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True Father Speaks About the Beginning, the Mission and the Way of the United Nations

Passages taken from Speeches between 1971 - 2000
compiled by Johannes Stampf

...In individuals there are Cain and Abel, in families there are Cain and Abel, in tribes there are Cain and Abel, and in nations there are Cain and Abel. So I had to fight to join all these. The world also is divided into Cain and Abel. During the last twenty years Communism has come to take hold of power. In 1950 Red China was accused by the United Nations as an invader, an aggressor of peace. That very nation, twenty years later, not only became a member of the United Nations, but also became a member of the Security Council. How can such an ironic thing happen? Because the democratic world, the Christian world, rejected me, God had to give Satan such power. The past twenty years has seen the struggle between the democratic and communist realms. The evil nation, which the whole world branded an aggressor, is now stepping up and over the United Nations this year. That means she has the highest power of Satan. That is the inevitable result because the democratic world, the Christian world, persecuted God's providence. So it had to come.

A country representing Satan has come to the highest position from a position where it was expelled from the United Nations in twenty years. Therefore, God's side must also restore the highest position from a position where it received all the persecution in twenty years. Red China is a nation in the Orient. Therefore, one Oriental nation must fulfill God's side.

What is our third seven-year course? That is the end of the twenty years. We are now in the middle of the second seven-year course. So this is the time corresponding to Jesus' fight with Satan, when Jesus, God, and Satan fought for a nation. This nation will be Korea. If Korea is Adam, there must be an Eve country and an archangel country. If the Christians had not rejected the Lord when he came, then Korea would be the Adam country, England would have become Eve, and America would have been the archangel country. This would happen all at the same time. But when the fighting in Korea retreated, the country which shook hands with Soviet Russia was England, the Eve country. America now is following England, being drawn by the strategy of Soviet Russia. America pulled her forces out of Vietnam; therefore, it lost India to Soviet Russia. America has a great responsibility for Asian problems.

For God's side, Korea is Adam, Japan is Eve, and Free China is the archangel. On Satan's side, Soviet Russia is the archangel, Red China is Eve, and North Korea stands as an Adam country. They are now confronting each other. All the problems of the world are faced here in these countries. Don't you think it is that way? Soviet Russia, Red China, America and Japan are facing each other there. If they come closer on the outside, inside they are still far from each other. Inside Satan's world and the democratic world there are still many divisions. As America pulled out from Asia, its distance from Japan increased, as it also did from Korea and Free China. And by the membership of Red China in the United Nations, the relationship between Red China and North Korea, between Red China and Soviet Russia, and between Soviet Russia and North Korea became more distant.

Now the heavenly archangel country is meeting the Satanic Eve country. That is the conference between President Nixon and Mao Tse-tung. If Nixon does something wrong, then America will be hit by Red China, just as the fallen Eve pulled away from Adam and made him fall. By the membership of Red China in the United Nations, the United States has already been hit. So now it cannot go positively; it is just standing still. Then what will happen when Nixon goes to Red China? I'm not going to give you the conclusion, but if America receives me, then the problem will be entirely different. It will depend on what you do with the American people. Now I have told you this; I have given you the responsibility. That is how the direction of the world will be decided. The result will be straightened out by our movement. Without our nation we are nothing, it is very miserable. So by the end of the second seven-year course, our church must become one with the nation. Now in Korea a family-seeking movement is going on for the first time in history. After seeking a family you can restore the nation; therefore, Satan and God are now fighting to seek families. There is a place in Korea called Panmunjom, the only place on earth where Satan and God fight face to face.


Korea, Japan and China play important roles in the last days. Through the Principle we understand why the territory where these three countries exist plays a crucial role in the last days. Whenever history turns to a new direction, everything is focused on the country which is in the position (or role) of the offering. How can we promote cooperation between these countries of Korea, Japan and China? The country of Korea cannot exist by itself. Without Japan, Korea's path in the future is unclear. The same is true for Japan; without China, it will lose its way.

As you well know, free China in October, 1971 was expelled from the United Nations; it lost its position as an archangel nation. What position is America in? It represents the world and must defend itself against communism. In the dispensational view it is the archangel nation which represents the democratic world and the western hemisphere. Thus, if America, in the future, fails to be connected to the dispensational direction, much indemnity will have to be paid.

What I have emphasized for Japan is not to lose sight of America. If Japan loses America, it represents losing the archangel; then Japan's path will be blocked. If the relationship between Japan and America is severed it will cause problems. From Japan's standpoint, it has already severed relationships with free China.

So, Japan and America must cooperate. Who can do this? They are entering the stage where they cannot do it by themselves. Thus, it now remains our problem to cultivate this understanding. We are the ones who have to work to unite Japan and America here in America. I began this work in 1972. We must bring together the three nations of Korea, Japan and America.

Moving toward that direction, we should bring Europe into this work. Why? If America is the Adam-type nation, England is the Eve-type nation and Germany is to be the world-level archangel nation. The nation in the archangel position should be a nation which manifests itself in a divided form.


I came to America, to restore some form of national sovereignty in Korea. The Unification Church is in the Abel position, and the Christians are in the Cain position. In order to subjugate Cain in a wise way, I wanted to restore a certain position for our national influence in Korea. There are many existing churches in Korea, but compared to those, the only living church is the Unification Church. I am proud of this. During his time, Jesus was in the position of the enemy, and they nailed him down. But in my time in Korea, I welcomed persecution, I persuaded many and taught them the Principle. Many ministers came to our church. In other words, the Christian church is in a position to follow us. In Cain's position, the existing churches are in the position to be threatened by us in a good way. I also prepared a great movement, linking Korea, Japan and China all in one rank. Korea is in Adam's position. Therefore, unless Adam links together with his neighbors in a friendly manner, the worldwide dispensation cannot begin. So, especially until 1971, I have never neglected Japan or Free China, and I have done my very best to win them over and a beautiful bond was formed. Also, internally, spiritually, I linked all three nations together.

In other words, before I came here to America, I paid all my dues -- all indemnity that was due to me. I fulfilled my part completely for Korea, Japan and Free China. I have done my part. I gave tremendous advice to Free China. If they followed my advice consistently, then they would never have been expelled from the United Nations. I gave advice to Generallissimo Chaing Kai-Shek, and I used Mr. Kuboki as my messenger. Since I am in Adam's position, I cannot deal with this country directly. Free China is in the archangel's position; therefore, I had to use Eve -- Japan. Mr. Kuboki is the leader there. The Japanese are faithfully following my commands, and are ruthlessly attacking the enemy camp in tears and blood. I created this atmosphere by 1971 -- this was destined to be, and I have done it. Now, my chance has come to land in America, since I have done my part in Asia. Even though Free China did not follow my advice and failed, I remained in a victorious position because it was not my responsibility to fulfill -- it was their responsibility to follow my advice.


The Russians and the Chinese especially are fighting and working against us with doctrine against God. China is trying to absorb Japan and Korea. So Master has been working seriously and trying hard to find how to unite the three Oriental countries -- Japan, Korea, and Formosa -- to tackle this Communist country. And he has been successful in uniting these three countries, that has never before been accomplished.

Master warned against Formosa, or Nationalist China being kicked out of the UN, so three times he sent his special emissary to Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek and told him, "You must act this way in order to prevent this from happening in the United Nations." Generalissimo Chiang didn't listen to these humble words of Master Moon. Now with the chance passed, no one is going to sympathize with him.

Unless Japan, Korea, and Formosa become one there is no future for Asia. Asia will never be saved. So since he knew this, he spoke of this about fifteen years ago and sent someone in a smuggling boat to witness to Japan. As Koreans Japan is certainly our enemy. Master himself was tortured by Japanese organizations during the war, but he couldn't treat Japan as an enemy because of the future of our country, the future of the Orient and our entire world. He had to love Japan and send his emissary there. Even after that, Japan has still regarded us as an enemy. They used different tactics and ideas to deter our movement there.

The Japanese believe in a female god, Amatera. Suohmikami, and that's some proof that Japan has a feminine nature. In order for us to be able to connect Japan which is an island, to the continent China, we can use Korea. Japan was the first in the Orient to absorb the present Western civilization. Japan received the benefits of many civilizations world wide but they shouldn't have centered it all on themselves. During World War II Japan tried to unite all Asia centered on itself, proclaiming, "The greater unity of the greater Asia." They had to perish in the Second World War because they were responsible. In representing the Oriental civilization, they had received all of Western civilization, but they never achieved a harmonious oneness; so they had to perish.

But God didn't want Japan to be completely wiped away, because He still had a mission to give to her. Therefore, since Master Moon knew this, he had to send a man to Japan twice before she perished. So far, he has been trying very hard to unite internally these three countries -- Korea, Nationalist China, and Japan, so that they will eventually save the Orient.


The Messiah must come and be born by the aid of the Allied nations of America, Great Britain and France. Together they must help serve as a midwife, bringing the birth of the greatest son of all, the Messiah, to the small nation of Korea. So, in other words, the Messiah has a backing of the heavenly Adam nation, heavenly Eve nation, and heavenly archangel nation. Those nations already destroyed the Satanic Adam nation, Eve nation, and archangel nation. So the Messiah must come with the backing of these nations.

For the first time in history, all the free world banded together for one cause, and marched forward, making a great sacrifice for the benefit of one nation. Have you ever seen such a history in the past? Only on one occasion: The United Nations forces in Korea tried to preserve the freedom of Korea from the Communist aggression of 1950. Actually it all looked like a civil war, because the war in Korea in 1950 was a war between the North and South. Suppose Korea prior to the Korean War accepted the Unification Church? Do you think there would have been a Korean War, an outbreak of war?

Let me explain why that war could not have been possible. Korean Christianity was sponsored primarily by America, or missionaries from U.S. churches. The American Christian influence to South Korea was very great, and Korean Christianity and the American Christian churches had very direct communication. Suppose the Korean Christian churches accepted the Unification Church at that time, uniting into complete oneness. This would have meant that the acceptance of the Unification Church would not only have taken place in Korea, but in America as well. Then Madison Square Garden would not have been postponed until 1974, but would have taken place before 1950.


On the worldwide base we have to lay the foundation and tradition of the Unification movement. So for the start, we have trained ourselves well in the United States. You know the blessing of the great training, you have had so far. That is, if you look at the members from France, you don't feel that they are Frenchmen, but you feel only that they are Unification members; and if you look at the Italians, you will say the same. They are not Italians, but Unification members. Isn't it so? You have done what the United Nations failed to do. If there is God at all, He must be proud of you, because in Him there is no national boundary.

God loves each one of you in that sense, and those whom God loves are all gathered here in this auditorium. This place is the focus of God's attention. Then what would you expect from God? God will concentrate on helping you, so these few days are going to be days of inspiration and renewed dedication. I have decided to have you go through training for five days, until the 22nd, without immediately going into the city of New York to work.


Now I'm going to explain why we are going to go though the fast in front of the UN Building, not elsewhere. You must know why we are going to fast in front of the UN Building, where they have their General Assembly, and why people from all over the world--our members from all over the world-have to fast before that UN Building on this occasion. We are going to create a great event. The event is going to be a providential one, an event in the providence of God, a great event.

If you have gone through the seven-day fast already, that has been for yourself and for indemnity on the individual level, but what you are going to go through is for America, for the whole world, and the significance is greater than that of those other fasts. You are sharing the experience for the whole of mankind, and the whole of America will watch over you and the United Nations and the whole world population will watch over you, including, of course, our members scattered all over the world, including the spiritual world. Myriads of saints and spirit men in the spirit world, and God Himself, and even Satan, are watching over what we are doing. Do you understand? (Yes.)

In the Principle we are taught that we restore ourselves through indemnity to the original condition lost at the time of the fall. If we ponder the cause of the thing, when we think of ourselves going back to the original state, we want to go back to the status of Adam's family, before the fall. Before our being able to save the whole world we must be able to save ourselves, and in doing that we must bring ourselves to the position of the brothers and sisters in Adam's family. In order for us to restore ourselves on the individual level we must bring ourselves to the position of Adam before the fall. That's the starting point, and without our being able to do that we cannot save our family, tribe, nation and the world.

So mankind in the fallen world, without being conscious of it, has been hoping to restore their positions back to Adam in perfection or without the fall. In the Bible we are taught the principle of bridegroom and bride. That means we have to have the True Father and Mother, fatherhood and motherhood without the fall, and that's what is meant by the holy Marriage of the Lamb. That's what God and all mankind would want to have. The whole world, all mankind, would want to have such central figures, leading figures. Though they had everything else, they would want to have those people, those personages, because without them we cannot be saved, and through them alone can we be brought back to the original position...

In America you seem to have everything. You have wealth, you have your own government. You have your own President, and everything you need. You have all material things.

You need guidance by the central figure sent by God according to the providence. Isn't that true? (Yes!) If it is true with America, it also applies to the rest of the world. If that central figure can guide you to restore yourself on the individual level and family level and national level and worldwide level, there's nothing for you to hope for elsewhere.

There has never been such a period of time in the human history where people longed for leadership like this, with the ardor they have today. The central figure or the leading figure is the Messiah. We are taught in the Principle of Restoration that we start by restoring ourselves into the position of servants, and then adopted children, and then true children. And true parents, where we reversely go in the course of restoration.

In the world, roughly divided, there are two great ideologies, namely, democracy and Communism. And they are at war with each other. That's the struggle between Cain and Abel expanded to the worldwide level. That's the fight between brothers, so in order to reconciliate the brothers' disharmony, there must come parents. No one else can do that. Among the brothers there's none that can reconcile those two. Among brothers you cannot distinguish what is right and what is wrong; only your parents can do that. Only with your parent intervening, can the problem be solved, and those in both the Cain position and the Abel position can say "yes" to the decision. Then that's the only way the problem will be solved and the reconciliation between the brothers can come about. Do you follow me? (Yes.)

We members of the Unification Church can protest that we are reborn, we have been given rebirth by the True Parents, and we are living in harmony between brothers and sisters. We are a new breed of people recreated or reborn, and with that we can proclaim to the world that we will be able to save the world, to make everyone like ourselves.

Then where are we bound, and what is our mission as Unification Church members? We are not here to idle away our time. Love affairs are not our concern. We are not here to fight for worldly causes. If we are going to fight at all, we are going to fight in order to bring peace on earth. We know that without expelling Satan from the world we cannot bring peace. That is why we have to fight against Satan. We must be able to distinguish evil on every level. We must know which is the strongest evil and the next strongest and so on; in order for us to be able to fight against them and fight the battle against them, we must know that and know how to distinguish the prince of evil.

We must be newly awakened to the fact that we have such a grave mission. At every moment we are fighting against Satan. At this very moment, too, you are fighting against satanic power. You are not only fighting those battles on the individual level, but also on the family level and on the church level, and as members of the Unification Church we are going to fight a fierce battle against Satan in these days.

Religion is the stronghold or fortress for God's battle, and if you find any Satan invading that fortress, that is the strongest Satan. You must recognize him. On reflecting, we find that Communism is our strongest enemy, so it is the strongest Satan.

Someone out of the religious world must come to fight against and win over Communism, which is the strongest and most evil power in the whole world. And if Communism cannot be overcome by a religious figure, no one else can do the job.

Before the day comes when all the world is invaded and undermined by Communist power, in our movement our members must be united into strong oneness to fight against that power and eradicate it.

On the outermost front line of our battlefield, we must fight against Communist power, and on the secondary line we must revive and reawaken the democratic world with the Christian ideology. Our having had speaking tours beginning in 1972, during those three successive years, is the preparation to fight against Communist power for the next stage. I may have been the first one to be attacked by Communist power in making a speech. I may have been the first one in the history to be attacked by the Communists. That's what happened at Madison Square Garden, and also in Washington, D.C. Thus, the democratic world, free world, is attacked by Communism and ultimately undermined by them. We Unification members are going to be the first target of the Communists.

With a strong ideology, we can lead the people on every other level. When we are armed with a certain ideology, that means our whole beings, including our spirits, will be manipulated by the ideology. You find yourself being dominated by your mind. Satan, knowing that only too well, would come to get hold of your mind when God is away from you, and by getting hold of your mind Satan will want to pour into yourself an evil ideology. While Communism gets hold of your mind and spirit by its ideology, we don't have, on the other hand, a strong ideology that can compete with it and win over it. We cannot do anything against Communism. Then the Unification ideology must be stronger than Communism. We must not be defeated on any level by Communists.

Our system of education, our way of life and our way of training ourselves-all are going to be stronger than what Communism has, so you must be determined and expect something hard and difficult coming from me when I train you. You must not be less than the Communists, and be ready to do things at the risk of your life. We are training ourselves by going through this fast to have no fear before threats and before death. If we are going to be in competition with Communism in fasting, I'm sure we are going to defeat them. (Yes!)

We have already set the record of working all through the night without sleeping, and in competition with the Communists not to sleep and working the whole night for many successive days, we will win the battle. Our goal is different from theirs. They are doing what they do for Communism's sake alone, but we are doing what we do for the sake of the whole world. We are connecting the past history through the present to the future. And we are bound for unity with God, so we are doing all these things for God and His providence. For Communists there's nothing like past or future; they just live the present and they live only for themselves. In their eyes there is no such thing as God. So in light of the standard of goodness and righteousness, the Unification Church is the only group that can do the job.

There have been many great leaders, but on the individual level they have not been able to do anything against Communism. We are in the Communist world: they have a strong international organization. So it takes a great and vast number of people to fight against and defeat the Communist people. It is true that not only on the individual and family level, but after having solidified our foundation on the national level, we must unify the whole mankind-freedom loving men-to go against Communism. In the Communist world they are unified strongly according to their own terms, but in our world we must be even more strongly unified into oneness, unified in such a way that no satanic power, no Communist power, can invade and tear us apart. Are you that strong in unity? (Yes!) The problem lies there.

We are already one, transcending national boundaries. If the way we are united is stronger than the Communist way, and the way we act is stronger than their way, then God cannot but rely on our group. We must have faith and determination, and we must be proud of ourselves, not liable for the accusation of Satan, but entitled to the praise of God.

You are determined to go through the fast successfully, but if you feel downcast in the end, Satan will point at you, accusing you of being weak, and saying to God, "Look at your children. They vowed and pledged before the True Parents, but they failed." And Satan would laugh at you and accuse you of being weak.

We are in all-out efforts and battle against Satan to annihilate Communism, and if you are accused of being weaker than Communists, you cannot hold up your face before God. As God's children you must be stronger than those people. At the cost of your life, you must be strong in fighting against the satanic power which invaded your ancestry, invaded your past selves, and still is invading you; and as the children of God we will fight against that evil power at all costs. You must think of things in these terms: In ordinary circumstances you cannot become united, but with Satan going to invade you, you can be stronger among brothers and sisters and be united into ultimate oneness, absolute oneness. We have been tortured by Satan, and there have been many rebuffs; we must take the rebuffs as challenges, and we must be united all the stronger to fight against them. So in our Family there's never an impossibility of being united into oneness.

You have dedicated yourselves to God and you have taken pledges before God to live for the cause of the will of God so many times. Hundreds and thousands of times you have done that. Is it true? (Yes!) If the very persons who have done that complain on the way, if you are going to be frustrated and shrink back or collapse on the way, that's not what you should do. If you are going to complain at all, complain at yourself, asking, "Why, why can't I go on when I have already taken vows and pledges?" Then you will be able to gather strength and go ahead with renewed energy.

Our conclusion is that at all costs we have to annihilate Satan, exterminate him. God's purpose of using us is to exterminate Satan. God's intention and purpose is not just to save you, as individuals, no. You don't have to struggle hard to save yourself if you go on fighting against and winning over Satan; then in the total salvation you are already included. We will go back to the end of the world to pursue Satan. If Satan is in the North Arctic, we will visit the North Arctic. If he flees to Antarctica, we will visit there, and we will fight until we exterminate the last of Satan.

As I see, America is the place where most of the satanic power is working. Don't you think so? (Yes.) Drug problems, free sex, adolescent crime problems, family disunity, all those things are the evidences of being undermined by satanic power. The reason why Satan concentrates his efforts and focuses his attention on America is that those things which I have already named are of satanic delight and not God's. God will be agonized over those facts, and Satan all joyous about them, and Satan comes here to undermine human minds all the more. Do you think God will take delight in hippie people? (No.) Do you think God will be glad of the drug users, drug addicts? (No.) Would God wish to have families disunited? (No.) Would God want to have the society going to pieces with individualism? If you closely examine, even the foreign policy of the United States is going to be a failure. Then the satanic power will win, and your system of government will always be cheated by them. Well, would God want to have you be like that? (No.)

You have been the leading nation of the world, in a way dominating the whole world, but you are retreating and you are shrinking back into nothing. While you are being diminished, the Communist power will grow and invade your territory. Would God want that? (No!) Now is the time, and before it's too late you must be united to do what you should do, and go to the ends of the earth to include everyone in the free world. Even among the religions in the United States, is there any group where they are strongly united to fight against those powers? (No.) If America were just a nation like any other nation, God wouldn't mind too much, but God has raised you and blessed you to be the leading nation of the world in His providence, so God's distress will be great if you fail. Even in the General Assembly of the United Nations, the United States is more or less segregated by other nations. In that, you are influenced by Communist power and you are pursued and attacked, to be diminished like that.

Now the mission of America is to build a foundation on which you become once again revitalized in Christian spirit and become attentive to the voice of God. A group with those characteristics should come out of the religious world, but when you look around, there's no group like that other than our group. So we are going to ignite the people's minds to come back to the Christian ideology and accomplish the mission assigned by God. Ignite the minds of the people.

We are at the peak of something now, and the United Nations General Assembly this time is most important. We are passing over a historical 'unction by making our project this time a success. It is the Divine Principle that unless you restore yourself on the individual level, you cannot restore your family. Unless you can restore your family, you cannot restore your nation, and unless we can restore one nation we cannot restore the whole world.

Now we are at the stage of restoring a nation, which is God's purpose at this time in history, and by our being able to do that we can cross beyond that point to reach out to the world.

In the Bible we learned that there is Alpha and Omega. We must set the standard of Alpha on the individual level, family level, national level and worldwide level. Unless we can do that, we cannot conclude all those levels of things on the Omega. We must raise that standard of history beginning from Alpha, reaching to Omega, on every level of the things we are doing in the providence of God. If we are united in solid oneness on that level, no other power can tear it down. No satanic power can break it into pieces, even though they have already built the foundation of their nation and the world. They can never come and attack and tear that unity down. Even God Himself cannot put it asunder, tear it into pieces.

Then are we that strongly united in our movement? Unless we are that strongly united, we cannot restore ourselves back into the position of Adam and Eve without the fall, back to the position of Cain and Abel without the fall, back to the position of mankind without the fall. Our Unification Church members must not have any ideology except God's. Your way of thinking, your way of saying things, and your way of acting must be in accordance with God's will. If you just think you know from your brain the will of God, and the will of God is above your idea, and you act in a different way, that's not the way you should be, what you should do. Why is it so?

We know that in the Garden of Eden Adam and Eve entertained other things in their minds other than what they were told by God, and in disobedience they sided with Satan. That's the cause of the fall, so we must come into utter obedience to God and think of nothing other than God's commandment, say and do nothing other than God's commandment. And that's the only way we can restore ourselves and the world back to God. Do you follow me? (Yes.) From that viewpoint, in America where individualism is prevailing, it is difficult to carry out God's will and realize it, don't you think so? (Yes.) Every individual will say, "I have my own idea, I have my own attitude toward life, my own way of life." We must root out those ideas.

America is now in the leading position in individualism, and in that way you are headed into pieces. It's only too natural that you are bound to be prey to Satan. When in America there are no individuals who will starve themselves almost to death in place of the starving people in Africa, if America as a nation cannot be sympathetic with underprivileged nations who are going through difficulties and hardships, we cannot set our hopes on this nation to save the world. So we must be like that, even if out of the whole nation we are the only ones. If the whole population of the United States, like ourselves in the Unification Church, would go through a seven-day fast for the starving people of the world, then it would be easy for this nation to save several nations at a time from the bonds of poverty and misery. If America went on doing things like that, America could not perish. Then there would be no nation in the whole world which would attack America or whose target would be America. But now in the United Nations many nations are siding with Communism to tear down the United States, and the threat is coming from every direction.

You must realize that it is the judgment by God, and you must be reawakened to the fact, and you must come to Him in repentance. All the population of the United States must repent at this time of the providence. When God has lost all the righteous people whom He can use as His instruments, if we rise up like the dawn and in our group we are strongly united into oneness, then before Communism we are going to be like David before Goliath. God will be on our side, helping us and working for us, and we can win over the Communist power and over even any power greater than Communism.

Just as David threw a stone at the forehead of Goliath and Goliath had to collapse and die, likewise even a small number of our group-if we are united like a stone and throw ourselves against the United Nations at the time of historical importance-then the United Nations can collapse before us.

Now I want to put in order and speak about the importance of the United Nations in the providence of God. In the beginning, the first human family should have been one with God, united with God. If that had been the fact, there could never have been the rupture between Cain and Abel. The conflict was caused by Satan, not God. Satan robbed God of His children. Originally men were God's creation but God is now in the position to have to restore them from the bosom of Satan. So in the course of restoration the second born must subjugate the first-born and, united into one, they must come back to their parents. By their doing that alone can they be restored. In a family the parents and children must be one with God, and only by three levels of things becoming one, can they go into the Heavenly Kingdom. The people on the Cain level have been multiplied and the people on the Abel level have been multiplied, creating on the one hand the Communist world, and on the other the democratic world.

The reason why Communism came about is that Satan knew only too well that the Creator was God, and sooner or later all mankind would go back to God's bosom. Then Satan would become powerless, so before that happened he wanted to deny God, and he planted that ideology into the minds of people. So he wants to have the sovereignty as long a time as possible. Even if people deny God and at the same time deny Satan, it's still better for Satan than recognizing God and denying him. If possible, Satan's aim is to have people unable to expel Satan because they are still in the satanic world. The world of the fall is in itself the satanic world, and Satan will want to have the people remain in that world. Do you understand? (Yes.)

But on God's part, He is very, very desperate to expel satanic power from this world to restore His children, at all costs. Then in what way can God eliminate Satan? It can be done only by finding one family meeting the standard before the fall. If that one family can be expanded to a tribe, a nation, and then cover the whole population of the world, then the satanic bases will be annihilated and Satan cannot but be gone, be eliminated. Our conclusion is that the separation of Satan from us can be done centering on Adam's family.

Because of the human fall, between Cain and Abel there was rupture, and separation came about. What God wants is an Abel who is stronger than Cain, of course, and a stronger Abel on the family level, a stronger Abel on the national level. God has to prepare for that base. The nation of Israel were the people of God's choice at that point. We must know clearly that the nation of Israel was a nation in the position of Abel, and if they had become one with God there would have been nothing for them to fear, and they could have annihilated Satan. Do you understand? (Yes.)...

You know the story how President Park was attacked on Liberation Day, the 15th of August this year, but it is in God's providence for him not to die but instead his wife was victimized, because if the one in Adam's position should die, the providence would be nullified. You have learned how to restore through indemnity what is on the vertical line down on the horizontal line. In the nation where the people must carry out the mission of the chosen people, there must be one playing the role of the central figure on the internal level and one on the external level. From the year 1960, which was a providentially significant year, we have gone through three regimes, the regime under President Rhee, Syngman Rhee. The next regime was under President Pak, Pak Sun-chon, and in the third place comes President Park's regime.

The first one symbolizes Adam, while the next one symbolizes Eve, and the third symbolizing the archangel, finally. Well, the first regime, Adam, that was the founding or renewal of independence in our nation. In that way symbolically Adam began to have a solid foothold. And then the second reason was in the position of Eve, and in that regime the head of the political party was a woman. The Park regime came by coup-d'etat through military force, so it is in the position of the archangel. In the fallen world, in the world where Adam and Eve are fallen, the archangel seizes hegemony. The archangel is not in the position to marry to anyone, so it has come to be solitary. In three years' time from now, Korea can either become the leading nation of the world or be destroyed utterly. We are at the critical moment. Everything will be done in the Principle.

Kim 11-sung, hand-in-hand with Japan, could have attacked Korea and even America could have clasped hands with those two nations, but the critical moment has passed. In the providence of God I prayed hard for the Park regime and through many channels I reached him, advising him in such a way.

"Be strong, " I said. "You must be stronger than Kim 11-sung. You must be stronger than Japan, and America. " That's what I said. It is because unless he can do that, Korea cannot keep on playing the role of the Adam nation in the providence. I've never once met with President Park and I have never once received a penny from him. No aid is coming from him to me. I'm helping the regime because in the providence of God the regime must be strong. It just hurts me to hear American people say I am the puppet of the Park regime, and even of the CIA. The Communists say that I am a puppet of the KCIA. In the providence of God I'm not in any position to be manipulated by the Park regime. I am putting things in order in the chosen nation and helping the government go the same way.

Now we are situated in the urgent point of time where Korea as the Adam nation and Japan as the Eve nation and America as the archangelic nation must go hand in hand with each other in strong oneness to win the goal under God's providence. Nothing else is in our mind. From the viewpoint of Korea, Japan is in the position of Eve so Adam is going to save the nation of Eve. In the satanic regime of North Korea, the men who married Japanese women cheated them by bringing them to North Korea, and they are now ill-treated and persecuted under the regime; and we have got to restore those people back to their own nation. By my doing that in the position of Adam, to have saved those Japanese women out of the North Korean regime means to open the toll gate for doing the same to the people grabbed by the Communist side, and restore them back to their original position.

Now by our going through the fast and protesting against North Korea's cheating the Japanese wives, if we are successful it means that we are going to bring into light and make naked the evil reality of what they are doing in North Korea and in all the Communist regimes. Then our Master and Kim Il Sung will, you know, attack each other centering on United Nations. Symbolically, it is the taking of a woman, and the pseudo-Adam and the real Adam are fighting each other for her sake. By restoring Eve and by liberating Eve from the hands of the evil power, we can annihilate the Communist world. We can tread down upon the Communist powers. Then to the worldwide scene the fact of the Communist world's having cheated its people will be brought to light. And all the people of the world will come to hate Communism. The master of the Unification Church, Reverend Moon, having known all the facts, has endeavored to expose them, and we are now at the culmination of our activities. We will reflect it in the UN Assembly, and we are going to bring it out on the scene of the whole world. I am not doing this as a politician with ambition, but I am doing this for humanitarian purposes under the will of God. That's all.

The next thing I'm going to do is to snatch back all those great political figures who are the target of Communist influence. We have succeeded in winning the favor of Professor Reischauer for this project and a Mr. Cohen (you know, he is a Harvard professor who was the first one to have visited North Korea) and Jack Anderson and another person by the name of Mr. Williams. With those people as the steering committee, I think they are going to influence Columbia University, which is more or less a center or a hotbed of Communism. We are going to win the people to our side, by winning 217 professors from that campus. And we are going to reflect this to the UN General Assembly, and there if we win the favor of many nations represented, it is going to become a world question.

Up-to-date there have been many nations cheated by Communist propaganda, and now we are bringing to light all the evil things that are taking place in the Communist world, people will have their eyes opened and come to a new recognition. Then they will be separated from the Communist influence.

Most of you may know of a columnist, Jack Anderson. He's a syndicated writer and he is going to write a good article for us. If he writes, some 900 newspapers will handle the articles, and without your knowing, I have already opened up channels to reach those people and they are all on our side. We have facts and material concerning the Kim 11-sung regime, and they are going to handle those in their articles. In the Congress centering on the Senators our PR members are encouraging them to write letters to Prime Minister Tanaka of Japan. In order to make this project a success, I planned and managed to go to the Congress to speak before the Congressmen. My focus was on this point when I began my speech in Madison Square Garden, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. By my making the speech here a success it will influence our schemes to be accepted. I feel as though if I pound on the earth, the earth will crumble, and if I turn the axis the whole world will revolve.

Well, around our project we find that October 24th will be UN Day. We are going to be in the midst of our fast. And it is no coincidence that it is going to be the 24th UN anniversary. This is going to be the very day we have so long waited for, and this is going to be the turning point from where we can open up the toll gate to reach out to the world, to bring it out on the political scene on the worldwide level. From next year on, we are going to send out our missionaries to 120 nations, and in that case those nations represented in the UN Assembly at this time will open up the channel for our missionaries. People of the world will know that Reverend Moon was the one who saved them from the threat of Communism and the fear of Communism.

