The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

The Testimony Of Rev. Shin's Assistant, The Latin America Secretary, Hyo Mi (Pure Love Missionary)

Maria Dolor Barbosa das Graças
June 14, 2010

May 25, 2010

Conversation with Missionary In Don Kang at the Continental Headquarters on the Afternoon of May 25

[Missionary Kang said to me:] "Don't get caught up in a dirty fight. Instead, stay away from the continental headquarters for the time being. I can't tell you right now, but the continental headquarters will have changed when you get back. So lie to Rev. Shin and go to Campo Granji (sp?), where your husband is. If you don't go and stay in Sao Paulo instead (if you help Rev. Shin while working at the continental headquarters), then it will be difficult for you to continue living in Brazil, but why would you want such a thing for yourself? Do you want to block the bright future of your husband? I am telling you to go for your own sake. Why are you trying to get in the middle of a dirty fight? Your future [can be] bright I [am involved] because it is my destiny but you shouldn't stand on either side. Keep your neutrality. Lie and tell Rev. Shin that there is a very important reason for you to go. Then leave and stay away for now. You understand what I'm saying, right? Or you can just go to Campo Granji without saying anything and I can tell the Reverend later."

Later that evening, when we had finished eating dinner together and were in the subway on the way back to the church office, I expressed my determination that 'I cannot lie.' His uneasiness and seriousness was plain on his face, which I thought was strange.

May 26, 2010

After Returning From Greeting Rev. Shin at the Airport

[Missionary Kang said,] 'So, you weren't able to tell Rev. Shin that you are going to Campo Granji?' [I responded,] 'I cannot lie.' After some time had passed, he came in front of my desk and started talking,

'You really should go to Campo Grande.' I said, 'I can't.' He started to tell me stories about the bad things Kook Jin Nim and Hyung Jin Nim did to Hyun Jin Nim, and explained the misjudgments of True Mother, when she would not allow Peter Kim to properly convey Hyun Jin Nim's reports to Father. He said, 'Do you pity Kook Jin Nim and Hyung Jin Nim but not Hyun Jin Nim?' I said, 'Hyun Jin Nim can go to Father directly and report to him.' But he said, 'If he were to go to Father, his brothers and other people would not leave him alone, so he cannot go.' After listening to him for a while, I told Missionary Kang that his words deny the Divine Principle and True Parents, and he told me that I was right. He said that he does not think of Hyun Jin Nim as a filial son but that [following Hyun Jin Nim] is his destiny. He said to just go to Campo Granji and that I should listen to him.

I answered him, 'I am a Pure Love Missionary who received this mission under the continental director based on True Parents' words. What you are saying goes against the Divine Principle, so how could I follow your words?' He kept trying to persuade me, appealing, raising his voice, but in the end my response was 'I don't know' The only thing I can do is to continue working here as I have done until now. Where could I go?' But as he kept telling me about the conflict between True Children and True Mother's misjudgments and actions, my heart hurt too much and I broke into tears and cried my eyes out. He said, 'I'm sorry. I'm sorry. How did you know that I grow weak in front of tears? But I want you to just stay quietly in your seat or to stay in your room.' Then he went back to his seat. My heart felt like it would rip it was in so much pain, so I went to the sanctuary and prayed in front of True Parents, crying my eyes out.

May 28, 2010

When the Brazilian Church (national headquarters) came to know that it could not officially welcome Hyun Jin Nim, based on the official memo of the World Mission Headquarters and the words of the continental director, it sent out official notices to churches around the country, but the national headquarters staff and continental headquarters unofficially made busy preparations to receive Hyun Jin Nim, as a True Child, by preparing a hotel, preparing a room for Hyun Jin Nim at the headquarters, and preparing meals for Hyun Jin Nim.

