The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

Report from Brazil on recent events regarding Hyun Jin nim

Maurício Raimundo Baldini
June 5, 2010

Dear brothers and sisters,

My name is Maurício Raimundo Baldini, I'm 57 years old and I first encountered the Divine Principle in February of 1973, in Passos, my hometown. I am a founding member of our association in Brazil and since 1975 I have worked on providential activities in our nation.

I will seek to describe the facts of what actually happened from May 20 until today, May 31.

On May 20, we received the information that Hyun Jin Nim would be coming to Brazil at the end of the month with three members of the Board Council of FFWPU in Brazil, and that the Board would have a meeting at our national headquarters. I am the president of the Board Council and Mr. Waldir Cipriani is the secretary. I prepared a Notice of Meeting and sent it to the members of the Board Council, the Fiscal Committee and the Board of Directors.

I signed this document and requested my signature to be notarized, as you can verify.

Knowing Hyun Jin Nim's desire to visit our Headquarters, I was in São Paulo on May 24, 26, 27, 28 and 29, talking to Rev. Shin and President Simão about the best way to receive Hyun Jin Nim. Rev. Shin said he had a written document from True Father prohibiting Hyun Jin Nim to enter the temple and give sermon to the members.

On May 27, a memo came stating that no meeting could be held under the auspices of Dr. Hyun Jin Moon. This document had no signature or identification, only a stamp of World Mission Department. I want to tell you the reason why I did not consider this document legitimate.

On June 1, 2007, there was an event which led to a tragic fate of our Association in Brazil. Under the guidance of Mr. Yoon Sang Kim, Mr. Cesar Zaduski gave a proxy to a lawyer named Dr. Antonio to sell a few farms to resolve some FFWPU problems in Mato Grosso do Sul. I did not agree with that and in my opinion we should have suspended the power of attorney granted to Mr. Cesar Zaduski by the president at the time, Dr. Neudir Simão Ferabolli, and thus the proxy that Mr. Cesar Zaduski had given to Dr. Antonio would have no validity.

For the proxy to be valid, it would require a meeting of the Board of Directors with the drafting of a Board resolution authorizing the sale of the farms and recorded in the minutes.

Since all members of the board were opposed to giving the power of attorney/proxy for Dr. Antonio to sell the farms, Mr. Yoon Sang Kim said that True Father had given him permission to sell as many farms as necessary, and as we did not believe it, he prepared a document stating this. Mr. Cesar Zaduski and Mrs. Ok Nan signed as witnesses confirming that they have heard the words of True Father, Dr. Neudir Simão Ferabolli signed as witness and Mrs. Myung Soon Baldini signed as translator.

The consequences of the proxy given to Dr. Antonio were disastrous. We lost almost all of the assets in Mato Grosso do Sul. Not only the properties in Mato Grosso do Sul, but almost everything under the name of FFWPU in Brazil.

It is important to highlight that we signed the minutes believing in the declaration of Mr. Yoon Sang Kim, who used the name of True Father.

Also, I want to emphasize that many acts performed by me, even though I disagreed, were made on the grounds that it was the will of True Father.

When Rev. Shin arrived in Brazil, I invited him to my residence to talk about the providence in Brazil and when I explained to him about the subject of that meeting and how it happened, he told me: "You were stupid and irresponsible to sign the minutes. Before, you should consult True Father if he really had given that permission to Mr. Yoon Sang Kim." I was called stupid and irresponsible in own my house, translated by my wife.

When, on May 27, Rev. Shin showed me the announcement that came from Korea without any signature, using the name of True Father, I asked him: "How can I believe this document which has no signature, only a stamp that anyone can do?" I asked him, "Who should I talk to in order to verify the accuracy of this document?" I told him I could not believe that document. I was following the same reasoning of the previous episode.

After several meetings, on May 29, at a meeting from 5 PM to 7 PM, Rev. Shin, President Simão, Dr. Francisco (a lawyer who accompanied Rev. Shin), Mr. Clóvis and I reached an agreement:

Rev. Shin would give the sermon until 10:30 AM and then he would invite Hyun Jin Nim to go on stage, receive a bouquet of flowers and talk for about 15 minutes, and Mr. Waldir Cipriani would be the Master of Ceremonies.

