The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

Explanations and charts (Part 1)

Hyun Jin Moon
July 24, 2010

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In Korea and Japan we will send a book to thousands of blessed families with explanations of current situations by the lack of correct information related to Hyun Jin Nim. There are too many situations that still must be explained. That content was finally translated into Castilian. Because the content is long, we divide it into parts. This is the first part.

Blessed Family Letters

1. I. Introduction

For all the recent developments in the world Blessed Families are very concerned. Are spreading rumors and criticism of Hyun Jin Nim without any basis and some people are talking about it even in public places as if they were truths.

January this year in the United States were first made Hyun Jin Nim criticism meetings. February 22, which had just finished celebrating the birthday of the True Parents at the meeting of world leaders made Cheon Yoo Goong had openly criticized Hyun Jin Nim. And with the recent visit to the Brazilian Church that Hyun Jin Nim made as if this was an invasion of Church and unfortunately Hyun Jin Nim was condemned as a heretic and operator in the name of True Parents. Moreover, they are conducting meetings criticizing Hyun Jin Nim around the world and for that reason they are making a big impact on all blessed families. These events are acts of violence against both human and spiritual Hyun Jin Nim are unimaginable and we can not but regret that these events are happening in the real family.

Many families are wanting to know the truth and for that reason we can not continue with our silence. Also by the experiences of the past, we concluded that maintaining silence is not the best way to solve these problems. We have therefore prepared these "open letters to blessed family." These articles and reports do not contain all the answers to the questions that are now in dispute. But we ask with all my heart is that through these data that are not left shaken by baseless rumors or opinions unilateral.

What Hyun Jin Nim wish is that all the blessed families of the Unification Church can maintain consciousness that shines with the light of truth and that may be protecting providence and the true legacy of the True Parents. We hope that these articles are of an important reference for a proper understanding of reality.

Representatives from Families who love the True Family

Youngjun Kim,
2nd ed. Generation,
36 couples,
President of GPFF

Kyungeui Yoo,
2nd ed. Generation,
36 couples,
Secretary General of IPSF

Kyounghyo Kim,
2nd ed. Generation,
36 couples,
former chaplain at UTS

Inbum Cho,
2nd ed. Generation,
300 couples, representing the Korean GPYC

II. Content

1. Blessed Family Open Letters -- Letter issued to 103 people

Yours sincerely and wish them the love of God and True Parents always accompany them.

This paper was written jointly by people who agree with the content.

First, I apologize with all our heart, regardless of who is to blame for having more worries to God and True Parents with recent events. We want to deliver this letter to you confessing that we are children loyal to God, True Parents and Providence.

Jesus was accused of teaching truths not contained in the Laws of Moses, went through the trial of Pilate and finally had to die on the cross. True Father also had to receive rejection of Christianity to teach truths that were not in the Bible and had to lead a cross. As the two sons sent by Heaven was assassinated by Jewish and Christian people that God entrusted to her, this became a "han" (resentment) of Him, the Father has been throughout his life walking the path of liberation from "have" to God.

At the moment, some central leaders of the Unification Church are refusing Hyun Jin Nim vertical relationship, who is a true son. They are saying he is not following the instructions of the Father and are prosecuting Hyun Jin Nim using the name of the Father. They say what they are doing is a form of love of Hyun Jin Nim and is a way to make Hyun Jin Nim quickly return to the Father and is a way to save the Order too.

In a small corner of Internet second-generation youth are confident that this is not true and are breaking the silence and defending Hyun Jin Nim. They are considered traitors and their parents and siblings are holding tears and pain.

At this point, we are thinking very sad if all Unificationist movement can not have wisdom as they had before. What is the main reason to split in two trying Unification Church that way, without thorough investigation, certain events that could be of great influence to the history of providence?

Leaders who are on tour have concluded unilaterally on several things and are saying that all the blame is on Hyun Jin Nim and people who are working with him. Following Korea, the United States are also conducting tours Hyun Jin Nim criticism meetings with the excuse that this is a direction of the Father.

Seeing these frustrating situations, we have no intention of talking about the innocence of Hyun Jin Nim or filing any objection against people who are attacking Hyun Jin Nim. That's what this space is very short and that process would be a continuous pain. It is true that we should clarify on some controversial issues but that's not the priority and we must not leave overcome by feelings. For all who are in doubt, we will be putting our position to provide a space at the site of CARP Korea1.