Amidst this, the five members of the Unification Church (UC) Brazil board oppressed and threatened the national leader and tried to talk the vice president[s] and headquarters staff into firing the national leader and making one of the vice presidents the new national leader. When the memo from the World Mission Headquarters came out, Missionary Kang called and asked about what came from the World Mission Headquarters. He said that True Parents and Hyung Jin Nim probably didn't know about the memo 'that it was probably made by World Mission Headquarters staff who listened to the words of the [Latin American] continental director. He hung up after saying that he would call the World Mission Headquarters to figure out if the memo was real or not.

When I heard that he could not trust the World Mission Headquarters memo, I was truly suspicious as to how he could think such a thing. When [Rev. Shin] was about to take a plane to Brazil from Paraguay, the five board members started threatening the national leader and his wife very coercively. They threatened that if the national leader did not sign, then he may go to jail and his family may receive enormous damage. The national leader left the headquarters so that he would not have to sign. Rev. Shin arrived in Brazil, and although it was a very dangerous situation for the headquarters because of the board members who were trying to fire the national leader, Rev. Shin worked to mediate the situation in order to solve this issue together with the national leader.

Although it was unofficial, because Rev. Shin had said that we must attend True Children well, I obtained Rev. Shin's permission to prepare meals and accommodations for Hyun Jin Nim in a hotel. However, although I intended to go to the hotel, when I heard that Cypriani said that he would prefer that I did not go to the hotel, I did not go to the hotel in the end.

May 30, 2010

True Parents' autobiography was finally published one day before [the main event] and the Boonbongwang and national leader officially announced to churches around the country that a service would be held to commemorate the publication of the Autobiography on Sunday.

During the service, I received much grace from God while listening to Rev. Shin's speech. Rev. Shin conveyed True Parents' heart that we should consider the textbooks and teaching materials bestowed by True Parents as being even more precious than True Parents' holy (physical) bodies, earnestly practice Hoon Dok Hae daily, and live according to True Parents' teachings. As I thought about True Parents' heart, I felt many things and realized new things. I think that other members who listened to the sermon felt the same way. Rev. Shin has given the Sunday sermon many times but this time members clapped more than usual and many members nodded their heads while listening attentively to his speech.

I was very sad that there were people talking in the back of the room, which made an atmosphere different than usual, one in which it was difficult to focus on the sermon. However, as the speech matured, more people seemed to listen. When the speech was almost over, Mr. Cypriani mobilized young [people] from the second floor and had them line up in two lines from the door inside the sanctuary. This made a great commotion in the sanctuary but Rev. Shin continued speaking and went toward the conclusion of his speech. When about 20-30 minutes had passed in this way, a large group of people, including Hyun Jin Nim and members of his staff swarmed the stage.

When Hyun Jin Nim went on stage, Cypriani took the microphones from the two people on stage and started [providing Portuguese] interpretation [for Hyun Jin Nim]. Rev. Shin and Rev. Simao started to be surrounded by the many people who came together with Hyun Jin Nim. In the end, Rev. Shin was forcefully dragged by many people to the waiting room next to the sanctuary. I was so so surprised and shocked that I did not know what to do. I left the sanctuary in search of Rev. Shin. My heart was full of pain when I heard Hyun Jin Nim's screams filling the sanctuary. I had no idea that Hyun Jin Nim and the others would do this. How could they do this. How could such a thing happen among Principled people like us who practice true love? These words lingered in my heart. When I found where Rev. Shin was, tears filled my eyes at the sight of him.

May 31, 2010 -- Hoon Dok Hae Morning

I was rushing to the Hoon Dok Hall in order to attend Hoon Dok Hae when I saw Rev. Shin unable to enter the hall, arguing with Mr. Cypriani outside the door. I went to see what was going on, then realized that Mr. Cypriani was keeping Rev. Shin from entering. I went in first but the arguing continued until after 5 am. Finally, when Hyun Jin Nim entered by the front door, Rev. Shin was sitting on a sofa in front of the elevator, unable the enter the hall. A few minutes later, Hyun Jin Nim called Rev. Shin and Rev. Shin sat in the front row. During Hoon Dok Hae, I listened to Hyun Jin Nim's words, his un-Principled words, the way he related to Rev. Shin and the national leader and talked to members in anger. I gradually could feel the weird situation.

