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Sun Myung Moon's Words on Native Americans

Compiled by Linda Lucero Cornier
August 11, 2003

Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon has spoken throughout his life of Native Americans and has referred to them as his extended family, and cousins. The following are excerpts of speeches in which he references American Indians in God's dispensation. A link to the full speech is provided with each excerpt, to give context to his remarks.

So another miracle came to the Pilgrims. When they were just barely surviving and their population had been halved, the native Americans could easily have wiped them out with one stroke. But again, God was a shield for them. The first group the Mayflower survivors encountered was not hostile. They in fact welcomed the settlers. How are we to interpret this? God intervened to save His people here in America. This is my belief. God wanted them to settle, and He gave the Pilgrims a chance.

God's Hope For America, October 1, 1973

We Unificationists believe in the law of cause and effect, the law of indemnity. If we consider the lives of the American Indians in the beginning of American history, they followed the natural law. They harmonized with nature. They migrated, following the buffalo herds. They relied upon nature and honored God. They were not really centered upon their own race. Rather they worshiped nature and God. Strictly speaking, the American Indians believed in the God within nature and the God within heaven. The Pilgrim Fathers who came from Europe believed in God as well. What then was the difference between these two groups? While American Indians believed in many different gods within nature, the Pilgrim Fathers believed in one absolute God.

While American Indians believed in God in order to protect their own tribe and race, the Christians from Europe believed in God in order to save the entire world. We have to wonder why God should have given blessings to those Europeans who eliminated the Native Americans. If those Pilgrim Fathers had not harmed the American Indians imagine how many of them would be living today in America. The history books of America claim that the Native Americans died from disease and sickness. Is that not what your history books teach? (Yes.) But that is not true. The American Indians had lived in America for hundreds of years prior to the arrival of the first Pilgrim Fathers. Then why should they suddenly die from various diseases? It happened because they were massacred. You young Americans must understand these facts.

The historians claim that Columbus discovered the American continent. In fact, Columbus was shipwrecked and he was saved by American Indians. However, the historians don't even consider the American Indians as human beings. Because of this mentality, force was used in order to eliminate the Native American Indians. This same mentality has continued throughout history. Even though America has generally prospered, Americans have become even more narrow. They focus on their own nation and race. America really has very little to do with the world.

Where And How Do You Want To Live Your Life?, June 9, 1996

White and black are the two extremes. At this time, the white race needs help in order to be turned around and saved. They cannot help themselves or save themselves. When the Pilgrims came to this continent, whom did they encounter here? It was the Indians, the native Americans. Those Indians helped them very much and even saved them. If they had treated those newcomers harshly, the white people would have had no chance of survival. Think about how outnumbered they were by the Indians. Now in the present time, this nation is on the verge of perishing. White America could not solve the problems and therefore this Oriental man came and taught them how to change.

Let Us Live Well, April 2, 1989

God is the subject of true love so God's goal is to find only true love. Unless God has a foundation of true love in the past, present and future, He has no avenue upon which to travel. Can you think of any human ancestor who has lived with perfect true love in the past? Is there such an ancestor in America? In the earliest days of America's settling, there were more native people here than immigrants. Those native Americans are called Indians. They spoke their own languages, which were the original "American languages." Today the language of English has taken over and the Indian people have been scattered and their numbers diminished. Who caused that? They never died because of sickness or natural causes but at the hands of the white American immigrants. Those original American natives had lived and multiplied for thousands of years here but within the past four hundred years they have become almost extinct.

About Myself, February 27, 1983

The time will come when North and South America should be offered to Asia, as reparations for the native Americans who came from Asia. How much they suffered due to mistreatment by the white race! The white race is 850 million and the Asians are 3.2 billion. So the Orientals have power and I am respected and listened to when I go to South America. I play the role of peacemaker.

