The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2010

Account On May 30 Event With Hyun Jin Nim In Brazil

Thomas Field
June 11, 2010

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Many of you have known me for two decades or more, and I hope you know that I am neither a liar, nor stupid. From my own investigations, observations and experience, as well as inside information that I have access to from many sources, I can say without reservation that what is currently happening in our movement is a farce, based upon layers of lies. Once a lie is proven to be a lie, there are no apologies, no one takes responsibility, they just start up with other lies, exaggerations, and distortions, which eventually are reported to True Father, who obviously gets very angry.

What took place in Brazil last week is an example of this. As you know, many countries in South America suffered for years under the yoke of certain Korean national leaders, national messiahs, and continental directors. I have known and worked with many of them. But in all my years, I have never seen one as dishonest, manipulative and pathetic as Rev. [Dong Mo] Shin. Last year I accompanied him from Brazil to Paraguay and fully shared with him about the work we are doing in Paraguay to recover and protect True Parents' properties, build a business foundation, etc, etc. He then wrote a report that totally distorted the truth and led to false conclusions. I have no doubt that this "official" report made it all the way up to True Parents. Let me ask you, what will True Parents think and say concerning Paraguay after receiving such a report? I was so disappointed in this so-called leader and vowed not to report to him again.

This same Rev. Shin wrote four public letters strongly criticizing Hyun Jin Nim.

These letters were filled with lies and slander. Their only purpose was character assassination, and yet certain leaders and experts on the True Family ate them up. These letters were translated into many languages, and were used in speaking tours against Hyun Jin Nim. What a shameful tragedy that our church movement has come to this.

On the day in question, Rev. Shin lied and lied again. I had gone to Brazil several days early to prepare for Hyun Jin Nim's coming. Brazilian leaders Waldir and Mauricio, Rev. Kang and others spoke with Rev. Shin, who agreed not to do anything to prevent Hyun Jin Nim from speaking in the church. Usually, around 100 members go to the Sunday service in Sao Paulo. This time, the church was filled with nearly 1000 members. They had come not to listen to Rev. Shin, but to Hyun Jin Nim. They were all waiting for him. However, Rev. Shin had already planned everything in secret to totally prevent Hyun Jin Nim from speaking.

Originally Hyun Jin Nim was to arrive at the church by 10 am, which would give Rev. Shin an hour to speak beforehand, since the service starts at 9 am. Yet Hyun Jin Nim's plane arrived an hour late, so Shin had an additional hour to talk to the members gathered there. Upon arriving at last to the church, around 11:00 am or later, Hyun Jin Nim was greeted by lots of young cheering members. There was no doubt that Hyun Jin Nim had arrived, yet Rev. Shin made no effort to greet the son of our True Parents or to finish preaching.

Before entering the church hall, Hyun Jin Nim went directly to the 5th floor sanctuary to bow to True Parents and offer prayer. Then he sent several Brazilian leaders along with me to the main sanctuary to tell Rev. Shin that Hyun Jin Nim had arrived and he should finish speaking so that members could sing holy songs and prepare the atmosphere for Hyun Jin Nim to come down.

When this message was conveyed to Shin, he answered that he was almost finished, and he continued preaching. We waited around 5 minutes, until it was clear he had no intention of stopping, then we went back upstairs and reported this to Hyun Jin Nim, who sent us back down a second time to tell Shin that he was coming down soon, and that he should finish speaking. Again he said he was about to conclude, and we waited another 5 minutes before going back up to Hyun Jin Nim to let him know that Rev. Shin still refused to stop. Only now, after waiting 20 minutes or longer did Hyun Jin Nim decide to go down to the main sanctuary to address the members.

As we entered the hall, everyone in the sanctuary was chanting "Hyun Jin Nim, Hyun Jin Nim". As the video shows, we went onto the stage, where Rev. Shin, continued speaking loudly refusing even to recognize Hyun Jin Nim's presence. Personally, I have never seen or imagined such disrespect from a so-called leader of our church toward a member of the True Family. By now, Hyun Jin Nim was angry at Rev. Shin and told us to get him off the stage.

We proceeded to do this by herding him away from Hyun Jin Nim, while several of Shin's security people pushed back against us. Rev. Shin, who has lied so many times to members, made the most of the moment to put on a show to the world. He suddenly lay down on the stage floor and refused to move, all this while Hyun Jin Nim was beginning to speak to the young people, who continued to cheer for him. At last, Shin was lifted off the floor and escorted from the stage. In order to prevent members around the country and the world from hearing directly from Hyun Jin Nim, Rev. Shin had one of his people cut the internet line to the building with a knife.

In spite of all this, Hyun Jin Nim gave an inspiring talk to the members, as well as a warning to those who consciously lie and twist the truth to their own ends. Personally, I felt very sad for Hyun Jin Nim, who remains true to God's Providence as explained with such clarity in True Father's Peace Messages.

Well, now Rev. Shin, who has lost all credibility in my eyes, at least, is a hero. In Jin Nim came running down to Brazil with her entourage to take charge, a video was made of True Father signing a proclamation against Hyun Jin Nim, several Brazilian elders have been publicly humiliated and forced to recant, members have been threatened with expulsions and excommunications, and on and on. And all this just because Hyun Jin Nim went to Brazil and spoke to members in the church. If you have time, please listen to the full content of his talks and tell me what he said that isn't true. And tell me what they are going to do when he speaks in other places. If they are going to mobilize like this each time he speaks somewhere, I'm afraid they are going to be awfully busy. In fact, he told me that he's planning to do a speaking tour in the US very soon, and may do a world tour as well.

After Brazil, Hyun Jin Nim came to Paraguay for 6 days. He did Hoon Dok Hae twice with members, spoke at a breakfast reception to the congressional leaders of several parties, met with many VIP friends, gave a talk to about 100 young people who are involved in GPF [Global Peace Festival] programs, gave another talk to 200 VIPs who are collaborating with the new think-tank we established this year, and had a luncheon for the alumni of the cattle drive. Then he went to Leda to enjoy the property. He shared deeply with the Japanese National Messiahs working there. On the way back to Asuncion, we flew over and circled around Puerto Casado, where a GPF mini-festival was taking place with the participation of the entire town. Finally, Hyun Jin Nim then left for Costa Rica, where he had an appointment with the new president there.


Rev. Thomas Field 

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