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Unificationist Teachings Regarding The Significance of the Year 2000

Compiled by Wayne and Mary Jane Despres
Spartanburg, SC
December 2, 1999

History of the Providence through Restoration by Indemnity
Rev. Sun Myung Moon
February 10, 1981
World Mission Center, New York City.

By the year 2,000, the work of God here on earth shall be complete. In that year, I will celebrate my eightieth birthday. As you know, Moses started his mission at the age of eighty and marched toward the land of Canaan, the Symbolic Kingdom of Heaven on earth. When I reach the age of eighty, I will indeed start the glorious march toward the physical kingdom of heaven on earth. You can believe what I am saying today because 21 years ago when I announced the three seven-year courses I said that in 21 years we would have the worldwide foundation. Now we have members from 127 countries, people of all colors worshipping together in living color. When I announced one incredible thing after another, the Korean members thought I was crazy. Today I am telling you about the year 2,000; can you believe it now? Today you say you can believe it because things are entirely different today compared to 21 years ago.

Grateful God's Day
Rev. Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 1980
World Mission Center, New York City.

Why is the year 2000 so important? I was born in 1920 and twenty plus sixty equals eighty. When you add eighty to 1920 what year do you come up with? [the year 2000] This year [1980] I have been battling forward for forty years. These forty years were equivalent to the Exodus of Hebrews from Egypt and their wandering in the wilderness. These forty years I have been working for the dispensation on the global scale. Now this forty-year period is consummated, so what is next? Entering the land of Canaan on the worldwide basis is next. When you look at my testimony, then at the background of history and the work I have fulfilled, then you know that what I told you is correct and based on the truth.

I already mentioned that Satan operates from number three to six. During this period Satan will try his best, but when we do a superior job then during this time we can finish the task. In other words, we can only be persecuted for a maximum of sixty years. We can turn the tide around during this time. You just wait and see. In 1960, when the True Parents were installed, there was only a handful of members in Korea and Japan, a very small number. When they gathered, I spoke about the world future, with visions of the 1980's, 1990's and the year 2000, of the global dispensation and having members in 130 different countries, and of how communism would decline. Then even the members who truly loved me and believed in me 100% would say, "Father is a pretty good liar! That cannot be done. It is impossible that Father could be in America at that time." They really thought inside that I was doing it to comfort the members. But today there's not just a handful of people. We have a worldwide movement, yet when I give you the vision of the year 2000 some of you look skeptical. Would you believe it? You'd better!

Address at the Eighth Anniversary of the 777 Couples Blessing
Rev. Sun Myung Moon
October 22, 1978
Soo Taek Lee, Korea

For the first time in history, the family level movement of the restoration of Canaan is taking place worldwide, through the Unification Church. Korean, Japanese and American Unification Church members have been traveling around like gypsies, unable to settle down. Then where is the Canaan for the Unification Church? It is nothing less than the Heavenly Kingdom on earth. When the planet Earth has entered Canaan we will call it the Heavenly Kingdom on earth. The Israelites were headed towards a particular nation they called Canaan. For us, Canaan is the whole world. The Canaan of the Israelites was centered upon individuals, while the joyous world of Canaan we are seeking is centered upon the family.

Now we are walking the path of the 21-year course. If we have faith and follow in heart and spirit, within 21 years we can prepare the foundation for the worldwide restoration of Canaan. Then, within 40 years, we can make this whole world a peaceful Heavenly Kingdom. Forty years after 1960, by the year 2000, the Heavenly Kingdom will have been completed. So where are we in the Unification Church now? Are we going to be like the Israelites who wandered around in the wilderness for 40 years or like those who should have gone directly to Canaan within 21 days? Our Canaan is worldwide. If we cannot go within 21 years we may have to wander around for 40 years, perhaps witnessing worldwide destruction.

Leader's Conference
Rev. Sun Myung Moon
February 7, 1995,
Washington, DC

The Christian world has no center. I am turning them back toward heaven.

Because they chased out the central figure, they have been declining for the past forty years. People have engaged in free sex. Sexual relationships between man and man and between woman and woman follow the archangelic way of life, not the heavenly way of life. At the end of World War II Great Britain, America and France were in Abel's position, and Japan, Germany and Italy were in Cain's position. If I had been united at that time with Sung Jin Nim's mother, who was in the bride position, the heavenly providence would have been completed forty years ago. The central family, central tribe and central nation would have been united around Korea as the core of parental unification. Centering on Eve's position, all nations could have surrounded that country, making the atmosphere of unification.

However, the same thing happened as in the Garden of Eden, and I was chased out. The Christian world did not welcome the second advent, so I was chased out into the wilderness. The family was lost, and only Adam remained. The satanic realm chased God out.

How can the Lord of the Second Advent make the family, tribe, nation and world a second time, culminating in the year 2000? At that time I will be eighty years old, the same age as Moses.

Centering on North America in the plus position, the Unification Church is plus and Christianity is minus. On the foundation of this reciprocal relationship the South American countries, which are primarily Catholic, are Cain and North America is Abel. The two continents have been fighting, as hostile, enemy nations. The Protestant and Catholic civilizations should be united.

