The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

Important Update On The Tour That Proclaims Rev. Kwak As "Satan" And Hyun Jin Nim As "Fallen Adam"

Hyun Jin Moon
December 16, 2010

Kook Jin Moon speaks during the tour.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

At this writing, the tour that proclaims Rev. Kwak as "Satan" and Hyun Jin Nim as "fallen Adam" continues across America. You may have already attended the meeting, if so what did you think about it? It seems as if we are strangling ourselves as a movement. What if our close contacts and Christian friends hear about this? What a troubled church we must look like! No one wants to trust or associate with a church that tours around condemning its own members by characterizing them as "Satan" or as "fallen Adam"- especially when it is the well-loved elder son of our Founder! Shouldn't we look at ourselves more objectively and use common sense to see how we appear to others?

The background to this tour started in 2005 when accusations against Rev. Kwak began to emerge. The Mission Foundation ordered financial audits on Rev Kwak three times, but could not make anything "stick". Now, since they could not prove any wrong-doing with evidence, they are making a new "spiritual" accusation, again without evidence. It seems that they assume that if they draw circles and arrows, and say that this is a "principled viewpoint", our members will not question it, but just accept it as fact, even without evidence. We wondered who had come up with this unfounded "interpretation", since it is clear that this could not have come from True Parents. We found the answer in the video at, where Tim Elder, who is regarded as Kook Jin Nim's assistant, explains the source of the "providential" explanation. Tim states when asked about where and when Father gave this view that Rev. Kwak is in the position of Satan:

"About the source of a providential explanation; there isn't a Hoon Dok text that we can refer to… I don't think it's realistic for us to expect that Father is going to give us the kind of statement that people asking this question are looking for but based on our understanding of the Principle and based on our observation of what Reverend Kwak has been doing it's very clear that he does stand in the position of Satan..."
[Tim Elder]

So, Tim Elder admits that this poisonous labeling of Rev. Kwak and Hyun Jin Nim did not come from True Father. It is outrageous that in his lecture, Rev. Cotter proclaims that these words came from True Parents. It is also outrageous that Tim, et al are so loose with the Principle. From the Divine Principle, we know the course of the Fall... and nothing that Rev. Kwak or Hyun Jin Nim have done comes even close to constituting the Fall. It is clear that a great fraud and injustice is being visited upon the entire Unification Movement.

These tours show a fundamental change of culture that has taken place in our church. Father often has scolded leaders for various reasons. Other leaders present at the time would hear these harsh words, but they understood that these were words that Father had for that person being scolded and were not for public dissemination. However, what has changed in our church community is that our leaders now attack others by selectively using Father's (scolding) words on them, and ignore other things, especially supportive and positive, that Father said to them or about them. The culture of true love and protection of the honor of True Family seems to have been lost from our church community. Are we to believe Father actually endorses this kind of approach?

If you have ever met Hyun Jin Nim or have heard his speeches, please ask yourself: Is Hyun Jin Nim the kind of person who would "follow" Rev. Kwak, or is he in fact the kind of person who follows what he believes? Please look at the video of his interview with a Nepal TV station, which was recorded and aired by after the GPF there

It goes on for 45 minutes, but contains a lot of direct questions (in English) to Hyun Jin Nim from a news reporter. Also, please read the article of the interview with Hyun Jin Nim posted on Korea's Central Daily News Monthly. Through these reports, you can see that many people recognize Hyun Jin Nim as a very effective and capable leader. Can you imagine that such a person would be controlled by his wife's father and "fall"?

In order for us to overcome the current situation, we need to be able to evaluate correctly and with objective common sense. We are the people who should know the value of our True Parents and True Family more than anyone else does, and thus we should be the community to protect them and their value. We have a responsibility to the people of this world. Do you think we can fulfill that responsibility by supporting a tour that has the stated purpose of telling people that somebody is Satan? We plead and urge your sincere and serious consideration.


Those who love True Parents 

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