Sunday Morning Speech, August 20, 2000

At the present time, many Native Americans are living on welfare from the government. Some people accuse the government of providing money and liquor to Native American Indians, encouraging them to drink and become hopeless. Yet if Native American Indians truly understood the purpose of their lives, and were able to devote themselves for the sake of America more than white Americans are doing, they could immediately jump above white Americans. However, they don't understand this principle. It would mean that even if America were to perish someday, the Native American Indians would be preserved. Black Americans and Native American Indians claim that white Americans are doing only evil and should be banished. But instead of criticizing they should simply devote themselves more for the sake of America and they would naturally prevail.

The Grand Clean Up Period in the History of Good and Evil, June 23, 1996

Years ago, when I first set foot at Kennedy Airport, I thought about this land's history. I recalled the Native Americans and the many immigrants who came here. I recalled the many people who have loved this country and sacrificed for its sake. I wanted to love it more than any other person. I vowed to invest more energy, to sacrifice more for this country than any patriot ever did, including any of its original inhabitants, the Indians. I resolved to pour myself out until the whole country overflows. I made that pledge before heaven and earth, and for the past fifteen years I have been carrying it out.

The Way to Grow, August 30, 1987

America is full of people who came from other countries. This country only has a 200 to 300 year history. The only people who can call America their original home are the Indians. This is the Indians' home country. Was this country properly obtained, or was it confiscated and taken at gunpoint? Even though this was God's will, we must still understand it correctly and repent. Such repentance is so important for this country. This repentance must be done, or else whatever was done by those who came here will also be returned to them. There will be a lot of bloodshed in this country. To prevent this, repentance is necessary.

They say that millions of Indians died because of the plague, but nobody believes that today. People may say, "Why talk about the past now? It's over." But the point is that whatever we sow is what we will reap. Therefore, this is inevitable. Even if Reverend Moon doesn't say anything about this, still it will happen. Therefore, it is far wiser to get the remedy and not to wait until the inevitable result comes about.

The American Indians-are they more like white people or Oriental people? Yes, they are descendants of Oriental people, so they are like cousins to Reverend Moon. Therefore, from the point of view that Indians were the original settlers in this country, Reverend Moon has the greater right to be here because his cousins were the first Americans. How ironic it is, because Reverend Moon knows very well what this country is going to be like in twenty or thirty years. The minorities today, such as the Hispanic people, black people and Oriental people, will gain superiority in every area over the white people who will then be in the minority.

Restoration From The Origin And Rebirth Are For Myself, September 20, 1992

Who will be the true master or owner of America? That is the question of the future. America today should be reminded that they owe a lot of blood to the Indians who were the original owners of this land. Reverend Moon is not dumb, he knows who his cousin is. The Indians are a similar race, like cousins to the Oriental race. Reverend Moon never tried to retaliate against America. He tried to put everything he had into America. Even when America turned enemy to him, Reverend Moon still did not change his mind. History revolves, it does not only go in one direction only. It goes around.

Historical Debt And The Liberation Of Ourselves, December 29, 1991

Look at America and the Indians. Millions of them were simply killed. Some of them say they got plague, but no, they simply were killed and the result of that is still to come. The result is for white people to be massacred themselves now. What is Father trying to do? To teach this to Americans and to teach them the ways to prevent this. God, knowing this, is trying to forewarn America, through Reverend Moon, to wake up and prevent this. Father knows where God's heart is, so Father is taking the same course as God Himself.

Leaders' Meeting, June 12, 1991

America became a great nation by great blessing. But just like the Indians who shed their blood and sacrificed themselves for the second son to become elder son and to satisfy the dispensational direction, if Americans shed blood themselves for the sake of the world America would remain to become an even greater nation. If Americans had carried that out, sacrificing their nation for the sake of other nations and for the sake of becoming one, then America would never have declined like as it has. Do you follow? If America like a live offering takes itself to the alter and is prepared to be killed for the betterment of the world and to serve the purpose of God, and to embrace the whole world, America would be quite a different nation today. It would be very prosperous, very much loved by God and every nation of the world. But they did not know that dispensation. What they did instead was to try to embrace other nations for their own sake to serve their own purpose. They tried to digest others for the sake of themselves rather than offering themselves for the sake of others. This is how America went against the direction of the dispensation.