The archangel should unite with Eve, creating a sisterhood centering on Christianity that can unite with True Parents. Centering on Father, Cain and Abel can return to their original position, and America will take the plus position. In the reversal process, enemy countries become brother countries.

North America should go down to South America and unite with them. The united North and South America will become a big plus and Europe, centering on Germany, will automatically be in the position of a big minus to them. Martin Luther tried to unify Protestants and Catholics. When Protestants and Catholics are united in America, they will automatically be united in Europe.

The united Americas and Europe will become a still bigger plus, and Asia will automatically be in a minus position to them. Then everything is finished. There will be a new United Nations. In Asia, north and south, Cain and Abel will all be completely united centering on True Parents. This is the path of restoration. Through this course we will restore Roman Catholicism and the Roman Empire. Finally, even Adam's course will be completely restored through this process.

Today in the Light of Dispensational History
Rev. Sun Myung Moon
February 23, 1977,
New York, New York

We will win God's territory back to him, inch by inch, until the year 2000. We will win physically, substantially, and each day's work will accumulate so that every effort will contribute, inch by inch, to the Kingdom of God from this time on up to the year 2000.

Even though the satanic world is attacking, it is no longer advancing. We are the group, we are the power, we are the force that is advancing. Satan is shooting at us, but he is retreating. At least by the year 2000 we must complete the realization of the Kingdom of God here on earth.

True Parents Day is My True Son's Day
Rev. Sun Myung Moon
April 18, 1996
World Missions Center

According to this explanation, and the victory won by True Parents, and this thirty-sixth celebration of True Parents' Day, there are now four more years until the year 2000. This four-year period is very significant and providential. The whole world will eventually have to follow True Parents into the Kingdom of Heaven. There is only one entrance, not two. Consequently, we have to make sure that we are very strict in following True Parents and ensure that all of humanity will eventually follow our footsteps. In order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven after the year 2000, we have to enter as families, as Blessed couples. This is the great significance of the 3.6 million couples' Blessing which will occur next year. The fulfillment of this goal has to be our new determination.

At the time of Adam and Eve they were supposed to form a perfect family upon the foundation of their individual completion. However, they failed to form an ideal family. Consequently, all five billion people of the world all belong to Satan. But due to the grace and victorious foundation established by True Parents, the whole world is within the realm of True Parents' grace. Blessed couples have the mission to spearhead the way and to lead all five billion people so that they can enter the new millennium with True Parents as Blessed couples. The new era of resurrection is coming. This resurrection process will lead us to the Kingdom of Heaven in the spiritual world.

God's Day
Rev. Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 1983, (Morning)
World Mission Center

Did you at least wear clean underwear today or did you wear your everyday underwear that you just took casually out of the drawer this morning? Or did you begin to prepare that underwear a long time ago, even one year ago? Did you put it out and look at it and plan, "This is the underwear that I will wear on God's Day next time."? Did you pray, sing and do your Pledge in front of that special underwear? Did you put that kind of value into your tee-shirts and underpants for God's Day?

Even now you could begin to prepare your underwear for God's Day in the year 2000; you could pray in front of it and so forth starting now, putting all your heart and soul into it. You could wash it every day from now until the year 2000. Would God say, "You are wasting your money, your time and energy! Go to prison!" When God's Day 2000 finally comes, seventeen years from now, and you have been washing it every day, you may put it on and discover that it is full of holes! When you wear those ragged underclothes, what would God say to you-that you deserve blame or praise?

Why would God say you deserve praise? Does God like that kind of holy underwear? God would want to reward you because of your sincerest heart and prayer which you dedicated to that underwear for that special day.

Speech at the 3-Day Workshop
Dae Mo Nim
February 8 - 10, 1999,
Chung-Pyung, Korea
[unofficial notes]:

True Father is almost 80 years old and still God and True Parents have no sovereignty. Before True Father reaches 80, do the work you have not done so far. Let True Parents rest in the year 2000.

The Way of Eternal Life
Dr. Chang Shik Yang
January 10, 1999
Washington, DC

This year [1999] Father is 80 years old in the Korean way of counting. Eighty certainly is a very significant number. Father was born in 1920, and is now approaching the year 2000. In 1960 Father's holy blessing was held. Forty years from 1920 to 1960, and now he is completing his second 40-year period, as a family and True Parents. This year of 1999 is the final year of God's 6,000-year providential history, but also for Father it is the final year in which he wants to bring to a conclusion all the things he has been working for his whole life.

A short address to the Washington Church
Dr. Bo Hi Pak
September 26, 1999
Washington, DC

We are living to see the year 2000. You won't see the year 4000, or the year 6000. A new millennium occurs every 1,000 years. But in Divine Principle history, every 2,000 years great things happen, earth-shaking events occur. After the fall of man, the first 2,000 years God was searching for one beacon of light on earth. Finally, after darkness for 2,000 years, God found Abraham, the father of faith, planted on earth. Then 2000 years later, Jesus came as the Messiah.

So the year 2,000 is a year of our True Parents really illuminating the entire world. The entire world will know the coming of the messiah, the True Parents. A new era actually begins from the year 2000. So far, all the work done by the Unification Church and the Family Federation and so forth is preparation to perfect Father's mission so that the day of declaration of the True Parents comes for the year 2000.

You and I are living witnesses of that day. We will all be here in the year 2000. 

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