Dear brothers and sisters,

We trust in their hearts, minds and personalities. As you are our parents, teachers, siblings and classmates, we ask again. As has always been, look at Hyun Jin Nim with trust and love and believe it please.

For too long, we've been through Hyun Jin Nim hope and that was the pride of family unification. It was a long time ago, just one or two years before many world leaders participating in international meetings and conferences Hyun Jin Nim listening and through that reunited the value of True Parents and Unificationist movement. They tended to predict a great future Unificationist movement.

In this case, we suddenly say Hyun Jin Nim not complied with the direction of the True Parents and conclude that he has denied the Father's will and therefore he has denied the vertical relationship. If we tell ourselves that way, we have no way to respond. Why make excuses? He told him to rest for a year, but he did, he said he did not make the GPC, but he did, told him to come to 90 years celebration of the Father, but Hyun Jin Nim went to Kenya, said he was not public places, but he took the podium in Brazil. Looking from that point of view, Hyun Jin Nim really has not complied with the directions of the Father.

So it is that whole life has been filled Hyun Jin Nim actions against the will of God and True Parents? Or has it been a life devoted to protect the will of God and the great legacy of the Fathers, despite all the misunderstandings?

Hyun Jin Nim has gone to Latin America for the sole purpose of advancing God's providence. That will not change no matter who is found, with members and presidents of nations. Hyun Jin Nim even said that "the reason of meeting with members is to guide you do not forget the will of God and to inherit correctly the true legacy of the True Parents."

If you rely on the motivation and purpose of Hyun Jin Nim, you can see the many accusations against him from a slightly different perspective.

Brothers and sisters Unificationist movement,

We will be working hard with the following contents.

First, strive to clear the name of Hyun Jin Nim.

Second, do our utmost to that centered on the vertical axis that connects to God, True Parents, True Family, all blessed families can become one and the 2nd and 3rd generations can become owners of the construction of Cheon Il Guk.

Third, defending the dream providence of God and the true legacy of the True Parents, we, with love and absolute faith with real heart who wants to go Hyun Jin Nim completing the goal until 2013.

That the voices of the True Father exclaiming, "Hyun Jin is not to blame" can reach around the world and prove that his son was a true filial son and elder brother, and in this way, we'll crafted from the Cheon Il Guk substantial basis to Parents real and all true sons.

First of May in celestial calendar, the Day of All Things Real.

The signatories2

Kyunghyo Kim Joo-Hye Kim, Kookhee Lim, Kim-Baeksan Rieko Kasai, Field-Mie Moonda Higashimori, Jongchoon Malsoon Park-Oh, Yasunari Tanai, Sungho Lee-Rie Hiramatsu, Inbong Sunhyun Bang Lee, Misook Kim-Kwak Injung, Aya Mitsue Goto, Goto, Inso Sunyang Park-Choi, Thomas Field-Jaesoon Yoo, Seo-Jeongwon Intaek Bang, Dongshik Hwang, Kang-Yangsoon Indon Oh, Roberto Azevedo Azevedo Pascoalato Andrea Mara, Batista Vaz-Utsukoba Linderson Nadetsuda, Rivera Barreto Neftaly Yemira Tisno-Mamani, Torres Romel Munhoz Munhoz, Beatriz Ferreira, Yoshihisa Fujino, Chiyo Shunichiro Yoshida-Yoshida, Tetsuro Ueda, Megumi Ueda, Kyungmyung Mibong Yoo-Jeong, Yoo Chungduk, Yeonhee Kim, Jinsoo Kim Yong-Soonhee Franco-Kaori Mayoya Mayoya, Richard Perea Perea, Masako, Kyungbok Bang, Isoko Yoshida, Ikuyo David Garcia-Garcia, Yoko Seongyong Jang-Mukai, Motoko Sasaki Jinkyu-Kim, Joo-Hyunlip Mitsuko Hayashi, Domokos-Kobayashi Chanhong Jeon, Kang-Sangsam Tomoko Matsuda, Katsushi Keiko Mito Mito, Mito Joy, Jin Man Kwak-Namsook Kim, Kim Hyungkyu Kwanchun-Chen Chen Chuyo, Wang Tingi, Lai ININ Chingi Heo, Geo Rweorung, Wagyu Kao, Hou Senayao, Yooting Hou, Hou Yooming, Mark Harumi Sano-Sano, Kenshu Aoki, Yoching Dokuda, Inho Heesun Joo-Lee, Hyangmi Kwak, Kwak Hyangshim, Miki Bates Ken Bates, Mark Johnson, Masami Sakurai-Yeonshim Park, Doyoung Kim, Kim-Sakakibara Dongchen Satsuki, Yoo-Yungkwon Sungae Moon, Mike Sommer, Kikuko Tanai, Mass Madono, Mika Kuwahara, Keiko Sometani (103 people total).

