The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

Ideal Human Condition - Hyun Jin Moon

Sunday, September 27th 1992
Unofficial Notes,
Speaks (3:00 hrs)

What would you like me to talk about today? Many suggestions came in: Father son relationships, talk about Mother's speaking tour, Father in Kodiak, Hyun Jin Nim's testimony and learning at the limits of endurance.

The Human Condition

All your questions deal with the human condition. Animals do not ask these kind of questions. They have no idea of what's going on. Why did you come here today? What am I getting at? You are all human beings and all the questions you have asked are related to your being.

Every discipline of life is trying to understand the human condition. Whether it's economics, science, culture, religion or economics, all are seeking for answers about the human condition.

Why do economics work? Because people have a self-interest to become rich. But can you take your money to the Spirit World? We are seeking higher goals. We have an original mind and we strive for truth and knowledge of God.

A Landmark Year

This year, 1992 is a landmark year, a year of reaping the harvest. The sons and daughters of the True Parents must be responsible to reap that harvest. After the Olympics in Barcelona I had a chance to visit many European Churches. I was so amazed of what I saw. Father has laid an incredible foundation everywhere. God created man a conscious, creative being. Why? God created everything in subject and object relationships and man was to be the object of God's love, life and lineage. Man is the temple of God and nothing in the creation compares to man. Man seeks a vertical relationship with God. The potential of the Kingdom of God is in us but it was not established. Why?

The Fall of Man caused man's ignorance about God and himself. Now we must make a conscious effort to return to God. God has given us a free will and by our free will we must find God and unite with Him. Our conscience is the force that motivates the will and the will moves our body. A perfect man is moved by God' will alone. We are not a Christian movement, they believe that just having faith in Jesus is enough to get to the Kingdom. The Divine Principle instills action in man's life. And we must have absolute faith in the DP and True Parents. Adam and Eve did not have faith in God.

How can humanity be raised up to a higher level? Unless there is new and higher input it can not take place. Spirit World inspires people to a higher way of thinking. Our intellect connects to the spiritual sense.

When I look at you I see many different people from all over the world including all races. I also see many different levels of faith and standards of life. In the ideal family there is only one standard. Your conscience should always lead you in the right direction. I came here to unite your conscience with the True Parents.

You can not compromise the Divine Principle and True Parents standard. You sometimes do things that are directly against the Will of God and still you say that you are the son or daughter of God.

Ignorance Is No Excuse

You can not find freedom and happiness in this fallen world no matter what you try. Only God can give you stability through absolute attendance, sacrifice and devotion. Since you met True Parents have you made a radical change in your life? Only you can be the judge of that but you can no longer make excuses and claim ignorance.

You must absolutely get your priorities right. This is a critical and momentous year. We must truly unite with True Parents. Jesus could not find anyone to unite with him. John the Baptist was the greatest failure. In 1985 the foundation of restoration was fulfilled and now in 1992, seven years later, everything has been fulfilled.

Now that everything has been fulfilled, what are you going to do? Are you going to go the way of John the Baptist? You are definitely involved in this providence. What is the meaning of Tribal Messiah ship and the Blessing? You must have a deep understanding of this.

God has never been able to rejoice about the birth of any of the children that were born after the fall. He could only grieve, knowing the difficulties the children would have growing up in satan's world. Heavenly Father poured out his heart to bring His children out of the realm of satan.

Your Blessing is now the greatest testimony of True Parents' and God's victory. Now finally He can claim your children. However, this is not the end. What does it mean to have blessed children and raise a family? You are the building blocks of restoration and the builders of the Kingdom of God. However, the Kingdom must pass through the proper tradition.

Adam and Eve fell even though they were born without original sin. What about your children? You must raise them well according to the Heavenly Tradition. It is important that you pass this tradition on to your children. Your children are your legacy and you will be judged by what kind of children you leave behind.

Pass On The True Tradition

You must inherit and pass on the tradition of True Love and Sacrifice. That is most important for you, your children and your lineage. Your ancestors brought you here and you must be grateful to them.

Focusing on making money will separate you from your No. 1 priority to establish the Kingdom of God. How many wives stay home with the children? Raise your hands.

You all were front-line members at one time but just because you are married and have children you loose your priorities. You must give your children a piece of God's Kingdom. Those of you who will not loose your right priorities will truly be blessed by God. So as a family do not loose the priorities of God and you will be able to show your children the Kingdom.

The tradition of Heaven must become a part of your life. Don't teach your children false priorities. Teach them the proper tradition but not just by your word. You must teach them through your life, through your actions. You must emulate True Parents.

Those who missed 5:00 am pledge at least once, raise your hands (many). Father is giving you physical conditions so that you can come to the zero point and face satan with more confidence. Father does not need these conditions, He is doing this for you. Satan always wants to put you down and he loves mediocrity. Now you have the opportunity to go for the best and you certainly deserve the best.

