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First Love - It's Nature, Meaning and Value

Passages taken from the Speeches of the
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
from 1973-2000
compiled in chronological order by Johannes Stampf

First love needs to grow perfect

I said Eve was tempted or taken away by Satan. That could happen either by force or by more love than her spouse would have been able to give her. Then, at that time, was Eve in perfect love with her spouse? If that is true then nothing could have taken her away from complete love. First love is something that is strongest, greatest. Until your death, you will never forget about your first love. If Eve was in complete perfect love with Adam at that time, the first love being the strongest one, nothing could have taken that love away from them. Nothing could take it away if the love had reached maturity. Love was the only thing. In other words, life was there in the perfected form of the creation, but love was not quite at that standard. Love stayed in the position where it was not perfected or created at all. Something which was perfected at this creation can play the role of perfect object to him, while if it is not quite in that situation stage, he cannot play the role of subject to that object as perfection. Because love was something that had to be perfected between Adam and Eve, He had to wait until that love was perfected by them, and only then could He commence His providence of restoration of man. We must put things in order from there.


The center of man's ultimate hope is love. That love can come about only when your mind and body are one, the opposite sexes are one, families in the subject and object position are one, and so on. When love is situated on the central point, that love is perfect. When people in the subject and object positions, in any unit of society, come together, they create only a horizontal line, not two lines. Even if they come on parallel lines, they are still not one with each other. There must be one line drawn on the horizontal plane and one on the vertical. One line must come from God to create the central point. If the vertical line is an absolute line coming from God, the horizontal line must be from subject to object. No other vertical line is possible. Once man and wife are united into one in Godly matrimony, there is no divorce possible. So God recognized matrimony, the first love in God, as most important, and it will never change. There is no other love possible besides the love joined by God. If you stray from God and fall into animalistic love, that's another matter entirely. But if you want love recognized by God, there is only one love possible.

Centered on yourself, your mind and body must meet at one point. Through that point comes the vertical line from God. In your own being, there is a central point of love from God, a line drawn on the horizontal, and one on the vertical level. With those things done, and you at the core, you want to advance straight forward and reach the goal that God has set for you. Your individuality is perfected on that level-when your mind and body are in oneness; and through that point on the horizontal, the vertical line from God comes through, and your mind and body meet there. At that crossing point, from the central point where God is abiding, He wants you to march forward to goodness. Broadening your scope, not only your mind and body tend to become one, but male and female, in the subject and object positions, tend to become one and unite with God on the vertical level. Then a broader foundation of four positions is drawn. With those two put together, all things can be unified.


First Love - First Sin

As I understand it, in the USA, people do not take adultery to be a serious sin. But in the Oriental countries, people still think adultery is the worst sin. In the words of the Bible it is the worst sin. Then who made God a grieving God? It was the Archangel, then Eve, and then Adam.

If, when they realized that they had committed a sin, Adam and Eve had been so humble as to kneel down before God and plead forgiveness, then would their sin have been forgiven? What was their attitude? What sins can be forgiven and forgotten? The sin of an illegal love relationship cannot be forgiven. That is the bitterest thing. Even in the world, when someone

kills your son and you forgive him, you become a generous and holy person. But when your wife is raped and you consider forgiving that man, that is ridiculed. Don't you think so? It would be far better for that man to die than to see that happen.

The relationship between Satan and God was something like that. If Satan, in hatred of Eve, had killed her -- in that case -- God could have created another Eve. But the sin was committed in a love relationship. In love, the first love is the best one and the good one, so it was unforgivable. Because of their sin in the illegal love relationship, their descendants have been under stained lineage. That is how the sinful history of mankind began.


First Love for God and True Parents

You must bring yourself into a new realm of life in which you love God more intensely than you feeling of any past earthly love. To be acknowledged as a child of God your first love must be given to Him and to the True Parents. The illicit, impure love of the fallen world will not be accepted. You have a lot to forget and to cleanse. As members of the Unification Church you must not think about who you might marry. You will never reach the level of sons an daughters of God with such thinking, but only leave a hook by which Satan can snag you at any time. Your love should be connected to God and to the True Parents, being innocent, genuine and pure like Adam and Eve's before their fall.


The person will be blessed who can give his first love to God and to the True Parents. God wants to give tremendous glory to those who offer their most precious love for His sake.


Sitting right here in front of me are people who chose to disregard their secular love, and give their first love to God and the True Parents instead. Even though your parents love you, some greater love is pulling you here and you want to stay. Isn't that true?

If this kind of love is not present here, you cannot even talk about the unification of the world because it would never happen. But the most moving beauty of this love for God and the True Parents springs from the fact that it is not just temporary, lasting only one or two years. This love will continue, and become even more intense. Unfortunately there are many who have not even experienced an initial love. Why is that so? They have not committed themselves 100%, lingering instead on the fringe, all the while knowing in their hearts that this is the best way of living the true universal principle. Because they have not quite committed themselves to living and acting for God, their realization of God's love is very shallow.


Meet first Love in a God-approved husband or wife

Your first love is very important and precious. The ideal is to meet your first love in a God-approved husband or wife. For the man or woman who possesses God's love, the ideal is to be married to his first love. On the spiritual level, the present system of dating is animalistic. This is why we must completely wipe from our memory all love which was not God-centered, all love which God was escaping from. The one thing God cannot tolerate is a love which is not centered around Him.


We are here as chosen champions to destroy the historic enemy of God and to vindicate God's love. We are here to avenge the love of God and to avenge everyone's mother and father, brothers and sisters, the nation and the kingdom. All enemies of love are our one enemy, so all we have to do is conquer the one enemy of love. One particular historical enemy destroyed the first love, and that same enemy has destroyed the love of God, the love of parents and brothers and sisters, brutalizing heavenly love everywhere.


First Love between God and man

Why does God seem to be helpless and subjected to ridicule by so many people? When people say there is no God it is the worst humiliation for Him, yet He submits to it because He wants to fulfill love. Those of you who were in love with several different people before you became members, which experience was the most memorable, the first love or your later loves? If your first love was an ugly man, but your next love was a Hollywood star, which impression would be the strongest for you? The first one. Love has such power that even an ugly person's features become beautiful.

What about God, then? God wanted to give His first love to man and receive man's first love, but was that love given? Ever since Adam and Eve became fallen, has anyone better than they were come forward to give God their love? The moment God lost man's love He was deeply wounded. How do you think we can heal His heart? Man was the one who failed, so do you think God can heal His heart by Himself? No? Who should be able to do it then? Can you do it simply by saying that you love God? Our loving Heavenly Father has been deceived by man millions of times in history.


So far God has always done everything He could do and it was always man who failed. Do you want to volunteer to be a champion in this world? Don't you feel tired if you have already been in the Unification Church 3 years? How long can you go on? Forever? Your suffering on earth is limited. This opportunity will never come again, so grab it. Eternity will not contain this kind of suffering, so you must seize the time now.

The problem is that man stained his first love. God is seeking for a man who can restore more than the first love and who can truly liberate His heart. Until God installs such a man here on earth as master of the universe, His dignity will never be truly restored.


First Love has the power of Dynamite

When lightning is created, thunder booms through the air. When Adam and Eve's love collide, not only lightning would spark but thunder would resound throughout the universe. With this kind of love, do you think negative articles in the media would matter to them? Would persecution perturb the lightning of their love? No, their love would penetrate all that and ignite it. First love is the most intense; that is the true love. First love has the power of dynamite.


First Love Order

God created Adam first to be next to Him, and then Eve to be next to Adam. The East Garden family has that order too. The firstborn is a daughter so she is next to me, and then Hyo Jin next to her. Even the son cannot just assume that position. He does not complain when his elder sister is given first treatment. Why? There is order in love, a sequence of love, flowing to first fruits, then second fruits. God created one at a time in order, not two at once, so there is a certain flow and timing which remains as the universal order. Who received the first love of God then? Adam. I'm sure no one can complain about this because it is God's universal order, established in subject and object relationship.


First Love and the missuse of Love in fallen Society

Men and women need someone for give and take of love. If there is some word to be spoken then there must be two parties-one to speak and the other to listen. When you speak would you want men and women in action together, or only one or the other? If they are together then you can have a channel for give and take of love; together you can find a subject and object so give and take is possible. We want to mingle and be together because we aspire to fulfill love, and love cannot be fulfilled by oneself.

When you are stimulated by love, particularly first love, it is an overwhelming experience. When you are in love you talk all night and still are not bored. You are temporarily blinded and can't think of anything else. For the sake of that love you would willingly sacrifice yourself. That is noble love. But today's Americans don't even think about finding a true love for which they could sacrifice. If they want to find out whether the other person truly loves them or not, they face a dilemma. Men and women come together just for convenience or fun, and there is no true love there, so even after several years a person cannot really know if the other person really loves him.