2. Misconceptions and Truths

1) Objection to the contents of Hyun Jin Nim criticism in the recent national tour by the Church of Korea

Hyo Kyung Kim

On July 6 Cheon Bok Goong, Mr. Sung Il Cho World Mission Headquarters and the 8th of July in the Southern District of Kyunggi, Mr. Kim Jong Gwan said contents that are not facts or not is baseless. These tours were conducted at the national level and I intended that similar meetings were conducted in the U.S. too. These cultures did not exist in the past. And these actions are disappointing to the families of the Unification Church including themselves, and are acts of moral to insult and attack Hyun Jin Nim.

What they presented at these meetings have many files to object but here I will only clarify some points raised by the projector. And I'll go further clarification in the section of the truths of Revelation3 on the website.

1. a. The Federation related to the United States and for the Council of the United States

If you just look at the results seems very clear that Hyun Jin Nim has caused the problem. But it is my opinion that if we want to know the causes and results of this problem, we must fully disclose all related events. We had not remained silent because we had to say but because if all events are revealed, would cause problems to the true sons. But the problem has reached a point so grave that it is useless to be hiding. The full story will be revealed through the CARP web site and here I will just mention two related points.

July 29, 2008 was sent an official circular on behalf of Rev. Hyung Jin Nim and In Jin Nim announcing that the President will be representing the United States Unification movement. It was now Hyun Jin Nim who was working in charge of South and North, then there was much confusion for many people. In fact, the Continental Director Rev. Byung Hwa Kim was asked directly to the True Parents and their response was that In Jin Nim would be like "Chook Sa Jang (pastor ministerial position), and not as the President and Jin Sung Nim should not relate to matters of the Church, but those words were ignored.

About a month later, on 21 August was suddenly convened the meeting of the Council of the Federation of American families. This convocation was at 10 pm and its content was they were going to remove from office the majority of Council members via conference call at 7:00 a.m. meeting the next morning. Rule was violated, having convened the Council with a minimum of 48 hours and that decision had not been discussed with Hyun Jin Nim. The truth is that Rev. Kwak Jin Man who was on the Council representing Hyun Jin Nim was also on the list of dismissed. After that fact was reported for the Father and He gave the address to return to the Council as they were. But only some of them were recovered from their posts and not others.

In early February 2009, Hyun Jin Nim was busy preparations for the world tour, according to the words of the Father. In this case, Father suddenly called him to Korea in mid-February and mentioned on the responsibilities of Hyun Jin Nim, Kook Jin Nim and Hyung Jin Nim and spoke on several occasions at Hoon Dok Hae that Hyun Jin Nim should be responsible for the United States. Everyone waited for the official statement of the World Headquarters, but there was no such statement. Everybody knows that Kook Jin Nim went to Japan the day after receipt of such liability on the part of the Father. But Hyun Jin Nim was waiting for the official announcement because In Jin Nim was as responsible. I was anxious about this situation and called him directly to Rev. Chang Shik Yang, but he said to wait a little longer and there was no action taken. In the end there was no official statement and President Dong Moon Joo, the U.S. boon bong wang had to ask directly to the Father.

The President visited Joo directly to East Garden on February 22 and conveyed to him the Father's will to Hyun Jin Nim and its contents were "Hyun Jin Nim is responsible for U.S. president In Jin Nim not but "Sa Jang Chook" and should not be linked Jin Sung Nim with church affairs." Hyun Jin Nim could not receive any official statement and had to receive directions from Father and President Joo. On February 23, Hyun Jin Nim summoned all the leaders responsible for the providence of the United States. Before leaving for a long time for the world tour Hyun Jin Nim wanted to awaken the spirit of ownership and responsibility of the United States as a country kind Son. Hyun Jin Nim that day had had a meeting with the pair of In Jin Nim -- Jin Sung Nim but ended without reaching a conclusion. At the end Hyun Jin Nim was only the leaders meeting, gave his speech and left4.

