The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

The Nature of True Love - Hyun Jin Moon

April 12, 1992
Belvedere, New York
Unofficial Notes

Good Morning. Is there anything you would like me to speak about? It was a spur of the moment decision to come to speak to you. You should be able make a new conviction by yourself. As a member of the True Family my heart is always with you, my mind always comes to you. In that way, even though our parents are not here with us, we should always feel that close bond. It should be so natural. That type of bond that always seeks your other brother and sister. That is the nature of true love. We struggle how to substantiate that love. What kind of instrument, what kind of foundation do I need to establish that kind of love. Some of you wrote letters to me, I know that inside you have many questions. It is very difficult to put Principle into reality. We are attracted to it because it is true, but it is hard to substantiate it. What do we have to do to substantiate it?

First we have to have a new perspective. All throughout fallen history everything in a way has been false, because it was centered on an unidealistic standard. That was the tradition of fallen man, this is the tradition you were raised in and you have intimate knowledge about this. Not only lineage is important, not only blood, but the spiritual lineage and the tradition are also essential. True Father has created this new tradition.

As a brother you have to be an ideal son, an ideal brother, and ideal husband and an ideal father. As a sister you have to be an ideal daughter, an ideal sister, an ideal wife and an ideal mother.

Spiritual grafting should be just like physical grafting, you have to receive everything, all the elements. You should not think, "I don't want to have ascertain kind of nutrient." To be engrafted you have to take on everything. This is why perspective is so important. Spring is a time of new beginning. Many of you have walked difficult courses until now. By seeing the world around you may become disillusioned with the world; the principle and reality seem so different. This is because you have not made a clear break from the past.

To achieve the position of an ideal man you have to die a thousand deaths. An ideal is an absolute thing. But the process of how we understand knowledge is through experience. Why is the world messed up? Why does a child touch a burning match even though it is told not to? The truth that a parent tells a child doesn't belong to the child until the child experiences himself. Perspective, perspective, perspective. Right now True Father has given you the tools to make any kind of foundation. A body builder needs good nutrients as his foundation. If I drew a painting, and asked you to give me your interpretation and asked ten people, I would get ten answers. What is the right perspective? If you wanted to unite with my perspective, you would have to see the painting through my eyes. When Father sees the world, yes he sees the division and struggle, but he also sees absolute hope. Why is it that we struggle seeing the same reality? Why? Our perspective is wrong.

A child is new when it come into the world. You as adopted sons and daughters have your own perspectives already. Engrafting is like a rebirth process, you have to get rid of everything. That is the condition we tried to set at the first of April. What is it that allowed True Parents to overcome all these obstacles: the failure of Christianity, the failure of Korea, many times being incarcerated? He knew that he came to be the ideal parent, yet he was pushed into the lowest position. This started happening to Father when he was 24 years old. What gave him the strength to continue? Father saw the world with the eyes of God.

An ideal son wants to be a reflection of his parents. The reasons Adam and Eve had to fulfill this responsibility on their own, is because they could then be a true reflection of an ideal man and wife. This is why True Parenthood is so important, on this foundation a true lineage could be established. As sons and daughters we want to reflect and inherit this standard. How many of you are blessed? How many have children? You can learn a lot from you children.

When your son asks. "What is this? What is that?" They are trying to learn everything. They are being raised up through this process. Coming into the ideal tradition you have to always fight within yourself. Even the True Family had to struggle, because we were raised in this fallen world.

The second condition, is our individual commitment. Only upon realizing your individuality you understand this commitment. As a young child, there was no

distinction between male and female. But as you grew older, as you became a teen, you realized "I am not made for myself." Man is made for woman and woman for man. Based on understanding your own individuality, as man and woman, you see that you need each other.

Even in the outside world, they see this natural bonding agent, this attraction is so strong. The second condition is to create your own individual awareness, your individual commitment. On Parents Day I was trying to help you do this. No matter how much I try, ultimately this is your own responsibility. Parents take care of children, but ultimately that child has to stand on his own. To stand as an ideal man you have to fulfill your responsibility and make a rededication of commitment.

This is a continuous growing process. You need to understand and to digest continually. That is the meaning behind this Principle of origin, division and union action. Understanding your individuality is important because you can then realize that you were not created to live by yourself. Heart is vital to sustain life. By understanding yourself, you can understand the importance of relations.

In the Principle, the individual has to live for the whole and the whole for everyone. Centered on this ideal standard, there is a place for everyone. In the American society, they think only of the individual, but there is no standard for this. Individuality has gone rampant.