Divorce has become a business in this country and good-looking young women go into a marriage for some strategic purpose. They find a rich man, marry him, and then get divorced. Or they marry a rich old man for a few years and then divorce him, but both ways they get lots of money. Increasingly the custody of a husband and wife's money is a secret they keep from each other. If they revealed everything then the other person might want a divorce to get part of it!

But the world of God is different. What kind of lineage would you have? God is alpha and omega, first and last. Love is unchanging from beginning to end. Life is also alpha and omega, and no one can hide or lie about life. You want eternal life, don't you? That is because life continues eternally, without end. That is circular motion. Motion in a straight line always ends some time, and only circular motion is unending. Why is the earth round? Because it represents eternity. Atoms also move in circular motion. There is no square shape with sharp corners in the human body; your eyes face, head, limbs-everything is round.


If childbirth is very difficult then automatically you feel much love for the baby, in spite of yourself. Like the first electricity in the wire, your first love is a great surge of affection for the baby, stronger than the pain. Does the pain of childbirth bring more happiness or agony for the mother? The father won't ever know, certainly not as much as the mother would. Mother really knows the taste of love because she has had many children.


First Love and Offering

The one tenth of your material that you tithe is the most precious part. An offering must be pure. Have you heard of how young, virgin girls were killed as offerings in ancient times? The criterion is to offer first love. Likewise with animals. The Old Testament era is the period when things of creation were given as an offering, while in the New Testament era man was dedicated as offering. In the Completed Testament era the standard of offering is elevated, and we experience sacrifice of heart. When we have dedicated everything for the sake of goodness it is painful to be called a Moonie and be rejected and misunderstood.


First Love represents eternity

God needs three levels or generations to fulfill the ideal, God, Adam and Eve, and their children. The center of these four positions must be love, not life, and it must be located the same distance away from every position. The family is the nucleus, and it multiplies to form a society, nation, world and universe. In order to reach God, children normally go to the mother first and then the father, then God; their love is the shortcut to God. Thus, according to this principle you cannot separate yourself from your parents because they are your intermediaries with God. In this picture men and women cannot separate because then they cannot truly communicate with God

Why does a woman cry when her husband dies? After all, there are all kinds of other men in the world. She cries because first love represents eternity. Without a husband, the four position foundation is crippled. The universe always supports and protects the four position foundation, so when your foundation is lacking somehow, you are separated from that protective sphere.

Would it bring parents greater joy to have more children or fewer children? Many children represent more aspects of God's creation. If you have twelve children, they represent each month and all seasons, as well as twelve directions, or all areas; so then your family has greater resemblance to God. When you have more children, therefore, you have more knowledge of the love of God, so you can go deeper into God's heart. The parents of many children cannot be evil people. Because the parents have been giving in so many directions, the rest of society looks like their family to them. Some people resemble the second child, for instance, and others resemble another child Such a parent is in a position to love all mankind as his family.


The Value of first Love

If you give everything away again and again, there will be a well at the bottom of your container, constantly filling you up. You can believe this; since it conforms to the law of the universe, that law will help you, encouraging you to act according to the law. Though you may seem to lose at first, gradually you will gain and gain, for according to order and tradition your neighbors as well as the power of the universe will come to assist you.

Many people approve of it because the universe itself is that way. Don't feel that love starts somewhere else; you must feel that it begins with yourself. You must have a straight start, not a crooked, up and down beginning. If both men and women make a straight start, when they meet their two forces will turn together instead of colliding destructively. This is why first love becomes so valuable; all five senses are directed at that point and you think of nothing else. It is no good if your senses are focused in different directions, even if one of them likes orderliness.

There are five physical senses, plus the so-called "sixth sense", but I am now talking about a seventh sense, the sense of heart; all seven senses should come to one focal point. The senses of a person are all poured out on that focal point of first love. Americans are proud of being Americans, yet they throw their first love away on just anyone, and only scars remain later. No one can be proud of or make sense of that.


Longing for your first Love

Your sparkling eyes most want to see your first true love. First love is so concentrated and intense an experience that even God cannot cut it in half. This is the power of your first love. When we know the truth, we know what a crime American parents are committing toward their children by being an example of destroying the first love that should be cherished eternally.

If you have a certain standard for first love, your standard is likely to be very high for the rest of your life. Nothing else can match the standard of first love for you. How beautiful are the sons and daughters born from the tradition of that first love. Even if you taste the waste of your child, it won't offend you; if you have attained complete unity then it is not dirty feeling. When you have a bowel movement, does its smell]1 offend you? Is it torture to stay in the bathroom, or is it like smelling perfume? If you are so valuable that the universe protects you, that smell should not offend you.


Something unconscious remembers first Love

Even though members may become disappointed and leave, they can never forget me. There are plenty of people like that in Korea who, at some unusual event in their lives, are suddenly moved to tears as they remember me. They never understood me when they were with me, but still the action of love and conscience is working. It always heads in the same direction. In the same way, you cannot forget your first love, although you cannot precisely describe why. Something unconscious remembers.

You can feel how advanced and all-inclusive the ideal is, though other people don't understand. If you studied for years in great universities, you could not find anything greater than this. How many of you can say you are intent on going this way and finding such love? God bless you.


Love dwells where Principle governs

God is a universal person who really enjoys love. He wants to dwell in love, to work in love, to dance and sing in love. God is a fighting God too, but only in order to secure love for Himself and for everyone. We understand God and know His traits and what He likes. Where can true love dwell? There has to be a principled way, a way of law and order. Love dwells where principle dictates. What is the principle of love between men and women? When you meet in love do you want to beat around the bush and go round and round, or do you want to meet face to face? Do you want that person to have all kinds of stains, or to be a pure person? Do you want that person to bring lots of friends, or to come by himself?

Does the eye like love? How about the nose? The ears? Mouth? Hands? Everything thinks about the goal of love. Do you want to go straight to love, or wander around? When you come into love, there is total concentration, total focus. The mouth, ears, hands and mind all focus on one sharp point and go through the center. That is the force of love.

If you told your hand that it could not participate in this feast, the hand would protest loudly. All your senses would insist on participating in that love. When a young man and woman become teenagers and feel the surge of their first love, their whole bodies are concentrated on it, day and night. But that should not be the high point of their love experience. The intensity of their love should become greater over time. Have you ever experienced such total concentration of love?

How can we get 100 percent concentration of God's love? God really wants to come down and touch every bit of you. When you have love, then God wants to come and touch you. Then everything sparkles with love. So far no one has ever totally concentrated all their five senses into that genuine love, so we are going to make a new history. All five senses are there to be intoxicated in love, so that you become a total chunk of love. If God sees delicious love, He swallows the whole thing without peeling it. God is very hygiene minded, yet whenever there is love, God doesn't stop to wipe anything clean: He just swallows it.


Restoring Life under the bondage of Satans Love

A third consequence of the fall is the establishment of the false lineage on earth. We are born in the lineage of our enemy. The blood of our enemy flows in us, so his self-centered feeling and greediness permeates our bodies. Man's insides are contaminated by the satanic blood and selfishness; mankind is like a facade, a front for Satan. Our job is to remove that satanic element from our bloodstream. How can that be done?

It is a poignant moment when young people experience first love as they enter adolescence. Is there some power great enough to eradicate that love? The problem in America is that boys and girls become mature too quickly. Even at the age of twelve they want to date. The question is whether within ourselves there is a power that can overcome that sensation. Is there such a brake?

I'm sure there are blessed couples here; can they say that they have eradicated their first experience of love? It's easy to say yes, but when we truly analyze ourselves, it's not that simple. Each person is living in the bondage of satanic love. Satanic love is binding every facet of your life. Do you have a greater power to resist such love? If you know you are pulled every moment by that love, can you have any moment of relaxation? It is as though every day you were being pulled by a winch, and each day just one more pull will yank you over the cliff. Have you ever thought about that vivid illustration? ......

Do you think I am saying that in your first love you should be enthralled by the ugliest person? In the world today, the people who really love God look like human trash. Even if you are an elite person, to follow religious teaching means you must become an outcast element in society. Such an attractive person who wants to follow God should study how to make himself unattractive so that he will not attract temptation. In God's sight, the mind is everything. Sometimes, in order to be truly faithful you might not wash your underwear for several days. Then people won't touch you! Instead of lovely manicures, you might have dirty, ragged nails. We live in the enemy's world, so we want to create our own sanctuary where all temptation will be chased away. That is the best protection. Perhaps someone will insist on giving you diamonds to replace your plain, simple earrings. You should be able to say, "Don't worry about my ears. These earrings are the best. My ears are allergic to diamonds."


Restoration through loving the one sent by God

Have you ever really thought about caring for your brothers and sisters? We have to think about creating a good atmosphere in which only healthy things grow, where ungodly things cannot survive. When you consider all these things, you realize that the job I have undertaken is not easy.

