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Reverend Moon on Outreach to Christian Ministers

Compiled by Tom Bowers

The numbers following the excerpts indicate the date of the speech the excerpt was taken from. There are two digit each for the year, month and day. November 5, 1983 is represented as 831105.

Many top-level Christian scholars and theologians have already united with me; now the problem is the Christian ministers. But even they will not take much longer before they come around to seeing the truth of the Divine Principle. There is truly no way for Christianity to maintain its life without uniting with the Unification Church. 831105

While I am in Danbury, there is a special activity going on. We are sending videotapes to 300,000 Christian ministers. These are lectures of the Divine Principle, condensed into three tapes, along with a message from me from the prison. Already there is so much curiosity about Reverend Moon. People are saying, "Who is he, anyway?" 850101

Our time of victory has come. No longer do we have to deal with "street people," vagrants and spiritually strange people. Now we are going to be working with ministers, lawyers, leaders of government, professors and university presidents. All of you will be standing behind me. Those Christian ministers and such will be standing behind you. You are the ones in the Abel position to those people; therefore, you are the ones who take the initiative. You provide the leadership.

How can you link yourself to at least 120 Christian ministers this year? Jesus Christ needed 120 disciples to unite with him and because they did not, the crucifixion was inevitable. But once you link together 120 ministers behind you, nothing is impossible. 850101

Even if those ministers know the Bible by heart, they do not know the heart of the Bible if they do not know Divine Principle. That is why I am giving them the videotapes. When I come out of the prison, I will go around the country to meet ministers. Likewise I will go to universities and speak. By then they will know the truth about Reverend Moon.

You are committing yourselves to go beyond 1985, beyond all the difficulties of the family, and educate 120 ministers. By doing so, all these things I have been describing will become a reality. 850101

Christian ministers by the thousands are welcoming me and learning the Unification message and going to Korea for pilgrimage. Seven thousand ministers will have completed the pilgrimage by the end of this year. 870215

Christian ministers are saying to me, "Reverend Moon, you are the hope for the salvation of Christianity." 870215

Father sees many great ministers sitting here in the front. He would like to ask them, "Were Adam and Eve chased out of the Garden of Eden or did they voluntarily walk out?" They were chased out by God and after this, they bore their children. There were only two people in the Garden of Eden and when they left the Garden of Eden, they bore illicit children. From that point on, humanity proliferated.

Do you suppose they had a baby one year later, two years later, three years later or twenty years later? Common sense dictates that they had their first child within five years. They became husband and wife, but do you think that God officiated at their marriage? (No.) If you were God, what would you think about such fallen children?

Who is Satan? He is the seducer of God's children, and once Adam and Eve became servants of Satan, God certainly could not bless them and claim them as His children. Therefore, we can logically conclude that humanity, from Adam and Eve on, were married under the auspices of the satanic sovereignty. This is the most fundamental question every minister must consider. If you have not yet considered this question, you are not yet a serious minister. You are not only not serious-you are a bad minister! (Laughter.) Without getting down to the root of the disease, how is it possible to heal that disease? To think we can do so goes against scientific principles. 940215

Here we have two men, both of whom are very reputable ministers. Please answer this question. Without being completely perfected men and women, do you think it is possible to become True Parents? Are you true men? (Laughter.) Let me ask all of you gentlemen ministers here. Are you true men or not? No, you are not. Each one of you knows that your mind and body are fighting and are not in harmony. You cannot deny this reality. When fighting and struggles are going on, there is no room for God to come and dwell in peace. 940215

When this 3.6 million couples Blessing takes place, Father will declare this to be the blessing for the entire humanity and an extremely rare opportunity for everyone. Therefore, each village should invite at least one couple and offer a large celebration in each village. Do you think that every village would accept this proposal or refuse it? (Welcome it.) If indeed they welcome it, what do you think will happen to this world? [Father makes a big noise here.] This is what would happen. (Laughter.) The entire world would do that. This is not so far away now.

It is becoming a reality. Father is giving you an example here. Even for this 360,000 couples Blessing, in the country of Taiwan, one person mobilized hundreds of different organizations in order to promote Reverend Moon's Holy Blessing event. This particular minister has sent his own personal letter many times and held press conferences promoting Father's Holy Wedding concept, and is now soliciting participants from throughout the country. The numbers have now reached way over 10,000 couples already. We didn't do anything. They did it all. Every day hundreds more are joining. This is a reality. 950723

Do you ever challenge Christian ministers whom you meet by asking them if they think that Jesus was supposed to marry in his lifetime? Have you? (Yes.) What has been their response? In your opinion, do you think that Jesus had a male sexual organ or a female sexual organ or in between? (Male sexual organ.) Then what was the purpose of Jesus having a male sexual organ? The purpose of this organ is for the sake of his marriage. Through utilizing his sexual organ within his marriage Jesus would have given life to his own children. 960501

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