The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

UCI victory in Brazil

Hyun Jin Moon
July 9, 2010

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Brothers and sisters,

We have very good news from Brazil.

This week the official decision of a case against a crooked lawyer UCI [Unification Church International] ended in total victory for us.

This is a lawyer who transferred more than half of True Parents land in Brazil (Jardim area) to his own name based on an absolute power of attorney that was given to him by the church in Brazil. The power of attorney was signed some years ago by people like Simon Ferrabolli, Cesar Zaduski and with the approval of Pres Rev. Heung Tae Kim.

The team of Hyun Jin Nim worked in Brazil to recover lands lost to the lawyer and to solve many other legal cases. This specific case was a case in which there was no hope. The crooked lawyer had papers signed by the leaders of the church giving absolute power over those properties.

The decision in favor of the church was made in May this year (just as Hyun Jin Nim went to Brazil), but was not officially announced by the court until this week. It was a total victory for UCI and the church.

The property values saved and recovered by UCI are more than 85 million U.S. dollars. Japan must be dancing with joy to know that the properties that cost so much blood money is restored.

Hopefully the church will recognize the work of Hyun Jin Nim or at least send an official memo thanking us.

Now that the church is in a situation of trying to remove Hyun Jin Nim and his team from Brazil, we hope to see how they handle the delicate situation. We hope to defend the properties of Father with wisdom. 

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