Korea, Japan, America and many other nations are affected by Communist infiltration, and they are at a loss as to what to do; and at this point if our project is a success, then a new dimension of work will be ahead of us. Although the Communist regime of Kim 11-sung has set forth the bill for withdrawal of UN forces from Korea and it passed by a vote of 34 to 2 1, if the bill is passed it means that the North Korean regime will be liberated from the fact that they were already branded as the aggressor to South Korea. And on the other hand, the truce ending the Korean war was signed not between North Korea and South Korea but between North Korea and the UN Forces. So if the UN Forces are dismissed, then they don't have to keep the truce. No power in the whole world can restrain them from again invading South Korea. Kim 11-sung knows that at the dismissal of the United Nations Forces, the United States Army must naturally withdraw from Korea, and if North Korea comes down attacking South Korea, they can easily occupy South Korea without violating any international law. And even upon the aggression into South Korea, no UN forces, no United States Army, can come to aid in a Korean war. Then it is easy for North Korea to occupy South Korea, and on the same offensive they are going to occupy Japan. This is what North Korea is winning at the vote of 34 to 21. She is at a loss what to do at this point.

In the providence of God I know only too well that Korea cannot be occupied by a Communist regime, so since I knew that bill is on the verge of being passed, I cannot sit still. I must mobilize my people to go against it and fight it through. So at all costs, at the cost even of our lives, we must fight through and win the victory. I'm not going to have you do that for the sake of the Korean nation but for the sake of the whole free world. If we win the victory in this project, Korea with Master as the center, and Japan and America will become one. That means three nations are becoming one under God's will.

With all this knowledge you must be strong to be united into one with God, and with God working through you, you must not shrink back in fasting. I want you to be really strong to win the victory. In the arena of the United Nations, we Unification Church members on the side of God will fight against the evil power of Communism, and we cannot afford to be defeated. We have got to win over them. By mobilizing mostly the Asian people and including all people from so many nations, centering on the United Nations during the time of 21st to 24th, if we cannot pass over the peak, we cannot make it a triumph. Before the 27th comes, we are going to be able to have ambassadors from so many nations to the UN participate in our project and come out and greet you, make remarks to you. Those who come out to greet you and make remarks to you will never in the future go back to the Communist side. It will harm the dignity of the United States if the UN Forces are dismissed. It will be a disgrace to America.

We have a collective mission to fulfill this and make it a triumph over the enemy evil power. We can almost think that this is going to be our final battle. Our motto for the last three years was the protection of the unified front. In this period we are going to prove to the world that we are standing on the side of God, winning victory for Him. This is going to be the peak of the providence of God. History has never seen the fact that 600 or more young people went through a seven-day fast together. We are passing through the number six denoting 6,000 years of human history, of sin. By indemnifying the number six we are going to reach the number seven, meaning Sabbath. You must deeply realize that this is going to be an event of utmost importance, and you must feel an intensity of mind and body. This is going to be the most critical event history has ever seen. If you concentrate in your meditation and prayer, you can mobilize your whole ancestry and the spirit world, and what you will have done will be long remembered by human history...

I can imagine that during the seven day fast, some of you may have thought, "What made me come into this movement, that I have to go through this seven day fast. I wish I had never joined! " But, if you could say to yourself, "I would go through more than a seven day fast, even a month or more-I will not be frustrated," then both God and I can rely on you. You must examine yourself closely to see if you are such a person-not wavering, not vacillating, never changing in your dedication.

Well, how do you find yourself On the way there will be many of you who will fall away, but what will happen to me? You can change, you can be frustrated, but I can never do that. And I will never do that. If you wish to enter the Kingdom of God, you enter by me and your brothers and sisters here-you must have determination of the same kind as mine. However hard you may struggle, it is the shortest path for you to imitate what I am doing. The new members may not know, but the older members know that I do unbelievable things, and initiate seemingly impossible things, but sooner or later you will find that that was very logical and reasonable and it will be done. I know what period we are in according to God's timetable and what kind of channel will enable us to reach a certain goal.

During our fast this time, our having attacked the United Nations is a significant thing. Americans, Japanese and Koreans represented the Unification Church with the cooperation of people from other nations. Those people assembled in America in oneness carried out their mission of confronting 137 nations from around the world. What was our purpose? Our purpose was to bring America, Japan and Korea together with each other in the ideal of this unification movement. In the Providence of God this is possible. What we have created in the nation of America, must happen in other nations, too, spreading out to the end of the world. Next year, we will send out missionaries to 120 nations. At least we must be able to send our missionaries to 100 nations.

During the time of your fast, people from 137 nations observed you. The people representing those nations in my view don't have self-control, self-mastery, or subjectivity. They are afraid of involvement. But I'm not that type of person. It's an incredible thing, and too bold a thing for me to do this, you know; it's something like shooting one's gun into the air, people may think. But you at least understand. Having attacked so strongly at this time, if we retreat and fall back, we fail. We must do the same thing over and over again until we gain the goal. If we do the same thing next year, what will happen? And the successive years we will do the same thing.

The future of Korea is connected with the future of America and of the world. So, since I find many problems in this nation, I have to win and gain the victory in this nation first. If by our doing this the Communist power in North Korea will eventually collapse, what you have done will be long remembered and will spread out annihilating and exterminating the power of Communism all over the world. If we can so influence the world, the people who represented 137 nations and observed us this time will want to have our missionaries in their own nations. Then, because these people represent their governments-when we send our missionaries we will have our stronghold on the national level. Then very soon, to each of those nations we can send our international mobile teams sweeping along whole nations. We need from one thousand to three thousand people for these teams. If by our doing this we can influence one nation in such a way, then the premier or president of the nation may want to invite our mobile team. Then we have a clear picture of how and how soon we can turn the whole world upside down. First of all, we must think that what we are applying is a wonderful, heavenly service. After sending out our missionaries to 120 nations, we can influence those nations, and by having the youth of those nations mobilize, we can form a new United Nations.

What I have in mind is that in the nearest future, we are going to publish a daily paper in Japan and in America. Well, in that case those members of ours who have been in the 120 nations can collect good articles from all over the world and church leaders in those nations can play the role of news correspondents. We will cover the news from all over the world. By selling our newspapers, we can change the direction of the media of the world.

To lay the foundation for the best newspaper in the world, we must assemble the noted professors of the world. The Unified Science Conference is in preparation for that. If we assemble the noted professors from all over the world, what we are going to do next is to establish our own university. Barrytown is the most likely place. In Belvedere, we are buying almost 200 acres of land for that purpose. We have to buy 500 or more acres of land, so we can erect a university, larger than the University of the State of New York. What we are going to do in the shortest possible time is to establish the largest and the most noted university of the world. It is easy for you to agree, but it can only be realized by you and me becoming one, like this. By the end of next year, it means I will need some three million dollars a month. That's just nothing compared to the greatness of what we are going to do.

If I have 30,000 members, in seven years' time I can do many things which the world has never seen. So the key to the problem, the question is how, in what way, can we bring in 30,000 members. Just imagine how those 30,000 members will move about from place to place. If each of the states has 500 members, what will happen? We can do anything, anything and everything. The Senators and Congressmen will be influenced by us. We can do almost everything, practically everything. Then we can visualize the restoration of the whole world before us.

We are here from the 50 states. If after going back to your own states, you are going to be crazy to find 500 members, then it will mean that we can bind to our way of life the whole world which is declining so rapidly. This is not a difficult job because you are the ones who have attacked the United Nations and moved the hearts of the New Yorkers. With that power, it is no problem for you to influence the people of your own state. Are you resolved and confident to do that? (Yes!)

Well, my topic this evening was "The Completion of Our Responsibility". You have completed your responsibility in having fasted successfully before the UN But with that same power, you must complete the responsibility in your own state. If you are frustrated and lose the power and strength to work in your state, I cannot rely on you. I have directed the New York church alone to win 3,000 members. If the same power will spread all over the state, and in each state you do the same, then our membership and our strength will increase in the shortest possible time. My goal by the end of this year is to have at least ten thousand new members. Then in three years' time, we will have met our goal. I have stated that the years 1977 and 1978 will be the most crucial years in the history of America. I must determine how to restrain the Communists in this nation, and then I must go back to my country and to other parts of the world. I am very serious. Out of this seriousness I have made many public appearances in the year 1974, carrying the message to all people of the world to make it easier for you to work.

In 1976 you will celebrate the bicentennial of your country. But God is leaving this nation, and if you fail to accomplish certain things by that time you will lose God and God will lose you. If we prepare this nation to be strong and to be reawakened to the Christian ideology before that year comes, then God can work in this country. I began the preparation some seven years ago, and ever since I have been contemplating and working for this nation.

In preparation for the Communist attack against us, we must train ourselves on the physical level as well as the spiritual. Without your knowing, I have prepared many things. I have organized Karate institutes for example. Members of the Unification Church must be able to handle themselves. In the future, we will financially support those organizations, so that they can be utilized by us at any moment. My intention is to spread out our foundation on the wider level and have it be successful in the shortest possible time. Both internally and externally, I have prepared the foundation in so many ways, and if we cannot culminate it and conclude everything in three years' time, our goal will not be attained in the set time. You have no idea what I'm going to do from now on. The time is ripe and I am going to carry out things in the timetable of God.


America is proud of its traditions and its wealth and abundance in every way of life, but in ten years you will be corrupt if you go on like this. I made my first trip to the United States in 1965, but when I compare the country at that time to what it is like now the difference is so vast that it may be compared to Heaven and Earth. Like a tide it will ebb away and come surging in again. In other words, America once was leading the whole world, now you are being influenced or led by other nations. You have been a failure; you have been helpless in the UN and in the fight against Communist nations. There are more Communists than there are people from the U.S. working in the United Nation ' s. Most Americans at the United Nations are guards, secretaries and things like that, but the major jobs are occupied by Communists. What we must be most fearful of is that the Communists are going to work throughout this nation through the labor unions. Behind the scenes there are already Communist hands working.

When you think of the future of America, how many Senators and Congressmen are really serious about America's problems and are courageous enough or confident enough to take the responsibility on their shoulders? The policy-makers of this nation are in the position to prevent the rock from crumbling. Instead they float along on the current, and then they scream about changing the policy. That is impossible. They're flowing away on the tide of the time and in doing that they will just get nowhere. They can never come back to save this nation. That's the situation. There are not many such Senators and Congressmen who can stop this corruption from undermining the nation. I have so far met many Senators and Congressmen, but I've never found a single man who was really patriotic in such a way that he would think about the future of this nation without considering the opposition in power. On the contrary, each was thinking of how to remain in his position longer. Some of them, of course, are patriotic and think this nation is faced with peril. They are anxious to save this nation, but they think, "Well, I'm the only person who thinks like this; how can one person save this nation?" So they give up. Before it is too late, those who are really anxious about this nation must be mobilized and rise in a common effort to save this nation. The youth of this nation must gather the strength to do that. If God had been leading the country towards corruption, we must even change God's mind and set the goal for Him.


Today, America and Christianity together must take up the sacred task of world restoration. America must unite the cultures of the West and the East, as well as the Middle East, and create one great unified culture, ultimately fulfilling the mission of establishing the Kingdom of God on Earth.

Judaism was God's first central religion, and Christianity was the second. The Unification Church is the third, coming with the new revelation that will fulfill the final chapter of God's Providence. These central religions must unite in America and reach out to unite religions of the world

Judaism, centered upon the Old Testament, was the first work of God and is in an elder brother's position. Christianity, centered upon the New Testament, is in the position of the second brother. The Unification Church, through which God has given a new revelation, the Completed testament, is in the position of the youngest brother.

Israel, the United States and Korea are Brothers

These three religions are indeed three brothers in the Providence of God. Then Israel, the United States and Korea, the nations where theses three religions are based must also be brothers. Because these three nations have a common destiny representing God's side, the Communist bloc as Satan's representative is trying to isolate and destroy them at the U.N.

Therefore these three brother nations must join hands in a unified effort to restore the United Nations to its original purpose and function. They must contribute internally to the unification of world religions and eternally to the unification of the world itself.

Have you heard about "Godism"?

"One World Under God" is the unchanging, eternal and absolute desire of God. This goal will be realized; yet, in order to accomplish this goal, the unity of religions is the first and essential task. When all men worship one God as Father, accept one Messiah and uphold one Godism, an absolutely God-centered way of life, then the dwelling of God will be with men. It will be only a matter of time to see the Kingdom of God here on earth.

The United States of America, transcending race and nationality, is already a model of the unified world. She must realize that the abundant blessings which God has been pouring upon this land are not just for America, but are for the children of God throughout the world. Upon the foundation of world Christianity, America must exercise her responsibility as a world leader and the chosen nation of God.

Israel did not meet the expectation of God, nor did Rome, nor did Great Britain. Now what about America?

To inspire America to avoid the same mistakes, to inspire America to sacrifice herself for the sake of the world, to inspire America to work towards "One World Under God", God summoned Reverend Moon to his country to proclaim God's new revelation. And in particular, God called me to lead the young people of America, the leaders of tomorrow, back to God.

Today, America is plagued with problems: racism, juvenile delinquency, and immorality. Christianity is declining. Communism is rising. The menace of Communism is everywhere. Of all these problems, atheistic Communism is the worst. Is it not just America's problem; it is the problem of religious people, it is the problem of God Himself.

"I love America"

Ladies and gentlemen, at this crossroads of human history, we must listen to the calling of God. God prepared America for 200 years. This is the time for awakening. America must accept her global responsibility. Armed with Godism, she must free the Communist world, and at last, build the Kingdom of God here on earth. God has chosen America as the flag bearer. America must rise up. Today. Tomorrow may be too late.


The Jews have an important role

Jewish people have played a major role in the American government. Kissinger is Jewish and their are several more Jews in very important positions. President Carter, however, might replace them with others in the major roles of government. There is a kind of invisible tension between the Jewish people and other groups.

Recently at the United Nations Zionism is an issue. If the Jewish people insist only on Zionism and try to carry it through, sooner or later a great tragedy will come. If the communists take over the whole world, a greater tragedy than that of Germany under Hitler will occur. There would be more purges and more death. Without taking a worldwide view beyond national and racial barriers, the Jews will be endangered by the communist power.

But we can see that Christian society is crumbling. I can already see a battle emerging between the Jews and the Christians. If the communists decide to support one of the two parties then that group will be the stronger, and destruction will spread in the near future. Before that happens I have to smooth away racial and national boundaries here in the United States. I am working for the sake of the Jews and the Christians, but they are the ones who oppose our movement.

Recently the Jews feel threatened by the fast growth of our movement, thinking that if they leave us alone, we will over-run the whole country, endangering their prosperity. Therefore, it is possible that the Jewish people will sooner or later band together to oppose our movement. If we cannot prevent fighting between Judaism, Christianity and the Unification Church and bring those two into oneness with us then the whole world will crumble, beginning with the United States.


The Messiah could not come to Israel again. This is obvious because it is God's principle that God cannot use the same people or the same territory twice. God always chooses a new champion. The new Messianic mission will unfold in Asia because Asians are internal, like the "mind" of the universe. God will choose one homogeneous, united people, a single race which has a deep religious history and religious capability. That one nation will be chosen from Asia.

There is a parallel that can be seen between the Western world and the Oriental world. For example, in the dispensation of Christianity, in Europe Great Britain was in a position equivalent to Japan in the Orient now, and Italy was in a position equivalent to Korea today. A peninsula is the ideal environment because it serves as a bridge between islands and the continent. New cultural movements blossom on peninsulas. The Hellenic and Roman cultures developed on the Greek and Italian peninsulas. The peninsula is where the island and continental cultures can merge and mingle together to become one unified culture. In the final days, the Western culture and Oriental culture will merge and create a unified culture of the universe on the Korean peninsula.

In history the peninsulas have always played critical roles. Vietnam is a peninsula where two cultures clashed and a war was fought. Before World War II Korea had been annexed to another nation, and had lost its sovereignty, but after the war its liberation came. Now Korea is one nation in Asia that America must not leave. America has given up so much in Asia, like Vietnam, for example, and now there is a lot of talk about the new Administration withdrawing armed forces from Korea. That will not bring fortune to America. For dispensational reasons, America must retain her position in Korea. Great blessing is coming by this link between the United States and Korea. If that link is broken, America will be deeply troubled.

During World War II the ungodly forces of Japan and Italy were destroyed by the Allied forces. That victory was God's gift to America. America holds stewardship as the servant of God, retaining custody over all of God's property. It is God's will to have America manage all the land of the world that is on the side of God. America must not give it away, particularly not to communism. That is certainly not the will of God.

The United Nations, a symbol of world government, was within the will of God. However, God wanted America to take the initiative in world leadership and to create a United Nations without the ungodly forces of communism. After World War II, America continually retreated from world responsibility. Furthermore, by allowing communism to come in, the United Nations has provided a forum for communist propaganda. The United Nations is now a tool for communist propaganda.

American young people by the hundreds of thousands shed their blood during World War II. Through them God paid such a high price. We can never calculate the value of that blood, and yet America gave it up to enemy hands. America as a nation has failed in the sight of God. She harvested God's gift and then gave it to Satan. Can that be forgiven? Satan, who is receiving all God's beautiful harvest, is not going to be content at that point. His people are coming into the heart of the United Nations to choke the United States to death.

After World War II, a drastic decline can be seen in all areas in America. There is a retreat in the political area, and there are great problems in the economic area. Furthermore, there is such a rapid decline spiritually and morally. For 2000 years Christianity has been evangelizing prosperously throughout the world. But in the last several decades, Christian culture, particularly in this country of America, is truly crumbling. The decline is so rapid; 2000 years of tradition and heritage have been crumbling in the last twenty years. Why is that? America has failed as a model Christian nation.

In the 1960's the tragic plane crash of the Secretary General of the United Nations, Dag Hammarskjold, and the assassination of young President Kennedy were the dark for the free world. Ever since then, America has been declining and retreating. America will be deeply troubled. The Nixon Administration was deeply corrupted when the Watergate situation erupted. The administration has changed but this trend continues. In the sight of God, someone must step out to reverse the trend. We must wait and see what will happen.

I am a religious leader. I spoke up at the Watergate incident because I wanted to turn the national crisis around and unite the national conscience of America in a Christian spirit. I knew that the Watergate crisis would bring advantage only to the communists. When America was completely paralyzed by the Watergate situation, communist students were flooding the campuses. For example, at Columbia University, in broad daylight, communist posters and propaganda brochures were being given out...


The relation between you and me is the same; I want to be able to trust you and have hope for the future through you, your ideals and your actions. In that way you will become responsible men and women. Even now, who can Mother and I depend on? You are the ones we must depend upon to be responsible for the total restoration of the world.

Without persecution we will not advance

At this time there are armies on earth for individual nations but there is no heavenly army with a loyalty and spirit that transcends national boundaries. Even the United Nations troops do not fit this category. In the future a universal heavenly force will be formed with the spiritual power to eradicate the satanic forces throughout the world. That is the concept of the mobile units of the IOWC; the world will not be saved by guns and cannons. You cannot think the world will be saved by "our hands" but by "my hands." You and I have the same destiny and in the event that we fail in our battle for the world we will die together. This is the spirit we have to have in our heavenly army.


I am exposed to great danger here in America. I have heard how anyone can hire an assassin who will kill anybody for just $170' and in a literal sense anyone who joins this movement has to be ready to give up his life just to begin with. Not only my own life' but also Mother's and all our children's lives are committed to this spiritual revolution in full knowledge of the tremendous danger which accompanies it. No one has yet thanked me for coming under tremendous persecution to save this nation. No one' that is' except you.

I want to be at the forefront always, working harder than any of you, preaching and sweating more than any of you. In the last three years I have spent more money for the sake of America than at any other time in my entire ministry' even in my own country' but there have been no welcoming signs from the government or the White House and no national leaders have said one kind thing about me. The United States government has even given sanctuary to a group like the PLO' who are the worst terrorists in the world' trying to give them a voice in the Middle East negotiations and in the United Nations . That is ridiculous. On the other hand' I came to this country trying to give it everything I have' yet the government has never said one kind thing about me.

You know who I am and where we are so you must become tough and courageous. Your power far surpasses the evil and iniquity outside. Don't be embarrassed to go anywhere' and whatever your chore is' do not be ashamed of it. You are doing the most noble task of all. Fund raising is not meant to feed ourselves but to keep this nation and world alive. Maybe Americans are the only kind of people who do not understand; the earth and sky know' but the American people are blinded.

As persecution becomes more intense each day, should we hide out somewhere? Now that I have been talking to you, you say no, but weren't you weak soldiers one hour ago? I'm sure that many of you thought about how coming to Belvedere would take up hours you would rather spend sleeping, right? On the other hand, maybe you thought, ''Well, since I have to go to Belvedere I don't have to get up to deliver newspapers.'' Your laughter is giving you away! God is allowing you the opportunity to become supremely victorious, not just mediocre. That chance is reserved for you.

Once I break through all the way to the realm of resurrection and the world can see what I have done, then overnight the world will see the truth and become repentant. God is waiting to give me that kind of dramatic victory. God wants to expedite the work of salvation, and making me fight a one-man battle against the world is one of His strategies. By being victorious, I can shorten the time of restoration. The Unification Church cannot be in a half-way position. If it is bad then we are the worst kinds of gangsters, but if it is good then we are right next to God.


I could go on like this for hours and hours, but in summary, I have been talking about three points. There is a central boundary line to everything. You must become men and women who can freely travel across the central boundary in each direction, because that action will be more in harmony with the universe and the closest to the Principle of God's creation.

The American welfare system vs. heavenly welfare

You say that America has a democratic form of government, but some aspects of American life are even more dictatorial and severe than life under communism. I am speaking of segregation, which is not so blatant in communist countries. When discussions about human rights take place in the United Nations, the communist ambassadors point out to the United States ambassador that in spite of the Bill of Rights, certain people, like Reverend Moon, are exceptions to the rule. Why are the American ambassadors embarrassed by such questions? There is definitely a deeply embedded attitude of segregation in America that cannot reconcile the differences between the races.

The American system of taxation illustrates how different chains bind people here than in the communist countries. In the communist countries the state is the landlord and farmers give one third of a crop to the government and keep two thirds to sell. According to the sliding scale of taxation in America, however, well-to-do people may pay as much as 80% or 90% of their incomes to the government. It is a different kind of chain which controls the individual's life here in America. On the surface people here are free, but actually there is not so much room for maneuver. America's virtue lies in the fact that here the law is supreme, but when this nation faces a large-scale emergency it is totally incapable of dealing with it.


There is a problem of making unity among Cain and Abel groups. In the blessing of the 72 couples, unity between two groups was important. With one group of 36 couples representing Cain and the other Abel resurrected children have been born to both the 36 and the 72 couples, and thus the heavenly nation is represented centering on Adam and Eve's family with restored Cain and Abel.

Since Jesus' resurrection, the number 120 represents the whole world. I next blessed 120 couples plus four additional couples, representing the four positions of East and West, North and South. This totaled 124 couples, and they encompass up and down, front and rear, right and left. I intentionally included broken families from the world in this blessing because they will open the door for those now living in hell. The 36 families represent the national level of restoration, on the foundation of the three restored couples. By adding the 120 families, worldwide restoration of families is accomplished.

I set up representative couples for the whole world and spirit world. Whatever I did influenced events in the nation and world, and the membership of the United Nations at that time was 124 nations. In this way Korea was connected spiritually to the whole world.

The next stage was to unite couples on the world level. This was the 430 couple blessing. The Hebrews left Egypt after 430 years of bondage, and also at the time of this particular blessing the Korean nation had completed 4300 years of history. These levels coincided. 1967 was the year equivalent to the 430 years before the Israelites left Egypt and the 4300 years of Korean history. Through this blessing these two historical eras were linked for the purpose of God's dispensation. Time, a central figure and a condition are necessary in restoration, and with this blessing I entered the world-level Canaan.

The 430 couples included couples from a much wider scope than before. All the couples through the 120 blessing were of one direction; in restoration it is necessary to be connected with all four directions and this is the reason the 430 couples came from all different backgrounds. Further, the 400 years of bondage in Egypt plus Jesus' age of 30 forms the indemnity number of 430. The number is always very important and this number concerns conditions that Jesus should have established.


The fact that the motto, "One Nation Under God," became the founding spirit of America gives clear proof of God's will to establish this nation and make it a central Christian nation which could receive the Messiah again. Therefore, all men who believed in God gathered together in this fertile land which God had hidden away and made a Christian nation of all races. This is the model of the future Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

Now, centering on God's will, America has become the flag bearer to save the world. By religion and the nation uniting together, it is accomplishing God's historical wish for the salvation of the world, a one world family and a united culture. America has taken on the burden of this important task to accomplish God's historical wish of world salvation.

Out of virgin land God made this newborn America the most powerful nation in the world in just two hundred years, in order to prepare for the struggle against communism, the final evil power which would appear in the last days. Now the American people should realize that God's blessing which they are enjoying today is not a blessing only for America. They should realize clearly that this blessing is for the world and brings with it the responsibility of fulfilling God's will.

The American people should be burning with determination to save the people of the world, even if they would have to suffer martyrdom. Armed with the spirit of Christianity they should be willing to go the way of the cross. From God's point of view the most important new task for America is to protect the tree world from communism and to become the driving force which can eventually liberate even the communists.

Ominous Signs Appearing in the Chosen Land of America

Since 1945, after the victory of the Second World War, America has been showing ominous signs that it is falling away from God's will. This is a tearful thing. I say this because I love America. I said the following words at a meeting with American congressmen because someone has to awaken America.

First, it was God who, through America, brought about the victories of the first two World Wars and who brought about the United Nations, which is like a global nation. From the viewpoint of God's will, originally the United Nations should have been the headquarters for all the countries of the world which were centered on the spirit of Christianity. A United Nations which included communist nations was not God's will.

After the victory of the Second World War, America did not play its role properly. America had the responsibility to guide in a proper way the victorious Allied Nations and the defeated Axis nations which they governed. America had the responsibility to manage them as God's nations. If America had understood God's will clearly, it would have realized that a very good opportunity was at hand to overtake the Soviet Union, which is a nation on Satan's side, and to restore all the world to God's will. Instead, at that time America allowed many nations in Asia and Eastern Europe to be taken over as satellite countries by the communists.

The tragic division of Korea and Germany at that time has caused much misery. The victory of the Second World War was God's blessing through which He intended to widen the free world and to overtake communism. But if we look at the final results, it seems America let the blood of its young men be spilled in vain and instead gave benefit to the communists, even though they are proven adversaries who deny God. Americans should know that the blood of those young men cries out even today.

Moreover, by retreating from her holy position to protect the free world, America has given away even more offerings to the communists, nations such as Vietnam which were under its protection. Because of this, the international stature of America has fallen, and the voice of resentment against it is growing louder and louder every day. These days the UN has become a forum for the propaganda of the communist countries, thereby losing its original function.

This is not all. Day by day in America more serious things are happening. The racial problem between whites and blacks and the drug problem which is destroying American youth are some of its worsening problems. The immorality of youth, the breakdown of the family, and violent crime continue to increase. There are many other serious problems as well, but among them, the infiltration of communism is the most deadly attack.

The present viewpoint of life in American society centers on a search for physical pleasure with a standard of value of extreme individualism. If it continues like this, God will surely leave America and America will cause God's plan to fail. This is very clear and apparent. What shall God do at this point?


Because I speak out whenever I see the free world doing wrong, some people think I am not only against communism but against America as well. But I have a clear evaluation of the difference between the two. In the communist world there is no individual way of life available; people are told at gunpoint what they have to do. The communist state dictates the individual's life, but that doesn't happen in the democratic countries. If Russia were in America's position of power but still followed the same totalitarian system, would it forcibly communize the entire world or not? When communists take over, the people are made into robots, but when America liberates a country it does not force a new way of life on the people.

Who has the power to decide whether a government is good or bad? It is not the United Nations or governmental law which decides, but the one who exists from alpha to omega throughout history, and we call him God. God is the ultimate judge of good and evil. What is the ultimate criterion of good and evil? Those who think as God thinks are good, and those who oppose what God thinks are evil. It is logical that in a school those who obey school policy and the principal are considered good students, but those who violate the law are called troublemakers.


Today you represent the future; you are champions preparing for the future. You cannot go forward until you know the past, so you must feel the already established traditions to your bones. Only on that foundation can you look to the future. After the 36 couples are gone, where will you go? Tradition runs in seven stages of leadership: from me, to three, twelve, 72, 124, 430, and 777, which is the seventh stage. Each stage represents restoration of something lost in the past, expanding the stage God could work on. It begins with True Parents, then three principle disciples and couples, 12, 36, 72, 124, 430, and 777. Now everything is complete.

When the 124 couples were blessed, the United Nations membership grew to 124 nations; that totally matched externally the internal development of the dispensation. The 430 couples represent the restoration of all Korean history, which has continued for 4,300 years. They were blessed in the year 4,300 of Korean history. Four plus three makes seven, and four times three makes twelve. The blessing of the 430 couples represents not only restoration of Christianity, but of the whole world population, which includes many different beliefs and faith, and even non-belief. All the clans are included in the 430 blessing, whether they have religion or not. This blessing disregards racial differences and transcends racial barriers.

After the 430 couple blessing in Korea, the blessing became worldwide; in 1969 I went to Japan, Europe and America and blessed a total of 43 couples, expanding the victorious base out from Korea. Next came the 777 blessing in 1970, including people of all races coming from all over the world. Finally the door was opened fully for everyone to come into heaven. On that base I ordered all the couples to suffer for the sake of the world. All the couples went out, leaving their husband or wife and their children to go on an evangelical mission of three years. That was the base on which I could come out of Korea to the world level.


The world's nations can be divided into those that center on atheistic thought, and those that center on the thought of God. But now, in countries that have centered on God, people are saying that God is dead; the democratic world is not as certain of God as it once was. Christianity in those nations is quickly declining. The family foundation in the democracies is splitting apart. Young people in the free world wander without direction, not knowing where to go. They have no concept of morality, and cherish no ideals. They deny country and God, thinking it is all immaterial. They are influenced in different ways by communism.

What has God been doing as history moved in this direction in the last forty years? Knowing that neither the communist nor the democratic side was dependable, God must have been working on establishing an individual, family, country and bloc on His side. From this point of view, we must reason that some country would have to rise. God planned that there should be one country which God could lean on when the individual dictatorships and the communist bloc collapsed.

Even the satanic side goes through three stages of generations. When the German Kaiser was defeated in World War I, the position of fallen Adam on the satanic side was toppled. In the second World War, Hitler was in Jesus' position on the satanic side. Germany, Japan and Italy were in the Adam, Eve, and archangel positions, opposing democracy. Stalin represented the Second Advent on the satanic side, with the mission of bringing the world into one direction under communism.

Knowing this background, it is reasonable that within three years after the end of World War I, I should appear on earth. As the bloc representing the satanic side in World War II was collapsing, the country on the heavenly side could emerge. Thus, Korea gained its independence, and the Unification Church could begin. In 1945, Korea was greatly influenced by America, under the auspices of the United Nations. At that time, the providential focus was on the established Christian churches, on Korea, and on America. At that time I was 25 and 26.

Christianity underwent a great transition at that time also. During the Japanese occupation Christians were not allowed to worship openly, but were forced to worship at Shinto shrines. In Korea there had to be found fallen Adam type Christians, Jesus type Christians, and Second Advent type Christians, for the Christians had to indemnify all the elements of the fall and of Jesus' mission. All those types had to be found in Korean Christianity. My mission was to harmonize the Christians who had turned to idol worship under the Japanese with those who had refused to worship idols. According to Principle, if the two could come into one then a new country could arise.

After the Cain and Abel-type Christians united, they had to come into unity with the Unification Church. I was in a position to do that. Many new Christian sects were rising up, newly formed by spiritual people who received revelations. There was a special group of only men, another of only women, and another proud in between them which was in the archangel position. Someone had to bring them all into unity.


At this time in history, Reverend Moon has promoted the memory of MacArthur, thereby stirring up people throughout this country. I want to see the image and spirit of MacArthur welcomed here. When that happens, I myself will receive a kind of liberation because Reverend Moon's position is parallel to that of MacArthur. When this movie is released all over the country, America's perception of Reverend Moon will become different. When people see that .'Moonie movie" and gain inspiration from it, they will have to change their minds about Reverend Moon. When General MacArthur and Reverend Moon become one, it is symbolic of America and Korea becoming one. It's almost like achieving the impossible unity between Jesus and Julius Caesar-such a thing is almost unthinkable, but if such a thing had occurred, human history would have been different.

This is the time of the revival and resurrection of General MacArthur. That great soldier of America was actually rejected and fired; but now Reverend Moon has come and led the revival of MacArthur's spirit. In modern history, the only person who achieved the status of a true hero was General MacArthur. Some people name Winston Churchill as a true hero, but he was limited to the European area, not the world level. However, the Korean War was a worldwide conflict between the United Nations and the combined forces of the communist nations.

