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Neither the Chicken nor the Egg came first

About the full Structure of Creation, the Concepts of Evolution and the Realization of the Third Blessing
Passages taken from 43 speeches given by Reverend Sun Myung Moon between 1976 and 1999
In chronical order compiled by Johannes Stampf

Table of Contents

The Nature of Male and Female and their Relationship towards each other

Think of the universe. Why were a man and a woman created? Imagine if only a man had been created. Why has the universe ended up being the way it is? Some say it all happened according to the law of natural selection, but there are males and females in birds, fish, horses, cats, dragonflies, ants and even in microbes. Why did it happen this way? Anyone who says it all happened by chance is crazy. It couldn't happen without a cause.

What is the cause of the occurrence of male and female? It is not logical to say that although the cause is not known the result is what happened. Why were those males and females created? To do what? To fight? Look at human history. It is full of fights. Human beings are said to continue to exist through their intrinsic qualities of conflict. Listen to the theory of evolution.

What do Male and Female exist for?

Well! Do a male and a female exist to fight? Do they exist to fight or to be united? (United) United by what? (By love) What would happen if there were no love? Needless to say, they would have fought with each other most of all. Without love, the fight between man and woman would have been fierce. Why? Because the grain of seed is different between the two. Since the woman has a different grain of seed, why would the man have left her alone? He would have cleaned them out. Once the woman had gone, would the man still survive? He would disappear also. Why is that? Why is it necessarily so?

They exist for love. Because of love, human beings are higher than animals. They are on a different plane. I told Sang Hun Lee (Dr. Sang Hun Lee) about this yesterday. We hear some people say that they would die for the sake of humanity, that they would die for the sake of their country. Why do they do that? Do animals do that? Have you ever heard a horse saying, "Ah! I am going to die for the sake of the horse's world"? Did you ever see that kind of thing? Or a cat saying, "I am going to die for the sake of the world of cats"? Can you imagine a pig saying, "I am going to die for the sake of the pig's world"? Human beings have a different coefficient. When they say things like "Sacrifice for the sake of your fellow countrymen," and "Let's sacrifice our lives for the sake of humanity," they not only say it but also put it into practice. Did you know that?

Why does this Mr. Moon go to America and bother to spend even a cent? Why? Since every single penny I spend was earned by shedding blood and sweat, why do I do that? Until now I have exerted much influence on many organizations in Korea and spent much money on them. For what reason? I had saved the money by not eating food and not wearing nice clothes. Why would I spend that money that has the value of my blood and sweat? I often starved myself, hesitating to go to the coffee shops and spend money for a cup of tea, refraining from going to noodle shops to buy and eat a bowl of noodles. Yet, for a good cause, I have never hesitated to write checks for tens or hundreds of millions of won. Why would I do that? Why? Please don't get the wrong idea, saying, "Ah, since the teacher said that he was giving away as much as hundreds of millions of won, he may give some money to me also." (Laughter) That can happen only when you and I are bound by predestined relation, when you and I have justifiable reasons for it and when the value of the purpose of doing that is glorious. It is not going to happen solely for your own sake.

Human Desire

Human beings are different. They move from this position to that. Even after having a nice meal, they think of better foods. Animals, after a good meal, say, "Ah, I am so content," and then they sleep soundly and roll about. When you look at baby pheasants under a small pine tree with thick branches, they are so content, tumbling about and falling asleep. That's all they want. What about you? Once you are full, is there anything more that you want? You say, "Well, earning my graduation certificate from Seoul National University is my hope..." and you go ahead and earn it. Yet after you earn it, are you content and do you stop wanting anything more, saying, "Well, I am happy"? Once you earn your Bachelor's degree and Master's degree, do you stop wanting more? Human beings have great greed. That is the difference. Human beings have that special quality other animals don't have.

There are professors who insist upon the theory of evolution, who assert that human beings are the result of evolution and developed from lower animals. Do professors like the idea of having a common ancestor with monkeys - being relatives of monkeys? Even professors don't like that.


Where does our noble desire come from?

There is a desire in your hearts to reach out for a high and noble ideal, and you desire to do noble deeds. Who planted such a noble concept in your hearts? Some might say, "That's a quality given to me by my father and mother." But where do they get such a desire? Communism has provided one answer. In communist theory matter is the source of everything. Do you think that matter can create the spiritual qualities and desires of man's heart? Dialectical materialism is coupled with a theory of evolution which explains how material things evolve to ever higher and more sophisticated levels. However, within the human heart basic feelings and desires will never evolve but remain from generation to generation. They will not change over time.

If mankind belongs to the animal kingdom then will the monkey or any other animal some day evolve to the point where they feel as human beings feel? Will they have man's sense of justice and morality, and a desire to elevate themselves through some noble concept? Will time create that in monkeys? A monkey will never be a man, even after thousands and millions of years have passed. There is no evolution of such heart-felt desires or spiritual motivation.


God created the entire universe with man as the model.

Even though men commonly believe in evolution, evolution is only a resultant observation of the creation. The universe is not a random, arbitrary result of undirected forces. God planned out His creation from the most primitive to the most supreme forms of life. He had a definite plan from the very beginning, and knowing what kind of man He wanted to create as the ultimate glory of His creation, God planned the rest of the universe accordingly.

Two Purposes with one common goal

From the very beginning, a purpose preceded each creation. There are two kinds of purpose, internal and external, and subsequently man has one purpose for his physical body and another purpose for his internal man or mind. Together these two purposes pursue one common goal. God wanted His creation to have the two aspects of spiritual and physical, which would not contradict but harmonize with each other. This was God's original plan, and His effort is reflected throughout all the different aspects of human nature. For instance, men and women have been constantly striving toward one common goal. Why should people as different as men and women try to unite around one central purpose?

Common Purpose first

All existence was preceded by one common purpose, around which everything wants to unite.

Without being preceded by a common purpose which could unite both physical and spiritual energies around a common goal, evolution could never operate. It is our understanding, therefore, that before progress can ever take place, two types of energy must already exist which seek to sustain one common purpose. Through this mutual attempt by each to harmonize with the other, the value of their common goal becomes much higher.

The primitive levels of existence seem to have randomly evolved into higher, more complex beings, but some goal must have influenced them to go in that direction. Evolution itself cannot create a higher goal for the development of the world. Instead the direction of development must be derived from a certain goal or purpose which precedes existence itself. All of creation comes under this principle, and man is no exception. However, man differs from the rest of creation in that he has the built-in energy to progress by his own creative efforts. We are born to progress and to elevate our own value by pursuing higher and higher goals.

No man or woman wants to be alone or to stand still. Instead, we try to involve ourselves in something in order to be part of a higher purpose and goal. All of man's literature and art, for example, are expressions of man trying to harmonize himself with his external surroundings. Each of us has this basic desire to harmonize with those around us and to bring about something greater than our moment-to-moment existence. Through having a certain direction we want to harmonize with each other and to ultimately achieve a goal of higher value than ourselves. This principle affects all the created beings in this universe. The theory of evolution describes only one small aspect of interaction in a very complex universe.

It is a fundamental principle that interaction can never occur when there is only one entity. There must be at least two elements in order for interaction to occur, and furthermore, the separate elements must seek some common benefit by their relationship. Otherwise, there will be no harmony in their give and take. Men and women strive to become one because they see that by doing so they each can derive some common benefit. If oneness is pursued for mutual benefit, then a mutual purpose must also exist. Everything has two basic features, existence and direction, and there is mutuality in every aspect of human activity.

Communists do not acknowledge that an inherent direction and goal preceded the universe, and their theories do not touch upon the fundamental basics of interaction. Instead, communists use dialectical materialism to justify the actions of the Communist Party, applying a false theory of spontaneous change to explain how miraculous results can be expected from a communist state. There is actually no such thing as a miracle in this universe. There must be a cause and direction for everything. From man's perspective a certain action may seem sudden or miraculous, but viewed from a larger perspective it is apparent that no such thing is possible.

Has basic human nature evolved through history?

Nowadays men and women love each other, but what about men and women who existed thousands of years ago? Would their love have been different from ours today, or was their impulse to seek harmony and the fulfillment of a goal as intense as ours?

Why should creation stop at the level of man? Why haven't sudden total changes in species occurred recently? More and more complex animals appeared throughout the ages, but no creature has appeared which is more highly developed than man. Creation seems to have stopped with man. Do you think that happened because man shouted out, "We are perfectly happy, God. You can stop right here"? Since creation developed up to the level of man and then stopped, then we must conclude that there is a universal will and consciousness which preexisted man, and which had already planned the entire creation to conclude at the level of man.

Even if we select one small aspect of creation, such as man's eyes, no scientist and none of man's theories, such as dialectical materialism, can fully explain its functioning. We in the Unification Church are destined to fight against the false ideology of communism in the future, but in order to win over it we must clearly understand the true purpose and direction of creation. This is what will disprove dialectical materialism.

The whole dispute boils down to one simple question: Which came about first, matter or consciousness? Communism states that matter came first, while most people in the free world think that consciousness preceded matter. Where did the matter to construct an eyeball come from? What influenced matter to form eyes? Why does the nose on your face remain still, while your eyes blink frequently? If there is no consciousness or reason behind that phenomenon then why do your eyes blink at all? Do they move at random?

Your eyes move from left to right and up and down because they want to fulfill their purpose of providing vision. When you go out on a dusty, windy day much dust blows up your nose, but it still does not move. In the same situation, however, your eyes blink many times each minute. Why the difference? There is a reason and purpose behind it, namely that if your eyes became dry then they could not function. Your eyebrows are not on your face by accident but to help protect the eyes. Everything works out to have a certain purpose.

Could eyes have known ahead of time that they would need protection from dust and wind when they came into the world? No eye could know in advance what kind of world it would have to cope with, and thus prepare in advance. However, instead of understanding that each creation has an internal cause, dialectical materialism states that everything just happened to occur the way we see it.

There must be some universal consciousness which existed before the eye, and which planned out how the eye would cope with the atmosphere and dust. Which came first then, matter or consciousness? Everything has a reason to exist which was planned out by some universal mind, and nothing under the sun exists on a whim or at random. This concept is the fundamental difference between our ideology and communism. My purpose is not to dwell on this subject this morning, but I want this point to be clear before going on to my main subject.

Only through love can man relate everything to his desire for a higher purpose

Why was man born? Someone planned ahead of time that man would be the supreme creature in all creation, having the supreme purpose, direction and goal in all the universe. In studying our own lives it becomes evident that everything we do is for the purpose of receiving some benefit. You did not come here this morning, for example, in order to lose something but to gain something, even though it is intangible.

Are you now receiving something from me? Why isn't it good to sleep when I am giving a sermon? The simple explanation is that by dozing instead of listening you are losing something. Sleeping at this time is a waste of your energy, of the universal energy, and of my energy. The position of leader is a very fearsome one. If I had no inspiration to give you then after two or three sermons you would see that there was nothing to gain by being here and you would not come. However, if you are benefited and inspired to a higher level after coming here, then you smile from ear to ear as you leave.

Why is love good? It is only through love that we can relate everything to a higher purpose. Every one of you sitting here has the built-in nature to want to reach higher levels and higher value by pursuing higher goals. Each day you want to be more righteous than the day before. In addition, you feel, "T want to succeed and become a center of attention. I want to be respected for giving much benefit to the world." Where did you get such an idea? If everyone happens to feel that way then the theory of evolution might be correct. However, that particular ideal will never "evolve" into something else.

Nothing can change that constant ideal. If you received electric shocks, would it be possible to move that thought out of you? Would an atomic bomb change that human idea? Why not? No matter what happens to you, you will always return to that same direction and purpose. If you are whirled around until you are completely dizzy you will still resume that direction. Even if you are pushed down or beaten, some power within you will always bring you back to that certain posture.

The magnetic forces of the North and South Poles form the standard for all navigation. If the electrical fields of the two poles changed at random every day, what would happen to men at sea and in the air? Can the world make orderly progress if everything happens at random? There are many forces trying to influence you toward a certain direction, but some internal power pulls you right back. In spite of this fact, communism denies all these basic human traits, saying, "Men must be re-made and totally revolutionized; they must be turned around once and for all."


The hidden Cause, Purpose and Direction behind natural Evolution

Many people claim that there is a process of spontaneous evolution and that everything happens naturally. However, even behind this "natural" evolution there is a hidden cause, direction and purpose by which everything follows a certain disciplined direction and way of life. Everything in existence is moving in its respective direction, continuously striving to reach its perfection and to achieve some common goal.

Evolutionists insist that the path of development in the world follows a straight line, and yet the entire universe moves in a circling motion. The seasons follow in the same sequence, and history itself moves in cycles. If everything in the universe advances in a circular pattern, why does evolution itself not follow the same pattern? Electricity flows through circular give and take of plus and minus. Even within matter as hard as a diamond, circular motion is seen between subject and object inside billions of atoms; when their give and take is tightly organized, those atoms create hard matter. By examining the universe we come to the conclusion that man's life has to be included in this universal law; man does not just come out of the dirt to live one life and then vanish. Human life implies much more.

There must be some basic universal energy from which our life springs. We talk about a governing principle, but can you see that principle with your own vision? The principle is invisible and can only be understood after explanation, but even so that invisible principle is always in the subject position and the entire visible world is nothing but the manifestation of it. Man did not evolve out of this earth, but from some invisible principle in the depths of God's heart. God's will and principle preceded you visible men and women, and an invisible idea of man existed which God manifested into the visible form of man. God's will is for man to reach a certain perfection and then return with that perfection to the invisible world which cannot be seen with our physical eyes.

Circular motion allows perfect give and take

Let us think for a moment about why all life exists in circular motion and a circular shape. In give and take action energy is moving in two opposite directions, and unless the give and take action produces a circular motion the subject and object will only clash. In God's law, therefore, the creation is based on circular motion. When perfect giving is responded to by perfect receiving, there is complete perfection of circular motion, meaning that no confrontation results and no energy is wasted. When energy is given in less than a perfectly circular motion the reception is also imperfect and the total energy is reduced. This is the law of movement. Why is this universe round? In order to have the perfect conditions for give and take.

There is a very beautiful Oriental concept of "won mon." "Won" means "round," and "mon" means "complete fullness." This concept means that in the state of perfection one must be perfectly round and also filled completely. Oriental philosophy reveres this state of roundness and fullness.

A man is like a piston, tending to push out and be aggressive in nature. Women are more internal and withdrawn in character, being the recipients of man's aggressiveness. The act of pitching a baseball is an aggressive motion, while the act of catching is receiving and more passive. Does the ball itself just move in a straight line, or is it circling? Do you think a bullet moves in a simple straight line, or is it rapidly whirling? Every motion contains a circular element. All the forms of the human body are primarily round; look at your eyes and the shape of your fingers and limbs. You cannot find any portion of your body which is nearly square. Your teeth are the hardest portion of your body, but they too are rounded in shape.

The solar system, the galaxies, and the heavenly bodies are all round and are moving in a circular motion. In the Unification Church our principle is the same. Because of circular motion we believe that if we can just continue our positive giving then we will receive positive things in the future. Whatever we give is never ultimately lost but will return.

Every action follows a circular path. For example, when you kick a ball, will it fly up in the air and then fall down at a 90-degree angle? No ball moves like that, but instead follows a curving path. When a speeding automobile makes a turn it always tilts away from the direction of the turn. Making a turn is actually the most dangerous moment in driving anything, and at that moment you must stay close to the ground to avoid an accident. In the same way, when God is in motion He is closest to men when making a turn. Such a time is particularly dangerous and severe and accidents can easily happen; however, it is also the time when we can expect some revolutionary new happening.


The Two fold Purpose

Let us look at the example of our eyes. The eye has the purpose of self-existence, but also of serving the whole body. The ear has to operate automatically, but it also helps the whole. Because of this purpose, everything from particles to the largest creation has a right to exist. How could the universe be interrelated? It is because all individuals have dual objectives: one is to protect the self and the other to make sure the self combines with another self to make a bigger self. The theory of evolution understands individual purpose of self-preservation, although it does not grasp the ultimate purpose of the whole.

Conscientious scholars today have no answer for the question of how the universe is perpetuated and what its purpose is. Their conclusion is that it has no purpose, but just goes on and on and will perish at one point. But we know this is not true; something may seem to perish, but as it passes away something else will be formed. This happens because everything has a purpose. The same principle applies to every aspect of the universe. Individuals gather to meet individual needs, but also for the purpose of forming a greater being. If someone wants to have great character, he must be available as an object to the whole universe as his subject. He must be worthy of it.


All things of creation ultimately aspire to resemble God.

Just as human beings have aspirations and hopes, all things of creation do, too, although on a different level. Without this, they cannot connect to God. All things of creation ultimately aspire to resemble God.

The greatest Question

The greatest question in the scientific world today is whether the phenomena in the universe are the result of evolution or whether they were created by someone's will. People want to know whether life originated from some purpose or whether it evolved through random mutations. If evolution is true, who determined its direction? Evolution heads towards a higher state of development. Does each element determine its own goal? Does each being know where it is going to advance next? Evolution needs the input of new energy to develop into a higher state. How does the process of evolution obtain its energy?

Today's science is totally deadlocked in this area. Even if the level of development is different, all things-grass, rocks, trees, etc. aspire in some way to be like God, who exists in dual essentialities. All the things of creation focus on one center and are concentrated into one microcosm-human beings. All the elements of the entire universe were assembled and compacted into one little shape: a human being. Each smaller plus and minus combines into bigger elements, forming higher and greater existences. The basic qualification for being absorbed or harmonized by a higher being is absolute internal harmony and balance between plus and minus. A harmonized plus and minus resembles God, who is perfect harmony.

The Principle states that wherever a perfect plus exists, it will automatically attract a perfect minus. When a greater plus appears, the smaller minus become a greater minus in order to be worthy of complementing the greater plus. The minus grows in stature to create balance. Suppose the minus is not large enough to balance a very large plus; it will assemble another small minus, and with it will grow in stature!

The theory of evolution is merely an external observation of the internal process of creation.

Evolution analyzes the phenomena, but internally there is always a will and a goal at work; through give and take action a new and higher being is created. All the elements of the universe revolve around God.

In our body, an individual blood cell does not remain in one organ but circulates all over, from toe to brain. Blood is a harmonizer, traveling throughout the body and blending with all its elements. The nerves also bring cells and organs into harmony.

Spiritual growth can be compared to the educational process. We start out in life as a small being and want to become a higher and larger being since we want to resemble God, the highest being of all. Children go through elementary school but they are not satisfied with that. They want to continue through high school and perhaps go on to college and graduate school. When someone finally obtains a Ph.D., can he turn around and belittle his kindergarten or elementary school experience, or call high school a waste of time? Not at all. Looking back at all his experiences at the earlier levels, he realizes that they formed the foundation for his Ph.D. work and they are harmonious with it. From balance comes harmony, cooperation and advancement.

Communism claims that development takes place through confrontation and struggle, but that is not true. It is impossible for higher beings to develop through confrontation and struggle. Only balance, harmony and cooperation can make it happen.

With this principle, we can evaluate the errors in the theory of evolution; also we can show that the ideology of communism is based on falsehood. When someone lectures on the Principle, he repeatedly stresses that God exists in dual essentialities. It sounds very simple and may seem easy to think of, but in order to reach that conclusion I had to dig down and search the four corners of the universe.

One of the greatest historical questions has been answered this morning: is our world today the result of evolution or creation? Creation is actually the most logical answer.

All things have a direction and goal; when they aspire towards it and take action, the energy arises which enables them to reach that goal. Thus it is logical to conclude that the entire universe is heading in a certain direction and that there is a will which determines that direction. Somebody set the goal, so movement has direction and all existence has a goal.

Communists talk about a utopia and the inevitable goal of an ideal world according to their "law" of dialectical materialism, but that is pure fabrication. They say that the ideal world can only be achieved through confrontation and struggle, but that is simply a lie. No such goal can be reached through violence and conflict.

The Unification Church has a clear explanation:

History has been the struggle between good and evil, not between plus and minus, not between the two complementary elements of male and female.

History is filled with confrontations between good and evil. How can we determine that? By looking into our own hearts!

There are two types of processes operating within all things: action and reaction. When you consider only the reaction processes, everything appears to be a struggle. When there is action, a parallel reaction automatically appears. The Principle explains this as origin, division and union action. But the authors of communism, looking at the same phenomenon, came to a quite different conclusion. They saw it as a polarization-opposing elements continually at war with each other; and out of that conflict, they said, a new element or new creation comes into being. That is the view of existence according to dialectical materialism.

The repelling Energy acting as Energy protecting the Subject-Objeckt Harmony

It is true that there are active and reactive elements, but there are two very different ways of explaining them-either communist theory or the Principle. There is a repelling energy in the universe. God is complete harmony between plus and minus, so He is a perfect being. If some foreign element tries to invade and break up the balance, this perfect element repels it and says, "You are not needed here. Get away" In your own experience, you repel a threat even unconsciously. If an insect flies toward your eye, your hand automatically comes up to stop it. If some person moved toward you in a threatening manner, you would crouch down, making yourself smaller, ready to burst into action. You want to repel any external invasions and defend yourself against foreign elements.

Why does the human body shrink before it expands or strikes out? It is because the universe is like that. God must have built some reactive or repelling energy into the system. Once perfect harmony is achieved, you want to maintain it for eternity. Everything aims for eternal existence; therefore, you have the built in power to repel any threat. You have your own defense department within you! Likewise, all of creation seeks to protect itself for the sake of preserving harmony. This is the beauty of the universe!

You might be thinking, "I am listening to what Father is saying but I am not convinced. How can it work?" The Principle teaches that when our plus and minus aspects come together in complete harmony, God will dwell within us. That is because a completely harmonized being reflects God's own characteristics; that is how God can make His dwelling with us.

When your cells function perfectly, blood automatically flows toward them and the nervous system serves them. A perfectly functioning cell automatically sends an invitation to the circulatory and nervous systems and the life force flows into it. How can you deny it? It is scientific truth. By the same token, when the plus and minus elements completely harmonize, God comes to dwell there.

Thus both a harmonizing or comforting force and a repelling force exist. The first brings everything into oneness- like glue. The second rebuffs any threats to that perfect harmony. It springs into action and says, "Get out of here!" A certain rapport is established between plus and minus, but a foreign element that is not a perfect plus or minus is unwelcome. You enjoy talking with a loving person with whom you have complete rapport; but to someone you dislike or perhaps even hate, you say, "Get out of here!" You don't want him around. The universe operates in two ways: by harmonizing and by repelling, and for both activities it needs energy.

The harmonizing and unifying Force - the more important Dimension

Without being able to observe the whole picture, you only see things piecemeal and notice only the small elements and the repelling action. You can see a lot of struggle and wonder how such things can develop into something greater. But when you observe the whole, you find not only the repelling force but also the more important dimension: the harmonizing and unifying force. Whenever you seek after a greater object or subject, the uniting force becomes greater than the repelling force and it draws you forward.

If you know something about elementary electricity, you realize that two circuits are required in an electrical current: a plus circuit and a minus circuit. Do plus and minus attract or repel each other? They attract. However, two pluses and two minuses repel each other. When plus and minus unite, they resemble God, but plus and plus together do not.

The Unity of Plus and Plus, Minus and Minus and Plus and Minus

During a summer thunderstorm, great masses of plus energy collide with great masses of minus energy in the air. When they come together, they produce Joyful sparks and an incredible sound. But if plus repels plus and minus repels minus, how can they amass into such a huge plus and such a huge minus? I was studying electrical engineering, and I was going to write my dissertation on this topic. However, I changed my studies to religion and never wrote the dissertation, but I still have a theory about this question. Engineers and physicists do not deal with philosophical questions; they usually just study the phenomena.

I worked out a beautiful theory to show why plus and plus do not always repel but also unite under certain circumstances. If no minus element is present, plus and plus may join, but as soon as a plus spots a minus-a potential "mate"-he exclaims, "Oh-ho! This is what I have been hunting for a long time!" Then he rejects the plus and goes to the minus.

Another good example can be taken from human experience. Before finding their mate, boys are best friends with each other; plus and plus are united in this case. But when one meets the woman who becomes his fiancée, he doesn't want other men around anymore. Once a plus discovers a minus, it is drawn to it as object; that is because their unity will make them more like the image of God. No matter how closely plus and plus are united, it doesn't reflect the image of God. Therefore, when plus and minus unite and then repel others, they are actually giving them a loving push away, an encouragement to go and find their own mate and create their own eternal harmony! That repelling action is a stimulant for others to become the harmonized image of God.

One plus unites with another plus, forming higher and higher pluses, and one minus unites with another minus, forming higher and higher minuses. Ultimately the super plus and super minus will meet, creating the ultimate universal, eternal beauty. One magnetic pole is mankind, the supreme creation, and the other magnetic pole is the universe, the rest of creation. When mankind and the universe unite and energy flows between them, they give birth to incredible beauty and the ideal world.

The final Destination

However, this is not the end of our journey. We continue our quest until we reach our ultimate, invisible subject, God. He is the final destination. When we reach God, we find complete, ultimate harmony, with God as the plus and mankind as the minus.

Once men and women join in perfect harmony, should we preserve it for eternity or break it up? If any foreign element tries to invade it, the repelling force pushes it away and tells it to go out and find its own mate.

When you are sick and in pain, it means that somewhere in your body the normal harmony or balance is broken. Something invaded and upset it, causing a reaction to eliminate the disruptive element. That is why you feel pain. The universal repelling force operates in your body to drive away the foreign invasion and sickness, and the struggle between the two produces the sensation of pain. When somebody hits you, you feel pain from that invasion. That pain motivates you to do something to protect yourself.

If something destructive is not painful, you might keep on laughing and in the meantime be destroyed. Pain is an alarm signal, an emergency warning system. The newborn baby feels pain whenever any critical balance is broken. He or she is sensitive to any abnormal situation. I thought a lot about the laws of existence last night!