Do you miss me when I am away for many months? My teaching to you today is that as much as you miss me and Mother, you should miss each other, caring for and loving each other. Why? Because we want to enter the Kingdom of Heaven collectively. When the Jews came out of Egypt, instead of complaining about what Moses did they should have been concerned about each other, and then they would not have been destroyed in the wilderness. The same is true today.

God sees you as His hand-picked champions whom He has pulled together to create the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. What an overwhelming task that is for Him! Even when you go to spirit world, it is difficult to forget your first love experiences. Therefore, God is sending His representative to earth so that everyone can remake themselves in love by loving the Messiah so deeply that all their past experiences can be melted away. By loving the man sent by God more than you love anything else, you shall be liberated from the iniquities of your past. God must be able to recognize that you have met His central figure and loved him so fervently that you forget everything else. Then your past can be cleaned as white as snow.


When you give your first love it is always unconditional

The innocent, pure baby loves his mother regardless of how she looks. Even if his mother is a hunchback with only one eye, the baby wants to be with his mommy. In the same way, men and women should love each other unconditionally; don't try to evaluate each other. The same way you loved your parents as a child - purely and uncritically - you should love your spouse. Are you confident you can do it?

When you give your first love it is always unconditional. Men and women are designed to experience the beauty and purity of first love and live together forever in that love. With that first love, there is no such thing as a racial or cultural barrier. Teenagers have minds of openness and sensitivity to all the joys, tragedies and beauties of life. They normally feel everything so deeply. Even when they see autumn leaves falling, they feel touched by that.


To compensate for the loss of your first Love

Unfortunately here in America there are not many who have preserved their first love. Most of you already have some kind of a past, so what can we do? Realizing the preciousness of that first love and knowing that you have lost it for whatever reason, you should be more humble repentant, and fervent than before. In order to compensate be more sacrificial in loving your spouse, ready to accept him or her unconditionally. When you are humble and open to each other, you can compensate for the loss of your first love.


Receiving the spouse as a gift from God

If your conscience was really alive, you could not say to me, "I don't have a good fiancé; he is not the kind I wanted." Your original mind should be saying, "Father, because I am so impure, I don't really deserve any person as my spouse. But since I have received this spouse as a gift from God, I will serve him/her for the rest of my life. I want to deserve this great blessing with all my heart and soul." Those who do not have the privilege of giving your first love to your spouse must be repentful and at the same time most appreciative to God and willing to compensate. In this way you can restore your love and reach the same degree of Heaven. Remember the story of the one brother who had so many different relationships before the church. For him there is nothing but a sense of appreciation because of the blessing. Through the blessing everyone is being launched toward pure, sacrificial love. Without it, you cannot open the door to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Do you think Adam in the Garden of Eden was thinking, "Maybe another woman has a better attitude"? Do you think Eve thought, "Some other man might be better than this one"? Suppose God happened to make Eve with only one eye? When Adam's first love was ignited, Eve would seem even prettier for having only one eye. First love creates miracles.

I am thinking that the blessed children should be married at an earlier age because I want them to be certain of marrying their first love. If each of you had been able to be blessed with your first love intact, you would feel so happy and grateful. You would not have a sense of evaluation but would be like a baby going after its mother with unconditional love.


First love should be experienced very carefully.

One's first love is very, very important. Your first contact with love should be done with great care because that meeting is like 100% gold wires connecting with each other. A person's first love is one of 100% conductance - it doesn't matter whether the beloved is black, white or yellow - once you contact with each other, you make a spark of great power. Therefore, first love should be experienced very carefully.

Intense first love, done in a rightful and honorable way, comes together and creates a beautiful and powerful spark. The love of God will spark with that love and it becomes the best, most extraordinary spark in Heaven. The impact of that spark is so strong that it flattens you to the ground. Yet still you feel joyful, even knocked out on the ground, because of the impact of love.

When you are in a thunderstorm, with its lightning and thunder, you can look at the skies and say, "Oh, God is in love!" God's love could be manifested in the form of a thunderstorm-the clashing of the sparks of universal love in the sky. After a very sunny, hot day it is common that a rainy, cloudy day will come soon because intense hot weather brings moisture.


Teenagers and first Love

When a man and woman are separate they cannot make this circling motion of love; they must be a part of a pair to create it. Their movement actually creates a spiral. During their teen years, men and women are supposed to meet with true love at their center. Thus by meeting with each other at that center, you are also meeting with God. This is the reason why teenagers are such poets, artists and musicians-they are attached to that true love center of their lives. They are in an "activated" state, with their antennae being wide open to the world. Their perceptions are very sharp. A young man in his teen years will feel that he cannot experience the world fully by himself; he is inevitably drawn to a young woman, and vice-versa. When the two people come together in the clash of love, they become like a new antenna together, with new perceptions. This is why teenagers have to be so careful with their love; it is very easy for boys and girls to make a mistake at that time, with such strong emotional urges.

Love should be consummated only with the approval of the parents, the nation, the universe and the approval of God. No one's love is just a private experience. It is always a public thing, coming from the very center of the universe-God. It is passed on through the world, nation, society and then to the family and individual. It comes to the individual as a public item, so you should know how to be a proper custodian of this love. Love has to be publicly and righteously handled. However, America today has become a place where love is mishandled and degraded; it has become a place where love is tossed into the trash can and then people try to gain nourishment from that trash can love. Who created this trash can of love? Satan did.

The first spark of true love is so important and it should not be misused. Once that intense first spark is misused, it is impossible to completely unwind that mistake. Each person has the duty to preserve his pure first love until the time when it can spark for the sake of the universe and for God. Therefore you cannot behave in a casual way toward your love; that is the way an animal behaves. Love is noble and sacred; it is not vulgar or dirty, although the sacredness of love can be defiled into dirty love.


The unstained first love is most important

Do you think you can stop the power of nature which is pushing you to bear fruit? Can the flower stop its male and female parts from meeting and forming the seed? The unstained first love is most important. After you enter into lawful marriage and lawful love, you always compare that with your first love, even if you misused your first love. That is unfortunate. Your mind always goes back to the original, and the purest thing is the first one. Divorce is actually rebellion against nature and the law of love. Where can you go to get forgiveness?

The worst possible crime in the world of God is disobedience to the law of love. In spirit world the worst punishment goes to the person who was irresponsible in love. He deserves the worst place, the hell of hells. Therefore in the world of God, the world of human beings, and the world of nature, the worst enemies are those who violated the law of love.


First Love and God's Homeland

Are the loves which a man, a woman, and God are seeking all different experiences or are they the same love? They are the same. Then why does God exist? What does God live for? We can name three elements which we all live for-joy, hope, and love. Among these, love is the center. Joy and hope themselves spring from love.

We were speaking of the original homeland. God's homeland is the place in which He experienced His first love with mankind. But since the fall, there has been no time and no place in which God could settle Himself on the earth. There has been no time when God has settled down with love. Furthermore it follows that God has no culture, no language or developed thought through which He could express Himself on the earth. In other words, there has never been a culture which developed out of God's love.


First marriage - second marriage

If for some reason you have divorced and remarried, you cannot undo the past. However, the second bond of love needs to be deeper, stronger and purer than the first. You must restore and surpass anything you experienced in your first marriage; then the way to return to God is reopened and you can begin anew your quest for His love. You need to go back and reorganize yourself, beginning your course anew. Otherwise, your children will accuse you for giving birth to them with a lower standard of love than your first love. Do you understand? Growing up in American society, perhaps you were part of a situation that you could not help; still you must quickly close the gap between that and the heavenly standard.


Your first love should be your most sacred and holy experience

A teenager in love is dreamy-eyed; he or she wants to interpret everything about the loved one in a good way. Everything in love is tasty and turns into joy. Love can digest any ugliness or tastelessness. Love is brave and mysterious and wonderful. All the adjectives in the dictionary cannot describe love. Men and women are always shooting bullets of love at one another. With love bullets not only the bullets but also the rifle is moving into the heart of the target! Have you ever seen such a gun?

Love has a wonderful power, and first love in particular. Your first impression when you open your eyes of love can never be erased. In that sense your first love should be your most sacred and holy experience. The person who can achieve true love as his first love can truly understand heaven. It is most important that young people fit their first love into God's model love.

The Unification Church has the goal of conforming to the model love of God. and in that spirit our marriages become absolutely important. The sacrificial love of international marriage crystallizes this attitude toward love. While we are pursuing that goal the world thinks we are crazy people. It is only model love that will continue eternally.


The Explosion of Adams and Eves first Love

Once Adam and Eve realized the explosion of their love, the entire universe would have been like one beautiful, fragrant flower garden. They would feel everything echoing their love. When that electrifying sensation came to God then He would be pulled to them and His entire creation would have been activated with love. God was supposed to be the matchmaker. bringing Adam and Eve together in the explosion of love.