Julius Caesar controlled the entire civilized world during his time. If MacArthur could have gained unity with Truman, he could have created a different kind of "Roman Empire" of modern times. If he had been allowed to advance beyond the Yalu River and liberate all of Korea, Manchuria, and even China, he could have destroyed communism in Asia. Certainly he could have become president of the US on that foundation. Undoubtedly, the history of this country would have been very different.

Therefore, America must restore the memory and the spirit of MacArthur. When his spirit prevails here, this country can re-discover a true dream, an ideal. Where can a true ideal be found at this time? Nowhere else but in the Unification Church. If General MacArthur had heard and understood the ideology of Unification Church, what do you think would have happened? Don't you think one world under God could be possible?


Just as the nations of the world became brother and sister nations after World War II, God wanted all religions to become brother religions. But selfishness was always the governing factor, even as history was moving toward brother nations. The United States accepted other nations as brother nations, for example, but always with the attitude, "I am the master; you come to me and listen to me" It should have said, "You are my brother; let me share with you,' but that spirit has been missing.

The victory of World War II brought virtually the entire world under the wings of the United States. If the United States had behaved truly unselfishly, it could have exercised its influence to help other nations around the world. It could have said, "I want to play the role of elder brother. This is the tradition or philosophy of the elder brother, so let's unite around it and become one family of God"

If the United States had done so, the world would never have reached the state it is in today. Other nations would have ceased struggling among themselves. Religious people would have said, "There is one God and one Father; therefore, beyond the distinctions of denomination or religion we are all one, and we should live in one true brotherhood" If that had been the concept of religious leaders, the religious community would never have fallen into its present condition.

When the United Nations was born after World War II, it was a family of nations trying to unite the world. Its hope was to live up to its name. At the same time, a world religious organization should have formed, with unity and unselfishness as its theme. Then when the Unification Church came forward with a new ideology, it would have encountered no opposition.

Thus when the political United Nations was formed, a religious United Nations should also have taken shape. Then the two forces should have worked together in pursuit of the one fatherhood of God and one brotherhood of man. When the new ideology emerged through the Unification Church it would have been accepted, because it would have been the very thing they had been seeking. The world's political and religious leaders did not know that God's ultimate will we. to unite the world and bring about one family of man; the, did not realize that God's ultimate plan was to bring al] nations and religions together under the one fatherhood of God and brotherhood of man. Still, they would have con eluded that the world needed a new ideology, and they would have recognized the Unification Church and its ideology as the answer.


An Adam-block of nations, an Eve-block of nations and an archangel-block have come to exist under the secular realm, the satanic domain. What was sown at the time of the original Adam and Eve and archangel has come to be harvested in this way. According to the law of restoration, the same pattern must exist, regardless of the size it takes, in order for the original mistake to be indemnified and restored. Centering upon England, the pattern took shape. England was in Eve's position; America was born out of England. France was in the archangel's position; it is very different from either England or America. Both America and England have the same language and similar cultures, while France is entirely different. But by joining on the Heavenly side, they eventually came into unity with the Adam country, America, and the Eve country, England.

The Eve nation of the satanic countries was Japan; Japan is certainly a female nation. Also Japan has had many gods; they have accepted the idea of hundreds and thousands of gods. That symbolizes a woman with no sense of chastity but who moves from one man to another and thinks nothing of it. Germany was in the position of the satanic Adam country. Germany is very masculine. The alliance between the two satanic countries, Germany and Japan, necessitated an alliance on God's side in order to counteract them. Italy was in the arch angelic position on the satanic side.

Today, 30 years since World War II. France has turned toward a leftist position and Italy will probably go the same way. During World War II, there were clearly divided Heavenly and satanic blocks fighting against each other. Since the Heavenly side won. they should have inherited everything from the satanic side. Also they should have embraced them and encompassed them to bring them under Christian influence, but America failed to do that after World War II.

History has shown that America failed to do those three things and the United Nations has become a communistic tool as a result; it is not benefiting America or the rest of the free world. Many Americans want to do something about the United Nations but they don't know what to do. America has been paying the largest portion of the UN's expenses. even though it has been such a tool for world communism. Although America won World War II, it didn't have the ability to digest its enemies.

It was at that time that the Unification Church emerged. If Christianity, America and the rest of the free world had listened to Reverend Moon when he emerged, many problems would have been solved once and for all. However, Reverend Moon was opposed by them and, at the same time, God was opposed by them. Thus communists today are openly striking out against God and all the free world.

Now God must work to restore the mistakes of America and the free world through the Unification Church. That is why we oppose communism. Because both the people of the free world and the communists are opposing Reverend Moon at this time, they are working together in a way. What is the position of the United Nations? Where is the godly side within the United Nations? One thing is certain-a United Nations must be born on God's side. This Godly United Nations must win over the satanic United Nations through superior theory and practice and form a unified realm on God's side.

Communism is the principal occupant of the earth. There is only a small segment of the earth which is occupied by the Unification Church, but Reverend Moon has come out and proclaimed our advance against the power of Moscow and our determination to expand God's territory on this earth. This is the war we are engaged in at this time. This is the reason why we must fight against communism.

Clearly the Unification Church has the function and mission to restore what the free world failed to do after World War II-to recover what was lost to communist power for God's purposes. This is why all the forces under Satan's influence have banded together to resist our movement. The highest point of that resistance or persecution occurred in 1976. That was the fiercest time of the war. I proclaimed then that the opposition would start to decline.

The conclusion is that all religions, regardless of denomination or beliefs, must come into unity to fight against the satanic force of communism. They must give birth to the true United Nations which will oppose the ungodly forces. This United Nations should be stronger than that other UN on the satanic side. It should be more effective and bring much greater results for mankind.

This has been what Reverend Moon has been doing, consistently for the past decades-bringing theologians together of different denominations, as well as bringing scientists and other leaders together into one super denominational movement. The Conference on God is one example and the Youth Seminar is another. What we are talking about is very simple: that all the people on the Godly side. regardless of denomination or religion, should come together to oppose the satanic realm of communism, knowing that communism will destroy them otherwise.

There must be a leading country in this effort and the only country suitable is America. Since the free world has been opposing me, they have behaved as my enemies. However, I cannot treat them as my enemy because they are the foundation which God has prepared for the past thousands of years. They are opposing Reverend Moon out of ignorance therefore, I must tolerate them, no matter what they do. America has never been truly good: however, God's wish for America is that she be good. This is what is holding up America even today.

God had to allow the Indians in this country to be mistreated 400 years ago because of His future plans for the America that would develop. He knew that a powerful, Abel-type nation had to be prepared which could fight against satanic powers. God had no choice but to work through the white American people so He provided them with the capability which they have today to fight against the satanic power of communism.

God was happy to see the Abel side win World War II. However, America did not carry on after her victory. In fact, America totally failed after the victory. Because the Second Coming of the Messiah occurs on the world level, the satanic imitation of the messiah, namely communism, is developed on the world level and is claiming its mission to save the whole world. This is a typical example of the false prophet appearing one step ahead of the true one. Since the free world tailed to inherit what God prepared for it, the foundation which God had laid was taken over by communism.

Right after World War II, the communists quickly reorganized and launched their movement, just the way the Messiah would. Stalin established the policy of communizing the entire world; that was the time of the communists' peak potential for unifying the entire world under the communist banner. At that time, Reverend Moon was in the position to lead a world movement of Christianity; God wanted Christians to support His champion. However since that did not happen, Reverend Moon had to establish the Unification Church and let it pay the indemnity in the place of all Christianity.

I have fought for God's gigantic plan every! inch of the way and we have come a long way. We are now going over the hill and God's ideal of a unified world is about to be established. The current court battle is like the highest hill to go over. Reverend Moon is still holding onto world Christianity and extending hands of love. The Unification Church is being given the chance to do the work of God: however. world Christianity is much more capable of doing that work. Now that I have come to this point. I must decide how to fulfill God's schedule. How can I hold on to America and revive Christianity here within the. next three years?

We must now travel out of the wilderness and enter into Canaan within the next three years. We must deliver Christianity into Canaan, into the realm of God. These last three years of the forty years' wilderness time are the most crucial ones. Success or failure is being created from now on. The forty years from 1945 to 1985 have been and will be years of world chaos with nothing but confusion about right and wrong. This is much like the time when Moses went up to the mountain to receive the Ten commandments. All his followers were confused and became disloyal. During these past forty years in the spiritual wilderness, many Christians have likewise plummeted into confusion over what is right and wrong. They don't understand the difference between their friend and their true enemy -they have come to believe that communism might be their ally and friend, yet they think we are their enemy when we are clearly their friends. Many men and women are confused about their own natures - becoming homosexual and lesbian and believing it is right. This is much the same as in Moses' time. The Israelites became filled with wont! ideas and lowered themselves to nothing but carnal pursuits Christianity today has lost much of its spirit and influence over people.

The Israelites always tended to betray Moses and wanted to live their own way, but Moses remained strong even after much suffering and was able to receive the tablets. Home Church has come according to that pattern I am teaching you, "This is the way to eternal life. We must do this, regardless of how the world feels about it because this is God's direction." Moses had to hoist up the serpent on his staff so that everyone behind him could see it. The next three years will be the time when the Unification Church will proclaim to the whole world, 'We have found the solution and the right direction for every nation. family and individual to live. This is the only chance." Just like the Israelites followed Moses into Canaan. when Reverend Moon goes to Moscow, Americans will follow him.

When the Israelites went into Canaan, they had to overcome the powers living there. Likewise, one day we will march forward into the satellite countries of communism and liberate them with the message of God. This is the mission of the Unification Church. We must understand what is in store for the Unification Church in the future. What is God about to ask us to do? Nothing less than this worldwide dispensation.

We are truly the Heavenly army and we have just received our command from God Himself to go out and work to clean up all immorality-drug abuse, homosexuality, prostitution, gambling. I know how all these ungodly activities operate. I know how the casinos operate in Las Vegas and how that city is run. Unless all this immorality is cleaned up, America has no chance for survival in the future. Nobody but the Unification Church can do this job.

At this time, Col. Pak and CAUSA is having a seminar with 200 leading Americans from various fields. Since America has been very indecisive and has not been concerned about right or wrong so much, the activities of CAUSA in South America can stimulate the people here to realize the truth. I predicted that Vietnam would be betrayed unless America could adopt a firmer. more confident stance. That is what happened in 1975. Cuba has grown much more powerful than it should have' also. Because of that. so much trouble has occurred in Central America.

This is the time of the cross once again. Reverend Moon is leading the way. Only after we have planted God's banner inside of Moscow will I be ready to return to my homeland. Once that is done, I won't have to do so much more and the foundation will be firmly established. The Unification foundation will always remain on earth and communism will be driven out. All of God's avenues into the world will have been established. God will have the foundation to live on the earth and to travel freely here with His love, in the past, present and future. Every country will be a place where God can freely visit any time He wants. That will be the substantial beginning of Heaven on earth.

We are about to accomplish what America failed to accomplish after World War II. An entirely new world was supposed to begin, so now we will begin that new world. This will be centered upon four countries. One is Korea, which is in Adam's position in God's dispensation. Japan. America and Germany are the other countries. America is in the Abel position and Germany is in the Cain position. Germany and America were enemies during World War II and Japan and Korea have been historical enemies of each other. Simply put. America and the free world, representing Christianity, won World War II and if they had continued in the way God intended, God's Kingdom would have been so much easier to establish. But since they went against God, God lost much of His foundation. Satan emerged and took everything that was not claimed by God's side.

Today the communists in Moscow believe they have already won their war against America; they think America is a certain loser. They have a clear rationale behind this. America lost the war in Vietnam, despite superior arms and forces, while the communists had cruder weapons and forces. That means the communists have proven their power to defeat Americans in any similar type of war. Right here on the American continent communists can wage a similar war-through labor unions or through college communist groups. They have infiltrated carefully chosen people into the media and they know that they could easily achieve their goals. If the communists threw all their efforts right now into overthrowing America through such means, America would not be able to overcome them. So many young people and even leaders in this country are drug takers; sexual degradation is very common; moral disease is everywhere. The communists see these things.

But all of a sudden like a miracle, a strong and powerful voice is raised-such as CARP and the Unification Church-and they begin to teach the truth very effectively. In Korea the Unification Church has grown and gained acceptance over a period of time in the face of fierce opposition. The same thing has happened in Japan. Although you may not think it is possible to happen in America, we have achieved victory twice before.

Compared to the Unification Church, the communists have nothing inside of them. When we confront them head-on they crumble. They are clever and they know that their real threat is not America or any government, but rather Reverend Moon and the Unification Church. No matter how strong the communists are, they can never digest the Unification Church's teachings. However, the Unification Church members can digest communism. How much God takes pride in Unification members!

You are standing upon such a high place so examine your worthiness of that standard. Do you truly feel proud to be in this great position and are you confident that you will win over any evil power on earth? Especially you American women-you are in Eve's position and you must be stronger than Satan at this time. It was Eve who first violated the law of love in the beginning so now you women must control and occupy the archangel, restoring him. 1 will make you women into such strong Heavenly soldiers. Our women as restored Eves must overcome the fallen archangel. Will you do it? You American women have already learned how to control men. You must now become so strong that you can guide them toward God.

This is consistent with Divine Principle. You women must restore those women in Satan's forces by subjugating the archangel. While you are doing these things. your men will stand behind and watch. That means I will direct you women to go out and win over the satanic world, then you will be worthy of my acceptance. Now is the time for women to duel with your opponents-your opponents are Satan's men. How wonderful you are to be women!

This is why the Japanese women were mobilized before any others. Why did Japanese women come to America? All four enemies-Korea, Japan. Germany and America-must overcome their past differences and establish a new tradition as well, which people in the future will be able to follow easily. The foreign missionaries had as their primary mission to unite among themselves; that is how I instructed them. The missionaries were instructed to follow the Japanese member, who was in the position of Eve and should be able to nourish them, as if they were the children. The Japanese were put into this position. However, the average American doesn't even like to be close to a Japanese person, much less have to follow one as his leader. However, even though I knew the difficulties that exist between the Japanese and the Americans, I gave them that instruction because everyone must go through the mother's position.

You Americans may protest about Japanese, Korean and German elders coming here and having positions of leadership. It is happening because the nations that they represent must make a foundation of unity on enemy soil; that foundation must be established. In the future all families must be able to live together under one roof- Japanese with Korean and German and American families. Unless they exhibit unity to the world, they will not qualify as Heavenly citizens. You must gain that kind of certification and after that you can move into the Kingdom of Heaven. It is much more difficult for families to unite than just individuals, so if you as an individual cannot unite because it is too difficult, then your family will never be able to unite with others. That means you can never live in Heaven!

If there were an easier way of achieving Heaven, I would have found it since I am an intelligent person. Why should I deliberately choose the most difficult way? These four countries have tremendous economic power at this time. In the future, African countries will gain the same. When the four providential countries establish their foundation of tradition, the African nations need only to follow that tradition.

Reverend Moon is exercising his influence in these ways for the sake of the free world. Are you helping me or am I helping you? Until you mature, the parents have the responsibility to nourish you. That is the principle and is true everywhere.

From this point on, the bridge of love has been erected in every direction. There is nothing conceptual about these things. These are the deeds we must do. Ultimately there will be one thought or idea-Unificationism-on the earth. We can call Unificationism "lovism" as well.

We are seeing that everything in the old world is decaying and even perishing and at this time the new world will begin to spring up with tremendous power. Under these circumstances, if I give a direction to the women, will you respond quickly and obediently? You will not be fighting with weapons but with the tools of truth and your words. The power of your thought will be what you fight with. You are already doing that without realizing it.

Communism has a one-party system by which they rule in their subjugated nations. God's side must also have a united group such as the new United Nations. God wants to see the free world united to create the Godly United Nations by which they can restore all of Satan's countries and his United Nations as well. Why must America and the free world do this? Without that, they cannot continue to protect themselves.

They must have an ideology upon which to base their actions. Unificationism is more than sufficient for that. Only Unificationism is capable of digesting communism. We are not just claiming this. It is obvious to anyone who has been observing. We have tested our ability to digest communism and we have succeeded-in Japan, Korea, and South America.

These things we have been discussing are very basic points which you need in your position. You need to have a perspective on the world in the future-what will happen and why. These points are not just some person's imaginings; they are derived from the Principle. As you know, the Divine Principle encompasses a huge area and nothing within it is contradictory. You have received a tremendous amount of knowledge by studying Principle for the past years. This kind of knowledge is not rivaled by anything at Harvard University. No library contains a fragment of this kind of knowledge. You have studied from Reverend Moon's "heart library" and there is no other source like that. If you want to open and study from that heart library, you must open it with the "heart key." Once you have such a key, everything will open up to you.

We will have to expand our discussion of the topic, "About Myself," into another week since we have hardly touched on it today. I spoke today about the world and historical things because before we can understand ourselves, we need to understand the larger entities and where we fit in. Those of you who have decided to work for the 'heart key" because you can make a connection with God, please raise your hands. How wonderful you are!


The United States has become the central leading power of the free world, but what would happen if that center were moved from the United States to another nation? Which country is ready to take up world leadership? If the new leader of world culture were a country of an entirely different cultural background from the United States, there would be problems of adjustment. If the United States had to give up world leadership and adjust to new leadership, two things could occur: it could decline, or it could retreat for a time while it adjusts to the new situation. The United States would be in a dilemma to which there may be no clear solution. Even today it is suffering.

The same things can be said about the communist world. Suppose Red China were to become the future leader of the communist world. It would be very difficult for the Soviet Union to humble itself toward Chinese leadership. It would face the challenges of arrogance, cultural barriers, and a different mentality.

The superpowers talk about world peace, but they themselves are obstacles to unity for the sake of peace. Who shall be the center of that world peace? The superpowers have incredible difficulty determining that. In order to be truly peaceful, the world must have a center. There are so many different cultures in the world and not everybody can play the central role, even though most nations probably think they would like to become the center of the new world order.

Since everybody wants to project himself into the central position, the guidance of religion is needed. Both the communist world and the free world are trying to mobilize forces for one unified world. The ideal of the United Nations, for example, is a good one. Both the League of Nations and the United Nations were founded to promote world unity; but instead of unity, division resulted.

The Unification movement will definitely reach the point of global unity. The Unification movement does not exist just for the sake of the free world, and it is not totally abandoning the communist world, either. The free world and the communist world both aim for unity, but greater divisions and confrontations are the fruits of their efforts. So what kind of role should the Unification movement play? I am constantly thinking about that.

What is the basic difference between the Unification ideal and the ideals of the free world and communist world? Both the free world and communist world are seeking horizontal solutions. The democratic world is based upon a universal religion Christianity -- but Christian culture is declining because people are pushing God behind the scenes, excluding Him from daily human problems. They relegate God to a secondary level. The communist world, of course, had no vertical dimension from the outset, since it is only horizontal and material. Therefore, both the democratic and communist world operates on a horizontal level.

From its outset, the Unification world has been a vertical one. Our goal has been to unite the world and all things, but what is our starting point? Who marks the beginning? Not people, but God. God occupies the driver's seat. A second distinction is that, while the democratic world and the communist world talk about peace as a goal, the Unification world talks about peace as a starting point. Therefore, history mandates that the other two worlds will decline and the Unification world will rise.

The communist world, however, is trying to destroy the rest of the world and subjugate everyone to its will. Also, it is bent on destroying all religious heritage and practices. So until the mandate of history unfolds, we must be able to defend ourselves.

The democratic and communist worlds have a common shortcoming: before world peace can be established, they always start to divide. National interest makes it difficult to transcend racial and cultural barriers. Americans, for example, think of themselves as primarily an Anglo-Saxon country. How can we overcome such a nationalistic and racial shortcoming? The United States has been a melting pot; people came from Germany, Italy, France, and throughout the world. But even with these nationalities, the melting pot system did not quite work out; people cannot completely digest the barriers of former enemy relationships. The English, French and Germans have all been enemies in the past and since they came to America, they have been unable to completely overcome that.

Also, the Anglo-Saxons have had a super-culture mentality, which demands that all others unite with them. However, they have no clear worldview to offer. Therefore, racial problems have beset America throughout its history, even though the Constitution proclaims a universal ideal. The same thing happens in the Soviet Union. The problem in our world today is that no worldview has had the power to transcend barriers of race, nationality or culture. Without such a worldview, communism will come and go, and democracy will come and go. They cannot remain.

On the other hand, the Unification movement offers truly new horizons. I talked deeply about this yesterday. We want to make the world one. We are not just pulling people on a horizontal level; we are uniting vertically with God and jointly possessing Him. We share a common parenthood and common heritage. This is how we want to unite the world. Our worldview is on a totally different scale and it gives the Unification movement incredible appeal.

Yesterday I talked about the Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel countries. After the human fall, all these relationships became enemy relationships. The Unification movement is trying to pull these enemies into unity, as a demonstration of our new worldview. But even unity among enemy nations is not our goal; it is just the starting point. This is the kind of foundation our movement has.

We have something to offer in international affairs. Our worldview has the power to digest cultural barriers as well as racial barriers and national barriers. Whatever we gain, we want to offer to God -- not just to the Anglo-Saxons, or the Koreans, or the Japanese, or the Germans. We aim to unify the whole and bring it to God.


You may wonder why Communists have so much fear and hostility towards Reverend Moon and the Unification Movement, and why they are trying so desperately to destroy us. As you know, the ultimate goal of Communism is nothing less than a Communist Party dictatorship subjugating the entire world under the banner of atheistic materialism. Actually, Marxist theories-such as the Labor Theory of Value, Surplus Value Theory, Dialectical Materialism and Historical Materialism-are inversions of the truth, which are put forward to justify violent revolution. Until now, nothing has existed which could overcome the terrifying reality of Communism. The Unification ideology, however, exposes the fictions of Communism. They know this and therefore are trying to exterminate Unificationism at the source. Communists are extremely afraid of anything which exposes their true identity.

Because of ignorance, millions of people have been used and slaughtered without mercy by Communism. Some are courageous enough to fight, but because they lack a strong ideology and organization they are isolated, weakened and easily defeated. Today hundreds of millions wait for liberation from Communism with tears of desperation. I myself spent nearly three years in a Communist concentration camp under the North Korean dictatorship of Kim 11 Sung. They sent me there to die, but I survived and eventually was freed by the United Nations forces. My life's mission since then has been concentrated on how to establish the absolute truth, a truth superior to Communism, which can bring about the world's liberation from Communism.

I now can speak clearly about the crimes I witnessed. I now have the substantial foundation to speak, to act, and to surpass Communism. Thus you can understand why the Communists are afraid of Reverend Moon and his organization.

What the Communists find very difficult to understand is, why does Reverend Moon's movement continue to grow so successfully in spite of all their opposition, persecution and slander? For instance, in Japan we have more than 3.5 million members in the International Federation for the Victory Over Communism (IFVC).

First of all, Communists do not realize that God is alive and substantially working behind the Unification Movement. Second. they do not understand the true essence of religion. and the fact that the original mind of human beings feels truly satisfied only by God's truth and love. Finally, they do not realize that God's laws, which govern the spiritual world and the universe. do not operate in accordance with dialectical materialism.

The Unification Movement is sustained and motivated by the deepest religious experience and discipline, based on the fundamental truths of the universe. For that reason we can move the original hearts and minds of people the world over. For that reason our members can overcome trials and hardships no matter how severe. They have learned to forgive. They accept persecution and trials as nutrition for their spiritual growth, rather than as a source of resentment against those who persecute them. In short, the true members of the Unification Movement have an unshakable faith and power to persevere through any opposition. This is proven by the fact that we have already established strong foundations throughout the world.


We have come this far and now we can cross over. The nation of Korea is in the most crucial position in the worldwide fight against communism. Panmunjom is the small village in which the representatives forces of North and South Korea, including the United Nations forces, meet every day to trade verbal abuses. Panmunjom, written in Chinese characters, signifies a place where enemies meet and try to hurt each other. With a change in one character, Bun munjom, you signify a place where people meet and reconcile, respecting each other.

There is no other place such as Panmunjom in the rest of the world, where the communists and the free world speak to each other every day. Kim Il Sung's name signifies the following: Kim means gold, Il means sun, and Sung means success. The people of North Korea call him Father. On this side of the world, the name Sun Myung Moon written in Chinese characters represents Truth, or the word; Sun means beauty or clarity; Myung means light. My name is prophetic.

There is no other nation which is divided between north and south, each part having one central figure they call Father. Do you think mankind can have two fathers? No, only one father is the true one; the other must be a false father. Am I afraid of Kim II Sung? On the contrary, he is afraid of me because he knows deep inside himself that his rule is based on lies and he knows that the truth will expose him. This is the real reason why communism hates and fears Reverend Moon. I have been exposing the lies and deceptions which they have been spreading under the cover of darkness. But once the light comes and exposes them, they have no more power over men.

So far, America has been misunderstanding and mistrusting Reverend Moon but once that changes, they will come to truly respect and love him. When that turning point comes, it will be the final stage. The time will come when American people will feel, "I cannot trust politicians or other people in power; but I know I can trust that man, Reverend Moon." The sovereignty of any president can last eight years at the most, but when people align themselves with Reverend Moon they can enjoy the sovereignty of Heaven for eternity.

People are beginning to change their perspectives, looking for higher values than before. Don't you think Reverend Moon's teaching can inspire people to become better lawmakers and leaders for this country? Ultimately, there is no reason why someone with the understanding of the Divine Principle couldn't become President. For the same reason, I have been working with the academic community for many years, seeking to inspire scholars in this country toward righteousness.

After listening to me, you feel like running out to do your work. The wise American sitting here today might think, "I want to figure out what Father will do in the future. Since he will be going to Moscow soon, I want to go there now to prepare and lay a foundation for him." However, be careful. Don't call me "Father" in Moscow; you'd better just say "Mr. Moon!"


On the foundation of the crucifixion, the Christian culture moved westward to the island of England, then across the Atlantic Ocean to the United States, and then it moved on across the Pacific Ocean to the Far East. But the time for the worldwide showdown between Christ's power and Satan's power occurred during World War 11. That war was the showdown for the survival of Christianity against satanic power. The entire Christian culture was confronted on the worldwide basis. By their victory, centering upon the Christian nation of the United States, a unique momentum was created for the unity of all the Christian empire.

This was the first time throughout history that Christian dominion over the world was possible, because the nations of Christian cultures united together and defeated the non-Christian nations. Upon the foundation of victory in World War II, the United Nations came into being. As a format, that was the right direction but the application was wrong.

There should have been another UN on the internal level, the religious UN In 1965, I came to the U.S. and met with former President Dwight D. Eisenhower. I stressed the importance of mobilizing the religious forces of the world to create the religious UN Otherwise the United Nations in New York would only become a propaganda tool for the communists. I stressed the importance of preventing the communists from running the UN and the importance of seizing that God-given opportunity at that time.

I came to gather the virgin men and women of the world. That is why the Unification Church today is composed of the most pure men and women of the world. We are a young people's church because this is in accordance with God's dispensation. The Messiah comes to work with the purest people, those who are unstained-the teenagers. That is because Adam and Eve fell during their teen years. Do you understand? This is the concept of restoration.

Just before the Exodus of the Jews. the power of God killed all the elder sons in Egypt, which is the occasion commemorated today by the feast of Passover. After the four hundred years of suffering by the Jews, God judged the satanic power, represented by the elder sons. However Satan was able to attack the Israelites later because of their faithlessness, on the foundation of God's having killed all the Egyptians' elder sons; so in a way that backfired against God. What happened to the Israelites? Every person who fled from Egypt was killed in the wilderness and only those of the second-generation. the teenagers, were able to actually enter Canaan.

As you can see, history is run by certain principles. Reverend Moon has exposed every secret of biblical history. This is a wonderful thing-no one else in the world has the power that you have, because of this understanding of the truth.


The True Mother would have come out of the Christian realm. Perhaps she would have been a British woman. It could be-why not? Once the worldwide foundation had been accomplished, I would have picked the True Mother on the world level. Imagine if the royal princess of England had become the True Mother. I am only interested in one thing-how to restore the world.

It is because our movement was rejected by Korean Christianity that our boundaries became so limited. If we had been supported, the Korean movement would have immediately become insignificant because the movement would have become worldwide and universal, with no boundaries. Let's say that the True Mother had come from Great Britain, the source of the English-speaking culture. The U.S. is in the position of son to Great Britain. It would have been very rapid and easy for America to humble itself to Britain.

With such circumstances, God's providence would have progressed very rapidly. The Messiah would have had dominion over the world. Even in the face of total opposition, I was able to create a worldwide foundation, so imagine how much I could have accomplished in seven years if I had been given the proper welcome. Do you think I am capable of that? Communism could have been stopped at that time; it certainly would not have come as far as it has.

However, all these possibilities were destroyed when established Christianity opposed me. That is why communism was able to grow rampantly and conquer over two-thirds of the world. If I had been supported and accepted by Christianity, what leading powers of the world would have opposed me? This Christian nation of America would not have opposed me; Judaism would not have opposed me; neither would Christianity or the free world.

The UN was created in ignorance of its proper guiding principles. The U.S. should have taken the governing position of righteousness over the United Nations, but instead they gave up their world leadership.

I am sure that some agencies of the U.S. government must be interested in knowing what Reverend Moon's first message is, after the Supreme Court's rejection of our suit. I am happy to let the CIA. or the FBI or anyone else get their recordings of the things I am saying about the United States. This nation and world can never be ruled properly by Ronald Reagan and the Republican Party or the Democratic Party, or any party. Only through the guidance and inspiration of God's principles can anyone give proper leadership to this world. Reverend Moon, inspired by God, has a plan by which he could inspire the leadership of this nation. If they would follow these directions for seven years, I know this nation could be completely cleaned up.

Even under continuing opposition and persecution, I have continued to love this nation. We held a special day long organizational meeting yesterday at East Garden to fulfill God's wishes at this time. I want to create an organization in this country that truly represents God's forces, greater than the Republican, Democratic, or any party. We need an organization that God can rely on.

This sort of organization was supposed to have been inaugurated 42 years ago, at the time of Christianity's great opportunity. But I had to begin from the very bottom to erect a new foundation through the Unification movement around the world. Now, during this forty year period, we are announcing the installation of this organization. It is time for the unity of Christianity. At last the unification of Christianity is happening.


What happens when you melt something solid? It becomes liquid from the heat. From God's point of view, there is no limit to the number of people that should come and be melted together in this melting pot of America. All the nations of the world should be connected with the Christian nation of America, according to God's desire. But according to the satanic point of view, people want to preserve their own positions in this country and prevent others from coming here. So America has not moved truly toward God's direction; this country should be opened up.

After World War II, the victorious nations centered upon the United States granted independence to the nations they conquered, rather than occupying them. Thus, rather than a winner and loser relationship, they initiated more of a brother and sister relationship. America should have gone even further and given sacrificially for the well being of those nations, sharing with them the wealth and power which she enjoyed. In that way those nations could have become truly equal, with equal opportunity and wealth for everyone. That would have created an incredible, worldwide foundation of unity upon which the Messiah could come and usher in the Kingdom of God on earth. That was the utmost thought in the mind of God.

Christians have been expecting the Second Advent of Christ, as it is taught in the Bible. During the two thousand years of Christianity, it seemed several times that the Second Advent might be imminent, but then it didn't happen. The concept of the Second Advent was not clear in the minds of Christians in general.

The United Nations was born after World War II, granting membership to every nation. The United States was more or less the central figure of the United Nations. The concept of the United Nations was that of one world government, but the United States itself was confused and did not share that concept. God's dispensation was for the United States, as a Christian nation, to take the central position in the world as the leader of the United Nations, while moving aggressively toward the realization of one world under God. The Christian culture was supposed to be at the center of the United Nations.

At that very time, the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity came into being. The name itself signifies the tremendously difficult task we were undertaking: the unification of world Christianity. I was fully aware of the difficulties, so why did I initiate such a task? It is because that was the very concept of God, His desire for that time in history. Our movement was begun in parallel to God's thinking. However, I knew that such unification could never come through merely human endeavor; spiritual endeavor was needed as well. That is why we also included the words "Holy Spirit Association,, in the name of our group.

At that time in Korea, many spiritual phenomena were occurring. Numerous spiritual groups sprang up. Some represented the Old Testament Garden of Eden; others represented the New Testament Garden of Eden. Their goal at least was correct, but they were divided in their concepts of spirituality. Korea was still under Japanese occupation. The imperial government of Japan had tried to force Shinto worship upon the Korean people. The Korean Christians were divided into two camps, one which went along with Shinto shrine worship and the other which refused to accept it and considered it idolatry. The first group was in the forefront, while the second group was basically underground.