We have concluded that we are the result of the act of creation, not evolution. We are the fruit of beautiful harmony. Communism claims to have the ultimate truth, but it looks at the world in little bits and lacks the whole perspective. To produce complete harmony, the universe is composed of pluses and minuses, and their intricate interactions form all the beauty of the universe. There is always give and take between them. A big plus includes lots of smaller pluses and minuses; a big minus includes lots of pluses and minuses as well. Each time plus and minus unite, something greater is created.

We have been talking about all these levels of duality, but you, too, are a dual existence. Within you there is the internal and external, mind and body, right? If there is no harmony between the internal, spirit body and the external, physical body, you feel the pain of conscience. To create perfect harmony you need God, who brings you the power of life. When God dwells with you, you never lack energy. As the dwelling of God, you become a powerhouse, able to continue day and night without running out of energy.

When you fund raise, if there is a battle between your mind and body, you feel fatigued and powerless. But once your mind and body are united, God can dwell in you and you feel abundant energy and vitality. In that case, an individual is like a factory with all the machines running- all the organs are doing their best-and you don't have to worry about them going on strike!

Some members wonder what is wrong with drinking a little alcohol, smoking or taking drugs. Liquor, for example, will only play an invading role and upset your balance, making you commit some mistake. Of course, after you achieve perfect harmony between plus and minus, liquor, cigarettes and marijuana could not distract you. But while you are in the process of growing, you tend to look in all directions and many foreign elements try to woo you. When you pay attention to them, you will be drawn into their sphere.

Take another example: although there is no line between you and me, you feel some pulling power from me, don't you? I may try to chase you away, but you come right back, just like a rubber band! You may think about me day and night, and you feel good because of the invisible link pulling on you. That is the power of life. All living things orient themselves toward the power of life; plants, for example, grow toward the sunlight.

My position is not that of an appointee; you cannot appoint a replacement for me. Someone can represent me, but not substitute for me. Can you replace your fiancé or spouse and swap them for someone else? Certainly not.

It is not enough to do well as an individual; you need a family. The family and its members-brothers and sisters, parents and children-are essential, because by uniting with them you enlarge yourself. In a way, your family is your larger self, and your society and nation are still larger selves. Even the world can be your larger self! Each person wants to become a greater and better being. Without this principle, the standards of value in society cannot be determined.

The greatest of all contributions that I have made to the world is the system of home church. Home church is the base or stage for becoming a larger self, for transforming the individual into the greater world self.


Where do we find our Standard?

When we narrow down "our standard," it becomes "my standard." When we broaden it, it becomes the "world standard." Where do we find our standard - the present, the past, or the future? What should be the central factor in setting up this standard? Money, knowledge or power? Or a person? But there are all kinds of people.

We may say the standard should be based on the mind, but the mind also varies, sometimes being beautiful and other times ugly. Should the standard be based on a school record, or on religion, or on God? In thinking about all this, we have to determine what has value for our lives. In Korean the word for treasure means literally "material treasure." In talking about value we often are referring to material value; usually a treasure is based on material value.

How can we determine a standard of value?

First of all, something of value should last a long time, being eternal, unique, and unchanging. Gold, for instance, has unique character, and is not easily changed. These are the qualities of value for material things. Why do people talk about material treasure, but not about a person as a treasure? A person's labor is often sold for $3.50 an hour. How cheap a man is!

If we ask why treasure is spoken of as "treasure material" but not as "treasure people" then we have arrived at a great question. Why haven't people been regarded as treasure? Which does the world like better? People may kill other people to obtain material treasure or territory. This is a real problem today. How many of you think you are less valuable than gold?

A pearl has a harmonized color which is beautiful. Gold and pearls are very soft, while diamonds are very hard.

Would you exchange your loved one for gold?

Would you give up your loved one's little finger for an equal amount of diamonds? Doesn't it sound like a good deal? If you were offered a diamond as big as your wife or husband, would you trade? Does that mean that men and women are more valuable than gems?

What do you women have that makes you more valuable than diamonds? Is it your sparkling eyes and soft skin? Or are you precious because women eat less than men and cost less to feed? Do you have these three qualities of value? Men and women change; maybe you would be valuable when you were young and lovely, but what about when you are old? Why do you tend to like a warm, embracing person more than one who is aloof and distant? When the weather is warm, people relax, but when the air is cold you automatically try to protect yourself. Warm weather makes people more expansive and relaxed.

The permanent Quality of Value

Do your favorite things change or not? People are changeable, and particularly women! Changeable women are less liked than more stable women, right? Is that true for men also? The three qualities of value apply to people as well as to material things, so we can say that a changeable person has no everlasting value or uniqueness. We know that man has the two aspects of mind and body; which changes more? More specifically, does your conscience change more than your physical desires? People who advocate the theory of evolution say that there is not much difference between the basic makeup of men and animals. What they are saying is that the desires of the mind are illusory, and therefore, that there is no such thing as an absolute standard of conscience. In other words, they feel we are only made of material, and that there is no such thing as a permanent ideal. If we are only animals then we are no better than any animal, and there is no room for a permanent standard. Therefore, no permanent quality of value can exist.

The Difference between Man and animals

If man is really descended from monkeys then man is also only an animal. Do monkeys have moral standards or ethics? There is no such thing as keeping one's purity in the monkey world. But man, who seems to be more advanced culturally seems to be becoming more like the monkeys today because men and women all have sex casually with each other.

Moralists today seem to be losing the debate with the evolutionists because they cannot show how men are really different from animals. In order to distinguish men from animals, we would have to create even an imaginary God who could be the embodiment of some absolute standard; otherwise we would have no way to win this battle. God has been neglected by mankind throughout history, but now we have reached a deadlock; without an absolute standard mankind cannot survive.

Power prevails in the animal world, with stronger animals attacking weaker ones. Is that natural in the human world? Do we naturally need some power to protect ourselves? Certainly human conduct needs some moral standards, and to determine those standards we need a fountain; should that be formed by the body or the conscience? The moral quality has to be pursuing some intangible value, such as justice and honesty. The mind works by combining intelligence, heart and will power. Human value must be based on conscience, which should have everlasting qualities, being eternal, unchanging and unique. At the same time, everyone should like and agree on the value of the conscience. The conscience should be needed morning and night, every moment of our lives. That's the kind of standard we have to come up with.

The quality that defines a "treasure person" comes from his conscience and mind, which should be unchanging, eternal and unique. In the Orient, when a person is bad we say he has a bad mind; we never say his body is bad. When you value a person, you value his mind, not his appearance, saying his state of mind or thinking is good. In criminal law, the most important factor is what motivated someone to commit a crime, and motive is intangible. Motivation comes from the mind, and the body reacts to that.

When I asked you whether the mind or body was more changeable, you couldn't answer. Is the conscience pursuing good or evil things? The answer will be the same 1,000 years from now. If I ask people from 10,000 years ago, their answer will be the same. That means the conscience has an unchanging quality, and thus we say that the conscience must be the base of value. Now we can say that man's unique value comes from his conscience.

Why is it that we appreciate the three qualities of value in material things? There must be some corresponding intangible aspect of man which also includes those qualities. We appreciate certain things because we have those qualities within ourselves; that reciprocal relationship is the key for determining value. We can see this same principle in the relationship between God and man.

We are not the universal subject, so we cherish these qualities of value because there is a first cause who initiated this; we are merely in a corresponding position. Evolution tries to deny the power of conscience by saying it is only the product of material. Evolutionists don't accept the idea of a first cause, or God. They say conscience is merely animal instinct which evolved a little higher. Do you feel good to hear that you are merely descendants of monkeys?

Evolutionists have no solutions for human problems today. To distinguish ourselves from the animal world we need to have God; if there is no real God then we must make an imaginary one. Otherwise, there is no solution. For the last ten years I have been spending an incredible amount of money inviting the world's leading scholars to come and think about absolute value, but they don't even want to think about it. Everyone wants to deny there is absolute value, saying there is only relative value; they keep saying they are tired of hearing about absolute value. They are asking me to change the subject of the conference, but I have refused.

I know that, no matter how great these academics are, they cannot find absolute value because it can't be observed in a laboratory or test tube. They are trying to determine things through their physical senses, and they will not recognize anything that doesn't come that way. But the physical senses cannot perceive spiritual reality, or anything beyond the material world, like God. There is no way you can reach conclusions about value and conscience through the analytic method. You have to employ one more sense to perceive the complete reality of the universe.

What is Reality?

Today's scientific world is confused about what is reality. Thinkers say we have to conquer reality in order to advance, but here is the confusion - what is reality? Religiously and philosophically there is confusion, and we have to clarify this confusion by setting the standard. We need philosophy and religion, but what do "I" need most of all? An active conscience. To determine true reality, we have to restore our consciences to be true ones. Have people in history ever lived with true consciences? The common desire of all men has always been to live with true conscience, but how can this be realized?

One important quality in a moral code is filial piety. We value this, but what is it, and why should we exercise it? Filial piety is loyalty to the unchanging value of the family. The son of filial piety pursues the principle of serving his parents and brothers and sisters even if they do not reciprocate. Conscience dictates that this is the right thing to do. But if you do not recognize the value of conscience, you will not recognize the value of filial piety; you have to have some starting point. Conscience values your parents' welfare more than your own.

On a large scale, a patriot follows the dictates of his conscience by serving his country and caring about its welfare. Again, the common ground is that the conscience dictates the benefit of something higher than yourself. The conscience does not care only for the self first, but pursues something of higher value.

What is a saint, or holy man? He follows the same principle, but obeys his conscience in acting for the sake of mankind, and he recognizes the subject of all - God. In history holy men have always been religious leaders.

Today, materialistic communists say that awareness, or consciousness, is merely a by-product of the material world. So where can they find a moral code? No place. Communism is destructive because that philosophy is based on materialism, and recognizes consciousness only as a by-product. There is no room for a "treasure person" in communism. Because communists don't recognize the spiritual element, life is expendable in their political system, and they freely sacrifice people's lives to attain material. There is no everlasting moral standard in the communist world.

Which is first - consciousness or existence? How do we determine that consciousness came first? An eye is material, of course, whether in man or some animal. Would the first eye know that it would encounter dust, or sunlight? Whoever designed the eye must have had an understanding of all these phenomena. Without knowing there would be light, how could the eye have been designed as it is? If anyone tries to say that the eye came about at random, you can show him his mistake. Is it a random event that the eye has tear ducts to keep the eye clean and moist? It is logical that long before the eye came into being a universal consciousness realized the circumstances and designed the eye accordingly. So we can say that consciousness came first.

In school, many of my acquaintances were communists and we discussed dialectical materialism, so I gave them this example and challenged them to answer me. If the eye came first and created the sun and dust and temperature, then their thinking might be correct, but otherwise their theory must die out. Finally those communists just gave up in confusion, and one of the honest ones admitted that there must be a universal consciousness.

I don't deny the process of evolution in development, but I am saying that there is a creative process going on behind it. In the theory of evolution there are sudden occurrences called mutations, in which something new comes from its parent body. But we have to say that there must have been some energy or willpower that authorized that occurrence. Could evolution itself create a new awareness and make a new design? Absolutely not.

There must be something outside evolution that can supply creative energy. It is true that development occurred between the lowest and the highest stages, but it did not happen automatically. Each stage was the result of a design and input of additional energy


The Nature of the Nucleus or - Does God exist?

Throughout history mankind has been pondering the fundamental question of whether or not God exists. But history has developed until the present time without a definitive answer being found to that question. However, if God exists and is a personal God as well, whatever God may think and plan is the ideal which all mankind ought to seek. Therefore, the most basic question of man's life revolves around whether or not God exists and what is the true relationship between God and mankind.

Considering the question of whether or not God exists, let us for the time being think philosophically about ourselves, or "I". Do "I" exist and how do I know that I exist? Historically philosophers have held differing views. Some have asserted, "I think, therefore I am. I cannot doubt that I doubt." But what is the origin of thinking? Some say thought comes from the brain, while others assert that man's spirit is the origin of his thought. But whatever the origin of thought, man himself has a separate origin, so we have to consider the two questions separately.

How did Man come into being?

Many people believe that man came into being through an evolutionary process. This is an expedient explanation but it cannot actually be the fundamental one. Even evolution must have had an origin somewhere. Did the animal become a human through an evolutionary process? Where is the origin of man's spirit, mind, and thought within the animal? Where did human thought begin in the evolutionary process? Did animals have any spiritual ancestors?

The simplest organism is the one-celled amoebae. Suppose the amoebae has the capacity of a simple consciousness. How then did that simple consciousness evolve into the sophisticated human mind? Did the noble spirit of mankind evolve from that little organism? It is not very logical to assume such a thing. There must have been some point in the process of the development of man's body when the human spirit came into being. We know that the capacity of the human mind is tremendous. Are we to believe that elements of greater and greater thought were added bit by bit to the simple consciousness of the amoebae until we reached the human mind and spirit? That is the logic of evolution.

Does the amoebae, the beginning point of the evolutionary theory, contain the energy necessary to propel itself forward into a higher form of being? If not, that extra energy must be supplied from the outside. Who is in a position to supply the energy necessary to make one object into another object? Observers of the phenomenon of evolutionary development do not try to figure out this question. They only observe the end result and call it evolution. But if we look more deeply into the internal aspect, we conclude that there must be some additional source of energy besides the object which is changing.

Two major schools of philosophical Thought

When amoebas collect in greater numbers do they somehow produce the human spirit? Even the simple amoebas do have an external form and an internal aspect. These internal and external aspects work together as a joint unit, with the internal aspect behaving as the central point.

There are two major schools of philosophical thought: materialism, which considers matter as the essence of the universe, and metaphysical idealism, which considers spirit as the essence around which everything else in the universe revolves. The age-old philosophical question is whether consciousness precedes existence or existence precedes consciousness. From an external observation, it would seem that existence came before consciousness. But from the internal point of view there was an awareness or a consciousness first, from which sprang being or existence. Depending upon how this question is answered, two entirely different viewpoints emerge. On one side is the materialist philosophy and on the other the acceptance of God. In between these two extremes there are thousands of different theories.

Between these two opposing viewpoints, call them "internal" and "external", struggles arise. It is very important to determine which came first, consciousness or existence, and which is subject and which is object. When we can discover the order of their appearance, we can understand the overall order of things, and there is no need for struggle. But if we believe that matter and spirit coexist on an equal level there will always be struggle. Marxism is founded on the belief that the universe sprang from the essential element of material and that consciousness is a by-product of matter.

The Concept of a Center and the determinig Factor of the Nucleus

The basic component of matter, the atom, can be broken down into smaller and smaller particles. Within the atom is the neutron and the proton with the electron circling around it. The proton occupies the center and is in the subject position; however, within the proton there is another give-and-take action and further breakdown is possible. All the elements coming together began with some motion. Did they all begin their motion at the same time or was there some order? Whichever particle initiated the motion had to become the subject.

The central point of the atom, the nucleus, was the initiator of the movement within the atom. Within the amoebae the same thing applies. It contains an internal nucleus character and an external, orbital character. Each of the billions of cells within the human body has a nucleus as well.

The concept of a "center" requires the existence of four directions. As on a graph when one has four points, there is a point central to the four. The nucleus of a cell is in the center. If the cell is not a perfect circle but is an oval shape, there still must be a balanced central point within. What purpose is served by that center? The central position determines the location of the axis; it is the position of the starting point. Without it nothing can move.

There are 104 different types of atoms and the shapes of each of the 104 atoms are different. The determining factor for the shape and characteristics of each atom is its nucleus. Even for the smallest atom there is still a center which determines its shape and characteristics.

The Importance of the Core

The characteristics of the nucleus determine the substance of the outer body, so the central nucleus is the key determining factor for the entire being. This is true in the development of the different forms of existence. As atoms congregate and move together into different types of nuclei, the outward characteristics become markedly different. In one direction there is the vegetable world, in another, the animal world, in another, the mineral world. The central nucleus character is determined first then the outward phenomenon, or the external form, is determined.

However, evolution rests on the assumption that the development of life just happened-by chance or accident on its own, automatically. But there is no way for such development to occur automatically. When there are two different types of nuclei there will be two different types of external forms. For example, no matter how hard a radish and a Chinese cabbage try, the radish cannot become a Chinese cabbage and the cabbage cannot become a radish. It is impossible for them to come together and produce some new form of life. They have totally different types of nuclei with totally different characteristics. Unless the elements of the nucleus are changed, the external forms cannot be changed.

The shape of the monkey and the human being resemble each other. Other animals, such as the dog. the cat, the cow have eyes, noses and ears just as humans do. But does that mean that the cow can become a man and the man can become a cow? No, because the determining factor of any existence is its nucleus, the center. Humans have the internal determining factor of humanity; cows have the cow-determining factor; dogs have the dog-determining factor. As long as those nuclei are different, no matter how much effort is spent on external unity, they can never become interchangeable.

To begin with they are different items, monkey and man. The monkey has a monkey-determining factor and the man has a man-determining factor. They have entirely different purposes as well. If we try to come to the conclusion that the monkey automatically evolved into a man, it doesn't hold true.

The nucleus is the core and the subject; it is in the position to relate in all four directions. It can exert influence in all four directions and can receive energy from all four directions. It can determine its own character. In other words, it shapes its substance. With this concept of a core-nucleus, the internal and external aspects of man can be understood. The theory of evolution cannot explain the internal and the external because it has no understanding of the core.

The elements might not have occurred in all four directions at the same time. Maybe they began with one direction; but ultimately they covered the entire four directions. The four directions of east, west, north and south have different characteristics from each other.

Every essential element of matter has a different origination point.

Between the nucleus and the objective body, the nucleus comes first in the subject position and it determines the nature of the objective body.

Even though it is invisible, the internal is first. Whoever takes the initiative becomes the subject. For example, in order for those of you sitting in the front row to get here first, you had to have motivation and take the initiative to get here earlier than others. The motivation for an action comes from within the nucleus, the center point. You determined in your thinking that you wanted to be here first on the front row. The motivation came from a nucleus, the idea, and it pushed your body to do it. Your body did not push your mind to come here early. Since that core-nucleus exists prior to objective embodiment, the internal occurs before the external. That core makes the external embodiment possible, not vice-versa. This same principle can be applied everywhere. The internal reality and internal character is first and is in the subject position.

The central Nucleus of Character

The theory of evolution falls apart simply because evolution cannot explain how one nucleus changes itself into another nucleus. Imagine a scientist in his laboratory commanding several elements with differing nuclei to come together the way he wants them to. No matter how many times he shouts at those nuclei, unless there is a certain element of mutual interaction or possibility for reciprocal relationship, those nuclei will defy him and will not come together. Knowing this, how can we be convinced when people try to tell us that the universe developed according to the theory of evolution with things happening by accident? How can we believe that life just came rolling down the line and mankind happened to come about? There must be some source of power, will and initiative, some universal nucleus-idea which is the governing factor of the entire universe.

Let's analyze the existence of Reverend Moon. Is he the result of some evolutionary accident or was there some nucleus or will of Reverend Moon that expanded to become the substantial Rev. Moon? The nucleus, the essence of Reverend Moon, went through the process of gathering up the substance of Rev. Moon. The Rev. Moon nucleus has its own characteristic. Therefore, liking and disliking, willing and not willing, everything is determined by that central nucleus of character. It is, therefore, different from others; it is unique. That nucleus character exercises the power to gather and create what is to become the actual Rev. Moon. Rev. Moon's nucleus has already determined the size and character of Rev. Moon, so Rev. Moon cannot go beyond his own characteristic nucleus, nor can he become any less than the nucleus requires. Exactly what the nucleus was, Rev. Moon became. Nothing can be added to it because it would be foreign. Unless the nucleus ordered certain substances they would not become a part of Rev. Moon. Once the character requires certain elements then they must become part of the substance of that body. But unless the nucleus dictates it, no matter how much other elements try to enter into that character, they will not be accepted. They will always be foreign.

In a way, all men are "cells" for some universal nucleus character; they are a part of something bigger than themselves. But the central characteristic of man is heart and this central characteristic is common to all. This is why each is a part of the human family; we are a cohesive group. Man is man. We cannot mingle and relate equally with the animal world because we are human beings and they are animals.

As humans we have a common character working within us. We strive for betterment and we pursue goodness. Because these strivings are common to all men, we continually reach out for new horizons, for greater and higher universal character; in other words for something better, some way to progress. Since such character distinctly exists within the common human nucleus, the whole of humanity continually moves itself toward betterment.

Because there is a common human search for goodness and betterment, there is something bigger than our own character within the universal character. As a collective group we recognize that there is some greater nucleus; we recognize ourselves as objects to that greater subject. The human consciousness involves this collective effort to reach out to that universal consciousness. Because of our human consciousness, we can reach out to that greater consciousness and we can communicate with it.

In that way universal consciousness becomes subject and we become its objective body, the substance of that universal consciousness. We are glad to become the objective consciousness of that nucleus consciousness. We want to communicate; we want to align ourselves with that central consciousness. Man stands uniquely as the microcosm of the macrocosmic universe.

The human body is composed of many different kinds of cells. Also the different races of man can be represented in the cells of one body. An example would be the cells in the whites of the eyes, representing white people. The dark cells on the sole of the foot might represent the black people. All are making up the one body, simply in a different location. Who could say that the cells of the whites of the eyes are superior to the cells on the bottom of the foot? All human cells are equally valuable, working for the same purpose and serving a joint will. How about husband and wife? From the universal point of view, husband and wife are like two cells which are next to each other and have close give and take- virtually one cell.

From this universal point of view all human beings are equal. We have a common nature which belongs to that one universal nucleus consciousness.

Without the harmonizing Factor - Love - everything falls apart

Among all the billions of human "cells" there must be a certain harmonizing factor which brings people together peacefully. This is the power of love. The power of love is like a thread between every cell making smoothness and harmony. In a way, love is like glue, binding and cementing together all the cells of humanity. This is why love is universal and love is good. The action of love is ultimate. Therefore' without love everything would fall apart. The action of love unites subject and object and mind and body.

Without love the interaction between subject and object is very clumsy. However, with the power of love we can experience total freedom of action, and freedom of movement between east and west, north and south. In a way love is a shocking intoxication which can make everybody drunk. That is why love is good. There is a drunkenness which comes from drugs or alcohol, but this is merely an artificial and momentary intoxication.

Because of the power of love differing individuals are pulled together, particularly men and women. Men love women and women love men. Within the action of love no one can remain dulled; it is like connecting to an electric circuit. One becomes totally electrified through love. Love must go to the nucleus because when the nucleus is activated the whole self become excited. Love penetrates to the nucleus-center and the entire objective body is activated. True man is the center of true love; thus. when true love activates the nucleus of a man all his actions will be true Love will "turn you on" and true love will turn you on truly.

If man is to pursue the action of true love, he must recognize the nucleus first. Love must first go through the nucleus turning on every cell. Therefore. in order to fulfill and consummate love, we first have to recognize the existence of the nucleus, the center.

In terms of consciousness and existence indeed it is within the consciousness that the internal character, the nucleus, is created. This must be recognized. When we are pursuing ideals and love, we must first give recognition to the existence of the nucleus-both the individual nucleus and the universal nucleus. Thus consciousness comes first; will, idea and thought come before existence.

We exist for the Realization of Love

The true man is the person who realizes true love. The only way of becoming a true man is to connect yourself with the truth of the universe, that central nucleus of consciousness. When people find a true man, they compete with each other to establish a relationship with him. He is like a magnet pulling everything from all directions, and he has a relationship with all the rest of the world.

This explains God very plainly and beautifully. Who is God? God is the center and nucleus of true love. He is a personal God and He has a personality. The personal God becomes my God, my personal God; in this way I become one with the universe. This core of love of God is a requirement for unification. God is the subject of love, spreading out His wings under which all of His creation can gather in His embrace. Through the force of His true love, all things of the universe are pulled towards Him. as if by a magnet.

We exist for the fulfillment of love, in order to become a perfect object for that perfect subject. Thus. the universal circle can be drawn; the central circle is God where the nucleus, will, and love exist. This love can radiate in all directions, in 360 degrees. The amazing and beautiful part of this is that even if God is almighty, without His object. mankind, He cannot fulfill His ideal and goal of love. Therefore, we become an indispensable existence in the sight of God.

Universal Prime force is the energy which brings everybody into unity with the nucleus, which is God

Love is a magnetic force. When you recognize love you are immediately pulled towards it. Your eyes become crazy at the sight of love; your nose becomes excited at the smell of love. In other words, love turns your eyes on, it turns your nose on, it turns your ears on. But usually when people talk about love they only talk about horizontal love between men and women. However. that is not the ultimate love which we are talking about. We are talking about the love which connects us to the nucleus center, God, and the true love of God. The ultimate goal of human life is that central nucleus of love. In order to reach it we need the horizontal love between husband and wife. For this reason the love between husband and wife is precious, since it brings them into unity and into a relationship with that universal love. We should know that the ultimate position of man and the ultimate purpose of life is a living relationship with the nucleus, which is God. We have to love as husband and wife in order to link up with that nucleus of love.

The Divine Principle talks about the universal prime force. Prime force is the energy which brings everybody into unity with the nucleus. This is absolutely logical. This is the way the universe was created and has been developing.

Internal existence comes first before external form. The ideal essence of love comes through the nucleus and touches all the substance of phenomena, which is the created, objective body. In other words, consciousness precedes existence. People may reply, "I cannot believe such a thing because I cannot see consciousness." How can you prove it, then?