May 31, 2010 -- Conversation With Cameraman on Hyun Jin Nim's Staff in the Kitchen
(During Hyun Jin Nim's Breakfast)

The conversation took place in the kitchen in a comfortable atmosphere. I asked questions, he answered, and then I shared my opinions about his answers.

He told me about a story he had heard. There is a weak grandfather sitting in a room and a young wife. People outside give money to the young wife and request that she ask the [grand] father. The young wife enters the room, acts as though she shows the [grand] father, then leaves the room and says, 'Why did you bring such a small amount of money?' Using this story as an example, he said that it is difficult to say that True Father has Alzheimer's disease, but there are times when [his mind] comes and goes, so he sometimes changes his mind from day to day.

As an example, he told me that True Father held Hoon Dok Hae from early in the morning until 2 in the afternoon one day, speaking continuously. True Mother asked Dae Mo Nim to gesture for everyone who came to leave, so people started leaving one by one. But True Father continued to speak even though everyone had left. My answer was that True Father is God's body, True Parents are still vigorous, and True Parents' words are now God's words. But his answer was that True Father did convey God's words in the past, but now his mind is coming and going (as is common for people with Alzheimer's disease), so we cannot fully trust what he says. He said that people are making True Father into a half human and half god, but he is really just human. He added that words such as, 'True Parents are God's body' need to be reconsidered from a theological point of view.

He said that True Mother is creating the conflict between True Father and the True Children. What I said in response was, 'Think about it. True Parents are the only body of God and in True Parents' recent proclamation, they said that an age in which there is no longer any need to distinguish between God and True Parents has come. True Parents does not just mean True Father. True Father and True Mother together are the True Parents. True Father is the body of God the Father and True Mother is the body of God the Mother. True Parents are the perfected body of the God of humanity. What you are saying denies the Divine Principle and True Parents.' He said, 'I am not denying them. This is something that needs to be reconsidered from a theological point of view.'

He was saying that Hyun Jin Nim knows God's will and is working to fulfill it. I asked him a question about that, 'Do you think that Hyun Jin Nim has united his mind and body?' He said, 'I don't think so.' I asked, 'The Divine Principle defines mind-body unity, the perfection of character, to be the total experience of God's Heart, and living in accordance with His Will. Then, if Hyun Jin Nim has not completed mind-body unity, how could you say that he knows God's Will 100%?' I cannot remember his answer after that.

He said that our church would go through a lot of confusion in the future after True Parents go to the spirit world. He said when he went somewhere alone with Hyun Jin Nim in 2005, Hyun Jin Nim told him that all the siblings would split up. While in seminary, he heard that the Unification Church is the only religion which split up into denominations during the founder's life. He explained that there are currently three groups in our church: one is a group centered on True Mother, which includes In Jin Nim, Kook Jin Nim and Hyung Jin Nim, the second is a group centered on Hyun Jin Nim, and the third is the Chung Pyung Dae Mo Nim foundation. He said that In Jin Nim, Kook Jin Nim and Hyung Jin Nim would all split up in the future.

My response was, 'I heard this from Dae Mo Nim while at a workshop in Chung Pyung. Members need to come to the Chung Pyung workshop often before True Parents pass away, get rid of all the evil spirits in their bodies and become clean to have their spiritual eyes open, as human beings' five spiritual senses had been open in the original created world. The Cheon Jeong Gung is the home where God is directly present, so even after True Parents go to the spirit world, they will continue to give directions to leaders directly in Cheon Jeong Gung. Another think I remember is that we have to live Principled lives because True Parents will come directly to the homes of Blessed Families after their go to the spirit world and govern us in that way. We don't need to worry so much about the earth after True Parents go to the spirit world.'