Right after World War II, Satan finally moved the United States government and established Christianity to oppose the messianic movement. Ironically God had strengthened Christianity and the United States so that they could be the Abel forces to ward off opposition and defend the Messiah. But what happened instead? Tragically, Satan seized those forces for his own purposes and the United States and established Christianity failed God's expectations. Instead of supporting the Messiah, they opposed him and eventually the four thousand year foundation crumbled completely. From 1945 on, instead of fulfilling God's will, America and Christianity were opposing it.

The United Nations was a noble concept which should have been based upon the ideal of one world under God. But power in the United Nations was taken over by ungodly forces and it has never fulfilled God's dispensational will; instead, it has been failing from its inception. God's original mission for the UN was to help the victorious Allied nations, particularly the United States, Great Britain, and France, to embrace the defeated nations as brothers and unite as Cain and Abel on the worldwide level. Upon that foundation, the True Parents were to be welcomed. That did not happen, however, and Christianity, America, and the free world opposed the messianic movement. Therefore, God's beautiful dispensational plan was stillborn and could not come to fruition.

Because the previous 4000-year foundation was demolished, I had to rebuild it in the face of incredible rejection and persecution. Such misery was the history of the Unification Church for forty years, since 1945. Originally, after the victory of World War II, the United States, Great Britain and France were to have emerged as the Adam, Eve, and archangel nations, respectively. Opposition to the coming of the Lord forced this original plan to be reorganized. Thereafter Korea became the Adam nation, Japan became the Eve nation, and the United States became the archangel nation.

Why was Japan assigned as the Eve nation? There are significant parallels between Japan and Great Britain, including the fact that both are island nations. Great Britain is the mother of the United States-Eve's role. During the roughly 40 years that Japan governed Korea, the True Father was born there. Japan was thus in the position of a mother who gave birth to a son, Korea, so the role of Eve came to Japan. She assumed an adversary position at the beginning by mistreating her son. During World War II, Japan further opposed worldwide Christianity in her war against Christian nations; she opposed Korea and all the free nations at that time.


In 1968, for the first time in human history, God found the base on which He could settle-the base of true love. That was when God's Day could be established. True Parents could be installed upon the earth, representing God's true love. Before this time, mankind only knew the parents of satanic lineage. I want you to understand that January 1, 1968, was the first day that God could begin His settlement upon the earth within the True Parents. This cannot be denied or negated, no matter what. Even though the whole weight of the established Christian world has come against us, even if 159 members of the United Nations come against us, it doesn't make any difference. They cannot change what God has recognized.

I want you to understand that during the past 2,000 years Christianity endured every sort of persecution, beginning with the catacombs in Rome and the martyrs being thrown to lions. But the Christian religion flourished and continued to expand throughout the world. However, since 1960, this same powerful religion of Christianity has been losing its influence drastically. Why is that? There is a reason. From that time, God established a new force on the earth.

For the Moonies, the most important aspect of life is to live purely and morally, no matter what. Your body, particularly your sexual relationship, is your most holy possession and therefore you uphold its dedication to God. You cannot violate that law; you know how seriously God deals with a sin of such nature.

A phenomenon of America for the past two decades has been free sex, with promiscuity, wife-swapping, blatant homosexuality, and so forth. Now the consequences of such practices are being seen in the form of widespread divorce, as well as the spread of diseases like AIDS, which is incurable. Why is that disease incurable? God always has mercy upon man, except for this one cardinal sin against love.


Within these next six months every village will be visited. Your car should have a sign in the top right-hand corner of the windshield that shows how many towns you have visited. It should read "U-25" or whatever. "U" stands for Unification, or United Nations. We are launching a most spectacular patriotic movement this year to lift up this nation to a new wave of patriotism. We are going to create posters that say, "Let's unify the land," and "One world under God" When we are moving around the country, it is almost like a Unification army covering the country everywhere.

From U-1 to how many? It's up to you. 200? 500? 1,000, 2,000, 10,000? It's entirely up to you. Detailed instructions have been given to the regional directors and the campaign will begin from January 4. This will invoke the power of spirit world-incredible assistance will come to the towns where the posters have been put up. The people of those towns, even without knowing why, will feel uplifted and inspired to do something to help the country. We will mobilize such a booming spirit that truly God-centered people can be chosen in the next elections for the Congress, Senate and White House.


Suppose all the satanic nations said, "We've got to do something about this or we're going to lose everything." Imagine that the leaders of all the fallen nations got together at the United Nations and consulted to try to do everything possible to cut the ties between you true children and the True Parents. Maybe their power would be too strong for you. They could amass all the strength of their nations and hit at your tie with the True Parents. At that time, which side will break-the Moonies' side or Satan's side? How wonderful it would be for God to see the Moonies making that kind of effort. He will say, "Mansei!" Are you strong enough for God to shout "Mansei" to you?

When Satan looks at such a scene, he will think, "Oh, all those presidents weren't strong enough. I must go myself and stop them." Then Satan will come with all his forces, all his minions, determined to make the ultimate attack on the Moonies' faith, confident that they will break at last. What will happen? Are we going to break or will we hold? At that time, not only will God shout another "Mansei!" but all the people in hell itself will shout "Mansei." Everywhere people will be shouting "Mansei!" The whole universe will echo with the joyful shouts of every living being. Do you want that or not?


An unprecedented, extraordinary event occurred after World War II-the victorious nations gave independence to the occupied territories. Why? Because the appearance of the True Parent on the earth was near and all men should relate as brothers and restore the position of the 12 disciples and the 72 and 120 apostles of Jesus Christ.

The birth of the United Nations was very meaningful. The United States should have become a central figure of the United Nations, but it didn't play a major role. The United States was in the Abel position, in the restored elder sonship's position, and should have loved the brother, France, united with the mother, Great Britain, and together installed the father. But America could not do it. After World War II there was only one opportunity for the entire Christian world and all other civilizations to unite under God, and the United States was given the major role. Mankind could have received True Parents. This was the golden opportunity when God's ideal could have been manifested.

The good consequence of World War II was the independence of Korea from Japan, but then the dispensation of the United Nations centered on the United States failed. Still, one option might remain for the future. Since the United States is a microcosm of the world, the U.S. Senate could become like a new UN, inviting all the 120 countries to send a representative, creating a worldwide forum. You have 100 Senatorial seats. Why not add another 120 for representatives from 120 countries?

My goal is to help the United States to fulfill its position of representing the world. You should not only be concerned with the well-being of this country, but with the well-being of the entire world. Humanity's purpose is to unite with its father, but in order for this to happen a mother must emerge first. That mother nation was Great Britain, with the United States as the restored son, and France in the archangel position. United together they could have installed the father's position; this would have been the most victorious homecoming event in history. Ultimately, all humanity has to go to its hometown, which is the fatherland. Your hometown is not where your mother is born, but where your father is born. Humanity has to go back to its fatherland, which is Korea.

Satan knew which land was to be the homeland of humanity, and was very reluctant to release it too quickly. This is why the Korean nation suffered throughout history, being occupied by one major power after another: China, the Soviet Union, Japan. Even the United States was hoping to occupy Korea, and finally Korea was divided. Korea must suffer until the third Adam comes, but then it will emerge as the central figure of all these mayor powers.

After World War II, if the Christian nations had performed their duty perfectly, there would have been no emergence of the communist world. Instead, Stalin became almost like the messiah of the communist world. Because the Christian world could not unite, Satan, through Stalin, could claim that the world was his. Communism prospered and humanity paid an incredible price. As long as Korea suffers, there will be no world peace. Now, however, the Adam nation has emerged.

Japan enjoyed a golden age of prosperity for 120 years-1868-1988. This 120 years period is parallel to the 120 years period in the Old Testament of Kings Saul, David, and Solomon, but on the satanic side. Japan's prospered because of three emperors: Meiji, Tejun, and the recently deceased emperor, Showon. Near the end of 1988, in the first part of January, the emperor Showon died. That signaled the end of three eras. Prior to Showon's death I brought harmony between the two nations of Japan and Korea.

According to the Principle, if a person or nation has failed, God will not use that person or nation again. The United States, Great Britain, France, and Japan all failed. What will happen because of all these failures after World War II, the time when God had given such an incredible opportunity to create Christendom on earth? It was almost like a second fall of man occurred on earth. God's side failed, leaving only one power flourishing- communism, which proclaims that God is dead.

This failure was the reason that Satan could claim half of the Adam nation. The United States was not strong enough to keep communism from taking half of the Korean peninsula. Then, in 1950 the communists invaded South Korea and tried to take the entire Adam nation. Korea was virtually lost. Finally the United States understood that that could not happen. General McArthur and the United Nations forces landed at Inchon and pushed the enemy to the north. God's expectation was that the United States would reunify Korea at the time, all the way up to the Yaloo River. However, the United States forces stopped short and again left Korea divided at the 38th parallel. "Truman" in Korean words means "failed again." He fired McArthur and then Eisenhower, the next president, brought the armistice to Korea. Ever since that armistice, the United States has been on the defensive to the Soviet Union.

North Korea is the model of the satanic kingdom. Its king is Kim Il Sung. Satan is always trying to imitate God's kingdom first.


After World War II, there was an opportunity for worldwide Christianity to be united and receive the messiah centered upon the United States as the chosen Christian nation. After World War II, the United Nations came into being for the purpose of creating one world nation. This concept was God-centered but the United Nations never fulfilled this ideal because it was invaded by Satan.

If the Christian world had accepted Father at that time, we wouldn't have had to worry about the rise of communism, nor the drug culture. People who now take drugs for an artificial high, could have been truly high with the love of God.

The World War II lineup was England, America, and France, against Japan, Germany, and Italy.

History always reaps what was sown. History was sown as Adam, Eve, Cain, and Abel. Because of the fall, there are two sets of these four; one is the Abel-type, heavenly set and the other is the Cain type, satanic set. These must eventually confront each other on a national level, as in World War II. The seed that was sown individually would be harvested on a national and worldwide level.

England was in Eve's position, America in Abel's position, and France in Cain's position. On the satanic side, Japan was in Eve's position, Germany in Abel's position, and Italy in the Cain position. When these two teams fought in World War II the Axis powers lost. Hitler's and Mussolini's ambitions were to conquer the world. Japan was also very aggressive, trying to conquer the world. Those powers represented satanic greed and were destroyed during the war.

The mother power, which was England, united France and America as her sons, and then together searched after the Adam nation. Satan knew which country would become the Adam nation. Therefore, Satan let Japan, as the Satanic mother, conquer the Adam nation of Korea, occupying it for 40 years.


What do the fish think about as they swim under the water? When Father is pulling fish out of the water onto the boat, they want to jump out of the water to come with me. "I am so miserable can you save me?" Father thinks, "But God gave you to me for eating. Is that great thing or sad one?" The fish answers, "I know that is a great thing, but I am worried about my blood bursting out, that's not so good."

You can talk to any life form whether it is small like a pinpoint or big and noisy. Like the fish who are constantly talking to each other and making friends in the world. They'll gather in one place and talk about what other fish are saying. Fish hear a sound and will say: "Yea, those on the boat are making that problem. The fish cry out."

Through sharing, emotional world and spiritual world can connect everywhere. United Nations represents the four global directions, but they are not linked in one direction. If a man's mind could unite with a wide, spiritual path from a high level in the spiritual world giving it one direction. By man standing firm in this one place of access how happy the spiritual world would be. An example of this is Jesus who is not dead, but still works in everyone's heart. That is the most effective way.

When I ride on the boat, I have the fisherman's world, king-size imagination. Every day on board, I was cultivating a formula to work everywhere we planted the seed. How can it work? I knew what kind of soil was good for which kind of grain.

The "ridge" is an imaginary, connecting line on top of a mountain range. That kind of center or ridge happens in all worlds of life: fish world, flower world, business world, industrial world, and the artists' world.

For example, Father created The Washington Times --layout, production--to break into every aspect of the media world. We continued that for 5 years until we inherited all of their merit as determined by the vertical world. How did he do it? Father experimented with a variety of ways. He visited there many times.


Look at the religious world. Islam, Buddhists, Confucianists and Christians all fight. There is no unity. Do they understand Father's concept? No they each think they are the highest. So Father initiated many world religious conferences. If Father leaves them alone, they will only constantly fight. Originally True Father had no responsibility to dc this mundane work. He was supposed to appear when the world was already clean. All sinful people were to confess and then he was to appear as messiah.

During World War II the United Nations was formed. Through the United Nations, America took the initiative to give independence to Japan and other countries which lost in war, this was never before seen in history. The time has come for all nations to have brotherhood on a horizontal level. They must be equal in order for Father to deal with them. Democracy is the ideology of brotherhood. It is centered on liberty and freedom. Can you secure happiness only through freedom? Centered on love you can secure happiness. Love is the center of everything. Once you have love as a root, you can use freedom to secure happiness. Why is the world fighting, even between political parties. They are traveling a zigzag path. The love path should be straight, traveling through every level. The crooked way will not find the ideal foundation.

Those who are fighting do not know the secret of living for others. After brotherhoodism, there needs to be husband and wife unity. America is actually practicing that now. The next level is parentis. Parents love can unify husband and wife and brother and brother. Parents stand above, in a vertical relationship, but the relationship between husband and wife and bothers is horizontal.

True love seeks the shortest distance. The shortest vertical line is from God. We know the messiah is supposed to come and came but is he necessarily supposed to be an American citizen? What do you mean by messiah? If the messiah comes as your brother, husband or wife, you could fight very easily, but if the messiah comes as a father with true love you cannot fight but must obey. How can you determine that Father comes with true love? This messiah should bring God's ideal to the world with God's true life, true love and true blood lineage. That is the messiah's role to the world.


We can't even stop at the world or the cosmos. God is our final destination. Mother might say, "Oh, Father, all you have in your mind is the dispensation. Don't you want to think about your family a little more seriously?" Of course, I understand that it is the mother's role to bring up the family, so I cannot blame her, but, no matter how difficult it is, I know we all have to follow this course and to continue for as long as it takes. That is our destiny. If you cannot do it here, you have to continue in the spirit world where progressing is millions of times more difficult than here on earth. This is not at all a threat. When you go there, you will see the proof that it is true.

I created a religious alliance through bringing representatives of all the religions together around the world. The Federation for World Peace is an external organization, with the internal being the religious alliance. Do you think it has been easy to create these? The League of Nations was created right after World War I and that failed. The United Nations, created after World War II, has not been so effective. I created the Federation for World Peace with such difficulty, such toil.

The separation between the mind and body resulted from Adam and Eve's fall. Now the whole world is divided into two factions, left and right. To reunite takes an individual whose mind and body are one. The religious world can be called the right wing and the non-religious world is like the left wing. All people, religious and non-religious, need True Parents. Unity only becomes possible when both the right and the left wings welcome True Parents. Then when any family, religious or non-religious, places our picture in front of them, somehow they will feel that blessing is coming. That is the end God is trying to achieve through religion. This is why I am working with both the Bush administration and the leftist governments, with religious as well as non-religious societies. Do you think bringing them together is easy? They have to pay attention to us because they can see that whenever Rev. Moon has said he will do something, he actually has done it.

The Grand Mufti, the Muslim religious leader, complied with my request to sign the world peace proposal, representing all his followers. He said he has worked all his life to see this day, even while being persecuted and going to jail so often. He worked the same as I worked because the spirit world revealed to him that his mission is to bring unity between Christians, Moslems, Jews, and Buddhists. Being a righteous person he has been doing that all by himself. Then he came to San Francisco and found that Rev. Moon not only was doing the same thing that he was doing, but that I have already made a substantial foundation. He was so ecstatic that he proclaimed to his 225,000 [June had 25,000] small and large church leaders that now they should support and cooperate with Rev. Moon's work to bring all religions of the world into unity.


The Europeans who came over here desired to make one nation, a strong nation, not a divided and fighting people such as Europe. All of this history, 200 years of people coming from everywhere, is for one purpose. All of America's resources are for one purpose. That is, saving the world! Americans don't know this. World War II involved the whole world, but it centered on America. In the past, if a nation defeated another nation in war, it would completely occupy it and punish it severely. In World War II, a different outcome came about. America helped the countries it defeated. Why? Because this is the way of the end times. Such is the purpose of the United Nations.

In the United Nations, no matter how large a country is, it has only one vote, just like a tiny nation. Why? In the future, the world is to become one world. God is making preparation through these things, World War II and the United Nations. America doesn't know that. Who knows that? Did President Kennedy understand this? During his time in office, young people served all over the world. Why? So that people would begin to think about the world situation and not their own selves.

Since World War II, the focus became Korea. The Korean war was a bi-polar war. Centering on Korea's separation, the world divided. When did this separation begin to end? At the time of the Olympics in Korea. Then, the bi-polar nations all came together to compete. They combined as one at that Olympics, not in Russia and not in America.

At that time, I brought all the leaders of the foreign mission countries, representing 120 nations. They came to Korea centering on Father, representing the internal world. And the Olympic champions all gathered together centering on the political world, representing the external world.

Then, many meetings occurred at the Olympics between the missionaries and the Olympic athletes. They could combine as one. I gave many kinds of gifts to the Olympic champions. I gave each one a complete supply of McCol. Many other kinds of gifts were given as well and the missionaries held banquets for athletes from their nations. America doesn't take on that expensive world mission. I know that. On one side I am helping America, on another side Russia and on yet another side I am helping China. ...

America failed its role after World War II and communism then came into full power. That is what happened in history. If America had supported Father after 1945 and all the Christian denominations had supported him, then communism would have never gained such power and it would not have taken 30 to 40 years to bring it down. Even though America recognized the South Korean government, they did not create a strong government and give it to the South Korean people. They did not do that, so it was easy for Satan to use even Father's own country.

Now we are here to restore this and our responsibility is very great. When the Korean war started all the United Nations' forces came into the conflict. At that time, there was no reason for all these nations to come and help Korea. They did so without knowing why. It was very spiritual. Russia had the power to veto the entire action, but they didn't appear at the very crucial moment when the vote was passed. How can we explain that? The spiritual world shut them out. That is the only reason.


True Islam is a good religion. Mohammed was good prophet. For example, at the Assembly of World Religions, the great leaders of Islam totally united with Father. For example, the president of Syria is usually a boss of state terrorism, he was not a good guy either. But the Grand Mufti, who is the head of the Islam religion in Syria, came to Father at the conference and sent his forty best disciples to the World Mission Center for a forty day workshop. Can you imagine? The Islamic religion states that if its followers go to study some other theology without permission, they should be beheaded. But the Grand Mufti himself selected these devotees and told them to go and listen to Father Moon. They all went home saying. "We arrived with one father, who is the Grand Mufti of Syria and we go home with two fathers. One is the Grand Mufti and one is Father Moon." Islam is not a bad religion, there is only a bad leader like Saddam Hussein, who uses religion as a tool to do evil. That is what Satan is all about. In January 1991, there is another Grand Mufti from Yemen who wanted to send his followers to study the Divine Principle. Only because of the war their arrival has been delayed, but they are coming. The amazing thing is while this group was studying the Divine Principle, seven times during the day they kneel down to worship Allah. Can you imagine? Unification members have a lot to learn from them!

So Father is uniting religion. The Grand Mufti said God truly sent Reverend Moon as His prophet and messenger. He said all of Islam has to listen to Reverend Moon and unite with Reverend Moon. The Grand Mufti returned to his country and talked to his president, President Assad who is a terrorist boss, but now Assad has changed. He thought, "Reverend Moon loves our country and cares about our country? Oh, I'd better change! No more terrorism." Not only that, but because of Father's influence through the Grand Mufti Syria joined the United Nations coalition in Saudi Arabia. Initially there was hesitation against a ground war. Now Assad said, "Syrian forces will be the first to invade Iraq." It's incredible what Father has done.

In the cold war between America and the Soviet Union, in the war between Islam and Judaism and all other wars, Father is always the mediator, the reconciler. He holds both sides with two hands. Now Father is ready to turn around. What happens? Left becomes right and right becomes left. So, be careful! Father said to the Soviet Congressmen, "If you do right, if you accept God you can even run faster than the United States, which is sleeping. You can take over and go beyond them." Father is making a competition for you. They were so overjoyed by this news. Before this Father sent out our members all over the world. Why? To make preparation. Now we are making a central foundation. After that we will spread out the nation foundation. That is the next step. The free world side, the American side, is already split up. We must protect the free world. This is the providential viewpoint. Do you understand?


The true ideal of Christianity, what God and Jesus meant to come about, was a true unity, a true intermingling unity, and that has not been fulfilled.

At the time of Jesus we see that three disciples were antagonistic to each other. They competed and fought. In fact the seventy two elders fought, each exerting themselves. Even the 120. When each country grew they continued to fight and continued to widen the rift rather than closing it up.

Today especially, the Protestant groups have kept their own independence. Today we see the result of that. 120 countries have formed centering on the United Nations. Instead of all becoming one, there are many countries. We can conclude that even though it is in the second born son position, America is supposed to gain the older son's position which Catholicism has. America is to become an elder son and influence all the world. In other words, the first son is supposed to influence the world including the second son, but this time with America its the other way around. America is restoring elder sonship. This is what America was supposed to do. Protestantism is the second generation to Catholicism.

It is true that America exerts a great influence even over the Holy See, in fact it takes the position of elder son though it is the second born. In 1960 Kennedy became president of the United States. He was Catholic-the first Catholic president of the United States. But 1960 was the year of equality, a time when everyone become equal-when there was equality between the elder son and the second son. Until then the second son had been raised up, but from that time they had equality. It was because of the True Parents arrival. The parents cannot arrive until the brothers become one. So at that time in 1960, when the two brothers became one, True Parents were able to reveal themselves here on earth. President Kennedy should have given economic aid to all the world, expanding the horizon of American influence. Instead, since he did not know the dispensation, Kennedy and his administration went the wrong way; they went backward. They decreased aid and contained themselves, saying they would mind their own business and let other countries take care of their own. That was clearly against the way God intended America to be. That is the reason Kennedy met an untimely end. The same happened to the United Nations: Dag Hammerskjold died. These things were the result of non-compliance with God's direction.

America was not meant to be just an Anglo Saxon country for itself. God meant it to grow into a country which does things all over the world for the world, not just for their own country. But since people did not know this was the dispensation they decreased. 1960 can be called the transitional year of all history. That is the decade that the victorious countries of World War II helped the defeated countries become independent and equal . They were to raise them up. This is what happened in 1960. We see very clearly that 1960 was a year when the victorious countries raised up the defeated countries. That was in accord with the world wide direction which they were to go.

But America, which is a mixture of all other nations, should clearly have moved in the same direction-to exist not just for themselves. But that is the trend they mistakenly took. The administration tried to go backwards, to go against this direction. They tried to get together for themselves, not to help and influence other countries...

The peak was here for Father to cross, but that did not happen. Now Father has to indemnify the whole thing and not go on as an individual. Rather he has to go over as a family. So Father blessed the thirty six couples which is three times twelve. And seventy two couples which is twice the thirty six number. And 120 which represented 120 nations when Christ comes again. When Father gave the Blessing at that time there were 124 countries in the United Nations. There were actually 124, the four additional being included as representatives of those who committed crimes in the satanic world. Father's desire is to save even Satan, so representing the worst Satan four more couples were included. 120 would have been sufficient, but the fact that Father added four more made a big difference. That number could symbolize everybody in the world. For this addition Father was incredibly persecuted, just to add these four to the number. In America they get married and how many days does it last until they divorce? How many hours? You laugh because there is truth in it!

Should we bless the one who has a husband or wife? That wife and husband should lead all their relatives. That means in Korea, that if this man's wife wants to marry another man, he has to lead the way and bless them. Do you understand? It's that difficult, that impossibly difficult. To give the Blessing is not easy for Father. Because Father wanted to save even these four extra couples he has been blamed and labeled as a family breaker. In reality Father tries to save even Satan, but Satan didn't understand and tried to turn it around the other way and so blamed Father for giving the Blessing.


Although the League handled over forty political disputes with varying degrees of success, its inability to resolve major crises between the powers eventually determined its failure. Sadly, President Wilson could not even bring the United States to participate in the League, and his noble dream for peace failed. The world's ardent desire to put an end to war remained unfulfilled.

Less than 20 years after the ending of World War l mankind faced another cataclysmic war. At that time, World War II engulfed not only the Atlantic Region but the Pacific Region as well. Many more millions of human beings were the victims of war, suffering injury, destruction, and death. Only after the atomic bomb was used against Japan did this most tragic world war come to an end.

Once more world leaders were alarmed and anguished. They sought to find a means to prevent the world from again becoming a living hell by war. The fruit of their efforts was the United Nations which was inaugurated on April 25th, 1945 in San Francisco. The history of the United Nations has thus spanned 46 years until this time.

Yet, has the United Nations been able to alleviate the tragedy of war? Is humanity living in peace? Unfortunately the answer to these questions is no. Even after the founding of the United Nations, wars have continued to break out. There have been more than 60 wars and skirmishes since the end of World War II, including the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the Persian Gulf War. The tragic cycle of human destruction continues as before...

Ladies and gentlemen, today's creation of the Federation for World Peace must be different from that of the League of Nations and the United Nations. Most important is that we must found this organization upon the true ideal and philosophy of lasting peace as well as the ideal of True Parents. In the final analysis, peace in God and with God is the newest level of awakening. This is therefore a refreshing new beginning toward the attainment of peace. The exclusion of God from human efforts for peace is the core reason for their failure. Therefore we shall make God the center of this movement and the dynamics of this movement will be true love...

It has already been announced that in September North Korea and South Korea together will become member nations of the United Nations. This is another significant positive development toward the achievement of world peace. Then the number of member nations of the UN will reach 163 countries. What should be the priority of those 163 countries in the days to come?

The time of colonialism is over, where the powerful nations exploited the weakest ones. The law of the jungle and Herbert Spencer's "survival of the fittest" do not apply in our world. The age of the superpower arms race that drove the world and humanity into fear and uncertainty has also passed; humanity ought to be liberated from the devastating threat of nuclear arms. What time is it in God's timetable? This is the time that the Holy Scriptures refer to as that of "beating our swords into plowshares."

This is the time for developing mutual trust based on a high moral standard. It is a time when all the member nations of the United Nations with a relationship of mutual respect and love should jointly declare one final war against our common enemies the scourges of hunger, ignorance, disease and crime.

This is in God's plan. From this time on, the definition of "my country" will expand. Although everyone has their home country where their family lives, in a larger sense, the world now becomes "my country" because it is where God my Father and my brothers and sisters all the people of the world live.


What if a lot of the Egyptian people had followed the Israelites? Then the Israelites and the Canaanites would have established a subject-object relationship-an ideal situation. They would have realized a unified world right there. Subject and object relationship is the key-making subject and object into one and spreading that relationship all over the world. At that time they could have made a unified world. Do you understand? No fighting there. Egypt itself would have become the God-centered country. Compare this to the America situation. Reverend Moon and the Unification Church are subject to the American nation. The American government and the established churches have a reversed relationship. Making into one here could build up into the accomplishment stage.

America doesn't welcome me, so I go back to Korea. I will work to unify North and South Korea. I have been working on this for 13 years. Kim Il Sung wants to meet me. I always made conditions for North Korea, to unify the Korean peninsula centering on Father's work. Do you understand? Now they can take only one direction. Now the United Nations is admitting both North and South Korea. That means they are making the national foundation, on the same level as the entire Free World. Taking their visa, they can travel back and forth, no problem. Do you understand? The North and South Koreans were separated at the time of the Korean War. How can they stay separated? Even the American situation, the Western world or whatever country, if they hear about parents and children being separated, they immediately give residency to unite them. Same thing, both sides, automatically uniting relatives. How can anyone stop that? Making expansion of that relation to the national level. Automatically they are combined into one. North Korea understood that. All will be combined with Reverend Moon into one.

Reverend Moon has a worldwide foundation, all over the free world, and in South Korea too. Connect with Reverend Moon into one. South Korea has the same situation. How can they be unified with North Korea? North Korea's armament, their ideology, is communist; how can South Korea digest it? South Korea does not have that kind of knowledge; only Reverend Moon has it. Centering on Reverend Moon both sides can connect and digest each other, no problem. South Korea represents Christian world ideas, we have Divine Principle. North Korea is connecting to the communist regime. We have realized victory over communism, too. Both sides Father digested; centering on Father they will move 180 degrees different direction, no problem. They will be silent. Do you understand? They will say, "We want to follow you." That phenomenon will occur, based upon those conditions which Father made. Father's direction goes back to God's way. No one knows that direction, only Reverend Moon and the Unification Church. That is clear.

No-one know how to make a unification federation for world peace. In God is the power to be the king of knowledge, of sovereignty, of prosperity, of everything. That day is not far away from us, we can see that. It is within my vision. Do you know that? Now can you solve these things? I gave the contents, the explanations. Father just gave us the contents for reaching this goal, reaching our original world. Father would not mind to share more with you, but no more now.


Why is it necessary? by doing so people come to understand the ideal world God wants to see. They will see an example by coming to America and experiencing life here they can see what God's country is like. They will come to know, "This is what God eventually may create in my country." They come to - learn. Everybody who comes through America and then goes back to their homeland learns about God and God's country. When they go they should have twelve countries they will make effort to unite through their love and their service for the sake of others.

When the United Nations was conceived it seemed rather easy in principle to unify the whole world. They wanted to create an upper house and lower house. To the upper house they would bring the presidents of all the countries in the world and to the lower house, they would bring all the congressmen of each country and make one huge unified organization representing the world. If America had accomplished that and created an environment where there were no walls, where anyone would be free to go in and out, and had educated them all painstakingly, then America could never fall or experience hardship. God would have preserved America. That is what would have happened.


The third Israel, which is Korea, has been divided. The north was taken by communism. Father's arduous task of restoration had to occur within the enemy land. For that reason, right after the liberation in 1945 Father went to North Korea. His basic min is try was begun in prison. Although Father came to South Korea, South Korea entirely opposed Father and went against him. By doing so, again, there was no base or foundation on which Father could stand, even in South Korea.

In 1948 independence came to the southern part of the Korean peninsula, the Republic of Korea. Only half of the nation could become an independent nation. Since 1948 two nations have dwelt within this one peninsula. That struggle has been going on for forty six years. In 1950 North Korea invaded South Korea. Because of that, the United Nations took part in a peacekeeping operation. Through that attack Kim Il Sung became an enemy to the entire free world and United Nations' members all over the world. Through these consequences of the Korean War, an extreme polarization occurred.

Father has been all alone. There were no allies for Father or for God. Father was in a way cast out by the satanic forces to the wilderness. Father began entirely from scratch. From the very bottom he began to build the foundation which has come this far.

As you learned from the history of restoration, the history of God has been the history of failure. Starting with Adam's failure, Noah was a failure, Abraham failed, then Moses and Jesus. All through history the central figure has failed again and again. The only person to learn the depth of the heart of God, as well as the dispensational history and what needs to be done, within his own lifetime, is True Father. Within his lifetime that has to be restored. Actually God has given a tremendous base and foundation for the restoration, including the United States. It was God's territory and foundation which was lost.


The third Israel, which is Korea, has been divided. The north was taken by communism. Father's arduous task of restoration had to occur within the enemy land. For that reason, right after the liberation in 1945 Father went to North Korea. His basic ministry was begun in prison. Although Father came to South Korea, South Korea entirely opposed Father and went against him. By doing so, again, there was no base or foundation on which Father could stand, even in South Korea.

In 1948 independence came to the southern part of the Korean peninsula, the Republic of Korea. Only half of the nation could become an independent nation. Since 1948 two nations have dwelt within this one peninsula. That struggle has been going on for forty six years. In 1950 North Korea invaded South Korea. Because of that, the United Nations took part in a peacekeeping operation. Through that attack Kim Il Sung became an enemy to the entire free world and United Nations' members all over the world. Through these consequences of the Korean War, an extreme polarization occurred.

Father has been all alone. There were no allies for Father or for God. Father was in a way cast out by the satanic forces to the wilderness. Father began entirely from scratch. From the very bottom he began to build the foundation which has come this far.

As you learned from the history of restoration, the history of God has been the history of failure. Starting with Adam's failure, Noah was a failure, Abraham failed, then Moses and Jesus. All through history the central figure has failed again and again. The only person to learn the depth of the heart of God, as well as the dispensational history and what needs to be done, within his own lifetime, is True Father. Within his lifetime that has to be restored. Actually God has given a tremendous base and foundation for the restoration, including the United States. It was God's territory and foundation which was lost. The second Israel was entirely lost through the failure of the Christian nation. There must be a process of recreation done within Father's own lifetime, because he is the only one who knows the entire dispensational purpose and history. For that reason Father began that process and has been victorious in it.