You can use the analogy which I use all the time, the eye. Who created the eye? Your father had an eye, your grandfather had an eye, your great-grandfather and so on. Somewhere in your family tree, there must have been a first eye somewhere. Do you think that particular eye must have thought, "I want to be this shape, this color."? Maybe the first eye was such a genius that it designed itself, thinking, "I must be capable of turning. I will be very sensitive, so I need some kind of covering. There might be water coming down, so I need an eyebrow to divert it. Maybe there will be dust in the air, so I need eyelashes." Do you think the eye recognized that it would be living in an atmosphere with dust so it would need eyelashes? The eye must have been designed by someone who realized that the eye was going to be functioning in this particular atmosphere. But whether by its own will or not, the eye is designed in such a way to adjust to an atmosphere where there is wind and rain and dust. Do you think the eye could have calculated all that? If it didn't, there must be some other will which knows more than the eye, which designed everything for the eye. There must be some consciousness in the universe which already knew that moisture would evaporate from the surface of the eye, so there had to be some liquid which would lubricate the surface. Do you think the eye knew all that and determined everything? Thus before the creation of the eye. there was a will. a consciousness, and a purpose which determined exactly the environment in which the eye would be functioning and how the eye should be made. Do you recognize that there must have been such a will?

In my student days, there was a lot of discussion about God and my opponents said, "There is no God. Existence came first; I believe in evolution." I would counter their arguments. When I got to the eye argument and used these analogies, everyone would surrender.

Why is there hair inside your nostrils and ears? Somebody thought this out. In other words, there is some universal mind or consciousness capable of figuring out things in advance and making a blueprint in order to coordinate everything. Before an object is made. coordination is done. in spite of this evidence of incredibly detailed planning for the creation of man. some people still say, "No! man evolved by accident; you are the byproduct of some accident." Do you accept that?

Thought or consciousness comes before everything. The ideal thought is centered upon true love. The fulfillment of true love is the purpose of that ideal thought. The Unification Church has truly penetrated to the depths of this universal truth. That is a miracle; that is a joy!

Where does our existence come from? God's ideal is the universal subject; the center of that ideal is true love. The fulfillment of the ideal of love is the purpose of creation. Therefore, everything was designed by God under this plan for the purpose of the fulfillment of love. That is the way men and women are designed and that is why we were created.

Why are men attracted to women? That's the step to reach the ideal of love. Why are women attracted to men? It is an inevitable step in the search for the ideal of love. The people who marry and divorce freely are behaving like animals and have no way to connect with the eternal nature of the love of God. Everything God has created is based upon the eternal quality of love. Some people go after carnal knowledge or physical love, love "just for fun," using their bodies for the consumption of love. This is terrible. Such catastrophic love should be removed from mankind.

Do you want momentary love or eternal love? You want eternal love because the central nucleus of love is eternal; you can connect to that nucleus through eternal love. Therefore, only love can remain throughout eternity. Your body will not remain; it comes and it will go. but your love endures. This is why some of the greatest masterpieces of literature throughout history have been portraits of love.

Would you like to be the cousins of monkeys or the children of God

We are not the by-products of evolution, but we are created beings and ideal harmonized creatures. Would you prefer to be a creature of ideal harmony or would you like to be a product of evolution? Would you like to be the cousins of monkeys or the children of God? Why do you want to be the children of God? If you are to be the cousin of the monkey you are linked with the monkey which doesn't know true love, only physical love. God alone has true love; God alone has eternity. Can you imagine going to the zoo, looking at the monkey cage and bowing down to them saying, "I revere you, my ancestors." Does anyone do that?

It has become clear to us now that the origin of all existence was thought and mind which formed the universal nucleus. The universe is heading toward the fulfillment of true love. We have to recognize that there is a universal consciousness, a universal thought, that wants to fulfill this ideal of love throughout the universe. We call Him God. This is a logical, modern and scientific conclusion. It is not mystical or superstitious. It's a fact that we are reaching together toward God.

We must recognize: "I do need a subject. I must relate myself to the thought of that subject. Therefore, I pray to God, I believe in God, I know God. I am a part of God." That must be our way of thinking. God is the subject and we are His objects. We are God's cells. When we become objects to God we unite with our subject in an inseparable relationship. You cannot ask for any better way of life than this. By uniting yourself with the subject, you fulfill the ideal aspiration that all men have in common for the greatest goodness. This nobility of goodness and the fulfillment of highest virtue can only come through the fulfillment of love. What is your answer now, is there a God or not?

Every morning when I get up, I wash my face, looking in the mirror. Every morning I am totally intoxicated by my own face, not because it is anything special but because of Who designed this face. It must have been a genius! How could He put the eyes like that, the nose, the mouth, the ears? Is there any better way of making the combination? I cannot think of any improvement. How about putting the two eyes in the center where the nose is or extending the nose up to the forehead? How about bringing the eyes down to where the mouth is and placing the mouth higher?

The position of the eyes, the nose and the mouth all have Divine Principle meaning. First of all the eyes in the highest position represent God. The nose represents Adam and Eve; one nostril representing man and the other woman, united in the center. The forehead represents God's ideal extending down to the eyes and nose. The mouth is horizontal and represents all things of creation, all creatures. The bridge of the nose reaches to the highest point. Thus, the face is symbolic of the universe. Adam and Eve are in the center, standing at the highest position in Creation reaching up to God. What about God? God has the creeper position, so you have to look deeply into the eyes. You will find God hiding behind deeper things. The mouth represents all the things of creation, so you have 32 teeth, the product of 4 times 8, significant numbers of creation. Ears represent the four directions.

Then you have a body and two legs and two arms. The foot has three joints and your fingers have three joints as well. The thumb has only two, however; the thumb represents God. When a baby is inside the womb, its fist is clenched with the thumb hidden inside. The thumb is hidden, because God is hidden within the universe. Altogether we have twenty-four joints in the two hands, with God hiding in the center. In all the universe and all creation God's central masterpiece is man. That is how God feels about man; man is the most precious piece of all His creation.


Why is it all right for people to eat vegetables, as well as animals in the form of meat?

According to the principle, smaller existences are sacrificed for the greater purpose. Why is it all right for people to eat vegetables, as well as animals in the form of meat? They are forms of life, so isn't it a crime to eat them? No, they are lower forms of the creation which are made to serve the greater purpose by contributing to the higher forms of creation. They leap in this way from the lower to the higher forms of life. As far as the vegetable is concerned, when it goes from being a simple plant to a part of the human body, it is a greater accomplishment. From being simple plant cells they can be transformed into human cells; thus they have advanced themselves. And by becoming part of human cells, they are moving toward a relationship with God and His love.

Without understanding this principle, many different secular theories have come about. Darwin's theory of evolution says that higher life forms prey upon and consume the lower forms, in a sort of destructive and negative sense. But when the universal law is understood, one can see that this phenomenon occurs in order to protect the overall harmony; all of these things happen for the purpose of the greater advancement of life.

Communism sees the existence of struggle throughout human history but interprets it with evil results. Communists do not recognize the existence of the vertical relationship between God as subject and man as object. They concentrate only upon the horizontal realm and look at everything as a struggle. Communism denies the most important truth of the vertical subject / object relationship and thus it is a false and evil ideology. It has destructive results because it disregards the universal law of protection.

It is most important that you inherit the spiritual tradition. The first requirement is that you recognize and claim your own absolute uniqueness. Nobody wants to be anything other than absolutely unique. Likewise, each individual desires to be unchanging, as well as eternal. Most people believe only in what they can see, which is this life on earth; thus they do not recognize that they have eternal life. They seek to find value only within this short span of life. Those of you here recognize the existence of eternity; thus you are members of the "eternal class."


We certainly need both mind and body; there is no question about our need for a body. We don't say that we need only a spirit, because both matter and spirit, body and mind, are necessary. Communists mislead people when they call the conflict between mind and body a natural phenomenon and part of an inevitable process of evolution. That is not true at all. According to the law of nature, when things fight they diminish. A lot of intelligent people are attracted to the concept that to fight is natural and that only by struggle can people develop and evolve, but that is not correct.

The truth is very logical. We must make it clear to all people who they are and how they should live. Mind and body must take their proper position and be aligned in a right angle before ideal families can be formed Only such families can sustain a country; without many such families nations cannot endure. Do you understand? This is why it is important to know these things.


Is it a sin for Man to slaughter a cow?

Darwin had a point in his theory of evolution when he showed that the stronger eat the weaker in development. When the stronger eats the weaker for the sake of connecting to a higher level, there is a moral justification for that. Is it a sin for a man to slaughter a cow or a pig and eat it? If a man eats that animal in order to be able to work for the sake of God and His love, certainly that is in accordance with the law of existence. Everything will condone his actions, even the animal he slaughtered.

When Unification Church members are living for themselves and I tell them that they must go out and work for the sake of the world, does this stand to reason? For the sake of the larger purpose, I can give you that kind of direction. Do you want to go to a lower or a higher place in the universe? You must give yourself to the world. The more you sacrifice the closer in love you become with the people of the world.


God - the Initiator of the Subject-Object-Relationship

The Subject-Object Relationship and the Common Goal

Does motion just spontaneously occur all by itself? Energy is the result of motion but what created the motion? There has to be a circuit, a subject and object relationship. This principle shatters the theory of evolution. Everything begins through a subject and object relationship, in which there is a certain purpose or common goal. Then action or motion is initiated which in turn creates energy. By this deductive method of reasoning, we have to come to a knowledge of God. We know that God is the source or the cause and that God must exist within a subject/object duality.

As I said at the outset of this sermon, God initiates everything. In order to initiate everything, God must have subject/object within Himself, and there must be a purpose which preceded His creation. In order for one individual to move and do things, he must have some sort of purpose in his mind. Then his mind and body must work together in a circuit of subject and object, together creating motion which brings energy. Furthermore, a man becomes a man in his give and take action between his mind and body. As a man, he is a subject to his wife, who is the object, and together they have give and take.

Internal Energy - External Energy

There are two types of energy - internal and external. External energy is the energy of the natural world; internal energy is the energy of the spiritual world. Whenever you have give and take in the natural world, energy is used up and it decreases in the process of attrition. Matter in motion will always wear out.

When a man and woman love each other and conceive a baby, the microscopic sperm and egg come together and create that new being. Within that tiny organism is an incredibly complex "computer program" which contains all the instructions for the body and mind of the future person. Thus when that child is born into this world, there is no other way for him to go. His particular shape of face, color of skin, eyes and so forth were already determined. There is an invisible will that always directs your biological life.

Prime Energy - the Energy without Attrition

There is one crucial word in the Divine Principle and that is prime energy. This is still a mystery to many people. Since natural energy always decreases through action, there must be some source that keeps giving energy to the universe and that is prime energy. Without that, the universe would eventually decline into nothingness.

The universe itself is a resultant existence; it has been created. Once give and take occurs, within the universe, attrition also occurs. But there is one way in which attrition can be avoided and that is when there is a connection with the Creator, God, who has prime energy. His prime energy is always re-generating, not declining to attrition.

God must have thought, "How can I create this physical universe without having it wear out? What will constantly re-generate it?" He came up with the answer- there had to be two kinds of energy. The first would be the external, natural energy, which causes attrition through its give and take. The second would be the internal energy which would not be affected by attrition but would always increase.

Spiritual, internal energy never suffers from attrition but rather is always re-creating and regenerating. When you apply 100 volts of electricity to a certain action, it gives out only 80 or 90 volts. The output is always smaller than what you put in. But there is one form of energy that has the opposite effect: the output is greater than what you put in. That is the power of love. When love is applied, the result is greater than what was put in, thus if you put in 10 volts of love, you can receive 100 volts.

Many people might wonder how that could possibly work. I will give you one example. I have twelve children at this time, so each child is receiving one twelfth of my love, according to one perspective. But the truth is that I give 100 per cent of my love to each child. In one sense I am giving out 1200 per cent of my love. Thus none of the children feels that he or she is receiving only one twelfth, or one small portion of my parental love. Not at all. This is an amazing aspect of love. The more you give, the more you have to give. You never run out of it.

Love - the only power that can increase

The only power that can increase is the power of love. The universe would decline without that power of the love of God. But because of the power of the love of God, the universe will always increase. The more love you give, the more love you receive. Thus as you limitlessly give out your love, you receive a limitless supply of love in return and you will never run out of energy. God implanted this incredible creative power within the universe.

Therefore, energy increases according to this principle. Only when you are linked to the power of the love of God can you create and increase and expand. This is very important, isn't it? I don't think you will learn these things in any philosophy course in the university.

What is Prime energy?

It is the creative, initiative energy and it is the power of love. This is all very logical. Because of prime energy, creation was possible; because of prime energy, the maintenance of the universe is possible.

Therefore the theory of random evolution is not true. The single-celled amoebae can never become a higher, more sophisticated animal by just sitting around, waiting for some random process to happen to it. The amoebae had to first attract some new creative energy, otherwise it could not be recreated into a higher being. That creative energy is always supplied by the prime energy, which is love energy. The plus attracts the minus; the plus and the minus become one; then together they become a minus to a larger plus. That is prime energy.

Bo Hi Pak is a good example. Each cell comes together in give and take relationship, always asking for a new plus. Then as each plus comes, Bo Hi Pak becomes one individual. Then again when he becomes a plus, there is a minus supplied, which is his wife, Kee Sook Pak, and they become one together and create energy and produce children, and they become a family. You have to take either the subjective role or the objective role; you have to be involved in action. If you try to isolate yourself, nothing will happen to you.

Can the Oriental world and the Occidental world stay apart and separate? No, the east and the west must have give and take and there must be initiation of action. For example, I have come here from the Orient as a large plus, asking each of you to become a minus and empty yourselves. Then a bigger creation always occurs. That is the way we increase ourselves. In that way the entire universe becomes one and the largest plus, which is God, can unite together with the universe.


Lower forms of creation willingly sacrifice themselves to the higher beings for the purpose of fulfilling higher love

Just as the things of creation gladly give themselves up to become part of a loving human body, we humans also willingly die for love. The popular theories of random selection and evolution are completely off-base. The truth is that the lower forms of creation willingly sacrifice themselves to the higher beings for the purpose of fulfilling higher love. I want you to know that love is the most holy and supreme impulse. If you can lay down your life for the sake of your spouse, you are the greatest lover. Likewise, those parents who give their lives for their children have the highest love.


Growth and expansion / the smaller seeks to have give and take with the larger

The result of the constant give and take between subject and object is growth and expansion on every level of existence. Everything develops according to stages. When we look at the development of the creation from a certain perspective, it appears that Darwin's theory of evolution is correct. However, the evolutionary theory doesn't explain that the smaller levels of existence always strive to have give and take with larger levels. In this way, the smaller beings elevate their value. Within the relationship of love, smaller beings want to take the object position to a larger being; with their give and take, the object can be elevated to the same level of value as the larger subject being. This occurs on all levels of existence; this is the nature of love.

Thus smaller beings can have hope for their growth and development in the future, because of their give and take with larger and larger subjects. This is the only way for a smaller being to become greater in value-within the relationship of love.

Thus a woman feels that she is the greatest, most valuable being and possesses everything of value when she has love. When her beloved wants her to do something very humble, she will not protest. Thus love can make us larger and smaller. Love has that omnipotence.

If love could only make us larger, then God, who possesses more love than anyone, could never go down into the small and humble places of the world. But because of His love, God can make Himself very small and can go anywhere He wants. You wouldn't mind what your beloved did to you, even if he put his fingers into your nose, isn't that right? Or you women might climb up onto your husband's shoulders and ride around-he wouldn't mind it at all, would he?

Have you ever observed a child poke a finger into his nose and then the next moment put that finger into his mouth? In love, people can do even that sort of thing to each other. You like everything about your beloved. Thus love has a mysterious, wondrous power. Do you think I am exaggerating, or is this the truth?

God wants to be contained in Love

Which is the case - does God go into love or does love go into God? Which would God prefer - would He like to be included within love, or would He like for love to be included within Him? Which is contained within the other? God wants to be contained within love. Why is this? Every being wants to look forward to becoming larger and larger. Even God wants to look toward the future in order to become larger. Thus God should be able to be contained within love. Do you understand? Since God also wants to have hope for the future, He wants to be able to go in and out of love and not the other way around.

All the beautiful things of the universe manifest themselves for the sake of love.

The insects chirp in the nighttime and the birds sing during the day for the sake of love. These sounds are all a part of the universal orchestra of love. Human beings are in the position to be the kings and queens of all other beings and thus they are supposed to move in harmony and rhythm with love. Observing all this motion and sound centering on true love, God is drawn to contribute His rhythms of love, too.

Why do we think the way we do? It is because God created us to think in a certain way. Adam and Eve were created to stroll together hand in hand through all the things of nature, sharing in the harmony and beauty. God would have been so happy and excited to see such a scene.

Now you have some idea of what the universe is all about. You can feel within yourself that this must have been the original ideal for human beings; you know that this is not just a fantasy. This is simply the way God originally planned the world to be. The things I have been telling you clearly connect with all the experiences you have had in life; the things you have already observed tell you that what I am saying is true. Now you can see the universe in a clear and cohesive manner.

Love will never diminish or fade; it is the one thing that will expand and grow forever. Nothing else in the world has that power.

Rules for the subject and object relationship are not open to change

Look at the activities of the animals and insects-what they are doing today is the very same thing that their forebears were doing thousands, even millions, of years ago. Unlike human culture, these creatures maintain the same "traditions" without change. In some ways perhaps they improve, but they do not change in the way that human societies do. The law of the universe is very rigid. Rules for the subject and object relationship are not open to change. Those beings which are not suited for each other will simply not be able to form a subject/object relationship. There is no room for interference in this law. Thus the theory of evolution, which claims that accidents caused the development of the universe, is completely off-base.

When we can see the universe in light of the original purpose, Darwin's theory doesn't make sense. How could the rigid laws of existence be abruptly broken here and there, allowing some smaller being to jump to a higher level? Pushing Darwin's theory to its logical conclusions would mean that even an insect could become a direct object to man - in other words, become the spouse of a human being. But the universal law dictates that a human being must marry another human being. Can a man marry a monkey? What sort of a child would be produced? The rigid laws of existence have not changed for billions of years.

According to these laws, we can look at the way men and women relate and determine whether they are behaving in the original way or not. In American society there is a dreadful misunderstanding of the meaning of freedom. A man might take one woman as a lover one night and then the next night, he might take another. The woman might do the very same thing. Is this the original way for which they were created? How can you say "no" so confidently?


Love and the Relationship between Subject and Object

It is by the power of love that the sperm and egg join together. We can observe this phenomenon to examine how God merged the spiritual essence into the material essence. When God created the universe, including mankind, it was not knowledge or power that He used to do His work. It was love itself which He used. Love transcends everything else. Love is like the power of an electrical generating station.

We can ask another very important question and that is, why does man exist? Some materialists try to say that there is no specific or understandable reason for man's existence, that we just came into being. However, we know that nothing just comes into being by accident. There was a plan in the beginning that later came to be translated into the actual being. The concept of love was there before any object of love came into being. That object of love for God was a couple, a man and woman.

When there is a big plus, it naturally takes a big minus as its object. The plus charge is on one end of a magnet and the minus charge is on the other end. That means there must be some shared qualities between the plus and minus, otherwise they could not coexist on the same piece of metal. Even though the plus charge is very strong, it still has a small amount of minus charge. Because of this fact, the plus and minus ends can stay together on the same magnet. The same is true of the minus. Although it is predominantly minus, it still contains some small amount of plus charge.

The larger the subject, the larger the object it will take. We can say that evolution must have occurred, but only according to this law. Most scientists fail completely to understand the process of evolution, thinking that it "just happened." However, we know that there is always a reason for things to develop and come together. The overall reason is the power of love and through the relationship of subject and object.

Combination of chemical elements and the theory of evolution

The whole world is composed of only a hundred or so chemical elements. These elements exist as the result of plus and minus interaction. When we try to make these elements combine in certain ways, they will not do so unless the proper subject and object, plus and minus, relationship is brought about. Then they react immediately.

The chemist in the laboratory may try to force two elements to combine and he may use all sons of means, such as heat and pressure. However, unless they form the right subject and object relationship, they will not combine. When any two elements come together according to the universal law, the scientist doesn't have to do anything-they merge automatically.

From this we can draw an iron-clad rule. Even though evolution did take place, it could only happen when proper subject and object relationships were formed. When those relationships were missing, evolution could never occur.

We can see that the whole universe is in a state of readiness for the subject and object relationship. All things try to come together through the power of love. The whole universe is dominated by the principle of love. Why is this the case? It is only through this principle that smaller beings can become pan of larger beings.

The Law of energy and guiding law of Love

We can observe that the law of the material world involves a certain entropy. In other words, output is always smaller than input. That is a law of energy. When a certain amount of energy is expended to produce a certain effect, there will be a loss or consumption of energy. Nothing is added. However, there is a different law guiding love. That is the only instance in which the output is greater than the input. Thus when two beings join together through love, they become greater than just the sum of their parts. Added power is generated.

This is a clear law. It can even be applied to business. Suppose there is a businessman who has to decide whether to drive from here to Manhattan. If he can derive a profit, even a small one, from going there, then he will go. But if he will not, then he won't go. Even the smallest amount of profit makes the difference. That provides him with the incentive and the power to go to Manhattan every day. He knows that his property is expanding through that activity, and thus he will never quit doing that activity.

Love operates like this, too. The more love you give out and engage in, the more you will have. It grows and grows. This is the way the universe is joined-through the law of love.

There is a huge plus within the universe and every other entity in the universe seeks to be joined with that greatest plus. The only way for that to happen is for each small minus entity to make unity with a somewhat larger plus entity and thereby become bigger. That huge plus is complex, not simple. Likewise the many smaller entities become more complex and reflect that plus as they interact with love.

A human being tries to go beyond himself and reach out to the highest ideal, precisely because of this law. No matter how small a person may be, he still wants to be bigger than the universe. That is because his ultimate subject is that huge, universal subject.

In addition to our religious understanding, we can look materially at this world and it still conforms to this law of the universe. The law of love guides the material world as well.

When we dearly love our spouse and our family and then together we love our country, our family will immediately grow as big as our country. In other words, when the family as object takes the country as subject, then it takes on the value of that subject. When the country goes beyond itself and loves the world, the country will realize the intensity of worldwide love. Eventually everyone can be joined with the whole universe and God, through original love.

The original nature is common to all people, even to a bad person. Every human being has an original nature which he wants to discover and develop.

Indemnity is the power by which we neutralize the opposition.

If this were the original world, then the man of original nature would be accepted automatically. But since the world has deviated, it has to be corrected. That means we must put in great amounts of power to do recreation. Indemnity is the power by which we neutralize the opposition.

It takes more effort to repair an old, broken-down building than it does to put up a new one. The extra effort to repair all the old things is what we can call indemnity. The indemnity power is needed to repair and restore the deviated self. Thus the need for indemnity can be explained logically. There have been times when our American members have asked, "Why can't we do the restoration in a joyful way? Why do we need indemnity?"

You can welcome indemnity if you understand the purpose it serves.

Because of our indemnity, all things can be recreated and brought back to their original nature. It is only after the original man emerges that it becomes possible to walk the original way of God's will. Are you original people? No, you were born as the result of the human fall. Thus, in order to be recreated, you must also pay indemnity.

Jesus was the original man, yet he too paid indemnity. Why must the original man pay indemnity? It is because nobody else even knew about indemnity or was capable of paying it. Why do I push you through the indemnity course? Indemnity is not something which you can be forced through by somebody standing over you. Once you understand the need for indemnity, you must go through it voluntarily, according to your own will. We must even volunteer to go to prison if it will be a good condition of indemnity. If you don't want to go but are forced to go, the indemnity loses its effect. Is that clear?

Therefore even though a member might be quite young, he may be asked to go fundraising. If the way of the multitude is an evil way, then we must go against the multitude in order to go the good way.

The Textbook of Love and Inspiration

When the flowers bloom in spring, the butterflies come to drink the nectar. Why do the leaves of a tree multiply and become green? Why do the branches grow? That is the way nature can stimulate us to improve our actions of love. Does love multiply in isolation? No, love requires give and take. A tree must relate with its environment in order to grow. The members of the plant kingdom relate with each other through love and in that way they grow and multiply.

Why should a tree want to grow bigger and bigger? What is wrong with a small tree? It is because the bigger the tree, the more leaves and then seeds it can produce. Thus the next generation will be more numerous. Trees and plants are like our textbooks for love. Some trees require six or seven years to blossom. None of them blooms after just one year.

In the mineral world, veins of gold and silver are not found in little isolated patches but in large areas that stretch for long distances. Likewise the insects do not dwell in isolation. There is one form of fly that incubates for several months and then hatches to live for only one day. On that one day of life it mates and then dies. This is like the salmon, which lives for several years and then makes its way back to the place where it was born. Then it mates and lays its eggs and then it dies.

Mans Privilege and the Nature of Happiness

Man is a privileged being to be able to engage in lovemaking over and over again, for his whole life and on into spirit world. All of nature-trees, the minerals, etc. -exists as the textbook for the inspiration of human beings. When men and women, as the representatives of the whole universe, engage in love, the rest of the universe can rejoice with them.

What makes a happy person? All of mankind feels a yearning for happiness, but unless we know what it is, how can we attain it? Happiness is the state in which you can give to an unlimited degree and you can receive to an unlimited degree. When you can give and receive unlimited love, then you are a happy person. In other words, the happy person represents the original universe. Do you understand?

We can describe happy people in another way. They are those who have the original marriage relationship, those who have original, perfect parents, and those who have original children. In other words, those who have the original four-position foundation are the happy people. This is because they represent the universe. That is a wonderful happiness!

The logic of love is that once a person denies himself he becomes greater.

Upon first learning about the four-position foundation in the Divine Principle it sounds like a good concept' but when you really understand it, you realize that the four position foundation is more than that. It is necessary in order to become a happy person. Thus, you too are capable of becoming a happy person, isn't that correct? The reason I matched and blessed you couples in marriage was so that each of you could become happy people, having perfected children who could, in turn, become happy people. You can eventually become perfected parents.

