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The Era In Which We Pray In Our Own Name

Sun Myung Moon
November 2003

On September 14, 1999, Rev. Moon opened the era in which blessed families could pray in their own names [i.e. conclude their prayers by offering it in their names]. At the time of the commemoration of the 14th True Childrenís Day on October 27, 2000, he established a new format for the prayer ending. On New Yearís Day, 2001, he instructed that our communication with God should be in the form of a report rather than a prayer. Following are excerpts from four speeches on this subject.

September 14, 1999

Until now, we have been using the following expressions, "Please do this for us and please realize this," during our prayers. I have established everything and you were to receive that. You know that I have been struggling with the body of satanic world until now and that I have won over everything. We know everything, why do we need to pray? All of you have such power, so the time that we pray in the old-fashioned way is over. We should pray in this way, "I have learned about this so I will work to accomplish it." This means it is the era of personal responsibility. You should not use the prayer ending "in the name of True Parents," any longer. You should pray in the following way, "I pray in the name of so-and-so who has received the blessing in True Parentsí names."

The following expression should be used to end prayers, "I pray in the name of so-and-so who has become the child of True Parents due to True Parentsí accomplishments." During prayers, the expression, "I report" should be used instead of "I pray." Of course itís fine to pray. I defeated Satan with Godís help. I made Satan surrender and established the foundation that God wills. I have been establishing it. You should do the same thing. How will you pray and what will you ask for during your prayers? The era of praying in the old way is over. God has given us everything.

You should have the willingness to study True Parentsí victorious foundation, make efforts to achieve the same results and fulfill your responsibility as a son and daughter. It means that you will fulfill your responsibility as a child on the individual, family, tribe, nation and world levels. You must create a family of dutiful children and loyal patriots. God gave us everything. He gave us everything. Thus, it is the time of engrafting.

What He gave you is not [something imaginary] in the air. When I hear you praying with the following expression, "Please give me and give Ö etc.," I do not feel good. You must have the determination that you will achieve what you desire. You must pray with confidence and responsibility. It should be a reporting-type of prayer. Educate others about this from today. It is time to do so. If you do not pray with a responsible attitude you will lose out. When you ask for something from God everything will break down. If you do not know His will, then pray that you can understand it.

During prayer, the expression "family" should be used more than "children." You will then receive everything. True love can inherit everything. We should offer different prayers. Prayers in our Unification Church should not be asking things for your children.

The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and the Kingdom of God in Heaven will come for all of us. The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth will come for individuals, families and countries. When you pray the way I told you to, the boundary lines of nations and countries will disappear. Well, that is Godís wish, isnít it?

Instead of praying in your name, you should report your work. You should report your plan, and then practice it and report your results. If you do not have anything to report, you must repent upon your knees. Repent! You must repent for your failures. During prayer, you will make promises, right? You must report how much you did and promised.

Since Iíve gone to the US, I have not prayed. I did not pray. Action and practice count more than prayers. I then started praying last year, in 1998. My prayers in attendance of God were about how to receive the teachings and the way to practice them in my daily life.

In other churches, most people pray primarily for their children and churches. All of them are misled.

During prayer, you should include the name of your family. As True Parentsí children, the concept of the family must be included. If you donít make the effort to actually do it you will never pray. We must complete things then offer them to God. We must complete them first, right? We were born and are living our lives to fulfill Godís will. We were not born to pray for something.

It is time to say No to asking, "Please help us to have this and that" during our prayers. We know everything so why do you need to ask for help? You should stop using such terms during your prayers. You know everything. God knows everything that True Parents have accomplished and you have inherited the standards of True Parentsí accomplishments. If you know everything, then why do you ask help from God? He gave you everything, am I right?

You even received the inheritance of the cosmos so what is the use of asking for something else? You must practice and have absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Without that, you cannot point yourself in the proper direction. Without practicing and connecting your family standard, tribe's standard and nationís standard, you cannot even pray. You yourself will know.

