The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

Statement of Conscience - Korean Pastor Rev. Man-Hoe Jung's Letter

Hyun Jin Moon
November 8, 2010

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In Korea and Japan, the Church is asking all pastors to be filming a video stating that "the Rev. Kwak is Satan and Adam Hyun Jin Nim is fallen." But several leaders disagree with this direction and are very angry that they are being asked to violate their consciences. The following is a letter from a pastor in Korea decided not to take that direction.

Statement of Conscience (Rev. Jung Man-Hoe)

Letter to the pastors and members of the Unification Church

Dear Pastors, respected members

Today, as a pastor of the Unification Church, and declare I want to share my conscience in front of my fellow pastors and all the blessed families.

"Consciousness knows even before God!"

If we forget these words he gave us the Father, God will not want to dwell on family unification.

From February 28 until July 3, 2010, in the center of seminars in Kuri City, there were many seminars and conferences of leaders who receive "education" were also "educated" in many sermons of the Church Central made by President Rev. Hyung Jin Nim, and especially the pastor's sermon Kab-Yong Kim on October 17, 2010 -- so often emphasized the negative perspective of Headquarters from Hyun Jin Nim and against the Rev. Kwak. Moreover, the November 5, 2010, we received more "special education" from Headquarters on the 4th floor of the building in Cheong-Dong Pa...

Thinking about all this "special education" I received, my soul burns with pain and my heart is so shocked that I can not stand and I write this letter with that feeling in every word. This is a chart of everything we put up with me but I can not say anymore.

How can they dare to think that Hyun Jin Nim, without sin, is in the position of a sinner Adam Fallen? How can they justify their hatred emotional Hyun Jin Nim with such criticism?

I, as pastor, I can not in good conscience say those words in front of a video recorder.

How can they say that the Rev. Jung-Hwan Kwak, who sacrificed his private life and devoted his entire life to public purposes, is in the position of Lucifer-Satan? How can they judge and condemn without even trying to check the facts and without verifying the truth?

In the workshop at the headquarters church where the pastors gathered from across the country to film the video according to the design planned by the Church, I could not follow directions.

In a situation where the pastors together, using coercion and almost put them to film the video under the supervision of the Central Church workers, I could not follow directions.

I pray for the leadership of the Unification Church.

How dare you say that these are orders of True Father? How dare to use coercion to engage in these activities which violate our own conscience?

How long will use the excuse and justify their actions by abusing the name of the Father? How long will use the name of the Father as a threat against the pastors and members? How long will use the name of the Father [in vain] to darkening of our minds, obscure the truth? How long will use coercion and persecution?

"Our Family Unification still needs to be protected by the Father? Do we still need that only he is responsible for all actions? Do we still need that he alone bears the entire weight of the cross and pay the entire compensation alone? I still hope that?

That is dirty, cowardly and childish.

The filming of videos that violate the conscience, distorts the truth, and makes a "brain washing" with misinformation, you should stop immediately. The imposition of a false loyalty and commitment must stop immediately. And the filmed videos that were made almost forced to ignore the will of its own pastors should be removed immediately.

We are a family.

With tears came to understand the words of the Principle and God's Will True Father revealed

And we were moved by the example of the Father who fulfilled the Will of God weeping tears of blood

Is not our family living Unification to achieve the original ideal of creation that is to establish One Family Under God?

But then, how is it possible that members of the same family of Unification that share the same blood lineage of God (through the blessing) as brothers and sisters who share the same desire, and they are men and women consciousness, begin to shoot a series of videos immature to threaten his brother to strengthen his political power base? Is there a way to justify this?

These actions will remain throughout the history of the Providence of God and the Unification Movement as a disgrace that will not be able to erase. These are the actions that are going to turn loads more painful for our children.

True Parents are receiving false reports that his son is full of sins.

When I think about the day that True Parents realize that they judged his own son who knew no sin, when that day comes Parents will shed tears of blood and they will mourn and cry with all his throat and soul ... When I think about it, we all know that we're committing a mortal sin that should never be forgiven.

At least at this point, we're running into a pit so we have to stop, turn around and follow the path of consciousness.

If we do not have the courage to stop our children going to have to go down a path more painful because of us.

November 8, 2010 (October 3, 2010, celestial calendar)

Pastor of the Church of Yeon-Gi Chung-Nam, Korea 

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