Failures come when nations try to manipulate circumstances for their own sake. For example, at the time of Jesus, the chosen nation people felt that the messiah was for themselves. If Jesus does not benefit us, then he is not the messiah. So they rejected and crucified him. Roman Catholicism and the Vatican had worldwide hegemony, but they thought that the blessing was for themselves. They started to dwindle, losing the power and suffering division. Because the opposed God's will. It was God's will to use Roman Catholicism for the sake of the rest of humanity. And the British nation, and the American nation. For every important country with a mission given by God, if they feel they receive it for the sake of themselves and become selfish-minded, they will always decline, because that is not the way God is. It is not God's goal. On the other hand, if they sacrifice for the sake of humanity and the world they will prosper.

After World War II the United Nations became the dominant world organization. But the United States did not use the U.N. for the purpose of God's will. Instead, the United Nations was infiltrated by communist propaganda. For that reason the U.N., which is a noble ideal, has not been used for its original purpose.

Right after World War II, if Christianity, the United Nations and the United States of America had accepted Father and his teaching and true love, then today's world would not be like this. Today we see the most incredible moral degradation in every society, worse than Sodom and Gomorrah. If these countries had united with Father, that would not be the case.

Father expounded in the early morning sermon that since Christianity didn't embrace Father's mission, he was cast out, and from scratch laid his own foundation for forty years. Upon that foundation, in l985, a new dispensation was begun. This year, the consummation of that dispensation will be coming. Christianity in the United States is dying, and for twenty years, ever since Father came to this country, one of the most crucial missions, that he felt was the restoration and revival of the Christian faith. For twenty years. Why does Reverend Moon have to do this? Because I came in the parental position, therefore I look at the children's position with unselfish agape true love. Maybe it is too late for the first generation. The first generation, by millions and millions, are spiritually dying, physically dying, morally dying. But Father is looking at the second generation. They are the genuine hope for purity, and through education, Father will see that this nation's revival can come through the second generation.


When a man and woman dance together, what is their usual direction-do they dance around in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction? They move to the right side, in a clockwise direction, but why? It is because the man is leading. If the woman were to lead, then they would dance in the other direction. These things are not just accidentally determined. They are all in accordance with nature. When lightning strikes, we hear that with our ears. As soon as we hear that, our eyes dart in that direction. Then the mind registers its reaction of fear. That is the order. All these steps take place according to rule and order.

This is the basic rule of the natural world. No matter what you are, you are bound by these rules. Look at the United Nations, where almost every nation of the world is represented, even though there are extreme differences in habits and customs. At the United Nations, they have to abide by some common rules and orders, and how to relate with each other. That is the only way the United Nations can continue. There is something grossly wrong with that organization, however. The form is right, but the way it operates is very wrong. Why is that? In order for right order to be achieved, we should pay a higher amount of taxes to the United Nations than we pay to the individual countries. Then the U.N. would take its proper place of relationship. The center of all individuals should be right there, not off to one side. It should be like an individual. The whole world, which is comprised of different countries, should work like an individual. Right at the center. And many different countries should respond, obey and help each other. They are one, not isolated individuals.

The United States saw that there was something very wrong with the way the U.N. was operating, so they tried to pull away from it to some extent. The Soviets were not paying their proper dues, but America was paying a major share, and they realized that was wrong. That kind of one-sided relationship could not continue. ...

This is the basic rule of the natural world. No matter what you are, you are bound by these rules. Look at the United Nations, where almost every nation of the world is represented, even though there are extreme differences in habits and customs. At the United Nations, they have to abide by some common rules and orders, and how to relate with each other. That is the only way the United Nations can continue. There is something grossly wrong with that organization, however. The form is right, but the way it operates is very wrong. Why is that? In order for right order to be achieved, we should pay a higher amount of taxes to the United Nations than we pay to the individual countries. Then the U.N. would take its proper place of relationship. The center of all individuals should be right there, not off to one side. It should be like an individual. The whole world, which is comprised of different countries, should work like an individual. Right at the center. And many different countries should respond, obey and help each other. They are one, not isolated individuals.

The United States saw that there was something very wrong with the way the U.N. was operating, so they tried to pull away from it to some extent. The Soviets were not paying their proper dues, but America was paying a major share, and they realized that was wrong. That kind of one-sided relationship could not continue.

If America set priorities based on these rules, then America would have become a much stronger country than it is today. Think about it. If America used more money for the sake of the United Nations than for itself, then America would have become much stronger. So the order, rule and relationship have all been taken in the wrong direction. Then things cannot continue, nor does the ideal come about.

It applies to the smallest unit, which is the family, but also to the largest entity, the nation, world and cosmos. Order, rules and relationship and the resulting ideal are applicable to every level, regardless of the size. It applies to companies and labor unions too. Labor unions however, put stress on the lower relationship, not the upper ones. They say, "I don't recognize that rule. Who made that? I didn't make it." Unfortunately that is why we see, union gangs assaulting the presidents of companies. How can that be? It is like the children beating up their father. In fact, communism went out and symbolically killed the father because communism did not recognize the position of the family, the father and so forth. They believed that the individual was self-sufficient.

Looking at these things we can conclude that they are satanic developments and events. All these elements came into America and helped America to destroy itself. What is America's order? Do we see proper respect for the President? No, that hardly exists. What about the relationship between man and woman? Who is the center? Who is the center of the country, man or woman? Unless we have these relationship corrected, there can be no ideal. What are the hippies, the yippees? They were the ones who were completely by themselves, denied the proper order of relationship. Can you go to spirit world and say, "God, I don't know who made up these rules of order, so let us do away with your throne. Let me sit up there instead." Maybe a woman would walk by and say, "Hey, you can't sit there. I want to." So they fight on the horizontal level.

We must restore the real ideal and the proper order and rules of relationship. Therefore, we definitely need a new nation and new family who abides by this.


Likewise, few national politicians have listened to the voice of religion. Amid the clamor of politics, the voice of moral and spiritual values was only faintly heard. In the West, as well as the East, politicians have tried to found prosperity on economic and political policies without God. Their efforts have been in vain. No nation can prosper without God's blessing.

God blesses those nations that are practicing faith, morality and the principle of living for the sake of others. Yet politicians still look only to the earth, blind to heaven's influence. Communist leaders tried for seventy years to establish prosperity without God, and now their nations are bankrupt. Likewise, the West is plagued by recession, crime and social decay; its problems will not be solved until its leaders open their eyes and discover their true cause.

When the religious leaders have united for the sake of world peace under God, the politicians will obey the teachings of religion. Then and only then will the social and economic problems be solved, and the nations of the world naturally unite on the path of peace. The Federation for World Peace will succeed where the United Nations and many other organizations have failed because it has this foundation.

The role of scholars for the sake of the New World Order is very important. To insure a well-rounded education for individuals, close communication between all segments of society is necessary. People must constantly cooperate with one another in order to raise up individuals who can develop civilized families, churches, schools and society. The greatest task of our generation is the problem of how to implement this well-rounded education in our pluralistic global village.

You scholars are the treasure-house of knowledge in this society. Your students learn more from the person you are than from the knowledge you teach. Students imitate the teacher's habits, learn the teacher's attitudes about society, and are deeply influenced by the teacher's sense of values. You professors must always, in the teacher's position, become desirable examples for the future. Your mission, which is to set up a new cultural tradition rooted in the absolute value of true love, is a precious thing.


One thing America has never understood, do the Parents come to us from heaven, or do we select them ourselves? What shall American people do, since all they know is their election system? After World War II, America began to play this role. They liberated smaller nations and they raised them up. They treated them generously, as their younger brothers, it is true. But after a few years, America became confused. They stand still now. They did not rise up to the parental level.

In 1960, Kennedy became president and died in 1963. Do you know why? It is because until that time, America was helping the rest of the world, even if it caused difficulty for themselves. Money and resources were given out for the rest of the world. But during Kennedy's term, that giving shrank. Americans turned inwards and started trying to take care of themselves. Then Kennedy was killed. Heaven just brought him to the spirit world. Likewise Hammerskjold died. He was in the same role. These are subtle points which have not been explained before, but now because of Principle they can be understood. The United Nations was supposed to prepare the world for the one who was to come by developing brotherly relationships among the world's nations, but they did not do that. Rather, the U.N. virtually became the performing stage for world communism. It became very degraded.

I met with former President Eisenhower around 1965. I can't remember the exact year because it's been a long time. I told President Eisenhower everything. I said in plain language, "Centering on Reverend Moon, America had better go in that public direction." But Eisenhower didn't pay much attention. He was humble enough to listen and he heard the words, but he didn't do anything about what he heard. I was told that Eisenhower went and spoke somewhere at a university or school where he said something like, "Reverend Moon is not an ordinary person. He has a great vision and he has a lot to offer mankind." But that is the extent of what Eisenhower did in order to heed the warning I gave to him.

I set up 120 Holy Grounds around the world, and sixty-two are located right here in America. I took America that seriously. Now, ironically, the country which received God's love the most, the country which received the most attention and sweat and blood from Father has become the country which has gone against me the most strongly. This has always been the case in history. So left and right wing have to be united before I can make this turn around 180 degrees. Now for the first time, things are going toward God's direction. To God's throne we go.


Democracy is a brother/sister culture, with dimensions such as east and west, north and south, front and back. To make unity between the extremes on these axes, there needs to be a vertical center. This vertical center can be established centering on Christianity, and it will bring Europe into one. Germany looks united, but its unification cannot be completed by politics alone. There are many problems. Through Common Market arrangements, people can move about freely, but they cannot live freely in East Germany. We can see confusion between the two Germanys. Only we can solve the problem, through such analyses of the world's social problems.

The European Community cannot unite Europe. Only True Parents can do it, through Divine Principle. You Europeans should lecture today's content to government leaders. The world has a United Nations concept, but who can make it work? The concept of the European Community by its nature excludes Japan and the United States. Now the United States, Canada and Mexico are moving towards some unity. Asia will try to do the same thing. This world can be divided into four economic groups: Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. This is already happening. If Protestant and Catholic Europe can unite, then Catholic South America and Protestant North America can unite. The world would like to go this way. The parental role of Korea and Japan ...

Among Asians, the Japanese are thought of as small and narrow people, while the Chinese are considered vague and ambiguous; Koreans, however, seem to have some special quality. This is not just my opinion about my own country. Asian people are concentrating on Korea. Koreans, for instance, are serious about keeping their blood lineage intact and not accepting other lineages. Recently Westerners have become interested in marrying Asians. The Cain gate to international unity has been opened by Westerners coming on their own to marry Koreans. The Abel gate to unity has been opened by True Parents through international marriage. Who can be the national leader of the country? An international blessed couple is a good choice, because through them two countries can come into oneness. Enemies can meet and become relatives through international Blessings. At least their children can be blessed together. Restoration through four and its multiples

I want to make one world country by organizing nations into groups of four, and then groups of twelve, seventy-two, and one hundred twenty. These latter numbers are all multiples of the numbers four and six, which are principled numbers lost due to the fall. Numbers lost through the fall should be restored. This is why I established one hundred twenty mission countries, for instance.

The one hundred twenty mission countries should be expanded to one hundred sixty, representing four times four. Sixteen nations fought in the Korean War; one hundred sixty countries came to the Olympics in Korea; Korea was the one hundred sixteenth country to join the United Nations. From the number sixteen we can enter a new age. Now you can understand why countries should be united four by four, not two by two or three by three. I have absorbed the courses of all the saints in history. Yesterday I declared a day of unity of heaven and earth. Today I want to explain these things. In the 120-couple Blessing, four extra couples were blessed who were criminals before joining our church. Through this providence, even satanic communist countries can be included in restoration. Because of illicit love, division came. Now true love can restore and rearrange things centering on God's love. Four countries can become one, like one family. Noah and his three sons comprised one family. One of them must be the center. Horizontal elements must make a balance and forge a righteous connection, centering on parents; left and right have give and take focused on the center. The whole cosmos is organized this way.


So Father took that as the failure of the missionaries. For seventeen years Father gave this work up. For sixteen years, Father gave them up, but on this seventeenth year I brought all the missionaries from these three countries together. I brought them together for the first time in a long time. Sixteen is always the problem number. In the Korean war, there were sixteen nations helping liberate Korea. They participated in the work of restoration of the Fatherland of the whole earth. Also, the Olympics in Korea in 1988 saw 160 nations attending, although originally 162 nations were supposed to participate. The number of nations who voted to admit Korea to the United Nations was 160. The numbers are so precise throughout the history of restoration.

Father exerted influence to Korea, Japan, and the United States. Not only exerting influence, but working directly. We have been working in Russia and China, as well. Among these five nations, four are in the position of plus or male, while Japan is the only one in the female or minus position. There is one woman which all four men are trying to occupy, in a way. This is exactly the picture we see in the Garden of Eden. There was Eve and Adam, and then three archangels in the male position. So there were four male figures and one female. Very simply, the archangel took Eve, but in restoration Adam must win Eve back.


This morning, for the first time, Father taught that all families have to go this way. We have to follow this teaching of the home tradition, to the national and world level, by centering upon Father's family. Four children are blessed and this represents east, west, south and north - four corners. Those children combine into one. No matter how difficult the situation may be, you have to obey and protect Father's position. You must simply say, "Yes, Father; yes Mother." You have not had that kind of tradition, but must make it from now, centering on True Father's blessed couples. The Cain-side blessed couples must inherit that through the True Family blessed couples. Through that there is a natural creation of twelve tribes, and the position of seventy-two elders is connected there. Otherwise you cannot get into the world of eternal life.

No matter how difficult it is, no matter how much you were dedicated in the past, your final purpose is the tribal messiah mission. You have to go back as a family messiah and connect 160 people. There were sixteen nations fighting representing the United Nations in the Korean War. The soldiers of the United Nations forces united. There are 160 nations in the world foundation. The number four fits into all these. From Moses' time to Jesus' age there was a 1,600 year period. God uses these numbers connected to four in order to separate Satan. There were sixteen nations participating in the Korean War because of the number four and its meaning. That was a tribal war, not a world war. Why? Korea is humankind's original ancestral country.

The Cold War began in Korea and ended in Korea at the time of Olympics, centering upon the True Parents. Centering upon the True Parents, all the indemnity was paid between the 160 nations. At that time the communist world and democratic world were connected at the Olympic rally. It was a gathering on the level of international kings and queens. Satan once separated everything into two sides, but at that moment they were unified. At that time Father welcomed all the competing champions and offered them hospitality. They wanted to go back to their country. Why? Because Father was helping them. No other government did that. Father was the only one to embrace the children of the second generation. Why? Because, from the Principle viewpoint, the second generation must be united with the first, otherwise we cannot go back to the ideal world. Father made this victorious foundation and the Cold War finished. The Christian world connected to this base from there.


This is the time when we no longer need the Old Testament and the New Testament. This is the time of the Completed Testament Age. What are the teachings of the Completed Testament Age? We cannot find them in the Old Testament or the New Testament, but Father has given the contents to the 50,000 women leaders who went to Cheju Island because Japan is the Eve country. Out of those 50,000 women leaders, Father selected those who have college degrees and above, graduate students and Ph.D.s. He chose 1,600 people in order to send ten people to 160 countries in the world. In the future, the United Nations must consist of the Religious Federation for World Peace and the Women's Federation for World Peace. They must be like the organization's two hands.

You, the second generation, should march forth. Unless you are totally united and do your responsibility, you will lose the world. There are many different organizations and new religions preparing to receive the Lord of the Second Advent. Unless we rid ourselves of our old habits which we inherited from the American way of doing things and American society here, we will lose the opportunity to inherit Father's tradition. Our destiny is a one-way street. There is just one main street, so if we hesitate and delay, the people who follow behind us will pass us and go ahead of us to follow Father, who is way ahead of us all. We cannot stop the people who are coming behind us. They will catch up and go ahead of us.


Liberation takes place in such a way that if your tribe becomes totally one with True Family then your tribal level liberation takes place. When True Parents and you as tribal messiah become totally one, your entire tribe will naturally become a true tribe. When twelve different tribes become united then that becomes a people-like the Israelite people at Moses' time. When you have restored these twelve tribes together and God works through that and makes you a king, then you become a people. In America if you have twelve different big tribes together and become totally one, then you can even claim national sovereignty and become a national Messiah. With that kind of king or president totally centered upon God and totally one with True Parents, the entire nation will belong to God and True Parents, don't you agree? (Yes.) By the same token, suppose all the representatives of the United Nations, which represents the whole world, become totally one with True Parents overnight. Conditionally, that means the entire world is connected to True Parents. Through what? Receiving Blessing from True Parents...

In place of Great Britain, Japan is now the Eve nation. Father actually selected enemy countries such as America which was in the enemy position to Germany and Japan. From Father's point of view Japan was his enemy country and America, providentially speaking, failed. By the same token, Germany was in the same situation. It was the most evil nation during World War II. It was fearful. During World War II Germany was responsible for eliminating thousands of Christians and millions of Jews. After World War II, all these countries failed and so now True Mother came and is restructuring this system of Cain and Abel and Adam and Eve nations relationships. America is in the Abel position and Germany is in Cain's position. America represents Christianity which means it is in the bride's position. After World War II, centering upon the Christian cultural background, the entire free world, particularly the providential nations of England, America and France, should have bowed down in front of Father and received him as the Lord of the Second Advent. However they failed, and Father had to walk the forty year course of re-indemnification. Then Father and Mother came to America and installed True Mother as the world level True Mother, having her speak at the United Nations and Capitol Hill, Cain and Abel. True Parents then connected this with Mother's speaking tour of Japan. As you know Japan was opposing our Church so much, but that opposition was knocked down and Mother won the victory there.


Since the unification of the world or the unification of Cain and Abel did not happen at the world level, it became symbolized by North and South Korea: North Korea representing the entire Cain world, and South Korea representing the entire Abel world. Kim Il Sung appears as the second advent on Satan's side; everybody calls him father in North Korea. South Korea, in the Abel position, has True Father, Sun Myung Moon. If unification had taken place here [Father indicates on the blackboard], then Korea would not have been divided. We see clearly the dispensation moving this way. If America loses hold of Korea it will be catastrophic. It is unthinkable. This is what Kim Il Sung is doing, he is playing tug-of-war with America. The archangel must become one with Adam but since it is not taking place then Satan shakes him, going lower and lower, causing lots of problems and confusion. This is why during his forty-year lifetime, Father had to, with his own hands, bring communism into the Abel world. Father stands in the position to protect the free world and destroy the left wing world. That is exactly what Father has done. He has achieved this through right teaching, and teaching the Christian religion again through the theory which is now Divine Principle.

We must have a clear idea of history, because we learned so much in the past. The world does not know God led history and mankind followed this history. We need to know this clearly. This is the precise time where everything that was lost here [Father indicates on the board] has been found again; this has to be brought back to Korea. It seems like yesterday, but already two years ago the role of Mother was to bring the world and the United Nations - like the assembly of the world. Since the bride religion failed to play this role, True Mother has successfully fulfilled this role. She then brings this victory to Korea to be joined with Father. In the reverse way, it goes to Japan which is in the mother position and then to Korea which is in the father position. Mother returns to Korea and restores the children. The children are none other than the college students. When the second generation of North and South Korea become one it would be the same as these two countries being brought together. These two countries will eventually come together just by working with the second generation. True Mother worked through forty universities for this purpose. This will be a perfect indemnity condition; when Mother does this it will be an exact replay of the world situation after World War II. Cain and Abel will be embraced by True Parents. When this happens then what form the country exists in won't matter anymore. The condition will have been set. ...

[Father is drawing on the board] Under True Mother is the Women's Federation for World Peace. The mind is represented by the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace and the body is represented by the Federation for World Peace. One representing the religious world and one the political world. Mother and children, women and youth all must become one. The key to world peace is to bring mind and body into unity and also man and woman into unity, which is another form of mind and body. The core of the American problem lies in the family and the center of the family is mother. If the mother plays her role correctly then that is the way to restore the family. For the sake of world peace, individual mind and body must come into unity; then within the family, husband and wife come into unity; then parents and children come into unity. These three elements must be unified. This represents Adam's extended family [indicating to the blackboard]. After the fall mind and body, men and women, and parents and children all separated. World peace comes only through this formula. This is the crux of the formula. Centering upon these concepts we can come up with a Religious United Nations and a Political United Nations and a Women's United Nations. All three elements must become one. Women's Federation is in Mother's position, Political Federation is in Cain position, and Religious Federation is in Abel's position. That is exactly what Father is doing now. The Lord of the Second Advent, True Father, becoming one with this unity [indicating on the blackboard]; then that is the complete restoration.

All that God lost in Adam's family is now being restored at the world level because history has progressed. This is what Father announced and proclaimed at the Summit Council for World Peace in Korea recently. He proclaimed these three types of United Nations. We already have a United Nations but it is very clear to everybody, that these 182 countries all assert their own position and protect their own interests. They are not working for the interest of the world. Everybody is aware that world peace cannot be accomplished this way. Seventy-five per- cent of today's world are in the religious realm and half the world population is made up of women. Women have lots of money too. (Laughter.) This is no accident, this is the way it is supposed to be. Now is the time of restoration, so all the money is in women's' pockets, because they must use that for the sake of restoring and saving the world. Eve fell and inherited Satan's ideas but in this time women must reverse that process. Even this is an over-simplified explanation, but you should now have a clear idea what the world has become.


On the lunar calendar we have maybe a month before August 1, and during this period is a time of turbulent transition. Beginning in 1991 Father established the World Federation for World Peace, the Religious Federation for World Peace, Women's Federation for World Peace, Students Federation for World Peace, Youth Federation for World Peace. [Father is writing on the board] That which is political in nature represents the body, whereas the mind belongs to the religious realm. A political United Nations and a religious United Nations should come together. Instead of mind and body continuing to fight, they will make peace and live in accord. Always the political realm had a stronger influence over the religious realm, as the body has constantly been attacking the mind. On the side of the body we had imperialism and communism, and on the side of the mind we had democracy, allied power. The world divided into those two big camps, here [indicating on the board] England, America and France and here Japan, Germany and Italy. Of course, the former represented the heavenly side and the latter the satanic side. Just like mind and body, that was the significance of World War II fought by two camps.

Eve and Cain and Abel came to be united centering upon England, America and France, the allied powers. England represented the Eve nation. Island countries always stand in the position of Eve or female. Whereas mainland always represents Adam or male. America was given birth by England. Japan was in a similar position to England, but Japan was on the satanic side. Germany was also on the satanic side, and the satanic world wanted to kill Abel's world. After World War II, they were unified centering upon Christianity. The Christian world represents Eve, Cain and Abel-the Garden of Eden. [Father is drawing and pointing to the board] There were: the Eve nation, England; the Abel nation, America; and the Cain nation, France. On the opposite side we had the nations of Japan, Germany and Italy; and these two sides were fighting each other. After World War II, they were united centering upon the United Nations.

After World War II, by dividing and representing all the Abel and Cain countries and the mother country, these positions which were lost in the Garden of Eden, were restored and rearranged. This was all preparation and foundation for the Second Coming. In Jesus' time this was at the family base, but at this time it is extended to the world base. The Christian world was the prepared bridal foundation. The mother will embrace both Cain and Abel and all nations as well. American women were to have been in that motherly position and this is why American women have been prepared the way that they are; they are like queens, are they not? Because very distinctly, compared with other nations, the women are superior and men become almost like servants to the women in this country. America represents the position of bride for the coming Second Advent. Who is the Messiah of the Second Advent? (Father.) True Parents. ...

Centering upon Korea as the Adam nation, the Eve and archangel nations are what Father is dealing with now. There were so many things that happened in North Korea, and now centering upon the youth of North Korea, the situation has developed so badly that they are now on the verge of atomic war. Will there or will there not be atomic war? That kind of critical position we are facing with North Korea. Father sent a representative to speak to Kim Il Sung and they went and made peace. Then centering upon the United Nations, Mother has restored the children of the world horizontally, centering on the South and North Korean youth. In this time, after forty years from World War II, the question remains how to unify the Eve, Cain and Abel nations. This needs to be done. Otherwise we cannot reach the ideal Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

True Mother's Foundation

In the Garden of Eden, the archangel combined with Eve and fell into Hell. At this time, the archangel side, that is, Cain and Abel side-which includes all of Satan's side-is centering upon Mother (Eve). Through this process, Mother is saving that Cain and Abel. Do you understand? On the occasions of the United Nations and Capitol Hill speeches True Mother was welcomed. Making that victorious foundation of unifying into one, Mother embraced the Abel and Cain nations. After World War II, America represented the Abel position, the Christian world, and the free world represented the Cain position. That foundation was lost and at this time is being restored centering upon Mother. After the speeches of United Nations and Capitol Hill this was accomplished. Mother embraced Cain and Abel. But individually, Mother does not have a nation. Just the opposite. Horizontally, that nation is Japan. At the end of August 1992, the Japanese government began a fierce activity against our church. The media and television continuously spread negativity against us, throughout the whole of Japan. However, when Mother went to Japan nobody could come against her. That means that Eve's nation, Abel nation, Cain nation, and three archangel nations combined into one centering upon Mother representing the bride position.

After World War II, America and France in bride position should have combined with the bridegroom's position. So we can go back to the original hometown nation, go back to the Korean peninsula. Those three nations, Mother and Father combined into one means that in this year we reached again the same position as after World War II. [Pointing to the board] Do you understand? (Yes!) Now the Unification Church is in the Abel position and the Christian world is in the Cain position. No matter how much Christianity protests and makes a noise, they are going down and diminishing. No hope. Father has claimed back the youth and has established the Youth Federation for World Peace on July 26. The Religious Federation for World Peace, Women's Federation for World Peace, and Youth Federation for World Peace are victorious Eve's foundation, Mother's foundation. Do you understand? The Eve nation of Japan connected with Mother. Completely, the Eve nation, which represented Satan originally, has been reclaimed by God and combined with Mother centering upon the Second Advent. There is only one direction and that is Godism, the Headwing value system.

Until now everything has been centered upon man. Man's power, man's talent and intellectual power have not saved the world. All that kind of activity has been defeated. There is only one way and that is Godism and Headwing. Democracy is representing brotherhood, and brothers are fighting. Parenthood is Godism, no fighting. True Parents represent real parenthood and the bearing of true children. True Father is the real teacher, real king of kings and real parent. Those three. Centering upon True Parents, everything can be unified. Father has built that kind of foundation throughout the world. Now is the time that Father announces equalization of the cultural world, political world, etc. Only one world under Godism is what Father has declared. Do you understand? (Yes!)


In the Unification Church, we will do the work centering upon the United Nations at the world level. That whole world will be embraced by True Mother. [Father is drawing a diagram on the board to illustrate.] At each level, high school students and college students will all be brought into oneness. They are all a part of True Mother. In other words, they represent True Mother. They will engraft into the victory that True Mother has won and they will inherit that victory as her children. The Youth Federation for World Peace is doing all of this. All this part is Abel and all this part is Cain. True Mother is bringing this Cain and Abel into unity at this level, and individually collectively here [indicating the diagram], and this itself becomes the unified world.

Here, the parents of Heaven and earth means that Heaven represents the positive or subject, and earth object, plus and minus. Father and Mother are also plus and minus. Here, Heaven and earth become plus and Father and Mother become minus here [indicating the board]. This stands in the plus position to the minus position which now becomes of the unified world. Centering upon Mother, all are in object position and come into unity of a subject and object relationship. The coming of True Mother embraces the whole world. All mothers of individual families should, representing True Mother, work on our individual families. Together here [indicating the board] then connect vertically with the Youth Federation for World Peace.

The responsibility of women is very great. We are now in the time of women. The Lord of the Second Advent's main work is to pave the road for True Mother to tread. Forty years ago in 1945, this work could have been accomplished in such a short time. However, since God lost everything at that time, there is no country today. Whereas after World War II, there were countries. Centering upon Christianity, countries must be restored. The United Nations, the nations in the Cain position and the nations in the Abel position must be brought into unity. We must all work to bring this about. Since True Mother had no clear idea of this, Father has paved the road for Mother to walk. Until 1992, Mother followed Father absolutely without question, otherwise the unified world could not be created. Do you understand? In 1992, the liberation of womanhood was proclaimed, centered upon True Mother. This was the first time in history that Mother stood on Father's level side horizontally. That means that, worldwide, all women can be liberated.

True Mother represents the whole of the woman's world. Once women inherit the victory of True Mother, they are ready to come forth to their husband, the bridegroom. Until now, women did not have this qualification. You may not understand this completely clearly; that is all right, it is not so important, compared to other things. When Father has more time, he will explain this to us more clearly. Once you follow True Parents absolutely, you don't have to know. (Laughter.)

The source of the problem within Adam's family was disbelief and the discord of love. They failed to make a connection with God's True Love. In order to restore this lack of confidence, we need absolute belief. Instead of this discord of love, we need absolute heartistic unity. The fall took place because the children's mind did not understand the agony of their Parent's mind. Because of this, the children became indifferent. In order to re-indemnify this failure, all of us must seek to know what goes on in True Mother's mind, what kind of difficulties, what kind of agony she has to face in order to reach out to us and the rest of the world. That is the commandment which Father has required of Mother also. Mother has to pay attention to everything which Father does. Likewise, we must have an absolute experience of what Father and Mother are going through. We must become as one body with our Parents. This is the commandment of children; to believe absolutely in what Father and Mother are doing and experience our Parents' heart. This applies to all family relationships, including True Children. Whoever does not agree with Father and Mother has no place here.


Again, Father wants you to remember that we can move the entire world; in other words, we can move the United Nations, which will eventually move the entire world.


We are now reaching the final stage of history. No advanced nation of the world is able to bring about this kind of unification. Only one person is able to bring this about, and that person is none other than Reverend Moon. The whole of humankind have lost their direction and Father is solving all the problems of mankind. That is the task which Father is implementing now. Father is planning to buy tens of thousands of acres of land where we will build the ideal community. Father has already established a sufficiently strong foundation in terms of the metaphysical field. Now Father is beginning to work on the salvation of the physical level. Father only has to deal with the United Nations in order to turn the world around. Now the physical salvation will take place through Father.

During the last forty years Father has indemnified 4000 years of human history. During this time Father has been persecuted by all manner of people, religions and organizations, and each time he has prevailed and won the victory. It is as if Father has already constructed the infallible castle wall which Satan cannot pass through. No regime in this world is able to persecute Father anymore. Father has formed a band of STRONG unification soldiers throughout the world. (Applause.) You are the heavenly army. We have to make a revolution. This is the final war. The fact is that Father has already won the victory on the spiritual level worldwide and now he begins to tackle this physical level salvation to save all these thousands of people who are dying of starvation every year. The world should recognize this. The time has come. These dying people are our brothers and sisters too. While your younger brothers and sisters are dying, do you still wish to keep your property because you wish to protect yourself? Or would you go out and sell your property and save their lives?...

Within Father there is the perfection of Adam and Jesus. Even at the brink of death throughout prison life, Father never betrayed God. Within the perfection of Father's life, there is the perfection of Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, John the Baptist and Jesus Christ. Even when meals were given to Father in Hungnam prison, he divided them in half and gave the other half to inmates.

The only task left for Father is to build the ideal country for mankind, transcending race and national boundaries. In order to do that, we must restore the United Nations through the Federation for World Peace, the InterReligious Federation for World Peace, the Women's Federation for World Peace, and the Youth Federation for World Peace.


The course of restoration is seeking this original ideal. Until today, the history of restoration has focused on restoring the positions of Cain and Abel. Cain tries to kill Abel three times, but then Cain is conscience-stricken. Feeling sorry, he will give the elder sonship to the younger brother, Abel. Because of this process, the history of restoration takes a long time. Because they could not bear Heavenly Father's direct blood lineage, they sacrificed their blood lineage.

God has no concept of enemy. God's way is always the loving way, not the hating way. Finally, even Satan will obey me and naturally surrender to me. This is the original idea of creation. In order to unify the right-hand side, I came to America and worked to unify with every realm, including the Congress and the United Nations. By unifying the right wing and the left wing, I laid the foundation to restore everything and safely settle True Parents and the Completed Testament age. Thousands of years ago Heavenly Father lost the original position. Through the indemnity course, Cain becomes the younger brother and Abel becomes the elder brother, regaining and restoring the original position. ...

North America should go down to South America and unite with them. The united North and South America will become a big plus and Europe, centering on Germany, will automatically be in the position of a big minus to them. Martin Luther tried to unify Protestants and Catholics. When Protestants and Catholics are united in America, they will automatically be united in Europe.

The united Americas and Europe will become a still bigger plus, and Asia will automatically be in a minus position to them. Then everything is finished. There will be a new United Nations. In Asia, north and south, Cain and Abel will all be completely united centering on True Parents. This is the path of restoration. Through this course we will restore Roman Catholicism and the Roman Empire. Finally, even Adam's course will be completely restored through this process...

