The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

Pronouncement by our Adam National Messiah and Boonbonwang of Brazil, Rev. Heung Tae Kim about Hyun Jin Nim's visit

Maria Dolor Barbosa das Graças
June 5, 2010

Truth needs to be disseminated clearly

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

I just finished our Hoon Dok Hae and there was a very important and clear public pronouncement by our Adam National Messiah and Boonbonwang of Brazil, Rev. Heung Tae Kim.

Here are the pronouncements:

1) Even if Hyun Jin Nim stands as the son of the True Family, his violent actions, punching and kicking our Continental Director and National Leader were out of the teaching of the True Parents of humankind and out of the teaching of Heavenly Law of Love. Therefore, if someone will file a case against that violent act even he can go to prison for this. It's not because he is the son of the Messiah that he can do evil acts and not pay for it.

2) Hyun Jin Nim in Paraguay had removed the pictures of the True Parents and made his bowing like directly to God, showing that he doesn't need True Parents because He had turned 41 like perfection stage and giving speeches not centering on True Parents, always just an excerpt of True Parents Peace Messages and all other content of his speeches are centering on himself, this is heresy.

3) Giving Peace Messages in public gatherings but resulting to violence is so contradictory and even there was a plan for Hyun Jin Nim to work with Bishop Manoel Ferreira, (the leader of one Evangelist church with millions of church members in Brazil), our NM/Boonbonwang said that just showing the video of May 30 and May 31, Bishop Manoel Ferreira can be indignant and will conclude that Hyun Jin Nim is false.

4) It was proclaimed, that tomorrow will be the last chance for those who are following Hyun Jin Nim with the coming of In Jin Nim here, if repent and pay indemnity to what each one had done then heaven can open the door for them but if refuse to do this, they themselves will judge their own actions. Everybody will be welcomed to attend the Sunday Service with In Jin Nim to lead the Seunghwa Ceremony of heroes outside and inside the church initiated by the True Parents at UN, then a clear pronouncement can be done about the recent violent happenings here and Hyun Jin Nim why not to be followed.

5) Our NM/Boonbonwang said, we need to love and embrace everybody yes but not to be soft for those who disobeying our True Parents and heavenly law and principles because if we won't stand strong to what we believed then we, too can be influenced by them and our neck can be cut by them because they result to violence in getting what they want like true Mafia!

6) One state leader (pastor) in one of the states of Brazil was being bribed by Hyun Jin Nim's group for him to come to their side, offering money, high salary. This is against our principles as Unification Church members.

7) Our Continental Director (Rev. Shin) is the real representative of our True Parents on a Continental level and Mr. Neudir Simão Ferabolli on a national level, so by kicking them out from the holy sanctuary in our holy temple was a grave sin and is defying our True Parents.

Our Continental Director's (Rev. Shin) news:

1) True Parents already made the public pronouncement through ipeacetv.korea that all of us need to just follow Hyung Jin Nim (Worldwide President of our church) guided by the True Parents of humankind and all others are not to be followed.

2) For us to just obey and follow True Parents words, directions and guidance and if others will give other than those words of our True Parents then this turn to be "Heresy".

3) The Board of Trustee (composed of 5 elders in our church, 3 foreigners and 2 Brazilians) are now fired out from their positions and abolished their legal entity for abusing their power and using their positions to insult, pressurized and violated our Continental Director and National Leader.

They told us to share this publicly and for us to be bold and be cleared about these facts to others, so important for evil not to flourish. They said, love and embrace yes, but need to say the truth, not be afraid.

I love Hyun Jin Nim so much that's why I share this all to you for his people in his group to quickly come back to the center and made repentance to whatever mistakes done violating the principle and shaming Unification faith and beliefs and most especially shaming our True Parents.

My heart leaped with so much joy upon hearing all this deep and clear heavenly pronouncements by our NM/Boonbonwang and our Continental Director.

Deeply grateful to heaven for this.

With much love,


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