The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

UCI Letter on the Washington Times

Hyun Jin Moon
July 16, 2010

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Dear members of the Unification Church,

For 28 years, the UCI [Unification Church International] has been an avid supporter of the Washington Times, under the patronage of its founder, in order to promote family values, faith and liberty. The founder of the Washington Times has always believed and still believes that the Times has and will play a key role in the United States and the rest of the world as a promoter of American values based on God-centered spiritual and moral principles. As the founder continuously in every speech about his work in the United States, has been a worthwhile effort, whose value is difficult to quantify in financial terms only.

It has been over a year that the Unification Church, led by Kook Jin (Justin) Moon, which manages and controls all the donations from Japan, has stopped financial support for the Washington Times and its affiliate, United Press International, in direct defiance of the wishes of the founder of full support. Unfortunately, a combination of misinformation and lies have been spread around this problem, so it is important at this time clearly disclose the truth.

Washington Times have only been able to survive historically with financial support from donations made by the instructions of the founder. The main reason for this is that the Washington DC market is not large enough to support two newspapers, although it is important as the political center of the U.S. Despite the explicit statement of the founder of the continuing support for the Times, Kook Jin Moon ignored this request and unilaterally cut off all funds for the period from July 2009. In addition, he and other key leaders of the church as Hyung Jin (Sean) Moon, In Jin (Tatiana) Moon, Peter Kim, and Dong Moon Joo, former director of the UCI, have spearheaded a campaign of deliberate misinformation within the church community to blame the current leaders of the UCI, and in particular its president, to the crisis in the Times.

One can only guess what Kook Jin Moon and his colleagues want to achieve through this ruse. However, it is inevitable that damage that will occur to the Times and the UCI and the Unification Movement, and above all, the founder, who unfortunately is not aware of who the real culprits behind the plight of the Times, or irresponsible actions in recent years by the use of "his" name. Such a violation of basic trust against the founder and members of the Unification Church has never been a part of the culture of the movement. The most cynical and revealing actions Kook Jin Moon has been the consistent policy of directing harsh demands for donations under false pretenses -- to support the Washington Times -- from distressed members of the church and Japanese, while at the same time deliberately diverted donations for purposes other than their purpose.

During the last twelve months, and for the first time in the history of the newspaper, the UCI has made a valiant effort to support the Times without any donation from the church in spite of overwhelming financial difficulties. This has included the generation of funds within the UCI, in addition to working with our allies in seeking conservative investments to continue operation Times and, therefore, preserve the legacy of the founder. In addition, the Herculean efforts have been made to reduce the monthly losses in the Times for more than 50%.

However, despite these efforts, on June 17, 2010, the UCI informed the founder that without financial support, we would not be able to continue funding the Washington Times, which still continues to require monthly subsidies in the millions, and that both its sale or closure was imminent.

Soon after, an entity affiliated with Dong Moon Joo came and informed us that he represented the founder and acting on their behalf for the negotiation of this problem.

He made a proposal to take over the Washington Times. The founder had made public statements to ensure sufficient financial support for this project so that the values and principles of the Times can continue to thrive. We agreed to this proposal in principle on the basis of two conditions: the evidence of financial commitment required and the means to continue funding the operations that still lost money, and that all costs associated with the Times, would be borne by the new entity in the future.

Unfortunately, however, we learn that Kook Jin Moon continues to refuse to fund the new entity. This prevents the transfer of UCI Times to this entity due to legal and ethical constraints, for the reason that an operation loss can only be transferred to an entity that has sufficient funds to cover their operating expenses and liabilities. Kook Jin Moon, an MBA from the University of Miami and CEO of a weapons manufacturing company, is certainly aware of it. However, despite the founder's instructions to him, is intentionally withholding the necessary funds that had been committed, even to this date he is writing letters and is threatening the Times.

UCI has waited a year for Kook Jin Moon to meet its financial obligation, as we continued to fund the costs. However, we are disappointed to have to inform the community of the Unification Church, which has supported the Times for many years, that unless Kook Jin Moon stops pursuing these and other hostile tactics and unless the leaders that are responsible immediately send the necessary funds, there will be no choice but to sell or close the newspaper.

Members of the Unification Church should clearly understand that if this happens, the responsibility for this calamity lies only Kook Jin Moon and his staff. What we hope now is that there is clear research that is sorely lacking in today's Unification Church, and is applied to the actions of Kook Jin Moon and his partner, both personally and publicly. Also, while there is an investigation Tongil Group (Korea Foundation) and other organizations and bank accounts they control, which are funded by donations from Japan. As you can see the case of Times and other organizations, Kook Jin Moon has been conducting a cruel strategy, which if he can get away with it, he is more than willing to allow the assets to be destroyed or lost, no matter the harm or killing of people, while he continues a campaign of misinformation.


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