The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

Report 1 on 5.30 Brazil Incident With Hyun Jin Nim

Dong-Mo Shin
June 10, 2010
South America Continental Leader

Invasion and Violence of Holy Chapel cannot be justified by any pretext.

On May 30, members in Brazil attending Sunday Service live through Internet broadcast could not repress their astonishment.

A True Child and his followers committed an historical invasion of a holy chapel of the Unification Church.

The shock was even greater because they acted despite clear indication of the position of the World Mission Headquarters and delivery of True Parents' will.

Since then, countless news reports and rumors of the Internet and Unification community spread tailing back. Meanwhile, in Yeosu in Korea, True Parents set special conditions and announced their decision.

Of course, True Parents were extremely enraged regarding this incident.

True Parents used curse-like expressions that even mountains, streams, grass, and trees (nature) would tremble with fear to hear, and expressed their anger about the committing of this heinous crime of invading a holy place.

1. These rioters have violated members' longing heart (shim-jeong) for True Parents and True Children.

Nevertheless, they betrayed the last part of their conscience and took the Sao Paulo members' loving and longing heart for True Family as security. Even knowing that they were violating the members' hearts, the followers of Hyun Jin Nim used the Sunday service time to carry out their lightning plan resolutely and stealthily as if they were starting a revolution, without informing either the Continental Leader or headquarters president.

Many members, from concerned elder leaders to young leaders, have given warnings and pointed out their concerns about the idolizing of Hyun Jin Nim, but this incident clearly proves that his followers have been making step-by-step plans to fill their own ambition, abusing the words True Child and True Family.

They characterized Hyun Jin Nim being 40 years old as having great meaning to their power base.

They produced a 40-year commemorative video and studied it as part of their activities, and launched their activities in earnest after May 23rd, which was Hyun Jin Nim's 41st birthday.

For this, they changed the UCI (Unification Church International) of America article of association for the worse, which was the fountain of public resources; they made it so that funds could be donated (pocketed?) to their organizations anytime and in any amount; they amended UCI obligation rule so that it would have no relationship to the Unification Church. Through these preparations, they completed their total independence. This cannot be denied.

Publicly they informed their contacts that in the future a huge incident will occur, and furthermore, they informed these people to hide themselves during the incident. They thoroughly hid their plot and lied with their evil tongues that they are coming to Brazil because an elder member wants to meet Hyun Jin Nim.

South America carries a huge longing heart because it had been quite a long time since True Parents and True Children have visited.

Due to geographical and safety reasons, and because of the center of the providence moving, South American members have not seen True Parents very often recently. Even meeting True Children has been difficult, except for when they came for public speaking tours.

Hyun Jin Nim's visiting of many South American countries, which started in earnest in 2008, brought fire back into South American members' hearts, which had cooled over time.

Members were able to get close to a True Child, come to know his vision, and dream new dreams through the events, which could be held on the foundation of True Parents' past accomplishments.

The Jardim area in Paraguay and Brazil had been neglected for many years and criticized by the government and local residents. Hyun Jin Nim made substantial efforts to solve this problem, as well as efforts to restart land development in the Casa Do area in Paraguay. This gave members much hope and a good impression of True Children, especially Hyun Jin Nim.

Nevertheless, Hyun Jin Nim's followers abused the heart of longing members that members felt toward Hyun Jin Nim in particular and True Children in general, in direct disobedience of True Parents' direction. They used South America as the starting point for their treason, deciding to go to Sao Paulo on May 30 (the first Sunday after Hyun Jin Nim's 41st birthday) -- their D-day. Then, as if they were a revolutionary army marching into a capital city, they invaded the headquarters church chapel.

Members welcomed Hyun Jin Nim because he was a True Child, not because of his personal accomplishments.

Countless members were disappointed and left in the middle of Hyun Jin Nim's speech because of his roaring, horrible shrieks, cursing, and ridiculous criticism of local leaders, which could shake the roots of a public organization. However, more than half of members stayed and listened, some of them shedding tears. The love such members had for Hyun Jin Nim brought tears to my eyes.

The following week, In Jin Nim visited to console the members. Even more members came this time, and remained until the end of In Jin Nim's speech. Members shed tears in response to In Jin Nim's love, which was expressed fully when she came down from the stage and shook hands with every member. When I saw the brightly-smiling South American members, I could see how much members deeply long to meet each and every member of the True Family.

[At Santa Maru Church, which is near Sao Paulo, more than 400 members attended. In Jin Nim signed autographs and took pictures with every one of them.]

Hyun Jin Nim's group abused such longing hearts of South American members for True Parents and their children, the True Children, and committed the worst evil violation of heart.

2. Invasion of a Holy Chapel is treason and an invasion against True Parents.

A chapel is a holy place.

It is holy in a different way than the classical meaning of the word.

It is like a holy place where God and True Parents are present. 

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