In the ensuing explosion of love all three of them would be consumed! The important thing is that there be no foreign element there, that men and women be pure when they consummate their first love. Then they become the core of the universe. This core would be so powerful that everything else would be pulled into it, and even God would be a prisoner. Children would be multiplied from that core and it would continue to grow and grow. From a family the core would grow into a tribe, then a nation and a world. How wonderful a world it is, when the universe echoes the love of the core. That is the Kingdom of Heaven on earth-that is the true world.

At this time in history Reverend Moon is declaring to the world that the fall of man was an accident of love. This is the greatest declaration because it hits the core of evil. It is also a most logical and correct diagnosis, making possible the correct prescription for treatment. Analyzing an event from 6,000 years ago was not easy so it had to be done step by step. The love core was not achieved, and the opposite, evil result came into being, bringing division and perverted love. This resulted in not only denial of God, but denial of parents, of men and women. Human civilization has sunk below that of animals. In this world there has been no ideal because no individual has had the correct diagnosis and could not find the proper prescription to achieve a cure.


It's hard to go over the mistake of our first ancestors

When you are the victor in true love, you can proclaim yourself a winner before all the

universe and God. When you look at your spouse with these new eyes, you can discover someone worthy of exciting the universe of changing the movement of the cosmos. It is not sinful to regard what belongs to woman as the most precious thing next to God, or what belongs to man as the most holy thing next to God. To regard each other in that way is never sinful or degrading; it is only proper. When such a couple passes by, all the single persons will applaud with praise, respect, and love. All things of the universe will rejoice and dance to see such couples.

Do you think such love is possible? It is possible, but it is not easy; it is very difficult. For original Adam and Eve before the fall, it would have been the easiest thing but once a bad mistake has been made, it is hard to get over it. Starting from pure, true love each man and woman would have easily established their true love couple; their first love would have been their eternal love. But now, since many of you have already had a first love, you must make this second love greater than the first; with that viewpoint, the second love is permissible. But if this second, new love is less intense than the first one, it is a crime.

In other words, if your love for your God-given spouse is far greater than the love you ever had before, it will cover the mistakes you made in love.


Once you experience the first love with your God given spouse, your challenge is to maintain it and share it freely with the rest of mankind.

Even though Mother may not have a lot of money, still she manages to buy something for everyone who comes along. Now you can begin to realize what true happiness is. Love means to give without reservation. My urge to offer a person something-even if it's only a blank piece of paper I have written on-is an expression of my love. If I really mean it from the depths of my heart, that paper is worth millions of dollars. When your small child brings you a trifle of no monetary worth, you should receive it and sense its value. Once you experience the first love with your God given spouse, your challenge is to maintain it and share it freely with the rest of mankind.

This way of life serves as the foundation for the heavenly life on earth. Imagine a huge tree with roots deep in the ground, a thick trunk, and branches lifting its leaves high in the air. Is it more natural for a leaf on the top of the tree to focus on its relationship with a nearby leaf, or with the tips of the roots deep in the ground? Naturally it wants to relate with the roots. Don't you think the branch bearing such leaves would someday become the biggest one on the tree?

How about you? As individuals, we are like the leaves and we have to think about God at the other extreme. No matter what happens to its branch, if the leaf focuses on the root with true love, the universe will protect it and make sure it doesn't perish.


Why can God not just forget about us or even destroy us

The most important thing for both God and man is love. When there is equality in love, there is equality in everything. There is a definite relationship between the two loves. Why is God trying to save mankind? Why can't He just forget about us or even destroy us? God lost His first relationship of love with Adam and Eve because of the fall of man. Adam and Eve were not only the recipients of the first love of God, but they were also created as His very own son and daughter. There is no stronger power than that of first love. Therefore, God can never abandon them, even though His love was lost through them. Their redemption became God's goal.

When God sees His son and daughter, do you think He would have an intense craving to be with them and dwell within them? What about men and women? Knowing that God's love is foremost and supreme, don't you also want to be totally bound with that love? God wants to enter into His children and the children want to enter into God.


There is no stronger power than that of first love.

All things, including human beings, grow according to a certain process. As Adam and Eve grew, they were to learn more and more about their environment. They would learn more and more about each other, as well. Ultimately, when their spiritual and physical growth was complete, they could gaze upon the entire universe at a single glance. Adam represents the entire masculine realm of the universe, Eve represents the feminine realm, and together they literally possess the universe.

There is no stronger power than that of first love. Even the power of the parents' love is not able to block the power of first love. Men and women were meant to move toward each other. The power of their attraction is so great, they don't think about whether they will hurt their heads when they crash together. How many miles per hour do you suppose they travel when they are moving toward each other? Maybe a million? As they come toward each other, mindless of everything else, they don't want to stop for anything. Adam and Eve would never worried about whether or not they had enough money to come together. They certainly wouldn't have worried about whether they had enough education or enough status.


Perfect Lovemaking

We have seen how soldiers returning from war have rushed to embrace their wives and children. If they could feel such passion after only a few years' separation, imagine how Adam and Eve would want to approach each other after having been separated for thousands of years. Do you think God expects them to approach each other slowly, in a dignified way? Or wouldn't God and the universe expect them to just crash together? First love is like being blind and crashing into someone - someone is bound to get bruised - but that is a happy hurt! It is a violent sort of love, you might say.

The loving man and woman would give no thought to what might happen to themselves; instead they would crash headlong into each other. That ideal loving couple wouldn't have to think about getting into their bed because God Himself would be right there to form a perfect cushion for their lovemaking. God will be participating in their love so that they can experience the most harmonious unity. God will be like the nucleus and surrounding Him will be the man and woman - all three united into one. At this time the faster and more fierce the crashing together, the better it is. They are traveling so fast and with such an impact that God as the buffer will feel pain, but He doesn't mind. He wants to participate in their love.

After the man and woman come together by the force of their love, what happens? By the law of physics, that energy will diffuse and return to a slower state. Then the next time they engage in love, the force between them will have grown a little more. Every time they repeat their lovemaking, the energy between them becomes broader and broader. Ultimately everything feels their love-the individual, the family, the nation, and even the whole earth. When the man and woman are loving in this fashion and with this force and magnitude, they will have sons and daughters who can embrace the universe as a result of the universal love of the parents.


The power of love is supreme

When a teenager experiences his or her first love, the entire body is pulled in that direction. Bosom, hips, every part goes toward the direction of the beloved, even if you say, "No, I don't want to go there." All the elements of the body are united to go toward that goal. Nothing under the sun can deny it. Isn't this true? That is why the power of love is supreme, even in the fallen world. People are willing to preserve their love even at the cost of their own lives. People will kill themselves before they will live without love. This is because the power of love is stronger than the power of life.




The Purpose of Mankind is the Consumation of Love

So far, the essential purpose of mankind as well as all of creation have not been understood. It is, put simply, the consummation of true love. Everyone agrees that this is correct. God says, "This is right." Man says, "This is right." Woman says, "This is right." All people who lived in the past and are now in spirit world will agree with this truth, as will contemporary people. People of the future will also say it is correct.

You might try to tell your eyes to go the wrong way, but they know better. All five of your senses know what is right. When the power of love, particularly first love, is working nothing under the sun can stop it. The formula of original love cannot be stopped.


Value and Power of the First Love

A contestant in an athletic event aspires to world championship, right? A bride-to-be wants the best husband in the world, right? Even those who are not so great themselves want the best spouse. Everyone aspires to be the best. What is the driving force behind that desire? What quality enables you to fulfill that desire? What can make your ideal come true? The power of true love.

One's first love is truly valuable. In the eyes of first love, one's object or subject is mystifyingly beautiful. A woman may think she has an ugly nose-in her mind, a nose so ugly that she would keep it always under cover if she could. But in first love, her beloved says, "No, put your hands down. I want to see that nose. It is the most beautiful nose I have ever seen." And he means it! To her husband, that nose is the best possible nose for her. Other people may not be so crazy about it, but that is how first love perceives it. A small woman who always longed to be tall may try to look taller when she gets married. But a husband of true love would say, "I wish she were even smaller so I could put her in my pocket!"

What is too low is raised by true love. What is too high is lowered a bit by true love, to suit the occasion. What is indented is filled in a bit by true love. What protrudes is absorbed a bit by true love. Such things true love does automatically.

The other day I was at the Seattle airport, waiting for a plane to Alaska. Since I had some time to spare, I looked around at the people. I saw so many couples, and if it had been up to me, I would never have matched any of them! Actually, I was mystified by them all. I looked at couples who seemed rather happy to be together and wondered how they could even like each other! In theory, they couldn't, but in reality they didn't appear to mind-and even seemed to cherish each other. I realized that this was the power of first love at work. The sad thing is that as first love passes, the couple's attraction for each other will gradually diminish. We, on the other hand, are going up and up, in my observation, and our next generation will attain a high, ideal love.