At dawn the following day World Mission Headquarters did not send an official statement saying that Hyun Jin Nim will be responsible for the U.S., but was sent a completely different statement. Especially when he got an email from Continental Director Vice President of World Mission Headquarters, Rev. Jun Ho Seuk, saying "Today Kook Jin Nim asked me to tell the Continental Director Rev. Kim Byung Hwa there is no change in In Jin Nim's position as Head of the United States." Hyun Jin Nim was impressed with that content.

Hyun Jin Nim respected In Jin Nim to as much as his older sister and their public mission as "Sa Jang Chook" and asked to work cooperatively. And U.S. leaders also stressed that all should be one and to cooperate in a single direction. But why is it that just before the start of the Hyun Jin Nim world tour, was called the Council and why is it that he said could restore the board to its original state as his father had asked?

Mr. Kim Jung Kwan was not a person who was in the midst of these developments and just listening to the words on one side is accusing an author Hyun Jin Nim coup. I am very concerned as he can withstand the trials of history in the future.

1. b. The case of Sokcho City, Korea

Some days will reveal all truth about it. I know what is the truth and to alleviate the suffering of Hyun Jin Nim should reveal it, but I also know that this is not the best option, so I will not discuss here.

1. c. Problem of land in Paraguay

I think in this case shall a Korean saying that says that saved me from drowning and asks for your wallet. He helped resolve the problems of Paraguay and accused of having embezzled property. I wonder: since when have the perspective and culture that if you are in my hands, it is public property and is in the hands of others is copyrighted diverted?

Who gave Hyun Jin Nim responsibility for solving the problems of Paraguay? They were the True Parents. What was the mission given by the True Parents to Hyun Jin Nim? It was the mission as a World Foundation also mentioned in the letter to the True Parents Hyun Jin Nim dated in March 2008. If the measures taken to protect the public goods that are in danger are called to "deflect", would you be correct to say that it is a case of turning what they are doing in Kangnam, Korea? And how should we interpret what World Mission Headquarters made during the IMF crisis in Korea? I think it's more honest to say they can no longer rely more on Hyun Jin Nim.

1. d. False rumors of unrest in Paraguay

I want to ask Mr. Kim Jong Kwan, who has mentioned about this point. What else knows as well as reported by superiors? Have you read the reports from UCI was reported based on an investigation of more than a month? I have completed the final report along with several types of tests on September 8, 2009, but still have not made public. I have had to be criticized at the meeting of regional presidents. For this report, but endured. Some told me I had made public all the events related but now I have been hiding since the end all we'll be embarrassed by what happened.

What Mr. Kim argues that I have scattered all over the world, I think it refers to the preliminary report drafted as I researched for two days from the day after it happened that is 3 August. I will not deny the fact that they have forwarded this report to senior leaders in Korean, English and Japanese. Of course, this document was not sent to key leaders and the UCI staffs, regional presidents and organizations to be of reference of what happened. It was my duty and responsibility as assistant Hyun Jin Nim was at that time.

Writing this objection, I reread the written preliminary report on 3 August. Comparing to the conclusion they reached after a detailed investigation for over a month, the preliminary report was not wrong in essence. Park Jin Yong's lawyer criticized me for this report, but in future people will easily find out who is right. For example, the Park lawyer mentions that when he was succeeded by Hyun Jin Nim in Puerto Leda which is 300 km of the place and saying that our words Hyun Jin Nim was in danger were false. But those words are false attorney's Park. On August 2, Hyun Jin Nim was on the plane going to Puerto Casado when he learned of the riots. At lunch time the plane came down temporarily in a Mennonite village and waited until the next day to see the possibility of entering the Puerto Casado. But the situation did not improve, then the August 3, Hyun Jin Nim decided to visit some places and went to Puerto Leda. I on behalf of the East, went to Puerto Casado on 3 August and after witnessing the place I joined the group in Puerto Leda later.

