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Sun Myung Moon on Citizenship

Compiled by Joy Pople
May 26, 2001

Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Before you lies the fate to enter this stage of citizenship in the kingdom of Heaven. You who are in this situation must have a new historical concept. You are not to live for your own sake; you must have the mentality to live for the sake of the citizens of the kingdom of Heaven, the compatriots of the heavenly nation. You must not have a partial concept but a universal one. Moreover, if you belong to a society, then you have to have the mentality of that society. If you belong to a nation, then you must have the mentality of the nation. If you live in a nation, then you must learn how to love the citizens of that nation. - "The People Chosen for the Restoration of the Kingdom of Heaven" December 30, 1956, Seoul

In the Bible, it is recorded about the nine fruits of the sacred spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. (Gal. 5:22-23) These nine fruits of the sacred spirit are the standards of the nation that Heaven advocates, which God is constructing and trying to establish. They are the system of that society and the ideology of life. - "To Whom Do You Belong?" March 16, 1958, Seoul

The first Israelites, who took pride in being the chosen people, were chased out and violated by Satan. The second Israelites, who can be proud of their heavenly citizenship, should cast out the satanic world. - "The Person Who Will Serve the Grieving Father" May 24, 1959, Seoul

After their disobedience, God had no choice but to expel this man and woman from the Garden of Eden. The Garden of Eden is a symbolic expression of the Kingdom of God on earth. Adam and Eve no longer deserved citizenship in God's Kingdom, so they were cast out into the ungodly realms, the living hell -- which was their own creation. - "The New Future of Christianity" September 18, 1974, Madison Square Garden

If you work hard in hell, you will be rewarded in heaven. Regardless of how much Divine Principle you know, simply believing that you are going to liberate those souls and trying hard to help is all you need to obtain citizenship in the kingdom. You may not think much of what I have said, but when you go to spirit world it will be proven true. Do you believe it? What kind of children are pious sons and daughters? Are they the ones who say, "I love you Daddy and Mommy," and bring their parents presents, but who fight with each other? No. The true mother and father will say that the child who is a good son or daughter loves his brothers and sisters more than his parents. This principle applies to all mankind and if it is applied, the Kingdom of Heaven will quickly come. Who is a loyal subject to his king? He who loves the king's subjects as much as he loves the king and queen is a loyal subject. - "Let Us March Forward to Our Heavenly Father" November 13, 1977, Belvedere

When we are born again we change our citizenship and belong to heaven. Then when Satan imprisons the heavenly citizen within the barbed wire fence it is God's responsibility; it is not your responsibility any more. That means that when the proper time comes, heaven can destroy all of the barbed wire fence around you and reclaim you as its member. When heaven liberates you from the prison Satan cannot say anything. Even under the worst circumstances, if you know for sure where you belong and are sure that you are born again as a heavenly citizen, when you go to spirit world you will go directly to where you belong. You are a citizen of heaven and in the spirit world nothing will bind you. All the heavenly spirit men will welcome you with cheering because you fought well and chose to remain a heavenly citizen rather than compromise your heavenly life. - "History and Our Responsibility" July 16, 1978, London

Which citizenship do you have now--are you British, German or French'? No.' You are citizens of the heavenly kingdom. Your characteristics are to love the world and sacrifice for the world, not the individual or the nation. Now you should not cry centering on me but for God and mankind. Your prayer of repentance includes, "God, give all the responsibility of the world to us." Pledge with tears to work to free the rest of mankind and tree God from the bonds of His sorrow and disappointment. You pray with your right hand for God and the left hand for mankind and never let go of either one of them. When we talk about grasping mankind we don't mean holding onto an individual or even just a country; we mean all mankind. If we are the kings and queens of anything we are the nobility of repentance. We have to feel that no one can out-repent us. Wherever we go we have to make it our chief business to embrace the people and repent until persecution is gone...From now on the criterion for a nation to be outstanding will never be how big an army it has or how rich it is or how many Nobel prize winners it has educated, but how many kings and queens of repentance it has produced. - "The Age of Repentance" September 1, 1978, London