Evaluate Your Situation

Father has been speaking here for the last 19 years. Did you fully accept Father's words? Take a look at yourself and honestly evaluate your situation. If you had listened to Father this nation would not be in the shape it is in now. But you just could not receive Father's words.

Father took on this country all by Himself. He made all kinds of physical conditions even going to prison to effect spiritual growth. Father really sacrificed His life for you expressing His fatherly heart. If you ignore Father's sacrificial way of life and do not listen to Him and follow him, then you are almost spitting in His face. I can not and will not tolerate that. You should not tolerate it either. You must establish and unshakable tradition.

Sunday morning pledge and Sunday Service are most important in that tradition. Educate your children well so that they will not be influenced by outside pressures. Assess and re-assess your situation and make constant conditions to defeat satan. Make prayer and fasting conditions to help you eliminate bad habits.

You must learn to pray unselfishly. Pray to understand Father's needs and live to fulfill those needs. You must get a true perspective of who you are in relationship to God. Make conditions to purify your hearts. You deserve the best. Some of you are having doubts that you can actually be the best. But if you have the confidence and conviction than you will be successful and shape history. You have infinite potential.

Re-assess your life and dedicate your life again. How long have I been speaking? Not long enough! My words are not easy to listen to but I am speaking to liberate you form your shackles. My prayer is that my words will address and draw out your infinite capacity and potential.

Satan will always tell you that you have no value and that you can not do anything. But we must have the faith that we can achieve the highest goals.

Father wants to bless 360 000 couples in three years. How many people will you bring to the Blessing?

Put Your House In Order

You must put your house in order. Unless you do that you can not really preach or teach the Principle to anyone. If you want to change the world you first must drastically change your lives. Father blessed you so that you could dedicate your family to God. Here lies the deepest meaning of life..."the dedication of your family to God!"

Then you can save humanity and your lineage. Pass down your total devotion to your child and do not worry about the physical factors, they will be taken care off. Your purity is of utmost importance and necessity. Don't even think immoral thoughts even that will influence your children negatively.

Satan will always try to de-value you. Please absorb the words that I am speaking to you. When you do, your conscious will move your will and your will gets your body moving. That must be your only desire. This is the true reality of life.

I have the opportunity to meet the richest people in the world through my horseback riding. Believe me they are not happy people. Looking at material wealth is not reality. I went to Czechoslovakia after Barcelona and spoke to brothers and sisters there. I was very much moved by their purity and innocence. Their perception of the True Parents and Family was so moving to me.

They were very disciplined and listened well. I had not seen such a level of discipline before. The Western members do not have the level of discipline of the oriental members. One percent of the oriental members break their Blessings, whereas five percent of the western members break their Blessing.

Oriental members have better tradition and discipline in a pure way. They can truly unite and work together well. You western members think they are loosing their individuality. But you must realize that individual identity is defined in relationship to the whole.

Compare a Japanese car maker with an American car maker. The Japanese are able to get new technology on the market after two years. It takes the Americans four years. The power lies in working together united as one, for one purpose, the company. Americans who are much more individualistic do not care so much about their company or the purpose of the whole.

Religious Liberator

Some of you think that I am too subjective. Religious leaders in the past have been skinny people, meek and mild mannered and with soft voices like Tyler Hendrix. But now we live in the age of the True Parents and we do not fit the stereo type of religion. We have come to liberate.

Do not judge True Family through your own limited perception. We have so many problems in our Church because you do not understand. Do not be judgmental, rather be open to receive the members of the True Family who are in the Direct Dominion.

The position of subject is always to uplift. God set that tradition. He did this first. That's the expression of True Love. Father always gives and uplifts even when He is in prison. Don't do satan's work, don't do evil because of ignorance. You and your family and God deserve more than mediocrity. You must adhere to the basic traditions that Father has set up.

Pledge at 5:00 am and Sunday Service. Don't lower your standard to the outside world. Think about the Japanese Brothers and Sisters who are suffering to financially maintain this movement. Have you cried for them? The ones that are more responsible will have to carry the load that are not. You must be more responsible if you want to save America. You must do that to alleviate the suffering of the Japanese Brothers and Sisters. You must put this into your mind, to alleviate the suffering of your Brothers and Sisters.

Brothers must become ideal sons, ideal brothers, ideal husbands and ideal fathers. Sisters must become ideal daughters, ideal sisters, ideal wives and ideal mothers. I have spoken now for almost three hours and I think you have heard enough today. Husband and Wife and children, the whole family must rededicate and inherit the tradition of True Parents. Re-assess the meaning of Messiah ship and be responsible. Those who pledge to make a new commitment raise your hands. Lets pray.

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