We are in the age of responsibility. The age of responsibility. It is not a time to pray to receive blessings anymore. The door is connected to families, tribes, nations, heaven and earth and the cosmos, so there is nothing else that you can wish to have. Thus, we should offer our full devotion on earth.

Heaven becomes newer every day. It progresses so it has to be added to every day. There are many people in the Unification Church who are playing around and eating well without working. During prayer, they will realize the level of devotion they have had. What can they report to God? Whenever they hear my words they will have problems.

The same form of prayer ending should be used during the official events. If a church received a blessing from True Parents, the congregation should use the following expression, "I pray in the name of so-and-so of the church" and "I pray in the name of the minister of the church." Churches are the official organizations, right? Churches are the organizations that represent the vertical. Without working, you cannot pray and you cannot say "Amen." Amen does not mean praying. It should be praise. Praise is the response to the Word.

What kind of prayer ending form did Jesus use? Think about it. What kind of prayer-ending did Jesus use? He prayed in the name of the son, right? He was the only son. We should form families. We cannot omit the expression "family" during prayer. The family means the whole family, including husband.

My question was a very simple question: "What kind of prayer-ending did Jesus use?" He prayed for families, countries and the world, right? Prayers are made to create all these and True Parents have accomplished such things The only thing left is to put them together. To do so, we need absolute faith. Individuals need absolute faith to put them together. There is nothing else.

What kind of expression did I use during my prayers? Jesus created the Christian-cultural realm so people within that realm pray in the name of the Lord. (In Korea) they pray in the name of the Lord (Ju) more than in the name of Jesus. The word Ju means master and center in Chinese. This center should be connected to the foundation that True Parents have established. Nothing can be accomplished without connecting with True Parentsí foundation. I pray in the name of True Parents. I accomplished everything.

People in a nation become its loyal patriots and dutiful sons and daughters based on their efforts. The path to complete the duty of dutiful sons, loyal citizens and saints is open even in the cosmos. Your efforts will determine your future. Lies cannot last. The content that you have reported (to God) will be recorded so it will be like your own autobiography. It should be correct. When your body and heart unite and if we stand as the "third object," you will stand as an ancestor, an ancestor who is in the position of king. When that happens, all the religious leaders and existing religions that used to laugh at us will decline.

We should encourage Christians and the people who are related to us as much as possible. We should influence the Christian churches. We should influence religious associations more than individuals. The whole world should form an "Interreligious, Interdenominational, Unification Federation Church." It does not mean one church. It means one denomination.

It would be wonderful if the world prayed as one denomination. The Unification Church is establishing itself through theory but other churches are doing things blindly. The members of the Unification Church have a hard time to pray. Without acting and having results to report, they will not be able to pray because their mouths will be stuck. Thus, they must act to accomplish their goals as I am doing.

For these reasons, they cannot just enjoy life. In a family, there are parents and children, so if a husband is not working toward the goal his wife can advise him; if the wife is not doing so, her husband can advise her; and if the parents are both not active in working toward the goal, their children can advise them. This is a scary thing. In order for a family to completely become a central point, it must do outreach work. An individual is not the center. People clearly know that families should become the center of the universe so they cannot avoid outreach work.

December 24, 2000

All families should have in mind the traditional teaching of the Parents of Heaven and Earth and of God, and must establish the eight stage view of love from the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, the cosmos and God. Completing that outlook for the country, which is the True Parentsí ideology, is the responsibility of each blessed family, so the content of prayer has changed as of today. Without blessings, no one can join the True Parentsí realm of victory. Blessed families have made a blood relationship with True Parentsí lineage through the Blessing. Their disconnected lineage was reconnected, so they have the relationship of being the children of True Parents.

Think about blessings. In order to receive blessings, the Lord of the Second Advent must come. It took six thousand years (as recorded in the Bible) to create what Adam had lost. Without me, no such feat could have been accomplished. Without True Parents, there is no way to fulfill Adamís will, Godís will and the completion of blessings. I have endured all sorts of hardships and privations to accomplish Godís will, but there are some who try to show up at the right moment and just take advantage of it without any of their own effort. When they do something like this, they will face a horrible judgement that is more dreadful than taking poison. You must know this. People who lead careless lives do not realize that they are contaminating their environment. You must know that the selfish family cannot represent the mainstream thought of the Unification Church.

