The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

My Brother, Heung Jin Nim

Hyun Jin Moon
January 2, 1988
World Mission Center

Hyun Jin Nim speaks strongly to the members.

We are gathered here to celebrate the fifth Day of Victory of Love and the fourth anniversary of Heung Jin's Seunghwa ceremony. We need to deeply understand the meaning and value of this day.

The year 1983 was a very hard year, not only for True Parents, but for the whole movement. But in 1984, on that cold day in January, we received the Day of Victory of Love from True Parents, through Heung Jin's sacrifice.

In his speech on that day, Father revealed his absolute standard of love for God. Father has only one vision -- to bring absolute fulfillment to God, whose heart has been suffering for more than 6,000 biblical years. Through

Father's love and concern for the suffering heart of God, even surpassing his love for his own precious children, he was able to conquer death. On this foundation, Heung Jin's physical sacrifice could culminate in the Day of Victory of Love that we are celebrating today.

I want to testify from my heart about Heung Jin Nim and what he accomplished, not only for mankind, but also for the providence, for True Parents, and for the love of God. I feel my words are very inadequate. It's difficult, but I will try my best.

A Victory for Unity

Through Heung Jin's sacrifice, Father claimed an inevitable victory for unity. Actually, unity had not existed within the Unification Church. There were many different factions, which even I was able to see as I was growing up: there were American members with American standards; Japanese members with Japanese standards; and many other different standards that people brought into the church that were not Father and Mother's standards. Among the blessed children, disunity was prevalent. Even within the True Family, there wasn't a true understanding of unity. Father declared, however, that Heung Jin Nim's sacrifice would create that unity.

As I reflect on Heung Jin's life on this earth, the first word that comes to my mind is "unity." Heung Jin's love for True Parents was absolute. None of you can doubt that, because he showed it through the sacrifice of his physical life at the promising age of 17 years. He even sacrificed his own complete establishment of a four position foundation on earth. Through my own Holy Wedding, I am able to more fully understand what a great offering this was.

Most people's impression of him was that he was very simple. He did not want much or ask much, and the blessed children who were close to him have testified that his whole demeanor was very humble.

At Heung Jin's Seunghwa ceremony, I testified about him. At that time I said he was the most like Father. Why would I say that? Because his standard of love for True Parents was absolute. While he was on earth, I shared many experiences with him. He often came to my room and asked me, "Are you willing to die for True Parents?" When first asked this, you might say, "Yes, of course I can do that! Of course I'm capable of doing that." In 1984 many of you even made that determination. Yet I have observed that even small physical hardships have caused the people who made those commitments to change their minds in a moment. Then they would complain to Father and Mother. Is that the standard of Heung Jin? Heung Jin offered himself for the sake of an absolute standard, and you have to understand that. Even after seeing Heung Jin's sacrifice, how many of you can say you have developed an absolute standard of love for True Parents?

I take this standard very seriously, and my family also takes it very seriously, because Heung Jin lives within our hearts. You have to let Heung Jin live within yours. The reason why we're having this ceremony today is to make sure that we do not forget Heung Jin Nim and his absolute love and sacrifice for True Parents. We have to inherit that heart.

The stage in the Grand Ballroom is adorned with flowers in honor of Heung Jin Nim, as Hyo Jin Nim delivers his speech on the Day of Victory of Love.

We Can't Be Separated

Heung Jin was a very deep person. Many of you who knew Heung Jin might not have realized that. And why was that? You never took the time! You never gave him a chance to show his heart. That's why I'm standing here in front of you now. It's not Father's family who should be in the position to testify about Heung Jin Nim. It should be other people who were close to him! Why didn't you ever give him the chance? Even when he was 15 or 16, he was very deep, and his love for True Parents was absolute. Before his death, he said, "I will die for True Parents. If some satanic person tries to shoot at Father and Mother, I will throw my body in front of them." That's the commitment he had. You weren't able to understand that, because of your shallow standard. Do you show respect only after seeing some great deed?

Heung Jin Nim was very concerned about the unity of the blessed children, because he understood that without unity, the second generation could not fulfill God's hope. He knew that many members did not completely accept the True Family, and some even said the True Family was a failure. He felt that through his friendships with the blessed children, he could create an absolute bond of true love that would change the ways of their parents. That was his desire. Many, many times we discussed this, because we wanted to build a good foundation for God and True Parents. Father has clearly said that the perfection of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth will take three generations. That is why we are so serious about the situation of the blessed children.

Father and Mother have restored both the True Parents' position that was lost through the fall of Adam and Eve, and the True Family's position. As Father's children, what is our role then? What's the mission of the second generation? It was a puzzle for us! Father never clearly gave us direction about this. But we knew in our hearts that we could lead the second generation to victory only if the True Family were united.

