The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

Leaders Meeting

Hyun Jin Moon
August 6, 2000
Schmitten, Germany

We talk about the settlement age and about the providential timetable and history. When I look at the European situation, I see great opportunity. There are tremendous issues falling right into our laps. I talked to Christian and Peter about the Schengen issue and I am sure they thought it was another burden.

But think about it, the Schengen issue is much more than about Father and Mother coming into Europe. It is a human rights issue that all people can relate to. After Tien An Mien Square, Germany, France, Britain and the USA took issue with China about human rights. But what about the issue of religious freedom? It should be a rallying cry for all religious people around True Parents.

I remember 1984, when Father went to Danbury. It was the Danbury imprisonment that brought the Christian community to rally around True Parents.

Europeans ask why we canít build the foundation in Europe that there is in America. The fact is we have lost sight of the possibilities and opportunities. This is the opportunity to bring the religious community that has been sitting idle on the sidelines to get into action. The legislation that is going on is not anti-UC, not anti-cult. It is anti religion and anti-God.

We talk about practical matters and the long-term view. The solution and opportunity is right in front of us and we did not see it. Think about the US civil rights movement. There was a speech played to the leadership class at HBS, the "I have a dream" speech by Martin Luther King, Jr. Now in HBS people tend to look at things analytically and critically. But in this case, everyone was looking attentively at the monitor. Some were crying. It went to the heart of an issue that brings everyone together. Especially those affected by conscience.

The issue of liberating God and of bringing him back to the family and the community is even more relevant that the civil rights movement. Human divinity comes from recognizing the supremacy of God in human affairs. It is a larger issue that can unite the religious community around True Parents. The providence is trying to reach out to all religious houses and challenge them to stop fighting each other, to fulfill their role of leading mankind back to the bosom of God. But religions left a bad taste in peopleís mouths because of the infighting. It is time to go beyond the denominational beliefs. The time is coming to touch the heart of these religious leaders.

I raise this issue at the Hoon Dok Hae conferences every time. The testimonies of those leaders will make you cry. Our movement has become jaded because we hear much of the truth and become even more pessimistic than the world out there. What happens if a great champion, in the tradition of Martin Luther, created a new reformation here in Europe? Or a new Martin Luther King goes to the government in Berlin and proclaims that this is an issue that goes beyond just Rev. Moon and to all people of religion?

What do you think will happen? Will people of conscience turn their heads or listen, and eventually join the cause and support True Parents. In Hungary, I told leaders this: many people look to me for consolation. They want me to say that they did a good job. But do we want to be substantially proud of things or just conceptually? Substantial change means we are moving this nation and changing it, not just watching history pass us by but being active in creating a new history. We need substantial victory, not just concepts. There are tremendous opportunities out there, how do we capture them?

Itís a natural impulse of any man to want to be recognized. When I as a son, knowing the weight of the providence and the course of the 2nd Generation come to Father looking for consolation, what did Father say? He said, "Every time God promised me great blessing he sent me to prison." You might say, that is not so inspiring. But in fact when Father went to prison our movement was propelled forward.

Sometimes the cherries that are best are hard to pick. The Shengen issue is an opportunity, more than a burden. No one can support the stance that these governments have taken. It is an arbitrary decision with no foundation in freedom and democracy or law. It is contrary to the legal position and the basic impulse of man. They are going on a course that is more and more indefensible.

This should not be something to flow away in time, but used as a chance to consolidate our position in Europe. This is an issue and an opportunity, and I am not saying this just as an offended son. We should use it as a chance to bring out the sword or righteousness. I donít want you as leaders not to see the opportunity. We can move forward with confidence when we leave the baggage behind, because we have righteousness on our side.

How many of these speeches do I have to give? Perhaps we should use the Internet to give more information. What I said in Budapest would not have to be repeated here. Or you want to hear it right from the horseís mouth?

As you know I have taken responsibility for World Carp. Through the speaking tours I wanted to take charge of developing it because until now there was no substantial World CARP. But there will be by the end of the year. In each country I revived the CARP movement and connected it to World CARP. I am going to do that here. I want to revive the CARP movement here in Europe.

Why is that important? Every new age is ushered in by young people. The changes in Korea now started with the student movement. Good or bad, students bring about the change. In every country students are the front line troops for spreading the message.

One of the most undervalued assets of our movement has been the student movement. Up until this point there has been no clear standard. In some countries CARP didn't exist, in some it did but was under the church, the 2nd generation didnít know what to do. But now a World CARP organization is being set up in every continent in the world.

How do you move a nation with a long history? In Korea in 3 weeks I was able to move all aspects of the movement, The CARP organization that was defunct and buried was revived. The 2nd Generation department that was without vision now has vision. The 1st generation who did not know where they stood with the settlement age now know where they stand.

