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Unconditional Love Quotations from Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Compiled by Joy Pople
June 16, 2001

If you want to become the son of God, then you must possess the heart of righteous indignation that has penetrated deep into God's heart for 6,000 years. You should also be able to act on behalf of God's heart, where the bitter grief is rooted deep. You must also feel righteous indignation toward the enemy Satan. Similarly, if you represent the heart of God and possess the heart of righteous indignation toward the enemy, you should then become united to move onto the world level, and you can win the fight against Satan. Many people today do not realize they have this mission. The Christian believers emphasize the words of Jesus, "Love your enemy." However, these words do not mean that you should love sin and evil within the enemy, but that you should look upon the person who is fettered by sin with sympathy. You must understand this clearly. There cannot be such a thing as unconditional love. Telling you to love other people is also not asking you to love the sin of that person, but to love that person himself. - "Let the Sleeping World Awaken," May 19, 1957, Chung Pa Dong Church

Do the couples who draw up contracts really have the capacity to enjoy unconditional love, or are they merely using love as a means of exploitation? … Marriage means gathering together all your power, knowledge, money, and yourself, and putting everything in one package to present to your husband, asking only for his love in return. You give everything up to him and in exchange you receive his love. - "The Resurrection of Jesus and Ourselves," April 10, 1977, Belvedere

Parents deeply suffer if their child makes a grave mistake, perhaps becoming a criminal, but that does not break or lessen the love of the parents. They find themselves giving out more compassion, love and sympathy, and feeling even greater anxiety for their child in jail. That is the heart of the parent. If their child is sentenced to death, the parents would not say, "You deserve your death because you committed such a terrible crime." They will never curse but desperately search even up until the last minute, willing to do anything to save their child's life. The parent has the heart of forgiveness. That is unconditional love. If the heart of human parents reacts in such a way to their children, then do you think that God, the parent of mankind, would be any different? No, His heart reaches far beyond this. God is the parent of all parents. The love of God surpasses the feeling of all the parents of the world. It is only His forgiveness, the giving and unconditional love of God, our parent, that can pull all peoples of the world into unity. It is only through the power of the love of God that all of mankind will be brought together. - "The Spirit World and the Physical World," February 6, 1977, Belvedere

Do you want the person who can love you conditionally up until this limit and no more, or unconditionally and blindly? I don't know what you think, but I think love which is all-powerful and unconditional is most desirable. Conditional love isn't even love. I want to have a person truly giving himself unconditionally for the fulfillment of love. What kind of love would you go for? Only love that will be manifested in a clean, sweet-smelling place, or are you intoxicated in love so that you are always giving unconditional devotion? If you can be a man or woman who can love someone to that degree then you will be a happy person. Or if you are the man or woman who can be loved by someone with that kind of love, you are truly the happy person. When I look at the spirit world I see that the highest realms are occupied by the men and women who demonstrated unconditional love here on earth. Think about yourself…. You can revolutionize yourself and stop being the person who draws a line. Become an unconditional person instead. Love transforms everything, transforms ugliness into beauty and dirty smell into perfume. Where does this unconditional love dwell? In heaven. - "Renewed Pride," December 4, 1977, Washington, DC

God's tradition is one of unconditional love; He doesn't want to receive love first and then give love. Parental love is unconditional, even towards sinners. Therefore, you want to practice God's tradition, and whether people love you or not, you will love them first. Then your love is pure and genuine. If your parents love you to degree ten, you love them to degree twenty. You should want never to be indebted to your parents, but to become a creditor of love. "Men of God," September 23, 1979, Belvedere

Satan fears home church because unconditional love is your weapon and Satan has no defense against that. - "The Completion of the Providence and Parents’ Day," April 15, 1980, World Mission Center

Parents have a certain characteristic -- for the sake of the children they are willing to do anything and go anywhere, just as blood cells wouldn't mind going to smelly feet, or to the brain, to the hands, anywhere. Even in the fallen world the purest quality to be found is still parental love because it is the closest thing to God. The best example of what conjugal love should be like is the unconditional love of parents for children; that is how a husband and wife should love each other. If you want to be a patriot, take parental love as your model. Ideal love must be patterned after parental love; then you cannot go wrong, for when you follow parental love you come closest to the central love of God. - Searching after True Parents, December 7, 1980, Belvedere