In order for someone to become perfect, he cannot exist just for his own sake. In order to grow, a person must learn to love others more than himself, even sacrificing himself for their sake. The logic of love is that once a person denies himself he becomes greater. When you deny yourself, then something else greater fills in that space.

This can be understood also by observing the way a low pressure area is filled up by a higher pressure area. This is symbolic of what happens when we sacrifice ourselves and get filled up by a greater amount of love. By this process, each individual unites with a bigger and bigger plus.

Everyone, including the True Children, lives according to this law. It is the law of the universe, something that no one can breach without suffering the consequences. You will become smaller and smaller if you break that law. Thus one's spouse is a very important person in the fulfillment of this law.

I could continue for days talking about this point within the Principle of Creation, since there is so much to discuss.

Will any of you ever become a communist? How about a materialist? Or are you going to remain Unificationists? Now you know how you will lead your life. The law for our lives is extremely simple: the individual lives for the sake of the family; the family lives for the sake of the clan; the clan lives for the nation; the nation for the world; and the world for God.

Within any certain area, there must be a center. Originally, mankind was supposed to be one happy family but we know that society is divided on every level. Now there is the communist world opposing the democratic world and each feels it is superior to the other.

We must belong to something which is bigger than ourselves. By the individual aligning himself with the family, the family with the clan, and so forth, and everything having the same universal center, then the universe itself takes on a perfectly spherical shape. When you achieve this alignment, then you and your family are one; you and your country are one. The same is true for the universe.


The Importance of the standard to distinguish between good and evil

Few people nowadays have a clear concept of the fall of man. If there had been no fall, and no such concept had come into being, then there would have been no evil, so we would have no need for a standard to distinguish between good and evil. If history had progressed according to the theory of evolution, as many people today believe, then there actually should be no such thing as the difference between good and evil. Whatever is a reality in our present time would have to be justified because it is the result of the evolutionary process.

It is only when we establish the existence of a purposeful Creator that we can establish a standard for good and evil. The minds of all men and women are always aspiring to achieve something higher. That is basic human nature. When you achieve a higher plateau you are elevated into a higher position, and your sphere of influence becomes larger and greater. The ultimate human aspiration throughout history has been to achieve one united world community. Is this present world the one for which all forty-four billion people who have ever lived have aspired, or is there something else we have to think about?


Evolution and the Nature of development to a higher Level

Did evolution just happen spontaneously, or was there some cause or motivation behind it which allowed it to happen. What about the movement of evolution - was it along a straight line or in a circle? That is the kind of question we should ask. Evolution must be moving according to a certain order or discipline and that discipline could be along a straight line or a circular line. But then, could evolution itself determine whether to move straight or in a circle? How about going up and down? There must be a certain will which determines that.

If some life form moved up from a lower level, there had to be something that caused it to develop into a higher form of life. Who determined that it should move up to a higher level? We might ask this question of Charles Darwin, the author of the evolutionary theory: "How could certain forms of life develop into more sophisticated forms? Why didn't they go in the other direction toward a more primitive form? Mr. Darwin, did you order that those life forms should go higher? Are you God?"

Small beings always unite and become absorbed by larger beings. Why do they do that? Why should they bring themselves together into harmony? Why should one atom move together and unite with other atoms, forming more complex elements? Why don't atoms go the other way and become smaller and smaller, getting shattered into pieces? That doesn't happen. The logical person can not deny that some concept or purpose pre-existed all these phenomena.

I am not planning to teach a long sermon about evolution today. That is not our topic, so let's leave Darwin alone now; we'll come back to him again some other time.

Everyone, including each of you, is trying to improve himself and move toward the bigger and better situation. Isn't that true? You don't make effort each day to make yourself more miserable, do you? That universal inclination is found everywhere-in material objects as well as human beings. Thus we can logically conclude that it must be the reflection of some universal principle in action.

Your hair grows out from your scalp. Ask your hair, "Why do you do that? Did you decide according to your random will to sprout out all of a sudden on the way to Belvedere this morning?" What about your teeth? Why do they grow where they do, and not any other place? What if your teeth grew inside your belly? No, the teeth are supposed to grow inside your mouth, not inside the stomach, or the hips or anywhere else. They are designed( in that way. That design existed before the teeth did.

Imagine if your eye complained, "I don't want to be where I am. I want to be on top of the nose!" Why are the eyes supposed to be where they are, slightly lower than the top of the nose? The eyes never complain or seek to move someplace higher on the face; they recognize there is a universal order which dictates where they are supposed to be. That is the position of the eyes and they must stay there; no complaints are possible.

Imagine if your head were upside down on your neck. The original concept and purpose dictated that the head should sit the way it does on the neck. No head can disobey that. Thus the idea within evolution-that there is random mutation or what is called the evolutionary process-is not actually true. Growth and development are not random things. There must be a discipline within them. Discipline toward what? Harmony is the ultimate goal toward which all existence is moving.

Let's say that instead of your eyeball being flexible and moving around, it was rigid and immovable, like a stationary hole in your face. What an awkward and inconvenient eye that would be. Knowing about that inconvenience, a certain designer said, "The eyeball must be flexible and able to turn in all directions."

It is a tenet of communism that matter is the essence of the universe and that all spiritual phenomena are nothing more than the byproducts of matter in motion. We must ask these important questions: Which comes first, existence or interaction? Is matter everything? Nothing in this universe is completely stationary. If you break down the molecules of even the most heavy, solid rock you will see hat incredible motion is occurring between the electrons and protons.

Going back to the eyes-did they just all of a sudden spring into existence by themselves? No, there must have been some prior motion which allowed them to exist. Look at electricity. Does electric energy occur first, or does electric interaction come first? The plus and minus interaction comes first. There is a prerequisite to any action-two parties, subject and object. So every action seeks improvement and greater sophistication. In order for an action to take place, there must be a subject and object-two complementary parties.

While you are calmly sitting here listening to me, all sorts of interaction is taking place inside of your body. That is what enables you to keep your balance and inner harmony. The mind and body interact within us to create a certain balance. Therefore we can enjoy a peaceful life; without that, all kinds of imbalance, even trauma, would occur.

All the existences within the universe could not come about just suddenly. There had to be some action first. But, as we said, action cannot take place unless there are the two parties called subject and object having give and take. The universe is full of energy, but is energy everything? No, even before energy existed, there had to be action and before that action, there was the interrelationship of subject and object in this universe.

The atom could not become an atom until an electron and proton came together; their interaction is what created the entity called an atom. When you are born in the minus form, the duty of that minus form is to go out into the universe and search for a corresponding plus form. Unless you find that plus form, the law of the universe says, "You have no right to dwell in this universe. Get out of here." The universe will kick you out!

Within society, all kinds of perversions take place such as homosexuality and lesbianism - men loving other men, women loving women. Before anybody said anything about it, the laws of nature themselves said, "You don't belong in this universe." Human beings have certain aspirations in the pursuit of happiness, but if you go in an abnormal way, those aspirations can never be satisfied. Ultimately you can only destroy yourself.

You women, tell me, are you in the minus or the plus position? Do you say, "I do not accept the minus role! I want women to be in the plus position!" Even if you proclaimed, "I am a plus!" for a million years, the universe would not accept that. You might chant to yourself over and over, "I am going to become a man," but nevertheless you would look at yourself and see that you are still a woman. That is absolute. Man is a man; woman is a woman. You cannot change it, either here on earth or in the hereafter. Is that too tedious for you?

Do you women say, "I believe in religion because I want to bring about a revolution in the very order of the universe! We women will become men and the men will become women"? No matter how much you might proclaim such a revolution, the universe would just laugh at you and say, "No way. Impossible." The "law of the dialectic" cannot be applied in those circumstances.

No matter how much you men might try to become somebody other than yourselves, you cannot do it. Do you say, "Since we are all created equal, men and women should be exactly the same"? Can you act one day like a woman in your relationships and another day like a man? Yes or no? When God created human beings equal, that means they are equal in the highest possible goal - the achievement of love. In that realm, men and women are absolutely equal: they are the children of God, period.

Men and women are destined to come together and unite into one. They can never be stationary-either they move up or down; there is always motion and action. Once you form that male/female unity, would you like to move down or up? You say up, but which one is more difficult to achieve, going up or down? Why do you suppose God didn't create things so that going upward is easier? If He had done that, there would be no basis for value or preciousness.

When you go upward, higher and higher, you are moving toward the summit, the pinnacle. That pinnacle is always one point, so everyone is moving toward that one goal. As you go up higher and higher, it becomes more and more difficult; getting closer to that pinnacle requires more effort. That means you have to overcome, to control all the elements within that arena in order to reach the top. It takes effort, discipline and drive.

Where does that road toward the ideal begin? Does it begin at the highest point or at the lowest place? What is the ideal? Is it the totality, everything, or is it only the highest thing? Can you find the ultimate ideal in the high place or in the low place?

Let's say that your grandparents live in your home. Should your grandfather be seated in the lowest, most humble place or in the highest place? What about God, then? As you know, God is the oldest Granddad of everybody, without question. Then shouldn't God have the highest position of all? Is that an easy place or a difficult one? Can you say to God, "Please come down. I want to be up there and You come down to my place"?

What is the ideal? We can draw a line on the blackboard to help us understand this concept. Each line always has two ends to it. One end moving toward the other is a representation of the ideal. Take your hand, for example. Its ideal motion would be to move all the way across your body and touch the other arm. Moving from all the way on the right to the left is a representation of the ideal. The left hand moving all the way across the body and grasping the right hand is the ideal. When you have an itch someplace, do your hands argue about whose responsibility it is to scratch it? "That's your territory so you do it!" No, that doesn't happen.

From this simple illustration, you can realize that the ideal means the unity of extremes, or end to end. Therefore, the ideal for human beings is for one extreme, man, to unite with woman, the other extreme in regard to sex. It is not man to man and woman to woman. The unity between men and woman is very difficult to achieve; it is a virtually impossible task, but that is the ideal.

Achieving unity between you American women and men is especially difficult. Why is this the ideal? Men and women should become one and create a certain roundness and harmony; then you can turn together, moving upward toward the goal. Men and women are created to be interdependent; therefore, when they separate themselves, a certain danger arises. In order to preserve your own self and to assure your own survival, you have to hold on tight to your partner. That is part of the design.


Survival of the fittest and the deadlock in the Theory of evolution

According to Charles Darwin's theory of evolution and the survival of the fittest, only the strong survive. The weak will be demolished and only strong species will continue. Purely from an external point of view, evolution describes this upward movement of life we were talking about. Thus there is nothing really wrong with the theory of evolution on the external level. But where does the theory of evolution come to a deadlock? Darwin didn't consider the aspect of love. If his theory were completely true, then man should have continued evolving to a higher being; the process should be continuing. The original mind should be improving and becoming something greater, but is the original mind changing like that?

All creation has the internal desire to reach the top, to be absorbed by higher and higher beings, and eventually to reach the love of God. Let's look at a little worm, like the one I am drawing on the blackboard. What is that worm's ultimate desire? He wants to be absorbed by a higher being; then the higher being wants to be absorbed by another higher being. Going higher and higher, they will all become the elements of a human being. That is the worm's ultimate goal-to become part of a human being because by doing that, he can be in touch with the love of God. When the human being is united with the love of God, that worm also fulfills the love of God. In other words, the worm reaches the love of God indirectly.

Sacrifice and the Glory of all Creation

Therefore, if you sacrifice yourself in order to reach for higher love, it is not a tragedy. It is the order of creation to sacrifice oneself to reach a higher level. That is the glory of all the creation. Even human beings can sacrifice themselves for the sake of a higher love; that is actually the noblest and most glorious thing someone can do. You naturally want to do anything for the sake of true love, you will even suffer joyfully for that. That is the common denominator and the law of nature which works on all levels.

Certain primitive religions used to make human sacrifices. Sometimes the sacrifice was a virgin, sometimes a child whose blood was shed as an offering on the altar. Such religious rituals were very primitive and a perversion of the ultimate human desire-to reach out to the love of God. By making those sacrifices, they wanted to bring down the love of God to humanity and they thought they could do it in that way.

Everyone must be willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of the fulfillment of true love. That is actually the law of nature. It has been with us ever since the creation. The noblest thing for human beings is to be able to sacrifice oneself for the fulfillment of greater love. Do you understand?

Reverend Moon is also following this universal formula precisely. My attitude is always, "If God needs it, I am willing to give up my life for the accomplishment of a higher goal" Even the glass of water can say, "1, too, want to be able to reach out toward the love of God" How can that water do that? Actually, all the plants and the creatures are willing to be consumed by any person who truly embodies the love of God. That is the way they can come in contact with God's love.

You love Father, don't you? You love me even though I push you out to work hard. Why is that? Simply because of this formula. When you are sacrificing for my sake. You know that is a way you can reach closer to the fulfillment of true love. That is why you are willing to do that.

There is no exception to this law, even for God. He always wants to sacrifice Himself for the sake of love. He gives His love for the sake of human beings. As you can see, one formula is working for everything and everyone in this universe-from the tiniest life form all the way up to God. Therefore, nobody in the universe has the right to complain. Do you think God wants to give and sacrifice for Reverend Moon's sake? That means Reverend Moon is a very happy and fortunate person. Where does the rejection and hatred of Reverend Moon come from? It is from the evil world which doesn't want to see him succeed. They despise him and want to tear him apart.

The universe is like one house. The name of that one house is "Moon house" If anybody is looking for true love, they have to go to the "Moon house" In Korean, we have such a word as "Moonie" and it has a wonderful meaning, actually two meanings. According to one meaning it is embroidering a certain pattern. The other meaning is dialogue or discussion, give and take of words. Those two meanings are in the Korean word "Moonie" and those are certainly not bad things.

The flowing give and take of love follows the natural law.

As long as you live by this formula, you will not get sick. No disease can invade you. This is very important. Nothing can conquer true love, not even death. Everything is under its dominion. Even Almighty God behaves in absolute obedience to true love. That is its power.

Think about God's joy after creating man. We can understand God's heart by looking at a parent who is beholding his first baby. That is the same kind of infinite, overflowing joy God felt when He created man. When a woman becomes pregnant, the entire focus of the couple is on that pregnancy. As soon as the wife feels the baby move for the first time, they are so excited. That is like the period when God was creating-He felt a lot of excitement. Why does procreation of new life engender such great joy, not only for the couple but also for their parents, relatives and friends? Everyone feels the joy of a new life on the way because there will be one more object of the true love of God. That means God can move closer to that family. When you see great geniuses and talented and virtuous people coming out of a family, you know that God came close to that family.


The smallest Units in Creation and their way up to man and woman united in Love

Western philosophy, for the most part, is founded from a concept of force or power. They believe that the strong will devour the weak, but that is not consistent with what we have been saying. Western philosophy should be corrected. The right perspective is that people die or sacrifice for the sake of love, which is much stronger than any force or power.

The theory of evolution is misleading, with many subtle errors. There are many species and numbers of fish in the ocean. We can see that there are small fish, larger fish and there are the largest fish. There is a so-called food chain, in which the smaller creatures are eaten by the larger ones. The smallest unit of all things has the goal of reaching men and women, way up at the top of the chain.

All living things, including the fish living in the ocean, have as their ideal to connect with the happy man and woman united in love. Since there is no way to jump directly to that point, they have to get there through a bridge. They move up one step at a time, and then sooner or later get to man and woman. This is their ideal and their hope.

This is not an interpretation; this is the way they actually feel. All things are created with this ideal: "One day, I can be a part of the cells of the center of the whole universe-man and woman." They do not mean just any ordinary man and woman, but a man and woman united in love.

Imagine how many billions of cells there are within each individual human being. Literally billions of cells are dying out and new ones are being born again each day. This is a source of their pride-that they can serve for the sake of true love and be a part of the body of true love. All things are like this-animals, fish, minerals, vegetables-they want to live for the sake of true love literally, not just conceptually. It is only possible to reach true love through these steps.

All things in the universe are sending this message to Adam and Eve: "Please grow bigger, faster." So Adam and Eve keep on growing until they mature. When you write "W," for woman, on the board, you see that it is an upside down "M," for man. So woman is man inverted, right?

Which do you like better-the letter M or the letter W? Of course, women would say W and men would say M, but it so happens that man was created first, so man goes on top. W is more like a vessel to put things in. M is like a lid to cover the things. If some woman wants the lid to be smaller than the vessel, that is wrong. The lid has to be bigger in every way-bigger in size and even have larger eyes so that he can see better. A woman's face tends to be narrower than a man's. Don't complain to me about that-this is the Principle, not just my own feeling.

Should man always be the one to give? When does he receive? If a woman kicks a man away, he has no chance. He is not in a position to receive anything. It is only when a woman loves a man that he is in a position to receive anything. Should men go after women or should women go after men? Should a woman go after a man to get something out of him? Woman should follow after man to give him love through the sons and daughters and grandchildren that she gives birth to.

Men have a lot of muscles in their breasts. But women have more abundant breasts. Which is the love giver -- man's muscles or woman's breasts? Truly, women are centered in love-they want to give and receive love. They are much more sensitive to love. That is why young girls enjoy the little chicks that are hatched in the springtime. They feel they are adorable and they go after them because they see the potential in them for love. Boys like to go after the chicks, too, but maybe for food or to bring them to a girl.

Everything is centered on love. Which is the more original way to see the universe-the way you see it or the way I see it? So are you willing to follow my way or should I follow yours? I emphasize this so much only because you emphasize your way so much. Otherwise, I could speak in a very soft voice. I have spoken for two hours now. Do you think it has been productive? Should I stop now? When I talk about love, then you are all ears. We all want to know more because love is so valuable.

Man is the lid and woman is the vessel. An American woman with a Ph.D. might say, "I dislike such a theory. I have never heard of anything like this. In the entire library, there isn't even one line about that. Maybe Reverend Moon is making this all up. Why does he have to degrade women all the time?" But who would you follow-the Ph.D. American woman or me? I have a different skin color and I am not even a citizen of this country. You know you absolutely want to follow love!

Fallen man goes to hell. The only way to change this and enable man to go to heaven is to change his vision, so that the only color he sees is that of true love. When you see through the eyes of true love, you forget whether someone is black, white or yellow. This is why we can say that we are overcoming racial discrimination in the Unification Church. This is how it is possible.

The whole universe exists for divine love. For the sake of divine love, the small fish want to reach up and be consumed by a larger fish to become part of it. Love is very precious and precious things should be put on the altar. The universe is the altar of love. Everything wants to be put on this altar of love and be precious like diamonds and gold. They want to be a part of true love. Fish, vegetables, and animals all have the right to be placed on the altar of love.

Then what happens? They come into contact with God and become a part of Him. Everything is designed to seek that point of union with God. The biggest and best creature, representing all species, should reach the altar of love and eventually be connected to God. This is like the universal Olympics or a museum of the universe because you can find representatives of all the species here- everyone competes to get there.

God wants to savor the universe with true love and all things shout out in joy because now, for the first time, they can reach up to God as they were destined to. When man and woman bow down to God in the solemn tradition of all things reaching toward love, the creation will say, "I am now a part of the higher creation. I am ready to die for the sake of love, my God." God will say, "Yes, now you qualify as the highest form of life."

God Himself is happy and satisfied. God in turn feels that He can die for the sake of all things. Everyone, even the smallest living creature, will applaud with joy. God won't die, but this is truly the way He feels. Everyone cherishes God within this fabulous love and God reciprocates that. Is anything missing? Everything is proud of itself because it is part of the true love of creation.

Darwin's materialistic theory of evolution has no place in this ideal. As soon as we know the truth, that theory goes into the trash can. Even if what I am teaching is not true, even if it is downright false and imaginary, still it is noteworthy. In all of civilization, no one has come up with an idea like this which can squarely confront Darwinism and evolution. People thought that theory was the best they had. But what if my words are true? Then this is a serious and wonderful matter.


Just as a small bird knows how to build a nest, we were supposed to know how to build true Love Relationships

Do you think the Korean sparrow makes a nest one way, and the American sparrow makes it another way? It is the same, no matter where, right? Who taught them? God. God designed and implemented evolution. That evolution occurred somehow naturally without God is false. Just as a small bird knows how to build a nest, we were supposed to know how to build true love relationships. But because of the fall, we are even lower than the animals. We ought to be better than the salmon who, born in a small tributary of a river, tours around for four years and finally returns to the same spot after a journey of about 5,000 miles.

How close are you to God now? You have great reason to be thankful to God and True Parents for solving and teaching you these complicated things in such a clear way. Money, power, knowledge, and material may be important, but love is the thing out of which all things start to be. All the spirit men in spirit world, including your ancestors, now are listening to me speaking in such a clear way and will eternally thank me for finally clarifying everything which was so confusing even to the spirit world. You are the first ones who listened to me. Through you, many spirit people must learn in the future. How grateful do you feel each minute, even though your lives may be hard?

Now we know more clearly every day that this is the reality. We must learn about true love and with absolute confidence enact it and liberate God. I feel my responsibility and goal in life is to liberate God with my own hands. Since I am your True Father, then you must inherit that goal and tradition from me. I am working like crazy to liberate God, even though people say to me "Why do you have to work so hard? " You must say, "Father, I will bring this present of true love and plant it in my home town or country in order to liberate all the people, all the country and even God."


Darwinism and Communism, the denial of God and practical Restoration

Darwinism denies the mind and focuses on the body, a physical evolution. It denies God completely. Darwinism (evolution) plus communism (material world), come together to completely deny God.

Communism says that things grow through struggle. There is always a hostile atmosphere with this thinking. Marxism explains the father-son relationship as part of the bourgeoisie system. They try to knock out the family because it is counter revolutionary. The bourgeoisie is God's side. The dialectical is based on hatred. It is 180 degrees different from God. Satan will destroy through hatred. The satanic side always attacks first. It is vigilant and is the aggressor. World War II was the world wide repetition of Cain and Abel. [Father also made some comment here that the communist purges were a parallel to the third world war.] Finally Reverend Moon came and declared two things. One, God is the creator, and two, that God is at the center of all things. There is no atheism.

In 1960 Reverend Moon anointed the True Parents. He set the condition to love the entire enemy world. When that condition is completely set, Satan will begin to crumble. That is why Father is here in America, to love the enemy. The United States represents the ultimate enemy against God. Attack has come against Father from all areas of America. During all this time Father was only giving out love. Fathers attitude has been, "I will love them more than they have hated me." Once that prevails the entire United States will turn around and accept Father. Every element of the world has opposed Father and all those things can be found in the United States. When Father is opposed by the United States it is the same as being opposed by all things (the entire world, including Koreans and all Orientals, minorities, etc.)

All vertical history is a mess. God and Father together have cut down every level and restored it horizontally. Everything that took place in history Father went through and lived, restoring it in his lifetime. Even to the point of where there is some element that has been trying to take Father's life.

From the lowest to the highest, from the lowest man on the street to Kings and Queens, True Parents want to be parents to all people. Each one of us represents a certain segment of the history of crime. By accepting Father as representatives we can heal the past. The drug spirit world can be liberated through a drug addict who has accepted True Parents. Satan uses the same arrows against us that he used to shoot down my grandfather and my father ten generations back.

Some Unification Church members think they will use psychiatric treatment. You should say "Get behind me Satan!" You have the best medicine and treatment here in the Unification Church hospital with Dr. Moon and you want to go to a psychiatrist? Because of the fall, the mind (which is plus) and the body (which is minus) were separated, so a vacuum exists there. Psychiatrists try to replace that plus with something artificial. It is only creating something false for your body to react with. What they create is like an egg without an embryo. It makes a good breakfast, but it will not make a chicken! Psychiatrists are like magicians. They have good tricks, but there is no substance created.

When Father was searching after the truth, do you know how hard he worked? He prayed seventeen hours every day, sometimes more, kneeling down on the floor. His arms and knees were encrusted from leaning on them for so long. You do not like to pray because you are looking for a free handout. Divine Principle will accuse you if you have that attitude. It does not teach us to do that. Those in the spirit world with knowledge of Divine Principle will accuse us. Father has given us the most precious food but we never created the container to hold it and nurture it.


The Theory of Evolution versus the Unchangeability of Love between Man and Woman

If evolution was true, how could the male and female of each species develop to such perfection? The physiology may change and they may think that is evolution. But the fact that man and woman love and reproduce will never change. It is very stable. It will never, ever change. When you think of that evolution has no place in this matter.

Man should think that the Universe is centered on Him

The bones of all four legged animals are particular. All the animals basically have what man has--eyes, ears, nose and a mouth. There is male and female. Man is a microcosm of all creation. The environment may change but the true crux of its meaning never changes.

The heavenly realm is to be inherited. This includes all of the physical and spiritual worlds. This includes the spiritual traditions which have been built. We can even inherit them.

If we travel we can see green grass all over the world. It may be a little different in type but green grass is consistent all over the face of the earth. There is only one earth. There are many unique beings here, both animals and plants. Everything is a unique representation of human beings.

Man should think that the universe is centered on him. He should feel that everything was made for him. How holy and lofty that thought is! How old is the earth? How many tens of billions of years old it is, but it is still very much alive. The four seasons will continue on and on. There is no indication that it is going to change. Just imagine how fantastic this is! How did this come to happen? Who made it?

God is the creator of this universe. God made rocks and trees and all things of creation billions and billions of years ago. He has exhibited them in the natural museum of creation! Whenever He sees nature God thinks back on the time He created it. This is what He wants us to inherit.

Communication between Man and all Creation and the Role of God in it

Could man duplicate the original earth that God created? Can we buy that ability, even for a high price? Even trading all the property in the United States we could not own even a handful of dirt that God created with so much love.

Think of the billions of years it took for mountains to come to exist creating beautiful, harmonizing scenery. When God sees it He recalls those long years it took to create them. You should look at even a pebble with that perspective. Put it in your pocket and feel that connection to all creation. Feel that the original universe is in your pocket. When you touch it you can say "Good morning" to all the universe. What a treasure this one rock is when we realize the heart of God behind it.