Among Japan, America and Germany, America is in the Abel position and Germany is in the Cain position in relationship to the new bride nation. Centering on True Mother, America and Germany are uniting and moving toward Japan. Taking the reversal course, Cain and Abel must unite through the mother, Japan. Centering on the U.S. Congress and the whole United Nations, unity can be achieved. This becomes the horizontal foundation which can be raised up vertically. The archangel caused Eve to fall; in the reversal course, Eve should restore the archangel...

True Mother is represented on the individual level, the family level, the national level, the worldwide level, the cosmic level and the level of Heavenly Father. These six stages center on True Mother. All mothers are extensions of True Mother. Horizontally, high school students are plus, or Abel, and college students are minus, or Cain. Because the younger children are closer to True Mother, they have the plus position. All eight stages of plus and minus should unite centering on Mother; eight levels of children should be completely united in the minus position to True Mother. [Father writes on the blackboard:] The Youth Federation for World Peace is in the Cain position, while high school and college students are in the Abel position; they should form vertical and horizontal unity centering on True Mother. The big plus position is religion, represented by the IRFWP, and finally the FWP.

All five organizations will integrate into a new UN. Until today the United Nations has represented only the political realm. Why do True Parents need to focus on unifying the United Nations? Because of the fall, Eve's mind and body were separated, and there was a division between older children and younger children. Thus in the worldwide providence, everything will be restored centering on True Mother. Through True Mother's complete unity with True Father, and Father's complete unity with Heavenly Father, everything that was lost in the Garden of Eden will be restored. Through the United Nations, we can connect to the whole world and unite the whole world. The world is the extension of the family. Students, centering on True Mother, will form a big plus in relationship to the big minus formed by the IRFWP and FWP. Centering on True Mother, mind and body must be completely united, and on that foundation True Mother goes to unite with True Father; then all children, young and old, will all be completely unified, resulting in the unification of the whole world. That is the mission of the Blessed family. ...

Until today the United Nations has only represented the body; it does not represent the mind, the mothers, the students, or the youth. Centering on Mother is equivalent to WFWP. Cain and Abel on all eight levels need to connect to Mother. Centering on True Mother, all mothers should connect to high school and college students. They are Abel, and other youth are Cain. Through mothers they connect to True Mother and then to True Father and Heavenly Father. In this way, we can unite the world.

Because of Eve's fall, mind and body were separated, children were separated, and everything was separated. To restore everything centering on the family, especially the mother, everything needs to turn around 180 degrees and come back to the original point...

4. United Nations.

We should establish a new system that transcends national borders. Within the heavenly kingdom white, yellow and black people should live with no racial discrimination. No discrimination should be allowed in the heavenly civilization...

I am sending brother missionaries from Korea to forty nations and ten Japanese sisters to each of the 160 nations. True Mother spoke at forty universities in Korea, and on that foundation Koreans were sent out to forty countries; each of those countries represents four nations. Forty times four is 160. Each country should expand its membership to 4,000; then they will establish sisterhood bonds. That is the future plan. True Mother set the heavenly standard. Mother sacrificed and made a foundation; within one year each nation should expand to 4,000 members. Within each group of four nations, there should be 16,000 members who can establish sisterhood bonds; this will eliminate so much hostility. On that foundation I prepared 160,000 sisterhood pairs. These forty nations, each representing four nations (160 nations altogether) will hold sisterhood ceremonies.

During the Korean War young people from sixteen nations were mobilized. The number sixteen is a multiple of four. The number four is the total satanic number. The Cold War started from the Korean peninsula. People from 160 nations attended the 1988 Olympic Games in Korea. On the foundation of the Olympic Games, North and South Korea were admitted as members of the United Nations: North Korea was the 160th member and South Korea the 161st member. To indemnify the number 160, I sent sisters to 160 nations and instructed each nation to grow to 4,000 members.

Now brotherhood ceremonies between Korean and Japanese men have been held, with 16,000 participants. All of this is to indemnity the satanic number four and restore it to God's side. Because of the human fall we lost the four-position foundation. From Adam's fall until the time of Noah was 1,600 years. Those of you who attended this ceremony should return to your own country and raise up 4,000 people to participate in this sisterhood ceremony. Every country leader should focus on how to get 4,000 women to participate in a sisterhood ceremony. If you make such a condition, the blessing of the connection between America and Japan will go to your descendants. Then all the surrounding countries can participate in the same partnership foundation. If you fulfill this, heavenly fortune will always protect you.


I proclaimed "True Parents and the Completed Testament Age" throughout forty nations, including America, Japan, and Korea, and at the United Nations. So now, when people hear "True Parents and the Completed Testament Age," they recognize that as talking about Reverend Moon's couple. Safe settlement takes place only because the proclamation has been made. If it had not been made there would not be safe settlement.

The whole world could not overcome the True Parents. The United States, its Capitol Hill, the United Nations, forty nations, and the university campuses as well, all could not expel the True Parents. Even Kim Il Sung, North Korea, and President Gorbachev welcomed and established the ties of blood brotherhood with me. And now they are following me. That is why the world could not expel me.


In restoration, Abel becomes the elder brother and Cain becomes the younger brother. In the secular sense, is it possible for the elder brother to become the younger brother and the younger brother to become the elder brother? No such model exists. As we learn from the story of Jacob and Esau, Jacob restored the elder son's birthright. Satan always subjugates and dominates from the higher level; the bigger plus dominates the smaller minus. However, in the history of restoration, God created the foundation from scratch and keeps forming a bigger plus, in order to rise step by step. As a result of the struggle between Cain and Abel, Abel was murdered by Cain. Because of that mistake, thousands and thousands of years of human history have repeated the struggle between Cain and Abel until the point that communists almost took over the control of the United Nations. Beginning right after World War II, the seven years from 1945 to 1952 was the period during which Christians around the world should have worked together and become united centering on the Lord of the Second Advent in order to build the Kingdom of God on earth. At the time of Jesus' crucifixion, the right-side and left-side thieves didn't have parental figures so they were killed, too. Therefore, now the world needs a parental figure who comes as the Lord of the Second Advent.

Even after the failure of worldwide Christianity after World War II, I have been working for the last forty years to set the foundation to save the world again and embrace the free world and the communist world, as Cain and Abel, centering on Mother. Counting from 1945 to 1960, fourteen years passed. Because Israel failed, national-level restoration had to be achieved centering on Korea. This fourteen-year period represents the completion of the Old Testament era. The twenty-year period from 1960 to 1980 represents the completion of the New Testament era. During this period we had to restore at least conditionally the national foundation on the worldwide level.

Since the declaration of God's Day in 1968 until 1988, the year of the Seoul Olympics, twenty years passed. If we add seven years, it brings us to 1995. This very year, 1995, is a critical year in God's dispensation. During this year we have to bring total unity between mind and body. For this reason, our body side, the economic side of the Unification Church, is suffering now. ...

This was and still is the mother's responsibility. America failed to accept the Lord of the Second Advent right after World War II. Now Mother had to embrace this country again. She spoke on Capitol Hill, because America was in the position of bride. America had lost the bride's mission, but now Mother came as the True Bride and completed this bride's mission. She spoke in fifty states and was welcomed. She spoke at Capitol Hill, went to the United Nations, and finally embraced the entire world. America is in the position of Abel, and the entire free world is in the position of Cain on God's side. Thus, by giving the declaration at the United Nations, Mother embraced the entire free world. The bride's mission which had been lost was restored. Even after Mother accomplished her mission by embracing America through speaking on Capitol Hill, and by embracing the world through speaking at the United Nations, she had to move on to the horizontal level, embracing countries such as Japan and Germany. However, Satan doesn't want to give up everything at one time. That's why countries such as Germany and Japan are resisting. That's why there are some difficulties occurring in Germany and Japan. It is Mother's mission to go back there, embrace them, and resolve the situation. Once America, the United Nations, and Japan are united, then Adam's country, Korea, will be turned around, too.

Because of the human fall, we lost everything. I have been restoring this during the last forty years vertically, and now it is happening horizontally. America and the free world are uniting with Mother. Now we need a worldwide base. Mother made the foundation of embracing the children. America and the free world are influencing Japan. Even in your dreams you could not have imagined that Mother could address audiences at the U.S. Capitol and the Japanese Diet. The Diet is in the position of Abel, while the nation of Japan is in the position of Cain. That's why Mother went there and embraced both. She did the same in America. Therefore, centering on America, we can embrace the entire world through the United Nations.

True Mother has now symbolically restored and completed the mission of the bride right after World War II. The Allied countries of Great Britain, America and France are now replaced in God's providence by Japan, Germany and America. Right after World War II, America offered help to rebuild Japan and Germany; as a result these became the three central nations.

America took the position of the archangel on the side of heaven. America had to take this role because without America, there is no connection between Protestantism and Catholicism. In God's dispensation, the formation stage cannot be directly connected to the completion stage; the growth stage is necessary. The Old Testament era and the New Testament era represent the formation stage and the growth stage. The perfection stage can stand upon the foundation of the formation and growth stages. That's why I had no choice but to select America. ...

To begin with, I want to create the circumstances that would allow anybody to travel freely anywhere within North and South America without a visa. Let's say there are 160 different nations in the world. On the vertical level, these nations will be restored horizontally through indemnity. When these 160 nations join together as brothers and sisters centering on parents, the Kingdom of God will begin, from the individual and family levels all the way to the worldwide level. The developed countries and the underdeveloped countries will be on the same line horizontally.

In your family, if one of your brothers is sick or somehow crippled, you have to pay more attention to him and give him more love, isn't it true? Mother is going to create such a model here and apply it to all the different nations. The United Nations was supposed to do this role, but it failed, so I am going to create a new one.

The entire human history was contaminated because of the false love from Satan's lineage. Even if the entire Empire State Building were given to me, as soon as I saw a trace of Satan's false love there, I would spit at it and not even touch it.


Father would like to ask you, do you think the restoration of America will come about more easily and quickly or do you think that the restoration of Japan will come about more easily and quickly? Actually we need to restore the United Nations first because each nation belongs to the satanic realm. That satanic grip is very tight and will not be released easily. If we deal with the United Nations which is a worldwide organization, then the grip is more loose. Therefore it is easier to work with the United Nations because it is worldwide in concept. The satanic domination of the world is still occurring at the national level. If we go beyond the national level and deal with the United Nations, Satan cannot do so much. If the people of the entire world could have the understanding, belief and concept of living their lives for the sake of the entire world, then the unification of the world could be achieved easily. That very concept will build the Kingdom of God right here on earth which will lead to the Kingdom of God in heaven, centering upon True Love. Do you all understand that? This is the formula course. Without going through this formula course we cannot arrive at the solution. ...

The mind is on God's side and the body is on Satan's side. We have to reunite them again. We are now at the worldwide level and centering upon the world of religion and politics, we need to bring them into total unity with one another. That is why Father has established the Religious Federation for World Peace, the Federation for World Peace, and the Women's Federation for World Peace. When it comes to the relationship between the Religious Federation for World Peace and the United Nations, they are like Abel and Cain. Who has to accomplish this task? Women have to accomplish it. That is why Father founded the Women's Federation for World Peace for this purpose. Without the appearance of True Mother we cannot even think about uniting Cain and Abel.

Christianity opposed Father and was unable to fulfill its goal at the end of World War II. Now Mother should appear and unite Abel and Cain represented by America and the United Nations. America is in the position of Abel and the United Nations is in the position of Cain. Centering upon the Holy Spirit, Cain and Abel must now become substantially united. At the spiritual level, the Abel countries of America, England and France, and the Cain countries of Japan, Germany and Italy have to be united at the physical level. Jesus lost his body on the cross and so we have to restore Jesus' body through bringing about this physical unity of Cain and Abel. At the time of Jesus, there was failure at the national level. Now, at the time of the Lord of the Second Advent, at the worldwide level this has to be accomplished through True Parents at this particular time. The Abel countries of America, England and France must be united and stand in the position to be united with True Parents' family. Centering upon True Parents, True Children will be in the Abel position and the free nations will be in the Cain position. Originally, Jesus was supposed to fulfill his mission by the age of forty but he failed. At the age of forty Father was supposed to be able to accomplish his entire goal; the unification of the entire world at the end of World War II.

Between the ages of thirty three and forty, Jesus was supposed to fulfill his mission. In the case of Father, from 1945 to 1952 was the seven year time period when Father could have accomplished his mission. But due to the failure of Christianity, this time period was postponed another forty years until 1992. Then finally True Mother emerged as a physical substantial True Mother to the entire world and proclaimed True Parents and the Completed Testament Age as a living Holy Mother. Prior to this declaration Mother was supposed to declare the liberation of the women of the world which she did on April 10, 1992. Without achieving the liberation of the women of the world they could not come up to True Mother's place. Therefore, Mother liberated all of these women and Mother stepped up to the True Mother position. Centering upon True Mother all women are connected as one body, centering upon Father, one man. Do you understand? All of womanhood can be connected with True Mother as one body and Satan cannot touch that.

Throughout history, women, beginning with Eve, were the cause of the murder of man, God's representative. In Adam's family, because of Eve, Adam was killed eventually. At the time of Jesus, because there was no substantial Eve, Jesus was killed at the national level. At the time of the Lord of the Second Advent, Father was chased out into the wilderness, symbolizing being killed by Christianity, the bride religion. The women of the world must now be totally united with True Mother and become one body centered upon True Father, one man. Women must realize that they are the ones who have killed ideal man three times throughout history. That makes women in the position of unforgivable sinners. That is how you should think. You should think that not one single cell of your body is worthy of dealing with God directly.

All women must be truly grateful and thankful to God to think that in spite of so much blood having been shed, and all kinds of difficulties caused throughout history by us, yet because of the heart and love of God and True Parents we are finally being forgiven. What else can we do except offer our gratitude to God? This is the point you have to start with. You women must prepare yourselves not to deal with the satanic world at all; not even through your looking, smelling, hearing, feeling or anything. You should cut off everything from the Satanic world and turn yourself towards God and become attuned to God. The only secret for you to be able to accomplish this is to have absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. That is the only way that you will be able to cleanse yourselves and attune yourselves to God.

The Lord of the Second Advent cannot simply appear out of the blue and proclaim himself. But due to this kind of formula course throughout history, now the Lord of the Second Advent finally appears in this world. If you accept this as a reality then you also must accept that you must go through the formula course which was given by True Parents. Why did Father create the Religious Federation for World Peace and the Federation for World Peace? Because Father could not trust the function of the United Nations any more. Because it is connected with Satan's side. Father feels that the time has come when we have to go beyond the United Nations level and unify everything. Who has to play the major role to do this? Because Eve, the mother figure separated human history originally, then women have to be at the vanguard of this work. Even though Cain and Abel exist through the organizations of the Religious Federation for World Peace and the United Nations, we still need an organization to stand in the position of the mother. Therefore Father created the Women's Federation for World Peace. Finally, for the first time in human history, the time has come when women in the world can play a major role in restoring this entire world, as long as they are totally united and become one with True Mother. Through True Mother women can play the major role in Mother's place at the horizontal level.

Just as True Mother herself is practicing this, the women in the world must obey True Father who is in the position of the true bridegroom. The Fall of man came about due to the disobedience of Eve. In order to restore that you must give your absolute obedience, absolute faith and abolute love to True Father. Because Eve failed to take this standpoint, everything was lost. Do you have a clear understanding now? (Yes.) If you truly understand Father's message today, then suppose Father tells sisters to go to Africa. Then they should be ready to answer willingly, without hesitation, that they will go. You should be able to do this if you have absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. On the earth Father's position represents God's position.

Our goal is to restore our family, our nation and the world. This is our goal. We have to understand how extraordinary a mission it is. For the first time in human history one true man declares to the world: centering upon me, as true man, I want to motivate all of the women in the world in order to restore this world. American women particularly need to clearly understand this. American culture is the bride culture of Christianity; Eve's position. However, they lost everything. But now the bridegroom is teaching everything to you. You must understand this and follow with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Don't forget this. When it comes to doing your public mission, you have to drop everything and strictly follow God's command. Even if you gained everything else but lost God, then you have lost everything. We have to find God again and then everything else will fall into place.

The goal of establishing the Women's Federation for World Peace is to restore all the women of the world through True Mother. Women find themselves in all kinds of situations throughout the world, yet through declaring the liberation of the women of the world, True Mother can now finally unite them. Looking at the women of the world from Father's point of view, spiritually True Mother is like the original bride of the bridegroom. Whereas the rest of the women in the world are in the position of concubines. It is like a Cain and Abel relationship with True Mother standing in the position of Abel, and the rest of the women of the world in the position of Cain. Spiritually we can interpret it in this way. However, physically speaking, once you become totally one with True Mother we don't need the concept of concubine anymore. Because now you meet the perfected Adam who has restored the elder sonship. Therefore you no longer need to deal with the concept of Archangel which means you no longer need to be in the position of concubine.

The restored Adam has now appeared and so you no longer need the Archangelic type of husband. In the fallen world we can see from existing situations between the legal wife and the concubine or mistress, that often the concubine actually loves the man more. By the same token, you who stand spiritually in the position of concubine, should love True Father even more than True Mother loves Father. Your physical husbands are in the position of archangel-type husbands. True Father is in the position of true husband. Therefore, you have to love God through Father more than you love your physical husband. Without you doing this there is no way for restoration to take place. Now because of this kind of relationship the Unification Church is facing a tremendous amount of trouble and opposition.

Father has begun to give the blessing at the family level and even going beyond the family level. Do you understand? Because Eve originally separated mind and body in humankind, at the culmination of human history finally True Mother has appeared and declared the liberation of women. Through this, the entire body of women in the world can be united with True Mother and through this united with True Father becoming totally one. This is the time. You are in the same position as True Mother now because you are engrafted. You are not the fallen mother who is going downwards, but rather in the restored mother's position who is going upwards. In order to head upward, your mind and body should be totally united and become one with True Parents. Practically at what level? At the United Nations level. Do you understand?

Today the United Nations has only one function and that is dealing with the sovereignties of over 160 nations of the world. However, what they are lacking is religious activity and women's activity. That is why the Women's Federation for World Peace and the Religious Federation for World Peace are going to work with the United Nations. Then eventually this external United Nations will stand in the position of Cain and then a more internal level will be established centered upon the Youth Federation for World Peace and the Family Federation for World Peace which will represent Abel. Once we have these two Cain and Abel United Nations totally united the entire world will begin turning to become the completely restored and perfected world. At that point we will take a break. (Laughter.)

Centering upon the family we will have the Youth Federation and the Family Federation. We will have the second generation in front of us; the external and internal aspects of the United Nations as Cain and Abel centered upon True Mother. Representing the family level, the Youth Federation for World Peace and the Family Federation for World Peace will also be in the Cain and Abel positions centered upon True Mother. These will work together. Family levels can be divided into eight different stages, from the individual level to the cosmic level. The stages may be different but the formula course is the same; applicable to every different level. When you have that kind of qualification, that kind of conviction then you can claim that you are ready to follow True Father as a bride. This is the formula course.

On a larger scale, North America and South America are in the position of Cain and Abel. One is centered upon Protestantism and the other is centered upon Catholicism. North America, which is centered upon Protestantism and South America which is centered upon Catholicism, should become totally one as Cain and Abel. This would create a larger scale Abel position towards the rest of the world in the position of Cain. At the time of Jesus the thief on the right and the thief on the left were divided. Thus the entire world has been divided into left and right and there has been no solution to this dilemma until True Parents appeared. It is only centered upon True Parents that they can be united again. This is all just an expansion of the disunity that occurred within Adam's family at the time of the Fall.

The United States also has its Cain and Abel represented by the political world base and the religious world base. They should become united into one centered upon Eve, represented by Japanese women and American women's sisterhood. This has taken place based upon Japanese women's relationship with Korean women. Adam and Eve nations combined into one and then expanded to include the Archangel nations. All men are connected there. All men will like that. That means that women are connected from Adam's nation, Eve's nation and Archangel's nation centered upon the Christian world which means the bride culture background. All women are connected with this America which represents the Christian world, Abel's position. This is equivalent to restoring the lost Mother's position. Do you understand? All the American women have to do that kind of restoration. They must reach out to the Protestant world, unite with the Catholic world and bring them to the parents. They must become one, and they have to begin by uniting with South America.

That is why, since Father began his providence centered upon South America, Father has been launching this new campaign. Centering upon the Women's Federation for World Peace, high level representatives of each nation should become the heads of the Women's Federation for World Peace in each nation. To adopt them is our campaign. Once we have achieved that goal, all these men, no matter what position they may hold within a nation, will all become connected to the women. This is the historical course because we are now reaching the end of the history of restoration. Now husbands, who are in the position of archangel, must come through Eve, the mother figure. That is why the women of the world, the mothers must be united with True Mother and be on Father's side and restore your children and bring your husband along to be restored.

Are you willing to become the front line champions on the worldwide level, you poor ladies? What is the meaning of restoring the kingship? If there is a king figure it automatically means there has to be a queen figure. If you are in the position of queen you can command all of the men in the world. Once we become successful with this goal of uniting North and South America, then all the African kings of fifty one nations will immediately join with us. Then all the heads of the Women's Federation for World Peace in each nation will work with the United Nations. Just imagine what we will be able to do with that kind of unity and power. They can work with the young people, with the students. It is not an easy task, but it has to be done.

At the end of World War II, Christianity, centered upon this America, chased Father out into the wilderness. Because of that failure all American women were doomed to go to Hell. However, because of God's grace you have been liberated and given a second chance. Right now the United Nations has an enormous debt of almost 3 billion dollars. But suppose the Youth Federation for World Peace, the Women's Federation for World Peace and the Religious Federation for World Peace jointly come up with the funds to pay off this debt. Do you think that the United Nations would welcome that? (Yes.) If we can collect say forty cents from the entire population of the world we can pay off this debt. If we do that don't you think that Father will gain the support of the world?

This is the first time in human history when we have the possibility to turn the entire world around. Therefore, if in your family your husband is not working hard, you wives should kick him out of the house and have him work for God. Vice versa, if your wife is not working hard, you husbands should kick her out of the house and have her work with True Parents. The same principle can be applied in terms of the parents and children relationship; they should chase each other out to do the public work. If we do that do you think that your family will perish or prosper? But we haven't practiced this principle. From now on, are you determined to accomplish this? This is your last chance. We need action by going out and meeting the people.

One of the major problems that the world is facing today is that of the environment. Since Father came to South America he began planting trees throughout the entire continent. The second biggest problem is that of pollution. Many pure and young people begin to flock into urban areas from the countryside and then become criminals. They become the cause of social evils and crimes. Therefore, we have to send them back to the countryside and have them work in the rural areas in order to develop. Because those youth coming from the countryside without skills and little education, end up with all manner of juvenile problems. That is why we have to send them back to where they belong. In order to achieve that goal, we have to cultivate and develop the countryside where we can plant trees, do fish farming and employ more modern methods of farming. This way the countryside can attract these young people back home.

We can interpret the Fall as Adam and Eve's failure to love the land, failure to love animals, failure to love each other and failure to love God. Where can we restore and accomplish the original ideal of creation? In the countryside, not in the urban cities. In order to do this we have to learn again how to love the land and animals. In order to do this we first have to acquire a ranch. We have to raise all kinds of animals, even lions and tigers. (Laughter.) When we have a surplus of animals we can bring hunters there and create equilibrium again. Through having an experience of loving this entire creation, we can learn the heart of God. How excited and happy God's heart felt just after the creation. We even have to raise rats and mice and release them. Even poisonous snakes as well. If you truly raise even poisonous snakes with your love then they would never bite you.

Father discovered something amazing recently in South America and that was eagles and a small chick playing together without harm. Father saw eight large eagles and one small chicken there with them, but they did not harm it. Father wondered what was happening. But Father was told that there was plenty of food for them and so they had no need to kill it. There are delicious bananas and papayas and all manner of fruits there. The rivers are filled with all manner of fish and so the eagles don't care to kill chicken for food.

If we bring all the troubled youth from the inner-city areas and have them live there, do you think that they would still fight each other? Once you fulfill your roles as mothers then Father will run out of work because you will do all the work. There will be nothing for Father to do anymore. Father plans to build an ideal Garden of Eden in South America with all kinds of flowers, trees and animals, and all kinds of performing arts. Through this all the youth of the world can be drawn there. Are you interested in this plan? (Yes.) Would you like to show your interest while you are sitting and laughing, or while you are running, or while you are working really hard? Which way are you going to show your interest? (Through working.)

If we compare Japanese and Americans we can see that the Japanese are like ants who are constantly working, even though they may move slowly, taking small steps. Whereas Americans can be compared to grasshoppers, taking the easy way. You may have a good time during summer but when winter comes the grasshopper will suffer. But Reverend Moon is working even harder than those Japanese ants. The Reverend Moon ant is constantly growing. When he was a small ant, people opposed him and were constantly trying to eat him up. But now he is so big that nobody can oppose him anymore. Even though America is a big country, she could not eat Father because he became as big as a mountain.

Father is going to solve this human pollution problem through educating and urging these young people from the countryside, who have become corrupted in the inner-cities, to go back to their home towns again. As long as the people of America care about their own country more than they care about the world, this people pollution will remain. It will even go on another 200 years without being resolved. We have to go beyond national boundaries in terms of love and care. Father is the only one, for the first time in human history, who has been devoting his entire life to restoring and loving this entire world going beyond national boundaries. Women now have to play this role in the world. If you are willing to do that then Father is going to teach you how to do that. Do you have confidence? (Yes.)

The third problem we face is that of famine. Every year we are losing over 15-20 million innocent lives because of the problem of famine. On the other hand American people waste a tremendous amount of food but nobody cares about this point. Father has been working on this problem day and night all these years. Since the world population is approximately 5 billion, if every 200 people unit took responsibility for one starving person, this famine problem could be solved. Who is going to do this? Unificationists are the ones to do it. That is why Father has been preparing this Oceanic Enterprise. As long as there is land and water, there is no need for people to die of hunger. As long as there is water the fish don't die. As long as there is food and land the animals don't starve. Therefore why should man, who is the highest being in creation, have to die of starvation? Mankind has not been taught properly. Please do not misunderstand Father. Father may go to South America and do some fishing here and there but that is not his goal. Father is concerned with saving all these innocent lives that we are losing every year. Fishing after the age of seventy is something Father does here and there, but this is not his primary goal.

There are certain species of fish, such as shrimp and squid that only live for one year. God created them in such a way that they can be food for mankind. Billions of fish die naturally every year. While we are losing innocent human lives what is so bad about catching and eating fish. We have to use fish as much as we can to save human lives. That is why Father is planning to create farms where we can raise abundant numbers of fish and animals so that we can save all these innocent lives. Besides these three major problems there is the problem of education. Tremendous efforts are being made by Reverend Moon to educate this world. Incredible financial sacrifice is being made in order to establish the World University Association through the University of Bridgeport so that people can be educated properly and thus be able to educate the people of the world. Eventually we will establish a United Nations University.

All of the so-called Ivy League Colleges were supposed to work together in order to educate the leaders of the world. However, they were so busy fighting and competing with one another that they did not produce any world level leaders. That is why Father is creating the United Nations University so that we can mobilize those good Universities and Colleges in order to educate and train world level leaders. Through this all of humanity can be educated. We are also considering correspondence courses as a means of educating. Even for the sake of human health, plans are being developed to combine oriental medicine and western medicine in order to produce a more unified medicine for the sake of humanity's health. Father wants to add spiritual medicine as well. We are not only talking about it, but we are actually doing it. The next six years from now until the year 2000 are critical. It is a time period when we must come up with the solution to the world's problems. Otherwise the entire world will perish.

In conclusion, do you think that we have to do all of these projects or not? (Yes.) Actually Father initiated this task fifteen years ago centered upon Uruguay. He began laying the foundation and connected it to Argentina and Brazil and Paraguay. Until the demise of communism and the Soviet Union, Paraguay was the base of the KGB operation for the entire South American continent. That is why Father could not touch it, but as soon as that period was over he initiated these projects centered upon Paraguay. That is why Father visited Paraguay and initiated so much there. What Father did in the country of Paraguay is so extraordinary and dramatic that persons in the position of reporting Father's activities in South America should be much more excited.

In the country of Uruguay, the formal education ends at college level. The government provides the funds for everyone to go to college there. The country of Uruguay is located between Argentina and Brazil. If Father were to remain in Uruguay for one full year then maybe the entire country could be turned around.

Father has been preparing all of you women so you can become heads of state, and representatives of each country to the United Nations. Now what do you think the next level will be that we will challenge? We will start building a super highway connecting the whole of South America which will ultimately link to the North American continent. Suppose a super highway is built that links all of those thirty two nations in the South American continent so that all kinds of trade can occur freely. The unity of these nations can become even stronger than those super power nations.

Then all the surplus food from Canada and America should be transported down to the border line between Mexico and the United States and stored there. Then when we need them, we can distribute them to the countries where they are needed via the super highway. Because in reality the United States has too much surplus that they are unable to store properly. Then they simply dump this out at sea. That is the reality.

Do you think that Father is bringing enormous benefit to this world or harming it? (Benefit.) But Father had to go through all kinds of misery in order to achieve this goal. In the world people have chased after the most expensive food in fancy restaurants while Father has tried to save time and money by eating hamburgers. That is the kind of life that Father has been living. Do you follow? In order to save these 20 million lives who are dying of starvation every year, Father officially announced this super highway idea fifteen years ago at the Science Conference in Seoul, Korea. Therefore, we have to build this super highway eventually in the African continent as well in order to save those people.

South America has plenty of electrical power available for us to be able to build electrical trains. Whereas a continent like Africa, has so little electrical power available. Therefore we can build a super highway utilizing the oceans and rivers in order to transport things. Suppose Father tells every American woman to be responsible to build one kilometer of super highway. Will you do that? Even if it costs you your house and property will you do so?

Are you willing to make a commitment today, that you will absolutely follow Father's direction and accomplish your mission? (YES!) Raise your hands. If you truly do what you pledge today, you will rest where Father will rest. You may be buried in the same garden or the same valley. If Father asks you to sell one-fifth of your entire assets are you willing to do so? If you have to sell your property and donate half of the proceeds you can do so and move into an apartment. If you do so America will be saved. At the time of Jesus there is a story that one particular person was supposed to sell his property and donate the money for the sake of God, but instead he hid some of his assets and was then struck by lightning and died. Father has spent every penny for the public purpose. When it comes to Father's own life he is very stingy. We have to know that. Once we truly understand this, then you cannot lift up your head in front of Father and argue about anything.

Father has spent so many hours shedding his sweat in order to explain to you today what Father has been doing in South America. What Father said today is like a providential declaration. Even if we don't take what Father said today seriously and keep up with it, the history will prove that what Father said was right and it was said centered upon God. History will prove this fact. [Mr. Kim invites the audience to stand to offer a half bow to True Father.]

Mansei! Mansei! Mansei! [APPLAUSE.]


If each country has approximately thirty or forty million people, we aim for 3.6 million couples in each country, if there are even ten countries like that then we can even go up to 36 million couples. Why not? That is truly reality. Not a concept. Reverend Moon is no fool. Do you think that he is capable of grabbing the entire world in his hands? (Yes.) In his hands do you think that national boundaries exist? (No.) No geographical boundary. Because in Reverend Moon's hands everything is love and within love there exist no boundaries. The representatives of 160 nations will gather together and start building the ideal village, ideal nation, ideal world. That is what Father is going to accomplish in South America. (Applause.) Right now the United Nations has 183 member nations. Looking at these 183 nations from a vertical perspective there are many different levels. Each level has national boundaries. We have to go beyond this national boundary concept. Then when we expand horizontally we have to connect them together (Father draws on the board.] and what is the power to unite all of these nations together? True Love.

Do you Blessed couples believe in and accept True Parents' message and truth absolutely or with some compromise? (Absolutely.) If Father were to give an order to Blessed couples to abandon their nations and home towns and go where Father designates, will you do that? (YES!) Then once you go there Father will suggest that we live our lives fantastically. When we have that kind of ideal community, society and nation, when Father dances everybody will dance, when Father sings the entire nation will sing. What kind of dancing is popular nowadays? The twist dance is like the movement of a snake. Therefore Father may develop the dancing of flying. (Laughter.) That is the way that we ascend to Heaven. Once we have that kind of ideal community built together comprising all five races, all 160 nationalities living together, then we can travel back and forth to 160 nations in one single day. How fantastic that is.