Father has indemnified all of man's history and on this standard we look toward the next century. It is very important for us to inherit this tradition. This was the meaning of the second time I spoke to you, for you to come to the realization that you have to come to your own commitment. As an older brother I want to give you that kind of guidance. Even my own son, once I show him how to draw something, he wants to do himself. If I do everything for you, then you won't have dominion over it.

Ultimately you have to stand and have dominion, you have to fulfill the responsibility of ideal son, brother, husband and father. We want to give you the conditions to fulfill this. That was God's initial impulse, to give everything in creation. Man has to fulfill his responsibility, this is why man was given free will. If you don't have free will you cannot have free action. Why do we say love is the strongest force and has absolute value? It wants to have dominion over the most important things. I could bring Jim Baughman here, dominate him by force and he may follow for some time. But with a standard of true love, he will naturally know that I stand in the subject position and willingly follow.

If you want to take subject position, you have to have this standard of love. If you don't understand this, then Father's life has no meaning to you. This is what gives value and integrity to live. The reason Christianity failed, was that there was no ideal substantial parental standard. Jesu-nim lived an ideal standard as an individual but could not establish parenthood. I have the feeling that, "I don't mean anything, if I'm not connect to that ideal standard." In the outside world they cannot deny lineage even though they don't value it. The reason -- they are living in a manner that directly reflects a fallen lineage. Being an ideal son, brother, husband, father -that what defines the way I should act are those around me.

The third time I came to speak was to set a condition. The crux of what I wanted to say took me three days. I had to make a foundation. The essential message was true love. When you look at art, it is defined by how it captures the artist's first instinct. What is the meaning of man's life? We need to understand God's first original impulse. It was for the sake of love, to substantiate true love. For man to be the object of God, man had to have the same characteristics as God. Therefore, God gave man his divine characteristics.

All other creation is dictated by its instincts. Only man has the foundation of true love. We have to exist on the same level as God, to ultimately fulfill this foundation. If Adam and Eve didn't fall and fulfilled the ideal of parent, they would have been the ideal reflection of God; an ideal object of God. Then they could have passed this on to their children. This would have been an ideal tradition.

Man is a product of the fall; guilt was brought about by selfishness and this is individuality without understanding relationships. If Adam and Eve could have fulfilled this idea they would have experienced happiness and then there would have been a different legacy.

When you create something, your ultimate desire is for joy. You do things so it will being you joy. Man was given this creative capacity, to fulfill the ideal of God, and on this foundation man would have ultimately fulfilled happiness. Even through your own experience you can understand this Principle. Many of you are poets, musician or artists. Your creative capacity should be a reaffirmation of this Principle.

Father has established the position of True Parent, so we have the possibility to live as ideal sons and daughters. This will ultimately give you joy, happiness and fulfillment, because you are doing it. You yourselves

do it. If you fulfill that position, you can become an ideal son. An ideal son then looks at things with the eyes of the parents. He has the perspective of his parents.

You can see the ideal example of this principle: your children reflect you. That is the way of the principle. When you see reality and feel so burdened by it, it is because your perspective is wrong. I fight too with this. The world has created this tradition for 6,000 years. We who have inherited this tradition find it so difficult to change. Especially the leaders, you have to set the right tradition. Otherwise members will inherit your false standards. The role of elder brother is to live for the sake of others.

In the process of restoration, the focus is on the creation of an ideal subject. Restoration of True Parents is that important; to create a new lineage and a new standard. The subject initiates action, so the subject initiates the foundation. Father has given you tribal messiahship. So you can go out to the world and establish true dominion. Do you understand? You should be an ideal reflection of Parents. Anything else is separation and division. Father has substantiated this position. This is why all the world leaders are coming to him. Do you understand? Do you truly want to cut off all those things? Father says the most important things are invisible. Only you know where you stand. Only you know how much you have invested. Even thought you stand as an individual, your failures and lacking will affect many, many other people. You are also the connection to your past ancestors. This is why the restoration process takes place through you. You have to suffer for your parents and grandparents. You don't know the dedication they must have for you to be here now. Many times when Father comes here, he is not only giving love to you but to your ancestors and your children. The only way you can realize the position of true son is in relation to father, and then as true brother, true husband and ultimately becoming a true father yourself. The fulfillment of God's ideal is the restoration of love. Your family is the text book of love, your brothers and sisters are text books of love. Living for other is, it is like blood. Understanding Principle is not an intellectual exercise, but is the fulfillment of that standard of true love. Only on fulfilling this standard do you become a true subject. It is very clear, this is not an idealistic speech. The reason you are here is because you believe in True Parents and believe that man has a capacity to go beyond the level which this fallen world has reached so far. Your original mind strives for love, even in the fallen world they are striving for love. You have inherited this tradition. In addition, you have seen this supreme being, totally sacrificing for you. In the life outside the Unification Church, parents disowned their children. But we have this ideal standard of love. The natural desire of a parent is for their sons and daughters to be greater than they are.

