The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

Hyun Jin Nim's Testimony at the Birth of His Son Shin Won

March 27, 1988
East Garden

True Parents Birthday on February 23, 1988

During her speech at Belvedere on Sunday, March 27, In Jin Nim announced the birth of a heavenly son to Hyun Jin Nim and Jun Sook Nim. True Parents, who had been elsewhere in the country, immediately flew back to New York to greet their grandson's entrance into the world. A joyous celebration was held at East Garden, and Hyun Jin Nim was asked to speak about this momentous occasion.

I feel that these last three years, from 1986 to 1988, were really a growing period, a learning period in which, spiritually and physically, we could inherit True Parents' standard and position. Especially since my Holy Wedding in 1987, I feel that my life has turned full circle. I have to admit that, because I was raised in America and went to American schools with American standards, to hear that I would be marrying a Korean girl so quickly was kind of shocking news to me. But graciously, True Parents understood, and as I reflect on those moments, I feel gratitude and repentance.

At 17 you don't really understand what life is, and many times you're faced with fallen, satanic standards. Living in America, the materialistic capital of the world, many times your perception of people becomes very shallow because you inherit so many fallen standards out there that blind you, that impair your vision and prevent you from really seeing the depth of True Parents' heart. Since most of my brothers and sisters were raised without the day-to-day guidance of True Parents, we basically had to pioneer our own path to find True Parents' heart and standard.

After my marriage I went through a time of cleansing, during which I really had to do some deep soul-searching to find what was true. I knew my father was great and that all his works and the foundation he had created throughout the world were great, but I didn't really feel the depth of his heart and his love for all mankind until recently. The standard of true love that True Parents have set for all mankind to inherit is truly beautiful.

Since my marriage I feel as if a part of me has been made whole. I felt like one-half before. I have 13 beautiful brothers and sisters, and we are all very, very stubborn. When we think of something, when we feel something, we go in that direction. And when you are a stubborn person your ideas can become very narrow. That is why through the give and take of love with your spouse you can inherit a deeper, broader foundation of love. I am truly grateful to True Parents for giving me this opportunity.

With the Olympics so close at hand, I felt that I had to build an absolutely pure foundation centered upon God to bring a great victory to True Parents and to God. Now I can stand here before you as Father's son and say, "I'm going to ride for True Parents with every cell in my body, with every breath that I breathe, every moment that I walk down the road, or ride on my horse, with my life, my soul, my blood, and my tears before God and True Parents." You really have to find that within yourself. I cannot judge you; you have to judge yourself. I truly wanted to judge myself most severely before making my offering through an equestrian foundation in gratitude for the Blessing that True Parents have given to me. I feel that I could never have done this in such a short period of time without my Holy Marriage.

Through Heavenly Father's offering me the chance to fulfill a four position foundation, which I established this morning, I feel God made my heart broader and deeper, and opened it even more so that I can truly inherit and understand Parents' heart and their absolute standard of love for all mankind.

I see here many different races and nationalities, yet True Parents look at all of you as their children, as one united family.

And I feel we truly have to inherit that same standard of love.

I was in the delivery room with my wife, and I really have sympathy for all women of the world! I didn't realize how difficult it is to give birth. And now that my Heavenly Father has given me this child, I have no words of gratitude to express to True Mother for bearing 14 of us. How hard it must have been! With that understanding, how much I want to be a son who can please them, and to also be your true brother. How much more willing and dedicated I am!

I'm sorry if I'm too emotional at this time. I really don't know what to say; I'm actually flabbergasted! I really want to share the experience of the birth with you, but all of you who have children know the experience, so I'll just leave it at that. Thank you once again for coming. I really pray that you can analyze and judge yourselves--not others--and that you can truly feel that God dwells inside your hearts. If you can do that, you are truly my brothers and sisters; you are truly the sons and daughters of God. 

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