The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

Visit with Unification Theological Seminary Students - Hyun Jin Moon

November 1991 - March 19, 1992 - April 6, 1992 - May 13, 1992, and May 11, 1992

November 1991:

You are in a leadership position. You have to set a standard for others to follow. Leadership positions are so critical. I'm spending this time talking to you, not because of who you are, but because of your position. Do you understand?

You cannot judge the True Family by external standards. Instead by an internal quality of heart and purpose. People try to judge our actions, or how "they think" we should behave. This is the wrong standard to judge, instead, it should be based on heart and motivation. Hyo Jin Nim is sometimes very strong, but what is his heart and motivation? Did you ever think you would see a member of the True Family playing with guns? Do not have "concepts" about the True Family.

UTS has caused the True Parents and members of the True Family so much pain. Students, members of the church, have come here and used this opportunity to criticize True Father. There is such a bitter taste in the True Family when they talk about UTS.

(Previous Visits:)

You have to appreciate the value of the True Family. Many people have the right concept of how to behave in a family. A man, normally, would never have a sexual relationship with his own daughter (only someone who is really perverted). What we need then is to realize that we are already a family. The fact that we have True Parents, just this fact, means that we can have an awareness of how to act correctly. If people come to recognize True Parents, then their behavior will change automatically.

You must realize how precious it is that I am talking to you. But this is not for self aggrandizement.

In dealing with people like John Walker, you should have taken care of him before the problem arose. You should evaluate the situation before it becomes a problems and work to solve it. You should be that sensitive. That is essential quality for leadership.

Doug, you have to think about your children. You have to think about the future and how you will establish the correct heavenly standard in your family.

How are the Angs taking the death of David? Young Jin Nim is a pioneer. He has left his home and is studying in a boarding school. He is a straight-A student. Members should support him. Riding in the Olympics, I'm not just riding for my own fame, the way most riders are. I'm not just representing my nation, but in addition, I'm riding for True Parents and the entire movement. The pressure on me is much, much more than on any rider. I'm going for a gold medal this year! Most of the people in the equestrian competition are so wealthy, they can have anything they want. But they are also fallen. This means they can fulfill any of their fallen desires. These people are also so influential, if we can make in-roads in this part of society, we can change the world very quickly.

March 19, 1992:

We have to have an absolute standard. Before we have a critical mind and look for details, we need a principle, a standard to judge by. We need to appreciate the value of True Parents and the True Family while they are alive! I grew up without Parents. They were taking care of the members.

So many people appreciated Heung Jin Nim, after he died. He died at the age of 17 years old. But how many people appreciated him while he was living? When I see those who praise him after he died and compare their appreciation of him when he was alive... there's too much difference.

You have to have an absolute standard; this is an internal invisible quality of heart, not just an external action.

Father is a very good shot. Many people don't appreciate the blessings they have. Here at UTS, many people don't understand the blessing of being here.

To one of the staff:

You have to be more serious. You have had the blessing of serving the True Family, but if you don't appreciate it and take it too lightly, your ancestors will accuse you. Do you understand? You have to be absolutely serious to attend True Family. I don't like to tell you this and I don't tell you this because I'm a member of the True Family. I just must speak the truth, speak straight. Sometimes you are too casual. I don't say anything because I don't want to create a distance between us, but many times you are not serious enough in attending True Family.

Recreation and restoration: We don't need to recreate the world, but restore it. Already all the qualities and characteristics of being human are inside each person. But these qualities have been perverted. Many religions try to suppress original human qualities, but all these qualities, i.e. the ability to have joy, to get angry, are part of the original human being. Let's take an example of this gun. If this gun falls into the hands of a criminal, it could be used to kill someone. But it could also be used to protect someone. Original human natures are not to be suppressed, but used correctly! So we don't need to recreate human nature, but restore it, all of it. We have to be able to use all the human natures for goodness. To be in the position of a servant, is not a feminine thing. Don't think that because you are a man you cannot serve. Every man has feminine qualities, so serving is not unmasculine, it is simply part of being human.

April 6, 1992 - 8:00 p.m.

The fallen world is based on fear and guilt. But the ideal is that the individual has to live for the whole and the whole has to account for the individual. The whole creates happiness for all and only with true love this can be fulfilled. Because of the fall, in the fallen world the subject dominates the object through fear, guilt and intimidation. Someone in the subject position would have dominion over others by creating fear and intimidating that person with guilt. Restoration of the subject position is essential to restoration. The source of subject position is True Parents, because True Parents are the starting point of man's true lineage, true perception and true ideal. Through Divine Principle we can understand the true relationship between subject and object.

In Appa's recent speeches he is talking about the spiritual world a lot. He is preparing himself for the spiritual world. Through his untold suffering throughout his life he brought comfort to God. Actually our whole physical life is preparation for the spiritual world.

When Heung Jin hyung came, he told you to communicate with and support my brothers and sisters. Heung Jin hyung has many regrets. People that gave testimonies about Heung Jin don't even come close to understanding him, even testimonies that come from the second generation. I'm sure Father has many regrets. Heung Jin hyung left this world so young. He is now blessed but has no fruit, no children.