Once a woman fails at first love, love does not return so strongly. Eventually some women become very bitter. That is why many women outside the church have such a jaded attitude about love. There is an American actress who is very famous not for her beauty but for her hobby of marrying men for their money and then divorcing them. AFTER each divorce she deposits more money in the bank. This sounds like a very radical judgment, but it is making her one with Satan, because that is the nature of his love.

Are you living with your first husband? Is it your first love, or is it a fallen love? Love that is routine and given in installments has no depth. Which do you think is more deep-rooted and secure, your first love, or the subsequent loves? First love. Serial love can never form the root of lasting love.

People have described a syndrome of tiredness after some years of marriage. Such boredom has no place in our thinking, but it is a common observation, and it indicates that love is rotting at the root.


The Relationship between True Parents and True Children

True Parents and true children are related through true love. If their relationship were like the

trunk of a tree, how big would that trunk be? Would it be thin and willowy or so thick and strong that nothing could cut it down? You testify to your own selves. How strong is your tie, as true children, to the True Father? Is it unbreakable, strong, huge and powerful? You know yourselves how it is.

Maybe we will have to test it sometime. You have a relationship with True Father, but suppose Satan comes along with a thick baseball bat made of iron. Satan's iron bat is that of your first love. That first love will strike you hard to see how strong the tie is between you and the True Parents. Something ought to break from such a break, so let the bat break! Because your love relationship with the True Parents is stronger, the iron bat will be broken. That's good news!


Children should be the Fruit born of the First Love

Look at the American family. Should a child deviate from the parents, or should he resemble them? What do we see now? Today's American family has so many problems. The sons and daughters are at variance with the parents. Children should ideally be the fruit born of the first love, not the second love. Is that clear?

The fallen world is going against the original way in every conceivable aspect. I came here and started teaching you American people how far from the ideal you were. In the beginning, no one liked it. But I want you to become engrafted into the true root, getting all your elements from God. Then you will naturally produce a seed which is much more Godly.


Never have a lingering memory of that person who ruined your first love

So now, after accomplishing all this we are entering into the fantastic new era of the dispensation of love. That is the conclusion of Father's sermon. Unless we understand this point clearly, we won't be able to comprehend what Father will do from now on. The wild olive tree must connect with the true olive tree. It has to be grafted to it strongly so that it will never disconnect again. In grafting, where do you have to cut? Would you like to graft from the feet or from the neck?

Father once saw a 2,000-year-old wild olive tree in Israel--it was huge. Let's say that huge tree is about to be grafted into a true olive tree. It will have to give up all its big branches and be connected to a rather small part of the true olive tree. Bystanders who see that comment, "He must be crazy! He is giving up everything in order to gain something he doesn't understand." That 2,000-year-old tree that was just grafted has nothing--no parents, no family, no country--just its body, not even branches! All the other wild olive trees are laughing at this big olive tree who is grafted onto a new bud.

So the world has been laughing at me: "He is called the Lord of the Second Advent, yet now he is in Danbury." Do you think we have been right or wrong in being persecuted by our own family, even kidnapped by our own parents, but staying in the church?

This is the reason why, if you had a love relationship with someone before you joined the family, he is your enemy.. Have you ever stopped to think seriously about your past? How can you restore our first love to heaven? It is so difficult because your original mind was spoiled. So your first love was worse than Satan. God cannot stand your background, because the original owner of love is God. But your ancestor was Satan. Satan promoted this world of free sex. He was watching the providential time for the coming of the second advent. Satan knew that the messiah's purpose was to restore purity on the earth, so he corrupted this world, creating the most impure atmosphere in all of human history. Who can save this diseased world? You have to save them. You have to become a salvation doctor who can give an injection of true love.


First Love and Education

The children become one with the parents. Then the model of the family is complete with its vertical center. What constitutes the pattern of horizontal relationship? Brotherhood. The brother and sister arise from here, right? They grow to adulthood, slowly maturing. They go up and up, higher and higher. Actually it is more ideal for young men and women to go to separate schools. Why is that? The mysterious nature of the opposite sex is enhanced when they are separated like that. But America doesn't see it that way. Women and men are put together for equal education. Perhaps because they are in the archangel position. It doesn't really matter. But in the true, original world they should have separate schools.

Our first love is so strong. In the ideal there must be no chance of mistake. Nothing can separate first lovers once they are bound together. You want to remain there. Somebody could pull off your ear but you would remain. But with people who experience free sex here and there, how can they have that kind of True Love? There is no strong love. For the North Pole to go to the southern position, he has to travel all the way around, 180 degrees. He can go in either direction to travel to the opposite pole. There is no center, no pole. They are just making one circle after another, endlessly, crossing over and meeting the opposite pole. Isn't this so important, so true? If we don't have this absolute vertical center point, then we have no end, no aim and no goal.


The Principle of first Love

There are so many problems in the world. The condensed solutions are all in one small Divine Principle book. People must read all of it in order to understand. I have practiced and accomplished its contents in my lifetime. I am not just an ideologue. If we know all the contents, we are happy people, because we know who God is.

Women can lead the way to peace

A typhoon has a far greater effect than a normal wind. Mother's talk was like a typhoon. The Seoul Olympic Stadium has a capacity of a hundred and fifty thousand. I said we would fill it for Mother's talk. The members didn't believe it, but it was filled, because the time has come. You never thought the time would come, but it has. I didn't give money for her talks this time. The members took care of it.

Mother's group is now bigger than any political party in Korea. She will speak in Russia and in China. Then Kim Il Sung will have to let us have a meeting in North Korea. He will have no place to turn.

I will bring North Korean women to see other places. South Korean women can help them, as elder sisters. Unification must be accomplished by brotherly/sisterly relationships, not by governments.

Women don't fight with one another at meetings as men do. Have you ever seen a coup d'etat carried out by women? Go back and quickly organize the Women's Federation for World Peace.

My mission is to change the dominion. Woman was the initiator of the fall, so she must be involved with restoration. Only the Unification Church can change women's thinking. If women are educated, no seducers can affect them. The sexual organs are a holy place, but they are fearful if misused. They can destroy family and society. Don't forget that one day, one boy and one girl made a problem that has affected all of human history. We are not the ones who had the problem that day, so why is there so much suffering? Why has Israel suffered? Why were six million Jews killed by the Germans? Love can move history.

Forget your experiences of fallen love

Teach members that their first love is very important. How wonderful are our children born from first, pure love. Don't make a mistake, or the whole country will accuse you. One German missionary to Central Africa made a mistake, and that whole country accused Germany. I know that those of you here have made the right tradition.

Forget any sexual experiences that you may have had before the blessing. To do that you must be serious about first love after the blessing. You need to have the heart of being unable to eat or sleep because you miss your spouse so much. I want to train you by separating spouses for five to seven years, so the providence can be accomplished more quickly. If you do not have a clear determination about this when you go to the spirit world, your way will not be clear.

People do not forget their first love, even though it is illicit love from the satanic world. That is how strong first love is. From first love, we can walk on a paved road. Our connection to True Parents should be higher than our first love. Our first love after the blessing should be deeper and stronger than any previous love before the blessing.

All kinds of women were drawn to me.

Before I was blessed with Mother, all the women around me, from age eighteen to eighty, wanted to be my spouse. God is fair, so all of them had an equal chance as candidates. The women members would not leave the church. I would kick them out but they would climb the fence to come back. Husbands would confine them to the house, take away their clothes and underwear, and tie them up. Still somehow they would untie themselves and get back to the church. Many rumors began. Husbands wanted to kill me.

I had to indemnify all of human history just to be able to choose True Mother. If I had been accepted by Christianity after World War II, all the women of the world who felt they should be candidates could have assembled, and a British or American woman could have been chosen. I indemnified so much just to choose Mother; it was not done at random. You can indemnify everything just by following me. It is like you are receiving a free ride.

First love opens the realm of heart

First love should transcend life and death. Female animals experience changes in their breasts and sexual organs at mating time. If there had been no fall, such changes would be even stronger in women.

Unless you have a higher level of love for True Parents than that of your first love, you cannot enter True Parents' realm of heart. First love in this world is at a lower level, so you must grow in your love of True Parents. If you love True Parents more than you love your sex partner, from that point True Parents' realm of heart begins. Then you receive the kingship of the elder son. People who can gain such elder sonship become true Israelites and true Christians and bequeath their position to the next generation. Jews and Christians should have had this kind of tradition and become this kind of person, but they didn't know about it.

First love determines inheritance

The position of elder sonship from first love can be bequeathed from generation to generation. This is the main tradition, centering on the first son of the first love. Kingship in the royal family comes from the first son of first love. People who create problems between men and women should be dropped from the royal family. Only those connected with the royal family can go to the Kingdom of Heaven. Heavenly citizenship is not random. Only the royal family and those connected with it can go to the kingdom. Paul made a mistake by saying that just by believing in the cross people could go to heaven. If you live as you wish, even in the church, you cannot go to the heavenly kingdom. You have the mission to teach all people this tradition. Then you will really be the king of kings.