America has clearly only one way to go. That is to exist for the sake of other nations. Otherwise there is no way they can get out of the realm of blame by those who have been killed, by those who offered themselves as a sacrifice. In other words, Indians were sacrificed and to vindicate their offering America should have gone the right way. Then America could not be blamed. But because America went against God, they can be blamed.

The Dividing Peak Of The Dispensation Of History, March 1, 1991

Even in killing, the West had to find faster and faster ways. They invented the gun and so forth. In Korea, you only have chopsticks and they cannot do anything so useful, just carry the food to the mouth. Not like the knife which could stab and kill another person. Western history has been incredibly violent with war and killing going on all the time. Here in America, hundreds of thousands of American Indians were simply killed in order for people to have land. Did they die from disease epidemics or from white people killing them? They did not mostly die from diseases! The Indians were here for thousands of years, but in a few generations they were all but annihilated. How can that be possible?

Sunday Service, February 17, 1991

Is American Christianity standing on the Principle or not? What about the average American? Are they standing on the Principle or not? [No.] They annihilated the Indians and even to this day they say that the Indians died of plagues and epidemics. We have to solve things one by one and once and for all.

Now why would Reverend Moon point this out and teach this to us? It is so that we can prevent the shedding of blood of the white people's descendants by Indians and the others to whom they had been unjust in the past. When whites understand this and act accordingly, then this can be prevented. That is the only reason Father is pointing this out.

The Line Which Limits Where I Am Needed, September 9th, 1990

God doesn't give blessing because one person is so great. If we just enjoy blessing without realizing why we have it, what would God feel? God would feel anger and want to take everything away from this nation and give it to more righteous people. The Indians killed by those early Americans are still living in spirit world. Not only the Indians, but also those weaker exploited people and the righteous white Americans who sacrificed themselves. What do they feel looking down on America today?

Proclamation Of True Parents, May 27th, 1990

As long as there are Americans who will listen to what I am saying and who realize that what I am saying and doing is right, I know we can succeed. If the white people don't accept what we are doing, there are others Black, Spanish, Oriental people, for example. If they accept what we are doing then I know we can succeed. If I cannot succeed during this generation, the next generation will have to do it. It would be up to you to succeed in my place. Do you understand? I cannot retreat. America was originally inhabited by Indians, who are of the Oriental race, so this is my cousin country.

Perfection Of Restoration By Indemnity Through Human Responsibility, March 1, 1983

Think of the circulation of your blood. There is no place in your body which is off-limits. Blood flows from the top of your brain to your fingertips to your toenails. It goes everywhere. Have you ever wondered why blood is crimson red? What about snow white blood? Let's imagine we had snow white blood. When you think of the color white, it immediately connotes coldness. The Redskins won the Super Bowl, right? I'll tell you later the secret of how they won it! "Redskin," referring to the Indians' color, suggests a race that is warmer, more embracing than "cold" white people. The white race excels in scientific achievement by coldly, analytically breaking things down. But the Redskins, the Indians, are primitive, maintaining their crude, original nature. Therefore, they have preserved much more purity of heart and have a more unstained nature.

The Original World And The Enemy World, February 1, 1983

You go to your home church area under the direction of Reverend Moon, an Oriental. There you find all races, including blacks, whites, Hispanics, and American Indians. American Indians are a yellow race that the white people conquered with violence in this country. The extermination of the Indians in this country was an act of evil. It is appropriate to the law of indemnity that a yellow person, Reverend Moon, should come to the United States and send out you white people to conquer the nation, not by force but by love and truth. However, you are under my dominion only in an external sense; God, Himself is directing you through the love and truth which I bring.

True Parents And Our Responsibility, December 27, 1981

Every nation is represented here in the United States. Blacks and whites live side by side, whether they like it or not. This is a melting pot arranged by God. The true natives of America are the Indians. The name "Indian" signifies Oriental. The American Indians are cousins of Asian Orientals, so I came like a cousin to this country; but the white people have opposed me. If my American cousins stand against me, they will come to regret it. In the past, the whites destroyed many Indians, and they may be forced to shed their own blood in recompense. If you really think about it, the whites plundered this nation and killed the people of Oriental ancestry. Even now, a good many Indians feel that way.

