuana could not distract you. But while you are in the process of growing, you tend to look in all directions and many foreign elements try to woo you. When you pay attention to them, you will be drawn into their sphere.

THE REALM OF EXISTENCE, February 8, 1981, Belvedere, Translator - Bo Hi Pak

Many of you were in trouble in the past, like human trash, with no goal in life. Today you are revolutionaries, completely turned around. You will receive more and more assistance as spirit world intervenes to help people overcome temptation. There is a story about one chain smoker who heard Principle and decided to join. But he just couldn't overcome his desire for smoking, and would sneak out for cigarettes. One day he sneaked out and put a cigarette in his mouth and then his whole chest throbbed with pain. He exclaimed to himself, "I never knew smoking was that painful!" And then he could quit.

One person wanted to be a member and follow God's way, but had a hard time overcoming his drinking habit. One day he had a drink secretly and then hiccupped all day long, advertising that he had been drinking. The Unification Church is a mysterious place where things like this happen. Without knowing about spirit world, people think there is brainwashing going on here because they hear about things like this. They can't understand how such drastically good changes in people's lives can happen otherwise.

OUR PRESENT POSITION, October 7, 1979, Belvedere, Translator - Bo Hi Pak

I have learned how to adapt to whatever environment I enter. For example, if I go someplace where everybody is drinking and having fun, I can harmonize with them even without drinking just by showing lively interest in the people. I can even speak about God to them. With just a glass of Coca Cola, I can feel more intoxicated than the others, and they will comment, "How strange! You are only drinking Coke, but you are enjoying it more than we are enjoying our wine. What is your secret?" I could tell them, "Your taste buds get numbed by wine so you can't appreciate how good Coca Cola tastes. But I really enjoy the taste, so it has made me intoxicated."

God Is My Home, April 25, 1982

What I am most concerned about is for each of your families to complete the ideal of the true family by becoming one through true love. City, town, village, county, ward and block leaders of the Women's Federation for World Peace: through you, morals can be restored. If you expand this movement of true love, what movement could be more patriotic than this?

There is a mountain of work to do. We have to spread a movement for proper morals, a movement for the eradication of drugs, a no-smoking and no-drinking movement, a movement for the removal of the red light districts, a movement to expose immorality in the leaders of society and to inspire and encourage the youth. When the Korean society based on you women leaders becomes purified, and harmony is realized through true love, then the cherished hope of the Korean race, the unification of North and South Korea, will be achieved. Not only that, our nation will come to lead the world, and a peaceful world will be realized.

The Reappearance of the True Parents and the Ideal Family, Reverend Sun Myung Moon This address was given on July 6, 1992 at the rally for leaders of the Women's Federation for World Peace, Seoul, Korea

You should follow the course of our True Parents. Then you can inherit everything from God and the spirit world. You must accomplish and follow these ideas. Then you can understand how we can develop these ideas. You have a certain responsibility. You must understand True Parents' revelation of the unknown history of the world. You must control yourself. No drinking or Satanic life. You must be generals to lead thousands of other leaders. This is the era as owners of Cheon Il Guk. Father knew all these ideas…..

Adam and Eve fell at the age of 16. We must protect our young people from falling. Ambassadors for Peace can understand these ideas. There should be no drinking and smoking. Set the standard and then show your children the way. That way you must follow the track of True Parents and the Messiah. That way we can settle the Kingdom of Heaven.

Father's Message at Hoon Dok Hae, Father and Mother 50th Foundation Day Celebration (May 1, 2003) True Parents 43rd Wedding Anniversary and Hudson River Fishing Tournament North American Family Federation Leadership Conference Friday 2 May 2003, East Garden (Because of the Tournament the May 1st celebration was celebrated on May 2)

God does not even want to look at Satan's world; Christianity, however, without knowing God's strict standard of love, is for the most part degenerating into an institution for social functions, dancing and drinking, easily accepting the rapidly declining standards of love. America needs to repent. Famous theologians, scholars, ministers, and all Americans must repent together.

God's Warning to the World, Reverend Moon's Message from Prison, 4. Christianity In Crisis (Notes By Rev. Michael Jenkins, Translation by Rev. John Hong)


Since I have told you everything, it is up to you. From now on, I will go up to a mountain and set up a tent and live in it. I will sleep there for forty years. [Laughter.] I mean it. Will you take a rest too, because I do? [No.] Since God toiled to stop people from drinking the beer and liquor Satan created, I might connect myself through a hose to the beer and liquor plant Satan set up and sleep for ten years, constantly taking in the liquid and relieving myself, just to dissolve God's bitter resentment. I can do that, but you can't, because you come under the condition of not having fulfilled tribal messiahship. Once you have done it, you can follow me. [Laughter and applause.]