Within three days you should know whatever I am saying. You need a satellite system to get information. Your countries will receive benefit from my words....

If men cry because they miss me, that is their original mind coming out. Satan cannot touch such a person. Some people know about my coming and going just through their heart. Compared with that standard of love, you are fakes.

Invest everything to gain true love

Remember your first love. This is Principle, not a story I made up. To find such a true love, you need to invest all your life and property. This excitement of first love extends to the first child as well.

Grandparents love their grandchildren more than their children. They become friends with their grandchildren and become childlike themselves. Around the world there are concerns about senior citizens. How can you solve these problems? Use senior citizens to teach children; they have more heart. One statistic indicates that the cause of juvenile delinquency is the lack of grandparents' love.

First love connects us to each other

For this we need a special ideology. Everyone is God's child. How can three generations call God Father? The answer is based on first love. God is the first love for all of them. Because of first love, then, everybody is like brothers. Those who don't know the principle of first love think this is strange. China has so many people, but there are not so many social problems because of ancestor respect.

Without Christianity there would be fighting every day in the United States because of racial problems. If America starts to divide, there will be huge problems. If Hispanics take the west and blacks the south, the whites will have the smallest part, New England.

Don't worry about being given higher levels of responsibility. Take things one step higher every day.

You need training to serve True Parents and others. Set aside food for True Parents every day. [Two plates are prepared at each meal for True Parents, and prayerfully offered. Then they can be given to a guest or family member.] Set aside money for the country. You are pioneering the frontiers of the spirit world. Get training on the ocean so you can save your life and the lives of others. Deposit the money you gain from fishing, and in ten or twenty years others will be impressed by the large amount.

First love connects us to heaven

The theme of my talk today was first love. Had there been no fall, you would all have experienced this first love. The whole cosmos would be concerned with your life. Heaven wants to connect to you based on the foundation of first true love, but it finds little place on earth to practice it. Thus heaven is sad. Once you touch that realm, however, much help will come to you, and the environment will support you.

Without the fall, people would not need to seek the blessing. Love would come automatically. First love comes from True Parents. If you want to experience this you must love True Parents more than your spouse.

921023 (Edited for Today's World)

Your love is eternal and it centers upon your first love

Once you experience your first love, you want to live with that person for your whole life. You never should separate and have another love, and then another, and so forth. Never. That was never part of God's plan. Your love is eternal and it centers upon your first love. In the satanic world, people behave like dogs that can mate with anyone. They experience first love, then they step beyond that and move on to another love, and then another. The more they repeat this destruction of love, the deeper they tumble into hell. Isn't that true?


Lost First Love

Where is your first love? Since your ancestors lost their first true love, we must find our true first love at this time. Even in the fallen world where Satan reigns, first love is so strong that people cannot forget it, right? So you have to completely erase that fallen love within the satanic world and reach for the higher, pure True Love.

When everyone can call God their father, including the grandparents, the parents and the children, what does it mean? Why can we say this? What is TL? It means True Love. Centering on True Love, which is first love, then for the parents, God is God. Then for children, God is also God. Also for their children, God is God. God is the common God for all the different generations, centering on first True Love. We have to restore feeling that first True Love.


We human beings are meant to inherit first loves

The most precious one is the first love. Does anybody forget his or her first love? We human beings are meant to inherit first loves. Where do we perfect True Love? It is right here, at this point. If you connect all the different levels of True Love through their axis, that is oneself. The self has all these four within. What is the highest point of education? Nobody has known before. It is not gained by going to some institution and spending many years there in order to graduate. Of course, that can be helpful, but this love training is by far the most important crux of education. Why is it so significant? When we achieve this, we become one with God. What more can we strive for? In that position, God is in the mind's position and the individual is in the body's position. Humankind has always sought for God, and even though they couldn't find God, this is God. All religions sought the education of perfection, but no one knew what life is all about. This is what it is all about, the essence of life.

In this position centering on True Love, man and woman have the same value. There should be a standard for perfection centering on love. God recognized the state of perfection in woman, that is it. In the man, that is it. How do we conduct ourselves, how do we avail ourselves to be recognized? Right here at this point. Without the son's love and the brother's love, we cannot reach couple's love. Therefore, we have to reach here first. In order to do that, we go through son's and brother's love, then reach here, the center point.


The Whole Love System

Where do man and God meet? Right here at the seat of marriage. And in the seat of love.

Through the sexual organ, that is where real joining takes place. But today, we are embarrassed to even talk about that in private, much less in public, because this was the real root of the problem and corruption of mankind. People choose not to talk about it because there has been no solution to the problem. But now we have the solution. With God's ideal and truth, we learn firsthand. When man and woman meet together in the bond of True Love, we must immediately think about God. We have to look at our own sexual organs as the means by which we can achieve True Love, centering on God. God is welcoming and dedicating our sexual intercourse to True Love. Do you understand?

We have to pull everything with our body. We should think about that all the time. The woman and man make love with that kind of thinking toward their body, "I have to welcome God in this way. By connecting with God, how deeply can I love at this time?" You think about the whole love system, and the connecting part is right there. In the love system childhood, brotherhood, couples, true parenthood all connect. God can enjoy this stimulating, electric touching. When you become the kind of couple who is truly stimulated, truly loving, then God wants to dwell within your family. Do you understand? This is the very ideal of God's creation! The original breakdown which caused the world to become fallen was centered on these sexual organs. All the ideals of creation were broken down because of this organ. The original foundational teaching was restoration of the dwelling place of True Love. How valuable it is. Everything is completed here, right and left, front and rear, up and down. Everything reaches completion and connection. Marriage is the time of first love and first sexual intercourse. What a valuable thing marriage is, then. How can we ever reach completion of the ideal True Love without woman, without man? There is no way. That would be the place of despair and darkness.


Each individual is in the man or woman's position, but they join together in the center and this is the point of fulfillment. This is the real manifestation of God in the creation. This is the cause and this is the effect. At this point, the invisible becomes visible. The dwelling of God is with men at this point. This is the point where marriage takes place between men and women, where they become husband and wife. This point is the moment of fulfillment of the entire creation. When you become married, plus and minus become totally one. This unity should be the sharing of first love. The first night when husband and wife join together in total unity through complete physical and spiritual love, when the sexual organs join in total harmony-that is the point where the whole purpose of creation is fulfilled. That is why we cannot take this lightly.


The Flow of Love

Adam and Eve had three children and so that means there was potential for three marriages. If each marriage produced three children, the multiplication would have continued. Once this love flows from Adam and Eve to their children, and from their children to their grandchildren, that flow is steady and the same in terms of value, because the flow is from God. That is why you have to think that you are the only man representing the entirety of humanity, that you are the only woman in the eyes of God. The first love is only one man and one woman relationship.

The first love began from God, Adam and Eve. It was absolute, because that was the only one man, one woman relationship in front of God. The very blessing concept derives from this kind of relationship between God and Adam and Eve. That is why a husband must be only one, a wife must be only one from the beginning to the end, and children must only be between the two of them. If human history had begun in that way, without the Fall, then every child would have been filial sons and daughters and patriots and naturally everything would have been connected. The extension of that kind of family would have been the three great kingships and four great realms of heart. It would have become a textbook of teaching for generation after generation. Everybody would have become a perfected man and woman. This is the concept of the royal family.


The Meaning of "Original Family"

....Even though the topic is written up there, we have not much time to get into all the details. (Laughter.) [Father laughs.] But once you know about the man and woman relationship, that includes everything. (Laughter.) Father's conclusion is one sentence. This original family represents plus position, subject position. Blessed families represent minus, object position. The Unification Church explains what the original family means. We know that. Do we really understand the meaning of the original family? Nobody was able to explain the meaning of the original family to mankind. Not even God. Not even Satan could do that. Because mankind began with a false family. But now the True Family has appeared to mankind and so this concept can be clearly explained. This original family belongs to which number of our Family Pledge? Where is it mentioned? (Number six.) Where else? When we recite the entire Family Pledge, from one to seven, the essence is original family. It is mentioned in number three where it mentions the four great realms of heart, and the three great kingships and royal familyship. Do you understand? (Yes.)

Father has already explained to us what the four great realms of heart mean, from children's love, brother and sister love, conjugal love of husband and wife to parental love. The culmination of children's love, brother and sister love, conjugal love and parental love all meet at one point [indicating on the board]. What is that point? It is the point where your first love is consummated. This means the first night when a blessed husband and wife make love together. Why do men and women meet and marry one another? Just because they want to look at one another eye to eye? Just for the sake of kissing? Just for the sake of embracing? What is the purpose? In order to fit the shapes of convex and concave together perfectly. Is that correct? (Yes.) You know better than me. Now your faces are beaming and so Father realizes that you understand. (Laughter.) Even those grandmothers and grandfathers here understand.

