The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

We Have the Vision!

Hyun Jin Moon
September, 2001

This is an excerpt from the keynote address given by Hyun Jin Moon on his speaking tour of Korea.

We have to build a revolution of the heart, because if we want to change people we have to begin by changing their soul. At the core of the new paradigm of true leadership I am sharing is the message of living for the sake of others. As a leader, as a central person, you need to become someone whom God, True Parents, and True Family can trust. This trust comes with enormous grace and responsibility. You need to use the blessing of heaven to positively influence those around you, not for yourself. In other words, you need to become a True Abel. Abel was blessed not for his sake but for Cainís sake, and for the sake of saving his family.

True Father has been emphasizing how we have now entered a time when it is no longer enough to simply believe in him and follow his directions. After the coronation of God, we have the responsibility to directly represent God and True Parents. Therefore, we have to live for the sake of others as they do.

The idea of Service for Peace was built on the foundation of the Inheritance and Development Tour. We have entered the Age of Second Generation, the Settlement Age. We are building a whole new world, yet the Second Generation donít understand their root. Inheritance means understanding the root of history, the beginning of the movement and Godís framework and time line. Development explores the possibilities of the future.

We cannot be political people who have many different constituents to please and are bound to many masters. If you work for Godís providence, you can only have one master. Did Moses and Noah of the Old Testament Age care about what others thought of them, or did they only think about Godís providence? Adam and Eve were to be true sons and daughters of God. Were they? The Messiah is the true son of God. A True Son goes the path of fulfilling his fatherís will and Godís will.

When God looks upon humanity, does he like all the different cultures, languages, nations, etc.? Does he like the fact that humans separate themselves because of the color of their skin? No. God wants to bring together the whole variety of children into one harmonious union as one family. This is the Kingdom of Heaven. And where does that Kingdom of Heaven begin? With ideal families. Blessed Families are the foundation on which the Kingdom of Heaven is built upon eternal, lasting relationships.

People say belief in God is ideal, but not pragmatic. But without recognizing God as the universal parent, how can we talk about brotherhood? There are many homeless people on the street. If you donít know the homeless people, would you stop? If it was your friend, you might stop. If it was your brother the question is no longer would you stop but when will you stop. The most are deep and enduring relationships are in the context of family.

Weíve entered an inflection point in human history. From here human history can branch out in many directions. Service for Peace can become a mass world wide movement. Whoís going to get that ball rolling? CARP is a youth movement so we have power. If we create the conviction, we have power to move this nation. If we keep living for the sake of others, they will begin to change. We have power and we have the vision. Centered on the Second Generation youth we can change history!

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