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The Creation and Fall of Adam and Eve

Excerpts from speeches of Reverend Sun Myung Moon

When God created all things, He created absolutely with a purpose. Therefore, it is God's Will to fulfill His purpose of creation. Then, who is the center of this purpose? It was Adam and Eve. This is why I see God's purpose of creation as realizing the ideal of creation, in another words, realizing the ideal centering on Adam and Eve.

Then, what does it mean to realize the ideal? This indeed means to form the Four Position Foundation. The Four Position Foundation means the foundation of the family centering on God in which God-centered Adam and Eve would become inseparably completely united, become an ideal couple, and multiply children. When this Four Position Foundation is formed, Adam and Eve would become united through the love of husband and wife centering on God, and they would be unable to leave the realm of God's love.

What is God's purpose of creation? It was not just to watch Adam and Eve. The reason for creating man and woman was not just for each of them to age and die. God's purpose of creation was for Adam and Eve to grow, and when Adam and Eve recognized their relational feelings toward a different sex, they were to create mankind's true Heaven on earth centering on God. Adam and Eve were to make a place of love centering on God. Here, the male Adam would represent heaven, and the female Eve would represent earth. Through this, although Adam and Eve are two people, if Adam and Eve become united horizontally, heaven and earth will become unified. If Adam and Eve become united centering on love, then heaven and earth would automatically become united into one.

The completion of God's purpose of creation mentioned in the Principle of the Unification Church means for man to complete its Four Position Foundation. However, this Four Position Foundation cannot be realized unless parent become completely united by love and have God dwelling in them, and at the same time, that God's love should be an absolute love that would be transmitted to the children through the parents. God's Four Position Foundation is completed only when, according to the order of beginning which started from heaven, love is inherited to the children without mistake through our family as a mid-way station. Therefore, we must teach to other people that God is a God of goodness and teach them to love, and to women we must teach how to love her husband and show her how to love her children. To a men we must teach how to love God and his wife, and teach him how to love his children. We call this in the Unification Church as the completion of Three Objective Purposes of Love.

What was God's ideal towards our first human ancestors? God's ideal was to connect the ideal man and the ideal woman to realize an ideal family. Then, what was to become the center of this ideal family? This was neither man or woman. A family is after all a group centering on God with a parent and child, and a connection of a husband and a wife. And when we ask "what is the center of this group?" It is the love of God. Therefore, we can come to a conclusion that God's Will is for husband and wife to unite together centering on God and to complete a family.

If Adam and Eve had become completely united centering on God, this meant that they had become united to an absolute from an objective position; therefore, this Adam and Eve's love would also become absolute love. The children who would be born from the realm of this absolute love would receive love through this absolute love and also dwell inside this realm of absolute love.

In the realm of absolute love, there are no contradictions or opposition. When we stand in a position in harmony with the realm, absolute love would dwell in us and would dominate us.

In this sense, the children would grow up inside a peaceful, dwelling place of love. When they grow up like this, all the surrounding atmosphere would be harmonized, and parents and children would all stand in a position praising God. This is what we call in the Unification Church, the bases for the Four Position Foundation.

When this Four Position Foundation is realized, in another words, when mother, father, and sons and daughters come together, they have realized an absolute realm of love. The realm which is able to make this absolute value of love multi-dimensional, becomes the heaven.

God created this world, but if we are to ask God for what reason He created this world, God would surely answer, "Because it was good." Because it was good..., in another words, in order to receive the joy and happiness, God created this world.

However, when we ask how we can attain a good situation or happiness, this can be possible through a form of love. Therefore, we can come to a conclusion that God created this world in order to receive happiness through a substantial object of love.

God created this world in order to realize love. God created all things in order to feel happiness through looking at man and all things unite centering on God's love and realize a harmonious love relationship; to feel happiness looking at man form a true husband and wife relationship centering on God realizing a true love family, clan, tribe, and world; to feel the happiness of love through becoming united with man through love. This, indeed, was God's ideal of creation.

Do you think a person connected to God's original love and experienced the taste of that love leave God? A bee comes to taste the taste of honey in Spring. When you try pulling the hip of a bee eating honey, the bee will not stop eating even though his hip is pulled off.

If you have experienced that taste, what would it be like? You would like to turn around and come back again to stick to it. If this axis connected to love becomes the foundation where everything activates, then individually perfected men and women would come together and start forming a love-centered family.

When we look at the Old Testament, Genesis 1:27, it is written that according to God's external character, God created man, male and female. Inductively, we can come to a conclusion that God is a being of a male and a female character.

God, as this kind of a being, could not live alone; therefore, He needed an object and created this universe. Therefore, what God created was one male and one female.