Including God, all elderly grandfathers and grandmothers, when they live their lives together, remember the love experiences of their youth; the love they felt as children, as brothers and sisters, as husband and wife and as parents. They live on that memory. God does the same thing. Adam and Eve were supposed to head in that direction step by step. These four different stages are like a railroad upon which you can perfect your love relationships, the four great realms of heart. If there is a husband who truly loves his wife, first of all he should consider her as a loving twin sister. He should be able to consider her also as his younger sister. Upon that foundation of children's love, and the brother and sister love foundation, conjugal love can be formed. They are not separate, they operate along the same line. [Father indicates to the diagram on the board.] Because this is one vertical line. They eventually reach to parental love. By doing so, just as God offered His love to mankind through the creation, by reaching to this parental love position, now they can give birth to their children and become second creators. Only one couple together for all eternity. Never two. All men and all women long for absolute, unchanging, eternal love.


Eternal Love

If you are under the spell of love, then even though your spouse's face is scarred from chicken pox, you will think of it as lots of small containers on her face. Then when the rain comes a lot of water will remain there and you will go and drink that water from her face. (Laughter.) How very enjoyable. (Laughter.) (Father laughs.) Not a strange face. That is the symptom of first love. It does not matter how ugly your love may appear. You never forget your first love. You will remember that particular face, no matter how ugly, for all eternity. I don't know. Love has a strange power.

You like unification then? (Yes.) Centering upon what? Centering upon yourself. What element is needed centering upon yourself? (Love.) Knowledge, money and power are all temporary. However, the power of love is eternal. God wants eternal love. Can love exist by itself? (No.) Love comes through your object. That is where Father's teaching comes in. Man absolutely needs woman, and woman absolutely needs man. Because of this absolute need you can find absolute love. Why? It is God's desire to be unified in love as the absolute owner. Through True Love we are connected with the concept of eternity. Those who want eternal love raise your hands. Why do you raise your hands? (Laughter.) Where do you want to see your eternal love located, at the bottom or on the top? (Top.) How about space? Would you like to see your eternal love confined in a small space or in a wide open universe? (Universe.) How about the depth? Would you like it to be skin deep, or a bottomless depth of eternal love? (Bottomless.) This is the shape of love from all different angles. It extends to all possible directions and thus creates a circular movement.


The Role of Woman in Reversing the Process of the Fall

We must understand this mission of Eve in a renewed sense. When the Messiah came he found desolation; there was not any such preparation. Therefore he could not teach right away. Now the time is changing and Father is able to teach. Had Father taught you this years ago, maybe it would have helped you, but Satan would have objected and claimed you back. Therefore, Father had no way to teach us freely. However, this is a different age and Father is able to teach us. Once and for all we have to understand this clearly and stand in the position we should have thirty years ago. From this point on we stand as an original person to restore my own husband, and my own children, and prepare them so that God can come and dwell with them freely. Just as God has done and Father knows very well what God has done. Now Father is teaching this to all the brides in order that they can restore their husbands and their children, Heaven and Earth. Then dedicate them to Heaven so that God can live with them. This is the mission of women.

Through her first love experience Eve chased God away. Therefore we need to follow the reverse process; we need to chase the false husband out from our homes and usher in the original husband and dedicate him to God. That is God in the flesh. God can dwell with such a family. It is not the role of the Second Coming, it is not even God's role, rather it is our role as women to restore the rightful husband and children and make them available to God to cherish as the original creation. Eve originally chased out the original husband and ushered in the false husband. This one act of one woman has nullified all relationships up until the present time. Our mission as women is to completely reverse this situation. God looks at all women here on the Earth as one woman. He does not treat millions of women differently. He applies one principle to each. Whenever God views women He sees them as one, with one role -- to reverse the process of the Fall.


How the First Love should take place

Man alone is only half a human being. Woman herself is only half a human being. But through marriage they can form a whole human being.

This is the original place where Adam and Eve, without the Fall, were supposed to meet together and form this absolute union centered upon God's True Love. That is the Principle.

When they are hugging each other with all of their strength they are creating a pillar or axis between them. Centered upon that core, which is God, that is how the first love should take place. Without the Fall, this is the place where Adam and Eve were supposed to make love.

Because of this relationship we can say that human beings are truly the children of God.

Due to the Fall of Man this entire plan was destroyed.

If there is absolute love which God desired, and absolute love which man is seeking, they should become totally one. Without the unity between God's absolute standard, and the absolute standard which man is seeking, there will be no absolute ideal world realized.

In your love relationship as husband and wife, do you want two different kinds of love or one absolute love? (One absolute love) One absolute love, with one absolute direction. The direction is one and the purpose is one.

Who is God? The original core love parents. God is an invisible being. True Parents represent God's body.


The Place where God meets His substantial Bride

The place in which Adam and Eve are perfected, consummating their first love by marrying under the blessing of God, is precisely the place where God meets His substantial bride. This is because God's ideal of absolute love descends vertically and joins where the ideal of conjugal love between Adam and Eve is realized horizontally. The True Love of God and the True Love of humankind join and perfect themselves at the same point, although they came from different directions, one vertical and the other horizontal.


Receiving the First Love

From whom do you begin to receive love? From your husband. Until you receive love from your husband you cannot conceive your children. You all know the preciousness and intensity of the first love your received from your husband. However, you should have an even greater degree of love that you can pour into your children. That is the way that you can raise your children properly. Do you understand? (Yes.) They will become the children who can dwell with God. Such children's entire bodies will be covered with the traces of their parent's love. They will be sealed within parental love. How wonderful such children are. (Amen.)


Can you ever forget your first love? (No.) When it comes to the notion of your first love, is it stained or pure genuine first love? (Pure and genuine.) Do you think that your five senses are looking for pure and genuine love, or stained and deviated love? (True and pure love.) As a woman, as soon as you hear the word love you should immediately think about your husband and no one else. Supposing that you are seventeen years of age and walking on Fifth Avenue and encounter one very pretty woman and handsome man holding hands and talking together. What would you feel? Would you feel jealous or would you feel that no matter how beautiful and happy they may look I have a husband who is far better in every way and who gives me so much happiness. You should feel that they are like kindergarten school students compared to your couple.


Creating an Ideal Family

Do you think that you should give your first kiss to your eternal spouse or to some other playboy? (Spouse.) That is your original mind responding. Even holding hands and giving your heartistic embrace should be only for your first love. Pure gold will transmit electricity using every part of that gold. This is how pure men and women are possessing that same eternal value.

If you fail to go through these stages in this physical world, when you join the spiritual world you will have no choice but to go through this process. This individual family expands to the worldwide level. The husband is the center of the family. The center is one point, but the angle should be 360 degrees when it revolves around. Mother and children should unite together and then become one with the father.

When your children are inside the mother's womb they receive their flesh and blood from the mother. Once they are born and begin growing up, then together with their mother they receive flesh and blood from their father. The father has to go out and shed sweat and tears in order to bring back home food to the wife and children. During the first stage of existence in the womb, children receive flesh and blood from their mother, but in the second stage, together with their mother, they receive blood and flesh from their father. That is what a family is. No concept of self existence should exist within the family.


Value and cherish first love

How then are you going to live? Since the first love given you by God is so precious, you must grab onto it and never let it go. No matter how much you may pursue free sex you will never experience the degree of excitement and joy that you will experience from your God-given first love spouse. In American society now, we cannot see those people who cherish and value their first love. Therefore such a nation is doomed to perish. Do we Unificationists value and cherish first love? (YES.)


The Holy Wine Ceremony and First Love

To follow this way, you have to take a course of reversing two mothers' blood ties, through the ceremony of the change of blood lineage. By whose name does this take place? Mine. The seed of a baby comes from the father, not from the mother. However, the baby seed has to be able to settle down and connect with the parents; therefore, the ceremony to change blood lineage is done with the name of True Parents. That ceremony is also the ceremony of restoration through the archangel, True Mother, and True Father. The Holy Wine Ceremony is the conditional ceremony in which Adam and Eve find their first love, and as Adam gives the wine cup to the woman it is the same as love. You should know that the Holy Wine contains such conditional elements. It is a serious problem.


Free Sex and the Absolute Love Partner

As human beings, we should mobilize our forty billion cells and clean up these dirty places. Would you women want this dirty dung filled water to be poured over you? (No.) What about men, do you want to be soaked in that kind of dirty water? (No.) Only Satan and dirty dung eating dogs go after that. God created human beings and they should stay away from it. Isn't it true? [YES!] There are certain kinds of dogs that go after dung and eat it. Therefore the name of dog (or sometimes "son of a bitch") is used to speak badly of human beings. Those people who love dung eating dogs must have some problem. Especially American people, and American leaders. If they truly love such dogs, they also become like dung eating dogs and produce that quality of life. If such dogs are around can't you smell them? Do you want to be close to them or far away? (Far away.) American people, their mind wants to get away, but their bodies are still being pulled by these dung eating dogs. That's true! Free sex activity is equivalent to this. Father gave you a figure of speech.