If you keep on following in Father's footsteps for the next ten years, do you imagine you will end up by prospering or not? (Prospering.) The Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified World was proclaimed by Father in 1988 right after the Olympic Games. Father explained at that time how the Cold War began in 1950 through the Korean War. It went all the way around and finally ended up in 1988 with the Seoul Olympic Games. The Cold War began and ended in Korea. The Seoul Olympic Games had the largest number of participating countries. In fact Kim Il Sung's regime should have attended which would have made 161 countries. However, they did not attend. Those athletes who came to the Seoul Olympics represent the second generation. The second generation came from all over the world representing 160 nations and were united in Seoul. This was truly an historical event. Through this event, the youth from the communist world and the youth from the democratic world became united here. Because of this condition the world communism demised. Therefore, there is no reason for the democratic and communistic blocs to fight anymore. Only the foundation of unification remains.

At the time of the Korean War sixteen nations sent their soldiers to Korea. Actually the United Nations soldiers emerged because of the Korean War. Up until that point they did not have United Nations soldiers. Also Father spoke in sixteen nations in South America. Now Father is planning to give a worldwide speaking tour to 160 nations. Do you see the connection? Father is declaring here today that from the year 1988 until the year 2000, which is a twelve year period, is the critical period for humankind. It is a transitional critical period. If the twelve major nations of the world are united, then the entire world can be unified. As we have been going through this twelve year period, Father declared tribal messiahship mobilization. Through the tribal messiah mobilization, the Cain and Abel positions were established. Upon this foundation Father sent out Mother for the speaking tour. He also declared, True Parents and the Completed Testament Era. Also, through Mother and the Women's Federation for World Peace, women's liberation began. Through tribal messiahship the Cain and Abel positions of the children were established. Based upon that Cain and Abel children's unity with True Mother the base was established for True Father to emerge. This happened in 1992 when I declared world women's liberation. Do you understand? From the unity of these three positions with Mother in the Eve's position, Cain and Abel could restore the original house. Then, Satan's side turned around 180 degree towards True Father. This is the bride's foundation, the bride's church, the Christian world. That is why Father can connect the tribal messiah to the world messiah, because he won that position. [Father draws on the board.] House messiah, tribal messiah, national messiah, world messiah. This world came against the house place and tribe place, going over them to make a winner's position. God and humankind are separated through eight degrees. How can they be connected? There was no way until now. [Father continues to draw on the board and explain.] Put in here, separate God is plus and Father is minus. Then combine into one and come down; world messiah, national messiah, tribal messiah, family messiah connected into one. Satan invades the world in eight different degrees. This tribal messiahship is a house or family problem: how to save 160 homes. Then become a tribal messiah and automatically national messiah and world messiah are connected there. This represents 160 nations. This small dot in the center represents you as a tribal messiah. The second circle represents 160 homes, 160 families that you have to restore. The third largest circle represents 160 different nations. ...

The horizontal husband is perfected Adam. After Adam and Eve fell, Cain and Abel followed Satan and got into hell. With the coming of the messiah, as the true husband, he can chase out Satan. All that God lost the messiah claims back again. [Father draws on the board.] Jesus died on the cross and later expanded to the world base. The formula is Eve, Abel, Cain. The nation of Israel was in the position of Cain, Judaism was in the position Abel. Eve's position was Jesus's bride's position. Centering on their mother, Cain and Abel were supposed to combine into one, then connect with the husband, the bridegroom. That person was Jesus Christ, the messiah. True husband, vertical parents, horizontal parents, they connect into one with God. Jesus' home country was plus, Abel home; and the Roman nation was Satan's home, minus. How can they be united into one? At that time, Satan was the national base and as a result, it divided into many nations. Now the United Nations has 184 nations. Satan has expanded that much. Why? It is because Satan knows that God is looking to restore one nation centered on Eve's religion. All others are Archangel religions. The mother religion and the three archangel religions were to combine into one and build one world under God.

America needs to become one nation under God. America is the bride religion. England represents the Eve nation. America was born out of England. This is a mother-son relationship. France was exactly the enemy of both England and America. Those three countries connecting into one would represent one independent, Christian culture world under God at that time. Do you understand? The Eve nation, the bride nation. The bride should have embraced Cain and Abel meaning the secular world and the religious world. True Father connecting there would make one world under God. The year 1945 plus seven years would bring us to 1952. In those seven years, had Christianity welcomed me the unified world would have been no problem. Why? It is because of the tribal messiah concept. The world would have gone into God's bosom, victorious, one nation, one world. Upon that base the Second Advent would have connected. The Christian world consists of almost one billion people. If that quantity of people had been blessed into a family system, maybe even in three years a unified world could have come about. They lost everything. God lost everything. How can that be taken back? The Christian world cannot do that. God made those kinds of victorious fruits for the Lord of the Second Advent. However, once the Lord of the Second Advent was chased out by Christianity, that fruit came under the dominion of the satanic world. God and the messiah were chased out.


After the Fall, separation occurred between Adam's world and the archangelic world. Separation between God and humanity occurred. During this time of True Parents, Adam's world and the archangel world can unite into one. Then God can come down and connect with that original position. This is the recreation and perfection of the family concept world. Bride foundation is needed. You need to make that kind of foundation. Do you understand? (Yes) You have to work in order to make recreation come about. This is the bride's position. No matter now difficult it may be.

Through practicing this principle, you women will become invincible and be able to win over the Cain king. Your Abel king will win over the Cain king. This is how the United Nations can be influenced, far easier than you may think. It will happen. You wait and see. You will be a king maker, in an Abel king position instead of a Cain king position. Is this clear? You have to recreate the Abel king. This means you have to create a real American president. Clinton is the worst president. We have to determine ourselves based upon this principle. How can we manifest True Parents' kingship authority?

England represents the bride position centered upon Christian culture. Is that true? However, they did not welcome the bridegroom, but rather chased him out. They lost everything. American women have to restore the bride position. This is what American women's responsibility is. Do you understand what women's role is? You have to take that kind of action within this world. The Third World has welcomed Reverend Moon and I understand that if the investment in America had been given to Africa, how much more return it would give. If I were to withdraw all support and investment in America, what would this country do? It would go all the way to the bottom. We have to brace ourselves and have a renewed commitment in our lives or else we will find ourselves with nothing.

During my world speaking tour Father felt ashamed that he had spent too much time and resources here in America instead of other nations. America's wealth and prosperity is not for Americans alone, but rather for the whole world. That is God's viewpoint of prosperity. Now the time is changing. Just as God sacrificed his Abel son, the son that He loved in order to save Cain likewise we, too, must be willing to forsake our own husbands, who are in Abel's position, and receive persecution in order to save Cain. We have to make our own president into Abel position for the sake of this world. Father has always gone this way. This is clearly the role of American women. Do you understand?

All of the peace federations which Father has created, he has done so just for this very purpose. We women must become second king makers and sacrifice our families for the sake of this nation. This means the Women's Federation for World Peace members need to embrace the women of all families. Women's mission is that important. That is the bride position. After the Fall God lost the bride position, home and nation. Do you understand? You have to sacrifice your home in order to save the nation. Then the United Nations will be drawn to us. Everywhere in the world women will elect the president. Do you understand the principle Father is explaining to you? Those of you who understand what Father is pointing out to you please raise your hands. Even though Father directs this content mainly toward women, the men, too, need to understand what it is that Father is explaining.

Eventually the day will come when you will inherit every principle that women have worked on. Mother's position is Eve's position. Men are in the archangel position. Father has inherited to Eve that kind of value. Husbands should absolutely unify in helping your wive's position. From that point wives can bequeath to their husbands. All husbands need to understand clearly the mission of the bride. You have to absolutely help. This is a one-way course, not a two-way course. You have to follow True Parents and your wives; then you will be in the younger son position to Father's elder son's position. You have to follow your wives. Do you understand?


This movement of the Holy Wedding Ceremony on the worldwide scale will lead the entire human race toward the goal of building the ideal family under God. Do you understand? Mind and body unification, couples' unification and children's unification must take place. Then the family seed will be planted. This can be extended to the true tribe, true nation, and God's true world dominion. Before Adam and Eve fell this was God's original ideal. This means the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Once this foundation exists, the course of indemnity and recreation will not be necessary. On April 10, 1992, Father declared the liberation of the women of the world. Up until this point, God had been working to restore the original Adam, the perfected Adam who is Father. Then upon this date, April 10, 1992, Father declared the perfected Eve. That is why the declaration of the liberation of the women of the world occurred. In order for Mother to go beyond the national level she had to be pushed by Father. Since that time Mother began to stand on the front line. She had to go beyond the national base. Until that time Mother followed completely in Father's shadow. Do you understand? Mother was not able to stand side by side with Father. However, Satan cannot connect beyond the national base. Once Mother went beyond the national base, Mother could stand at Father's side. Do you understand? Then liberation for the entire world of women was declared.

Until Father reached this stage, Mother could not stand on the same level side by side with Father. Rather Mother had to stand behind Father and be educated and shaped to reach the level where she could stand side by side with Father. Upon the declaration of women's liberation by Father, Mother could stand side by side with Father as an equal and on the worldwide scale front line. From April 10, 1992 until the end of 1995, within three years, Father bequeathed all of his lifelong foundation to True Mother. Therefore True Mother is able to stand on an equal foundation with Father. Do you understand? Father had Mother speak at both Capitol Hill and the United Nations. The Capitol represents Abel's position, and the United Nations represents Cain's position. That atmosphere of subject and object combined into one. Do you understand?

In the world viewpoint, South America is in Cain's position representing Catholicism. North America is in Abel's position representing Protestantism. Brotherhood. The Protestant world has stood against the Unification Church. After World War II God made a One-World-Under-God foundation. At that time, had the allied nations welcomed the Second Advent then the family, tribe and nation would have connected. Centering upon that foundation, horizontally many nations could have connected into one. The Korean Peninsula would be in subject position to all nations in the object position. That is all that would have been required to create one world under God; a world of rich variety of tribes, nations and personalities. There would have been no boundaries dividing people. Starting from one family, reaching to the cosmos with total freedom. Had that occurred, the connection with the eternal heavenly world would have been no problem. This is God's ideal creation world: all people connected to the ideal love base. ...

One language, one culture, one happy family behind Father. Isn't that true? One nation which will become the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. The spiritual world will like that. All of your ancestors will come down to this Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Now is that age. There will be no boundaries. This world of politics in the Last Days came to appear as the United Nations. This world of politics actually has abused the world of religion. This is how this world has persecuted Father all these years because Father is in the position of the king of religions. This concept is the messianic concept. The Messiah means True Parents. No matter how famous any nation or individual might be, they all need True Parents. Japanese, Americans, Koreans all need True Parents. Isn't that true? Man, woman and families all need True Parents. Absolutely individuals need True Parents. (Yes) Father says no! (Yes) You have to absolutely know this. All the families of the world absolutely need the formula of True Parents. Centering upon True Parents' family then they form their tribe. Do you understand? ...

The time has come when the entire world is seeking to restore Jesus Christ's body. When you look at the world trend it is returning to the Pacific rim culture. This is the place Jesus came from and where the Lord of the Second Advent came from. Originally, directly after World War II, had the allied nations centered upon Christianity united with True Father, then the Kingdom of God on Earth would have begun. However, they failed. After forty years of wilderness course, the time has come again, just like after World War II, when the entire world can be united with True Father.

In the near future, religion will play a major role in the United Nations. Just as division began with Adam, now the entire world is divided into two different spheres -- politics and religion. Therefore, religion should come into the United Nations and take the subjective position. The United Nations is presently centered totally upon politics. This is Satan's strategy to convince the world that religion is unnecessary. Because if the world of religion emerges then Satan's side will be chased out. A change is happening to that trend within America. Republicans are trying to restore prayer in schools once again. In order to enter the Kingdom of God there should be one group. There should not be divided blocs of people. The course of restoration is the way of reversal. That is why the younger son position should restore the elder sonship and become united with the mother position. This is the only way that we can enter into the Kingdom of God.

The reason that the Cain and Abel world are fighting is because they are without parents. The position of parents was lost at the time of Adam and Eve. Cain and Abel positions expanded to the national base. At the national level brothers are fighting each other. Republican and Democratic parties are fighting one another here in America. This represents brothers fighting one another. Parents' position represents headwing. Abel position is right wing and Cain position is left wing. At the time of Jesus the thief on the right and the thief on the left of Jesus represented right and left wings. Jesus did not leave the ideal family base on this Earth. If Jesus had been able to make that foundation then automatically Judaism and Israel would have united into one. This would have been equivalent to mind and body uniting. Then the national base would not have taken that fallen route with the world following. When unification appears centered on headwing ideology, expansion happens automatically. Unification of the world is the result. This would be the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Jesus' body was lost. This means the Earth based Kingdom of Heaven was lost. Father represents Heaven and mother represents Earth. After death, resurrection represents man's place in Heaven. Eve's position represents the land. Jesus descended from the spiritual world. The Holy Spirit represents the position of mother. The Christian world doesn't know that. Jesus did not make completion. God's shape was not completed, so restoration had to continue. Jesus came down to make the foundation complete on the Earth. Eve's position was working in the spiritual world. Eve's position descended on the Earth. Jesus was unable to form a marriage. This was a problem. Jesus represented Heaven on the Earth. Earth represents the Holy Spirit's body horizontally. Judaism and Israel were in children's position. If Jesus had children on this Earth, that foundation would have expanded over the past 2000 years. Imagine how different this world would be. ...

From 1981 until the year 2000 which equals three seven-year courses, this entire American Christianity has to be totally united with Father in order to have hope. Since 1992 Mother stood on the front line and led the movement. Mother was in the position of the Abel bride, and Christianity in the position of the Cain bride. Mother would lead the Cain bride into unity with the bridegroom, True Father. Mother addressed the U.S. Capitol and the United Nations because Christianity stands in the position of the Cain type bride. The entire world is represented by the United Nations. In addressing the United Nations, True Mother united the Cain world with the Abel world. When Mother was due to address the United Nations, just two hours prior to the event the United Nations still had not given permission. But at the last moment, Father pushed and pushed and within two hours Mother was able to speak there. Through the International Religious Foundation, in the position of Abel, we finally got permission from the United Nations for Mother to speak. Then Mother, in the position of Abel, gave her speech. The Christian cultural background is representing that bride's position that was lost after World War II. Mother connected to that lost Abel's position which is America. After Mother's victory at the United Nations, the free world of America was able to connect to Mother's place and stand behind Father. Cain and Abel could connect centering on that foundation. ...

It is a logical conclusion, that if a foundation is not made first at the individual and family base, then there is no way for it to spread out to the world level. Do you realize the preciousness of all that True Parents have taught you? God is an Absolute Being, but He needs His eternal love partner. How can God's love begin? When we go back to zero point, God's love can open. The entire three levels of creation, the mineral world, the plant world and the animal world all want to represent the center place. The place of man and woman's love in marriage is that place. That is the place of absolute freedom. There are no secrets there. Combining into one, not two. Do you understand? This is the creation of the love partner. With absolutely open face and absolutely open love, this fruit appears. This is God's partner, the so-called human ancestor. How very precious and valuable are human beings at this level. However, after the Fall human beings lost their value. They fell into a valueless position. The place that Satan hates the most is the place that God loves the most. Satan hates God's love place. The secular world has made a lot of noise over the years in opposing Reverend Moon. The secular world needs to change its direction 180 degrees. Then the arrival of a peaceful world will come about. Man and woman are the problem. Isn't this right?

There should be a political United Nations which represents man's body, and a religious United Nations which represents man's mind. Cain and Abel were supposed to have united with one another, and then united with their mother. Father organized the Student Federation for World Peace and the Youth Federation for World Peace. These organizations have Cain and Abel relationships existing between college students and religious students. The Student Federation is in the Abel position and the Youth Federation is in the position of Cain. Once they become totally united they will assume the position of Abel and secular national governments will take the position of Cain. Once these two unite centering upon Mother, they will connect to this life. The mother position originally lost everything after the Fall. Mind and body became separated right up to the world level. If the United Nations connects with Mother, this will make a settlement place for the mother position. This will expand to the national base, then to the world.

The political and religious worlds will become one centering upon Mother; every nation centering upon Mother for the restoration of Cain and Abel. These two brothers will not fight but rather will unite. The Student Federation has within itself the positions of both Cain and Abel. Middle school and high school students represent Abel. University students represent Cain's position. That family base will connect centering upon Mother. This will then become a large Abel and will connect with the Youth Federation. When these two are united as one, they will connect with the Cain secular world. Centering upon whom? Mother. Mind and body connecting into one. Cain and Abel connecting into one centering upon Mother. This will expand to the whole world creating a unified base. Once the United Nations connects with society, then all United Nations countries will connect to God's world. Now the United States is at the top. From here, expansion of the United Nations is no problem. Centering upon Mother power, connecting with Father power, the United Nations will turn around to the heavenly side. This will embrace 160 nations and turn them completely to God. At this time, the United Nations and American conservatives are creating problems. Americans don't like this way because it means they will have to pay too much. The United Nations and America can combine. This vertical world can make that friendship. That will be an amazing event. America is going to understand those vertical contents. When they analyze that, they will see that it is a good way for the future. We won't separate. If the United Nations and the United States unite into one, the world unification will come about quickly. Otherwise it will be very difficult.

The United Nations has not changed since 1960. Outside is changing so fast. That is making the United Nations a problem. God wanted the way of family resurrection and perfection. The United Nations will have to be partly rebuilt. America is proud of being on God's side. Father has been working for several years to unify the United Nations. This unification is faster and easier than the unification of America. America is so complicated, with so much individualism. In one room, there are 10,000 different opinions. How can that connect into one? ...

Compared to the former Soviet Union, the United States of America, with its strong individualistic way of thinking, is far more difficult to turn around. Whereas the citizens of the former Soviet Union were all trained in one direction and are thus easier to deal with in the course of restoration. Once they recognize that Father's teaching is at a higher level than communism, they easily all agree. However, the free world has so many different mind sets. How wonderful if all middle school, and high school students were able to study our textbook of Divine Principle. China could learn that so fast. That expansion is in front of us. From behind the gate, we can welcome and invite everybody in. America continues to sleep until they become dirty. Which way do Americans prefer? Sleeping-way, lift-way, open-way, get-up-way? The result is a repentful situation. How can you go the get-up way? You cannot do that. Father understands clearly. I lived in South America. I lived in the communist world. America values its contents too much. Until now they have been analyzing everything. They say, "We don't know about that spiritual world." Following-behind way, not front-way. Wake up America! Who can wake them up? The contents of Unificationism can wake them up and then the way will be easy for the world. Are you able to accomplish that kind of activity? You make a big noise but you have to make big action. Father understood the true contents of this life, and made the fruit. But the opposing world has been making problems. Still, that kind of brilliant white diamond cannot be destroyed eternally. No matter how great the actions, that kind of power is spreading out from inside.

Centered upon Mother, Cain and Abel must be united. Based upon this foundation, then unite with the Lord of the Second Advent. This will eventually become the foundation to build the Kingdom of God on Earth as well as in Heaven. Once this foundation is established in each family, such a family will be the family with the original seed. Who is the center of each family? The mother. The bride position. Heaven is represented by the husband, and the Earth is represented by the wife, mother. Do you understand? Mother's position is very important. Mother is the creation of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Cain and Abel connect with mother and unify the family base that was lost in Adam's family. Do you understand? At the time of the Fall everything stood at the family base level. Today we stand at the world base level. The world open base. Everything connects with True Love, True Life and True Lineage. Everything connects to that love, and harvesting that fruit.

Who shall control this problematic woman? The origin of free sex was Eve. Woman opened her sexual organ and made a problem. How can this door be closed now? God cannot make cement. Automatically, when Eve opened that place, all the women of the world had the gate shut against them. Can Unification women do this or not? (Yes) I don't believe you. Especially American women. In the home you control your husbands. I want to use American women. From their high level, they will go down to the bottom of Hell. Otherwise America cannot make the Kingdom of Heaven. Who should get down there? Man or woman? (Woman) Man! (Woman) Absolutely man! (Woman) You make a big sound. We must understand just how much suffering and pain God had to pass through in order to find Eve in this physical world. Therefore, our task is to be absolutely united with True Mother in order to build the Kingdom of God on Earth. This is our ultimate task. God has been going through suffering all these years in order to find the perfect restored Adam. True Father. Now True Mother has to shed blood, sweat and tears in order to establish you women as true mothers. Mothers represent all of the religious world. Mother is leading in liberating the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Do you understand? (Yes) God created the Heavenly Kingdom centered upon the Second Advent owner. Bridegroom. Heaven and Earth will combine into one. Earth represents the bride position welcoming the husband, the bridegroom. Representing the family center, national center, world center, Kingdom of Heaven on Earth center. God's original ideal of creation is the true subject and true object partnership of horizontally combined families. This is the role of the Holy Ghost and True Mother and you. Combined in absolute true love, absolute obedience. Absolute obedience means having no concepts.

Hundreds and hundreds pull out. Completely back in place. Open hole. Audibly taking opposite action. The absolutely vacant place is at the bottom where there is no concept of God. Touching absolute zero point is the one place where the universe can begin to break out. God loved humankind, that opposite sex part. Continually wanting to pull out. The universe is moving eternally in one direction. This circulation takes us to the point of origin. Getting there, we can experience the starting point. Every happy person's ambition starts from that one point. Pushing down there. All conscious human ambition is at the center and at the top. All women want to be in the position of the finest queen. They think about being in the position of the king, but men kick them out. God permitted his love partners to be in a higher position than himself. The meaning of the original seed begins from the individual level. The true seed of life, the true seed of love, expanding to the family, tribal, national and cosmic level. Please understand this clearly. Individual base and couples base. This original seed was planted here [indicating to the board] at the family level. Due to the Fall this seed became a false seed at the family level. Therefore, the family level, parental level, conjugal level, children level are all different levels of the original seed have to be restored. The extension of this is at a worldwide level of the United Nations. Upon the world wide foundation the United Nations now emerges as the extension place. The original seed entails three generations, children, husband and wife, and parents.

This is the message which Father has been sharing with all nations during his world speaking tour. The time has come when the world level of elder sonship, world level of parentship and world level of kingship have begun. Therefore, those nations opposing Father, representing the world, will perish. In each family where there are grandparents, parents and children, these seeds can then be planted at the world level and we will be able to combine the physical and spiritual world into one. This means that the spiritual world will be able to come down to our physical level and work through us and help us to accomplish our mission. We have to overcome the hurdles of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. When we are referring to absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, we are referring to conjugal relationship. Adam and Eve failed to follow the way of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Due to their mistake all of humanity still suffers under satanic dominion.

Conjugal love has that kind of power. You are restoring that perfection. Even with that kind of attitude, if you take fallen action again, your next generation will have to take a more difficult path of indemnity. How fearful is the way of love. Do you understand, you American women? (Yes) The world of free sex is completely opposite to the way of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. All American women are like queens and your husbands are in the Archangel position. Husbands open the door for you and attend you. From now on you have to bear and organize the Abel king. The Unification Church has a strong woman's organization. You have to obey the Abel king. Your children have to go a different way, otherwise you cannot go to the original Kingdom of Heaven. Father has made many queens in order to restore many Cain and Abel kings. The Women's Federation for World Peace is growing up and becoming stronger. All nations need to send out their Women's Federation leaders to the United Nations. With the Women's Federation for World Peace, the student and youth organizations all connecting together, there will be no problem. The religious world, the youth world and the mother's world are all connected there. All the first ladies should go to the United Nations embassy. This decision would create the prosperous way, the political way where all members would be recognized. If the first ladies went there, in one day we could make these four organizations. No problem. We need that kind of woman's foundation. Even the Secretary General of the United Nations should come from the religious world leadership. Because the Mind side of religion should lead the Body side of politics. Once we establish a foundation within the United Nations, the restoration of the U.N. means the restoration of the entire world. This will be easier and quicker and easier than restoring one nation such as Japan or America. Because the United Nations doesn't have a root. It is still floating so to speak. It is just a matter of grabbing hold of it. Women can be proud of leading this center. Can you do it? (Yes) Now your faces appear so beautiful. Please remember this restoration of the original seed.


From 1992 Father was finally able to place Mother on the same level as himself and place her on the front line to give all the major speeches, including the speech on Capitol Hill, the United Nations and the worldwide speaking tour. That was the start of women's liberation, and the Women's Federation for World Peace being established. Women lost the position of bride due to the Fall. But based upon this victorious foundation of the wilderness course, Father could have Mother go through this course so that all women of the world could restore the bride's position. This dispensation began in 1992. During this time Mother went on a speaking tour to the fifty states of America. Then following this, she gave the Capitol Hill and United Nations speech. America stood in the position of Abel and the United Nations in the position of Cain.

Just as the allied nations should have united with the axis countries right after World War II, in the time of Mother from 1992 on the horizontal level Mother had to unite the nations of the world in the subject-object relationship. Finally in America the Parents Day was established. (Applause) The time is coming when the resolution of Parents Day which passed Congress and was signed by the President, will become the worldwide Parents Day. Now we are working through the United Nations to have this happen. The time is coming. That was the conditional foundation at the worldwide level which failed right after World War II.

960101 Midnight Adress

From this point expansion takes place all the way to the cosmos and back to God again. Each level of expansion has the same eternal value as this seed. Is this clear? (Yes.) I'm not so sure because English is so very difficult for me to speak. It is complicated for Father. Now you understand True Parents' Day. That means anytime Parents come, you clean up your house and welcome them more than kings and more than presidents of the United Nations. In that place there are no secrets. Your center is True Parents. Therefore, as individuals and families you have to absolutely follow True Parents. Your opinion cannot stand against True Parents. Then there will be no problem. Otherwise we will not be able to achieve ideal restoration. This is not Father's concept. This the universal viewpoint.


At the time of the Seoul Olympics, 160 countries participated. Also when North and South Korea became member nations of the United Nations, North Korea became the 160th nation to join. South Korea became the 161st nation to join. Since nine represents the completion of satanic numbers, then nine times nine equals eighty-one. We had eighty-one men and women from the Congress and Senate who represented the satanic world. We might have had eighty-two by having one more Congressman, but somehow this man didn't make it. Therefore we ended up with eighty-one. Actually had it been eighty-two we would have had some difficulty to interpret it in this manner. (Laughter.)


The time is coming when the United Nations will come up with a resolution to prevent American young people from entering the rest of the world. Why? Because they are the source of free sex and AIDS and all manner of disorder. Is this true? (Yes.) Just because Americans have sufficient money individually does not qualify them to travel wherever they want. Especially when they used their money to spread some incredible immoral disease. Therefore, America is doomed to perish.

If America were a country where all the poor people live, in other words if America were a poor country, it would have more hope than it presently does. We need the globalization of the ideal family. Do you understand? There is no one in the world who has anything vaguely like this idea. Have you gained or lost ever since knowing Father? (Benefited.) You are all indebted to Reverend Moon for eternity. That doesn't mean that Father wants you to pay him back. Rather, Father wants you to raise your children in place of Father. In other words, when you have your own children, stamp your label upon them and bequeath to the next generation. You need to set that kind of tradition with your families.


There are 184 member nations of the United Nations. But if each nation sticks with their own national interests there can be no concept of a world. If each of these 184 nations insists on being the central nation of the world we would have war. If America insists on being the central nation that the world must follow, the rest of the world would spit at America. Above America is the world and universe. As long as America sticks with its nationalistic pride it will never be able to embrace the world. Then only conflict will break out between the various races and religions. As long as America continues along this horizontal line, the force of gravity will drag it down further and further. ...

As True Parents to humankind, Father has the responsibility to save those twenty million people who are dying of starvation every year. This is the reason why Father is focusing on the projects in South America at this time. In the past twenty years, Father took every possible opportunity to be out on the boat fishing, setting the conditions to save these people. Have you heard of the so-called 'boat people'? Who is going to take responsibility for those twenty million people dying of starvation every year, as well as the boat people? Do you imagine that America or the United Nations is going to do so? Even if funds and materials are donated, by the time it reaches the people in need, it is only about thirty percent of the original amount.

Only under Reverend Moon's help will these organizations deliver 100 percent to those people in need. (Applause.) The work of the American Red Cross and the United Nations needs to be combined together in order to provide even more food and materials that are needed. Because the Unification Church members who are working for these projects will never steal anything, we are able to guarantee that 100 percent of the supplies will reach the people in need. Therefore, Reverend Moon has this much credibility on the worldwide level...

At the national level on Capitol Hill and at the worldwide level at the United Nations, True Parents have successfully brought various denominations of Christianity together as well as various aspects of human life. Now all other religions of the world should all become united as well. This is now the goal Father is pursuing.


In World Wars I and II, the three major Christian nations of Great Britain, the United States and France fought for democracy as the center of the allied nations. It was God's desire to see these three, major Christian nations join their forces to practice God's love in the service of mankind with a sacrificial and serving spirit to actualize world peace, without lapsing into nationalistic ideas centered on their countries. The end of World War II, in 1945, saw the opportunity of providing lasting peace for mankind through the establishment of the United Nations.


From the providential viewpoint, in order to utilize the United Nations organization and transform the entire world, we need a certain power base or organization which can be used to deal with the United Nations. That is why Father is now creating the Federation of Island Nations for World Peace, consisting of fifty-seven island nations. The founder of this particular Federation is Reverend Moon, not the United Nations. There are about twenty peninsula nations around the world. Father will also organize these nations. There are six continents which will be formed into a Federation as well.

On the African continent alone there are fifty-one nations. Father will form a Federation of Continental Nations of Africa so that they may stand as a strong force to deal squarely with the European continent. The South American continent already favors Father's ideas. Father intends to propose the Federation of the North and South American Continents. If powerful countries oppose Father's ideas, they will be excluded. The purpose of establishing such federations is for the sake of world peace. The leaders of some of the powerful nations may criticize Reverend Moon by accusing him of trying to become a dictator of all of these smaller nations. However, Reverend Moon's motivation is quite different. Father has always given you the freedom to choose and has been teaching you how to let your conscience guide you. Father has never practiced dictatorship over Unificationists.

Whatever Reverend Moon has initiated has always been successful. He is the one leading humanity toward peace. Therefore, the atmosphere is now one where people feel that they should follow Reverend Moon's example. In the near future the thirty-two nations of the South American continent will be totally united together centered upon Reverend Moon. The same will be true of the African nations. They know that for the past twenty years Father has been devoting himself to building oceanic enterprises in order to provide enough food for starving people. The fish powder that has been developed under Reverend Moon's direction is constantly being sent to the African continent. Reverend Moon may propose to the leaders of the African nations to unite the fifty-one nations in order to protect the raw materials and resources of the African continent which have hitherto been taken by the developed nations. Rather, Reverend Moon will encourage them to maintain and protect their natural resources in order to build a prosperous Africa.

Once the leaders of these African nations realize that Reverend Moon has enough power, knowledge and truth to teach the entire European continental leadership and nations, then the African leaders will unite with Reverend Moon and lead the European continent. Once Father organizes these federations, based upon six different continents, then he will ask the United Nations, "what are the powerful and developed nations doing?" The United Nations has been supported by the various nations of the world and billions of dollars have poured into the United Nations from around the world. However, that money has been wasted by the Communist spies who infiltrated the United Nations organizations, taking over various positions. Therefore, Father intends to clean up this mess within the United Nations. He intends to educate the leadership of the free world so that they become aware of what has been happening within the United Nations and set the correct course.

A certain level of friction exists right now between the United States and the United Nations. Centering upon the Republican Party leadership, the American government doesn't want to pay annual dues to the United Nations, which amounts to over a billion dollars. The United Nations opposes such an action because they want that subsidy. Therefore, Reverend Moon is the one who is mediating between these two in order to solve this problem. Do you understand? Reverend Moon has that much power in America. (Applause.) Who raised Reverend Moon to the level he is now standing? God's grace. In order to save this nation of America it has to be turned around 180 degrees. Who can tackle this job? Only Reverend Moon can do it. The American government and all of its various organizations is unable to accomplish this. The Christian world is unable to do this. Only Reverend Moon and the Unification community is able to accomplish this task.

Father has proposed to the United Nations that they must recognize the Religious Federation for World Peace, the Women's Federation for World Peace, the Youth Federation for World Peace and the Federation for the World Student Organization. If the United Nations officially recognizes these four organizations, which were founded by Reverend Moon, then Reverend Moon is willing to indemnify the debt which the United Nations is carrying. No problem. About seventy-five percent of the world's population belongs to various religions. If they all come forward and contribute to solving the United Nations debt it will be an easy task. Father may propose that all the salaried officials of the world contribute one-third of their pay checks to save the world for a period of three years. Then the world's problems can be solved. In the free world, if they were to donate one-third of their pay checks for three years they still could survive. ...