We can't be separated! You cannot separate me from Heung Jin Nim, or anyone in our family from Heung Jin Nim, because we are one! That is the meaning of Heung Jin's sacrifice. You have failed to understand that. You still see yourselves as American members or Japanese members or Korean members! Is that a true foundation for unity? What are we, after all? In 1977, Father made it very clear that the Kingdom of Heaven could only be built starting from one ideal family. We are all children of True Parents! Therefore, our love for True Parents has to be absolute. That's why you have to inherit Heung Jin's absolute standard of love.

Totally Empty Yourself

Do you think an ideal family means a group of 12 individuals? Through such shallow thinking you have separated and suffocated the True Family! How are you to receive Father's love? You inherited fallen standards from Satan, and you brought those into our church. With your fallen standards you even judge True Parents and the True Family.

To really inherit Father's love, you have to do as Hyo Jin has been teaching you; you must be willing to say, "I do not exist" How can you say you exist if you don't even belong to God? You have to totally empty yourself and become a pure basin in order to receive true love from God.

Heung Jin lived this philosophy every day -- it showed in the simple clothes he wore, the food he ate, and the things he owned. He lived his life according to the example of True Parents, because he wanted to become a recipient of true love. He did not have his own standards. Can you be a recipient of true love if you accept only what you want to hear, only what sounds pleasant to you? If you believe in True Parents and their vision, you should live according to their standard and receive all their directions unconditionally.

True Parents have done everything for you; they created the greatest foundation possible. True Parents are even so generous as to see value in the worst people, such as Kim Il Sung, and try to restore them into the realm of God. Until now, you have not had a sufficient foundation to receive True Parents. Many times you heard Father speak on Sunday and you got inspired for a while, but then a couple of days later you lost the inspiration! Is that an absolute standard of attendance? Something that's absolute should never change.

Do you think you can find happiness in this physical reality? History has shown that great leaders who had power, money, and everything this physical world could offer were never satisfied inside, because they knew that power and money would eventually elude them. So where can you find happiness? Only in the realm of an absolute way of life. And where is that absolute realm? Within the mind. The mind's deepest desire is to have a give and take relationship centered on the foundation of true, absolute love. You must acquire that absolute standard of love.

The Product of Absolute Love

Heung jin is the second son; I am the third son. Therefore, I was very close to Heung Jin. He had a great influence on me, and on all of my brothers and sisters. My experience with Heung Jin Nim is very personal. That's why I'm burning inside when I testify about Heung Jin Nim. When I share about him, I don't want what I say to just go through your heads so that you go back the next day to your old state again!

I have 13 beautiful brothers and sisters, and we're all the product of True Parents' absolute love. We would rather not even live without absolute unity with True Parents! My brothers and sisters do not see value in themselves apart from True Parents. They only want to end True Parents' suffering path and help restore this fallen world back to God. That is their whole purpose and motive, because they come from True Parents' ideal foundation. Even if they have to suffer physically, they live only for True Parents.

Pretend you weren't Unification Church members. If I met you on the street and asked you, "Who would you say was the closest to you?" you would naturally say, "My parents, because their blood is flowing through my veins." Even with the shallow standard of the fallen world, people recognize the value of their parents. With a true standard, how much more would we see value in our parents? You have to understand this clearly. When you look at True Parents, you shouldn't see them just as great religious figures; you should see them as your parents! Then nothing will stop you from inheriting their absolute love.

Father has said that if he had had 100 true Unification Church members, the foundation for the Kingdom of Heaven would have already been established. As I look around this room, I see more than 100 people. Why hasn't this foundation already been made? You ask yourselves. You have an original mind; you have a conscience. You are the best judge.

You have to inherit True Parents' love. I know all of my brothers and sisters would gladly give up their lives, even their own families, to help you understand this, just as Heung Jin Nim did. We would probably fight with each other to see who could sacrifice the most in order to help you understand and inherit the true standard.

How About You?

This is the beginning of a new year-1988. Father has declared the importance of the three years of 1986, 1987, and 1988. This year is the culmination of these three years. If you create a perfect, pure foundation this year, God can bestow great victories upon you, as members of the Unification Church.

Many of you have been in confession with Heung Jin Nim, right? You were cleansed of all the sins you had committed. Not only that, but Father himself clearly stated that from the beginning of this year, he has forgiven all of you for all the sins you committed. This is the foundation you need in order to make a new beginning of total, absolute love for True Parents and for God. You should capitalize on this foundation!

As a member of True Family, I can see firsthand how Father, even in his old age, pushes himself physically to the utmost to fulfill God's providence. That shows me how much more I have to do to vindicate True Parents. How about you?

Anyway, words cannot capture the essence of what Heung Jin means to every one of us. As a member of the True Family, all I can say about him is that he was the embodiment of true love, and he lived to create the true love foundation. Thank you. 

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