How did you inherit True Parentsí victory? You received it through the Blessing. Itís not your accomplishment. Even if you fast and pray for 10 to 40 years, you cannot bring such accomplishments. I gave you the special privilege to convert lineages through the Blessing, but how much do you really know about its value? I donít think that you know even a little bit about God's efforts and my efforts. We must recover the lost kingship of God, Godís Coronation and His power. He lost everything at the fall of Adam and Eve, so there are no people, country, land or sovereign power in the world that are truly under Godís sovereignty. Some time periods are required to recover Godís sovereigntyÖ . Adam and Eve were the era of family, not the era of the nation or the era of the world. We have gone past the era of the family. Beyond the era of the family in the era of the world in the position of fulfilling the conditions for the overall heavenly kingdom, I hand the foundation of supreme victory over to you.

Now the era of the providence of salvation will end. The history of the providence of salvation will disappear and the era of the realm of heart of the fourth Adam will come. Thus, you should not use the term "True Parentsí realm of victory." You received everything from me. In place of the Parents your families have been working seriously centered on the world. In that way, our families inherited an organizational role as agents of True Parents, so you should use the following words in your prayers: "I pray in the name of so-and-so of a blessed central family." If you do not, your registration should be cancelled. When you think about the importance of the registration, you should live a pure and shameless life every day. You must be able to have accomplishments to offer to God for His will. Without that, you cannot pray. Such an era will come.

The era of prayer is gone. To pray, there has to be a messiah and a savior. The savior handed over the realm of liberation to you. Thus, todayís goal is "to unite the liberated Parents of Heaven and Earth and liberated children and then complete the absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal will that is the subject form of true love!" This is what we have to do. We should cooperate. We should cooperate and report (to God) and check each otherís work. When one has not reached his or her goal, if he or she does not accomplish it, that person cannot pray. That person cannot report. We should not pray. We should avoid using the term "pray." We should use the term "report" (to God). People without good reports will not be able to come to this kind of gathering.

From now on, we should check people before they come. Those without good reports will not be able to come. People must have accomplishments to attend this kind of occasion. If you do not have anything to report, do not even say hello to me when we see each other. I am planning not to accept greetings from such people. What is the use of accepting greetings from them? I have bequeathed everything. I know about the will of God. God gave His blessing, so what else did I need to ask for in prayer?

The era that, as the children of God, we can joyfully report everything to Father will come. In the future, we should not use the following words during our prayers: "I pray in the name of so-and-so who inherited True Parentsí victory through the Blessing." Such an era has passed. We should say, "I report in the name of so-and-so of a blessed central family. This should not be a prayer. It is time to use the expression "I report." In order to report, you must have good results. We should not lead an effortless life and pray and pray (to God), but we should report in order to be proud of ourselves. Without accomplishments, praying is not allowed.

The new third millennium will arrive soon and it is the beginning toward the year 3000. Now, our world will come. Our world. We have the responsibility to accelerate our work from this January in order to connect the best standards to the cosmos.

The era in which I can try to build a relationship with your families is gone. It is time for you to build relationships with God and me. It is the age of the realm of heart of the fourth Adam. It means we, ourselves, must become the masters of true love, true life and true lineage.

Now, starting in January of the New Year, the form of prayers will change. The following wording should be used: "I pray in the name of so-and-so of a blessed central family." It means that everything is indemnified and restored: the eldersonship, parentship and kingship. Then, the era of liberation that Adam and Even did not have will be here. During this era, you should train your entire family. Without doing so, your family will fail in this new era. When Adam and Eve fell, there was commensurate punishment.

The same applies to you. If a husband makes a mistake, his wife should be able to end the relationship. The same applies to the wife. Such an era will come.