I Am The Center Of The Whole, March 8, 1981

There will be no more boundaries and no one will exclude you from their nation out of prejudice. The only people who are actually able to claim this country as theirs are the Indians because they came here first. The Indians are of Asiatic origin, and as such could be called my cousins.

I know very clearly what the communists' strategy is. They are trying to promote racial war, one of the most effective strategies for the communist takeover of any continent. For example, they agitate among Indians by saying, "You know that the white people are your enemies." With propaganda like this they try to divide the races and incite open conflict. A mediator is definitely needed in this struggle. I can say, "You Indians are my cousins. Don't be hostile to white people, for they are your brothers." To black people I can say, "I am a friend of yours, and white people are also our brothers m" As an Asian I can win the confidence of all races, and with the truth all humanity can be persuaded that racial hatred is not the true way of life.

The Children's Day We Have Been Longing For, November 11, 1977

The Indians were the first ancestors of this land, but they have their roots in Asia. Thus, when I came to America I did not feel that I was coming to a foreign country but to the home of my cousins. We may ask why God allowed the white people to prosper at the expense of the Indians. Compared to the Indians, the white people who came from Europe to America seeking religious freedom were miserable, weak people, but they were God's elect. They represented God's central effort at that time and were persecuted while trying to do God's will. When they came to America the Indians originally embraced them, but after later conflict, different tribes rejected them and tried to push them out. Again God's minority was rejected.

However, the Pilgrim Fathers from Europe were in Abel's position in God's sight, while the Indian majority in this land was in Cain's position. If these two had united in oneness America's history would have been glorious from the very beginning. However, they did not unite, and Cain slew Abel. Since God stands on the side of Abel, God had to assist the immigrant minority from Europe.

The Day Of The Victory Of Heaven, October 4, 1976

America's soil belongs to the Indians. You are occupying it. You have to make your hometown here, if you do not it will revert to its former owners. White people are a minority to other races. The dominant race in the future will not be Anglo-Saxon; it will be colored.

The Tribal Messiah And My Homeland, March 1, 1993

America has the wonderful responsibility of uniting the races. It has committed much historical sin by enslaving black people and by persecuting Indians, the first citizens of this land and also descendants of the Oriental race. The time has come to restore all those historical sins by loving those races and becoming one family with them. A women's movement might want to send me back to Korea, but I am willing to declare this to America, no matter how angry white people might feel.

The Completion Period For The Dispensation, November 12, 1978

Anyone who would only marry within their race has a satanic idea. I never thought of myself as a Korean man but as a citizen of the world. You too must become color-blind in that respect. Imagine a black grandmother and white grandfather, with brown children who then marry Orientals or Indians. In that one family God could see all different colors.

New Morning Of Glory, January 22, 1978

Who contaminated history most, white, black or yellow? The hunting race did. They invented guns in order to secure their food. They had to shed blood to kill animals and secure food. In America they eliminated the Indians, claiming it was because of disease. Why did they die of disease in 200 or 300 years, after thousands of years of survival? In Uruguay, I saw a white cross on the mountain top commemorating the last Indian killed. In China 200 years ago was the Opium War, caused by the British, who spread opium throughout China. The Chinese fought against it. Through spreading the opium they wanted to paralyze the young people so that they could govern China eternally. They killed millions there, too. I know all this, but with a fatherly heart I give blessing to the enemies. God could not do it, but I have done it.

Arrival at East Garden, February 17, 2001

In the new millennium, our movement should maximize use of high technology. The entire world is competing to see who can take advantage of it. It is available to all; we shouldn't neglect it. I used direct mail even with Col. Pak promoting the Little Angels. I built a unique house with Mr. Aum using high technology. I want to build a university in Japan. They worked hard and deserve it. In South America also, I prefer Paraguay for a university. Paraguay once was the largest and most powerful nation in South America, but it lost land to Brazil and the others. Even Sao Paulo was part of Paraguay. Those wars decimated the men and allowed them to have more than one wife. There is more possibility for heavenly sovereignty in Paraguay than in any other country in South America. We have to embrace the indigenous people. There are villages in the Pantanal with 60 men and only 2 women, so there are virtually no children. Such a tribe will disappear. The Indians' life is leading to natural extinction. We have to prevent that.