But he said, 'Your faith is too naive. You need to look at reality.' He kept telling me that all the True Children would split up, so I said, 'Please think about my answer. We are always talking about unification and I have always believed that the True Children would all harmoniously unite. How can I have faith if they are all going to split up? They will all unite and become one. I believe that.' He said, 'That would be good but I don't think it will happen. You need to look at reality.' Next, I said, 'True Father told Hyun Jin Nim to be with True Parents for one year. Please encourage him to do so.' He said, 'That's OK for a day or two but it's been going on for years now and it didn't work out. Until when must this continue?' I said, 'I don't know about the past, but Father decided on one year this time. It's a clear time period of one year, so it's easier. Please convince Hyun Jin Nim to just spend one year with Father.' Our conversation ended then, when he had to leave the kitchen to take photos.

When we finished this conversation, I at first did not realize how serious the implications were. But that night, after much consideration during prayer and devotion, I realized how enormous the implications truly were. These were scary words that completely denied the True Parents' value. When I realized this, I could not get out of my shock. I cried, cried and cried again' The next morning, I could not get out of my shock and sat down and cried. Since then, whenever I think about this, my heart hurts so much that I cannot bear it. How could this be? Those were not words that should come out of the mouth of a member of the Unification Church. I realized that this is an attack by Satan to completely deny the value of True Parents and make it so that humanity could not go to God and True Parents. I cannot get out of my shock now that I know this, so I cannot imagine how shocked members around the world will be to find this out. I sat vacantly with nothing but tears.

During the time Hyun Jin Nim was present, and also after Hyun Jin Nim had left Brazil and had gone to other countries, Mr. Jin Man Kwak, Missionary Kang and the five board members were ceaselessly undergoing legal procedures in order to fire the national leader and making threats. While Rev. Shin was in Brazil, the STF and LCA leaders and members under Missionary Kang spread bad rumors about Rev. Shin by email. Also, some Brazilian members said bad things about Rev. Shin in emails. When I saw these, I could not understand why they are doing such things. For what? Why are they acting outside of the Principle? They went to the church and convinced members about conflict between True Children, True Mother's misjudgments and Hyun Jin Nim's vision. Seeing these people do this to members felt worse than being in Hell. It was so painful to see people becoming evil, not caring about expressing anger, fighting, saying bad things about others, denying True Parents' value and attempting to take over the church. I thought I would go crazy. I am so worried that what is happening in Brazil will divide the church, divide leaders, divide members, so that those who have turned away will deny True Parents' value, submitting to Satan's full attack. It is so painful to think about.

I was so grateful and grateful to hear that In Jin Nim is coming to represent True Parents. And my heart is at ease when I think that Brazil will calm down based on True Parents' clear words.

In Jin Nim embraced all the Brazilian leaders and members with love. Many people heard In Jin Nim's deep loving words through Hoon Dok Hae, and many members attended the service and heard In Jin Nim's words. Hearing In Jin Nim's moving words of love and watching her put the situation in order brought many people to tears. Through In Jin Nim, members at the Sao Paulo Headquarters Church and Santa Maru could properly understand True Parents' will.

It would be good if all Brazilian members could come to know about True Parents' words and the loving words In Jin Nim gave on behalf of True Parents through the Brazilian Peace TV. And I wish that everyone could unite centering on True Parents. And I earnestly wish that Hyun Jin Nim's staff who are blocking Hyun Jin Nim's way forward will leave Hyun Jin Nim's side, allow Hyun Jin Nim to understand the value of True Parents and go to True Parents' side, pay indemnity for their mistakes, repent in tears, go the way of the Principle and attend True Parents in a true way.

Anyone who properly understands the Divine Principle would know that their un-Principled words are false. When I thought about why members are following [these falsehoods]. I think that all people need to quickly attend Original Divine Principle workshops, properly understand the Divine Principle, understand True Parents' value and properly understand the way we must go. All members and humanity must fulfill their portion of responsibility to complete Cheon Il Guk. This is my earnest hope. 

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