We easily see the value of a great painting. You can look at a painting of a forest scene and see a deer there. It looks beautiful and robust. But how much better it is in nature, there is sound and movement! In nature there is so much more. The animals are communicating and creating harmony. It is so marvelous and amazing compared to a painting on paper!

God created all this as a natural museum. Have we ever praised this as much as we have praised a great painting? Have you ever plucked a handful of grass and praised it? The grass welcomes man's touch! The birds fly like they have been flying for millions of years and fish have been swimming for generations, but they would much rather be flying and swimming with a master.

In deep and remote Alaska, big fish like dolphins are not afraid of man. They say "Let's play!" They come around Father's boat when he is out fishing. They are really coquettish, going faster than the boat. They look back at you and make a motion with their tail. Then they come back and say "I am faster than you!"

When you sit down in the mountains have you considered how many types of grass you are sitting on? You are the visitor to this great museum of God's creation. You sit on many of the displayed items, grass, insects, soil. Would the universe criticize you for sitting there? No, it would welcome you.

Vegetables are also a part of God's precious display. If man eats without appreciation or love the vegetables will feel preyed upon. But if we eat with appreciation realizing their value, they will be appreciative. We come to think any being without a master is miserable. Why do they need a master? Why are they happy to find one? Women need a master too. Is that right? Men also need one. Is it good to see two masters fighting together like in a bullfight? Does it make children happy to see their parents fight that way? No. The two masters should be in harmony and in love. That way they can produce more products to be displayed in this wondrous museum!

Father had the chance to observe a large carp. It was huge with eggs. The other fish hit it. How painful it must have been. The big carp tried to evade the other fish, but they kept hitting it, then it began to lay eggs. The fish was experiencing the same thing as women who endure painful labor.

The way that fish live is different from animals on land. Father wondered what kind of enjoyment fish have because they do not touch each other. Maybe they have some kind of electronic wave lengths. The incredible ability of fish to multiply quickly gave Father insight. What if they were like land animals that come together once to give birth to one offspring? Fish must multiply by the millions so they can feed many people. When the earth's population gets larger, land animals and vegetables will not be enough to feed everyone. We should all watch creation for these kinds of insights. Nature will welcome and support a person who studies creation and has these realizations.

As Unification Church members we have found our true master. In America's best museums things always look the same. If you visit them ten years later they will be the same. But in the universe there are a million more things to admire. Who does this nature belong to? Yes, it is God's.

All Unification Church members know that these things have come into being centered on love. Everything wants to be created and touched by love. The vegetable and animal kingdom and even the mineral kingdom has male and female elements. How and why did they come to be like that? We hold the original rope of love. We pull it and let it go, pull and let go. All loves are connected to that. The origin of man's and creation's existence is love and all are connected to this rope. That means that all God has to do is take this rope along with Him and all the universe will follow behind Him. If He makes a big turn all the universe will experience this big turn. Everything should hold onto that rope tightly otherwise when God turns quickly we might come loose! No matter how God maneuvers hold on tightly!

The rope is incredibly flexible. No matter how you manipulate it everything will exist harmoniously bending and moving together. With that love you can jump to incredible heights. No matter how God jumps around you can go with Him. It is very exciting! You will never get sick even though it might be faster than the biggest roller coaster. In order to jump high God has to exert great power. Would the earth complain about that? No. It would prepare more. What if someone pinches you? With love it is okay. Even if they pinched your face so hard it tore the skin off, it would be alright. American women can say, "I want my husband to love me strongly." Maybe he will bend her little finger backward until it breaks, but even that shape would look beautiful to you! All people who look at that finger would like it and want that small finger to touch them. Even insects will want to sit on that finger!

Without love this is not possible. Anything which is the result of love can be cherished by everybody. If you think, "I am a representative of the whole universe", you can receive love directly from God. But a person who does not realize this will gain no meaning or value from the things they do.

When you say, "I am the real focus of God's universal love!" and then live like that, the whole universe will come behind you and follow you. If a man of love urinates on the plants they would say "Give me more showers! Nobody loved me so much as to urinate directly on me. This is my day! How nutritious this is. I wish I had this occasion more often!"


God's True Love Object

What is that true love object for God? It is natural to respect one's ancestors. If your ancestors are gorillas and monkeys, as the evolutionists believe, then to get married with the same kind as our ancestors should be a great honor. Why don't you want to marry a gorilla? You may say, "Man is so disgusting, perhaps a gorilla would be an improvement..

The current theory of evolution is a concept destined to perish very soon. Can you imagine a man eventually evolving to become a woman, or a woman evolving to a man? Do all animals with four feet have the same origin? No, they are different and have different origins. Perhaps the lion and tiger, who look similar and have similar attributes, are basically the same, with the same origin. What is the cross-breed between lion and tiger? We have never heard of such a thing, even though scientists surely have attempted to create such a breed. If you dissected the dead body of a tiger and a lion, they would look very similar. But can such species interact sexually? No, they cannot.

The fact that there are two distinct sexes throughout creation, male and female, cannot be changed. It will not evolve. The mechanisms of love cannot be altered. We cannot give birth from the mouth or from any other opening. There is only one birth canal in the female body, in spite of the fact that there is another bodily opening next to it which is very similar-looking. God intended only one place for birth to occur.


Evolution and the original Concept of Male and Female

In philosophy, there is a fundamental question: which came first, concept or reality? This is a basic point and one which I am not going to go into all over again, but the concept of man was there already when woman came into being and the concept of love was first within God's mind before they both were created. The love concept was there before the creation. Based on that concept, man and woman were created-one indented and one protruded-to match each other. So the love concept came first. Then in front of a man, there was the concept of woman, and in front of a woman, there was a concept of man. Love concept first, man concept second, woman concept third. In that order, not the other way around.

So concept first, then reality. But communism has been propagating the belief that reality is first and concept has to follow. Did the monkey evolve into human beings? Think about that. It is a different class of creation from the outset. It is not that the ape evolved into man and they are connected by one blood lineage. No. Imagine that you have a loving wife and then some third party wants to intervene in your relationship. Is there anyone who would welcome that? No, everybody would fight against such an intruder. Is that just a lukewarm no, or is it a most emphatic no? It is an absolute no. This is true of the animals and it is also true of human beings. There is absolutely no room for an intruder. That space is so tight that not anything can come between you.

It is so from the amoebae. Even the amoebae has to multiply through some sort of reproduction, just as the higher beings do. How can a lower animal just spring up into a higher animal? How can it happen that a higher animal just pops up one day? No, it is a different class of creation. Creation itself is centered on love, male and female. The people who proclaim evolution and confuse and mislead so many others even without clear proof seem to be the white people. Maybe they look like monkeys. That's true.

Before thinking about evolution, first think about the concept of male and female, their sexual relationship.


Divine Principle Evolution Theory

So with a human being, before you get married or know the opposite sex, then the boys all get together with other boys and become big bundles of boys of joy-they will create a boy party. Girls will gather and create a girl party. That's fine and natural. But one of the boys one day gets married. Then one of the remaining boys said to the others, "Boys, lets play!" But the bridegroom will say to them, "Get out of here! Get behind me Satan!" They don't want that anymore-no invasion. So it's the same thing with the women. A women has a very handsome husband, but some of her friends are much prettier than herself. Then she will push them out and shut the door. Why? Now that couple can harmonize into one, the position which the universe can protect, because universal law comes into action. This is the universal law of existence.

So men you have two eyes, don't you? You have two ears? But you're not hearing two different words-they are harmonized and equalized. As long as the two eyes, two nostrils, and two ears are harmonized, they only receive the one image. This is harmony. Therefore in Buddhism they always bring the two terms together; that shows the left and right are perfectly harmonized and come under the protection of the universal law. The fate of the universe will protect the unified weight of subject and object. There is universal fate love. Up/down, left to right, front/rear, all those make a harmonized, unified place forever. Nothing can be invaded there. No matter if Satan exists someplace, and wants to infiltrate there, he cannot do that.

Another important law of the universe is that the perfect plus or perfect subject, automatically forms the perfect minus. The perfect plus creates a perfect minus. This is what they call "evolution theory". Father is not talking about Darwin's evolution theory; this is the Divine Principle's evolution theory. Plus and minus unite, then become either a greater plus to attract a greater minus, then united together create either a greater minus or a greater plus, then united into an even greater minus or greater plus. This is the way progress is made.

For instance, man is plus/minus. The plus place is the mind; the minus place is the body. United they make a complete, small entity of man. In each man a big plus is automatically appearing. Do you understand?

This is also Father's principle for the dispensation. Father always positions himself as the perfect plus, perfect subject. He moves forward as a perfect subject and perfect plus and anybody who's hit become minus or they shatter. So Father will grow in strength because this absolute plus, absolute subject-if another plus should hit either they become shattered into pieces, destroyed, or they become minus, united into one and become Father's party. Then Father's party will grow.

So what happened to Father? The United States of America, the giant country and one of the superpowers of the world, hit Reverend Moon. Reverend Moon, as absolute subject and plus, said, " Come on, you hit me." What happened? Even though legally what they say is something else, but universal law says the United States was shattered. Or conscientious people rise up, unite with Reverend Moon, and become an incredible force of the universe, spreading all over the world.

America has persecuted Father, and what happened? The worst of all satanic nations, the Soviet Union, welcomed Father, and the Soviet heads of state and sovereignty welcomed him into the Kremlin and gave him the most royal reception and red carpet treatment. When the US was hitting Father as the big plus, the US was shattered. And the Soviet Union welcomed Father as a big minus, and it become harmonious. Darwin's theory of evolution looks alright on the surface; but it does not expound the very root, the very bottom, very fundamental cause of the mistake.

Human history started in tragedy, because Adam and Eve did not enter into Heaven. Before they were ready to be blessed, when they were teenagers, they fell. After that, the fallen generations have been flourishing, not God's generations or lineage. That has been the tragedy; that has been the origin of mischievousness of our world. Satan uses two tactics to prolong his reign, Satan's kingdom. First of all, Satan destroyed all the evidence. He cut it up so that everything appears to originate with the body. The body is Satan's site, Satan's weapon in the cover up. And also he created the most incredible perversion of sex-the misuse of sex. These two weapons Satan utilizes.


Partnership - a Requirement to achieve the Kingdom of Heaven

In dispensational human history who falls in the category of the first generation? What generation is God? The original, the zero generation? Zero cannot be a start. So we can see that centering on God, the first generation exists. Who is the second generation? Unfallen Adam and Eve become the second generation. Then who is the third generation? [Their children.] Adam and Eve's children. Can the second generation be different from the first generation? No, the vertical relationship with God makes them the same.

[Father draws on the board.] As we have already learned, everything that exists wants to form a sphere and become round. Centering on these dividing lines, there is an upper hemisphere, a lower hemisphere, a right and a left hemisphere and a front and a rear hemisphere. Each one can readily be divided into two, for example the upper hemisphere can be divided into two to make a quarter sphere. So the circle can easily be divided into twelve equal parts. Twelve objective purposes can be derived from this. That twelve can still be divided by two, so altogether twenty four can be formed. The number twenty four can be obtained by multiplying three times eight, four times six or twelve times two. As you know, in the Oriental world we follow the lunar calendar. The lunar calendar is divided into twenty four distinctly individual seasons. Likewise the spirit world is also divided into twenty four, centering on twelve disciples.

The Position of the Center (1)

This number of twenty four can be derived that way. How can the individual pieces of twenty four be unified? Centered on what can they be unified? That is the question. Knowledge? Can you unify them because you develop your brain? Are there any sons and daughters who do not recognize their parents? Or any parents who do not recognize their own children? Can children deny their parents? Or can parents deny their children? In American culture today, parents take children seriously and worry about them constantly, but children never worry about their parents. They never give any concern. What do you make of that? What is the meaning? It is the result of the fallen world. In other words, the children and their generation are dragged in unknown directions by somebody making the root fuzzy and ambiguous. They are taught, "Forget about the root, don't worry about that." The children are then led in the wrong direction. The result is that they want to go to a certain objective but without the root. This is unthinkable intellectually, but that is what is happening. They are about to arrive somewhere without a root. But if the world had not fallen, what would have been manifested today? Children would be concerned about their parents even more than parents are concerned about their children.

Why is this happening? It is because Satan took the parents' position. In the Western world parents are following in the wake of their children. Where the children are going, the parents are following behind. Whereas in the Orient it is the parents who go forward and the children always try to follow. Since there is no center their sense of proper relationship does not exist. Man and woman exist on each side, but they do not keep the proper horizontal level. Man and woman do not stand around the center as they should. There is no center and no horizontal line because there is no vertical line. Originally they were designed to revolve around the center, but when they are off balance like this, the more they revolve the more confused they become because of the lack of the vertical and horizontal line. They don't know exactly where they should stand. The terminal point becomes very complicated. This is what we are experiencing today. (Part1)

Freedom and Democracy

America belongs to the Christian culture. What is the root of America? You might answer freedom or democracy. Do you think that freedom should be the tradition of America? Does freedom guarantee love and is love an essential part of freedom? No, in the freedom we know, it does not. At best the center of freedom refers only to the individual. Whatever he wants to do he can do. That is the way most think about freedom. What about the environment? That individual just influences the environment as he wills. If he is the center then he definitely needs a good object. So if he is an absolute center then his object should also be an absolute object. He does not have that. So we see historically that humankind started from a God centered concept, then a human centered concept and now it went even lower to a material centered concept. We have already lost the dignity and actual meaning of human existence. So the concept of man and woman is not there. People are holding onto material but don't know where this material centered life is leading to. The concern for the character within a human being is not even there anymore. Character is not there. Is the character of a human being above material or below material now? It looks as if people are even below material. Is that true? Going after freedom constantly people have lost sight of God and humankind. People have descended to live like animals. They eat, they seek physical gratification and don't think about spiritual things. After they become like an animal, character and God do not exist there anymore. This is a result of freedom. This is what the freedom of the Western world has brought.

Freedom and the Denial of the Pair System

Hippies and Yippies and homosexuals and lesbians have come to a point of men denying women and women denying men. This is the straightforward destruction of the relations among human beings. All they have is animalistic behavior or satanic behavior. They can't take part in anything loftier than that. Things that a basic human being would never even think about, those things they do without guilt. Then they think, "We are the great nation. No other country enjoys freedom more than America. We are a free people with democracy." That democracy that Americans are fostering, is that democracy in the ideal sense? No, this is a form of democracy that only Americans follow, centering on white people. White people and black people have a considerable difference. The word democracy is directly translated into an Oriental language as "people centered ideal." That is what democracy is. When we center on people, what idea can come about? Only something equal to or less than humankind. Certainly not God or anything higher than human beings.

The Position of the Center (continued)

[Referring back to board.] So, these twenty four divisions, can anyone unify these by means of freedom? Can democracy unify them or can we use a democratic idea to unify them? No,

because under democracy these twenty four distinct positions will be thought of as equal. Here, the direction or position is very clear, like up and down, or right and left, front and rear

centering on one point. When we say front, it goes without saying that rear is also there. That's a pair which you can never separate, like two sides of a coin. Like left leg and right leg and left foot and right foot. That is the four position foundation idea. Having this center we have to keep the balance or the unit will topple. If that happens then the center goes directly to hell. Hell is where we find the center that has lost its position. Heaven is where the individual occupies the center. When we say man, what does that mean? When we say man, we already have woman in mind. The concept is there. When we say woman, we already have man in mind. The same is true with left and right. So of course this is a philosophical question as to the concept and reality, but without this concept the reality cannot come. Concept is always first.

When we say man, what else do we have in mind automatically? God, yes, that is the way it should be. Where does man come from, who is his parent, who is the origin and cause of the concept of man? Communist thinking says man and material are first. What about evolution? There are male and female beings. Did one evolve from the other? We find plus and minus everywhere, is it the result of evolution? Flowers have a male part and female part. Is there any flower that blooms just from one side? Even the insect world is distinctly divided into a male part and a female part. Could there be any evolutionary process that when carried out a male could become a female or a female become a male? Never! Can a woman become a man? The big saying is that a monkey finally evolved into a man, so how about male and female? From amoebae to a high and complicated being like man, male and female exist on every different level. Could an amoebae become one without the action of male and female? That means that an amoebae could mate with a flower, and a flower could mate with insects? Can they do that? It is definitely the devil that brought this concept. Satan is trying to confuse man.

The Dignity of male and female elements

The most fundamental duty is to keep the dignity of male elements and female elements within animals, plants and even in the mineral kingdom. All of these have to keep their position. No matter how much a strong woman here may exert herself or claim herself, can she ever become a man? Women must always have breasts. That's the way they are and they cannot change it. Do you know why women are shorter than men? It's because some women have thin chests and hips. If her height was tall she could easily be mistaken for a man! It's because of women's breasts and hips that their height became short. That is a very practical explanation for why women are generally shorter than men! Are a woman's bosom and hips just for herself? Then women might really worry about what she has to do with them. But you don't have to worry, women have a path that women should go. Women always notice as they are growing up that their breasts are becoming bigger and bigger. That is a main target of her concern. She becomes concerned thinking, "How much bigger are they going to be?" They are always concerned about that.

It is your privilege and dignity to be born as women. And it is your privilege and dignity to be born as men. We have to preserve that. We should not mix that up. What kind of women can claim, "Yes, I am born for my own sake. Women are born for women's sake absolutely." Those who think that raise your hands. How about American women? That is the surest way to doom humankind to destruction. That means dignity is gone and their value has become lower than that of animals. They are less worthy than an animal, even lower than the mineral kingdom where the plus ions and minus ions distinctly keep their position. Men and women have to make sure to preserve their dignity.

People always ask the question, "Why was I born as a man?" or "Why was I born as a woman?" Those who are proud to be born as women, raise their hands. [Hands go up very slowly.] After you get all the answers from Father you make the right answer but before you are not sure. For women, no doubt, there was a lot of conflict and thinking going on, "Why was I not born as a stronger being? Why was I not born as a man?" Women always struggle with this. Women are built in such a way that they are small so they can fit into something, not fit everything into her. She can't wrap around everything, but rather she can't be wrapped around by something else. Sometimes in an extreme case a woman is standing like a needle with hardly any space and nothing can go on top of her. She won't let it. She says, "Don't touch me, don't come near me." That is a needle-like woman.

Is there any man here who thinks, "I wish I could have been born as a woman"? [No!] Here the men are satisfied, but here the women are not satisfied. It's slanted, how can we keep a right balance? If you go around focused on a center then a balance can be obtained. Who should be the center, man or woman, in order to go around? American women, what do you think? Who should be the center? If you have two pieces or parts and one is heavier and set in place and the other is not, which should be the center? A heavier and stable man or lighter and unstable woman? This is not what Reverend Moon muses about some mornings. No, this is the way nature is. When they go around as they should, then everything is balanced. There is no man and no woman. There is no difference when the two have become one. If you go to a dancing party which is more exciting, the fastest step or the step of a grandma who is just about to die? In the beginning, maybe you start out slow, but as you go on. . . If you turn around like in dancing, do you think you can turn around without the center? Without a center the two will tumble down. What is the conclusion? Should a man cling to a woman and live or should a woman cling to a man and live? I don't know, but you American women know well. Without question the woman should hold onto a man and continue to live. But what about in America, has this been true? Or do men hang on to women and exercise caution and live? That can do a lot of damage to mankind and eventually the world.

Throughout human culture, which country has the highest rate of divorce? America or African countries? [America.] Yes, America. As a result of who's actions, who is responsible for divorce? Man or woman? There are a lot of statistics coming out. Women are at fault seventy percent of the time. [Father draws M over W on the board.] Who is in the upper position? W is deeper and M is higher. M has the protruding part. W has the receiving part. When this [M over W] becomes upside down and stays that way, it is a catastrophe. It's a bad thing. Right here in the center is a zero point, it is level. So long as it is going around fast it is okay, whoever is on top or bottom doesn't matter. But if you do not move and what should be below stays up and stays there, then that is bad. It's an absolutely necessary position to have this right side up when it is standing still. Those who deny this, who disapprove of this and wonder why Father brings it up, raise your hands. When you walk down the street, the man should walk down the center of the road and the woman should stay on either side of that center. That is more normal in walking. Will women welcome that too? That is the optimum position for a man to protect a woman. The man has to stand in the center and when need be he can reach the woman and protect her this way. If the man stands on the side and the woman stands in the center and the man has to protect her on this side, he would have to move all the way down to this way. Everything about the truth stands to reason. It stands to reason that the man should walk down the center more than stand on the sides.


Love, Evolution and a peaceful World

Before anything was created, there was only one thing in God's mind - true love

The philosophy and ideology for the peaceable world is God's ideal of creation. I did not create a new ideal. God has the original ideal of creation, which follows nature's principles of the pair system: man and woman, male and female, plus and minus. The whole universe consists of subject and object, so that subject and object would be in a position to have give and take. Men and women are created for one single purpose: in order to consummate true love. Love is the factor. God wants love to blossom and permeate everywhere. That is why the entire world is made in the pair system.

You have heard about Darwin's theory of evolution. Did evolution come first, or the concept of love? (Love!) Before anything was created, there was only one thing in God's mind-true love! He has an incredible urge to manifest true love into visible form, the creation. In order to fulfill that love, God needed to create subject and object, in a pair system. Were male and female created as a result of evolution? (No!) Did man evolve into man and woman into woman? From the most simple organism, the amoebae, to the sophisticated human being, God's true love passed through many millions of hurdles. By doing so, new advanced creations came into being. The theory of evolution totally disregards this. When you are genuinely in love, would you like your love to be invaded by another man, or another woman? Absolutely not! Without having the concept of male and female, how could an amoebae evolve into the very high sophisticated creation of human beings? The theory of evolution is an absolute lie. It is a comic observation of external events. Do you believe man and woman were created through evolution? (No!)

All those professors who thought that the theory of evolution was absolutely brilliant and that Darwin was brilliant, when they encounter Father, within a couple of hours they completely surrender: "Reverend Moon, we were completely wrong. Please forgive us." We have such a strong armament-the truth! We must be strong soldiers of truth, occupying the world. We have so much power. Do you know that? How can you use it properly, that is the question. You have to take a serious Korean course, then you can use this armament. God's sorrow was that He could not teach this textbook.

Father's God's Day motto refers to the "new nation." God could not have that new nation, because God has not yet been able to educate the citizens of the new nation. God's intention is to have God's Day, God's nation and the perfection of all things. The only remaining thing is education. A manual shall be created on how children shall be educated from generation to generation-God's educational textbook. That is the major project. Father has a textbook which God wants to be used for the education of all mankind. There shall be no degradation. That textbook was not created because of the fall of man. Now, God is declaring a new nation, and Father's most immediate and urgent task is to create the textbook for the education of the citizens of God's nation. Do you want to have it?

First of all, the title is: "Education Textbook for God's Day and the Unification of the New Nation."

Absence of true education for true children.

True brotherhood education was not there.

True parenthood education was not there.

True couple relationship was not there.

These are the four major areas of education. This is what God's textbook includes.

The Dwelling of God is with Man

First of all, how can we educate our children to become true children? Father is trying to make the invisible form of God visible. Within God there is plus and minus, which God extended into the visible world, which became children. They will be meeting in the most glorious place. A boy is growing up this way, and a girl is growing up another way. They are growing up in a physical reality. Plus and minus, man and woman, or boy and girl. (Father draws on the blackboard.) This is the children's position, and as children grow up they branch out as brothers and sisters. This diagonal line represents brothers-younger and elder. They become teenagers and come to realize what they need most. In the plus position, a teenage boy comes to the poignant realization that he needs a partner. As a teenager, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, you are the world's greatest poet, artist and movie star. You can be and do everything. But the most important passion is the search for an object of love. When they were young, boys and girls persecuted each other. They just don't like each other, and play pranks on each other. But as they become teenagers, around seventeen, girls become very attractive and boys become very handsome. They come together to the center, then the invisible God comes down to the center, ready to meet and join with man and woman. This is a vertical line. God's love is coming down vertically to the center, man is reaching that line, woman is reaching that line, then at that particular point love sparks. Within the body of Adam and Eve, God's image enters. The Bible says that the dwelling of God is with man.

God's dwelling place becomes physically available within the body of Adam and Eve. This is the absolutely ripe, perfect moment-the unity of God, man and woman. Man and woman become the temple of God.

When a man and woman come together in the center, they not only meet each other horizontally, they meet with God coming down vertically, so they become God's dwelling place-God-centered man. From there, multiplication occurs. They become husband and wife and then parents through giving birth to a child. They become substantial parents. God becomes the spiritual parents and man and woman become the physically substantial true parents, God-centered parents.

Bo Hi Pak's mind takes after the vertical Creator's mind, taking His qualities. His mind is controlled vertically by God and he inherits God's blood lineage. Therefore, the mind is your vertical self. Your mind occupies one vertical position, unmovable. The vertical line crosses the horizontal line at a 90 degree angle. Even 89 degrees or 91 degrees cannot be a vertical line. The shortest distance is a vertical line. The true love passage is a vertical 90 degree line. Between men and women, horizontally, and them and God vertically love travels the shortest distance. So they will meet at the absolute horizontal line and meet with the absolute vertical line. It has got to be 90 degrees. You become a heavenly man, God's true sons and daughters, by receiving a vertical spiritual lineage from God. Then you receive the physical horizontal lineage from True Parents. If you do that, you are becoming the children of Heavenly Father-God's children.


The Developement of the World

The smaller units must serve the larger, even sacrificing when necessary for the benefit of the larger in order to make it work. That is the right way of explaining the development of the world, while the theory of evolution is the wrong way. This is the principle of development. So the mineral elements are absorbed by the plants, which are taken in by the animals, who are utilized by human beings, whose center is God. In that way, each level is reaching to the higher level, serving and reaching higher. This is the way the development progresses, from the root to the top. American youth have not understood this. They didn't have the proper order, law, relationship and ideal. That is why they became disconnected with the natural world and have fallen down into destruction.