No one can remove you from the Unification Church any more than they can deny that you are an American citizen or have American parents. In the same way, no one can separate you from your heavenly citizenship. No one can deny and change your destiny; it is already sealed. Even if someone cuts my head off, it doesn't change anything. Just as a patriot shouts, "Long live my country, " at the moment of his death, so will I cry out at my death, "Long live my eternal Parent and nation here on earth, the Kingdom of God." - "Men of God" September 23, 1979, Belvedere

What kind of citizens does God desire? He wants ideal citizens who are centered on Himself. God already has His ideal for the family and nation, and the church should create the citizens who can live up to those ideals. No one has ever seen this citizenship, however. The ideal has not existed yet. The families and churches and nations of the past have failed, so God is giving a mandate to one group of people to create the ideal family and nation; that group is known today as the Unification Church. - "Do Not Be Discouraged" November 11, 1979, Belvedere

Who wants to inherit the kingdom? Do you want to smile and receive it, or cry and receive it? If you receive it in an easy way without being qualified then the people who shed tears will accuse you. If the people who only shed tears receive it, the people who had to die will accuse you. There are many Unification Church members already in spirit world. This is why Jesus said, "He who would gain his life will lose it, but he who would lose his life will find it." In order to receive that inheritance we have to dare to go the path of death without fear. To receive such an inheritance you must become a man of absolute faith.... To attain citizenship in the heavenly kingdom you must be able to follow an incredible path, even if it means giving up your nationality to attain the heavenly one. - "Children's Day and Tradition" November 20, 1979, Los Angeles

Do you need lots of education to register for citizenship [in heaven]? No, being persecuted the way God and True Parents have been persecuted is the requirement instead. - "The World of Good and Evil and My Indemnity" September 28, 1980, Belvedere

No one can be the master of America by virtue of citizenship alone; it shall be the man and the woman who love this country most from the parental point of view.... Your citizenship of the Kingdom of Heaven in spirit world shall be signed by your parents. The next endorsement shall be given by your husband or wife and by your children; however the parents are the ultimate judge. - "Searching after True Parents" December 7, 1980, Belvedere

Becoming filial sons and daughters is the first step in training to qualify for heavenly citizenship. Then one must also go through rigorous training on the national level. One must love the people of his nation as he does his own family, thinking of the king or president as his own father. With that heart, a person is qualified to advance to the level of saint, to become one in heart with God, loving Him as the King and Father of the world. Basically, one must elevate his love for his family to higher levels. You might ask then, "How can an individual make these sacrifices and still exist?" If the individual sacrifices his family for the sake of the nation, then the people of the nation will love and reward his family. If he gives up his country to serve the world, people of other nations will love the citizens of his nation. - "Christmas in View of the Will of God" December 25, 1980, World Mission Center

As long as you live within the law, you have the privileges of American citizenship. Then you can say that what goes on in America is yours as well as the nation's. If you live according to the moral standard of society, then all the virtues of that society belong to you also. - "Our Identity" April 1, 1981. Belvedere

If you finish home church successfully, then you can have a passport clearing you to go to any level. Everyone has to meet the same standard in order to get that pass. Do you think American citizenship exempts you from that qualification? - "Parents Day and This Age" April 5, 1981, World Mission Center

Whether you are Japanese, German, British, American or whatever doesn't matter because we are wiping out the past. We have only one citizenship that matters. Our country is the Heavenly Kingdom, and the precious historical contents of its museum are what we will offer to God. - "New Family Given by God" September 5, 1982, Belvedere