January 16, 2001

From January 13th of this year (2001) and from the first day of the New Year, the content of our prayers has changed. The following ending is to be used: "I pray in the name of so-and-so of a blessed central family." You must know this clearly. How did we pray before? The following ending was used earlier: "I pray in the name of the blessed family so-and-so, who has inherited True Parentsí realm of victory through the Blessing."

The blessed families who received the Blessing from True Parents are not just regular families. They are different from those in the satanic world. They are not united with the satanic world. "So-and-so, who received the Blessing from True Parents" means that the blessed families are distinguished from the satanic world. Earlier, we used "who has inherited True Parentsí realm of victory through the Blessing" during our prayers. "Blessing," as it is used there, means they are separated from the satanic world. The question is how many people have been praying with this in their minds.

The relationship with Satanís realm has all been cleared now. You must know that. In the past, what words did we use to close our prayers? "In the name of True Parents." In those days, people did not have the privilege to pray in their own names. Thus, the words, "I pray in the name of so-and-so who has inherited True Parentsí realm of victory through the Blessing," were used. Being able to pray in your own names indicates a complete disconnection from the satanic world. Blessed families do not have any internal and external relations with the satanic world.

Now what should we be using? "Blessed central family" should be used. Such a family has no relation with the satanic world. It means the same as the original situation of Adam and Eve who were connected with Godís heart before their fall. This original state means the central family of the blessed families, which is the completion of Godís ideal of creation and it is represents Adamís family before the fall.

With such thoughts in mind, we should report (to God) instead of praying. The perfected Adamís family does not need to pray; reporting will do. The perfected Adam family should report (to God) daily and make effort to create the ideal world. Without having such a goal, you cannot report (to God).

In reporting, we do not need a messiah nor religions. The reason is that I taught you everything. You know everything, right? True Parents taught you everything. You have Hoon Dok Hae meetings every morning, right? You will understand everything through such a process. You will learn everything, the realm of heart of individuals, families, tribes, peoples, countries, world, universe and God. You will learn everything.

January 12, 2001

Now, the era of evangelical work is passing. The era of my giving you the blessing is over. We are in the era of the fourth Adam. How do we pray these days? The following words should be used, "I pray in the name of so-and-so, of a blessed central family," right? You do not have any right to use such terms. Even God cannot pray like that.

The era of such prayers is over. Previously you used the words, "I pray in the name of so-and-so, who has inherited True Parentsí realm of victory through the blessing" in your prayers, right? The era of praying in this way has ended. We are in the era of the realm of heart of the fourth Adam. We entered the realm of the unfallen family. Adam and Eve received the blessing and became the center of the cosmos. Thus, we are "blessed central families."

What is the Blessing? It is marriage, right? The word "covenant" that is used in the Old Testament means marriage, but that promise was broken. So, another covenant was made in the New Testament Age, but that failed as well.

The Blessing was given in the era of the Second Advent and in the Completed Testament Age. Everything has been divided into the realm of direct dominion and the realm of the dominion of result. Having fulfilled the standard of the Blessings and the portion of responsibility, (the third) Adam and Eve did not fall and stand the central position of receiving the blessing. As such families are restored, we should pray and report (to God) our family activities.

Without good deeds, you cannot pray. You are in such a situation, right? You have work to do in the world and the responsibility to connect a country to the world and to the Kingdom of Heaven. With that enormous responsibility aheadÖ When you have lots of work to do, you should make some effort to reach that goal. Without making effort, you cannot report (to God). It is time to report. It is not time to pray. We should truly report in the name of so-and-so who is the central family of the blessed families. Time of praying is truly over. You must have something to report every day.

If you fight over food with your brothers, can you report (to God)? You will become a mute. Instead of fighting, you should offer food to your brothers. School buildings need cleaning, but most students donít like to do such work, right? You are the one who should do the cleaning for other students who donít like it.

Then, you can report (to God). If you play around, how can you report? You must shut down your five senses, including your eyes. It is as if your five senses must die (the overcoming of desire). We are in the age of immediate judgment.

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