Right now, I am your teacher and you are in the position of children. A good teacher will understand a child's nature, will even have a childlike side of his personality. That means you and I are very close! The good teacher will do sudden, abrupt things to get your attention. By giving simple, clear explanations and keeping your attention, then everything is taken care of. This is a tactic you also have to learn.

We have to understand that without this new family, the new nation cannot be achieved. Remember: Order, Law, Relationship, and Ideal. Never forget those four limbs of the tree. In the middle of the night, while you are eating, think about these things. In order to build a house, you need four corners, four pillars.


We are the Kingdom of Heaven for all Things

Everything that we take in fulfills its purpose by being eaten by a higher dimensional being, a human being

Throughout the universe, all things exist for the subject, the center. The center of the entire world is human beings, so all things exist, develop and progress for the purpose of serving human beings, who are at the center, like the nucleus. For example, when you eat breakfast, you must think that you are eating love-the original love which God put into all things at the time of creation.Everything that we take in fulfills its purpose by being eaten by a higher dimensional being, a human being In this way it makes a quantum leap from its horizontal level to serve the higher level of love, taking the vertical route of love back to God. Of course, when all things are taken by human beings, they are happy because the human being's purpose is higher and because through them they fulfill the higher level of love.

All things want to become part of the cells which feel love, because they are the most sensitive part of the human being.

The opening of the Love Gate

Which part is that loving part of the human being? The sexual organs are where man and woman become totally one with each other and one with God. Because of the fall, those particular parts have been considered as the worst and dirtiest, yet they are the most holy places. For both men and women, when the love gate is open the entire world is open; when the love gate is closed the entire world is closed. In other words, the opening of that gate determines happiness and peace. Where do you expect God's true children to be born? From those organs which are totally united with God and centered on true love.

Of course, all things want to be part of that particular section of the human being's body. However, once there is total unity centered on true love, not just that particular part, but the entire human being's body becomes like that particular loving organ. Your mind and your body and all your cells will be totally united and join in cheering Mansei.

The Definition of the Kingdom of Heaven

The purpose of all the created things in this world, from the smallest particles on up, is to become a portion of such a holy body and reach the level of unity and harmony that will eventually lead them to God Himself. Each of the one hundred seven or one hundred eight elements in this world is heading for that goal. Just as human beings don't want to die for no reason, nothing in creation wants to die unless its death serves a greater purpose. When particles and atoms are taken in by higher things, for them it is like they are going into the Kingdom of Heaven. That's the definition of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Again, the final goal of all things is to reach the spot where husband and wife experience total unity centered on true love. That is how all things can set a condition of contributing their portion of responsibility toward building the ideal world, toward making this entire world totally united with God.

When the wife puts on makeup and wears beautiful clothes, she is seeking to elicit a good feeling from her husband and build unity with him. Husbands seek to be attractive for the same reason. The same principle applies to all things in the world: they do things to please human beings and create unity with them.

Why has the world of all things been crying up to this point?

Because they lost the base upon which they could reach the Kingdom of Heaven. Even in the Bible it says that because of the human fall, man lost that base, so all things are crying. That very base upon which the Kingdom of Heaven was supposed to be built for the sake of human beings and all things was destroyed. Therefore, the dispensation of God's restoration had to begin and has been continuing.

When you know these principles, you cannot bring anything or any money that was illegally or unethically obtained to provide for your wife or children. It's a sin. If you do that, your body will start shrinking. To do that is worse than forcing poison into your children's mouths. Therefore, you must learn how to respect public life and public things.

In the world, and particularly here in America, individualism is rampant. However, it is very important to develop this public concept. Satan has been running away from this public concept and forcing everybody down to the individual level, or individual ideal. However, God takes the individualistic ideal and extends it to the public and worldwide level, in order to reach the central point, chasing Satan out in the process. Satan got kicked out of the worldwide level and went down, down, down, finally to the individual level. Once he gets kicked out of this individual level, Satan will just disappear. Sometimes on a fruit tree, unhealthy fruits will fall before they get ripe, while the ripe ones remain until the end, ultimately producing new seeds for the next generation.

You must learn a lesson from this. Suppose you are working for a company, a private company or a public company, and you steal some things-money or whatever-in order to try to provide for your family. That is a manifestation of fallen nature. You can never run away from fallen nature. In contrast, you should try to bring valuables from your home to serve the public purpose. That is how you can get closer and closer to the Kingdom of Heaven up in heaven.

Don't be ashamed in front of all things.

They all have eyes and feelings. They are looking forward to reaching the Kingdom of Heaven through you. However, when you misuse public things, they know the road is blocked.

Your eyes, nose and mouth are part of one system, representing God. What you take in through your mouth helps your eyes, nose and ears survive. Breathing air through your nose keeps your mouth, ears and eyes alive. If your eyes were fixed in one direction for eternity, you would not be able to survive. However, your eyes have the ability to move around in order to help protect your entire body. Every organ of your body exists for the sake of the entire being, not just its particular section. By the same token, each family exists not for itself, but for the sake of all families. Therefore, we must not destroy the entire base where the Kingdom of Heaven can be built, as was done before. That's why all things have been crying until now. We must not repeat the same mistake.

All things, human beings, and God are all one system, not isolated existences.

God is the axis around which parents, children and all things revolve. That's the way they form the pair system. Then, does man need woman? Does woman need man? To say that the entire universe is created because of true love means that everything is connected to you, not separated. All things are as close to you as a strand of your hair. When you scrub your skin, sometimes you see the dirt and dead skin rubbed away. New skin grew and the old went away.

In the Old Testament Age all things were sacrificed. In the New Testament Age the children were sacrificed, with Christians being martyred. In the Completed Testament Age the parents are sacrificed, because parents have been heartistically burdened and have endured much suffering. You can see the chain reaction: for the sake of children, God sacrificed all things, for the sake of parents God sacrificed His children, and for the sake of God, True Parents have been sacrificed heartistically. That's the way they all became one. Therefore, the responsibility of the parents' position was so difficult. We had to attain an even higher realm of heart than Adam and Eve. Think about the course of indemnity True Parents had to walk up to this point, going through the levels of the individual, family, clan, tribe, nation and world. In order to reach a position higher than that of Adam and Eve before the fall, we had to go through such a difficult course of heartistic indemnity. That path was so thorny that it can be called the "heartistic cross."

This is the first time I have ever explained this to anybody. On this thirty-fourth Day of All Things, I want you to know that we are the Kingdom of Heaven for all things. I could explain this only because I already proclaimed the True Parents and Completed Testament Age.

America and Japan used to be enemy countries, but because of the love relationship and unity between one Japanese husband and American wife here, all things can look at this beautiful couple and cheer Mansei!

When you open the gate, open it wide so that nothing is in the way. Unite your mind and body, build unity between husband and wife, and raise your true love flag all the way to the Kingdom of Heaven up in heaven. You should each make such banners of love.

With its homosexuality and drug abuse, America is like a garbage bin or toilet bowl. Even to think about it makes me angry. Darwin's theory of evolution doesn't fit. For the sake of love, men and women die. For the sake of love, parents or even children can give their life. Even the absolute and omnipotent God cannot disregard the law of true love. God has to respect and obey the law of true love. Who is higher, true love or God? God is lonely without an object; therefore, God created human beings as the object of true love. Man alone feels lonely, woman alone feels lonely. What are they looking for? Man goes after woman, and woman goes after man. Even grandfathers and grandmothers hang onto that loving organ to sustain their life. Father and Mother do same thing. We all do that. Nobody can dismiss this kind of universal law. This is the law of the universe, which is eternal. Everybody has to obey it, whether you like it or not. When we know this principle, do you think America will survive if it continues the way it is going?

Man's love-organ is a one-way street; it seeks after one particular thing, wife's sexual organ. How can you make the foundation to connect with everything? Through the most important organ of a man or woman: the most holy place, the love palace, life palace, blood lineage palace. When you understand this very precious principle you can produce precious children. They will be princes and princesses in this world and the spirit world. They will become the bridge upon which God will walk to rebuild the world.


Through total Investment God can be experienced

One can never experience love by one's self. Even though love exists within us we are unable to feel it by our own selves. God is the origin of love. He is the root of the love, life and lineage within me. This we cannot deny. God is within the root of conscience, life, love and lineage. When we expand the love, life and lineage within us, then God will come to the surface. How do we do that? We accomplish this through investing ourselves for the sake of others in a completely selfless way. Through this total investment God can be experienced.

The birth of the universe has its origin in God. God invested everything of Himself for the sake of His creation. [Here Father begins to draw on the board.] Here we see God's output and on the other side input. The very beginning of the universe came into being through the total investment of God. For what did He invest everything? For His True Love partner: man and woman.

Gods Love Partner and the Concept of Plus and Minus

God's partner of love is not a monkey. The evolution theory claims that we originate from monkeys. No matter how wonderful an amoebae might be, it cannot give rise to life that is in a higher form that itself. This is simply impossible unless somebody puts in additional power. Do you think that the amoebae would be a more likely origin to creation, or the concept of plus and minus, male and female? (Plus and minus.) Even within the mineral kingdom there is the existence of motion. This implies that the plus and minus relationship is in existence; otherwise, motion cannot come into being. And the amoebae came into being after that. If there are 108 different kinds of elements, they cannot merge into one another. No matter how they may try, by themselves they simply cannot interact. Do you understand? Even the amoebae must have the plus and minus element within it.

Darwin tried to claim that an amoebae is neutral gender, but this is not so. For example, in the daytime there are both sunlight and shadow. However, at high noon there is no shadow. It does not mean that shadow does not exist, it simply means that the shadow exists within a person's perimeter. In the same way, even though it may not be clearly visible within the amoebae as with other forms of creation, without the plus/minus concept, no living being exists. Certainly without the plus and minus element they cannot fuse together and give rise to a third being.

There are forty-seven differences in construction between a monkey and a man. Suppose we find the most handsome monkey in the whole of the ape kingdom, and we find the ugliest woman in the world and then everybody prays for them to produce offspring. Do you think that they will produce new offspring? No. Absolutely, forever no. Whatever gave Darwin the idea that man came from the monkeys? Different species maybe, but how can monkeys give rise to man? The same family of vegetable kingdom or animal kingdom can give rise to offspring. But if they are different species they cannot reproduce. When you are sleeping with your husband together do you want a third party to come and intervene between you? (No.) Absolutely not.

Male and female elements can horizontally connect very closely, but they can never rise up vertically. Vertically means they cannot elevate their status. The greatest flaw in Darwinism is the idea that different species can give rise to human beings. What he tries to do is to deny the element of love in giving rise to the human beings. This is the most devastating thing, because love is the origin of mankind, not monkeys. Just because monkeys bear a physical similarity to man does not mean that a monkey is a man. In perspective they may appear somewhat similar, but never in essence.

The Aspiration of human Beings and the Center of Plus and Minus

How big is the aspiration of human beings? God saw the need to implant in human beings limitless desire because God wanted his partner to be greater than Himself. We must be aware of this very strong desire within us and that is the action of conscience. You can imagine your conscience as a large bag which you are able to put many things into. How big is your conscience bag? You can put God Himself into your conscience bag. Does that make your conscience bag full with no more room for anything else? If your conscience bag becomes full, then you would like to put more in your other pockets. Once everything is absolutely full then you want to open your mouth and bring it in there. That much. No limit. Do you have that kind of greedy desire or not? (Yes, Father.) There is no limit to your good greed. In Korean we say yokshim but there is no word that is equivalent in the English language. Greedy usually means something bad. But this means a good greed. Therefore you have to make up a word in English for this. Such attributes of mankind began thousands of years ago when Adam and Eve were born. Do you think that during this time this has changed? (No.)

Scientists tell us that the universe is made up of energy. Did energy suddenly arise without any prerequisite or is it generated? (Generated.) You have such immense love within you. Do you think that it suddenly rose up just like that? In order for love to arise first your eyes have to meet the eyes of either your subject or object. Some kind of action occurs. Your five senses will further accelerate that action. It then explodes in the power of love. In order for power to occur is action necessary? (Yes.) Before action occurs, first there has to be a subject and object in order for action to begin. Then action takes place and power occurs. The scientists say that before power there is action and prior to that there is an element of action, or subject and object. The action of the conscience for example, means the conscience has to be touched off, as it were, or evoked. That means there is an action, which in turn means it must have a subject and object relationship. This is logical. Without this no action can take place.

Even if we may not have thought this way, we can now have it in our mind that subject and object has to be very much there before our conscience or our love is evoked. That is plus and minus centering upon God. We cannot deny the existence of God when we observe the same trait from millions of years ago, flowing down in an unchanging way through mankind. It will eternally continue because there is a subject and object existing within the conscience. We therefore cannot deny that God is present there. Before we consider the theory of evolution, we understand the Principle of Creation. We cannot deny or do away with God.

"I think and therefore I am"

Within creation we can conclude that God must be present; within the subject and object relationship we can conclude that God must be present. Do you understand? That conscious action has been unchanging all throughout human history. Therefore we cannot deny God. Looking at the root of love, life and lineage we also cannot deny God. [Father has drawn a diagram depicting all of this on the board.] Looking at this we cannot deny God. Conscience is very much present, but we are not conscious of it all the time. God is the root of our conscience, our love, life and lineage. The philosophical concept of, "I think and so therefore I am" has given a great deal of confusion to mankind.

Neither the Chicken nor the Egg came first

We have eyes, [Father draws on the board] eyebrows, nose and mouth. (Laughter.) Before that eye came into being do you think the eye itself knew that there was an object for it to see? Do you think that eye knew that there would be air, sunlight, and dust? (Somebody knew.) Not somebody, the eye itself? The eye itself did not know these things. Why did the eye come into being? Eyes came into being in order to see things. Eyes are equipped to look at the sun. Even though the material eye is unaware, the creator behind that eye knows. Is that true? (Yes.) Did the somebody who knew come first or did the eye, not knowing, come first? (Somebody who knew.) That's right. Somebody knew that there would be dust and air and so the eyelashes were created, like a fine screen. Somebody knew that dust would exist. Also the eye is constantly bathed in liquid. Therefore, somebody knew that there would be heat that would dry the eye and that it would need constant bathing in its own liquid. The eye did not know this.

Now we come to the solution of this age-old question: did the chicken come before the egg or vice versa? (Laughter.) Which came first, the entity or the concept? (Concept.) Concept came first. We also have eyebrows to prevent sweat rolling into our eyes. Therefore it seems reasonable to conclude that somebody knew that there might be sweat on the face. Don't take everything for granted; every day when we wash our face let us give thanks to God. All the wondrous design of the human body God created. Remind yourself daily that God made everything with us and our comfort in mind.

With this evidence can we say that material came first? (No.) Why do you insist on denying it? Because it is not true. How close is God to us? Knowing all of this we can see how close God is to each one of us. God is the closest to each of us and that is why we don't feel Him. If we feel only thirty percent of love, life and lineage and our partner comes along with 100 percent of all of these, we naturally feel seventy percent lacking. We should in fact not feel love until our subject or object appears. Until then we should be at zero point. Then 100 percent give and take can occur. We should not feel love when we are alone.


The Formula governing the Subject-Object Relationship

As human beings, we should go towards God. The animal world goes towards human beings and, through them, towards God. The motivation of the animal world is to reach the realm of God's love through human beings. This is the formula. If we nullify this formula, everything that exists in this world will be destroyed. This is the fundamental concept of our being.

Charles Darwin's theory of evolution was completely incorrect. He talked about the survival of the fittest and the weak ones being sacrificed for the stronger ones. People are confused because they don't know what is subject and what is object. They don't know the formula governing the subject/object relationship. They don't know which is first, concept or substance. The concept, or love, is first, followed by the substance, man and woman. There is concave and convex. On the foundation of unity between concave and convex, love and life are established. Through the reciprocal relationship, plus and minus unite and form a unity on a higher dimension. This is the formula of development....

Did the man's sexual organ know before birth that it would go into a woman's sexual organ? [Laughter.] No. The concept was first. What is the meaning of nose hairs? [Father laughs.] For a woman to have nose hairs is a very terrible thing. The concept is first and substance is second. Do you follow? Concept is first and substance is second.

Between the amoebas and human beings are thousands and thousands of relationships. Human beings come on that foundation. Without the connection of the love relationship, no new baby can come to exist. Every step of development, from the lower levels to the higher levels, always took place through the love relationship. Without that we could not reach higher levels. Thus evolutionary theory is false; it is the way of thinking of a thief. Concept is the priority.

Things we are unified with we don't sense

Can you see love? We cannot see or touch love. How do we know this? Without an object of love, we cannot know that love exists. We have love, life, blood lineage and even conscience, but because we are so completely one with them we cannot feel them. How many times do you blink your eye? Can you calculate the number? Why don't you know? Each square centimeter is affected by air pressure, but we don't feel that pressure. If you put your hand on your breast, what kind of sound do you feel? Your heartbeat. How many times does your heart beat each day? It makes a big sound, but we don't realize it because we cannot feel it. Why? Do you put a big mask in front of your nose when you go to the bathroom? Because we are completely united with it, we do not sense the smell.


God's original Ideal of Creation

If Adam and Eve had achieved completion, they could have taken the position of the elder son, parents and king. There would have been no opposition, no Satan. Starting then their authority could have controlled history forever. This is God's original ideal of creation. This time period is called the age of great victory in the history of God's providence because this is the time for restoring everything. Again, if Adam and Eve had practiced absolute faith, love and obedience in the beginning, they would have become totally one with God.

The original Order

God was in the position of subject and Adam was the object. The subject position always gives and invests for eternity. Giving for eternity means forming eternal value. If you stop after investing 100, you will harvest only the value of 100. But if you give eternally and constantly, your value will be limitless. In Adam's family, Adam was in the position of subject and Eve was in the position of object. Through give and take they should have become one. By doing so, God, Adam and Eve would have become one.

In the first family, Eve was in the position of mother, or subject, and her children, Cain and Abel, were in the position of object. Of course, Cain and Abel should have become one with their parents first and then eventually extended their relationship to God and become one with Him. That is how the scope expands and the range gets bigger. If the original human family had been formed with this kind of unity and oneness with God, nobody, not even Satan, could have interfered in their relationship. Even between Cain and Abel, Cain was originally in the position of plus and Abel was in the position of minus. They should have become one with their mother and eventually expanded to their father's realm and ultimately to God.

From God's point of view, connections take place vertically, with Adam first, next Eve, and then Cain and Abel all becoming one. If this kind of relationship had been established in the beginning without the human fall, Adam's family would have been like a fort which no power could destroy or intercept. Once Adam becomes totally one with God, Eve becomes totally one with Adam on that foundation; that means Eve doesn't have to deal with God directly. As long as she deals with Adam, who is completely one with God, she doesn't have to go all the way out to reach God and check everything with God. By the same token, once Eve and Adam and God are completely one, Cain and Abel don't have to go all the way to Adam and to God, because as long as they are totally one with Eve they are totally one with God. They have total freedom in terms of their relationships. We can apply the same principle to the relationship between Cain and Abel. Once they become totally one with their mother and among themselves, Abel doesn't have to go far to reach his mother or father and God. As long as he is totally one with Cain, he is one with God.

Freedom, Happiness and Peace

When we have these kinds of relationships, plus and minus, subject and object, we can enjoy total freedom, absolute freedom. Such freedom doesn't come by yourself but within the subject/object relationship. Communists insist that they are the only ones who have freedom. They deny the object. That's why they disappeared. As long as we have perfect harmony and unity between plus and minus, subject and object, no matter where you go or what you do, nobody can interfere with your work or your relationships. Even God cannot do that.

When we look around us, we see the mineral world, the plant kingdom, and the animal kingdom. Even in the mineral world, as you know, the plus/minus relationship exists. There are plus and minus particles, creating a circular movement. Nobody can destroy that movement or stop it. The particles exist for eternity in such a relationship. That is called freedom. Happiness, peace and love result from such circular movement. We can see the same phenomena in the plant kingdom and animal kingdom: plus and minus, plus and minus. The same principle applies to human beings. Once you and your spouse become totally one centered on God, nobody, not even the universe, can destroy your unity or stop your relationship. Even God cannot interfere. Can you find any single couple in America who is totally united centered on God? An ideal couple? [True Parents.]

This is the formula. This formula existed from the beginning of creation. The same formula applies in the history of restoration. Without completing this formula, there is no way to complete restoration. That means as long as we practice absolute faith, love and obedience and as long as there is absolute unity between subject and object, we are always ready for a higher level and nobody can interfere with our relationships.

The absolute Subject

In contrast to the theory of evolution, each species is distinct and absolute. Nobody can manipulate them. Therefore, the theory of evolution is not right. There is no time to go into the details. Just remember that the history of restoration follows the same principle which existed from the very beginning. Whenever there is unity between subject and object, that unity will be protected by the cosmos. However, if there is disunity between subject and object, even the universe will get rid of it.

In reference to absolute subject and absolute object, who or what is the absolute subject? [God.] God, because God never changes. God exists for eternity. Precious metals, such as gold or diamonds, are unchanging for eternity; people treasure gold and diamonds because they are unchanging. In human terms, those whose faith in God never wavers are the ones who will be saved, while those who change their minds will head for someplace else. What about the American people? Do Americans change all the time or are they steady. [Changing!] American people can be considered the most easily changeable people, whereas the oriental people are considered to be the opposite, unchangeable. If you keep changing, like American people, you will end up on the evil side. You will be taken by Satan. Extreme privacy and secular individualism are dangerous trends in America. If you keep pursuing those kinds of goals, then eventually you will lose your life. You may have to trade your life for something. Heavenly force protects this original, unchanging formula; however, if we keep changing there is no way to be protected, and we will be abandoned. Whatever has no partner will disappear. This is the principle formula.


Spirit versus Matter - Creation versus Evolution and Restoration

A Confusion to be solved

The Messiah as the True Father desires the unification of mind and body, the unification of husband and wife, and the unification of children.

Problems must still be solved on a world wide level. They include:

1) What came first, matter or spirit?

2) Is the materialist theory correct or is the idealist theory correct?

3) Which comes first, reality or concept?

4) Is evolution or creation correct?

Let us attempt to answer this by way of an example. When we observe the animal kingdom we discover that the first thing that is formed in a new animal which is born is the eyes. The eyes are pure matter. Would those eyes know prior to birth that the sun existed or not?

Being purely matter the eyes did not know. However something or someone before matter knew that the eyes were created to see the sunlight. Someone knew.

Being purely matter the eyes did not know that the atmosphere existed and yet the eyes were formed with eyelashes to assure that the dust in the air does not damage the eye.

The eyes, being purely matter, did not know that steam and other heat radiations could dry the eyes and damage them, but someone knew and for that reason we blink so that our eyes can be lubricated and not dry up.

The conclusion which we can derive from this is that through the simple example of the eye we can solve the great debate of whether thought precedes existence, whether spirit precedes matter or whether concept precedes reality. We can answer the debate of spirit versus matter, of creation versus evolution.

Given this, we have no way to deny that everything was created by God. Therefore, we must return to the original world of creation, knowing the kind of self, the kind of family, the kind of world which God desires.

If Adam and Eve had not fallen, it would have been logical and normal for their minds and bodies to be one just as God is one. Due to the fall there emerged another positive in the body, opposed to the positive of the conscience which relates to God. The repulsion between these two positives resulted in a history of struggles and we must be conscious of this.

The body became the base of operations for Hell and the conscience the base of operation for Heaven

The human being did not know that within himself he contained the division of two worlds. From this perspective we should ask ourselves if our body leads our mind or our mind leads our body. In reality, throughout history the body has been completely free to lead the mind. If the conscience were strengthened, we would automatically return to God and already for some time the world would have been with God.

The fact that the physical body leads the conscience shows us that the problem stems from the moment of the fall.

The force of false love, which tied the first ancestors to Satan, was stronger than the force of the conscience. God who knows very well the situation of human beings cannot abandon fallen humanity. Instead he must establish a strategy to weaken the body-centered force which dominates our conscience.

Religion is the historical system for salvation which was created and driven by God.

God established several religions. According to their different circumstances and antecedents, the world cultural spheres were formed. Until now religious people did not know that the purpose of religion is to prevent the body from continuing to lead the mind. If there had not been a fall, religion would not have been necessary.

Something bad happened and religion became necessary to correct it. What does God intend to do through religion? He intends to discipline the body. Probably you think that by believing in religion you will be saved, that by believing in Christianity you will go to Heaven. Adam's family should have been a family whose center was the love of God, a family which had a blood relationship with God. Until now no one knew that the place where such families dwell is the Kingdom of Heaven.

Therefore, to strengthen the power of conscience, we must dominate the body. We must liberate our conscience, so that it can lead our body with will. We can then return to the bosom of God's love as original beings free from sin.

Therefore if we ask what religion should do, the answer is that it should motivate our body to do everything that it hates to do. What does the body hate most? To fast! To serve! To sacrifice! Furthermore religion asks us to be an offering. The offering is destined to shed blood and must be capable of sacrificing its life. Therefore, the Bible tells us that he who is willing to lose his life shall gain it and he who wishes to save his life shall lose it. What this paradox teaches us is that if we live according to the flesh we are going to hell. If we win over the flesh and liberate our conscience, we go to Heaven. If we completely subjugate this body and our conscience stands in a totally subjective position, the conscience will have unlimited desires and infinite hope.