Now I can no longer stop making public the research. Let me tell you that the cause is immoral actions of the people of the Church. For being such a long document, this time only reveal a part of the final report and all evidence will be revealed in the future if necessary5.

On the one hand Mr. Kim was mentioning that I had "confirmed that these contents (contents of my report) are not true" and that a meeting with the Rev. Shin Dong Mo had "admitted" this and that "when I to clarify he admitted his mistake." He also went on to say that "keeps sending emails with absurd rumors leaders" such as "Handling of Kook Jin Nim to assassinate Hyun Jin Nim." I wonder if he is willing to make a public apology if you come to reveal that these comments are false.

In my personal opinion that I should submit this final report at least for the Latin American Continental Director, I met the Rev. Shin Dong Mo in September 2009. The truth is that this report should not be given to the Foundation but I trusted and gave his conscience. Maybe it was Rev. Shin said that or if he invented that, but it makes no sense and even is absurd to say that I admitted my mistake. If Rev. Shin aware could say that.

And how can say I've been sending emails with rumors that Kook Jin Nim wanted to kill Hyun Jin Nim? Honestly I have wanted to be hitting Mr. Kim to be saying such things. You should be ashamed of the organization to which it belongs. I remember it was between September and October 2009. At about 6 am, I received a call from Dr. Tyler Hendricks, President of the UTS. At that time I was like the chaplain while UTS was part of the Council and lived within the UTS campus. Dr. Tyler said he had one thing to ask directly. It was first time I called at such an early hour like that. The question he was very impressive. "Rev. Kim, are you going around saying that Kook Jin Nim contracted a hit man to kill Hyun Jin Nim in Paraguay? "I asked him if hit man was referring to a murderer and he said yes. I said, I swear before heaven I have never said such a thing and what a blessed family could be having such an imagination? I asked him to tell me who told him that. Dr. Tyler then told me an incredible story. That had been a Pastor T was of the Federation of Families USA and he questioned why he continued working with me it was a bad person. And that the Pastor T had heard that from a man with a very high level here I can not reveal his name.

1. e. Expansion of false rumors about the UPF

Even today many people is to doubt the word of the day November 19, 2009. Imagine, how great must be the suspicion and disbelief on the part of many people to Headquarters in less than one day those contents were expanded to the whole world? Do not say that I or Mr. Lee Sung Ho expand such information should have clearly seen the reality and take it as an opportunity to repent.

1. f. Attachment to the Mission Foundation

I do not know whether Mr. Kim will read a paper entitled own writing "How long will continue accusing Hyun Jin Nim as a child who is suing the True Mother?" If Mr. Kim has researched deeply, or if you searched an attorney to learn more, he had not said anything as absurd as it has in the southern part of Kyunggi. I will not talk about this because if you read the aforementioned document or research or ask a specialist can tell very easily if a lien is a claim or not. But I will mention one point that Mr. Kim said.

Mr. Kim said that the attachment order, the name of the debtor is the name of True Mother and that the bank account is also in the name of the Mother, then, that the embargo was a lawsuit against the mother. But Mr. Kim who has previously worked in the company Il Hwa knows that this is not true. Let us assume that someone has sued the company Samsung, and sheet demand is the name of the company president, is it that this is a lawsuit against the natural person of the president? Could it be that the money belongs to Mother's personal money just because your name is on the bank account? Mr. Kim should not be covering the central point of fact. The point is that some people with pure intentions have sent 21 million dollars from illegally from UCI to the Foundation of the Mission who are completely different legal entities, endangering the mother and Hyun Jin Nim.

1. g. Expansion of lies about falsifying documents

I have spoken of a possible suspicion of forgery, but he never claims that "was" forged. But the World Headquarters of Mission, through its official memo of April 2, falsely claimed that I had said such a thing and Mr. Kim also was commenting in the same way. I think the two are the same side. I have published a document entitled "Suspected unresolved legal notice," but neither the Foundation nor the Headquarters Mission World Mission has given any clear explanation. Mr. Kim is claiming, without any foundation, that UCI [Unification Church International] have removed a paragraph in the legal notice and that way is claiming the suspect, but let me say that this is a very dangerous comment. He also went on to say that "I showed him the evidence to them and was told only that his lawyer (UCI) made a mistake" but that too is a lie that makes no sense.