Father has already established enough foundation in the world. Now it is a matter of organization. On the African continent there are many heads of states and tribal chiefs who welcome Reverend Moon. The time has come when we can deal with the heads of states all over the world. We can even deal with the United Nations. Therefore, Unification Church members must be able to speak more than one language. You should master at least three languages. Do you understand? (Yes.) The Unification Church will be recognized as the organization with the most female diplomats in the world. Once we have 100 missionaries established in each nation, those women missionaries will play the role of diplomats. Each missionary will be far superior to other diplomats in their country.


What is the reality of our world today? Despite advances in technology and the conveniences of modern life, the world is facing a profound crisis: the loss of our very humanity. Disorders and maladies of every kind violence, crime, drug abuse, war plague humankind. More significantly, the breakdown of the family, including the rising divorce rate, the collapse of sexual morality among youth and the problem of unmarried teenage mothers, is destroying the foundation of society.

Even though we have sought peace and happiness in many ways, none of us can be satisfied with the results we have achieved in our lives. After the First and Second World Wars, the League of Nations and then the United Nations were established to prevent further conflict. However, the global work of these organizations has not brought about a peaceful world. The efforts of religious groups also have not led to a world of happiness. The proud ideals of communism, the fascist illusion--these failed to bring about one ideal world. Neither highly advanced technology nor skillful diplomacy have delivered us peace and happiness. This is because the cause of humanity's unhappiness and suffering lies in the human fall and our disobedience to God. The solution of the problem begins by eliminating this root cause.

Adam and Eve defiled true love during their time of growth. They fell away from God's Principle by having sexual relations and creating children before they reached maturity in true love.

Human history thus began with Adam and Eve's lack of faith in God, their loving Parent, and their ultimate submission to Satan. By this action they became a false husband and false wife, and false parents. Our inheritance from the original family includes their legacy of corruption, conflict and suffering. This legacy has nothing to do with God's ideal of creation. We cannot imagine how God's Heart is broken!


What is this year's motto? For all humankind, all creatures, all things on the Earth, "Let us Love True Parents and Be Proud of True Parents." On October 3, 1988, directly after the Seoul Olympics, Father declared the "Day of the Opening of Heaven." From that point all of these other necessary steps have taken place, and based upon these various victorious foundations of our True Parents, from this year the world starts turning! Centering on Father, everything is turning around. Following Father's long, long tail. Grabbing Father's big, big tail. This is the significance of it all. In these eight different stages, this year is the culminating stage and the entire world is now beginning to turn around and follow behind True Father. On a worldwide scale the restoration of elder sonship and parentship has taken place and now kingship has to be established. Therefore, in this year alone, Father has formed the Federation for Island Nations, the Federation for Peninsula Nations and the Federation for the Continental Nations. By doing so Father is bringing all these organizations to the United Nations where they can stand as Abel organizations.


Since coming to America, True Mother passed over the standard of the restored realm of Eve and within 20 years she could stand in a position to surpass America. Because every delegation of the bride realm is in America, True Mother addressed the American Congress and then the United Nations.

After Mother spoke at the United Nations, Parents' Day was officially established. The worldwide Christian culture became the base on which True Parents could settle down, centering on the foundation of bride. Thus, True Mother restored the lost foundation of Christianity.

The UN is like the palace of the liberal world. Thus, it should be occupied to make all 185 countries commemorate Parents Day. Now is the time to unify the kingship of the world.

Such victorious supremacy should be engrafted into Japan. This victorious supremacy also has to be engrafted into Korea.


The Second World War ended in 1945, but within seven years everything could have been established. But due to the opposition of Christianity and the free world Father lost this seven year period. If we count from 1952 and add forty years, it becomes 1992. In that year, Father's 40-year course was over. In the year 1992 True Mother was elevated to equal position with True Father. We lost the foundation of Christianity which stands in the position of the bride. Through True Mother we reached the American Congress and the United Nations through True Mother's speaking tour. We also declared True Parents Day to the world. Men and women in the American Congress didn't know what they were doing, but as you know Congress passed the resolution of Parents Day.

When True Parents Day is adopted by 185 United Nations member nations, then the world will be truly united. The national messiahs who have been sent out to 185 nations are working hard to have True Parents Day resolutions passed in their mission nations which eventually will be culminated in the United Nations and then world unification will come. Amen. (Amen) (Applause) ...

Once we accomplish our goal of the 3.6 million couples Blessing this year successfully, then this influence will be felt all over the world in 185 nations. Then our national messiahs will have this invincible foundation to work on. They will be able to pass this resolution of True Parents Day within their own nations. Eventually this will lead to the establishment of the Women's United Nations, Youth United Nations and Student United Nations and will bring about the unification of the entire world. Amen. (Amen) (Applause)

Father is creating world organizations to bring about world unification

That is why Father is creating Abel-type world organizations. If this present United Nations does not function properly to bring about world unification, Father is preparing Abel-type organizations such as the Island Nations Federation for World Peace, Peninsular Nations Federation for World Peace and Continental Nations Federation for World Peace just in case. At the present time, the politicians, who represent the body, are dominating the world, the mind. Father, who represents the mind of the entire world, will come to lead the entire world in the right direction.

The UN has presently complicated the system and is going down. The new Abel-type organizations which Father has created can go all over the system, connecting family-system and heavenly system. All over the system we can change the blood lineage, create filial piety, make patriots, saints and holy sons and daughters connecting to True Father. We will create this kind of value. Always, Father is making that kind of preparation, that kind of foundation. We have to follow God's concept in leading the world. God cannot permit any other way. We have to lift up God's Heart. Everyone of conscience can easily understand the wonderful and amazing things Reverend Moon is doing in the world.


The organization of the United Nations represents only the body, the minus, because it is an organization of politics. It doesn't have the plus. The United Nations represents world politics; therefore, the UN needs a woman figure. In other words, Eve and Cain and Abel, the elder son and second son figures are needed. Father is preparing this very foundation for the sake of the UN. Just like our body always puts pressure on our mind and tortures our mind, this United Nations, centered on politics, has been always putting pressure on religion and has put down religion, which represents the mind. That is why body-centered politics, such as the UN, doesn't have anything to do with God or God's original purpose. Mind and body have been separated in such a way; therefore, now in the history of restoration, the course to meet the original point has to be reversed. Once Father reaches this worldwide level victory, then Father will bring the entire world to this original point. ...

We take things away from Satan. So, the first thing we have to accomplish is the restoration of the elder son's right. Then once Cain and Abel have reached unity, they have to be united with the mother figure. They then join the United Nations work and centered on this United Nations, which now has plus and minus, Cain and Abel, together, and through this organization, the restoration of kingship will take place. For that reason, Father has already established, as you know, Women's Federation for World Peace, Religious Federation for World Peace, and Youth Federation for World Peace; so all these federations are suppose to work with the United Nations.

When True Parents Day is recognized by the world, that is the day when the entire world will celebrate. When that kind of tradition is set, then restoration of the world will be complete. That's when we can all proclaim One World Under God! [Clapping] One World Under God, not one nation under God.

We are restoring elder sonship, parentship and kingship

America cannot take care of the United Nations. In other words, America cannot control the nations. When it comes to individuals, we consist of mind and body. The same principle applies to the organization of the United Nations. On this individual level, we lost elder sonship, and parentship and kingship. That is why, on the worldwide level, centering on the restoration of Cain and Abel, and Eve, the mother figure, we have to restore elder sonship and parentship, and kingship.

Father is told that the United Nations is in debt for about 3 billion dollars, but if the Women's Federation for World Peace, Youth Federation for World Peace, HARP and CARP, truly fulfill their purposes, then this 3 billion dollar debt can be solved. In the family of Adam there were four members: Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel. What was lost in the family of Adam should be restored before we attempt to restore the world. That is why we have to make sure that elder sonship and parentship and kingship are restored, then we can restore on the world level, centered on God. Where is the base or location or place where we can complete God's providence of restoration from the individual level to the world? Where is the very place? The Family Church, home church. This is the place. Suppose there is a nation that from the top, the president down to the government cabinet members, all the families of that nation establish this Family Church, then restoration of that particular nation comes automatically.


The Peninsula, Island and Continental organizations are to provide a new vision for the United Nations. The UN should also include the IRFWP (Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace), WFWP (Women's Federation for World Peace), Youth Federation and Pure Love Alliance and so forth. The UN represents the world. Why not have a global True Parents Day? Then world peace will be upon us. So we have world peace education at the University of Bridgeport. These will be used to enhance the world at peace. Leaders are interested in the college at University of Bridgeport. Will you prepare for this? We have to organize the World University Federation. The ideal of the true family follows, and true education is next.


True Parents have regret that they have to leave early tomorrow because of a special meeting in New York. It's important that you understand that these leaders coming from Korea and Japan, who came here several days earlier than you, had a very important meeting with True Parents. It is due to that meeting that you have a chance to meet these world leaders from various organizations.

Of course, the world is becoming smaller and smaller. Even among nations, there is mutual cooperation. Countries like Thailand and the Philippines need to cooperate with countries such as Japan and Korea. Thailand is a peninsula, and the Philippines is an island nation like Japan. Reverend Moon established Federation for Peninsula Nations, Island Nations and Continental Nations. We can utilize these various organization to set a standard for the United Nations. If the United Nations does not follow God's direction, Reverend Moon will use his entire worldwide organization to form a more unified and God-centered United Nations.

The current United Nations is more centered on political agenda. Reverend Moon would like to see a United Nations that is more centered on building world peace. The leaders of the UN right now do not have a clear understanding of God's truth as a philosophy. In order to save the world, you have to establish your own model nation, which the world can imitate. Before you erect this national model, you must have a family model, and, before this, an individual model. The leaders of the UN do not have this kind of understanding, and that is why they are drifting now. So Reverend Moon has been initiating programs to save the UN and to set the right direction.

Throughout his life, Rev. Moon has been giving worldwide predictions and prophecies, and all have been coming true. That is why world-level leaders who understand that particular fact show more respect and have come closer to our movement. As you return to your country, you are the ones that must take initiative to educate your national leaders and various organizations.


Centering on True Parents the highway to the Blessing is becoming much wider every day. True Parents are taking care of God through the Blessing. Holy men in the spirit world will bring their followers to the earth to witness. Brazil is very special, there is not so much racial discrimination here.

United Nations Reorganized

Father wants to reorganize the United Nations, because it has no family structure. It has to be build up from the individual level. There is no air pollution in the Pantanal. Europe and the USA are unable to handle the pollution problem. Father has to do it right here. Four National Messiahs came here from nine countries. They have to organize and plan carefully so that we can protect the environment.


Today, the political leaders of the world are seeking to realize peace and prosperity through the United Nations. In my judgement, however, the path to world peace will be incomplete if we build it merely upon the political, economic and military functions of the United Nations. Political, economic and military powers can deal only with that which is external, physical and material. We can reach the internal and spiritual aspects of life only through religious teaching and through the unity and united actions of the world's religions.

I would like to take this opportunity today to supplement the existing United Nations with a structure in which the UN and leaders of the major world religions can work together. I hope that the participants here today, and all the nations of the world, will seriously consider this proposal to establish a structure encompassing the world's religions and the United Nations.


Respected leaders! Human beings have strongly pursued prosperity and world peace on a national level and through international organizations. The reality shows us, however, that political, economic, and technological efforts alone have not effectively achieved those goals. Only if these efforts are supported by the more internal ones of religion, education, and culture, can ideal results be secured.

This is because the true happiness of humankind is not realized by external, physical and material prosperity or comfort alone. The true ideals of humankind are realized through a more internal, spiritual and mental perfection and satisfaction.

This can be possible only within the framework of religious teaching and the cooperation and unified action of all the world's religions. On this occasion today, I would like to advocate the establishment, in relation to the UN, of a structure amounting to a United Nations of world religions, whose delegates would be the major faiths and their leaders. Today, for the sake of the future of the world and of humankind, I am sincerely asking all of you-and world leaders in every field-to seriously discuss, from this point on, the establishment of a United Nations of world religions and the importance of that organization's role.

Thank you very much.


Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace Inaugural Address
Rev. Sun Myung Moon
February 6, 1999
Hotel Lotte, Seoul, Korea

Distinguished leaders from every walk of life:

It gives me great pleasure to host this Inaugural Assembly of the Inter-religious and International Federation for World (IIFWP). Although it was last year that I made the official proposal for its founding, in my heart I have been preparing for this occasion for decades.

The purpose of the various ecumenical and interfaith activities and organizations I have been developing over the past forty years has been the realization of a world of peace that God and human beings have been longing for. A vision for peace is the heart of any interfaith activity.

In the twentieth century humankind has suffered two devastating world wars, and experienced confrontation and conflict for seventy years under the oppression of the atheist communist ideology and the Cold War era. When that came to an end, the world drank a toast in celebration of peace, albeit briefly. All too soon we came to learn that the end of the Cold War era did not lead automatically to a time of peace. Violent conflicts continue to occur throughout the world today. Even now, massacres are being perpetrated in Yugoslavia, the Middle East, Sudan, South Asia, and elsewhere. It is common knowledge that many such disputes have behind them deep-rooted religious conflict. These are only some examples that awaken us to the importance of dialogue and cooperation among religious orders.

Often, in the modern era, religions work toward the realization of their ideals while keeping a certain distance from the realms of worldly power. This is generally accepted as the norm. I believe, however, that it is time for those international organizations that serve the cause of world peace to re-examine their relationship to the world's great religious traditions.

Perhaps the United Nations, more than any other international organization, serves as a good example. Many regard the UN as the institutionalized organization of the human ideal for world peace, and set their hopes upon it. At the UN, representatives of all nations combine their efforts to solve the world's problems and to promote peace and human prosperity.

However, these efforts by the UN to realize world peace have always met with serious obstacles. While its accomplishments cannot be denied, one can observe that the UN could be improved in many ways. The time has come when cooperative and mutually supportive relationships among the world's statesmen and religious leaders is desperately needed.

Originally, human beings were meant to live with their mind and body united, responding to the complete love of God. It is because human beings were created to be God's son and daughters, resembling Him, that their mind and boy should not fight. Instead, they should create true unity. God's mind and body are not in conflict: Almighty God could never have any conflict within Himself.

The human ideal of unified mind and body is realized when a person is fully possessed of the true love of God. The words, "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God" (Matt 5:9) also premise that the ideal of unity of mind and body is to be attained on the basis of relationship with our Heavenly Father.

It was due to the human fall that people lost the standard of unity and harmony of their mind and body, and has thus been living in self-contradiction and conflict. Moreover, the battle of the mind and body within the individual has expanded to the level of the family, society, nation and world. Cain's killing of his younger brother Abel originated from this. All the conflicts and wars that the world has witnessed since the beginning of history have been, in essence, the battle between the Cain side, which is relatively on the side of evil, and the Abel side, more on the side of goodness. The struggle between the Cain and Abel sides should be terminated and everything restored to its original state. Likewise, the confrontation between our mind and body should be brought to an end, and harmony and unity regained.

We have to apply the principle of individual mind-body unity the global level. For this purpose, I established the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace representing world of the mind, and the Federation for World Peace representing the world of the body. Together, they embrace the total concept of world peace.

It is now the time for religion to exert genuine leadership in the world. I believe that religious people should feel responsible for the situation of humankind, and for resolving the various inequities of this age. Profound self-reflection is surely prerequisite to this. Religious people have failed to set an example in the practice of love. Now is indeed the time for them to repent for not having exerted themselves fully for the sake of world salvation. Instead, they have been absorbed with the pursuit of individual salvation and denominational interests. Mere belief in love is not enough. It must be accompanied by its practice.

God is calling the leaders of society, but in particular the religious leaders. He wants us to challenge the injustices and sins of the world and establish true love in their place. All religious people should become one in heart, representing and carrying out God's aspiration for all people.

World peace can be realized through the synergy of the statesmanship and measures taken by politicians who represent the body and the secular world, and the wisdom and efforts of the world's religious leaders, who represent the mind and the world of the spirit. The time has come for us to seriously reflect even on such a matter as restructuring the United Nations. Might it not even be possible to imagine the UN as adopting a two-house structure?

What is the existing United Nations comprised of national representatives serving in one house that speaks for national interests? Then a religious council or UN senate could be established, comprising distinguished religious leaders and in the those fields of society pertaining more to the heart, for example, culture and education. As a body representing a global perspective, this religious council would have to address the interests of all people, transcendent of regions or nations.

Through mutual respect and cooperation, these two houses would be able to contribute enormously to the realization of world peace. The political wisdom of the world's leaders could thus be effectively completed complemented by the wisdom and vision of the world's most prominent religious leaders.

I am confident that the moral vision and exemplary lifestyle of religious leaders can be lamp for humankind, not only pointing the way to the world beyond this one, but also teaching the road to genuine happiness and peace on this earth.

Religious leaders should become ideal leaders who not only inherit and pass on the precious and holy wisdom of their great traditions, but also lead lives of unselfish service. The great disqualification of any leader -- whether religious or political --would be selfishness.

Through the regular holding of conferences to bring religious to bring religious leaders together, I have been striving to carry out true-love education transcendent of religious denomination and nationality. Last year, religious leaders worldwide took the lead in suggesting that all religious people donate money of an amount based on the number seven, and thus pioneer the creation of a fund for world peace. Individuals and nations have different economic circumstances. For some, seven rubles would be a lot to offer but then someone else might offer seven million dollars. If all religious people of the world were united in heart, they would be able to not only raise funds, but also use the money to effectively to promote the ideals of true love and the value of raising exemplary families.

Respected leaders, we should work together to implement a system through which the highest expressions of religious wisdom are brought to the table at which the world's most serious and urgent problems are being addressed. Such a system can be achieved by creating a council of religious leaders within the framework of the United Nations. Today, I would like to ask you to establish the IIFWP as a first step in realizing this goal. In addition, it is my sincere hope that you will generously offer your own experience, wisdom and effort as we work to realize these highest of ideals.

I am confident that the IIFWP will make a decisive contribution to the realization of world peace, and I pray that God will bless you, your families and your work.

Thank you very much.


June 14, 1999, was the completion. Therefore this time in South America Father made the holy ground for the Kingdom of Heaven. I call it the Holy Ground of Focus, of Origin, and of Victory. That was July 27. It is the culmination of True Parents' victory, so you should visit there at least once every four years. Jardim is the starting point of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, and after your 40-day workshop, go to that Holy Ground land and enter the kingdom. Without going through the focus point, we cannot follow the vertical line. It is the meeting point of south and north, west and east.

Once we climb up, we can all meet at the center point. This was given as a special decree at 4 a.m. July 27. 27 is 3 times 9. 28 is 4 times 7, and from then on is a new start. The first Sunday of this month was August 1, and today is the second Sunday and Father gave this message.

The transfer of ownership should reach the level of the United Nations. Educational institutes in the west and east, the world of economics, media and ... and now my job is to teach the UN. I completed my responsibility for America. So even if I leave, since I gave you right of elder sonship you should be able to stand on your own feet and also support Korea and Japan. If America fails, Korea and Japan will be affected.

All these nations were doomed to perish, but True Parents loved them and blessed them with each other so they revived. Now we are back at the point of the end of World War II and ready to bless the unmarried youth. As a blessed couple, you should be able to claim that your family is the center of the holy ground of focus, origin and victory. Inherit that powerful foundation. Focus on this holy ground. We occupied this holy ground that represents those things because of True Parents' love and grace.


Assembly 2000: Renewing the United Nations and Building A
Culture of Peace
Reverend Dr. Sun Myung Moon
Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace Founder's Address
August 18, 2000
United Nations Headquarters Conference Room 2

Ladies and gentlemen, honored guests, and respected leaders!

Today, in this beautiful and solemn building where the United Nations General Assembly meets, I greet you with deep gratitude for the opportunity to express my passionate concerns and views about the future direction of the world and the United Nations.

The sole purpose of all my undertakings in many areas over the past forty years has been the realization of a peaceful world that is the desire of God and humanity. This longing for a peaceful world has also been the core reason I have dedicated myself to the promotion of interreligious harmony and cooperation. In the twentieth century, humanity has experienced many severe conflicts and unspeakable acts of violence, especially through the horrors of the two world wars, and through the seventy years of the Cold War and communism. When the Cold War ended, the world had a brief moment of celebration, as if peace had arrived. But, then, very soon humanity realized that the end of the Cold War did not automatically mean the advent of an age of peace. Even at this moment, fierce wars and brutal massacres are going on in numerous places around the globe. Conflicts arise for many reasons. But one of primary factor contributing to their emergence is the deep-rooted disharmony that exists among the world's religions. Therefore, when we witness the many global tragedies occurring around us, we should recognize how critically important it is that the religions come together, dialogue with one another, and learn to embrace one another. In the modern age, in most nations, religious ideals have come to hold a place wholly separate from the centres of secular political power, and most have come to accept this reality as the way things ought to be. I believe, however, that it is time that international organizations whose purpose is to support the ideal of world peace reconsider their relationship with the great religious traditions of the world.

On this point, the United Nations, more than any other international organization, can set a good example and lead the way. The world has great expectations for the United Nations as an organization embodying humanity's aspiration for peace. In the United Nations, the representatives of all nations work in concert to promote peace and human prosperity. Of course the conscientious efforts to establish peace, undertaken by these national representatives at the United Nations, often meet stubborn resistance. The accomplishments and achievements attained through the United Nations have been significant. However, there is much room for improvement. I believe there is an urgent need today, within the United Nations and through its many activities, to encourage mutual respect and increased cooperation between the world's political and religious leaders. The original ideal for human beings is that we live with our mind and body united in resonance with God's true love. It is because human beings resemble God as His sons and daughters that the mind and body of each individual can truly unite without struggling against each other. Within God there is no disharmony between internal and external characteristics. This is so because the absolute God has no contradiction or conflict within Himself.

The human ideal to achieve oneness of mind and body can be realized only when people completely possess God's true love. The biblical verse, "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God," illustrates this point. Peacemakers are persons whose mind and body are in unity centering on the true love of God.

As a result of the fall, human beings lost the standard by which our minds and bodies could be brought into oneness and harmony, and humanity has lived in internal strife and self contradiction. The clashes of the mind and body within the individual have expanded and now manifest themselves in the family, society, nation, and the world. For example, this unresolved struggle between mind and body is what precipitated the elder brother Cain's murder of his younger brother Abel.

All the conflicts and wars in history have been essentially battles between a Cain camp -relatively tending towards evil - and an Abel camp - relatively tending toward goodness. Humanity must end these struggles between Cain and Abel camps and restore the original state of harmony and love. To do this, each of us must end the conflict between our mind and body, and bring them into harmonious union.

The principle that mind and body must be united should be applied and practiced not only by individuals, but it should be applied on the worldwide level. For this purpose, , I founded a number of organizations to achieve world peace. For example, I established a number of interreligious initiatives, such as the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace, to promote cooperation among religions, which represent the internal world of the mind. Also, to address the external management of human affairs, representing the body, I have worked to promote harmony among nations through the activities of The Federation for World Peace, the Federation for Island Nations for World Peace, the Federation for Peninsula Nations for World Peace, and the Federation for Continental Nations for World Peace. Most recently, signifying the emergence of an era when mind and body, or religion and rational governance can work together: cooperatively, I founded the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace. At their root, human problems are not entirely social or political, and so social and political approaches will always be of limited effectiveness. Although secular authorities rule most human societies, religion lies at the heart of most national and cultural identities. In fact, religious faith and devotion have far greater importance in most peoples' hearts than do political loyalties.

The time has come for religion to renew itself and manifest true leadership in the world. People of faith should feel responsibility for the plight, suffering and injustices experienced by the world's peoples. Religious people have not been good examples in the practice of love and living for the sake of others, and for this reason should engage in deep self reflection. It is time for religious people to repent for their preoccupation with individual salvation and narrow denominational interests. Such practices have prevented religious bodies from giving their utmost to the cause of world salvation. Our age more than any other demands that we go beyond faith, and the interests of particular religions, and put our love and ideals into practice for the sake of the world.

In particular, God calls upon us leaders - especially religious leaders - in hope that we will stand against the injustices and evils of the world, and bestow His true love upon the world. Hence, all people of faith must become one in heart in order to give full expression, in both words and actions, to God's passionate desire for humanity's restoration and peace. World peace can be fully accomplished only when the wisdom and efforts of the world's religious leaders, who represent the internal concerns of the mind and conscience, work cooperatively and respectfully with national leaders who have much practical wisdom and worldly experience about the external reality or "body." In this light, it is time for us to give serious consideration even to the prospect of restructuring the United Nations. For example, perhaps it is possible to envision the United Nations as a bicameral institution.

The existing United Nations structure, composed of national representatives, may be regarded as a congress where the interests of each member nation are represented. However, I submit that serious consideration should be given to forming a religious assembly, or council of religious representatives within the structure of the United Nations. This assembly or council would consist of respected spiritual leaders in fields such as religion, culture, and education. Of course, the members of this interreligious assembly will need to have demonstrated an ability to transcend the limited interests of individual nations and to speak for the concerns of the entire world and humanity at large.

The two chambers, working together in mutual respect and cooperation, will be able to make great advances in ushering in a world of peace. The wisdom and vision of great religious leaders will substantially supplement the political insight, experience and skill of the world's political leaders. Even at this moment, more and more conflicts are breaking out across the world over disputed borders. As a result, the world is sustaining substantial loss of human life. In addition, the money poured into war-making and peacekeeping runs into the billions of dollars. So many resources and efforts are being wasted. Yet, comprehensive solutions have not been fully achieved with respect to any given conflict. To solve this problem, I would like to make some proposals for your consideration:

Peace Zones

I propose today that the United Nations and religious leaders join their hearts and work to create peace zones in areas of conflict. Whether the disputed borders pass through rivers, mountains, fields, or the sea, we can create buffer zones or peace zones along these borders.

These zones could be governed directly by the United Nations. and people from around the world dedicated to the establishment of peace will be allowed to settle in these zones. The United Nations will be responsible to provide guidance to those living in these areas so that they come to embody the founding ideals of the United Nations and comply with its declarations for peace. These peace zones will be havens that exist for the sake of peace, prosperity, and reconciliation. They will be free of racial and sexual discrimination, human rights violations, and war. These areas must also be ecological and environmental havens for the entire natural world. To create such zones of peace, freedom, and ecological harmony, the concerned nations will have to be willing to provide the necessary land. This is not a simple matter, for there will be resistance to the surrender of land, even for a peace zone. I have dedicated much effort toward finding solutions to this problem, particularly as it applies to my native land, Korea.

I have taught that there is a providential significance to Korea's having been a victim of the Cold War. As you know, both the division of Korea and the war that followed are outgrowths of the Cold War. The Korean War, in which the youth of sixteen countries shed their blood under the United Nations flag to protect freedom, was a righteous war unprecedented in history. I remain ever grateful to the United Nations and those sixteen nations. And yet, the peaceful unification of Korea still remains to be accomplished. For this reason I have continually pondered about the United Nations' solemn mission for building a world of peace and how this relates to God's providence.

I sincerely hope that the current mood of reconciliation and cooperation between South and North Korea, which began last June, Will continue. I hope the entire demilitarized zone along the 155-mile military demarcation line that crosses the Korean Peninsula can be turned into a peace zone under UN jurisdiction. I believe the United Nations will take the lead in this effort and build exhibition halls, museums, educational sites, and peace parks in this zone in order to teach visitors important lessons regarding peace.

I am purchasing almost 1.2 million hectares of fertile land in South America's MERCOSUR countries to help compensate countries for any land they may lose as a result of the establishment of UN peace zones. I have already notified leaders of North and South Korea that I am prepared to turn over to them portions of that land in South America for their use. As I make this proposal public, it is my fervent hope that world leaders of good will can understand this purpose and join with me. In particular, I hope that they will join me in willingly donating their land and money for use in creating UN supervised peace zones. These zones, under UN leadership, will give rise to ideal moral societies where nature and people live in harmony.

Already in December 1998, I proposed the founding of an international Peace Fund in an address I gave to world religious leaders gathered for an international conference that had as its theme, "Realizing the Interfaith Ideal: Beyond Dialogue into Practice." All the leaders who participated in this conference resolved to initiate a movement for the world's religious people to lead the way in making donations for world peace. I proposed that donations we given in amounts related to the number seven. Because various individuals and countries face differing economic realities, one person may find it difficult to give even seven dollars, whereas someone else may be able to give even $7 million. I believe that if all religious people on earth become one in heart, they will actively participate in this fundraising effort. The funds thus created will be used to establish peace zones and to teach the ideals of peace and the methods to achieve it. In addition to religious people, the United Nations too can encourage all nations and their peoples to make annual contributions to this fund. These funds might be donated under the name of the "White Cross Fund."

Wealthy philanthropists, business leaders, and industrialists, leaders in other fields, along with individuals, and organizations, can actively participate in the construction of UN peace zones. In this way, they can lead the way in creating an atmosphere of peace and in raising the necessary funds.

An Interreligious Council at the United Nations

Furthermore, one of the reasons I founded the Interreligious and International Federation of World Peace was to help create an interreligious assembly to serve as a senate or council within the United Nations. To implement this plan, I propose that each nation, in addition to its current ambassador, can send a religions ambassador to the United Nations to serve as a member of the religious assembly, or UN senate. The mission of the representatives to this UN senate requires that they have a genuinely ecumenical or interreligious consciousness and that they have the training and ability to teach a universal, traps-national ideal of peace. The nature of their purpose and mission would prohibit their promoting the narrow interests of a particular country. Rather they are to carry out their duties for the ideal of peace in the world and for the sake of all humanity in accordance with God's Will.

The interreligious ambassador appointed as a member of the United Nations senate or council should have a global consciousness and take responsibility to represent the United Nations' global vision and agenda. In this sense, these persons can be thought of as global ambassadors from the United Nations. Wherever they go in the world, these ambassadors will promote movements dedicated to the realization of peace and social welfare. Moreover, in all nations, they will serve as conscientious guardians of lofty ideals such as justice, security, and peace. This will provide hope to the citizens of the world, and especially the youth. People will then have the opportunity to see with their own eyes the emergence of young people around the world seeking true love and lasting peace. Those selected as ecumenical and transnational ambassadors will also be able to help guide and supervise various UN sponsored projects in health, education, welfare, and other fields.

Commemorating Ideals of True Love, True Parents and True Families I have worked through many groups and organizations to educate people around the world in the meaning and value of true love and true families, transcending religious denominations and nationalities. By use of the term "true" I mean centered on God's original will and purpose. My continuous investment in this area and ongoing efforts for dialogue and reconciliation over the last decades have demonstrated beyond any doubt that the strongest foundation for the unity of humanity is the universal and essential love generated through the ideal of the true family.

Based on these considerations, I urge all the organizations connected to the United Nations to act in order to uphold and promote the ideals of true love and true families. For this reason, I would like to make another proposal - that the senior decision-makers at the United Nations proclaim, in accordance with existing procedures and regulations, a special day to be commemorated worldwide. I understand that the United Nations has made proclamations such as the International Year of the Family, and that it has declared various ten-year objectives such as the "Decade to End Poverty." Along these lines, I propose that the United Nations establish an official commemorative day to uphold the ideal of the family, so that the world can remember and celebrate this day every year. Specifically, I propose that True Parents' Day be established as a day of global celebration. I have already initiated such a day that has been signed into law by the United States Congress. Each year, in America, model parents and families from throughout the nation are honored. By celebrating such a day each year, transcending barriers of race, religion, and cultural differences, and loving and cherishing each other, we will be able to fully experience our true and common human roots, and understand the preciousness of true families. This day will be a special of truly global commemoration and a beginning of the celebration of the oneness of the world, as one global family, leading us beyond all confrontation and strife.

Respected world leaders, we must join hands and hearts and improve our systems and organizations so that the precious wisdom of religion, along with scholars, statesmen, and people of insight and knowledge, can be mobilized to solve the serious and urgent crises of the world. I believe solutions to world problems can come about if we establish the proposed council composed of religious leaders in cooperation with the political leaders and diplomats of the current United Nations. The Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace will promote this ideal, for religion can offer great service in providing guidance in matters concerning the Absolute Being, the world of transcendence, our eternal life and the spirit world. For this purpose, the IIFWP will make devoted and sacrificial efforts to attain the goal of world peace. It will strive to establish the Kingdom of Heaven of eternal love and harmony and the fatherland of God, where the United Nations' efforts for peace are honored, and where all humanity form one universal family as brothers and sisters under God, the Parents. I believe that the world leaders and officers of the United Nations, who possess knowledge, experience, and wisdom, can offer many recommendations for implementing the proposals I've presented to you today. If we work together and make continuous efforts, peace and happiness will surely be realized on Earth. I pray that God's blessing be with your families and your endeavors.

Thank you.


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