Everyday Workshop, November 29 2000

Before the whites arrived in the Americas, God was the owner. The arrival of the whites led to the death of millions of Indians. Is it possible to build this kingdom on that foundation? Are you willing to build this ideal? Remember, Korea, Japan and America once were enemy nations, even during World War II. Now, I am connecting these three enemy nations. I was in the position to do this after World War II, but everything was lost at that time. I was in the wilderness, and I finally fulfilled these new blessings and we are part of it and should feel eternally grateful. The world is full of family problems and youth problems. They have no option but to turn to Divine Principle teachings.

Address upon Father's Arrival at East Garden, December 18, 1999.

The white race is descended from polar bears. Animals blend with the environment for camouflage. In the same way, the white race appears as they do because their ancestors lived in the wilderness of snow, and looking for water their eyes became the color of water, blue. Caucasian hair is many colors, because there are many colors in the environment. The coloring is not God's creation but due to the environment. They had to hunt everyday, so they became excited about seeing blood. So the white race history has always been stained by blood. Who eliminated the American Indians? White people. How can we understand that? The white race is the polar bear race. They came through the Scandinavian Peninsula and to Great Britain, the island of pirates. In what can you take pride? They tried to conquer the world.

The Cosmos Is My Home Town And Fatherland, December 19, 1999

Every single part of the body is on the side of the body, not on the side of the mind. Your eyes, your ears, your nose, your mouth, even your sexual organ. Father wants to insist that your bodily parts are on the side of the mind. (NO.) You are clear about that. The root of this problem is 6000 biblical years deep. In order to pull this root out is not easy. To pull out the false life, love and lineage, we must replace that and graft into the true life, true love and true lineage of True Parents. We have to implant our true love deeper than the depth of the false love. Now you have witnessed the complete expulsion of Satan. Where is he able to remain now if the root is pulled out? It is not difficult to understand that the religion is needed which urges us towards complete penance. The American Indians tortured themselves in order to reach the spirit. Religion regards that kind of torture, that kind of penance, as virtuous. Your mind must act from this point very briskly. Your mind will become the torture master. You have to torture your body and gain surrender from your body.

The Ideal Family Is The Base For Peace And Unification, July 24, 1994

How about the Indians? How many Indians were killed? Indians flourished for many years on this continent, but in less than 100 years they were virtually annihilated. How did this happen? It was not by a plague. Columbus visited America; he didn't find America. America was already there! A lot of people were there. Columbus was just one visitor. Now America has millions of visitors from everywhere. That's the way God and I see America. There is no other way of seeing this country.

Precious Existence, July 19, 1987

When you really look at the history of white men in America, how many innocent Indians were slaughtered? Indians are of Asian origin; they are Reverend Moon's cousins, in a way. The Indians were here a long time before white people ever set foot on this land, yet white people came here and slaughtered them. Without God's true love, this nation would have no hope. There is an embedded enmity there which no other power under the sun can cure.

Let Us Go Over The Original Boundary, April 1, 1987

Nature is very practical. White people tend to have long noses and small nostrils. Why? That way they can warm up the cold air of their environment. In contrast, black people have larger nostrils and a shorter nasal passage because the warm air can go more quickly to the lungs. White people have come down to the warm areas of the world, claiming that they should be the center of things, but it is not true. This land of America was originally populated by Indians, who are related to Asians, so this is not the white people's country. For this historical reason, the American people should definitely refrain from racial discrimination. They should embrace and love everybody-Orientals and blacks and people of all different colors, or else the future will be more and more grim for white people. Racial war, which the communists are constantly agitating for, is very possible. The colored people, including Orientals, number more than three billion, whereas the white people are less than one billion.