Do the Blessed families of the Unification Church use drugs? [No!] Do they practice free sex and free dating? No, man and woman do not touch outside of the Blessing. Do we make dancing an every day affair? Do we drink alcohol? [No!] But you are American youth and American youth like that direction! [No!] Father heard that some members of ACC began drinking. It may be just for social reasons, but it is no good. Father thought he should tear their mouths apart. Father won't do it, Father will let you do it. If Father tears someone's mouth apart because he drank alcohol, it is not good for obvious reasons. But, if you did it, Father doesn't feel there would be any problem. Do you think this is a laughing matter or would you really do it? Have you ever thought, "I will be the one who knocks out everyone in my community who uses drugs or indulges in free sex"? Have you ever imagined that you would sweep them out? How can a person who never thought that way save America? Concept will never save America. Only by your living the concept can you save America.

Blessed families should be doing awesome things, but sometimes they do bad things themselves. That is no good. Most of you drank beer and wine before you joined the church, didn't you? Especially women! There is hardly anyone who never drank alcohol. Now you drink, not openly, but hiding it. Father understands that kind of beer is more delicious than the beer you drink openly. Those who say, "Yes, I stealthily drank a few beers," raise your hands and you can be forgiven. If you don't you will carry this with you to spirit world! Only a few of you raised your hands, but Father feels all of you have done this. Father has a good reason to bring this up today instead of many days ago or a month ago. Now that Father stands where he is supposed to stand, and now that we renew our determination, bygones are bygones. From today, we should not drink.

Father is saying this because a few days ago he proclaimed the revival of the True Family so it is the time to stress the Blessed family tradition. Now Father and Mother stand in equal positions and it is time for Unification Church Blessed families to fulfill the correct traditions. Let us begin now. The topic of Father's sermon last Sunday was, The Liberation of the World. The world is about to be liberated, so for a new beginning Father has to emphasize the tradition of our Blessed couples; not before now, but now.

BLESSED FAMILIES AND TRUE TRADITION, April 26th, 1992, Belvedere, Translator - Sang Kil Han

Will you start to say, "Oh boy, now I am finally free of someone looking over my shoulder and telling me what to do. Now I can go off and enjoy drinking, dancing, and free sex"? Do you remember the way you were before you joined the Unification Church? Even though you wanted to stop drinking, smoking or doing other destructive things, you didn't have the power to do so. Do you remember that? Yes or no? (Yes.) That is why Father is always thinking about your future. Is that a happy and fortunate thing, or not? Without that, how can you live? I never say whether or not I am a good father, but I do give you a lot of "don'ts." I tell you, "Don't become too complacent and comfortable. Always go out and suffer and work hard." I have been constantly restraining you in that way. Do you like that?

COMPLETION OF THE RESPONSIBILITIES OF TRUE PARENTS, December 6, 1992, Belvedere, Translator - Sang Kil Han

Today, most Christians do not pay so much attention to the fall. That's because they don't understand it. They say, "Oh, it's great to get married. That's what the Bible says, that's what Jesus said. So we will do that and we will automatically go to Heaven." Not so, as we know. In the Bible, what were the consequences of the fall of Adam and Eve? Whatever they did, even if it was just the act of eating a fruit, were Adam and Eve given just a reprimand and let go? No, they were chased out of God's own house. It was that serious! That was God's original reaction. So the fruit of the fall was that they could not remain in God's kingdom. This was God's reaction, not just once, but many times if necessary. Adam and Eve made just one mistake at one time and brought down such serious consequences. Now, in the last days, people are doing the same thing many times and it is just inconceivable.

Christians commit the fallen act and then afterwards they come and pray, "God, please accept me. I want to go to Heaven." Can God accept them into Heaven? He is a crazy God and totally without principles if He allows such people to come to Heaven. Even a human being could not allow such a thing. How much more offended would God be? So if these things we have established today are correct, then would Christian ministers be included within this rule? No matter how famous or rich they may be-such as Billy Graham and Jerry Falwell-can they be exempt from this? No. They may claim, "Don't listen to Reverend Moon because he's a heretic and I'm an orthodox, traditional Christian." Does God care about tradition or orthodoxy? You watch God's face when He hears people complaining against Reverend Moon for being a heretic. Within the orthodox churches, there are all kinds of promiscuity and even fallen mankind frowns upon it. Christians themselves are now moving toward accepting gay and lesbian ministers. They say that smoking and drinking are okay. Can't they see that they are already in hell, sinking deeper and deeper every year? It's true, even in the churches. What can God do? Can He perform some miracle? The only thing He will do is to leave and find hope somewhere else. Do we want that to happen? Americans like to say, "Mind your own business." They don't want other people to tell them what to do. But this is minding our business. This is truth and it is our duty to say that. We can't say, "Oh, you are doing just fine. Keep on doing what you are doing." We can't say that, can we?