Let's look at the standard of love established by God. How much did God love His own enemy? God loves His enemy so much that He sacrificed His own son in order to save His enemy. If you can pour out such unlimited, unconditional love for your enemy then Satan will give up and say, "I could never do that. I could never be in the position to receive such love." At that point Satan will surrender and retreat. Satan knows the way of the Principle. He has a certain conscience and he realizes that he cannot be loved to the same degree as God; he knows he does not deserve that kind of love. This is the love that Jesus Christ demonstrated on the cross. Even wounded and dying, Jesus forgot about himself and loved his enemies and asked forgiveness for them. Under such circumstances, however vicious the enemy may be, as long as even one ounce of conscience remains in his heart he cannot help but bow down and surrender. "I do not deserve such treatment," he will confess. "I cannot afford such treatment." By practicing this you can completely separate yourself from your enemy -- and you will discover that you have no enemy. When you reach that level of perfection of love, you can enter a new era, the age of ideal love. - "The Road of God’s Will," May 30, 1982, Belvedere

I am thinking that the blessed children should be married at an earlier age because I want them to be certain of marrying their first love. If each of you had been able to be blessed with your first love intact, you would feel so happy and grateful. You would not have a sense of evaluation but would be like a baby going after its mother with unconditional love. Such a loving man and woman create an ideal couple. The Kingdom of Heaven is designed for such a couple to give birth to children. - "Blessed Family," June 20, 1982, Belvedere

The intensity of unconditional love between husband and wife is more valuable than anything you can think of -- more than beauty, education or social standing. The most important thing is the purity and intensity of their love. - "The Original World and the Enemy World," March 1, 1983

A woman naturally wants to embrace the person who loves her the most. How can you know that one man loves you the most, more than any other? The man who loves you unconditionally, regardless of what you do, is the man who loves you the most. The man who is determined to love you even at the cost of his life will be the man who will win your love. A woman will want to settle down forever with such a man who has eternal, unconditional love…. When a man sees a woman who is willing to dedicate her whole life and career to him he feels love for her. He will be able to look at her forever and never get tired of her. - "Original Palace of Utmost Happiness," December 1, 1983, Belvedere

When Adam and Eve were created, God showered true love upon them without expecting any immediate return. He was the initiator. A newborn baby has no understanding of the love of its parents. That baby, however, is dwelling in an environment of unconditional love, vertical love, which the father and mother bestow upon it. This exact situation existed when the first man and woman were created. True love came to them from God. We are supposed to come into an awareness of the love of God just as babies grow and come into an awareness of their parents' love. Once we are grown, we should be fully aware of God's love and be an embodiment of that love ourselves so that we can give parental love to others. - "Ideal Home Church," December 21, 1986, World Mission Center

You cannot go to a higher level as Abel all by yourself; you must bring your Cain with you. That is not so easy to do; in fact, Cain will try to destroy you. It requires tremendous GL [God’s Love] power to consume the satanic force. Cain and Satan are very arrogant, cruel, and barbaric but you must be able to melt them with the GL power. In order to live this principle, our church has been spending ten times more money on our interfaith movement in Korea, Japan and the United States than on our own needs. This is because I want to demonstrate unconditional love for our elder brothers. - "Children’s Day," November 5, 1983, World Mission Center

Men should have masculine concerns. You must concentrate on working for the sake of society, improving the political situation, even striving to become president in order to right injustices. That is the kind of ambition a man should harbor. Women should be more interested in their homes, their children, and all the things of the family. That is another aspect of harmony between men and women. The two areas of interest can come together into a harmonious, balanced couple. That is beautiful. You women long for unconditional love from your husband. The love of your children is not sufficient for you. You want to dwell in your husband's love. - "The Way of the Victory of God," August 20, 1987, World Mission Center

Why are parents always the central figures of the family? They are always giving unconditional love. Who is the patriot? It is the person who is willing to give everything for the sake of the nation, even his own life. The whole country turns around, centering on the tradition of that patriot…. God has been giving without any reservation, without withholding an ounce of energy and effort, investing His whole being for the sake of creation. That is God's tradition. We as co-creators can do no less: then we will prosper. "We Shall Live in the Original Homeland," July 1, 1987, Belvedere

Whom do you like best in your family? Your parents, right? Why do you like them most? Because they are the nearest position with which you can sustain a love relationship throughout your entire life. The one you love next best is your husband or wife. The unconditional love between a husband and wife is the favorite to bring happiness and harmony, even though this love is not the most intimately close to God's absolute and unchanging love. - "Blessing and Ideal Family" Ch. 7, Part 2A: "Ideal Family"

You've gained life for free, due to God's unconditional love. Therefore, all of you are heartistically indebted to God. Even though God doesn't ask you to pay the heartistic debt, you have to participate in His situation and follow His will if you wish to regard yourselves as His children. Interests or consequences cannot intervene in the parent/child relationship. Only love exists between them. Children don't work to pay their debt to their parents; rather they participate in their parents' work because the parents' matters are the children's matters. - "Blessing and Ideal Family" Ch. 7, Part 3: The Life of the Blessed Family

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