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Excerpts On Concubines From Sun Myung Moon

Joy Pople
September 27, 1998

The world society is chaotic because one man has many different wives. They have their original wife, concubines and second wives. All kinds of divorce and separation is happening in this society. Actually concubines, or second wives, should be in front. Many of the world leaders have been born through the concubine, not from the original marriage. Why? Because when it comes to the degree of love between husband and wife, usually there is more passion and a greater degree of love with the concubine. That is why they produce even stronger lineage. - 1/1/96 midnight

In the Last Days, children from second wives, or concubine lineage, will become leaders of the world. Originally, Rachel, the second wife, was supposed to produce the elder son of Jacob. However, because of the conflict between Leah and Rachel, she lost that right. 2/13/97

Leah's mother and her mother-in-law (Rebecca) should have united with Jacob and helped him reverse the positions of Leah (the legal wife) and Rachel (the concubine). Once Leah's position was corrected the 10 elder brothers and the youngest brother (Benjamin) had to follow Joseph, who was supposed to be Abel. If the 10 brothers were united with Leah they could be restored. Thus the order of love was to be established centered on Leah and then connected with Rachel as the center. 1/2/97

Restoration occurs not through the original wife but rather through the children of the second wife. Mary, in the position of Rachel, was supposed to become the second wife, or concubine. 12/22/97

Mary was in the position of second wife or concubine. John the Baptist understood that Jesus was the son of his father's concubine. The original wife, John the Baptist's mother, suffered so much agony through this. 4/18/96

Between Elizabeth and John the Baptist, and Mary and Jesus. Who was in the position of concubine? Mary. Who was in the position of original wedded wife? Elizabeth. This was supposed to be reversed. Two separate lines cannot enter into the Kingdom of God. They should be united into one line. The original wife's children, that is, the elder sister's children, should stand behind the children of the concubine. That is the order. If we remain with this satanic blood lineage, there is no way to accomplish restoration. 1/1/96 Midnight

In the mind of John the Baptist Jesus was his half-brother, born from his father's concubine. Therefore, for John it was unthinkable that his younger sister would marry Jesus, so John the Baptist refused and denied Jesus. Because Zachariah and Elizabeth had denied him, even Mary herself, because of the surrounding environment, refused Jesus' request. 4/19/96

Originally God should have stood in the position of the one and only husband of humankind. But through the Fall Satan took the position of original husband. Therefore, in the restoration process this has to be reversed. God began in a position similar to that of a concubine. When God comes in the position of concubine, in order to create God's lineage in the family, the archangelic husband should say, "Well you are the only woman there, so through you my wife you should have children, have lineage," and should give his blessing. God comes in the position of concubine, or second husband, because the wife is already taken by the archangelic husband. God comes as a concubine and eventually has to restore His position as the original spouse. The first wife becomes the concubine and the second wife becomes the original wife. The first son offers absolute obedience to the second son, and the second son from the concubine takes the first son's position. Leah was supposed to be the concubine but somehow Leah took the first wife's position. 4/10/97

The Lord of the Second Advent comes like a concubine position. All women are supposed to seek such a husband. Therefore, women are in a position to dislike the existing relationship with their husband and seek the True Love ideal. 4/10/97

The first wife should follow the second wife in order to be restored. The second wife is in the position of concubine who has more experience in dealing with men. This is the time period, the Last Days, when the first wife is in the position to introduce the concubine, the second wife, to her husband and then follow the second wife to reach the road of restoration. But they do not know how to do this. Therefore, the Lord of the Second Advent appears. He will act as a kind of traffic controller. All the women of the world who stand in the position of the first wife should be restored through the Lord of the Second Advent. 4/10/97

True Mother is like the original bride of the bridegroom and the rest of the women in the world are in the position of concubine. (Like Cain and Abel.) However, with True Mother as Abel, physically speaking, once you become totally one with True Mother we don't need the concept of the concubine any more. Adam restores the elder sonship. When you no longer need to deal with the concept of the archangel you no longer need to be in the position of concubine. In the fallen world the concubine actually loves the man more. By the same token, you should stand spiritually in the position of concubine should love True Father even more than True Mother loves Father. Without doing this there is no way for restoration to take place. 6/9/96

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