God, first of all, created Adam and Eve for the purpose of having a physical being, and second to perfect His love. If this Adam and Eve become perfect becoming substantial beings of love, God will dwell in them, and they will become perfect parents of love toward the whole human beings. Then, when this Adam and Eve who have become the substantial parent representing God's external character, multiply their substantial children, they will realize an ideal world. When an ideal world is realized, then through the human beings, the physical world and the spiritual world will become connected. This was another reason for God to create man.

Therefore, God dwells in Adam and Eve centering on love becoming a true and substantial parent to the whole mankind. When Adam and Eve go to the spirit world, God can still use the external character of Adam and Eve in the spirit world appearing as a parent. However, you must understand that through the fall of Adam and Eve these were not realized.

The reason God created male and female was in order for two to love each other and to become united. God did not create Adam for Adam or Eve for Eve. God created Adam for Eve and Eve for Adam. Also, God created Adam and Eve for His love and His happiness. God did not create Adam and Eve for the sake of knowledge, power, or money. The almighty God did not need knowledge, power, or money; It was love that He needed.

Adam and Eve were created with a possibility of becoming perfect without any sin. Adam and Eve were growing to perfect according to the law of God. During the period for them to become perfect as a man and a woman, the relationship of Adam and Eve was to be as brother and sister. They were to form a pure tradition while they were a brother and a sister.

The love between man and woman was to begin when the love has matured during adolescence. Until that time God was watching and waiting for the love to mature and to perfect. This is why we call this period "God's dominion over the result in the Principle" in the Unification Church.

The reason God told Adam and Eve "not to eat" was because the time for them to love had not yet reached. Because Adam and Eve were still in the growing period, God gave them a commandment to wait until they have matured.

When a person is born through a parent, he or she is not born already as a husband or a wife. He/she is born as a son or a daughter and is educated on love. Through this education, one must be taught that man and woman should unite.

Therefore, we must stand before God in order to receive the education of love centering on God's love. During the period of receiving the education, one would be able to come to understand the standard of all the values, and this education must be given until the time of maturity.

From this point of view, when we ask did Adam and Eve grow up receiving God's love, we not only cannot find any record about this in the Old Testament, but the Old Testament starts with a story telling about the Fall.

Then how should Adam and Eve have been in order to receive God's love? Because God and Adam and Eve were in the relationship of parent and child, Adam and Eve should have followed wherever God went receiving His dominion; however on the contrary, they failed from their original position. Because God is the absolute being, Adam and Eve had to also follow God and obey God absolutely. God was the womb of the lives of Adam and Eve, and their guardian. At the same time, God was to protect any threat toward the lives of Adam and Eve. Therefore, it was obvious that God enjoyed seeing Adam and Eve mature and love each other more than they loved God. Why? Because God is the subject, if His object embodies a wonderful love substantially, God the subject will be able to feel a much better value of love. Therefore, God feels happiness.

This is the very first law of creation of human beings. Therefore, the fallen human beings who cannot receive this education of love cannot reach this position.

Adam and Eve, as the Lord of all creation, should have waited until the time decided by God, their Father; in another words, they should have waited until they have matured both physically and spiritually. God also told Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply. This means, after the physical body and spiritual body have completely matured, to become husband and wife and to love multiplying their sons and daughters.

Adam and Eve while they were physically growing up, spent much of their time together. While they were together, when something surprising happened, there occurred times when Eve would say "Oh! I'm scared" being embraced by Adam or hiding in the back of Adam. When Eve is embraced by Adam, Eve would be relieved, but at the same time, Eve would be receiving a strong masculine stimulus from Adam. Adam, who did not dislike Eve, would also have received a sexual stimulus from Eve. At this kind of a moment when a sexual emotion occurred between Adam and Eve, which would have sinned first? Eve who was afraid and jumped in to be embraced was the one who sinned first. From that time on, they gradually fell in love.

God created man and the universe through love. Therefore, Adam and Eve centering on God should have made the world into one systematized world of love, thus connecting everything to God. We must always think what kind of attitude should Adam and Eve, who had this kind of a mission, have had, and how they should have carried the love, which God permitted, together. Because this problem of love is so important, it could become the cause of life and death of Adam and Eve.

Mankind has been longing for adolescence. We have to know where the reason lies for having to wait until that time. Why do man and woman not directly love each other, but wait? Because of love, it was only possible to make it this way. Because it requires the period of maturing until the time of adolescence, we must fulfill the condition until that time.