The course of a true son is to ease their parent's suffering heart. As an ideal son, I have to ease my parent's suffering heart. We (True Children) want to dedicate our lives to you (members), but you have to open yourselves up to the love of True Parents. We cannot make you open your own hearts.

Sexual organs should be the most beautiful part of the body. We have to inherit Fatherís foundation. But we have different perceptions and standards; we have different level of consciousness. This is even mentioned in the Divine Principle. Even in the spirit world there will exist these different levels if they are not overcome on earth.

Heart is the one which motivates people, intellect clarifies and directs your understanding and will initiates. Intellect without action suffocates within and dies. Many old members are like this. Dedicate yourself to and live for True Parents. The very first original impulse in God's heart, even before creation, was the desire to give everything, to give Himself totally in creation. If we are to make our character in God's image, then we have to have this kind of heart.

The true leader has to be the most sacrificial. The whole creation has to say, "Yes, you are my subject." Let's say you have 20 members, even if one complains about you then you are not a leader in the truest sense of the word.

Take seriously your education here at the seminary. Set the standard for the second generation. In the future more True Children will be coming here. Leaders of the movement will be from the seminary graduates. Even Father's family has to walk this path. If the subject is bad, the relationships will be bad. This is a problem everywhere. Look at the hypocrisy of democratic leaders, and the self-serving attitude of communist leaders... We have to live our lives without regret. Life in the physical world is preparation for the spiritual world. Your ancestors will accuse you, for not giving your best, if you don't give 100%. Father might not scold you, here or in the spiritual world, but your ancestors will. Don't take any regrets with you to the spiritual world.

Because fallen man is so occupied with physical things, you cannot communicate with the spiritual world. You should be able to unite with my brother and sisters - they walked such a lonely path. They need encouragement, they are trying to live their lives in order to give hope for the future. We are not studying for ourselves. Actually I hate studying. But if we are to lead this world and we can gain external degrees, then even this fallen world has to follow.

Facts without substance means nothing. It is not important how much power you have, or your position; in order to become a true reflection of True Parents, love is subject. That is the standard of love: that the subject lives for the sake of the object. The subject must initiate love-action first. Even thought you get an "A" in the Divine Principle test, so what? It is nothing without living the Principle. You should lead a sacrificial life, live for others more than for yourself. If you don't live this lifestyle, you cannot inspire others when you teach the Principle. A sacrificial life gives life to the Principle, it gives substance to the Principle. It is like blood in relation to the body. The bones and flesh are lifeless without blood, so too the Principle is without life if there is no sacrificial life. Don't lose sight of the important things in life, spiritual first, love first, before intellectual. Father mentioned that invisible things are actually the most important. How do you show your gratitude to True Parents? You live the true standard of love. Father now is reading all his own speeches so there will be no misinterpretation in the future. Words have limitations and Father doesn't want his words to be twisted. Fulfill your responsibility and pray. How will you testify to others about me? When I heard the testimonies about Heung Jin, I realized they really didn't understand him. You have this opportunity to attend directly the True Family, but what will you tell others about the True Family? I'm concerned about this.

I am most critical of myself first. I'm more critical of myself than I am of anyone else. I know others have not fulfilled their responsibilities, because I have never felt that I've fulfilled mine. Father told me one time, his greatest hope will be to see his children grow up.

When Heung Jin came, some members said he was a nice guy. He came because for the sake of love. Don't ever misunderstand this. As an older brother, I will always be there for you. All my brothers and sisters are great. I learn things from them everyday. Even from the smallest ones I can learn so much. Even from you I can learn many things. I and my family can get strength from you. I am living for you. As an older brother I must live for you. As adopted children, you may be older physically, but you are in the younger brother's position. To be creative [speaking about Hiroshi-san's music] you have to give 100%. True subjectivity means totally sacrifice and total giving. I want you to be greater than me, this is my desire as an older brother. Father tells us this too, it is because of true love. When I'm with Kook Jin, I just want to give everything to him.

May 11, 1992:

[Hyo-Jin-Nim asked about the Japanese leadership at UTS. He asked about the Chaplain and councilors, the Korean leaders and the Americans.]

If you come to the seminary and don't gain a deeper understanding of the Principle, then why are you coming here? It has no meaning. You must understand the Principle, but that is not enough. You need a foundation in the Principle, plus experiences of God. Your experiences of God are your starting point to understand other religions. Without this starting point, you cannot even begin to understand other religions and their experiences.

First you have to have a strong foundation in the Principle. This can be the foundation for your experiences with God. In building a building, you must first be concerned with building a strong foundation. Only once this is established, can you begin to build on this. The last thing you will focus on are the small details of the interior. Father wants many of the True Children to attend UTS. You have to prepare the foundation for this to come. I will come here, now that I have more free time to complete my education.

May 13, 1992:

80% of the stores that were looted or destroyed in the LA riots were Korean owned. The police didn't fulfill their responsibility and didn't want to interfere because they felt uneasy about the Rodney King decision and didn't want to confront or antagonize the black community. The Koreans who came to America put their whole life's saving into making their business a success.