The Heavenly Family And The American Family, December 14, 1986

The responsibility for all sorts of crime and sin is being borne by everyone on earth and they do not even know it. For instance, the early settlers who came here from Europe and other parts of the world three or four hundred years ago killed many Indians. In fact, they nearly annihilated the Indians in the process of founding this country. Now the country is very prosperous, at least materially. Who should be responsible for those past killings? Clearly, those who are living on the land of America, every one of them, have to bear that responsibility.

The Future Of The Religious Person, September 1, 1986

What about the Indians? They are the original owners of this country. The Indians are said to have come originally from the Orient, so I am their cousin. They have no reason to hate me. I am helping Americans to value the Indians. I have come to explain to blacks, whites and all races that because God's dispensation is going in a particular direction they must harmonize with each other to do Abel's work. Americans have difficulty going over the racial barrier. If I were white then they would listen to me.

The Indians have deep resentment toward whites, and whites wouldn't accept a black man as President, so it is easiest for an Oriental man to come and work out the situation. If an Oriental man tells the Indians that he has suffered under white people just as they have and yet still says that we have to forgive the whites then the Indians can listen and forgive. If I go to blacks and can tell them I know how much they have suffered in white America because I suffered as well, then the black people can listen to me and come to forgive the white people as well. When people know that Abel suffers as a matter of course, they can understand that when they are Abel their mission is to forgive Cain.

Abel's Right Path From The Providential Point Of View, December 30, 1979

I came to reconcile the races. There should be one common way of life in which everyone can be united. This nation must be alerted to know that one more formidable war is brewing: racial war. The worst war is yet to come, and there are negative forces which are trying to manipulate racial fear and tension. Once racial war finally begins, there will be no end until one race is exterminated. The conflict will continue on from generation to generation. It will be far worse than the white people's injustice against the Indians. The communists are agitating in various destructive ways. They try to stir up black people by fanning their anger at what white people have done, urging them to take revenge. This is the kind of attitude spreading now.

The original Americans were the Indians, who have Asiatic origins. Therefore, I came to the home of my cousins. That's the way I feel. I am not seeking revenge against white people; I came to tell the yellow people and black people to love the white people and to work together. I brought the Japanese to work here in America, people who were formerly enemies of America. The Koreans and Japanese lived in hostility for 36 years. Now they want to love each other more than they love their native home and parents. This is the greatest possible revolution of love, and it is taking place in America under my guidance. What's wrong with that?

Parents' Day, April 8, 1978

There were many thousands of Indians in this country when the Europeans came, yet God sided with the white people and allowed them to push the Indians back and settle this country. Indian opposition to the settlers was quite necessary, however. If the Europeans had found this beautiful land all free and idle for them to use, selfishness and division would have been more extensive among all the different groups and they would have more easily forgotten God. God allowed the Indians to attack so that the white minority would have to unite. In the end, however, the white people made a great blunder. They should not have massacred the Indians but should have had the same unity with the Indians that they had among themselves.

Day Of The Victory Of Heaven, October 4, 1979

What was the main factor that had helped the Americans in the East Coast to pioneer the West in the past? It was the political propaganda of the politicians at that time. They advertised that there are golden mountains or something in the West and everything in that land is gold mines and gold nuggets, yet they have no owners, and those who find them can take them. Accordingly, even though they did not know if they will make it alive, disregarding the presence of Indians, even when they saw their fellows falling dead on the side, they continued on, pulled by the desire to find something a bit ahead of them. This is how they pioneered the West. They were able to pioneer the West because they believed that the rumor was true, and because they were engulfed by the hope that as long as they themselves can stay alive, even if all the other people die, they can become the wealthiest men in the world.

The Way Of The Spiritual Leader (Part 2)

(Father points to one brother.) Are you a descendant of Indians? (I came from Mexico.) The root is the same. Can you think of harming white people if you believe in living for the sake of others? (No.) Next is true love. What is true love? It means investing more than all of your life. True love cannot exist in a place that does not have this kind of investment. When I came to America, did I sincerely offer my life and my assets and the Unification Church? (Yes!) That was everything! From there true love can be accomplished.

Earthly Life and Spirit World (Part 1)

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