>From the first day of God's creation, He has desired a world of one sovereignty. This morning in the Pledge you said, "I am proud of the one sovereignty." I am talking about that as a reality now, not just an empty dream. The time has come in which that point has been reached. What is your citizenship, then? You are citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven and independent soldiers of that Kingdom. You must resolve to take the difficult way; have pride and authority as the unique, historical independence army, fighting for the independence of the Kingdom of Heaven. - "Our Pledge" November 21, 1982, Belvedere

Each of you is heading for that goal which you must be qualified to reach--citizenship in the Kingdom of Heaven. This means you must be willing to go through the worst possible training period during your life on earth. Every day you experience difficult situations for this very reason. - "Home Church Is Our Land of Settlement" January 1, 1983, Midnight, World Mission Center

I declared The Creation of the Fatherland as the motto for 1984. I want you to understand that we have come to the stage when we will secure not only the new race but also the new nation. This is the most blessed year. The citizenship of this new nation will come from the youth of the whole world. True Father has called young people from all over the world and blessed them as the new breed, so that they can inherit a new blood lineage, the lineage of Heaven. - "God's Day 1984" January 1, 1984, Morning, World Mission Center

>From now on, have only three points of reference in your mind: God; True Parents and their family; and yourself. We are creating one nation, composed of those elements. We all live under one principle and one tradition. That tradition is such that the individual lives for the sake of the family; the family lives for the sake of the clan; the clan lives for the sake of the society; the society lives for the sake of the nation; and the nation lives for the sake of the world. Unless you live this principle here on earth, you cannot be accepted into the citizenship of Heaven in spirit world; that world is organized under that system. - "Parents' Day 1984" April 1, 1984, Belvedere

When men and women are united within the nucleus, centered upon God and True Parents' love, and their children grow up in that kind of environment, there is no need for a special form of education such as churches and special prayers. Automatically, people are brought up into the citizenship of the Kingdom of Heaven and elevated to the Kingdom of Heaven in Heaven. - "Thirtieth Anniversary of the Unification Church" May 1, 1984, World Mission Center

Are you primarily a U.S. citizen or a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth? That Heavenly citizenship is your pride. No amount of money can buy it for you. Heavenly Kingdom citizens must go first through the gate of the Blessing. That is why the Blessing is so precious-- it gives you that qualification. Without your spouse, you cannot become citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven because pairs together must be given citizenship. - "Highest Ownership" June 22, 1986, Belvedere

Before the establishment of sovereignty for the ideal world, there must be a guiding principle and leaders who are moving this world toward that goal. What citizenship would you like most to have--the United States, the world, or the Kingdom of Heaven? As just an American citizen, you cannot receive citizenship in the Kingdom of Heaven; you must first move up to the world level. No one in secular society has world citizenship today. However, the Unification Church is a place in which people can gain that world citizenship. But is that the end of it? Is the goal of the Unification Church just to acquire world citizenship? No, we aspire to a higher level--that of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven. - "Road toward the Ideal" September 7, 1986, Belvedere

Through engrafting onto that true olive tree, human citizenship will be transferred into the Kingdom of Heaven.... The property of the Unification Church doesn't belong to us; it belongs to the world. By the same token, the people of the Unification Church belong to the world, not to the Unification Church. Ultimately, you belong to God; God will claim ownership of you, and will grant you heavenly citizenship. - "Unification of the Fatherland" January 1, 1987 Midnight. World Mission Center

Do you want to have citizenship of the heavenly nation and also the title of heavenly children? Then you will have all the titles you need to dwell in the Heavenly Kingdom. Is the heavenly system democratic? Democracy is an interim system which is serving a very important purpose. When the Lord comes, sovereignty can be transferred through the democratic system. Making this transfer easier is the purpose of this system. Truly when the Lord comes and when everybody recognizes him, who should they follow? All the people of the world should follow the Lord. When that happens, the boundaries of nations become meaningless. You know that democracy has its limits because it has already been tested in this world. The democratic system can never unite the world, since it has not made the United States flourish. This country is in peril, close to disaster. If anyone truly wishes for one world under God, he knows it must come under Godism. That is the only way. The entire spiritual world and physical world are yearning to see the same pattern or system in both worlds. God will be the center of the earth and True Parents the central figures. Out of the True Children a true nation and a true people will emerge. - "Life of Attendance and the Heavenly Kingdom" February 15, 1987, Belvedere