Without the daily motto of absolute faith, love and obedience, even God cannot solve the problems among human beings. That is why God gave us this to follow. This is the first encounter between the king and queen sexual organ cells. [Father points to a diagram on the board] At this meeting point, your mind, body and all forty billion cells are focused, pulled in and poured in there. That is what is known as first love. Based upon first love all your forty billion cells begin dancing. If you reach that level through your love, then all your forty billion cells, your blood and body will become harmonized into one. This is total unification. The husband's body belongs to the wife and the wife's body belongs to the husband. God would come to that place of His absolute partnership and become one. Absolute man and absolute woman combine into an absolute couple and then combine with God and make one body. After they become one body with God, then everything belongs to that one body place forever. Forever yours. Centering upon True Love everything becomes yours; American land is yours, everything. All human beings don't have that kind of ambition. Is that true? (Yes.)

The value of first love

Do you need this concept? (Yes.) You know the meaning. The first love intercourse becomes the unification place. On their wedding night just prior to the first lovemaking between husband and wife, they should ask each other if they have absolute faith in one another. When they ask each other, "Do you absolutely believe in me?" what should be their answer? (Yes.) Do you want to do that also? (Yes.) Don't you want to ask your spouse if he or she absolutely loves you? (Yes.) Then centering upon your absolute love, don't you want to ask your spouse if he or she wants to give you his or her absolute obedience? (Yes.) For the husband, his wife is his absolute love partner. For the wife, her husband is her absolute love partner. You need unification between husband and wife. That is why the name Unification Church emerged. Then is the name Unification Church good or bad? (Good.) What about its contents and concepts? (Great.) How great? Not gray, nobody likes the color gray. Great color. (Great!) Make sure that you pronounce the "t". Americans tend to lose the sound of "t". Make sure you say "great".

Once you reach absolute unification you can ask God to have absolute faith in you.

Once you reach the level of absolute unification between husband and wife, based upon absolute faith, love and obedience, then you will have the right to ask God if He wants to have absolute faith in you. God will then come and bow to you and say, "Yes my son, my daughter, I will have absolute faith in you." Then you may reply, "What about absolute love and obedience, will you offer these to me?" Then God will bow His head and give you that. No matter how high God is, He absolutely needs His absolute love partner. As soon as God recognizes you as His absolute partner, He will come and embrace you and never let you go. God exists in eternity. Within God you will have eternity as well, because you will become one with God centered upon love. That means you will become the owner of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, in oneness with God. By doing so, we can achieve the world of eternal peace and unification. Do you follow? (Yes.)

1997 Foundation Day

If the first love is lost, all kinds of social crimes result

Human beings lose love because we have two fathers. We have the wrong lineage. Lineage is the line which comes through life and love. We inherited false life and love, hence we inherited false lineage. If Adam and Eve had committed some crime other than the misuse of love, God could have married them first, then sent them out.

God lost His beloved son and daughter. The fruit is a symbol. They fell as youths. Therefore, immorality has spread all over the world among young people. This is the family of Adam all over the world, full of free sex and homosexuality. If you follow this, your country will be doomed to perish. If the first love is lost, all kinds of social crimes result.

All of us desire to reach the top. It has never been fulfilled. Have you seen free sex animals or homosexuals? This is a warning. Man's symbol belongs to his wife. If you misuse it, your are a thief. God is absolute love, absolute sex. This is Godism; it is the eternal reality. If you really understand this, then your trip here was well worth it. Without this, all the conferences are not worth anything.


The Power of your First True Love

In rutting season, the female uterus become swollen and red to attract the bull. Same for women; the breasts become swollen and red. This will attract your husband, or leads you to find him. If you don't have that, you are an archangel level woman. When that moment comes, if your husband is at a 90 degrees angle with you, you will naturally line up with him. You forget about eating and sleeping. Well, you cannot fully taste that as a fallen person. If your first love is true love, absolute love, you will have that power. In the horizontal world you cannot experience it. Father always operates according to the vertical cause.

Do you know what kind of temptations from women come to Father? Women are fearsome people. There were so many candidates before Father chose Mother.


Ones First Love should last eternally

God starts invisible at the top of your head (or so Father seems to be saying by his body actions). His invisible flesh becomes our visible flesh. God dwells there. So we become the proper love partner to God, through the love organ. But people think the love organ is the dirtiest thing. Because people do not value true love, they do not understand or value anything. How can we turn this around? If you lose true love, you lose the bright way for your life. Without true love, men and woman cannot trust each other. Because the "we are born for the sake of the other" philosophy does not prevail in the world, people take others to serve them. One's first love should last eternally. There were only one man and one woman in the Garden. Their love was to have been absolute. False love becomes a battle, a power game. Can anyone change this?


True Love

Even though a wife wants to welcome her husband, she asks him to take a bath first. Don't be proud. Tigers don't take a bath before they make a relationship, but they love each other. So human beings have lesser value than animals. Can you try to get your husband's mucus? Can you eat or smell it? When you make first love, even that has a good taste. If you really love your husband, you can do anything with your tongue. That is true love. When I was young, my younger brother died when I was eight. My mother checked his health by tasting his feces. If it was sweet, then his health was good. If bitter, there was some problem. Through my entire life, I inquired what is True Love, and I found that that is True Love. When you raise your children, you will see.


Heaven sighs about the First Love

Which organ is connected with lineage? The sexual organ. It is the most fearful organ. Man's is convex and woman's is concave. Woman should receive, on the bottom, receiving from above. This is eternal. Sisters who want to marry a couple of more times, raise your hands. Marry only one single time, not twice. Many in America do not want just one single marriage. What is their attitude? One marriage or more if necessary? Two times more? In the true world, you cannot have more than one father and one mother. Who is the owner of the sexual organ? Not God, but the husband and wife. Heaven sighs about the first love. That first love should be eternal, absolute, unchanging and unique, connecting to Heaven in there. Once married to each other, you cannot separate. Real love lasts forever. Who has the desire for multiple parents? No one does.

Many Americans lost their parents because of free sex. We have to clean up this bad situation. Would you welcome this absolute value? Americans, raise your hands. Do you understand? If you hate blacks or whites, your son or daughter-in-law will be from there, or you cannot solve it. If you deny my guidance, you will go to hell. It is absolute truth. Particularly those who are white-white couples, you have to take son and daughters-in-law from other races. When I blessed the people in the spirit world, I blessed them with enemy races or nations. [To one sister:] Do you have children? [Three.] Do you agree that whites should accept sons and daughters-in-law from other races for three generations? Because of the fall, Heavenly Father lost three generations. So after three generations you can again match white and white. This is true for all of you. If you don't like this, you have no where to go in this world. God likes True Parents goal. We have to love the whole world in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. [To another sister:] Do you have children? Do you accept a son or daughter-in-law from black community? [Yes.] We have to match this way at least through three generations. Through that, we can reach Heavenly Father's original expectation.

If your children marry internationally, their children will be of various colors and can marry various colors. This is a great picture of such a collection of children. The black infant sucking from a white breast is an eternally valuable picture.

We have to respect all races with the same as Heavenly Father. We have to love and respect each other. Those who have that boundless love on earth have no boundary in spirit world. They can embrace the entirety of Heaven and earth with true love. What is the best way to be a filial son or daughter? In that way only. Only in that way can the kingdom of Heaven on Earth be established. Even if God denies this, it is true and such couples will go to Heaven. He will bring you to Heaven. Those couples cannot go to hell. Even though they do not want to go to Heaven, they naturally go there and cannot go to hell.

Today I taught the best way to go to Heaven. If you have a big mind to embrace 12 different races, then you will go to the kingdom of Heaven. Someday I will make a schedule to look for the best couples to appoint as leaders. Will they be of mixed race? When I visit the white people's village, I will try to find a good leader there. I will challenge them to choose their leader from the enemy race. If they say yes, then they can go to the heavenly nation. How quickly the kingdom of Heaven can come by that method! Some Unification Church members may become wealthy. If so, they should find sons and daughters-in-law from poor people. Do my sons-in-law come from wealthy families? Or my daughters-in-law? Wealthy or humble? I chose from among those who were best educated. So I practiced what I preach. Do you desire for your son or daughter descendent to marry my offspring? You do, because of lineage. Everyone wants that lineage. Because Adam lost three generations, I can allow my grandchildren to marry interracially.

Be confident to have the qualification by understanding this truth and practicing it to go to the kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Marriage beyond race is the best way to go to the kingdom of Heaven on Earth. That family is protected.


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