The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

Heung Jin Nim is The Most like Father -- Hyun Jin Moon reflects on his brother

January 1984

Hyun Jin Nim recalling his brother

As you know, I am one of Heung Jin Nim's younger brothers. I was privileged to spend most of my life with him. We used to do many things together and talk a lot. He thought about Father and Mother so much and he would talk about them all the time.

He was the most humble person and the one with the most heart in our family. If Hyo Jin Nim was not around when Father and Mother had to leave, he would really express his love as an older brother, giving love to each of our brothers and sisters, especially the young ones. They haven't felt so much of Father and Mother's love, since Parents were often gone, so Heung Jin Nim would express it on their behalf. Many times he would take us out to movies and do many things for our family.

Most of all he cared about the blessed children and did so much to unite them. Many times I witnessed what he would say to the blessed children, trying to make them open up to each other and become friends. A few years ago the blessed children in America were not very close because most families lived separate from one another. My brother told me of his idea to unite the blessed children because he felt that unity was the only hope for our church in the future.

He brought the blessed children to our house and he would talk to them and try to make them open to each other and overcome the distances between them. He also established the first blessed children's workshop and even allowed non-blessed children to attend. At that time the non-blessed children were getting persecution from the blessed children. It was in this room that Heung Jin Nim told the blessed children that we are not the only hope; rather we should be humble to the others. After that, we really accepted them.

The day my brother went to spirit world, I really wished it could have been me because he was closest to everybody in the family. Everyone in our family, as well as the blessed children, loved him very much. All the people he met were just naturally attracted to him. He was the most like Father. He was pious and loyal.

I remember when he wanted to get a car. Father and Mother were going to buy him a good car but he said he did not want one. He told them he wanted a used car because he always thought about all the people of the world who were suffering so much.

All I can think to say is that he has been the best brother. He was also a teacher to the blessed children. He gave love to both the younger and the older brothers and sisters. He also gave love to everybody else. More than anything, he was loyal to Father and Mother. 

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