The leadership in the black community is lacking. There are no role models for young black men growing up in America. The break up of the black families is the main reason for this problem. How can a single parent, a single mother raise a child and contribute to the society. It is impossible. That's why we have a father and a mother to raise children. Boys need a male role model when they are growing up. The mother takes care of the home and the father contributes to the society. Black American women are too dominating, no husband would want to live with them. Children who are raised in single parent homes, with a domineering mother, are likely to grow up hating women, and become rapists or homosexuals. God really despises such women that dominate their husband. But husbands too, in the past have misused their position of subject in the family. Our world desperately needs the model of an ideal father and an ideal mother. I saw the film of the four black men who pulled that man from his truck. They smashed his face with a brick. I couldn't believe that one human being could do this to another human being! The family unites is the foundation for any good society, America has lost focus about this point and has placed too much emphasis on the individual.

John Walker could mistakenly think he is Heung Jin Nim because of the Unification Church leaders who have failed in living up to Father's standard. Blessed couples have failed to live as ideal couples and create an atmosphere of true love. God never wanted to create a church with so much bureaucracy, but wanted to create a family, a True Family. You can see how one person who is off-centered can create so much trouble. One bad apple can spoil the whole bunch. It is Satan.

My brothers and sisters don't live for themselves, for their own aggrandizement. I want to talk to this brother. He is misdirecting even second-generation children. We have to put a stop to this. Heung Jin Nim is in the spiritual world preparing a place for Father. He is not working on earth now. Does this person who is calling himself Heung Jin Nim think that Father's children who are here on earth cannot fulfill their responsibility? Heung Jin Nim does not need to come to earth, he has so many things to do in the spiritual world, he is so busy there. I know my brother and I know this is not Heung Jin Nim. He is misusing the name of my brother! People should realize their own unique character, don't use someone else to gain recognition. Each individual is unique. True Father didn't have any encouragement from God (Father spoke about this last week). Think what would have happened if Father worked so hard and was successful all the way until the very end of his mission. Father had to be totally successful before God could recognize what he was doing. We also have to be this serious, until the very end of our mission, all the way. According to the Principle, if you fail even once, God cannot use you again. You must be that serious in your heart.

Our mission as men is to be an ideal son, ideal brother, ideal husband and an ideal father. If you fail in any one of these responsibilities, then you fail in all three. If you fail to be an ideal son to your father, you automatically fail to be an ideal brother, husband and father. The physical body had many parts, but if just one part is not functioning correctly, the whole body suffers. This is why they say a chain is as strong as its weakest link. Why do I spend so much time talking to you?

If you think it is for you personally, you are dead wrong. Everything should expand. Look at a seed. It is so small, but it wants to grow and expand. The seed of a tree expands its roots and branches. If there is just one weed in the lawn, it wants to expand and multiply. The grass too wants to spread its roots and grow. Love too must have these characteristics to be true love. The love I'm giving you is not for yourself and is not because of who you are. Love will want to go to the person who is living the most for others, because then love can expand. Everything wants to expand. I'm spending so much time with you because I'm hoping it will multiply. You must share with others and live for others.

Please realize that living for your brothers and sisters is living for your Parents. It is the same! If you want to have competition, then compete in living for others. Sometimes I wonder why I spend so much time speaking. Can you be serious about what I'm saying? Don't just share the words I'm speaking to you with others, but more important is sharing the heart. Live for others. Church members are concerned about "directions" from their central figure. But more important is developing the right heart.

Don't bow to Father or members of the True Family because it is a social courtesy. Without the right heart simply don't bow, don't do it out of habit or custom. Instead do it because you feel deep in your heart, indebtedness and respect. People think there are many ceremonies and ritual in our church, this is only because they don't have the right heart towards what these ceremonies represent.

Think about the situation if you had only one object in the whole universe to relate to. How broad would you heart be? Very narrow and limited. But when you have many objects to relate to then you can grow in many direction and become broad and wide in character. This is why we need many objects. Even True Father said he can learn from each of the True Children. Why? Because each child is a unique object to Father.

You represent your ancestors. Some members in the Church may not be such good people, yet Father loves them. Why? Father knows that even for these people to come to the Church, they had to have merit from their ancestors. So by loving these members, Father is appreciating the goodness of their ancestors. Your own actions will have very great consequences on your descendants. If you fail, then many generations will feel the consequences.

If you are preoccupied with the physical world, because it seems so visible and real, you will never have spiritual experiences. The physical world is only like a shell. Look at a seed, the essence is the kernel which you don't see. The essence of reality is not the physical world, but the world of heart. You cannot grow and change immediately. It takes time and your own effort. How long does it take you to change a bad habit? If someone keeps hitting or knocking this bad habit it is good. You have to be reminded of this habit constantly in order to change it. If someone is selfish and others criticize him it is good. He will change.

True Father is in the direct dominion of God. Do you know what that means? Do you? It means he is living under God's true love, he is beyond Satan's accusation.

You must work to establish unity between, staff, faculty and students. Don't take my words lightly. Don't think it is just me Hyun Jin Nim speaking. If you fail, I'll choose someone else.

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