RESTORATION FROM THE ORIGIN AND REBIRTH ARE FOR MYSELF, September 20, 1992, Belvedere, Translator - Sang Kil Han

Throughout the entire life of Reverend Moon, criticism and persecution have been coming. Is that because Reverend Moon is so ugly, so unappealing and uneducated? Why is it, then, that Reverend Moon has been the target of criticism for his entire life? It is because Reverend Moon has always gone against many things which the world likes. They want to do certain things but Reverend Moon says no. "No" to tobacco, "no" to drinking, "no" to dating and free sex, "No" to drugs and crime. Reverend Moon has so many "No's"! (Applause)

People in the outside world are making a lot of money by selling tobacco, liquor, and drugs. Think how much money is made in the illegal drug trade each year. It is literally billions of dollars. And then along comes Reverend Moon, who is leading a movement of clean-cut young people. Once young people join the ranks of Reverend Moon's church, they stop smoking, drinking, taking drugs, stop having free sex. They even stop dating! People say, "I'm going to go out of business because of Reverend Moon!" Such people united together and went to the government in order to try to stop Reverend Moon, There truly was a conspiracy in this country in which people tried to use the power of the government to get Reverend Moon.

LIVING IN THE HIGHEST HISTORICAL AGE, April 9, 1989, Belvedere, Translator - Bo Hi Pak

Many felt that they didn't have any freedom in the Unification Church, so they wanted to leave and live according to their own will. They may go out and earn money or try to gain all the knowledge they can, but do you think they get real joy out of it? No, they find even greater dilemmas. Some even try drinking and promiscuous lifestyles which they thought would be fun, and they become miserable and hopeless.

We are leading a tough life, but at least we have hope. No matter how much Reverend Moon is persecuted it doesn't matter because he always has hope. The strength of your heart is the key. If you are assured and confident, then you will be strong enough to repel all kinds of persecution. Even death cannot stop you. The strongest army is the one whose members do not fear the possibility of death and who pledge, "Unto my life."

THE ORIGINAL WORLD AND THE ENEMY WORLD, February 1, 1983, Belvedere, Translator - Bo Hi Pak

Satan's secret weapon for conquering men is their love of women. Therefore in order for the Unification Church to avoid repeating the historical mistake of fallen love, we make the clear policy that our men will not chase after women. Do you think I am speaking about this in order to torment women, or am I telling the truth, regardless of how it feels to you? This is important to speak about because my only motivation is to protect and further God's side in this world. Historical mistakes must be evaluated so that we won't repeat them. Even women, therefore, must gladly accept these statements. You Western men do not deserve my praise! Western men are deeply involved in such impure things as smoking, drinking, drugs and chasing women. If you answer, "Not any more," that means you used to be!

When I came to this country, I knew that I would be the object of temptation from Western women. That is why I made the rule that no women should kiss me in greeting. It is very important. In order to protect God's side, such a rule is absolutely essential. It is mankind who is sought after by both God and Satan but the central core of men and women is their love. Satan promotes changeable love, illicit love. God promotes unchangeable, sacrificial, unique love. From this point of view, we can clearly see that our world has not been God's world but has rather been Satan's world. The Unification Church has declared without any hesitation that this situation is evil and that we are going to bring purification to our society without any compromise. Satan is promoting all kinds of evils by trying to justify all immoral deeds, including free sex, drugs, adultery, homosexuality, and so forth. But the Unification Church has come out clearly defining what is wrong and what is right; we are bringing the absolute standard according to God's judgment.

I want you to understand that the Unification Church is not just anti-immorality. Rather, the church and Reverend Moon are promoting a Heavenly ideal of Heavenly love and Heavenly society so that mankind can live as one family under God. For that reason we have special international marriages which are transcendent of race or nationality. We are coming together as the family of man-black, white, yellow, red-everyone is part of that family. This is what Satan abhors the most and cannot deal with; such a thing never happened before in the satanic world and there is no way he can duplicate it. We are going to uphold this standard of unchanging, eternal love before all of the world. Therefore do not worry about being accused and persecuted because of upholding such principles. No matter what, you are on the strong side because you are on the side of God. You can be absolutely sure that when you are upholding such a truth and principle, God is one thousand percent on your side. How wonderful that is!

HEAVEN'S SIDE AND SATAN'S SIDE, February 20, 1983, Belvedere, Translator - Bo Hi Pak

We have to clearly understand how to be good Unification Church members. We are supposed to have more discriminating standards for everything. Some people ask, "Why are there so many 'don'ts' in the Unification Church? What is wrong with having a few beers or wine once in a while? I don't lose my principles when I drink." When a person is slouching in a chair, someone else might remind him, "That is not good heavenly manner." Or perhaps he doesn't bow down to elders when they come in the room, as many Americans do not. He might ask, "Why must there be so many rules, so many fetters to my behavior?"