Young people have the hope of the movement. Even in High School and middle school they are preparing for a life of public mission where they will be joining in providential activity. Even more exciting, they want to take on the role of Abel and change the Cain type children of the world. Not just an internal role but an external role.

What happens if in Korea we have 10,000 A-type members who absolutely believe in True parents and the providence? And 100,000 associate members who will support? Will the nation of Korea listen or not? A student movement of that size will dictate the terms of the future of the nation. What about Japan, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Russia, Hungary, Germany? That is the reason we need to build a grassroots base to change the nation. And students can move the nation even more.

I know that many of you look to the American movement as a model. There are good things they did there but one thing that they did not do was to develop the grassroots movement. We have many friends in many areas, but those people cannot come forward and say that Rev. Moon is the Messiah and we should follow him, because we do not have a big enough grassroots base. They might want to do it but we are too small. If they do it their political career will be over and then they cannot help us anymore.

Thus my message and vision for World CARP is something that will propel our movement into the 21st century. That substantial reality comes from True Parents. IT is their effort and suffering that brought about the settlement age. From now on the CARP organizations focus will be on witnessing, building the grassroots student movement.

What about World CARP? What happens if you have 100, 200 300 thousand members in several countries. As one World organization, you will have a lot of clout in international bodies such as the UN. What do you think? With that membership CARP could have tremendous clout at the international level.

The vision and hope of the settlement age is great. I tell the 2nd generation, donít make the same mistake as your parents made. Donít say I believe in TP but donít want to be involved in the public life. If you miss this time you will never be able to get it back. I told them learn from the example of your elders. Look at those elder second generation who left to pursue their own career but are now coming back with their tales between their legs. If we can work together and unite around a common vision we can build a better future, not only for you and your children but also for the whole movement.

I gave direction to the national leaders to bring the Unification church house back into order. Bring the Blessed Couples back and unite them first. To capture the nation, we have to put our house in order. Abraham Lincoln, quoting scripture said, "A house divided cannot stand. A nation divided cannot stand."

If America wants to achieve the greatness of the founding fathers, it has to stand united. If the Unification movement wants to find greatness, it cannot be a house divided, it has to stand together to capture the promise of the settlement age. This is what CARP is going to usher in. Instead of sitting on the sidelines, get involved! Watch what happens to CARP in two years and in five years.

This is not just words, but we are building a substantial base on which these words have tremendous weight. How many of the 2nd Generation are going to be committed for that cause, or are you just going to join later on? Think it from this view. Gods providence will always be moving forward, the door will always be open but those who go in first and help build it will be remembered. The select few who were willing to put their neck on the line first are the ones history remembers.

This is that time for our movement. For those who came to the CARP Convention I told you it is time to dream again. To see the possibilities to revisit the hopes and possibilities that existed in your youth and be connected to Gods providence again. If that fire and hope is rekindled once again there is nothing that stands before us. Everything becomes a challenge and a way to become stronger and stronger, AMEN.

I am a student of history and I find inspiration from the stories of the underdogs who were able to win if they stayed the course. Look at the Christians. One martyr could bring one hundred more. Every time the nations of Europe persecute True Parents is a chance for us to bring our movement before the public conscience of the nations. If we stay the course and connect to the larger mission, our movement will grow more and more. Be willing to accept the challenge because in overcoming it you will grow more.

What is the secret for staying the course? The foundation of absolute faith, love and obedience. We came to the 7th millennium because God stayed the course with us, despite the constant failure. God always believed that eventually through free will his sons and daughters would come back to him. That has been the hope of God since the beginning. We cannot forget this.

I told the leaders in Virginia that there would be World CARP by the end of this year, and you can see that it is happening. Are the young people burning with fire once again? Do the older jaded first generation who want to hide in their homes want to start opening their doors again? Yes or no? If that is really the case, is there tremendous hope or not? Who is bringing the hope? You are. Every young person who commits to the vision and building the foundation is making this dream a reality. Every member who comes out of the home and wants to participate in God's providence is helping make the dream a reality. You have to take ownership over Gods providence. Amen!

From now on I am not going to come and do a CARP rally unless there are a minimum of 1,000 core members and a lot of guests. Japan wants to do 4 cities with 10,000 people each next year. Philippines wants to do 20,000 next year. One senator in charge of education there, a current senator said he would personally visit every CARP center and make the growth of CARP his core mission. Is that a dream or can it be a reality? For those of you who are non-believers, wait and see.

If CARP is an IPO, you can get in on the ground floor or you can wait until it is too high for you to get in. Are you going to be connected or disconnected? Online? Or Offline?

I will give you the same two pieces of advice I give all leaders. We have entered the settlement age. Lay aside your baggage and come on, and dream. Secondly, always think that you are the problem. Change yourself rather than criticizing other people. Too much effort is already spent on that, and not enough on developing ourselves. If you change yourself you will be the magnet on which all people will come to you. Are you a believer or not?

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