Adam and Eve, when they become sixteen, seventeen, or eighteen, would naturally reach adolescence, and they will start caring about the eyes of another sex. When the flowers bloom, as man become intoxicated by the fragrance, Adam and Eve, when they reached adolescence, began to think about the other sex. God also gets involved in this fragrance. When the three -- God's love, Adam and Eve's body and mind -- come united together, it will become the core of the universe and would enter the original orbit where everything would be controlled by love. However, Adam and Eve fell from this point. If Adam and Eve had not fallen, they would have become completely united. If they had united, God would not have been able to leave, and Adam and Eve would not have been able to leave each other as well. Therefore, all generations would be connected together realizing tribe, nation, and the world. This place would have become the beautiful world, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

If Adam and Eve, when they reached adolescence around seventeen or eighteen, had not fallen and had united centering on God's love, absolutely their mind and body would not have divided. Then Adam and Eve, with a perfect life and perfect love, would have been able to become a perfect man and woman living in a perfect environment. After the Fall, man has always remembered the feeling of standing in that position, and throughout his lifetime, man would want to think, to find, to live, and to love... Man would always want to live in that kind of an environment.

When will it be that God and man would become completely united together with man receiving the direct dominion of God? It is from the time when man and woman would individually perfect themselves through the give and take of love. It is also from the time when the reciprocal relationship of subject and the object and man's original love matured in all aspects are prepared. When this is realized, God and man would be in complete harmony centering on love and would start going around the eternal original orbit.

The people who are always thinking centering on their own selves are all people who are stuck in the Satanic realm. If you have inherited God's heart and have stood on the standard of a perfected individual, then you can come in contact with God's standard of personality and also become united with Adam's standard of personality. We must become a perfected individual who matches with the standard of an original perfected individuality. In order for this, we must always revolutionize ourselves, and we must always fulfill our given responsibilities.

If we read John 8:44, it reads, "You are of your father the devil,..." (R.S.V.)

Because of the Fall, man can only but surrender to Satan. Human beings exchanged their own father. We have abandoned God who is our true Father, becoming united with the false Father, Satan. This way, our first man and woman became the son and daughter of Satan.

Adam and Eve became unlawful husband and wife under Satan, without the Blessing or the permission of God. Therefore, when Adam and Eve multiplied children, they all came to come under the same false parent. The children all came to be born not as children of God, but as children of Satan. Therefore, after Adam, children with original sin multiplied forming a world of evil. The reason is because man could not stay centered on God.

In the world of evil, there are only sinfulness, unfaithfulness, crime, hatred, and war. The world and the nation cannot feel any pain even when takes any destructive actions toward each other. This is the hell on earth. The actual master on earth is Satan, not God. Therefore it is recorded in John 12:31, "now shall the ruler of this world be cast out." (R.S.V.)

If Adam and Eve had not fallen and had fulfilled God's Will, this world would definitely have become God centered world of one single culture, a world of Adam and Eve's culture, and a world of Abel and Cain's culture. This world cannot have a different language or a different tradition or culture; therefore, this world would have become a one world tribe with God dwelling.

If Adam and Eve had not fallen, what kind of a world do you think would have been realized? It would have become a nation where God can directly dominate. Because this world became a world dominated by Satan, through the Fall, we now need a salvation, and a life of faith believing in God.

The Unification Church have found the providence of love which was hidden for six thousand years; therefore, the Unification Church has tried to spread the foundation of Blessing in order to realize the perfection of the ideal of creation centering on God. In another words, the Unification Church has been forming the place of holy of holy of love through the Blessings. We must understand that new life begins here.

What do you think is the center where all physical cells and spiritual elements become one hundred percent united? That is the sexual organs of man and woman. When a man and a woman pass the period of adolescence, or the period in which they become physically and spiritually matured, and come to the road of love, both body and spirit completely resonate and become perfect.

What do you think the color of love would be like? Do you think that it would be black at night, white during daytime, and yellow during evenings? What do you think the color of love would be like? In the center color of love, there is a strength that can bring peace and unity, a strength that can form a thought of equality of mankind. Therefore, if we happen to carelessly enter the place of Holy of holy of love, we would be burnt and be killed.

Don't you think that the concept of love of the Unification Church is beautiful? The color of love in today's American society is in one word, the color of terrible death. Through the love between man and woman, instead of realizing an eternal world of ideal of creation, we are sinking down to the den of death. Men and women should keep their Holy of Holy clean until the time of their Blessing, and once they love each other, they should continue to love. However, American people are villains, man and woman invading the Holy of holy of love.

The American people who do not think of marriage as the Blessings from God, are just patients with bad eyesight, not being able to see their future. They are not contributors of founding the Fatherland, but are destroyers. If the American society continues to go this way, it will not have hope even of tomorrow, but just filled with desperation. It is more clear than fire that America would be self-destructed not only by God's judgment, but also by men who have lost their humanity.

Where is God's Holy of Holies? It is the sexual organs of man and woman before the fall where love dwelt. This is the Holy of Holies of Heaven. 

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