If a room is crowded and everyone has only a little space to move in and someone stretches his legs to occupy twice as much space as others, then we say, 'That is not right." Why is that? It is because he is violating the order of the whole. Isn't this a clear example? Everyone has a minimum of space here at Belvedere, but someone might say, "I am accustomed to sitting in a chair, so I am just going to make myself as comfortable as possible, no matter how much I crowd the people around me." Is that good or bad? It is a small thing and perhaps not greatly immoral, but looking at how it affects the benefit of the whole, we say it is bad.

These very simple principles are applicable to our conduct on every level. As you know, I never dress up except on formal occasions. One time I went out to a restaurant wearing a casual shirt and no tie. The maitre d' told me I could not go inside because I wasn't dressed properly and I was very angry at him. My first thought was, "Which is more important-man's dignity or a necktie?" But then I calmed myself down and thought, "Although I feel comfortable and dignified without a necktie, if I go in and eat, then others would want to do the same. Eventually, the place would go down in its class. So I shouldn't impair the high-class standard they are trying to maintain here. If they let me in without a tie, others already seated might feel they were discriminated against." At the same time, I didn't want to go home and get a tie, so the best solution was for me not to go to that restaurant. Therefore nobody was hurt.

Thus goodness and evil are decided in a simple way. In every case, if you think about the well-being of the whole, you will be able to do the right thing. …..

Imagine if I was determined to force the rest of the world to conform to the standards of orderliness, especially pertaining to drinking. Suppose I went into liquor stores and bars and started breaking all the bottles and kicking the windows in and so forth. Would that be the right thing for me to do? No, because the principle of orderliness dictates non-violence. The rest of the country approves of drinking and them are many people who patronize those establishments. That doesn't mean I should join the crowd and drink. All I have to do is stay away from those places.

By the same token, the Unification Church is not going to raid the disco places and throw people out. We just stay away from them. That is our strict standard, but we don't try to destroy them. Keeping orderliness is acceptable to everyone.

When we, as members of the Unification Church, have a clear understanding of this, we will have a new ability to judge every situation. Sometimes it is very hard to know what to do and we wonder, "Should I do this or should I do that? Which is better?" We will always make the fight decision when we consider this law of orderliness. Our lives can be simpler and we can eliminate a lot of frustration if we understand this one point.

Whenever I go into new circumstances, such as on a visit to someone's home, one thing I never do is drastically disagree with the people there. Even though there may be something which I know needs to be changed and which I know I could correct, I never say, "That is wrong and you have to change it!" Instead, I will mildly say, "Don't you think it would be good if you did this and that?" People can always accept that. I never do such things as here at Belvedere-hitting, you on the head. Why do I do that to you people here in the first row? It is because you want that-you hope for that and therefore you sit in the first row.

If you don't understand these things I have been discussing, then you will always have a hard time understanding justice or what is the better action to take. That is only judged according to this scale. You have some idea of how to dress yourself. Suppose you are going out with five of your friends and they all wear neckties, while you are dressed casually. Would you try to push the others to change their clothing to conform with yours? I would never do such a thing. If I join a group in which most of the men are wearing neckties, then I will excuse myself and go put on a necktie. That doesn't change my value or damage my dignity.

Suppose someone is a heavy tobacco user but he is in a group in which no one else is smoking. Even though he will be uncomfortable, he should refrain from smoking as long as he is in their company. It is the common duty of all of us to assist in maintaining the orderliness of any society, provided it is a moral one, so we should be trained in that way.

How should we conduct ourselves to be always successful and never a failure? I look at a person who is successful and I ask, "How did he win? Was it in the proper way, by maintaining right order?" If so, I am very happy to recognize his success but if he is seen by everybody as having gained success through expedient and underhanded means, then I do not recognize that. We have to judge ourselves whenever we succeed as to whether our principles were consistent with those of a true victor. Why is that? Success must always come through right orderliness. The universe will not allow us to succeed for long unless we conform to that law. Now we know the way to succeed all the time. ….

God certainly would not do things solely for the purpose of satisfying public opinion. He is above everyone, looking down at America, and He is in the best position to give advice and direction from that vantage point. If you are inside a situation, your viewpoint is limited. This country was born out of the human desire to seek God. It has no reason to try to disregard God's will now. The United States must be in accord with God's direction. Drugs, drinking, disco dancing, free sex-these are not the instruments of God. They do not help humanity.

THE VICTORIOUS PERSON AND THE DEFEATED PERSON, March 1, 1982, Belvedere, Translator - Sang Kil Han

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