The most absurd thing is that he is arguing that as a result of having checked the legal notice sent to banks, is equal to that possessed by the Mission Foundation and containing four numerals. He says the document they have is what was sent and that the legal notice containing only three numerals is not an original document. This makes no sense. If people hear that, could not believe it, but if Mr. Kim really has verified that notification to banks and has said that, then it would be a deception on his part to the members.

I know exactly what was the content of the notification from the UCI, or part of the law firm Choong-Jeong, the Mission Foundation, the bank branch K xx, legal support department of the bank and K the bank branch S xx at the same time. I do not know whether Mr. Kim knows and is deceiving members or if he does not know, but the content sent to the banks and what the Mission Foundation shows are completely different. If we compare what is down, we know that Mr. Kim is cheating members.

[Reference 1, the legal notice that the Mission Foundation claims to have received]


1. Mr. Dong-Joo Moon (American name: Douglas DM Joo), who was a director and trustee representative of Korean Times and Washington Times Aviation LLC Aviation USA LLC (the "WTA"), legally terminated (see attachment no. 1 and 3) from both positions on October 28, 2009. Immediately after receiving his letter of dismissal (notice of termination received on November 8, 2009, see the attached document no. 2), November 9, 2009, through his secretary and driver xxx, he retired (1) U $ xx million dollars (account number xxx-xx-xxxxxx), (2) million Korean won xxxx and xxxx million Korean won (account number xxx-xx-xxxxxx), and (3) xxxx million Korean Won (account number xxx-xx-xxxxxx) 3 bank accounts owned by the WTA at the branch bank xx S and transferred the funds to the account of its Foundation (account number: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) at the branch xx K. Bank

2. However, the above actions by Mr. Dong-Joo Moon were made without taking into account [the fact] that the director was no longer legitimate and representative trustee, without any legal basis for the sack of the funds illegally from the company WTA.

3. If your foundation voluntarily withdraws or spends the money he received from the WTA on November 9, 2009, or if he refuses to return, they could face criminal charges and / or be liable for civil damages. Therefore we ask you to return the funds received WTA back immediately. (This number 3 is what the Mission Foundation claims that are included in the legal notices, but this is the paragraph that contains the original sheet kept by the law firm of UCI)

4. Therefore the funds transferred from WTA in the day November 9, 2009 must be return to WTA, so these funds should not be removed or transferred abroad without the permission of WTA. We ask you to take all necessary measures to return the funds promptly.

[Reference 2, the legal notice sent to the bank branch K xx and mentioned by Mr. Kim]


1. Yours sincerely and wish them prosperity in their business.

2. On November 9, 2009, was removed (1) U $ xx million dollars (account number xxx-xx-xxxxxx), (2) million Korean won xxxx and xxxx million Korean won (account number xxx-xx -xxxxxx), and (3) xxxx million Korean won (account number xxx-xx-xxxxxx) 3 bank accounts owned by the Washington Times Aviation USA LLC (WTA) at the branch bank xx S and transferred to the account Federation of Families for Peace and Unification Foundation Mission (Mission Foundation) (account number: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) at the branch bank xx K.

3. However, the above actions by Mr. Dong-Joo Moon (American name: Douglas DM Joo), who was a director and trustee representative of Korean Times WTA Aviation LLC and legally terminated (see attachment no. 1 and 3) both positions on October 28, 2009. Immediately after receiving his letter of dismissal (notice of termination received on November 8, 2009, see the attached document no. 2), November 9, 2009, he illegally transferred from one through his secretary and the xxx driver.

4. Therefore funds should be transferred from WTA WTA back, so we ask you to take measures to ensure that these funds can not be withdrawn or transferred abroad without the permission of WTA.


[2] In the order they signed and the names of spouses were placed together.

[3] I have heard that the CARP website Korea ( are preparing a section of "Disclosure of the truth."

[4] In January, the Rev. Joshua Cotter on his tour of criticism against Hyun Jin Nim mentioned that this meeting was one of the worst he had attended reunions. This hypocrisy will be revealed when the videos revealing the words of Hyun Jin Nim that day.

[5] The general report (in Korean and Japanese) about what happened in Puerto Casado, Paraguay is in place 

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