In the course of history, there have been numerous religions and numerous religious leaders. Yet those who believed in those religions and in those leaders were not able to get total control over the body and could not deny themselves completely. They could not liberate the conscience and place it in a position to relate with God on the original basis. We sinful people did not become true olive trees. Instead we became wild olive trees with our roots in a false love. The human being should have had roots in God's true love yet we established roots in Satan's love. How are we going to solve the problem of being wild olive trees instead of true ones? This remains as an inevitable and extremely crucial task which we must fulfill. If you study yourselves, you will notice that the conscience knows everything about you. The conscience is closer to you than your own parents. It desires to possess eternal love and be embraced eternally in God's bosom. When we marry we separate from our earthly parents. Yet the conscience exists with me prior to my birth on earth. It loves us and its mission is to transform us into eternal sons and daughters of God. The conscience does not need a teacher. Have you ever heard of a Minister of Education in some country announcing a plan to educate the conscience? If the conscience had gone the original way, we would have known clearly the course to follow in life. It would have taught us and guided us to return to God's bosom. Because your conscience knows everything about your life, when you go to the spiritual world you will discover that there is a computer there which fully registered everything which you did on earth. Until today we did not know that the mission of the conscience was to convert us into unblemished, true sons and daughters of God.

Is there anyone here who is convinced that he or she will never die? We will all go to the spiritual world someday. When you enter the spirit world, they will immediately know you by your name. They will know about your entire life. They will also know about your ancestors because the spiritual world transcends time and space.

We should not bring anything with us into that world which would stain our conscience. For that reason, know that the conscience is above all other teachers.

Today we have gathered here distinguished personalities. Among them there are professors. Honestly there has never been a professor who possessed a teaching which is superior to that of the conscience. It fulfills the same role which a compass fulfills for a ship's captain.

This evening there are many distinguished people gathered here. To them I would like to ask, "When you married, did anyone want to have a spouse inferior to him or her?" The answer is no. And if I asked you whether you wanted a spouse ten times better than you or one hundred times better than you, no doubt you would reply that if it were possible you would prefer that he or she be one thousand, ten thousand, one million times better than you. The conscience's ambition demands the maximum amount of love. It wishes to possess the absolute being. The same was true for our ancestors. And the same will be true for our descendants. If we asked God, he would respond in the same way. Is it not true that it is impossible for all of our desires to be fulfilled? A Senator will want to be President. Later he will want to be an important person in world affairs. Ultimately, he will want to achieve the highest position in the world. That is the measure of ambition of the conscience. From the beginning of history until the present time, the general thinking of people is that the conscience's ambition cannot be completely satisfied. But Rev. Moon, the person who is standing here, arrived at the conclusion that it is possible to satisfy it.

How big is the conscience? How can the conscience be measured? Do you think that the day will come when the conscience will possess God? Do you think that if there exists something bigger than God that the conscience will have the ambition of possessing it?

(given in 16 cities throughout South America - 1995 June-July)

Man and Woman's Sexual Organs were the Original Point of Human Creation

We all lived our life without truly appreciating that we have men and women. How much should we be joyful and happy? Have you ever thought about it? Even if we have this convex shape, without a concave shape it is useless. What can you do? When God first created man and woman, do you think He had the concept of concave and convex shapes first, or man and woman concept first? Did He have the sexual organ concept first as male and female, or just man and woman first? Answer clearly. God had the concept of the sexual organs of male and female first. We must understand that man and woman's sexual organs were the original point of human creation. Do you understand? From that point man and woman appeared.

Which comes first, the concept of evolution or the male and female concept? (Male and female.) The concept of male and female came into being from nowhere? Who designed the location of the male and female sexual organs in the center of the body? Did you have a choice? (No.) Who gave you that? (God.) Suppose the female is generally taller than the male. Or exactly the same height. Then there is no fun, no variety. From woman's point of view it is more fun when you make love that her husband has to reach down to her. This means she has to reach up on her tip toes to connect with him. You hug your husband and try to hang onto him so as not to be separated from him. When the wife tries to hang onto the husband so as not to be separated what is the attitude of the husband? Does he brush her aside? When they kiss one another at eighty-five degrees, would the husband resent it or enjoy it? Who is subject between man and woman? (Man.) What about American women? Are you subject?

When Father gives such a talk to us, all the men enjoy it. They feel that Father is the only one to be able to change women who have the bad habit of insisting that they are the subject. You women, do you like men? (Yes.) Man represents heaven and woman represents earth. That is why when you make love between husband and wife the man takes the position of heaven while woman takes the position of earth. Woman is shaped in such a way as to receive, like a container. Women have soft bone structure and soft skin. Men do not like rough skin. This is all relative. It is a good idea. This is the way in which we have to correct the order of living in society in the world. Father is also encouraging that you invite and bring your grandparents to your home, and live with them together and dedicate yourselves to them. Since Father and Mother have become grandparents our Unification Church members should voluntarily come forward to invite True Parents to your home and serve them. This line [indicating to the diagram on the board] should be longer than the length of the earth, the longest line in the world. If we have that quality of family in the Unification Church they will only prosper. When you live happily with your husband and wife in your family, suddenly True Parents may pay a visit to your home. Since you have only one bedroom, would you tell True Parents that they cannot stay with you. Or would you willingly give your bedroom to True Parents and evacuate to some place else? What is the heavenly way? To offer what you have. The duty as children is that if our parents have no food and no clothes then we should offer ours. Even if you have to struggle and suffer that should be our attitude. It is our responsibility. You all have your husbands. You blessed men all have your wives. Father is giving you a tip of how to have a happy life as husband and wife. Every morning as you wake up and dress, face one another fully dressed. Then the wife should run into her husband's arms and receive the greatest hug in the world. That is how you should begin your life every day. The sun rises from the east. The sunshine comes from the east. Man stands in the position of the east. Then the wife will really feel happiness. That is how you should begin your day.

Women like to wear necklaces. This symbolizes hanging around her husband's neck. Earrings hanging on your ear symbolize us hanging on in the air. Woman has to grab onto this man's sexual organ and not let it go. It is a belonging concept. Later you make up your face and put on your ring, think of your husband and wait for him in order to receive more love. That is the life of a wife.

Love should come first rather than taking a bath. When a woman makes up her face and places her ring on her finger, she patiently awaits her husband's return. Then as soon as her husband returns home some wives tell them to take a shower right away. The husband's desire is to share love first. When the wife tells the husband to shower and brush his teeth this causes him to lose the mood. The husband does not like it. That is what Father means. That's true. (Laughter.) Actually the wife should spring up and give a hug to her husband and perhaps eat together. Then send him to the bathroom. (Laughter.) If you truly practice that kind of life of love your husband will never visit some place else after work. He will come home straight away. (Laughter.) It is true. Imagine how much Father has thought about all such details in order to build a beautiful, harmonious ideal family relationship between husband and wife. If Father were to reveal all the secrets he has, you wouldn't be able to return home today. (Laughter.) Therefore, Father will save some. Please go and practice at least one of the tips Father gave you today. If it doesn't work come back and tell Father. (Laughter.)

It is natural that we all be called strange and crazy people. It is already after 10 a.m. and since 6 a.m. you have been sitting in one place without feeling tired. Still you open your mouths and laugh. Father also, a man who is almost eighty years of age, has spoken four hours and still is ready to go another several hours. Aren't we all crazy? (Laughter. Applause.) If Father keeps going on this way you will all want to stay here and sleep overnight, because you want to continue to listen to Father. Father will conclude here and finish his speech today. (Applause.)


The Law of the Universe

The Formula upon which God created

We have to draw the conclusion from the formula upon which God created - God and Adam, Adam and Eve, Eve and children. These plus and minus relationships have to be established. Once we become totally one in mind and body then we can fall into this category of perfection of subject and object relationship within ourselves. In men and women there is plus and minus, mind and body. This is the formula which comes from the original creation. For the sake of recreation we have to apply the same formula. Once plus and minus become totally united within man and woman, then man and woman as subject and object become totally united. This unit then reaches the position of reciprocal partnership. This is how progress occurs. Such parents, with total unity between mind and body and husband and wife, become plus position to their children in the position of minus. Between parents and children total unity will occur and become a family unit. In position to the tribe or clan, the family will be in the position of minus and the tribe will be in the position of plus. That is how expansion occurs, to the national and world levels.

Actually, if we understand this formula we will be able to understand the theory of evolution. As a woman you all want to become the queen of queens. Likewise all men desire to become king of kings. But there is a course that we have to follow from the individual level to the worldwide level in order to reach that goal. These different stages are like steps of a ladder. Even if you want to become queen of queens and king of kings, you must go through these stages. Otherwise you will not be able to reach this goal. First of all, your mind and body should become totally united. Next level is total unity in the family. From there it expands to the tribe, nation and world.

The Restoration Formula

Whenever there is a larger scale unit than the one you are part of, you naturally have to adopt the object or minus position. As long as you have consciousness of self, realization of self, it is more difficult for you to become united with your subject, the unit larger than yourself. At the crossing point here you have to go through the position of zero. Total negation of yourself. That is the position from which you can progress again. The zero point represents us going totally against our mind and body which belongs to this satanic world. Without doing so we cannot reach the position of zero. Being absorbed by what? Money, knowledge, power and politics? No. Because of love human history came upside down. We therefore have to restore human history through love.

God must begin from the lowest position. This means God has to work through Abel who is in the lowest position, then He has to assist Abel to take the elder son's position, Cain's position. At the same time, Cain should come down to the younger son's position. Therefore we have to deny our bodily desire. There should be no self-consciousness existing there. This is how restoration progresses. Cain who represents Satan, comes down to the younger brother position. Abel, who represents God, should go up and take the elder brother's position. The course of restoration goes such a way.

Adam and Eve, in the position of parents, started this struggle due to their Fall. Until the Lord of the Second Advent comes to this world as Parent, restored perfected Adam, this struggle between Cain and Abel on the worldwide scale will continue. Because of the failure of parents within Adam's family, Cain eventually killed Abel. Therefore, at the time of Jesus Christ there should have been unity between the nation of Israel and Judaism. Israel in the position of Cain and Judaism in the position of Abel should have totally united into one. Based on that total unity they should have become one with the bride of Jesus Christ who was supposed to be in the position of mother, restored Eve's position. Then upon that foundation they should have become totally one with the coming Messiah, Jesus Christ, who came in the position of father, restored Adam. Then the Kingdom of God could have been built at that time. However, this did not take place.

960101 Midnight

The universal Law can not be altered by human Power

Can you have many sets of grandparents? (No.) Is your answer absolute or temporary? (Absolute.) Within American families we find step-grandparents as well as step-parents. If such families exist, are they destined for Heaven or Hell? (Hell.) This universal law cannot be altered by any human power. Grandparents stand in the position of God within the family. They stand as the special emissary of God within the family. Our parents stand in the position of king and queen of this physical world. Our elder brothers and sisters stand in the position of the directors of the governmental branches of our nation. Therefore, we must obey the law within those boundaries. There is no concept of individual freedom existing there.

The central law of America is the American Constitution. Centered upon this Constitution you have ordinary laws in 360 degrees to cover the entire spectrum of your lives. The Constitution stands in the vertical position, whereas the minor laws are in a horizontal position. The combination of the vertical and horizontal make perfection at the national level. We see the subject and object relationship within the American legal system between the Constitution and ordinary law. This teaches clearly that all human beings have dual characteristics. There is the vertical center and the horizontal center. As long as this vertical line exists, no other species can intercept. This is the law of evolution.

As long as we have this clear understanding of this universal law which Father is teaching here, then no matter where we may go we will prosper. Father's message is a universal proclamation because he is teaching the universal law. Have you ever thought about this? Often we have a very careless attitude toward Father's messages to us. Do you clearly understand? (Yes.) Father is teaching Godism. No matter where you may look within the world, there is no other ideology greater than Reverend Moon's Godism in this world. Why? Because Reverend Moon's Godism is teaching that we have to liberate God and assist God in reaching perfection. Do you understand? Without our couples we cannot liberate or perfect God. The family is this important. It is the original foundation of God's ideal of creation.

As you claim to understand clearly Father's message, regardless of Father's presence in this world, now Father can claim that the world will be turned toward God and His Kingdom will come on this Earth as it is in Heaven. True Parents are the owner, teacher and master who came to save the entire world. That is what True Parents means. Even at an individual level God favors True Father the most in this world. On the family level God likes True Father and True Mother the most. But when it comes to the level of true children, they still have to go through the growth period just as Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. They still have the freedom to choose. God instructed Adam and Eve not to eat of the fruit. Because Father and Mother brought true children to America early in their lives, they actually received a lot of damage because of this American culture. Had Father kept them in Korea this would not have happened.

The true children have to absolutely obey and follow True Parents; otherwise there is the possibility of them deviating. We also stand in the same situation. Once we restore the church, national and worldwide level, then all those who deviated will be cut off. There will be three different stages for the marriage Blessing. There will be a church level Blessing, a national level Blessing and a worldwide level Blessing. The criteria of whether we go to Heaven or Hell will be how much purity our Blessed family lineage preserved. This will determine where your tribe will belong.


Even God needs His Love Object

Life, Love, Lineage and Conscience are felt only through a Partner

But why don't we feel that even though that is a reality in a way? Do you understand? Even if we have life, love, lineage and conscience by ourselves we cannot feel them. By the same token even though God has life, love, lineage and conscience, God himself, cannot feel them. Because they are totally one with God with them. That is why. That is why in order to feel them love, life, lineage and conscience, even God needs his object of love. By the same token man alone cannot feel all these four life, love, lineage and conscience. However, as soon as his love object appears, beautiful woman. Then all of these four elements start functioning right away, being pulled like a magnet. Isn't it true?.

Mankind didn't know that even God absolutely needs his love object

Then who do you think is in the position of object of love to God? If the monkey is our ancestor you may call man as the second generation of monkey. Monkey cannot be the cause. Well there is a evolution there however, from the amoebae to the human kind level, there can be thousands of thousands of different doors of love to travel all the way out. Can amoebae travel along through all these different stages to reach human being by himself. Nobody can change species. They have their own species. Suppose there is a very hairy man here and put him with a female monkey and have them live for a hundred years together, do you think they will produce something out of them? No. No means never okay.

God has dual characteristics; male and female, however, in order to be in the position of Father, father God, God's male characteristics is in the position of subject. Therefore, what kind of partner, object do you think God needs? Partner and object to deal with God's hand or God's foot, or God's head or what? What do you think? Do you think God needs a love partner too? Then, in the world of creation who or what can be in the position, a partner of love to God? Then can you say that only man ca e the partner of love to God? Woman? God doesn't need partner for his hand, his head or his foot, whatsoever. But God needs a partner of love. Therefore, where God dwells is the place where the man and man's love and woman's love meets and becomes harmonized. That is the place where God's love dwells. Because love is absolute. When man and woman this two love becomes absolute at one point. Then and only then God can come down to that point.

Why is Marriage important?

Horizontally man is the position of plus woman minus. In God there is dual characteristics plus and minus, therefore, when this horizontal plus and minus man and women become totally one, they form another large size minus towards God. Therefore, God who is the plus subject being comes down and becomes one with this human being, minus. So when does it take place. Why is our marriage important. Because through our marriage we find love. We learn love. We find our life there. Through marriage man's life and woman's life become one.

That is where, through marriage the lineage, the lineage of your family tree takes place. Only through that you can your individual, your family, your nation and your world. Therefore it is a universal formula that centering on love parents and children and husband and wife, brothers and brothers and sisters and sister they all have to become absolutely one in your family, then only then God will come down to your family level and dwell in your family, with your family. Then when you all pass into the spirit world, you will go to the spirit world with God, that will become the kingdom of God in heaven.

Heaven is still vacant

But because this world is totally lacking that, there is no absolute unity centered on love in your family, in your society, in your nation in your world, that is why the kingdom of God in Heaven is still vacant. All the people who have passed away in the past human history ended up with hell. That is why when Jesus cried, was passing into spirit world, he said, "I will stay in the paradise, not in the Kingdom of Heaven". You cannot enter into the Kingdom of Heaven as an individual. The pre-requisite is your family, absolutely united family. Then you will be qualified to enter into the kingdom of God.

Even Jesus Christ was not exceptional to this formula. Because Jesus Christ, he was supposed to form his family and build an absolute family, so that his family could enter into the kingdom of God. But he could not. That is what he says when the Bible says, "If it is tied in this world it will be tied up in the heaven, if it open here it will be untied in heaven. That is we all have to solve whatever the problem we may have in this physical world.

Because of the fall of man, we the human kind we all live under the level of the fall, therefore, we must penetrate this cut line and enter into the new realm. It may be almost impossible to penetrate this barrier, to enter another realm, that is why even the Bible says, "Those who seek to live will lose their life and on the other hand those who are willing to give up their life, will find their life." The world we are living in right now is fallen family, fallen society, fallen nation, fallen world. That is why this world is rampant with wars and battles.

At the time of Adam's family, the family become upside down. Were Adam and Eve kicked our of the Garden of Eden after they produced their children or before? Did God chase Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden or Adam and Eve's entire family with the children. If you do not even know that simple fact, how can you claim that you are Christian and you are preparing yourself to enter into the kingdom. Ignorance is not accepted.

Well you may call Reverend Moon as six-times convict. Ordinarily when you meet six-times convict, you will run away. But because Reverend Moon has been working hard to change people from wrong side to right side all through out his life and therefore people labeled him as a brain washer and therefore he had to go through incarceration many times. All through out history those communists always felt that Reverend Moon's teaching was superior to their teaching that is why the all mobilized their forces to destroy Reverend Moon's movement. at the same time, those Christians, they thought Reverend Moon's teaching was different from what they have been teaching, that is why they labeled the Unification Church as heretics, however, who is heretics? Who has the truth? Nobody knows. Maybe what Satan likes most is what God doesn't like most. And what Satan doesn't like most is what God likes most.


Every created Being is in an absolute Position.

The Species don't mix

Since every created being is different, each one is unique, unchanging and eternal. All created beings are considered individual truth bodies. Based upon this principle, every created being was completed. The species do not mix. The entire creation was established based upon absolute faith, love and obedience. Therefore, in order to qualify as the lords of creation we must have this absolute standard within us. Since even grass has been created with unique, unchanging and absolute qualities, when you cut the grass, don't you imagine it will feel pain? When you cut the grass you observe moisture coming out of it. That is the blood of the grass. This is how the grass dies. When we drain the blood from our bodies, we die. When we cut the grass and make food from it means we are draining the blood from the grass.

The Principle of Creation shows us that lower-level created beings exist for the higher created beings. This is true from the mineral kingdom all the way up to humankind. Therefore, when the higher level being has to absorb the lower level being, the higher level being should offer absolute love. Based upon this absolute love foundation, higher level beings absorb lower level beings. The purpose of our lives as human beings is to offer ourselves to God. What part of God would you like to be absorbed by? Once man and woman become one as plus and minus horizontally, based upon that absolute oneness, then even God Himself who is a dual characteristic Being, becomes one also.

There is no Way to evolve without passing through a Love Gate

The theory of evolution doesn't refer to love at all. No ownership. It is true that lower beings develop through the higher beings, but the difference between the evolution theory and Father's teaching is, there is always a so-called love gate for a lower being to be absorbed into a higher being.

There is no way to evolve without passing through the love gate. All the species created by God have the same attributes-they are absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. Always the higher being will absorb the lower being. The evolution theory ignores this love relationship in terms of progress. That is why the evolution theory is wrong. Without understanding the love concept, there is a misconception of the stronger eating the weaker. In the history of humanity, always the more powerful nations invaded the weaker nations and took over. Originally, the purpose of taking over anything was for the fulfillment of love. The act of absorbing should bring the lower level to the higher level and complete love.

When American members deal with Oriental members such as Japanese and Korean, some of you might feel yourselves to be citizens of the most developed nation and so why should you have to deal with people from lower level countries. But you should not hold that kind of concept. As long as you hold that kind of concept as an American, your country will disappear some day. Do you want to hear people saying, "Yankee go home!" or "Yankee come back!" (Yankee come back.) But in the world today we hear the cry "Yankee go home!" As long as you hear that in the world America will perish because this is against this formula of recreation.

Father has always based his life upon this particular formula. If he does not he would go down the drain also. We need to serve God based upon the absolute standard of faith. In raising us, Father applies this absolute faith standard just as God did when He created man and woman. We have to stand at the absolute zero point in order to receive this kind of love and care from Father. Have we always stood in the position of absolute zero in front of True Father? Very often we have questioned in our minds and not had the mind of absolute zero. This means there is no absolute unification between Father and you. Is this true? (Yes.)

When Father goes to the Kingdom of Heaven, unless you become absolutely one with Father, can you go to the Kingdom of Heaven also? (No.)

The Universe has no individual Concept. The Universe has a total Concept

You all take pride in your individuality and privacy and that no one can prevent you from doing whatever you want. Many Americans think in this way. You are so individualistic and private that even God has to make an appointment before visiting your home. Every morning we witness the sunrise. Can we hide from the rising sun? If the sun has individualistic and private concepts and decides to hide away from us, how could we survive? Suppose the air we breathe everyday were to claim its own privacy and individualism. How could we breathe and live? Our body would be destroyed if creation began to rebel because of individualism and privacy.

The universe has no individual concept. The universe has a total concept. Those who advocate their privacy and extreme individualism are going against the universal law. Therefore, they are bound to perish eventually. If Reverend Moon were to insist upon his own privacy and extreme individualism do you imagine that he would come here on Sunday mornings? (No.) You know well. When you come here you have to be prepared to be swallowed completely. Because if even a tiny part of you is not swallowed, then Satan would work through you. Americans who continue to maintain their privacy and extreme individualism are foolish people. In our own lives we don't want to deal with people when they continue to be really foolish. By the same token, the world will reject Americans who continue to be so foolish.

Do you want Father to go away or to remain and come back? (Come back.) How close do you want him to come? Do you want to see him coming into yourselves even if he makes his way into your entire being? (Yes.)


The Connection to the True Love Center and the Purpose of the Give and Take Relationship

The reason God created this entire world in the relationship of subject and object was because God wanted to see the achievement of the love relationship. The love relationship requires a subject and an object. Without subject and object we cannot expect to find the give and take action which creates the stimulating power of love. That is why, even in the mineral kingdom, there is always this power of give and take relationship. This give and take action creates a spherical motion which exists eternally, centered upon True Love. In the plant kingdom, the same action, stamen and pistil, having give and take, centered on True Love, make the stimulation of Love power, Life power, Lineage power, Conscience power, feeling everything, male and female connecting, centered on love, all connecting to God, the original root, vertically connecting. Horizontally, lower levels go up to high level places where the center is true humankind. All love is where total plus is man, total minus is woman.

When we look at the world of creation there are many different levels of subject and object relationships that occur. If there is a higher dimensional give and take action it will always absorb the lower dimension give and take action of subject and object. When we observe the plants and trees growing, they are actually absorbing the nutrients from the mineral kingdom. When they absorb the nutrients from the mineral kingdom then insects and animals, in turn, absorb these plants. Insects eat the vegetables and small birds eat the small insects. Larger birds, such as eagles and hawks, absorb the smaller birds. The same is true within the animal kingdom. Who is the king of the entire animal kingdom? Human beings. In fact, human beings are the most brutal of all because they kill animals and eat them. In this case, who is supposed to absorb human beings? God.

Darwin's theory of evolution claims that the strong eat the weak. We may feel that to be brutal. If we stick with this evolutionary theory then the strong can always kill the weak and there should be no crime involved. However, that evolutionary theory does not contain the Principle or theory of creation. The ultimate purpose of all levels of creation is the original point of God's Creation of Love, Life, Lineage and Conscience. This is true even for the mineral kingdom. Every aspect of creation, plant kingdom, animal kingdom and humankind all have the same goal, the same terminal point, which is the original point of God's Life, Love, Lineage and Conscience.


Humans stand in the Position of Initiator of Harmony between God and all Things

Human beings stand in the position of initiator of harmony between God and all things. There should be cause and effect. How can we move this? We need a center. The right hand reaches God and the left hand holds onto all things. You spin around and all of heaven and earth will spin together. As long as you keep your grip upon God and all things, God's eye and all things will move around together with you in the same direction as your eyes. If you truly revolve around in this way God will want to spin around one million times per hour with you. Even if you spin around with God one million times per hour, do you think the axis should be turned around or there should be one center point that you spin around? When anything spins fast it gets uplifted and flies away. Therefore you need a strong anchor.

When you show your hand to indicate your desire for something do you show your right or left hand? (Right hand) Right hand. Make sure to keep this kind of balance. Stay with God and keep a grip on all things. This is the way you can keep your balance and turn around together. It is natural for everyone to be right handed. Those who are left handed show your hand to Father. If you were in Asia you would have a difficult time to marry. Try to correct it. Even when you write try to change to the right hand. There is a common understanding in Asia that the woman stands on the left hand side of her husband. The Asians learn the beauty of combination through mastering the use of chopsticks. Even your five senses have the subject and object relationship built in. Why? Because the entire universe exists in this way.

The structure of the Korean language has this reciprocal subject and object relationship built into it. When we try to explain a person's gait we say wi chim wi chim. We say it twice in a more balanced way by repeating the word. Also in English when we want to indicate a person's pace or speed we can say, slowly, slowly. Rather than just slowly. It makes a reciprocal balanced relationship. In Korean we say bali, bali. All of this indicates the Oriental philosophy and way of thinking. Therefore Asia is the place where such philosophy and spiritual teaching usually comes from. Reverend Moon came from Korea, which is part of Asia. (Mansei) Who did mansei? Do you like Reverend Moon? (Yes) How long did it take for you to like Reverend Moon, just one day, or a month or several years? [One day] [Laughter].

For twenty or thirty years before coming to this country Father was praying for and loving this country America. He has been investing himself for the sake of this country. What about you? Have you thought about Reverend Moon in this way. You are sitting in front of Reverend Moon on this particular day. However, some day maybe one-third of you might disappear. [No] Please remember that on this Day of All Things that we are indebted to all things. Even one strand of your hair is indebted to all things. Nothing is our own. We are in debt to all things for everything. Therefore we should be able to say to the world that the extension of myself is everything on this earth. The soil, the trees, the mountains etc. In this way we should be able to demonstrate our appreciation to the world. By doing so we should come to the realization that all things of creation are sacrificing every ounce of themselves in order to support and maintain my life. How then can I repay my debt?