You are the best judge of yourself. I don't need to judge you. How much have you been working? How much have you been sacrificing? You have to save your brothers and sisters, for the sake of an ideal family. You are sons and daughters, and you have to earn that right of sonship, brothership, husbandhood and parenthood. Why did God make it that way? So you can have the right of true dominion. If you want to give value to our Parent's suffering, you have to inherit their tradition. It is not an easy course. It is not easy when someone does something wrong. You can easily say, "I want justice." But is this the tradition God has set? You have to live for others, no matter how much suffering, ridicule, persecution comes to you. This is the tradition of God. This gives meaning to live. You have to inherit this standard, otherwise there will be separation. Many times father talks about husband and wife relationships. A true husband wants to live for the sake of his wife. The product of living for others is not pain, regret or sorrow, but happiness. The reason you may feel pain is because of the wrong perspective. If you understand, raise your hand. As ideal sons and daughters you have to inherit this tradition.

Conflict in the subject-object relationship is because no one wants to be object. It is established on the wrong foundation. Many of you are Americans, what made you subjugate yourself to this fallen standard? That is tradition. But you have to break down these barriers. Father has broken down these barriers. We only have to substantiate his example. This is the meaning of tribal messiah. So you can stand as an ideal reflection of God, establish your own Four Position Foundation. This kind of foundation established on true love will last for eternity, any other foundation will never last. This is a difficult course, but it is a worthwhile course. Don't be satisfied with quick fixes. You have to work hard, then your foundation will have eternal value. Physical life is actually preparation for death. You can die without regret by living for the sake of others. By understanding this tradition, you can make it on your own, you will achieve it. You don't really

know how much of an impact you have, you don't know your own capacity. The capacity to share is the nature of true love. In the past you were so concerned about the world around you. We have five spiritual senses, but why is it so difficult to see spiritually? Because you ignore these spiritual senses and are cut off from this world. Give each other strength and support each other. When I come here you give me strength.

Get rid of all your past things. True love is love without strings attached. Father is 72 years old. As an ideal son and daughter you what to help them to live to their fullness. You want to make things easier for them, not to add burdens to them. Don't underestimate yourself. You are capable of doing it, you have that infinite capacity within you. Many times I just want to break apart these fallen standards. Father dedicated himself to this course of restoration, many people thought Father was crazy. When God sees you, he sees you with infinite amount of hope. When you see your children, you have the greatest expectations for them. Show them that you are made of that substance. Are you a tiger baby or a cat baby? You are greater than the rock of Gibraltar. You should say, "Let any wind or wave strike me, come on!" Does a tree say, "Oh, its too windy today"? Or does the tree ask a woodpecker, "Please stop pecking on me"? The greatest delight for a parent is to see their children grown. Can you make that kind of commitment? You have to want to inherit the foundation that Father created. April is spring, a time for a new beginning. The year of 1992is the completion of Father's course. He has walked 40 years in the wilderness. The foundation has now been set. We have to nurture that foundation, like a gardener who has taken so much time to prepare the soil. Get rid of your fallen standards. It is very difficult. Sometimes I even physically hit myself. Satan get out of here! Father has been so unwavering, Satan has given up and is going to try to strike you.

If you think too intellectually it could be a problem. Satan is the greatest debater. But what moves man more than eloquent speech is heart. Satan is the most logical person. It makes sense. Don't complicate things. Father says something, but you complicate things. True love is simple, it is the shortest distance. Just ignore everything that is peripheral. In order to fulfill your own free action, you should dedicate your life to fulfill God's will. The guidance of Parents is that narrow path. In horse back riding, your balance is set by where you are looking. If you look around too much, you will loose that balance. Don't pay attention to things around you, live by this standard. You can make great achievements, look at what one man, Father, did. I want you to do greater things than me. Look at yourself, God and True Parents. Mother spoke to a very large crowd. Father and Mother were very happy. More and more the world is going to say, "Please show us the right direction." You have to be ready for that day. Now is that kind of time. This is a time of war. For an individual soldier, the reality seems to be total chaos. However to the general, things look much different. From the perspective of the whole world, things look very good. I wish I could move your hearts more. In standing I here am trying to move your hearts. I want to give you that kind of direction, that kind of fire. I'm sorry if I don't reach that standard.

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