Proud of one land means proud of one national territory. Are we living in God's national territory? ... Have you ever thought, "I have a country, but I lost that country and now I have to gain it back"? Can American people have that feeling? The country of God which we used to have, we lost and now we have to recover. We recite this every Sunday morning and every Holy Day pledge, but how much have we really been thinking about the country or sovereignty? How realistic is it? God's main thinking is the establishment of only one country. Gaining His own country is all He has had on His mind for thousands of years. The question is how can we recover God's sovereignty? - "New Heaven and New Earth Centering on Our Pledge" March 3, 1991, World Mission Center

At the time of Sodom and Gomorrah, if there had been ten righteous people, those cities would have been saved. - The Age of Great Victory in the History of God's Providence" April 23, 1995, Belvedere

By Adam and Eve having children of goodness and becoming True Parents, God would have established Himself substantially as the Eternal Parent and achieved His ideal: Citizenship in the Kingdom of Heaven would expand infinitely in the afterlife of the spirit world based on myriad generations of descendants in the physical world. "View of the Principle of the Providential History of Salvation" April 16, 1996 Washington Times

The king of your family is your father, the king of your nation is your father and the king of the entire spiritual world is your father. That is how it should be. The king of your family should be God; the king of your nation should be God; and the king of the entire cosmos should be God. The notion of democracy is based upon the ideology of brotherhood. Only until the Lord of the Second Advent appears is such an ideology needed. We need kingship now. How about Americans? (Yes.) Do we need an eternal king or one who can be changed after four years? We need an absolute eternal king. There is one eternal father that can never be changed. Nothing in the universe can ever change the parent and child relationship. True Parents means your family king, national king and cosmic king. Once you are absolutely clear about this you can surely obtain heavenly citizenship. You can practice filial piety in your family and become patriots, saints and holy sons and daughters for eternity. - "True Parents' Wedding Anniversary Address" May 3, 1996, East Garden

We need heavenly sovereignty in order to begin heavenly registration. Just as we have birth, marriage and death certificates, we also need heavenly citizenship. There are tens of thousands of Blessed couples all over the world but we do not have this heavenly registry. Our registration needs to be renewed. This is why Father is telling us that there has to be an international exchange. Following the order of the registration, the international exchange will take place. Maybe the people from the Northern Hemisphere will have to move to the Southern Hemisphere and vice versa. - "The Grand Clean up Period in the History of Good and Evil" June 23, 1996, Belvedere

Fallen man lacks this concept of filial piety, loyal citizenship, sainthood, and of becoming Holy Sons and Daughters. That is why this world is perishing. Who wants Holy Sons? God does. Who wants saints? The world does. Who wants loyal citizens? The nation does. Who wants children of filial piety? The family does. This is the way of truth. The truth centering on love continues eternally in one direction. We did not know this, and that is why we could not be True Parents, True Citizens, True Saints, and Holy Sons and Daughters. When Jesus came to this world, there was no True Parents in the family, no True Leader in the nation and the world, and ultimately there was no True King in all of Heaven and Earth. People did not know how to follow the True Way. However, now you should know. True Parents do not tell their children, "Once you become children of true filial piety, do not become loyal citizens." True Parents should teach children of filial piety to sacrifice their family by following the way of a loyal citizen in service to the nation, and to sacrifice the nation to fulfill the way of saints in service to the world. And then parents should teach their children to sacrifice the world in service to Heaven and Earth, and to sacrifice Heaven and Earth to come to God. " True Family and True Universe Centering on True Love" June 16, 1997, Washington Times

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