In this long talk I told Rev. Shin that Hyun Jin Nin had every reason to be very angry with him because the letter he sent to all members of Latin America was something very terrible. I told him that if he had written such a letter about my son, he would become my enemy and the enemy of my son. No father wants others to meddle in the internal problems of his family.

He also caused great damage to the spiritual life of members of Latin America. Before the letter from him, few members were aware of what was happening within the True Family. After his letter, a large number of members began to spread the most absurd opinions about the True Family, characterizing a real multiplication of evil.

Returning to the subject of the meeting, I remember very well that Rev. Shin even told us three times that he was putting his neck on the guillotine, but still he would follow through with this agreement.

On May 30, on my trip from Sorocaba to São Paulo, I received two phone calls from Mr. Cipriani informing me that Rev. Shin was saying that Hyun Jin Nim would not enter the Temple.

I only believed it when I arrived at the headquarters and felt a hostile environment and many people frowning at me. Still, I did not want to believe this could happen; after all, we talked for so long to arrange everything.

When Hyun Jin Nim arrived, he went to the 5th floor, offered a bow, prayed, talked with some members and waited until 10:30 AM as agreed. Time passed and Mr. Cipriani went twice to the stage in order to tell Rev. Shin that Hyun Jin Nim was waiting to enter, but he kept talking and saying, "I will finish soon, talk a little more, now I'll finish," but never finished. At one point he said, "You don't need to wait for Hyun Jin Nim because he will not speak in the temple, but he will have lunch on the 5th floor." When Hyun Jin Nim heard this, he entered the temple and went straight to the stage.

At that moment, Rev. Shin could have at least invited him to receive the flowers, but he simply ignored everything that had been agreed. It was already 11 AM.

Unfortunately things did not go as we expected. Then I could understand how Rev. Shin strategically extended his sermon in order to create all the turmoil that has occurred. Everything was very well planned. He knew that acting that way he would create the environment to disrupt.

Around 12:20 PM, I walked into a room where Rev. Shin, Mr. Jin Man Kwak, Dr. Francisco and President Simão were meeting. I spoke a few minutes with Dr. Francisco about what happened and then he told Rev. Shin, "You made a big mistake, because you did not follow the plan that was agreed yesterday."

Unfortunately, he had cut the transmission of the internet. Many members could not see the beautiful message of Hyun Jin Nim. This is the strategy of cowards. They are afraid of the truth.

To my surprise, what is even more revolting, he is saying that he made no commitment. I felt that you cannot trust many people in our movement; they change from side to side as banana leaves in the wind.

I want to report to the brothers and sisters that Hyun Jin Nim began his work in Brazil with the guidance of True Father to solve all existing problems in the providence of Mato Grosso do Sul.

I'm absolutely sure that you do not know anything about the real situation that is occurring in our country. Because he took full responsibility for solving these problems, at least we Brazilian members should express our gratitude. Sadly, we were prohibited from doing so by people who use the name of True Father in vain. What a terrible crime these people are committing.

When Hyun Jin Nim took responsibility for solving the problems of FFWPU in Brazil, he told us he wanted to alleviate the immense burden that we put on the shoulders of True Father. He really is doing it here. He is trying to recover what was lost.

Dear brothers and sisters, it is with great shame and immense sadness that I write this report because I know how much you expected from us in the management of the providence in Brazil.

Please read I Samuel 24:1-7. Meditate on this matter and consider the connection with Hyun Jin Nim.

Also read Luke 19:45-48 and understand the heart of Hyun Jin Nim when someone tries to stop him from entering the house of his father. Only the father can prevent the son from entering his house; he does not send other people to prevent him. Let us consider what is written in Acts 5:21-42 and let us follow the advice of Gamaliel to avoid being caught fighting against the will of God.

Rev. Maurício Raimundo Baldini 

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