All things are waiting to meet the owner who can love them as God loves them

We can label human beings as the ones who have killed the most animals in human history. How then can we eliminate this debt? Are we good or evil beings? Evil beings. (Evil beings) When you shout out like that all forty billion cells of your body all nodded in agreement. How can we be forgiven? By offering our love to all things. Because if we truly understand the reality, the entire universe is more precious than our own children. More precious than anything else. All things are waiting to meet the owner who can love them as God loves them. They are longing for that true owner who can care and love them like God and True Parents. Because all things want to be treated with appreciation by the true children of God. Once we reach that level all things will be happy to be absorbed by human beings.

The purpose of the existence of all things is to be absorbed by the owner of true love in this world. When they are taken and absorbed by this true love owner they will be happy and look forward to that. The cells of the mineral kingdom are absorbed by plants. The cells and elements of plants are absorbed by animals and eventually animals are there to be taken and absorbed by human beings. [Father draws a diagram on the board] What do they look like? Man and woman. Where do you think all the cells and minerals from the mineral, plant and animal kingdom go to? What part of the human body absorbs them? What is the final destination that all things desires? [Sexual organ] That is true. Human sexual organs is what God poured most effort into. Isn't this true? Some may still think that as the founder of the Unification Church Father should not refer to the sexual organ in public. (Laughter) Ordinarily Christian ministers don't refer to sexual organs in their sermon.

God created human sexual organs to be a most holy sacred place

God created human sexual organs to be a most holy place, a sacred place, not what it has become since the Fall of Adam. Do you understand? It is supposed to be a holy palace. Love palace refers to the sexual organ in God's original plan. This is the truth. All the cells from the mineral, plant and animal kingdom all want to eventually arrive at human beings sexual organ and be apart of it. But they cannot travel directly there. Therefore, minerals have to be absorbed by plants, plants by animals and animals by man. In this way they can eventually reach their destination. Under the universal law of existence the higher level of creation absorbs the lower levels of creation. Charles Darwin's evolution theory states that the strong eat the weak. According to Darwin's evolution theory we are the worst people. But it is actually not so. It is a natural universal law. If we take Darwin's evolution theory literally then God is the worst kind of being. Because God planned creation in a certain way. When love is involved there is no evil. Even mother birds sacrifice their own lives for the sake of their babies. How about you American mothers? (Yes Father) Sound is good. However, your content is not so good.

A promiscuous woman may hate the father of her child. In our world today, many teenage mothers abandon their newborn babies in garbage cans. That is even worse than animals. The practice of free sex is absolutely not acceptable. If people practice free sex, it means a woman might bear a child from a man whom she hates. Consequently she throws that child away. They do not take responsibility for their actions. Do you understand?

All things are awaiting your appreciation and your love.

When you relate with all things in your daily lives, you should feel in your heart, this is what is providing everything for my husband, my children and myself. Then express that deep appreciation. That kind of love is what all things are longing to receive. If we truly reach that level in dealing with all things, then you will feel like dividing one third of food you have and share it with all things again. If you truly have that kind of heart you will never become sick. The universe will protect you. You will live a healthy life.

Is Father always healthy? (Yes) One time at the age of eight years Father had to lay down because of sickness. But since that time he never got sick. (Applause) Father's heart is always the same. When he first stepped onto America soil Father declared to the universe he loved America more than anyone else ever has. The person who loves the most will become the true owner. Since Reverend Moon offers everything and loves America more than anyone else in human history, automatically those who oppose Father without knowing that reality will eventually surrender.

Whoever offers more love will become the final winner.

The ones who offer more love resemble God. Therefore God will protect them and make those people victors and owners. (Applause) Those of you who love Reverend Moon raise your hands. Have you been bribed? (No)

Father often invites world level dignitaries for various activities. Then Father is criticized and accused of bribing them to come. But in reality they come and contribute. (Applause) We need to truly hang onto God and place a grip on all things and make a perfect circular movement. Then we need to become the harmonizing point between husband and wife, parents and children, heaven and earth and truly become the initiators of harmony. That is how the Kingdom of God on Earth will be built. On this Day of All Things we can know that all things are truly waiting for true love, and the true center of harmony. Amen. (Amen) This doesn't mean you have to go to Argentina and buy a farm and raise cattle. You can simply buy a pet dog or cat and share your love with them. If you have one animal at home you should feel that it represents many species of animals. [Father draws on the board] What is this, a goat or a dog? (Laughter)

Just as there are three stages of growth, keep three animals at home. Whatever kind of animal. [Father continues to draw on the board] Even this lady bug Father draws could be your pet. One way of taking care of them and sharing your love for them is whenever you prepare a meal for your children, take a portion of it and share it with your animals. Then they will really happily grow. By doing so practically, realistically you will develop your own concept of sharing love with them while sharing love with your own children. Pay more attention to your pet animal. By sharing your love with one lady bug, this one bug represents the entire insect kingdom. If you have your own pet lady bug at home on a cool fall night when the moon is high and bright millions of insects will come around and create this natural insect orchestra. How beautiful! If truly these insects come together to create a natural orchestra you can control their tone through using a small stick to beat and create a rhythm. If it is high pitched then follow that pitch. If it is low pitched do the same. How wonderful and happy that situation would be.

The birds, frogs and insects make a wonderful orchestra. Father came to realize that the frogs on the South American continent create such a wonderful orchestra. Father is accustomed to the singing of frogs in Korea. However, there is no comparison. In South America there are scores of different species of frogs and they create all different melodies. Father takes off his shoe and together with this frog orchestra he keeps time with their beat. (Laughter) That is true. It was so wonderful. You don't get tired of Father's sermon do you? (No) If you truly have enjoyed this, even if we construct a metal door to keep you out you would somehow get in. Do you follow Father? (Yes)

In South America Father goes out fishing and sits on a small stool for twelve hours sometimes. Sitting still by the riverside, If he makes too much noise the fish will swim away. Therefore, Father has to sit quietly doing nothing staring at the water and the fishing pole. Then from the trees and bushes around one bird begins to chirp. Then gradually as time passes these birds attract other birds. Then they become ten and sometimes hundreds and they begin singing together. That is really beautiful. You will never know how sweet it is.

The bird orchestra is truly more interesting than fishing. (Laughter) Certain birds' song isn't necessarily pleasant. They sound as if they are shouting. That is the way that particular bird calls its lover and children. Therefore one should be able to enjoy it also. When Father is communicating with nature to that degree do you think Father feels tired? Sometimes Father will experiment by shouting out loud. Then immediately all the hundreds of birds stops singing. (Laughter) After a few minutes one courageous bird begins chirping again and they all follow. (Laughter)

People become tired sitting hour upon hour. But these birds never seem to tire of singing together. Why not? Because their song is the song of love. They are dancing by flying from one branch to another. They always move and demonstrate to one another. If the female bird flies and the male doesn't follow she will chirp as if to say, "come on, what are you doing?" (Laughter) Then the male bird follows her. Father learned a lesson from that give and take with nature. If anyone can truly communicate with nature and enjoy this give and take, such people will never consider divorce. (Applause) Because if you truly observe nature you will realize the pair system.


The Universal Prime Force is the Subject of the Dual Characteristics in every Being

On very level, mineral, plant and animal, we see the pair system with the same center, Universal Prime Force. God dwells as the subject of dual characteristics in every being, and provides the force of existence. Even one strand of hair has universal prime force in it, on a lower level, because all things resemble God. Therefore, Universal Prime Force is the energy that brings give and take relationship. Universal Prime Force never changes. The law of division of species is strict. The theory of evolution is wrong. The Universal Prime Force is in each being. Even in the human face is the pair system. The eyes represent God. There are three stages in the face. The nose is two becoming one. The mouth, throat, arms . . . centering on the centerline, groups of three are being formed.

Three forms a circle. Three stages from different angles form a circle. They all resemble God. Your eyes guide your body. The universe functions because of God. The pairs create a balance. The brain harmonizes the sounds of your two ears. You use two hands to catch something. To create balance, you need a pair. The universe exists this way.

By the same token, our mind and body should keep a balance. If you encounter a big object, your mind expands to cope with it and the body follows. Our knees balance our body. Even when we lay down, we need balance. This balance is based on the principle, or it is not balance. Eyes exist as eyes, and nose as nose, each with a principle of internal operation and of operation one with the other.

In each species there is subject and object, but between species is no subject and object. So the theory of evolution does not fit with the reality.

What is first, concept or reality? (Concept.) Communists believe that reality comes first. Look at the eyes. They are made of material. Before the eyes were formed, the material itself did not expect the world into which the eyes would be born. There is a tear duct, which keeps your eyes lubricated. But the material itself did not know this. Some force knew that the eye would need water.


All Elements of Creation tend toward the Position of the True Love King

No matter how great God is, by Himself He cannot experience the four realms of heart. Therefore God had to create the universe as His love partner, all levels of creation and all levels of human life encompassing the four realms of heart, infancy to old age. All elements of creation tend toward the position of the true love king. A tiger can love, which means to consume everything under his level. It is his true love to catch them and eat them. Everything loves that which is below it in creation in that way. Is it the survival of the fittest, or the practice of true love? It's true love, because it is the path by which the lower entity can be absorbed into the higher, on the way to the king of true love position.

(Discourse on various things we eat--such as snakes.)

Should the bigger eat the smaller in nature? If this does not take place, the universe will fade away. Darwin explained it as a function of evolution, but that is not true. Then materialism emerged centered on Darwin, leading to communism, and the wars of words. The pinnacle is to rach the position of man or woman. All things want to become part of our most important organ. Which is the most important organ? Your nose, hand, eye, brain? No, your love organ. It is most important because only through it can the universe be recreated.

Through what did you come into this world? Through the sexual organ. Without man and woman possessing it, we cannot recreate the universe and expand the world. What about God's idea? Before the creation, which organ do you think He considered most important? The sexual organ. The beginning point of an absolute family is the absolute unity of the parents' sexual organs. They are the palace of life, love and lineage. They created human history.

The base to create the universe was the man and woman figure or model in God's mind. People have not known this. To realize absolute love, there must be only one man and one woman eternally, not two of each. So God created one man and one woman. They were like the seed. God intended to plant it and grow a family, and plant the family as the seed of the tribe, and tribe as seed of the nation, and nation as the seed of the world, etc. expanding to the universe. They would have created citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

But as it stands people are not headed for the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth but for hell. But they put their finger on me and label me false messiah and so forth. My teaching is the opposite of Darwin, and which is the basis for peace--the theory of evolution or of creation? The theory of creation includes God and a purpose for all subject-object relations. Communism has only struggle between subject and object. The purpose is true love. My theory will vanquish communism because it is not my teaching, but God's.

By protecting your Love Organ you protect the Universe

You have to protect your love organ; by doing so you are protecting the universe. Free sex means women opening their love organ and receiving anything, animal-like people, representing snakes and tigers. The owner should be one. True love allows only one owner. Who is qualified to claim to be the first lover of true love? Man or woman? or God? All will compete with the others. Only God can claim it, as the origin. We must inherit God's love, life, lineage and conscience. We must possess them. That is true love. Without having God, we cannot claim true love, no matter how great our life might be.

Between man and woman, there may be so much love, but without God in them, they are not true man and woman. God must be in true love or it is not true love. Even God cannot possess true love by Himself. Without having a son, a mother cannot claim to own the love for a son. Woman is the one who enables man to possess love, and vice versa. Therefore you have to live for the sake of your partner. You need your children and your brothers and sisters.

Thus in the Garden, Adam and Eve started as children to experience that, then as brother and sister to experience that, etc. The four realms of heart are inseparable. If one is removed, the entire set crumbles. So can we have the concept of divorce or separation of husband and wife? No. As a husband you may feel much love, but you must know that it is not generated by yourself, but by your spouse. This is the last message I am giving humankind after the 360 million couples blessing. So please understand it. It is the tool to root out the satanic blood lineage. This turns everything right side up.

The True Couple is Part of the Love Ladder to reach God

We have to realize what a trashcan we became and how falsely we acted. There are many divorces in the secular world. The couple is part of the love ladder to reach God. If it is removed, we cannot reach God. A stepmother or stepfather is not ideal. The universe is not happy with such a family; it is not in harmony with the way of creation.

Nothing belongs to you. Your parents are your root and you are a small branch. Without parents you are an orphan in the world. Children are the fruit of their parents' love, life and lineage, combined. The world does not understand this, therefore it is going down. Power, money and knowledge will fade away because there is no ownership.

We want true love, but to possess it, we cannot be individualistic and think that everyone should serve me. The secular world is individualistic. Selfish individualism is the fruit of Satan leading to hell. To gain true love, we should practice love, living for others. If you are serving others, they will serve you in return. Offer everything selflessly for God, without selfish motivation, then you will automatically enter the kingdom. Even if we give up our life three times, representing Adam, Jesus and the Lord of the Second Advent. To meet God, we must go over those hills. But if you demand God to meet you, there is no way. If all people adopt the true motivation, the secular world will change into the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

Because of false parents, the first marriage being false, the True Parents must come to this world to make true marriages.

We as human beings should teach all things how to attain true love, because we are the owners

We have not done this, so we must repent in shame before creation. God is our Father. What does that mean? It means we are children. The father provides the utmost love. We have a vertical relationship with God. The horizontal relationship is of man and woman, and the vertical and horizontal should meet at 90 degrees. True love travels straight at 90 degrees, not 89 or 91. The love course is the shortest course, 90 degrees. The same principle of economy of distance applies to the horizontal as well, between front and back, brother and brother. All meet at a perpendicular angle to the vertical. Thus there is formed a sphere. The universe is a sphere, therefore, moving with no friction. The center point is where God dwells. Only there can love dwell. With the 90 degrees established, they can travel infinite distances.

Our love, life and lineage meet there, where man, woman and God meet. Also, brothers and sisters meet there. All become one by the power of true love. It is the root of love, life, lineage and conscience, where God dwells. It expands to eight stages, all of which have the same central point.

With no fall, Adam and Eve would have created the model love relationship of husband and wife for all humankind. They would have married their children, and bequeathed their standard of love. In America, parents do not select their children's spouse. In the Unification Church, True Parents select from all over the world, in a special tradition. The longer the distance the partners begin from the center, the greater the power of their merging to meet. Therefore I match people from widely different races and nations, and criminals and saints. God hated the fall and wanted to eliminate Adam and Eve, but He could not because He is their father. Their fall led to the Cain Abel separation. So True Parents brought together the Cain and Abel types in marriage.

God learned true love through us, stage by stage. In that respect, we can call human beings more precious than God. God has been investing and forgetting throughout history. He follows this principle, no choice. To make your spouse greater than yourself, you must live for them over and over, forgetting what you have done. Then you go up another step toward the top.

This is the foundation for a great revolution. [Father then called for a pledge that we all will aspire to achieve this, and Rev. Peter Kim gave the closing prayer.]


Everyone wants True Love - the Way to achieve World Peace

The Reciprocal Partner in every Level

All beings exist at a certain level with a reciprocal partner. At the same time, they are continually absorbed into higher levels of love. Thus, minerals want to be absorbed into plants, plants want to be absorbed into animals, and finally, all of creation wants to be absorbed into human beings. All beings want this so that they can participate in a higher level of love. Through this process, they ultimately reach the position where they can experience the love that is nearest to God, who is the origin of love. All beings have the essence of true love as their ultimate goal. In His wisdom, God created everything with a purpose. For example, creatures with elongated shapes, such as eels and worms that fish like to eat, provide ingredients for natural medicine. Creatures on a higher level are meant to consume beings on a lower level. Without this process, the universe could not exist.

Darwin's theory regarding the survival of the fittest needs to be reexamined in the context of this logic of love. Even ants and microorganisms want true love so much that they will die to become part of an entity of greater love. Because of this principle, human beings, who are created as the highest partners of God's love, can consume all creatures. We can enjoy everything that we desire, but there is one condition: that we do so with a heart that represents the love of God, the Creator.

Achieving a World of Peace

Godís ideal was for one couple, Adam and Eve, centering on true love, to become the seed from which all the worldís families, clans, nations, and, finally, the multitudinous citizenry of the Kingdom of Heaven would be descended. Citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven can be created only in accordance with God's tradition of true love.

The words that I am sharing are in direct opposition to the theories of Charles Darwin. Yet it is through these words, not Darwinís theories, that we will achieve a world of peace. This is because my words witness to the fundamental principles of creation.

Darwin proposed in his theory of evolution that species evolve through a process of natural selection based on random mutations. Such a theory implies that there is no fundamental meaning, order or goal in the development of the natural world. Today, scientists and others are debating between the theory of evolution and the creation theory. The word "creation" acknowledges the existence of God, the Creator. There is a purpose embodied in God's act of creation. Subject and object partners unite to achieve a higher purpose.

Communist theory, based on materialism, also lacks the element of purpose. God's creation embodies the purpose of true love, whereas Communism only has struggle and destruction. Thus, it is destined eventually to disappear.

In all creation, the most precious entities are human beings -- man and woman. The most precious part of the human body is not the nose, the eyes, the hands, or even the brain. It is the sexual organs, the main organs of love. Everything in the universe can be recreated through the love organs.

All living things Ė whether plants or animals Ė multiply through sex. The most precious and outstanding family begins with a husband and wife who are one with each other. Our love organs are the main sanctuary of life, occupying a position of incredible value where blood lineage and history are connected.

God's fundamental principle is to create through male and female. For a man and woman to share absolute love, however, they should have only one partner. We must not have two or more partners, but only one eternally. There is absolutely one man for each woman and one woman for each man. That is why God did not create two Adams or two Eves. Tragically, in the world today, we see children who have as many as ten stepfathers. How false and degraded love has become in this world!

When men and women uphold and preserve chastity, they are protecting the universe. The discipline of love between men and women is the foundation of the universe. We must not abuse our love as if we were animals. Love can only have one owner. The word "true" in "true love" does not allow for the possibility of more than one partner. There can only be one. This is an absolute law.

Only God can love with True Love

Not just anyone can say "true love." Only God can really love with true love, and only God absolutely owns true love. God's true life, God's true lineage, and God's true conscience emerge from true love. In this way, the most fundamental essence of God is true love.

To connect with true love, we must first relate with God. A child might say, "My mother and father don't fight and we live well," but that doesn't necessarily mean that this is a family of true love. A young man and woman may say, "We are so much in love that we could die," but that doesn't mean this love is true love. If God is not present, then it is not true love. True love always centers on God. To become God's son or daughter, we first need to connect with God's love, life and lineage.

Power, knowledge, money, and military might cannot insure that a person will be welcomed in the world of true love. Everyone wants true love, but that love is only possible when we live for others. We need to serve and sacrifice for our partner. Everyone will avoid a person who relates to others with the mindset that says, "You should live for me." This kind of selfish individualism is Satan's strategy, purpose, and tool. The result can only be Hell. We must live for the whole. If a person lives for others, sacrificing himself or herself and serving the whole, then everyone and everything will come and love him.

We are created as Godís children. As we grow in love, relating to brothers and sisters, becoming husbands and wives, giving birth and raising children, God is present each step of the way, harvesting true love. God observes and guides us as we develop, and He becomes the owner of love at each stage. In this sense, it can be said that human beings, through whom God comes to own all love, are more precious to God than He is to Himself. It is the same as when we attach tens of thousands of times more value to the person we love than we do to ourselves.

God invests Himself for those He loves and then forgets this investment. Then he invests again. He invests Himself one hundred percent and then forgets one hundred percent. That is why He can continue to invest.

In the same way, a wife who wants her husband to be a success invests herself in her husband and then forgets this investment. By investing herself and forgetting, she enables him to achieve his full potential in life. When we as partners continue to invest in each other and forget, the level of our love is elevated, and we will ultimately find ourselves connected to God. This is how we can establish a parent-child relationship with God and have eternal life.

Everyone wants to go to Heaven, but those whose attitude is "Everyone should live for me," will not get there. True love begins with embracing and living for the sake of all Godís masterpieces of creation. The way we can reach Heaven is to live for all humankind and ultimately for God.

To connect with true love, we must first relate with God. A child might say, "My mother and father don't fight and we live well," but that doesn't necessarily mean that this is a family of true love. A young man and woman may say, "We are so much in love that we could die," but that doesn't mean this love is true love. If God is not present, then it is not true love. True love always centers on God. To become God's son or daughter, we first need to connect with God's love, life and lineage.

Power, knowledge, money, and military might cannot insure that a person will be welcomed in the world of true love. Everyone wants true love, but that love is only possible when we live for others. We need to serve and sacrifice for our partner. Everyone will avoid a person who relates to others with the mindset that says, "You should live for me." This kind of selfish individualism is Satan's strategy, purpose, and tool. The result can only be Hell. We must live for the whole. If a person lives for others, sacrificing himself or herself and serving the whole, then everyone and everything will come and love him.

We are created as Godís children. As we grow in love, relating to brothers and sisters, becoming husbands and wives, giving birth and raising children, God is present each step of the way, harvesting true love. God observes and guides us as we develop, and He becomes the owner of love at each stage. In this sense, it can be said that human beings, through whom God comes to own all love, are more precious to God than He is to Himself. It is the same as when we attach tens of thousands of times more value to the person we love than we do to ourselves.

God invests Himself for those He loves and then forgets this investment. Then he invests again. He invests Himself one hundred percent and then forgets one hundred percent. That is why He can continue to invest.

In the same way, a wife who wants her husband to be a success invests herself in her husband and then forgets this investment. By investing herself and forgetting, she enables him to achieve his full potential in life. When we as partners continue to invest in each other and forget, the level of our love is elevated, and we will ultimately find ourselves connected to God. This is how we can establish a parent-child relationship with God and have eternal life.

Everyone wants to go to Heaven, but those whose attitude is "Everyone should live for me," will not get there. True love begins with embracing and living for the sake of all Godís masterpieces of creation. The way we can reach Heaven is to live for all humankind and ultimately for God.

During our lives, each of us should have at least three experiences in which we dedicate our lives to someone or some higher purpose. This is how we can indemnify the fall of Adam's family, the crucifixion of Jesus, and all the persecution directed against the family of the Lord at the Second Advent.

Even if we have passed through death and resurrection three times, we should not ask for Godís praise but instead pledge our lives to Him even more. This is how we can meet God. When such people populate the world, this will be the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. This is the path that I am teaching, and this is the kind of world that I am building.

Children are the fruit of the love of the mother and father. We need to understand that children combine their parents' love, life, and lineage. Little children often say, "This is mine," but parents are the origin of everything that children refer to as their own. Parents are the root and the trunk. Without parents, we would all be orphans. We cannot live if we break the ladder of love that connects us to our parents.

We are the sons and daughters of God, the parent who is the origin of true love. Parents are the highest masters of love for children. The parent-child relationship is vertical and the husband-wife relationship is horizontal. The lines of these two relationships cross at right angles. The relationship amongst siblings forms a third dimension, a front to back axis. When all are equidistant from the center, and are freely circulating in love, their relationships form a sphere. That is why all beings brought about in love, and the universe as a whole, are spherical. All love is united and achieves a peaceful dynamic harmony in the central point of this sphere of love relationships. This center is where God resides.

The vertical parent-child relationship between God and His sons and daughters is the central axis. A man's love, life, and lineage are on the right hand side, and the love, life, and lineage of the woman are on the left. The love among siblings is in the front and back. The entire universe achieves balance centering on these relationships. God resides at the core, where all these relationships intersect each other. If we picture this three-dimensionally, we see that God is the ultimate origin of love, life, lineage, and conscience.

In the God-centered family, vertical, horizontal and front-back loves are united as one. Such a family will multiply to become a clan, society, nation, world, and cosmos of love. Always, though, the fundamental center is the one God.

If Adam and Eve had not fallen, they would have realized the ideal of the God-centered family and become the True Parents of humankind. As True Parents, Adam and Eve would have provided a model of true husband-wife love and true parental love Ė through which all mankind could have also become True Parents. Godís providence of salvation has been a providence of restoration. Throughout human history, God has been working to restore True Parents who can establish that model and pattern of the ideal of true love, true life, and true lineage.

Once Adam and Eve had children, who would have overseen the marriage of these children? Adam and Eve, as the parents, would have done this. We need to look seriously at the shortfall in parental involvement in their childrenís marriages in todayís society.

The Unification Church, which has True Parents, is standing in the position of parents to give the marriage blessing to all the peoples of the world. These marriages donít just transcend racial, religious, and ethnic differences. Even saints and evil persons are being blessed in marriage with each other. The True Parents reject evil love, evil life and evil lineage, but they do not cast out Cain, who murdered Abel. Everyone, including Cain, receives the same blessing.

In the ocean, there is a point during the changing of the tides when the forces of the outgoing and incoming tides are at equilibrium. There is a similar turning point in the Providence of Salvation (restoration through indemnity) in the balance between the forces of good and evil. By blessing good and evil people at the time of this turning point, Satan can be expelled completely.

The human fall occurred when there was an error in the Garden of Eden that involved marriage. Now, the True Parents are correcting that error by marrying people in the proper manner. By clearing up the problems created by Adam and Eve as fallen parents, the True Parents are eradicating Hell and giving the blessing to billions, even tens of billions, of ancestors in the spirit world. Fathers and sons who are in the spirit world can be united as one through the foundation of a family centered on true love formed by the descendants who are alive on Earth. In addition, such a family foundation can be the starting point for connecting the Eastern and Western worlds.

The ideal family is a family in which the parents and children, husband and wife, and the brothers and sisters all desire to come together in true love. This is the beginning of an eternal effort to enable all people to experience the full blessing and joy of love. This will mark the beginning of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and the Kingdom of Heaven in Heaven will follow in due course.


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